Basketball Wives – Episode 6 – You’re Not To Be Trusted


And you thought the battle between Kesha and Tami was something. Looks like Kenya vs. Evelyn is going to be a battle to the death. Or a battle to the destruction of a cute little Miami vinoteca. All I know is that Kenya needs to find a story and stick to it.

First, there’s the issue of Shaunie‘s birthday though. Ohhhh, Shaunie’s birthday party. You are the party that never ended. And You are the party that no one could get away from. And the fallout is still falling out. After Shaunie and Nia, Evelyn’s assistant, escort Evelyn out of the restaurant, Shaunie voices her concern on the situation. “At this point, my goal is to keep Jen safe, because I know Evelyn will hurt her,” she says. Evelyn is still a little tipsy, but it’s pretty clear that her wits and her strength haven’t been diminished, she knows what her goal is, and it’s to “wait around the corner” to kick Jen’s ass. Kenya and Tami join the group outside while Suzie and Jennifer remain inside and it’s like a stake-out where a group of patrol men are just watching the door for their perps to emerge.

Kenya is an especially chatty perp that no one seems to appreciate being there, so she offers Evelyn a story about her own good friend that she’s had ups and downs with and Tami politely tells her it might not be the best time.

Evelyn is less polite.

Fortunately the drone of Kenya’s voice seems to have lulled Evelyn into submission and she leaves without incident. But after the fact, Jen is still confused why the night went down as it did. “You basically tried to hit me in the head with your bag and my back is turned? Do that in my face,” she says, stating that she has no desire to be friends with someone who would throw a jab her way.

Suzie and Evelyn meet to discuss Kesha, or more precisely, Kesha’s “corpse-like” reaction to Tami’s harsh words for her on the “b*tch, b*tch and more b*tch” night. Kesha is apparently more stressed out about her situation with Tami than she’s let on, and she’s basically at a loss for what to do now regarding Tami.

Suzie also tells Evelyn that Kesha feels disrespected by both Ev and Tami in this situation, which doesn’t sit well with Evelyn. (Side note, this was totally the day that I was on set and got some pics of Evelyn wearing that awesome cut-out dress. Alas, my walk-on role was not meant to be, I didn’t make the final cut.)

We know that Suzie’s job is to function as the go-between and communicate all the drama from one group to another, so later she meets with Royce and Kesha to tell them about the birthday party debacle.

“The behavior at this dinner that Suzie is describing is sadly expected,” Royce says, thrilled that she’s not part of the circle anymore. But guess what? The circle has deflated. It’s basically like, a triangle now, with Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn, and like, somewhere in the distance, this other satellite called Suzie. Lest you think Kenya is working her way into the group, Tami has another idea.

It seems that Kenya did a radio interview that slammed all the women on the show, and Kenya laughed through the whole thing without ever defending the women or putting a stop to it. Tami also thinks it’s shady that Kenya laughed through the entire awkward dinner they shared, but Tami doesn’t think laughter was the right reaction here. (Dear Tami, where is your “It Wasn’t Not Funny” shirt for this conversation?)

So Kenya listens to what Tami has to say, and then she hears out Evelyn, who calls her out on acting differently with them, as opposed to how she is with Kesha. Is that a little eye roll?

So Evelyn asks point blank if Kenya is cool with Kesha, who responds “No no no no no.” Can we roll that footage of Suzie asking her the same exact question at that dinner please?

“I’m not the kind of person to hold grudges, I think we’re cool again,” was the response she gave to Suzie. [Cough]
“How could you be one way while we’re sitting there having this discussion, but then when we leave, it’s all totally different? Who are you?” Evelyn asks. It’s clear she’s not convinced at all by Kenya. But Kenya starts calling Kesha a liar and when Evelyn suggests they all have a little sit down, Kenya intones that things might go down if Kesha lies one more time. (Has she lied already? Did we miss the part where she said something untrue? I mean, it’s clear she pissed people off, I just didn’t think lying was part of it. ANYway.)
“She probably needs to be sitting on the other side of the room because if she says that I’m lying at any point when I know I’m telling the truth,” Kenya says “it’s going to be a very big deal for me…This chick’s been lying since the get-go.”

Over at the Komic Relief Korner, Jen can’t play tennis to save her life. She, Suzie, and Kesha attempt to hit a few balls around, but no, there’s not hitting going on at all. “You would think with the last name Williams I could play a little tennis,” Jen says. But no. She really can’t.

“I’ve never been around people like…some of these ladies,” Kesha tells Jennifer and Suzie. We haven’t seen Kesha and Jen hang out much so far, but they seem to be getting along well on the court, so it’s a pretty bold statement for Kesha to make with her. Jen doesn’t seem put off by it though, and says she definitely plans to hang out with Kesha more.

In other combinations we haven’t seen much of this season, Royce and Kenya get together to work on their relationship, but I don’t think that has a lot of friendship potential. Kenya may have told Suzie that she and Kesha were “cool” and that she doesn’t hold grudges, but she derides Kesha, calls the time she’s spent with Royce “fluffy,” and yes, still holds a grudge about Kesha’s professional advice that she doled out. Royce calls Kenya out for laughing while Tami gave Kesha her verbal smackdown, and doesn’t think Kenya’s behavior is very cool or friendly.

Royce suggests they start over on a clean slate, but we’ll see about that. “Kenya wants to be in so badly that she’s willing to take a lot of abuse,” Royce says about Kenya’s feelings toward the rest of the cast, and she and Kesha skip out of Zumba early to talk about the state of things.

Royce tells Kesha her thoughts on Kenya, and Kesha also admits to Royce she feels pretty cool with Jen, and Royce just warns her to be careful all-around. It goes well though when Kesha and Evelyn meet. Royce had warned that Evelyn would either own up to her behavior in talking to Tami, or she could go the other way and get defensive and things could get ugly, but she explained that she wasn’t intending to interfere, and their talk was drama-free. And even more than that, she tells Kesha that really, the problem in all of this is Kenya. “Something’s not right,” Evelyn says. “I’m seeing it, and I seen it when I walked away from that dinner.”

“I really think that Kesha is telling the truth and I’m willing to support her and put her under my wing and have her back,” Evelyn says. This was nice! More conversations like that, please!

Are y’all ready for the dinner scene, part II? Because, as Tami says “Today is the day. I’m meeting up with Kesha, Kenya, Evelyn, and Suzie,” which is the exact combination that was together when things started to go left.

“I already know that Kenya’s crazy, it’ll be nice to have everyone else finally see the truth,” Suzie says of the meeting, which has been set up (with Evelyn as mediator??) to just figure out who’s been saying what.
The issue is who has been saying what to whom, and who says what to people’s faces. Kenya owns up to talking smack about Kesha to her face, but tried to turn things on Kesha, saying that she was talking about Tami after their dinner confrontation. “Yes, I talked about her, she sat there and called me a b—h four times in a row! I’m not phony, I would rather walk out with my dignity than put someone in their place,” Kesha explains.

Tami, who’s just been watching this scene unfold and has been reserving her judgments thus far sees the situation escalate though. “Kenya’s getting more riled and it’s starting to get intense, and all of a sudden, the ultimate black move, she takes off the shoes,” Tami observes.

Kesha notices too and stands up immediately, crying “Do NOT let this girl touch me,” and she bolts, with Kenya calling “Walk away, b—h,” after her. Kesha doesn’t get far and is persuaded to stay, but as she explains, she might as well fight fire with fire. “At this point in the game, Kesha’s like, you know what, b—h? The gloves are off!” Tami narrates.

Kesha proceeds to tell the ladies some choice things that Kenya has allegedly said, things like Evelyn is loose. Evelyn asks her if that’s true and Kenya, poor Kenya, jumbles her words and is like “Hummina hummina, everyone’s been saying that!” Uh oh.

“Honestly,” Kenya admits in her confessional, “I think everybody’s called Evelyn loose at this point.” Oh, girl, no. Please stop talking. “I mean, I think that’s kinda like a common thing.” There she goes. She’s not stopping. Good lord.

How does Evelyn feel about Kenya now that she’s bumbled her way through a series of explanations and insults?

“I feel you have no loyalty to nobody, you’re not to be trusted,” Evelyn tells her.
Kesha is done with the situation and done with Kenya, and it looks like Evelyn may be too. Next week, it looks like there’s a wine bottle with a trajectory from Evelyn’s hand moving in Kenya’s general direction, so yeah, safe to say Evelyn is not a fan.

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  1. Nichea says:

    one more thing. you continued over and over again by saying Jen was wearing fake contacts. She showed she was a better woman because not once did she come out of her mouth and say AND WHAT ABOUT YOUR BOOB JOB, but she didnt, she didnt need to, it goes without saying. we all know that jen doesnt have green eyes but you felt the need to point it out because you are so young

  2. joe says:


    You are ONE ugly nasty person

  3. Cassandra Fountain says:

    Evelyn Evelyn please just leave the show.Jennifer is not thinging about you, You just can not understanding she dont care any more.She have a life that she trying to pull together.U need to get a life because Chad just using you,I pray his children and your daughter do not watch this show because you are so not a lady with class.Fake you are you can not even act like you have classBut i pray the day you come at jennifer she dont hurt you,You going to push here to the end and she going to lay your ass out.You think because you yelling calling her names make you big and pick up things trying to hit her with oh baby your day coming.I am so ready for you to leave the show with this fighting you can do it another way.Just grow up PLEASE!!!!.

  4. cassandra says:


  5. anne says:

    evelyn, i think that you are jealous of jennifer, you have a very foul mouth. you suppose to be a mother,every other word that come out of your mouth is filthy,i hope your daughter has more respect for herself. every body your run up on isn’t going to hide from you,you can’t beat everyone it’s just a matter of time and you will meet your match. i am younger than your daughter, and if you were my mother i would be very imbarrased at you. if i were jen the next time you run up on me, i would be are so disrespctful.these ladies are grown also and you talk to them like they are little children. i was always told if you want respect you have to earn it.

  6. Nadia says:

    I like the show and all the ladies entertain in one way or another, some of them, you like and others you don’t, regardless, you watching them all and giving them ‘all’ ratings!! LOVE YOU ALL!!

  7. Amazinglyblessed says:

    Evelyn is the worse friend ever. She couldnt even have enough respect for Shaunie during her birthday celebration to put a zipper on her lips. She believes Jen isnt on a certain level, but what makes her think she is. At the very least Jen can say she was a REAL basketball wife unlike any of the others aside Shaunie and Tami who were at one time a wife. Evenlyn needs to get over herself and remember what made her famous to begin with, and that was a relationship with a basketball player which left her after 10 years, and being the jumpoff of many other athletes. How can you say your not loose and thats exactly how YOU represnted youself on the show, and lets not forget you were a proven jumpoff when you admitted you banged Tami’s husband. Who knows how many other women husbands you’ve banged out(jumpoff city). She talks about loyalty, but allowed a long time friendship to be ended on some bs, then she barks at what Jen looks like and who she believes she’s trying to be, but why is it that none of this came out when she was friends with her. Evelyn has no morals, dignity, or integrity not as a woman or a mother. If I were her child I would be truly embarrassed and ashamed. Not marriage material, boo.

  8. Rejenn47 says:

    This is the stupidest show on tv Evelyn she is the dumbest person I come across how can a grown woman act like that it’s a damn shame ,chad I thought you had some class ,well I guess not .tammi ghetto ,ignorant and ghetto do these people watch themselves on tv ,don’t you see shaunie don’t hang around those two hood rats is it bad editing please tell because this show doesn’t make any sense all you hear she said she said are we second grade kids.jennifer my girl keep up the good work you I can say have some class I think Evelyn need to go charm school to get rid of her potty mouth, and get some class why can’t you be like Jennifer,take a page out of her and stop hating

  9. Jerry says:

    I just love each and everyone of you, you all are some BAD LADYS.

  10. US2Fabulous says:

    Evelyn is making a fool of herself this season.She thinks it’s cute or something but she is making a lot of people turn away from watching this season.If she’s so bout it bout it she would just move on from so called fake peeps and leave it alone.She acts like they are family or something.Friends come and friends go.Her and Kenya are not even friends.She’s too old to acting like a kid.Jumping tables and throwing things.She needs some kind of help.Just stupid.Grow up Evelyn Tami’s puppet.Tami is playing all of you.She laughs every time you all act a fool with each other and gives drama when it comes to her.Tami and Evelyn needs medication.These are the most gossiping “women” and so in need of friends(Evelyn,Tami and Suzi).They need to get a man and then will not have time for it.They are miserable and they want company.

  11. ldp says:

    Evelyn is afraid of Tami’s wild ass. Both Evelyn & Tami have mental issues. Shaunie, get your gals some help w/all that money you have…ok?

  12. sturner says:

    Evelyn is a nasty mouth chic. She had very little respect for herself and she sets a very poor example for her teenage daughter. Her daughter must be ashame to see her mother on national TV acting like a loud mouth, low life, ghetto chic. Evelyn and all the other women that act like her in public is a disgrace to the rest of us ladies.

  13. Elaine j says:

    And another thing Tami were are you dishing Jen, when she was the only one that visited you after your surgery and also apologize to you. Just because Everlyn seems to have problem with Jen what’s it to you. Remember Everlyn had plenty bad things to say about when you first came on the show, she talk mess about your hair and clothes. What I really think is Everlyn has become jealous of Jen because Jen has came into her own grown beautiful womanish and not running around with her unhappy ass gossiping about people and starting trouble. Kisha havne’t done anything to you all the other New girl is who you all should watch out for. She’s the one that thinks you all are messes, that why she talked to you all like a bunch of kids at her fund risier. Tamie it’s seems you’re pushing up on Everlyn now. Watch her u know she’s a sneak. I wish I was Jen or kisha and Everlyn step to me like that or you for that fact. I mean I like you Tami and all but, I don’t care how much to be on the show nobody is going to bully me. What Everlyn unhappy ass needs to do and also stop trying to steal tami fame by fighting is check her boy Chad that’s right boy! Cause her ass is old, he young enough for her daughter. That young boy has got her gone, so gone, he got her wanting to explore other thangs (*~*) she answered, what if I don’t like her so calm as if it was not a thing for her, hint! Hint! So Jen you good ;). Jen I say to you, you deserve the best. I watched your hurt when you were going through your divorce. You loved your husband and you tried to hang in there. And the whole time Everlyn wanted you to go out and cheat and sleep around with other guys. Just because she don’t have any morale. Who go sleeps with other guys while still married even going through a divorce, you!re still married. And I’m so glad you didn’t take her up on her suggesting. I wish you the best Jen. Keep being as classy as you look or dress. And O by the way girl I got to get some of your lip gloss! Congrats!!! Ladies for real it doesn’t take all that. You all are doing way way to much. I use to love BB wives although only a few of you all are relevant. To he title that is. You all are all over the place now. The show is getting out of control. When you first came out I loved it and couldn’t wait to the next show.

  14. Mrs. Hurn says:

    This season is distasteful, disrespectful, and really fighting and name calling is ridiculous. All of you need intervention with anger management and learn what it means to be real women. Instead of something positive in the community, better yet with each other. Evelyn get a life, and grow up!

  15. DAWG says:


    One day you will meet your match and get your ass sued for always wanted to put your hands on somebody. If I were Jen I would sue your ass for your clutch touching her head. You are the most “GHETTO” out of all the ladies. You really need to watch your mouth, it dirtier than an MoFo.

    You are really bring the moral of the show down!!!

  16. Elaine j says:


  17. MaryS says:

    As an African American woman I am embarrassed and disappointed in Basketball Wives. During the first seasons it was fun to watch but as the seasons progressed the show has become extremely toxic and really portrays black women in a very negative light. If you have an opportunity to represent us, please do something productive rather than using profanity, fighting and backstabbing each other.
    Tami wanted to know why Kenya laughed during a radio interview and did not defend them. How could she defend you? You embarrass yourselves each and every episode. Stop it! Stop it! Does something productive that we can be proud of…but to expect someone fake a story that does not exist? Stop being messy, stop being bullies and start working on improving your images.
    You may get ratings for this show but none of you all are basketball wives and all you do is fight and talk about each other. Either do something productive or cancel the show because you all are an embarrassment to every black female who is trying to be a productive citizen and a role model for our community.

    I am boycotting Basketball Wives because these ladies are a joke including Shanie…

  18. Keep It Real says:

    Conversation- the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words: the two men were deep in conversation .
    • an instance of this: she picked up the phone and held a conversation in French.

    Synonyms (in case you don’t know that synonyms means similar words): oral communication, discussion, talk, address, comment, discourse, speech, utter, mouth , verbalize, babble, divulge, expose, impact, disclose, unwrap, learn, teach, tell, lecture, verbalize.

    I thought I might share some knowledge since the only vocabulary word you seem to use is “CONVERSATION”. PLEASE GET EDUCATED and stop using the same word every two seconds to TRY and sound educated.

  19. kim says:


  20. Deneen says:

    Ha!! girl you are a joke!!! girl first off when r you going to fight/???????? I mean really! girl real bad girls move in silent! all that running is a joke! you havent hit anyone yet, go somewhere and sit down. you think that your man is really going to marry you after all his boys talk about him. you are a dumb, ugly, big head, long face, weak ,fake, wack wearing sun dress all the time thinking you rocking self. is those people really you parent cause you look nothing like them and get out of Tami’s butt! she is a fighter cause she walked up and stood up and slapped you!!! Ha! Ha! she didnt run or break glass. how old are you cause you clearly you look like you are u are 65 come to the hood in chicago and see if that fake talking and running up on people work girl. its clearly for tv cause you would been dropped and everytime you got up you would be dropped agian. please go get married and sit down for your face break. look at this clip of you. you cant think your cute

  21. Shea says:

    So I usually hold my tongue and don’t comment on these sites, but after once being a huge Basketball Wives fan to now hating the show I feel I have to comment. As a woman I find it disgusting that as hard as women have had to fight to get to where we are now: able to vote, have rights, obtain jobs, obtain education equally, and so on this is now what our generation of girls are growing up viewing as role models. Shaunie I think that you had a great idea in mind with the show when you originally came up with the concept and even with season 1; however, you my dear have lost your way, your vision, and control of your show. You image is suffering and Shaq is smiling right now because he didn’t have to do a darn thing to make that happen, you and your so-called friends are doing a fine job without the help of your ex-husbands or ex-fiances or ex-boyrfriends or baby daddies. Tami you made the comment to Kenya that she should have stuck up for you women and said something nice, but my question to you is what can someone say nice about you all after watching this show? Seriously? You are mad because people are speaking the truth? The truth about you women is UGLY and no she shouldn’t have laughed, but the ONLY person you should be mad at right now is YOU because you are the reason people make the comments and judgements calls they do about all of you women. Then when the reunion show comes around and you are all slammed for your behavior your excuse is “Well VH1 won’t show us doing all the good that we do.” Well how bout you all sit your behinds down somewhere and do more good versus all of this stupid fighting and VH1 will have NO other choice. That’s a stupid suggestion though, right cause you would rather sell your soul and your repetition for fifteen minutes of fame rather than have dignity and respect for yourself. Then you Evelyn. Where does a person begin. Well first you need to find Jesus woman because you are so emotionally damaged it is seriously not even funny and I do feel for you. You are mad at Jennifer but truthfully anyone with two eyes and two ears can tell that you and Ocho are not together for the right reasons or maybe they are the right reasons for you two but certainly not love. The person you should be trying to beat down is Ocho because after that man disrespected you are national t.v. by telling you you will not be his one and only what more was there left for you? How would you feel if a man said the same thing regarding being faithful and bringing another woman home to your daughter? The man your daughter was about to marry? Do you not see that you are worth more as a woman, that you deserve more? Love yourself first then you will see that all the anger you are holding inside is really quite pointless and gets you no where. You are worried about the wrong things and fighting the wrong fights. You could be such a beautiful woman, but instead you strive to be one of the ugliest human beings possible. Why? Does it make you sleep better at night? Do you feel good? Is money really more important than you and your health? If so then that is sad. You could make a positive impact instead you are allowing all the hurts and pains from your past to cripple you and you are passing the same negative vibes onto millions of girls everywhere. So please stop while you are ahead…no books please and maybe take a break from t.v. to get yourself together. Grow up. Truthfully after watching you and Ocho I don’t know why gay marriage is such a big deal…at least most of them are marrying for love and the right reasons.

  22. nelly says:

    to the one that said where was tami for Jennifer Lucid Lauch party…….JENN DIDNT INVITE TAMI OR SHAUNIE TO THAT EVENT. ITS cool to cut ties with people Just be grown and tell them that. JEN has been like this for a while and she’s really showing her true colors this season. THough i dont agree 100% with evelyn;s actions she and tami has been the realest out of the bunch

  23. nelly says:

    launch my bad rushing my thoughts

  24. linda price says:

    Susie, Kenya, Evelyn and Tami should be on a show together…wonder who would survive?
    They all have and issue with flapping their jaws too much. All of you ladies need some lessons on loyality. But you 4 like mess too much for that to matter. I understand Jen, she has bigger fish to fry, she can’t get caught up with petty mess…can’t you all understand that? Glad Royce is being neutral…don’t like her either.
    I hope real basketball wives aren’t really like that….wow!!
    Talk about low-classed…where did you guys really come from?
    I would love to come on the show and set everyone straight.

  25. Lizza says:

    I am African Canadian woman I want the everyone to know not ALL black female behave like Tami PLS PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND.

  26. viewer says:

    You need to be go away… you are such unlike women behavior…. you are a mother… sad…. I feel bad for your daughter…. You are shame for women ingeneral… I wonder why that little boy wants to marry you? I guess he is more stupid than you.

  27. christine says:

    It’s nice to see
    ladies that look like me
    making it be
    God bless NYC

  28. Me says:

    Evelyn, I won’t get on here and attempt to bash you. What I will do is ask you to please seek some professional help to get to the the root of your anger. I understand your anger towards Jen. Jen was someone that you were close to and probably confided in and trusted. But Evelyn Jen can not and never could fix the real root of your anger. I ask that you do not attempt to get married regardless of who the man is, before you seek help. I can tell you have come a long way and accomplished a lot. You have a business, your beautiful, your now a star. And I’m sure you’ve made a lot of sacrifices and did what you had to to get where you are but Evelyn now it’s time to work on your spirit. And for no one else but You.

  29. Sisters says:

    Evelyn & Tami, we would like to know how the two of you can be very attractive on the outside, and have such an unclean inside. The words that come out of your mouths are dirty, filthy, foul, rotten, heartless, and down right cold-blooded. You are living proof that beauty is only skin-deep. You have proven to viewers across the globe that, what you see on the outside can be full of insanity on the inside. Your thuggish behavior and foul mouth wipes away all attractiveness.

  30. Greed-Stricken says:

    Evelyn, Tami, Kenya, Suzie, and Shaunie should be best friends forever, because they are all suffering from a psychological disorder. They are all broken-hearted, bitter, frustrated, greed-stricken, self-centered, angry, lack self-worth, and lack self-respect.

  31. Not Entertaining, But Hideous says:

    Tami & Evelyn —- It was very sickening to see the two of you laugh about your hideous and immature behaviors towards Jennifer. It is not funny and it is not in anyway entertaining to see the two of you try put fear in the other cast mates. To be honest, the two of you should be fearful of yourselves, due to your broken hearts, and wounded souls.

  32. DAFANIE says:

    Evelyn & Tami, I know that we all have faults. However, as women, as mothers, and as parents we should always think about our children.

    Tami & Evelyn how would you feel it your children were being harassed by a BULLY?
    How would your feel if your children were slapped in the face?
    How would you feel if your children were being verbally attacked/abused?
    How would you feel if your children were joked in school, about your juvenile behavior?

    Tami & Evelyn, we already know your answers. You do not care, because you are all about making money. You do not care, because you are all buying materialistic things. You do not care, because you are all about pleasing yourself. You do not care because you are all about beautifying yourself. Well unfortunately, money cannot buy your children quality time, respect, and true love.

  33. TAKE IT TO THE LEGAL LEVEL (make them pay) says:

    Evelyn is not picking on Jennifer, she is flat out harassing Jennifer. My advice to Jennifer and Kesha would be to get a third party/legal assistance involved, before Evelyn & Tami provokes them into a physical altercation. Jennifer and Kesha should stay clear of Evelyn & Tami let them talk as much trash as they like. However, if they attempt to take it to a physical level, file a lawsuit fast-, quick- in a hurry. The same holds true for Kesha’s issue with Tami. If VH1 will not and cannot take care of the criminal behavior from Tami & Evelyn, make them pay. Jennifer and Kesha, your supporters/viewers already know that that Tami & Evelyn do not frighten you. This matter is not about fear. This is a matter of making your self-respect, moral fiber, and professional career a top priority. Hit those criminals’ pockets; make them pay you a salary for their physical attacks and harassment.

  34. We Can Not Hurry Love says:

    Evelyn, you cannot demand love, because true love develop and can not be hand -made.
    You cannot force love, because true love comes naturally.
    You cannot buy love, because true loves does not come with a price tag.

    We should never trick someone into a relationship. Because eventually the trick will wear, off and the tricker be left all alone.

    We should never lie to our partners. Because lies stick to us like fleas and ticks. The lies continue to multiply.

    Our past life time can not be erased, deleted, modified, changed, improved, eliminated, purged, enhanced, reorganized, reassigned, removed, overlooked, forgotten, bypassed, exchanged, dismissed, rejected, reversed, fast forward, duplicated, paused, repeated, replaced, nor substituted. Because our past is permanently engraved in our memory bank, and there is no exit point.

  35. KTE says:

    I agree with everybody else… I use to love Evelyn now shes feeling herself to much. She’s acting like the mean girl and it is not a good look. Now we see why your not the wifey of your ex and if you keep it up you will probably loose your recent baller before you walk down the isle. Men with money will only put up with someone who acts like a hood rat in public for so long. I can be real hood rat when the need arises however, I do know how to control myself in public and wait for the appropriate time to strike.

  36. shstarlight says:

    Evelyn you will never have happiness as long as you keep all that hatred within you. You need to pray and move on. All that throwing stuff and cussing will not help.

  37. Misery Loves Company says:

    Jennifer, watch your conversations with Suzie at all times. She is a walking snake. I was happy to see you and Jennifer discuss the beef, face-to-face. I was happy to see the honesty from the two of you. However, once Evelyn & Tami find out about Suzie the fake peacemaker, they are going to turn on Suzie like blood sucking PITBULLS. This is when Suzie will probably get afraid and start slinging gossip from every corner, just to get them off her. Evelyn and Tami do not want peace, they want war. They do not know what the word peace mean, and they do not take pleasure in peace.
    Tami & Evelyn are sick, miserable, hurt, envious, deceitful, and they enjoy hurting other people. They actually get a high off belittling other people. These two are addicted to notoriety, wealth, and misery.