La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 2 – Best Week Ever


Now that La La sorted out all of that business (or lack thereof as it turns out) between Asani and Melo she can move on to more important things like getting herself beautified for a Yellow Rat Bastard photo shoot and prepping for her bestie, Kelly Rowland’s birthday.

La and Kelly have been friends since she was a teenager and they make a point to spend every birthday together. They went crazy for her 30th (shooting guns and getting tattoos) and this year Kel’s party is going to be “off the hook,” but that’s not the only thing she’s celebrating. Kelly is also being honored as Essence Woman Of The Year. And in La La’s words, “Kelly by far is having the best week ever.”

Since La is super busy she has to bright idea to send Dice and Po out to buy Kelly’s birthday gifts…this will be fun!

Dice and Po decide to get Kelly “a lot of nice cool, fun things that whether you’re Kelly Rowland or not, anybody would appreciate.” But what do you get someone that has everything? Well, who wouldn’t appreciate a sex book and some candles? Po and Dice settle on a lot of little gifts and they think she’ll love them.

When the girls get back, La La wants to see what they bought. Kelly’s gifts round out to a green tea infuser, a photo booth picture of themselves in a frame, naturally (La La loves it), travel bag tags, a Smart Sex book and some candles. La La approves!

Now that La La’s photo shoot is done and Po and Dice have taken care of all of the shopping, the ladies head to dinner and all talk is about how excited they are to head to LA for Kelly’s birthday celebration. While at dinner Michael, La La’s publicist calls with good news. La has been invited to walk in New York Fashion Week’s Red Dress Event. Woo, awesome! Oh, wait. What? The fashion show is in 2 days…the same day they have to be in LA for Kelly’s birthday bash? Good news turns bad quickly, leaving La La to figure out how to make it all work.

Fret not, La La. Super Dice (our new name for her) figures it out. They can take a red eye to LA after the fashion show and make it in time for Kelly’s birthday. Yes! But, wait… La La has an idea of her own! She wants to prank Kelly and tell her they’re not going to make it to LA. Po and Dice approve so La La calls and deceives a disappointed Kelly.

La La arrives at the red dress event a bit freaked out because their dresses are long and she doesn’t want to fall. She isn’t put at ease when she sees supermodel Christie Brinkley trip on stage, but there’s “no turning back now” and good thing because a stunning La La rocks the runway.

After the catwalk, the girls manage to make their flight and they are enroute to LA. They arrive at the appointed birthday celebration restaurant to surprise Kelly, but no one is there! That can’t be. Po goes downstairs to make sure the hostess is not mistaken, but much to their dismay “there’s no Kelly, there’s no party, there’s no people.”

La La calls Kelly’s assistant and finds out Kelly cancelled the party because she didn’t think La La was coming. Super Dice and Po save the day once again by suggesting they take the party to Kelly and surprise her at the studio.

La La, Po and Dice arrive at the studio where Kelly’s rehearsing with balloons in tow. They hide in the lobby and wait for Kelly to come down. 1, 2, 3…surprise!!! And surprised she is, Kelly can’t believe her eyes.

La La and the girls take Kelly out to a nice birthday dinner. At dinner La La gives her the gifts Dice and Po picked out. Score for team Dice and Po, Kelly loves the gifts especially the framed photo of themselves.

La La makes a toast and tells Kelly she’s so proud of her, will always be there for her and will always be her best friend. Aww. What better way to end a busy week? “This has been honestly the perfect week – for myself, for Kelly, for all of us,” says La.

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