Nude Photos Of Dancing With The Stars And Single Ladies Star William Levy Surface


William Levy has become a household name thanks to his stint on this season of Dancing With The Stars over the past few weeks. The super-hot actor will also be appearing on the upcoming season of Single Ladies, so of course, with more fame comes more exposure or, more accurately, over-exposure. A series of almost-nude photos of Levy has surfaced recently (you can see all the pics here, the photo above literally isn’t the half of it), and after the general public caught their breath, everyone wanted to know if Levy was embarrassed by them (why he’d be embarrassed, we don’t know). Levy told Entertainment Tonight “[The photos] have been out already all over the world. I was a model when I did these things, so as a model there’s nothing wrong [with] doing those kind[s] of things. You gotta work. You gotta make money.” Exactly! Also, it’s art, the human form is a thing of beauty, and who doesn’t love men’s mesh bikini bottoms?

We’ll consider this a taste of things to come when he shows up on Single Ladies this May…
[Photo: GossipMex]

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