Basketball Wives – Episode 6 – You’re Not To Be Trusted


And you thought the battle between Kesha and Tami was something. Looks like Kenya vs. Evelyn is going to be a battle to the death. Or a battle to the destruction of a cute little Miami vinoteca. All I know is that Kenya needs to find a story and stick to it.

First, there’s the issue of Shaunie‘s birthday though. Ohhhh, Shaunie’s birthday party. You are the party that never ended. And You are the party that no one could get away from. And the fallout is still falling out. After Shaunie and Nia, Evelyn’s assistant, escort Evelyn out of the restaurant, Shaunie voices her concern on the situation. “At this point, my goal is to keep Jen safe, because I know Evelyn will hurt her,” she says. Evelyn is still a little tipsy, but it’s pretty clear that her wits and her strength haven’t been diminished, she knows what her goal is, and it’s to “wait around the corner” to kick Jen’s ass. Kenya and Tami join the group outside while Suzie and Jennifer remain inside and it’s like a stake-out where a group of patrol men are just watching the door for their perps to emerge.

Kenya is an especially chatty perp that no one seems to appreciate being there, so she offers Evelyn a story about her own good friend that she’s had ups and downs with and Tami politely tells her it might not be the best time.

Evelyn is less polite.

Fortunately the drone of Kenya’s voice seems to have lulled Evelyn into submission and she leaves without incident. But after the fact, Jen is still confused why the night went down as it did. “You basically tried to hit me in the head with your bag and my back is turned? Do that in my face,” she says, stating that she has no desire to be friends with someone who would throw a jab her way.

Suzie and Evelyn meet to discuss Kesha, or more precisely, Kesha’s “corpse-like” reaction to Tami’s harsh words for her on the “b*tch, b*tch and more b*tch” night. Kesha is apparently more stressed out about her situation with Tami than she’s let on, and she’s basically at a loss for what to do now regarding Tami.

Suzie also tells Evelyn that Kesha feels disrespected by both Ev and Tami in this situation, which doesn’t sit well with Evelyn. (Side note, this was totally the day that I was on set and got some pics of Evelyn wearing that awesome cut-out dress. Alas, my walk-on role was not meant to be, I didn’t make the final cut.)

We know that Suzie’s job is to function as the go-between and communicate all the drama from one group to another, so later she meets with Royce and Kesha to tell them about the birthday party debacle.

“The behavior at this dinner that Suzie is describing is sadly expected,” Royce says, thrilled that she’s not part of the circle anymore. But guess what? The circle has deflated. It’s basically like, a triangle now, with Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn, and like, somewhere in the distance, this other satellite called Suzie. Lest you think Kenya is working her way into the group, Tami has another idea.

It seems that Kenya did a radio interview that slammed all the women on the show, and Kenya laughed through the whole thing without ever defending the women or putting a stop to it. Tami also thinks it’s shady that Kenya laughed through the entire awkward dinner they shared, but Tami doesn’t think laughter was the right reaction here. (Dear Tami, where is your “It Wasn’t Not Funny” shirt for this conversation?)

So Kenya listens to what Tami has to say, and then she hears out Evelyn, who calls her out on acting differently with them, as opposed to how she is with Kesha. Is that a little eye roll?

So Evelyn asks point blank if Kenya is cool with Kesha, who responds “No no no no no.” Can we roll that footage of Suzie asking her the same exact question at that dinner please?

“I’m not the kind of person to hold grudges, I think we’re cool again,” was the response she gave to Suzie. [Cough]
“How could you be one way while we’re sitting there having this discussion, but then when we leave, it’s all totally different? Who are you?” Evelyn asks. It’s clear she’s not convinced at all by Kenya. But Kenya starts calling Kesha a liar and when Evelyn suggests they all have a little sit down, Kenya intones that things might go down if Kesha lies one more time. (Has she lied already? Did we miss the part where she said something untrue? I mean, it’s clear she pissed people off, I just didn’t think lying was part of it. ANYway.)
“She probably needs to be sitting on the other side of the room because if she says that I’m lying at any point when I know I’m telling the truth,” Kenya says “it’s going to be a very big deal for me…This chick’s been lying since the get-go.”

Over at the Komic Relief Korner, Jen can’t play tennis to save her life. She, Suzie, and Kesha attempt to hit a few balls around, but no, there’s not hitting going on at all. “You would think with the last name Williams I could play a little tennis,” Jen says. But no. She really can’t.

“I’ve never been around people like…some of these ladies,” Kesha tells Jennifer and Suzie. We haven’t seen Kesha and Jen hang out much so far, but they seem to be getting along well on the court, so it’s a pretty bold statement for Kesha to make with her. Jen doesn’t seem put off by it though, and says she definitely plans to hang out with Kesha more.

In other combinations we haven’t seen much of this season, Royce and Kenya get together to work on their relationship, but I don’t think that has a lot of friendship potential. Kenya may have told Suzie that she and Kesha were “cool” and that she doesn’t hold grudges, but she derides Kesha, calls the time she’s spent with Royce “fluffy,” and yes, still holds a grudge about Kesha’s professional advice that she doled out. Royce calls Kenya out for laughing while Tami gave Kesha her verbal smackdown, and doesn’t think Kenya’s behavior is very cool or friendly.

Royce suggests they start over on a clean slate, but we’ll see about that. “Kenya wants to be in so badly that she’s willing to take a lot of abuse,” Royce says about Kenya’s feelings toward the rest of the cast, and she and Kesha skip out of Zumba early to talk about the state of things.

Royce tells Kesha her thoughts on Kenya, and Kesha also admits to Royce she feels pretty cool with Jen, and Royce just warns her to be careful all-around. It goes well though when Kesha and Evelyn meet. Royce had warned that Evelyn would either own up to her behavior in talking to Tami, or she could go the other way and get defensive and things could get ugly, but she explained that she wasn’t intending to interfere, and their talk was drama-free. And even more than that, she tells Kesha that really, the problem in all of this is Kenya. “Something’s not right,” Evelyn says. “I’m seeing it, and I seen it when I walked away from that dinner.”

“I really think that Kesha is telling the truth and I’m willing to support her and put her under my wing and have her back,” Evelyn says. This was nice! More conversations like that, please!

Are y’all ready for the dinner scene, part II? Because, as Tami says “Today is the day. I’m meeting up with Kesha, Kenya, Evelyn, and Suzie,” which is the exact combination that was together when things started to go left.

“I already know that Kenya’s crazy, it’ll be nice to have everyone else finally see the truth,” Suzie says of the meeting, which has been set up (with Evelyn as mediator??) to just figure out who’s been saying what.
The issue is who has been saying what to whom, and who says what to people’s faces. Kenya owns up to talking smack about Kesha to her face, but tried to turn things on Kesha, saying that she was talking about Tami after their dinner confrontation. “Yes, I talked about her, she sat there and called me a b—h four times in a row! I’m not phony, I would rather walk out with my dignity than put someone in their place,” Kesha explains.

Tami, who’s just been watching this scene unfold and has been reserving her judgments thus far sees the situation escalate though. “Kenya’s getting more riled and it’s starting to get intense, and all of a sudden, the ultimate black move, she takes off the shoes,” Tami observes.

Kesha notices too and stands up immediately, crying “Do NOT let this girl touch me,” and she bolts, with Kenya calling “Walk away, b—h,” after her. Kesha doesn’t get far and is persuaded to stay, but as she explains, she might as well fight fire with fire. “At this point in the game, Kesha’s like, you know what, b—h? The gloves are off!” Tami narrates.

Kesha proceeds to tell the ladies some choice things that Kenya has allegedly said, things like Evelyn is loose. Evelyn asks her if that’s true and Kenya, poor Kenya, jumbles her words and is like “Hummina hummina, everyone’s been saying that!” Uh oh.

“Honestly,” Kenya admits in her confessional, “I think everybody’s called Evelyn loose at this point.” Oh, girl, no. Please stop talking. “I mean, I think that’s kinda like a common thing.” There she goes. She’s not stopping. Good lord.

How does Evelyn feel about Kenya now that she’s bumbled her way through a series of explanations and insults?

“I feel you have no loyalty to nobody, you’re not to be trusted,” Evelyn tells her.
Kesha is done with the situation and done with Kenya, and it looks like Evelyn may be too. Next week, it looks like there’s a wine bottle with a trajectory from Evelyn’s hand moving in Kenya’s general direction, so yeah, safe to say Evelyn is not a fan.

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