Just A Reminder To Log On To VH1.Com To Chat With Tami Roman At 7:15 PM ET


As we mentioned earlier today, tonight we’ll be having a very special Face To Face chat with Tami Roman before the East Coast premiere of Basketball Wives, starting at 7:15 p.m. ET, and you’re invited to join in. Just log on to our site and, when prompted, activate your webcam or submit a question. If you’re one of the chosen ones, you’ll get to have a chat with Tami and discuss everything that’s been happening this season. Don’t be late!

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  1. Mia says:

    Tami was wrong for how she spoke to Kesha. Kesha said it best How Sad. Get help Tami you act a fool all the time. What are you Evelyn’s puppet Dog Puppet. Kesha said nothing wrong to her she felt bad for how you were speaking to her and I don’t blame her you were rude!!! Evelyn is an out and out trouble maker and she knows just what to do to stir the pot. When she decided she didn’t like Kesha she tells you something that she knows wasn’t bad but she knew you would go off like you are still from the Ghetto. Evelyn acted like she was trying to help kesha and understood were she was coming from and told her she should talk to you about it and then she tells you before Kesha gets a chance to tell you that you had hurt her feelings. Tami sorry you were abused but get help and stop taking it out on people who aren’t bullys like you. You kiss Evelyn’s Ass are you afraid of her?

  2. Keeya says:

    Hi Tami my name is Keeya Waiters I have question for you

  3. maderma says:

    i’m soo sick of tami and evelyn bullying everyone on bbw. why does everyone have to answer to them for EVERYTHING that they say. vh1 needs to start casting some women like chrissy from love and hiphop and dreita from mobwives to put these bullies in there place. this whole thing with those two (evelyn and tami) are getting old

  4. pinkpresidentsBWS says:

    tammi need to get off basketball wives and go on the biggest looser..and not because of her weight.she’s a non-factor ass chicc..i bet her daughters glad she aint they manager no more..aint nobody finna wife her up after seein this show..evelyne is a pathetic washed up groupie but tammi is her follower so what that make her..triflin non factor ass chicc..lol

  5. Dimples says:

    You have turn to a Bum and a loser. You are Ev little Flunky. Whatever she says, u fetch and do it.
    You say one thing to Jen & another to Ev. You laughing with Ev about her hitting Jen with her purse and wanting them to fight? Jen is not gonna stoop down to you & Ev lowclass personality.
    I hope Jen is watching & seeing how 2-faced you are. Ms. No Good.. Now how does that feel when someone say something about you that is real (Ms. Ghetto Bully) & former (FOODSTAMP QUEEN) ha-ha-ha-ha Suzy was right, u have came up from your Foodstamp days!!!!!
    Shaunie dont care about you, her & Ev is laughing at you behind ya back.
    Royce stay away from Tami, she a LOSER & she dont care about you anymore. She’s turning into another Suzy- Kiss up to Ev & Shaunie AZZ!! Dont have respect for no woman who keep calling ladies out of their names. You probably didnt go to college & have no vacabulary-because All u do is CURSE!!! This show is a mess, after next week I want to quit watchi

  6. Gretchen says:

    Tami, Evelyn and Shawnie the way you all conduct yourselves is very disappointing! I watched the show in the beggining to support. I can’t bring myself to do it anymore. This is a sad commentary on where we are as women. Now i do think that Evelyn has a right to be upset with Jennifer, however to run it into the ground the way she has is ridiculous. If that is your true friend address your issues and move on – Evelyn you have a “ghetto” narrow minded view of things and it’s sad. Futhermore, you should be a role model for you daughter, but you have set an example that by starting physical fights with others is the only way to resolve an issue. In addition, another source of ignorance is SHAWNIE, is constantly supporting the ignorance of Evelyn and Tami. Shawnie you know they are beyond ignorant and you come on television talking about how Evelyn will hurt Jennifer. How do you know? Are you GOD. Do you think Jennifer will not defend herself? Evelyn is NOT a certified heavy weight champion in boxing. You guys are an embarassment to African American women who try to conduct themselves with diginity and respect. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Tami Roman, Shawnie O’Neal and Evelyn please learn how to conduct yourselves with some class. Remember this, all the negative energy you guys put out there will come back. Good Luck when that happens.

  7. Deneen says:

    Tami! girl I was Truly all team Tami until this season, its like you have let fame go to your head. all that lip turning and getting in people face is played out. You say that you want to change so whats the problem.It has went from seeing your pain and knowing why you was hurt to no plain silly.You are looking real foolish and I pray that you be the smart one and grow up and be a leader. Get the evil one out of you butt. Oh yeah just remember that what u r sending these new girls thru it was you 2 seasons ago. so what now u r the bomb!!!!!!!?????? Im mean I think you forgot the same chicks didnt care or didnt like u, and as far as i see they still dont! the evil one/ugly one is in your butt because you put friend in her. Tami you are to pretty of a women to act they way you are and plus you think your kids and even a man like what he see. Its going to be real hard to get a man that respect you cause you dont respect yourself.

  8. Kathy says:

    I agree with you Maderma, why don’t vh-1 put Chrissy on Basketball Wives and call it the hip hop or basketball wives. I bet they wont talk to Chrissy like that. She don’t care she will but all of them in their places. I use to love to watch you Tami, but know I think you are a bully also.

  9. maderma says:

    correct me, if i’m wrong, but didn’t jenn have tami’s back when eve told her that she slept with her husband and called her a non……factor ? jenn openly said that eve was her girl but, she was on tami’s side and didn’t agree with eve.

  10. Veronica says:

    What gets me about Tammi is she was once broke with Bad Weave, now that she got a couple dollars in her pockets, she wants to dog another woman’s weave (Kenya), like her tracks been on track her whole existence on the show. Girl, bye….quit trying so hard to convince the world how REAL you are when your getting FAKER by the season. Showing out in front of the cameras, and showing how GHETTO you are does NOT MAKE YOU REAL!!!!!!

  11. Sasse Karen says:

    Dimples, Pinkpresident, Gretchen and Maderma I AGREE 100% with each of you. I think it is time to see how hard these so called TV Bullies really are.. Whatever Jenn said she said it to Evelyn. She didnt say anything behind her back that was not true.. Real Women do Real Things and none of them are REAL in my book. Shaunie is the ring leader and all she doing with these dummies is making millions off them and I cant be mad. They too Ignorant, Self centered and Greedy to see it… We all should go to the reunion…. LOL