Join Our Live Chat With Tami Roman Tonight Before Basketball Wives At 7:15 PM ET


Last Tuesday we had a live chat with Royce Reed to discuss all the details of this season of Basketball Wives and what Royce has been up to lately. (In short, she’s got about twelve books in the works, an energy drink, and another run in an Off-Broadway show.) In another moment of candor, Royce assured everyone watching that her boobs are definitely real and she does not wear butt pads.

This Monday night at 7:15 p.m. ET, we’ll be holding another live chat with Tami Roman right before Basketball Wives airs on the East Coast, and we’re hoping Tami will be just as open and candid as Royce was. The event will be hosted by VH1 News’ Janell Snowden and will feature bloggers like Jonesy from Bossip, Stacey from, and me, Liz Black. And as always, the audience is invited to join in by webcam for the chance to chat with Tami face to face, all you need to do is log on to and connect to the chat. We hope to see you tonight!

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  1. Olivia Princess Houseworth says:

    tami is my favorite basketball wife becuase she keep it real

  2. mecheille palode says:

    tammy boo,u are so the way you handle yourself and check those who get out of line and may i add you look FABOLOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. brittney robinson says:

    I’ve loved Tami since the Real Word and Evelyn since the first season of BBall Wives. I don’t think those 2 are mean at all just honest and Real. Ladies keep up the good work and Congrats Evelyn on your marriage.

  4. LYNDA says:


  5. Roshonda Ackers says:

    Loving Tami on basketball wives. She tells it like it is. some people cant handle the truth. Some people say her personality is ugly but I love it. She stays true to herself.

  6. Paige Candice Ballah says:

    I Love you Tami, your real and genuine, you say what’s on your mind and i admire that about you. Sending you love all the way from Trinidad!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Janice Moore says:

    Love u Tammi u r so funny

  8. niky says:

    i can remember you with short hair on real world

  9. Roger says:

    Yesss i love u Tami u keep everyone entertain ;) But i do have to say u have to fix ur weave girl come on now !!!!! can’t wait to chat wit u tonight !

  10. MzQ says:

    I will be live!!!

  11. joy says:

    hey””””””””””” girls wat up u r the best “!

  12. Alison says:

    Tami is such a beautiful woman and I would she would project that beauty in the way she carrys herself. It is not necessary for her to be so disrespectful toward people because what ultimately ends up doing is disrespecting herself and her family. She looked absolutely ridiculous in the way she was treating Kesha a couple of episodes back. She needs to get her anger in check ASAP……because it’s not cute. Nobody on that show is the bomb because if they were, they wouldn’t be on the show in the first place….let’s just be honest.

  13. Osomilli says:

    HMMM ……………..

  14. kesha nicholes says:

    I hope a hamster eats tami alive as a pack of roaches feast on her soul as she rots away in hell for all of eternity.

  15. Love says:


  16. Tanisha says:

    Idk wat to say Tami is da realest female on Basketball Wives n i love her realness!!n dix ladi is beyond beautiful;)!!!

  17. GJW says:

    Tami –

    It is 2012…how could you possibly say tell Kesha that she “talked white” and “doesn’t look like a Kesha?” How can you be so ignorant to say something like that? What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway? Should she have darker skin, nappier hair, and talk “ghetto” to justify the name her mother gave her? Shameful!

  18. Gabrielle says:

    @brittney robinson if being a real lady means throwing drinks and getting into brawls at public events, than i’d rather be fake.

  19. JALISSA MACK says:

    ohhhhhhh tamiiiiiii we need to talk honey….

  20. mzpooh says:

    hey tami love u girl u are too real cant wait for this episode tonite :)

  21. Mel says:

    I love Tami!! She is the realest of them all!!!

  22. nyc gal says:

    tami is my favorite shes a little crazy but she tells it like it is

  23. Marie says:

    i love u Tami keep being you n keeping it real!!!!!

  24. I feel like Tammy is cool I would vibe with her anyday of the week Im in Miami so its possible…lol

  25. Tammy and i have been through similar situations. I can understand how she feels……but I don’t think she should let these broads get her worked up over nothing because if a chick ain’t brave enough to say anything in your face she ain’t real nor is she read for the pressure that comes along with that… :)

  26. Trish Smith says:

    You are so pretty. Why are you so mean?

  27. Trish Smith says:

    I think you are one of the mean girls. I remember you from the Real World and you were a mean young lady then. When you got the young brother thrown out of the house and he was only joking. At first, I thought you were going to be good, then you went off on the bi-racial chick. She’s not trying to harm anyone. Can’t we all just get along.

  28. Johnny Walker says:

    She represents every negative perception of black women. Loud, petty, uneducated, mean spirited, aggressive and immature.

  29. maderma says:

    WOW!!!! for all that think tami is the most “real” person on bbw must have computers in their prison cells.

  30. destiny c says:

    hello ms tami u are the realized out of all them u and royce and just want to say i ave much respect for u. cause u on your grown women lol

  31. Avias says:

    First off I want to say you are one of my favs on the show and as I read a lot of these other comments I totally disagree. I love how you are a straight up person and a caring passionate person.

  32. Senie says:

    Tami, is just ALL KINDS OF IGNAT!!!!!!!!

  33. sean says:

    Why is she so damn mean? My God, do she ever think before she speaks. Her and Evelyn are some of the most wicked people I have ever seen on reality tv

  34. It is me says:

    I like Tami. I have a soft spot for her esp when she’s trying so hard to get Ev and Jen “back together” even tho those 2 are just trynna claw their way to the top. Tami’s already there, just gotta refine herself. Alcohol is not what she needs, she needs to focus on herself more. Kesha is gonna show her real self soon. Ev is mean but insecure and needs to stop the gangsta approach with ppl. Jen is a follower but she’s also a trooper. Kenya is a lil off but entertaining. Suzie is like a lost puppy. Royce is still dating ballers? never learning from past mistakes? She needs a better avenue. Shaunie is gettin *Nene voice* RICH!!!!!

  35. hmm says:

    Tami must have been busy writing all these “I love Tami” comments today because she has shown herself to be a gutter bully just like EVILyn.

  36. lula B says:

    How can people keep saying this chick is real..she is just real ignorant, in my opinion, and a poor representative of women of color. Can’t even take these ignorant broads out of the country without them embarrassing us the way she did. At least the RHOA cast, did something positive when they left the country, without that ignorant azz Kim!!

  37. luis says:

    what lifestyle is Evelyn talking about? is it the lifestyle of classless or fakes? or both?

  38. Livia says:

    I started out liking Tami, but I’m not liking Tami or the show. I understand that everyone wants to be so REAL, but REAL has become…..Repulsive, Evil, Angry, Loud! I thank God my friends don’t act like the wild beast Basketball Wives have become! Why does it matter if Kesha black, white or whatever? She is a human being. Tami please continue to get therapy, and work super hard to let go of the ‘Angry Black Woman’ syndrome, because at this point you are the epitome of it, and that’s sad.

  39. Dana & Gale & Samatha says:

    Tami & Evelyn, we would like to offer you some positive advice (from sisters to sisters). Please take do a NeNe Leaks and take look back over your past behavior on every single episode. Do this only if you really care about the image you are portraying. We are sure you will find that your behavior was and continues to be disgusting, distasteful, destructive, and very disrespectful to your family, your cast mates, your viewers, and yourself.

    Your behavior as adults and as mothers is in no way positive, productive, constructive, funny, entertaining, nor healthy.

    Your mean spirit is eating up your souls. The Radio personalities, Radio listeners, BLOGS, Social Media, and Viewing Audience (Nation-wide) are going viral with disapproval of your behavior, extreme dislike for you, negative comments.

    Please seek help from our creator and seek psychological assistance, before your careers come to an end due to Viewers Petitions to VH1, Boycotts VH1 requesting your removal. The show is promoting violence, thereofe, it is very unhealthy for adults and the non-adults viewing audience.

  40. Hanna says:

    @Dana & Gale & Samatha — I love your post. It is a proven fact that the Radio Stations, Social Media and BLOGS are going wild with extremely dislike for Tami & Evelyn‘s behavior.

    Tami & Evelyn —- It was very sickening to see the two of you laugh about your hideous and immature behaviors. It is not funny and it is not in anyway entertaining to see the two of try put fear in the other cast mates. You should be fearful of yourselves, due to your broken hearts, and wounded souls.

    Kesha, Royce, and Jennifer — Please stay positive, keep away from these heartless females. Just being in the presence of these evil females can ruin your reputation. What decent human being would enjoy making other people life miserable? Tami & Evelyn are in pain themselves.
    They a re very unhappy, severely broken mentally, and wounded emotionally, because of their past wrong steps in life, failures in relationships & marriage, and lack of self control in their sex life. Misery loves company and they are taking all of their misery out on innocent people.

    Kenya — Is very confused. She appears to have two personalities. She too enjoy fights, trouble-making, negativity, and presents herself as if she will do anything and say anything to gain access to people that she think can help her stay significant on the show.

    Suzie & Kenya — Should become best of friends. They are both out of touch with reality. They are totally lost, and they are paid to create madness on the show. They are professional gossip carriers.

  41. suze says:

    tami, you are one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen. i’m not sure how much help you get with your clothes and such but i love your style. i want to be on your team. i think we could work together. please don’t disappoint me and hang out or fall for that piece of trash kenya. i know you’re way smarter then that!!!!!!!!!!! good luck girl

  42. Doll says:

    I dont understand how she cant watch herself on national television and not be embarrassed by what she displays. NOTHING BUT IGNORANCE and negativity. I feel like I’m watching a bunch of highschool teenagers. I must admit its entertainment but at what cost. Its sad that we have had to stoop to this type of behavior to be successful. I could see if you were an actor/actress, but you’re a grown woman with children being nothing more than a bully.

  43. Lexi says:

    Tammi is one of my favorite ladies on the show 1. She keeps it so real 2. She tells all the women on the show how she feels. 3. She don’t be playing when she is expressing herself. But right now she is starting to act like a bully and that just is not good. Come on Tammi you are in your 40′s right, (if not you look like it) I know some of this stuff makes great TV but what about your reputation for the future. TEAM TAMMI

  44. Lexi says:

    Kenya Bell is a liarer and she serves as no purpose to the show, just Royce and suzie dont. kenya (from the D) we keep it real in the “D” not sure what this chic is doing, but if I was her then I would get out now, she already looks crazy acts crazy and she cant seem to tell the truth for nothing. She says it only when the person confronting her is gone. KENYA BELL go kell yourself.

  45. Chrissy says:

    Came we BOYCOTT BBW we as viewers are sooooooooooooooo TRIED of the DRAMA I’m 41 yrs old I NEVER experience DRAMA in high school NEVER thought I would be watching it on TV amongst these GROWN zzz Women Tami you and Evil Eve need to get a life she can be with your ex husband and grin all up in your face why can’t Evil Eve FORGIVE Jenn for a stupid BLOG You are two faced as hell smiling all in Jenn face then you co sign Evil Eve behavior please you are a POOR example as Black Women and or role models I feel for the both of you daughters I know they catch hell !!! bBW SUCKS this season. La La Full court Life, TI and Tiny Family Hustle, Ice and CoCo and Leave it to Neicy positive Black reality shows WITH high rating Shaunie you NEED to take notes Boo Boo or should I say Ms instigator

  46. mark says:

    How old is Tami… she is suppose to be a role model not a role bully to these young ladies … She is much older and she should know how to conduct herself as a women and not a hood rate shm

  47. Beverly says:

    This is my comment for the ‘girls’ of basketball wives. Evelyn: You are mad at Jennifer, because she hit a nerve….she spoke the truth about your maybe husband Ocho, and you don’t like it….so when at one time you were inseparable, now you want to war with her. If my best friend would have said something like that, (with concern, as Jen did), I would have stepped back, and considered what she was talking about. ladies, you are too old to be fighting. With all of your fancy clothes, and I know ‘ name dropping lables’, you are ghetto (with the exception of Jen, Kisha, and Shawnee, and perhaps Royce’ the remainder of you are ‘ ghettos dressed. You can take the girl out of the ghetto (that is that old cliche’) however, it is evident you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. I have been wanting to say somethings to all of you, for some time. I believe you are beautiful women, and somewhat intelligent….but you don’t act the part. Women of standing do not brawl.You ladies, have children…young ladies….and what are you teaching them. To solve differences through fights. Women of standing don’t keep company with people who keep drama. It is very unattractive. All you seem to focus on is fighting. If you can’t get along with one another, stay away from each other. It’s classless. Evelyn don’t get angry about a person’s perception of you….just hope their perception is not reality. Don’t try to fight others for what they said about you, when you have created that reality. Get it? And girls, a word of wisdom from old school….you may think you are bad and tough today, but as the old ones have told me, there is always someone who is badder than you. When you ar ein the spot light, and you are fighting…..constantly, you are issuing a calling card for those who have nothing else to do, but fight, to come a calling. You may not win, and you may lose more than you want to. Just some advise. Carry yourself as a lady….and don’t get mad at those who do. I’d like to see ethnic women, show the world, and our young daughters, that we are not ghetto snipes. Incapable of acting with a modicum of decency. We need to show the younger people something more than what we are showing them. Also, I hope that you are not acting that way, solely for getting paid. Selling your souls. Business women?…’s a bit frightening to me.

  48. TOMESA SIMS says:


  49. maval says:

    tami knock it off!!! stop u think u bad u wont do that to nene or kandi gonna giveurself another heart attack and ur monkey jumping friend evelyn u act so stupid cuz look who u telling off mess wit some who not scare of u .. and i bet u back up

  50. Al Davis says:

    Tami, I am usually supportive of your stance of things. You usually keep it real. On tonight’s episode, you seemed to really be super hard on Keisha. Do you think that you are so angry with her because you saw a part of you that had been taken advantage of? We all have things that we are learning about ourselves. We all want to be better people. After you watch this episode, think about someone that one of your daughters may be intimidated by standing over them and treating them the way you treated Keisha. You may change your mind on the way you handled things.

  51. janet says:

    Tami, you are unbelievable, it looks like your trying to look like jennifer. The season really showed who you really are. Queen T, Tami hood rat. NO I MEANT HOODRAT!!!!!!!!! ugly , evil, jealous and full of envy. The very same thing you act a fool about, you do your self. are you confuss? are you mentally okay. Your to old to think it cute. You needto take time and get your self togther. your not looking good at all. why are you jealous of eve and jen friendship boo, it showed. you was to excited about what was happening. i could go on and on, your point have been made, you needed no help showing how foolish you are and thats all keisha ways saying, not that should have gotten loud back, that out of character….. get it togther, find your own BF, get your own, idenity. your trying to be jen, you dont stand a chance, she classy, beautiful and a woman, not a child. so i do understand you admiring her. dont hate tami. Just drop the Hood rat and grow up