She Said/She Said: Jennifer Williams And Evelyn Lozada Share Their Opposing Viewpoints On Episode 6


Both Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams will be maintaining their own blogs this season in order to give their own sides of the story presented onscreen on Basketball Wives. We’ve been checking in with these blogs each week, as well as posting Royce Reed‘s recaps which are exclusive to the VH1 Blog to give you guys the most comprehensive coverage we can. This week, the ladies both present their side of the Shaunie’s birthday party story. Sounds like Jennifer wants to move on, but Evelyn is hinting that there’s much more to the story than meets the eye.

Here’s Jen’s take:

Once again, I have never been a fighter and I refuse to start at this age especially on TV.I don’t consider myself a role model but I do know there are young women that watch Basketball Wives. Fighting on TV sends the wrong message to our youth. It is not ok to put your hands on someone and think it is acceptable. There is no reason as grown women we can’t be mature and discuss our feelings without putting our hands on another. Expressing your feeling through violence is WACK!!! For someone whom I have shared many laughs, cries, good and bad times with to say they are going to wait around the corner for me just saddens me. All of this because of what? A blog? We aren’t friends? Isn’t this what you wanted? And yes I think it is only right to pull back from a relationship with someone that works for someone who refers to me as her enemy. That whole situation is just a recipe for disaster and I have enough craziness with my pending divorce to deal with. I haven’t done anything to anyone on Basketball Wives where violence should be the answer. I haven’t slept with anyone’s man or harmed anyone’s family. What does fighting resolve? After the fight, we still aren’t going to be friends. So lets just all be mature here and move on from the pettiness…

And now time for Evelyn, who also has some choice words for Kenya:

After the dinner at Phillipe’s while we were standing outside, it was really the wrong time for Kenya to tell me about her 5th grade friend. Kenya has bad timing, she is trying too hard to fit in and it’s ridiculous.

I may have had a bit of alcohol in me at dinner, but I definitely don’t need liquid courage where Jennifer is concerned. The truth will be revealed and everyone will see along with those contacts how fake she really is. I have always been a loyal friend and there is much more behind the scenes that the audience doesn’t know about and one day it will come to light. As the old saying goes, “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

On to this group convo…

We had to get everything out in the open and figure out who was lying. It felt good to not be in the middle of all the crap for once and I was finally happy to be the mediator! Kesha was the only one telling the truth during this conversation and when she told me Kenya said I was LOOSE, being the mediator didn’t last for long! I know BI-POLAR Betty didn’t try to call me loose? You have amnesia in my face, but during the solo interviews you all of a sudden remember saying that about me?!? And, I see how you threw Royce under the bus…good move. Let me give you a tip Kenya, the next time you try to give me some advice regarding friends, why don’t you first consult with a make-up artist and find the correct foundation to match your skin tone! GTFOH Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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  1. Chrystal says:

    #TeamJennifer Evelyn is too grown and old to act the way she do.

  2. EVELINDA says:



  3. KayBee says:

    im with Jen. you arent friends so why do you NEED to fight. it makes no sense. just keep it moving.

  4. niecy says:

    Evelyn, I dont care what is being said behind the scenes if you dont want to be Jenn, friend leave her alone im just sick of looking at you constantly picking on her. I like you evelyn, but I do not like how you is carrying on with Jenn. I just need yall to be a little more classy not snooby, but classy for real it is not a good look on TV. I love this show, but said I am about to stop watching it if this childish mess carry on. We know Jenn, have on contacts and what is the big deal about it I just mad Jenn, won’t stand up to you, because if you would have hit me with your clutch purse the resturant would have been shut down ijs.

  5. Lady Tee says:

    Evelyn I was always in your corner when other fans of the show talked bad about you but I am beginning to side with the others because you have become too angry. You were once one of the nicest women on the show and now you want to fight that is too childish for me. I agree with Jennifer. I don’t condone putting your hands on other people, if you don’t like something they said, then oh well move on and that goes for Tammy also. I am so disappointed that all of this is happening on TV.

  6. scak7767 says:

    I truly believe that Evelyn really needs to grow up. You have a child in College, yet you act as if you are in High School. You are a Back Yard Bully and for someone who’s about to be engaged your issues should be What shoes will make your wedding grown “POP” not waiting around the corner to fight an old friend… People talk about “Jesus” so you are exempt “WHY”??
    I really tried to be on #TEAMEVELYN and #TeamTami but as a mother and a woman I simply cannot condone such troubling behavior. WHy does anyone have to answer to Evelyn and Tami anyway… Who died and left you Queen Bees. You sit back and think Shaunie has your backs and best interest at heart when all she does is exploit you and let people see your true colors… WAKE UP! Do something CONSTRUCTIVE and Contribute to society…. GET OUT OF THE SCHOOLYARD and Step into the REAL WORLD…

  7. WANDA THOMAS says:


  8. Lady Tee says:

    Jennifer if you can be bourgeois then be it and stop hating on Jen. I love Jen she is so classy and she is right, stop trying to fight some damn body all the time.

  9. SONshyne says:

    Bottom line…..The ONLY people who are relevant to that lifestyle, is Shaunie, Jennifer, Tami and Kenya. THEY OWN the rights of the title WIVES. They have the right to speak their minds to the life style. They have the last names to prove it. EVERYONE else, were just live-in ‘jump-offs’.

  10. Shelly Williams says:

    I love the show ( and the drama, I admit), but you ladies spend ALL your time dissecting every conversation that is had by EVERY ONE and it’s getting to be boring and narcissistic-looking. None of you seem to have any fun anymore, maybe that’s why Shaunie has peaced-OUT.

  11. beauti says:

    Evelyn is acting like a child,she’s a trouble person,not lady like at all,i really can’t stand her she’s classless.A pig in a castle will always be a pig no matter how many crown u try to pun on this pig.

  12. Angelica says:

    Team Jen here…

    Evilyn, grow up and become an adult! This hoodrat mentality that she has needs to stop.

    Who goes around trying to beat up people just because they don’t agree with you, or say something about your “lover”? If Jennifer bothers you so much, ignore her. That is what an adult does!

  13. tammy says:


  14. stephanie patterson says:

    truthfully all these females need to grow up! my 10 year old niece has more self control, class & respect than any of them could ever maintain! too much exposure & no composure, NO BUENO! & shaunie is the main one instigating & promoting this nonsense! what happened to black girls rock? positive role models for young girls lost to look to? I mean, did you all talk to your mothers about everything? NOOOOOO! there were outside influences among us all growing up good & bad! look im not judging! all im saying is, Be as a woman, greater than everything BAD you may have gone through growing up! Most of you grown woman have children, remember that! afterall, thats why you all do the show to feed your kids right? well feed your kids some knowledge & respect for themselves & others! you ladies have a blessed season! FLACA FRESH!

  15. Chicita says:

    Evelyn girl I’m with you 100%!!!!
    I relate to you because I have the same problem with this girl that use to be my friend and every time I see you fighting with her it reminds me of what I go through. Sometimes people don’t understand whats going on and like to talk but I understand you completely.

    Jennifer needs to get her bubble popped!!!!
    Its so annoying how she walks around looking all delicate like she doesn’t brake a plate. Watch your back girl cuz Evelyn got fighting skills n she will pop you in the mouth if you keep talking crap!

  16. Shane says:

    I agree with Jennifer. Evelyn has had a lot to say about jennifer’s HUSBAND and not once did Jennifer react like Evelyn did. Evelyn is acting crazy because she knows what is being said is true. I really think Evelyn is acting childish and needs to grow up.

  17. Sasha says:

    I am trying to figure out what is the point in Eve constantly saying that Jennifer has green (fake) contacts?? Evelyn wears weave which in the same term is (fake) not hers?? Evelyn is entirely to old to be doing all that she does, it is ridiculous!! Jumping on tables, over tables, throwing wine bottles…Evelyn tries to be classy, but her actions clearly say ghetto. If you don’t want to be Jen’s friend then move on. How do you cause commotion at your friends b-day dinner at an upscale restaurant??

  18. Jennifer Harris says:

    Ev it doesn’t matter what Jen said about you in that blog or the “mystery” ones you keep referring to. You are a grown ass woman trying to fight because someone talked about you. Get over it and worry about you’re own personal life. I totally agree w/ Jen in reference to remaining friends with Ev’s assistant, how is that gonna work if she’s not talking to Ev?!?!? Let’s face we all know Ev wouldn’t go for that anyway. When are you gonna stop with this foolishness, seriously we’re waiting….

  19. Lorinda says:

    This is ridiculous, people are getting paid cash money for acting a damn fool on television. Where are their value system, they act like they ain’t got no momma, stop shaming yourselves, parents and your ancestors. Please find a way to figure out how to resolve your issues without resorting to acting like some barbaric, uncouth, trifling, indecent, unrefined, classless and just downright silly acting folks. Is this the best the networks can give us for our viewing entertainment. I thought folks that got ahead a little bit financially in life would be able to show us how its done, and how you can conduct yourself with some dignity and gratitude once you have been blessed with a little, but sadly not this bunch of buffoons. Ladies, and I use that word lightly, please try to get it together and show us how it can be done with some class, style, grace, intellect, wisdom and above all decency!

  20. Patricia says:

    I understand where the both of them are coming from. But, at what point do you put your hands on another person, because they don’t agree or like who you are dating. It has to be some truth to the matter that touches deep to the core for Evelyn to act this way. They are way too old to be fighting, and acting a fool out in public. And to think, they are getting paid for this mess. I have stopped watching it, because I am so sick and tired of our sisters fighting one another soon as they get a litlle fame recognition on TV. GROW UP AND START ACTING YOUR AGE!!!

  21. Liz says:

    True not being a fighter doesn’t mean your classier, but acting out at someone’s birthday doesn’t make you look good!! Evelyn should talk, she’s done and said things the audience doesn’t know either and always remember one good twist deserves another!! If she was ever Jennifer’s friend she wouldn’t be dishing private things on her now!! I don’t think anyone of those broads are really friends!!!

  22. debbdogg says:

    I Think Evelyn is a bully. She fights with everybody at one time or another. So what if Jen wears contacts, I bet there is a lot of fake things on you…So What… You are too old to be brawling inside a business or roll around on the street. Hiding outside to jump some one. What are you 12 ? I would think you would be busy planning your wedding and being happy. Jen you’re not better than other people either, you need to drop the I’m better than act too. The two of you are not friends anymore and that’s fine, but you don’t need to fist fight every time you see each other. Grow-up…!!!

  23. JUMMY says:

    Eve, regardless of what happens, fighting definitely doesnt resolve anything. You need to get your act together and stop thinking the fist solves anything. You have a daughter that looks up to you. That is not a good example you are showing her. Also, you have a bunch of young girls that look up to you. You are definitely not setting a good example. I really wonder what your daughter thinks of your actions? I know I would be embrassed if I saw my mom acting the way you are. Cursing is not ladylike either. Just ignore Jen and move on. If you are meant to still be friends, things will take its course. No need saying all these negative things about her. If they are infact true, why were you friends with her and for soo long in the first place.

  24. debbdogg says:

    This is Shaunie’s show, she created it. She is the one making the big money on this show. Shaunie is a very smart business woman. These naive ladies on this show are making fools of themselves on television and Shaunie is laughing all the way to the bank. That’s why she’s never on the show, except for her occasional appearance. Maybe if she was proud of the way the show represented itself she’d show her face more…Just some thing to think about…P.S…The part I don’t get is the show is Basketball Wives, but how many really are married to a NBA player ? Maybe because any respectable player and wife would never want to be a part of this show. I should think you would need to be a Basketball wife, not how many basketball players have you slept with, to be on the show. Hmmmm?

  25. Ralynn Thomas says:

    WOW…this is so unreal but Evelynn i still dont think its your place to through Jen under the bus…i think you should be the bigger person and say dueces and stop worrying about Jen….because she is not worrying about you at all

  26. Devonne Owens says:

    How can we teach our children not to be a bully when you have people like Evelyn and Tammy that go around bullying these girls..Who do they think they are to do that to people…We teach our kids that words are just that words so ignore them but these grown women contradict everything that they in turn probably taught their kids…Children today are committing suicide from the exact thing that Evelyn does to Jennifer…What message does that send? They need to grow up and find other ways to deal with their issues..All I have to say to Evelyn and Tammy both STOP the Bullying…

  27. ANNIE says:


  28. Delores says:

    I would just like to know what these woman are talking about “who’s lying”. lying about what? You ladies are acting like 1st graders, but i guess its all about good TV but honestly this is not good TV . I’m about to stop watching you girls. Tami I am so suprised at you, you remind me of these little hood rats up here in Harlem. Always want to fight —GROW UP —alot of the girls watch your show . SHOW THEM SOMETHING!!!!!!

  29. Tee says:

    Evelyn has the nerve to talk about Jen’s contacts with her fake teeth, hair and boobs. Eve you need to grow up cause you’re looking real foolish…it’s no wonder why your daughter wanted to go school in California to get away from your crazy, deranged behind. If anyone’s bipolar that would be you! You Sicko!

  30. Veronica says:


  31. These ladies have nothing better to do than just hate on each other is this what kind of lifestyle you ladies lead not healthy I mean Jen is trying to heal from her divorce evelyn you got things going on too in life getting ready to jump the broom You people need to grow up and stop actin a Damn fool on T.V. Tami always wanted to box with somebody what kind of example are you showing your children,

  32. KaySo says:

    Evelyn Lozada is a HOODRAT in hills!!!! I understand handling your own but damm do you have

    to bust everybody in the mouth!!! Its a fine line between Standing up for yourself and OVER

    BOARD and Eve crossed that line episodes ago. I’m very turned off by this.. I mean what man

    wants a woman like that…. I wouldn’t be surprised if this marriage doesn’t works..

  33. Lady E says:

    Evelyn should just stop, and if Jen will pouch her one good time, she will make a believer of everyone.

  34. Maria Song says:

    Yes I am with Jenn, ya’ll are grown and then on national t.v, come on now! I know most of it is script its not all real ,,but when they throw in bull in it to make you females look stupid..I dont follow why you go for it .. especially when it comes to close friends like the way Jenn and Evelyn were.
    Jenn sorry you got to have to come across that prettiness of an xfriend ,, and you are right , why are you always on her mind that you need to be thrown up so much in a toast for some one elses birthday…..Evelyn grow the @#$% up…. act like a lady and not like a Jackass….and keep it moving!

  35. Sariah says:

    I am not on any one team, however, I do agree with Jenn on one thing alone and that is about the violence. Whether she likes it or not Evelyn looks like a BULLY. Is that the image she truly wants to portray? Especially with all the problems in society today with bullying and violence. The show can still be entertaining without the constant attempts to assault someone. I know these women have alot to share but I’m sorry I think it is irresponsible of the constant threats to cause injury to someone else over words. Most of these women have kids and is that the way they want them to handle there problems? There must be a better way to entertain.

  36. Marissa Alvarez says:

    At this point I am very disgusted how a certain image is being pushed for reality TV ratings. As for the woman (Evelyn, Tami) all I can say is that this show is a temporary thing…now as for what image they perceived for themselves will haunt them forever. Not to mention what type of example they are setting for their children.

  37. peta says:

    lov Jennifer especially how she carry her self . Evelyn just sad that she do not ave have wrapped around her fingers any more. go married u fake man n move evelyn kmt

  38. jus sayin says:

    i like evelyn at first but ever since she started her “relationship” with chad she has been a hot mess. what kind of example is she setting for her daughter climbing over tables allowing a man to cheat on you whats the point of getting married if you allow ya man to cheat(foolishness), but its really just sad grow up you are way to old if you want to act like that go on mab wives or bad girls club where is the class and maturity no where to be found

  39. Brownskin32 says:

    Ok, I agree with Evelyn about true friends don’t talk behind your back. They are to be in your corner no matter what.I agree with Jennifer yall are not going to be friends so why are you picking on her Evelyn. You are a bully and I didn’t see you do that ish to Tami when she whoop your ass about her ex-hubby. Its funny how people pick on those that won’t fight back. I think at this point Jennifer is tired of you picking on her and one day she going to open up a can of whoop ass on you. Suzy is fake as hell trying to be down with everyone and keep this going. Evelyn like for real get over your issue with Jennifer because you and her are not going to be friends so let it go.

  40. Nuff Said says:

    Evelyn 15 mins of fame is soon to be over so what she does, create a new plot line as it relates to keeping that fire burning. Yet people like Evelyn soon will meet there match look at the situation with Tami, Evelyn knew how far to take it cause tami aren’t no cookie to joke with. Evelyn knows who to pick fights with. Ok you talk all that non-sense about letting things out the bag, i bet you there might me more convincing evidence that can come out the bag to prove that you are loss. Girl give it a break you got your man you finally getting married grow up and show some class. You got a daughter is that the reflection you want your daughter to follow in come on man Evelyn. Grow up Evelyn, aren’t a good look booboo. You will soon cast yourself as the biggest non-factor cause folks are getting sick of your bullying.. Nuff said

  41. Vanessa says:

    I watch this show because I find it entertaining. I find it amusing when I read these comments that take this show so personal and feel as if they know each of these women on a personal level. Thirty minutes, once a week doesn’t give you what really goes on behind the scenes. Who knows what each of them really goes through or what actually happened. Reality shows are here for entertainment purposes and if some feel as if these women act childish then switch the channel lol Each of these women make good TV and I as a viewer will continue to watch. Good show ladies! By the way this is perhaps the best season ever ;)

  42. Shekela says:

    I feel its ashame to see these grown women going at each other and fighting all the time. Look at all the violence that is going on in the world today and you all are fighting bc of what someone has said about you. People are going to talk about you if you doing good and if you are doing bad and especially if you are in the spotlight. Even if you dont think of yourself as a role model someone else might and Evelyn you are a mother and soon to be stepmother is this the example you are setting????? Its not about whose real and whose fake that dont make a real woman. What is fighting going to solve besides showing how ignorant you are. True we may not know the whole story however is fighting going to solve the problem??????? You cant fight everyone who says something about you dont like!!!!!!

  43. Christine says:

    Jen I agree with you. Evelyn I think you set the wrong example for your daughter, how old are you in your mid 30,s and your still fighting like its middle school????? REALLY. I have watched the show from day 1 and the thing i see in common is you have had a problem with everyone except Shaunie, You cant really expect people to always believe that they are in the wrong and you in the right all the time? Is it due to the fact that your paycheck come from Shaunie and like most dogs you wont bite the hand that feeds you? You need to get off you high horse and STOP thinking your sooo much better that everyone. I understand there is editing but it also seems you also have a drink in your hand. You should look into AA and anger management ASAP.

  44. LeeLee says:

    For me it is not about knowing these chics on a personal note and it is understandable this is entertainment. These type of friendships dare not to define mine at all and there is a difference between soaps and reality. On soaps your scripts are written for you so no one walks away mad because someone stole their man or identity. Reality shows are just what they are and my point of view on it is it shows black women in a very negative light. This is what is expected of us and this is exactly what we give’em. Do not get me wrong, I understand good drama makes for good ratings but somewhere your morals and values need to step in and say enough is enough. There are way too many good tv shows on that we could watch that are drama, educational, suspenseful, etc…You get out of your system what you put into it whether you know it or not.

  45. Carla says:

    Evelyn, you and Tami are two bullies. The both of you ruin every situation with your tempers and fighting. It’s really embarrassing seeing people in the background watching and listening to your antics. It seems to really bother you that Jen ignores you, yet when she responds to your name calling and outbursts you can’t take it. Your man and your daughter should tell you how you really represent yourself. It’s not with class at all.

  46. Hope says:

    Evelyn needs to grow up and act like the 40 year old woman she is. Every blog she talks about Jen’s contacts as if everything on her is real. Every time she smiles that evil smile you can see those big ass horse veneers. She hates Jen because she actually got a ring and didn’t have to do all sorts of things for expensive shoes and handbags like Ev is still doing. I’m going to need Ev to get her family out of the projects instead of focusing on what Jen is doing. Every time I see Evelyn I think of that song “She Ratchet” because this chick is one ratchet ass mess and Tami is not too far behind her. And Shaunie is trifling too.

  47. Taylor says:

    Very good Jennifer! Evelyn you are a bullie and a sad individual….go ahead and gold dig to the top and grow up and be a responsible non-violent influence and mother.

  48. Redice says:

    I’m team Jen !! Eve is like Kim , she miss her friendship with Jen but because of her pride she can’t tell that ! Jen was a good friend and Eve knows that ! Eve is just hurt so we want that Jenn knows that by assaults ….( Sorry for my English dude , i Speak French )

  49. Candy says:

    Jennifer I agree with you its no reason why you should be fighting ya are grown women and need to act like grown women. Everyone do watch the show and it’s really sad how Evelyn carry herself on her. Jennifer just keep it moving and don’t pay her no mind and Evelyn so what if Jennifer wears fake contacts you wear fake weave but nobody’s talking about that and Jennifer even though you don’t like to fight you should have defended your self when Evelyn hit you and the head with her clutch purse because if that was me I would’ve knock the mess out of her she try the ones who she know she can try.

  50. ELOISE says:


  51. VAMarineWIfe says:

    You can so tell by all these comments the women with a ghetto mentality……Oh Evelyn I feel you girl cause i’m going through the same thing I’d do the same thing you did……I swear if you don’t like someone IGNORE them…what is fighting going to do….just ignorance…..and the difference between Jen and Evelyn is Jen is a Lady….Evelyn is a Grown Woman in her 40′s acting younger than her daughter…..

  52. sassy says:

    Tammi and Evelyn are bullies and stay involved in drama! the whole time Evelyn was arguin wit Jen, Tammi was in the solo interviews speaking on how much she was loving the drama and that was entertainment for the night not the party! ? You can take the girl out of the hood but cant take the hood out of the girl ! Jen is too classy for the show and they hatin.

  53. Felisha Thompson says:

    Its always two sides to every story. (referring to the beef between Evelyn and Jen). I do feel that Kenya has a bit of social ackwardness going on. First lets discuss the YouTube video post: This video is supposedly her own personal version of Beyonce Beautiful nightmare. The video begins, and you see Kenya tossing and turning in bed, the she arises in some weird Zombie-like state. then you have a wall full of mirrors and she’s strutting on a treadmill… why? She starts dancing and none of the moves are even memorable, just a hot mess. Then, You are laughing at Keisha at the dinner table, then when evelyn and everyone else leaves, you are all of a sudden telling keisha that they are cool again. Lastly, (big no,no) you call JEN loose….Really!? You are about as low budget as a 2 star theatre. Judging from these next episode previews, it would appear that you are in for one big ASS whopping. Here is a tip for ya: Don’t write a check with your mouth, that your ass can’t cash!!

  54. Bev says:

    Shaunie Oneal keeps saying that Evelyn is her girl. OK? Shaunie and Tammi act as if Evelyn is to be honored for acting like a two year old. What is the problem speaking about Evelyn’s fiancee? She spoke about Jennifer’s husband. HUSBAND. She was alone then now she has someone and she is so brand new. So thirsty, looking for something to put on a t-shirt. Jennifer is making her own money. I love it . Keep it positive Jennifer and say what you want. Sue Evelyn, you don’t have to take anything from her. Maybe her next t-shirt will say, Locked up, won’t let me out. I can’t believe VH1 is allowing this and as for her show. Not watching. At all. Love Chad, he honestly is a great ball player. I can’t believe that he is associated with someone like this.

  55. Holanda says:

    Ev, you make part of a successful program, you earn your own money, u’r a good looking woman, your daughter’s in college, u’r engaged with a successful man, ur life is great now and ur future’s promising.
    Why to insist on it, if u do not want to be friend with jen cut her from your life. It seems that you need to be in a problem for you feel alive, just learn how to be happy and enjoy ur life.

  56. Tee says:

    Evelyn needs to grow up. Acting the way she does is disgraceful especially for a mother. It doesn’t make her look cool. It’s ignorance and depressing to see a woman act this way. Grow up. You are to old to be such a bully.

  57. Belinda says:

    Evelyn, why is it so important for you to be in fights all the time? What I dont understand is you wouldnt have done Tami like you have the other girls because she would have whipped you behind. You apparently had a rough childhood because you are very angry women. I on the other hand would not could not be your friend at all. Jennifer is a real lady, she’s not into the fighting thing and I back her up 100% on that because you have young females watching this show and its really sending out the wrong message. You seen to be happy with your man rather you want to invite other women into your bedroom or not but look what you willing to do to be with a man. He is already letting you know what he will not be doing and thats being faithful to you..look you have a daughter set some morals, respect your daughter, your family even if you don’t set them for yourself. I’ll keep you in my prayers cause you really need some therapy..maybe Chad can do that for you and stop bullying people your really not as bad as you think…4real….

  58. tee says:

    Then Evelyn you should be talking and fighting with Chad. Planning a wedding and he say he will bring another women home and you say what if I don’t like her. Why plan a wedding? Are you that desperate for money and a man. Evelyn leave Jen alone and get a life. Misery loves company. Let Jen live and be Jen. She’s acting very classy and mature making you and Tammy look stupid, ghetto and ignorant.

  59. Sable says:

    Lets see…Eve had issues with Royce, got violent with her. Eve had issues with Tami, tryed to get violent with her. Eve had issues with Susie, went off on her weak ass. Eve has issues with Jenn, tryed to get violent with her. Do I see a common theme?? Now she wants to fight with Kenya cause she said she was “loose”. Hello!! This is the impression you left millions of people watching this show with. That YOUR loose! Now, you want to jump on the table and TRY to kick my ass too? If it walks like a duck…just sayin…

    What gets me is why are they all sucking up to Evelyn? Who cares what she thinks? And Kesha is joining the wrong team with Eve. When, and I mean when Eve goes off on Kesha, you think that lame “dont let her get near me” will work?

    I don’t like Kesha, something suspect about her, with the condensending attitude she has. What show did she think she was joining? This show is all about Eve kicking ass. And Tami is a fool being Eve’s BFF after she slept with her husband.

  60. MyTake says:

    Why can’t the Miami series be more like the LA Basketball wives? Several of the ladies on the LA show seemed to be spiritually grounded women of a certain level of moral standards. Most of the Miami women (imho) are like wild animals and are “just plain evil” – whether blatantly (Evilyn) or sneakily (Shaunie). None of the friendships seem genuine (of course the whole show is probably fake anyway). And notice that whenever the cuss words are flying like hornets, Shaunie never attempts to intervene and smooth things over. She always lays low under the radar. Silence is consent, and to me that makes her just as crooked as the rest of them. Royce is my favorite out of the Miami bunch. She seems mature, intelligent, and pure of heart.

  61. donna says:

    Evelyn, like you say there is a lot that goes on behind the seens that the tv viewers don’t know about, that’s understandable but i just want to say to you that you should calm down, both your temper and your drinking and your language because it is making you look very ugly and imature, i’m not trying to be judgemental but you should just let Jen be Jen and ignore her and do you, do what you have to do to take care of your daughter and your man. i mean think about it! who’s going to take care of your daughter if you go to jail! take it from a 62 year old woman, “CALM DOWN” “Let go and Let God ….

  62. NIKKI M says:

    evelyn seems like she is just a hater, Like really eve????is this really over a blog?? Miss cant wait to mention jennifers contacts every chance that she gets. What really good?? I think that jennifer is classy, and successful, and able to stand on her own two feet without a man. Evelyn that is about to get married to ocho’s cheating butt is not. that would be the reason why shy puts up with the bull crap that he is putting her through. She is totally jealous of jennifer…..

  63. Hollywood!!!! says:

    anyone who could make you act a damn fool on international television have too much power over you…. I don’t understand why Ev give Jen all that power over her… I had a friend of 25 years and we fell out over her childish behaviour and I just ignore her when we in the same vicinity… she would be talking to my mother right next to me and it’s like she’s not even there…. don’t ever give people that much power over you girl….
    and stop playing.. you know you loose….LOL
    Jen keep doing you (for once)

  64. Dee says:

    Hello All, I truly feel that right now Jennifer is oppose to marriage PERIOD. it doesnt matter if it is a athlete, garbage man, who evever and right now she is not able to be supportive because she is going through a divorce. What people dont understand is that when you are married, especially to an athlete, your whole life is centered around them and you never really think that an end would happen. so Jen is trying to move on with her life, whenever she finds out who SHE really is, she would be able to understand the error of her ways. As for Evelyn, I do feel that she was loyal to Jen but she need to understand that this is not the Jen she knew 10 years ago. This Jen is trying to find herself and may step on toes while she is doing this. Dont hold a grudge, let her go and focus on your family. You are about to be Married soon. Congrats. This marriage will be a challenge for you, im sure but God Bless

  65. Evelyn is a BULLY. Have she not seen on TV what happens when people are bullied. Yes, Jen is keeping it classy. But that is because we are looking from the outside. She is dealing with her divorce and now her ex friend. Which Evelyn wouldn’t know what a married woman goes through. She has always been a JUMP OFF and will continue to be a JUMP OFF. I am so upset how she is treating her friend. And I HATE BULLIES. I see how kids have killed themselves bc they couldn’t deal with it ANYMORE. VH1 put NeNe Leakes on there so Evelyn can get a taste of her own medicine.

  66. georgie johnson says:

    Evelyn grow your old ass up. You look so silly fighting like a 5 year old child. You are a grown ass woman with a grown daughter. I’m pretty sure she don’t want to turn on the television and see you throwing wine bottles and slapping people. I think you are a bully who can’t back it up. If Jen get off her classy ass and drop kick you upside your damn head. you will back off. This is not to her defense. But really, that blog was nothing to get mad over. You are picking at her because you know she wont defend herself and that’s sad. pick on Tammy, she will kick a mud hole in your ass and stump it dry, and think you know it. when you had to talk to her about her husband you turned into the biggest chicken. Grow up!!!!!!!!

  67. leelah76 says:

    Man, Kesha is the stupid one to me…she let eve talk her into going after kenya for eve and tami’s amusement. She didn’t even squash the beef with tami yet. Girl can’t you see that they used you to get ammunition on Kenya because they mad about that interview. Then kesha said kenya had no life but as soon as kenya mentions kesha’s company then they need to stay on topic. Kenya did take her beef to kesha’s face but kesha talked about tami behind her back. At the end kenya looked at eve and tami and told them they were being shady and she told eve to her face “i don’t know exactly what i said but i did refer to you as a hoe.” and eve sat there. I guess next week she drank some liquid courage before throwing that bottle at kenya. I think kenya will stand up to eve now. She’ll be clowning eve back, bet.

  68. Mia says:

    Evelyn, You and Tami are classless bullies and a disgrace. How old are you???? It’s obvious to all of us that you’re just mad that Jenn is moving onward and upward without you. Good luck with the joke of a marriage that you’ll be sharing with Chad. You know what they say about trying to turn a certain kind of woman into a housewife (you fit the bill perfectly). Peace out.

  69. GiGi says:

    Oh EVELYN you are sooooo Ghetto. I don’t understand why if you are a mother you act the way you do. StOP being so Ghetto girl.

  70. vanessa says:

    Evelyn, you are loose, what people say about you is 100 percent accurate. Your nasty and you take your clothes off to anything with a large bank account. You probably have pubic lice, because you are gross. Leave Jen alone, and grow up, your getting to old for this and you look more and more stupid. All you do is fight and whine and complain when things don’t go your way, you need to act your age, instead of a immature kid. Jen, ignore this maniac and keep it moving, your too classy for evelyn. Evelyn go back to the hood because that is where you belong.

  71. Soncie says:


    You are so TACKY and Ghetto I cannot even take you seriously. I hope someday (sooner rather than later) that you invest in anger management. What’s gotten into you? It is because of YOUR outrageous behaviour and Foul language on the show that give not only women of color, but All women a very bad look. And what is this I hear about you writing a book? You have GOT to be kidding me. I don’t think there’s an intelligent thought in your head. BTW, while I am not a fan of Kenya, what she said about you being “loose” was an understatement, that is how you got your claws into Chad. You would be a lucky girl indeed, if Jennifer took you back as a friend, she really brought a maturity and classy sensibility to the friendship you shared that you were sorely lacking.

  72. Soncie says:


    ” a tip Kenya, the next time you try to give me some advice regarding friends, why don’t you first consult with a make-up artist and find the correct foundation to match your skin tone!” What in the heck does giving advice have to do with using the proper foundation? Sweet, sweet Jennifer, by all means, stay as far away from Nutbag,Bi-Polar Evelyn as you possibly can.

  73. PEACHES says:


  74. jazzy marie says:

    This is why I ride solo, there is nothing going on in my life like this, not even close. I don’t get asked out by girlfriends much anymore, because when it comes time to talk about someone, I shut it DOWN. It makes for a boring dinner but a peaceful night.

  75. Tif says:

    Jennifer’s post blew me away. A very articulate woman. Fab legs too! These stood out to me:

    Once again, I have never been a fighter and I refuse to start at this age especially on TV.

    Expressing your feeling through violence is WACK!!!

    I haven’t done anything to anyone on Basketball Wives where violence should be the answer. I haven’t slept with anyone’s man or harmed anyone’s family.

    My fave: For someone whom I have shared many laughs, cries, good and bad times with to say they are going to wait around the corner for me just saddens me. All of this because of what? A blog?

    Jen have you pressed charges against Evilyn’s desperate to be part of BBW ASSistant for slapping you? The one that looks like Aunt Jemima but without the legendary business or success?

  76. maderma says:

    It doesn’t matter what jennifer said on the blogs, no one has the right to put their hands on another person and i still don’t understand what jennifer said that was so bad. we all say things about our friends and relatives that are very negative at times, does that give them the right to show up at your house, see you out in public and try to fight you, if the answer is yes, 85% or more of the poplulation would be fighting all day everyday.


    A MESSAGE TO EVELYN & TAMI —- Your viewers are waiting patiently for the two of you to STOP THE VERBAL ABUSE & PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. The two of you are on a REALITY SHOW, so viewers across the globe are waiting for the two of you to recognize, that you are not before a live audience playing ring-around-the-chairs, with cartoon characters, and paper dolls. You are working with real people; you are working with human beings. Therefore, human beings deserve respect. Your viewers deserve respect. Your cast mates deserve respect, even though you do not respect yourselves. Your hostility, criminal behavior, and disgusting mind-set are very offensive to millions of viewers. VH1 needs viewers to support the show, and to maintain high ratings. If your violence and disrespect on the show continues, VH1 will continue to loose viewers due to low ratings, Boycotts and Petitions until they remove the two of you from the REALITY SHOW.

  78. HEARTLESS says:

    KESHA,JENNIFER, & ROYCE stay focus. Enjoy your roles on BBW to the fullest. We wish you much success. Our advice to you is that TAMI & EVELYN can buy all the external beauty in the world (head to toe), but they can never buy internal beauty and CLASS, INTELLIGENCE, and a CARING HEART.

  79. SISTERS says:

    VH1 & BBW PRODUCERS – why are you putting up with Tami & Evelyn’s unprofessional and criminal behavior on the show?

    These little girl are uncultivated, bad mannered, and a waste of time. Tami & Evelyn are getting hate mail all over the place. They lack self-respect, they disrespect their daughters, and they disrespect the viewers of the show with their offensive verbal attacks and racial comments..

  80. zoey says:

    I can not believe Evelyn, She is very child like and her mouth is trash. Most men would never bring home a women like you to meet their parients. Stop bulling the new girls. Who do you think you are? If that man marry you it will SHOCK me. To LOOSE girlfriend. Men come and go friends are forever. Jen keep your head up. Tami get some rest you and Jen are my girls.

  81. Marta says:

    Jennifer, Kesha, & Royce —- stay classy, calm, cool, and collective and get the legal system on your side. Make the criminals(Tami & Evelyn) pay for their crimes, make them pay for their physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, and request that they be removed from the streets. Because, Tami & Evelyn are two of the most heartless, disrespectful, foul and unwise females that I have seen on National TV.

  82. Shaunie Brithday Dinner says:

    To see Evelyn outside of Shaunie’s birthday dinner, waiting for Jennifer to come out, is truly pathetic. Evelyn actually flipped back to her elementary school days.

    Evelyn & Tami fully developed (adults), mothers, and parents do not go around acting like a kids, wannabe bullies, hooligans, thugs, and gang-bangers.

    This was a terrible sight to see. If the two of you are obsessed with fighting, then join the army, become a boxed, or become a wrestler. Because, we do not need this type of physical violence on National TV.

    The two of you conducts yourselves like mentally undeveloped females adults. You are running around with an adult body, with a child mind-set. You two are spending millions of dollars beautifying yourselves externally, this will not help your psychological state of mind.

    This is a serious issue, which needs professional attention.

  83. dehope says:

    evelyn needds to grow up, this is rediculous watching a grown woman fight every episode, I mean come on evelyn, you have a daughter in college, and this fight with jen is about what how you be friends with someone for 14, or 15 yrs and break the friendship over a blog and on the blog she was talking about herself, and your friend mia needs to disappear if I was jen I would sue her behind who is she, but to hit your friend and be mad at her, get it together be grown for real and you about to be married I think, anyway let your attitude be as pretty as your face, because right now it’s all ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Crystal Slaughter says:


    You had a mild Heart Attack? Get well real soon oh, STOP SMOKING BOO! 4 Real……

  85. DJS says:

    I believe that Evelyn staged that scene at Shaunie’s B-day party on purpose. She knew what she was going to do beforehand. It was planned to get her corny little catch phrase out there to sell T-shirts, she probably already had them printed up and ready to go. It’s just a thought……

  86. S says:

    ok i agree jenn fighting is WHACk my daughter watches the show and teaches her that people like eveyln will never have any luck when you do evil among people, so Eveyln needs help before she suffers a mild heart attack

  87. Rere says:

    I thought Shaunie wanted to portray different sides of the women’s lives in depth. Bringing in these two new women don’t accomplish that at all. They do not bring any special dynamic or momentum to the show. I rather see Tami and Evelyn’s life in detail.
    Actually, it seems as though the dynamic is forced where the producers put these women together and tell them to go at it and fight. The women may feel this is what the producers want but they fail to realize the show became popular based on REALITY and the women’s intricate personalities. I love drama but I want it to be REAL not forced based on ratings and what they think people want to see.

  88. Cwalk says:

    I didn’t think this show could get any worst. Evelyn is always cursing and acting like pure trash. She has the class of an alley cat. I can’t believe she is that old and conducting herself in that manner. Chad must really want to be married. If Cheryl (DWTS) would have wanted him, he would be engaged to her. Tami is just a wannabee and she needs to deal with her personal issues and grow up. Suzie seems to be the most dysfunctional of all and it shows more and more each week. The newer girls are getting all caught up in that mess and they need to bail but, I’m sure they need the money. Shaunie sits back like she is all innocent but she is the one throwing the rock and always hiding her hands. She needs them to carry on so she will get paid. What a disgrace all of them are. Shame on them for allowing the money to rule them to this point. They all have low self esteem and no self respect.

  89. TONYA BROWN says:


  90. vfocused says:

    Ev, u were the reason I kept watching BBW. In the beginning u made it cool to be in ” the circle”. Now on this season b’cuz of the beef or what ever it is between u and jen, I cant wait for this season to be over. I love BBW and loved the ladies in the circle, but u and Jen not being friends is just wrong! Please say the real reason for the beef on the show is more, cuz theres gotta be more. It cant be cuz of a blog or jen saying u disrespected her. Its been 12 yrs, and u ’bout to get married and yall are not friends? really? I love the show but with everyone having issues with almost everyone, I am kinda dreading seeing the next episode cuz I hate the battles when its the wrong ones battling. I know u cared about the friendship cuz if not u would not jump in anger everytime u lay eyes on your enemy first Jen, now Kenya. C’mon Ev the reasons are so childish and stupid and not worth a LAW SUIT. Calm down and stop making yourself look like the biggest fool ever on national tv. U told Kenya u dont give a f— about what kenya or other people think about u but obviously u do cuz u would not try to kill everytime yall get together. Think about how u are going to be viewed after BBws. Do u want to be respected as a beautiful and talented woman who makes Chad proud to call u his wife and the mother of his children or just some loose, groupie jump-off that slept her way or fought her way to the TOP! Sorry, I dont believe this about u. Just saying I understand defending yourself but can u please do it in a way that shows some class without making yourself look so UGLY!! U are a very pretty woman and have a major opportunity in BBWs regardless of the drama. Dont blow your future. Congrats to u and Chad. Understand that Jen is not getting married, she is single and women that get divorce do change somewhat. I can tell the loss of the friendship really hurt u, cus its all u seem to dwell on, on the show. I think Jen wanted u to take some time to be single with her and have fun with her b4 you jumped into a relationship, and when u did I think that hurt her cuz she saw u pulling away, maybe not but Jen knows what time it is when one actually gets married. Jen did not want u with an athlete, but that is your choice. Its Jen’s choice to also befriend others and be single. People lose touch sometimes, it happens and it hurts but Jen will never know how u felt if u dont tell her and u just flip out, threaten and fight her everytime u see her! Talk it out and stop trying to make her apologize when she feels she did nothing wrong! Guess what Ev, its true now, YALL DONT DATE THE SAME GUYS– Jen dont want an athlete,SO WHAT WHO CARES?! I dont care how yall squash it, yall need to squash it cuz GOD FORBID IF SOMETHING SHOULD HAPPEN TO EITHER ONE OF U. That would be a sad, sad situation for either one! U can say otherwise but U love Jen just as much as she loves u, thats why I hope this beef is not real for the show sake, for the fans sake and the both of u. Sorry 4 the book but this is my favorite show!!!! Again the circle just aint the circle without u and jen. Tami and Shaunie cannot replace Jennifer so do what u have to do and end this! Please!!!!!!

  91. vfocused says:

    This comment is in response to “Sweety” about Jen blogging negavtively after the Paris makeup. All Jen or her publicist wrote was that Jen and Ev dont date the same guys. SO, WHAT!! — Why is that negative– Jen just dont like athletes right now. She was just cheated and disrespected by one, on national tv at that! Jen was disappointed that Ev went down that road, but she also knew that if that is what Ev wants then find. Jennifer just wasnt going to stand by and watch it happen again and again. She probably wanted better for Ev, but Ev seems to be the type that can probably handle a guy like Chad. Ev is being childish. She is too grown to be acting STUPID OVER NOTHING! I dont think Jen knows Chad to dislike the guy but whatever, ITS NOT WORTH A 10 OR 12 YR. FRIENDSHIP BREAKING UP OVER!! When someone hurt they either cry or fight and Ev is a fighter but she is so hurt over this. That is why she is lashing out at everything and everybody!!! I know the show is editing it this way to make her look crazy but its not editing!! I will stay on Team Jen until this beef is over cus’ this beef aint worth the tv space, real talk!!!!!

  92. vfocused says:

    sorry for the errors, ….but meant to say –”but she also knew that if that is what Ev wants then fine…. and also….. I know the show wants to edit this way but its not just editing, its Ev being real as ghetto as she can be. I pray its all a set up for the cameras. When someone sues, then bottles will stop being thrown! Hope they already have that in the works. Someone may get killed!! Stop the Bull VH-1!

  93. Priscilla says:


    You really need to grow UP! Whatever, you don’t like Jennifer anymore, its ok to not like someone but to seriously fight about some old drama.. When friendships have issues you don’t fight, you either work it out or go your own way. Regardless to rather Kenya said you were whatever, it does not matter either, you are not marrying her and neither must you answer to her. Out of all the women on the show you have the “Ugliest Personality”… Grow UP and remember that someday if it truly happens, you will be Chad’s wife and yes like you already know he is going to lay with another woman… Fighting does not make you a beautiful person, it makes you a female that has nothing going for herself. If it was not for “Shaunie” you wouldn’t be making a dime!

  94. rennie582 says:

    If that was being a “mediator” , then please look up the word in the dictionary evelyn, because you were the furthest from a mediator. You portray yourself like a bully. Every weason you pick a new person to attack and call names and try to fight. You use to be the classy one, what happened ? Or were you really like this the whole time? OR did you figure maybe being this way is what pumps the ratings up and maybe you began to enjoy the noteriety? IDK… I hope you watch the show and really take a look at yourself. Is this what you want to be known for? No amount of money is worth your self-respect evelyn… Remember your mother watches this show , and I am sure she has friends , do you want your moms friends to talk about her behind her back and talk about how her daughter acts on tv? It is a domino effect girlie …. much love rennie

  95. Dee says:

    I agree with Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada, has gone to far. I do not know who made her God. She have no right to treat women that way. I blame them they all act as if they are afraid of her.Royce is the only one who stand her ground from day one. The wine bottle throwing was it for me .

  96. Denise says:

    I so agree with Jen, why fight over a blog? I don’t thinkd Evelyn was ever a friend in the first place. A true friend would NEVER let something as small as a blog blow up like this. Then you insult the way she talks, contacts, etc. She was the same way when you called her your friend, now everything about her is a problem for you.. A true friend will always talk it out, work it out, and walk away, if it can’t be resolved. My friends have been just that since jr high. Even the one that slept with my boyfriend. We stopped talking for a few years, and now we have grown up, we realized he wasn’t worth our friendship. , especially now he’s a nobody… Bottomline is,Evelyn, are you doing all this hype to guarentee VH-1 airs your wedding? Honestly, I can see how a Chad approves of this behavior. Sad!!! Jen, keep being you and don’t change for anyone. Your beautiful, Boo……

  97. mark says:

    this is a native n.j., i can tell jennifer you were raised to love a man and respect one but looking at the past i seen somthing that was never meant to be,with you and egor,it amazes me that messing with animals whom you might had to train in your relationship was a grave factor of dealin with a critical state of disfunctional absurdity,anyway i am glad to see you free yourself from the pain inwhich you did not have room for,i like that,it is good food for thought,you and evelyn should remain friends and along with all you other sister’s, remember love is the answer………… on that…………….your thang is solid as a rock!

  98. Michelle says:

    Evelyn, is so on the wrong show she should audition for mob wives and we will see just how bad she is, Evelyn is someones mother, daughter, sister, and soon to be wife. Jumping across the table, throwing bottles and plates is discussing…..I did like Evelyn but I will not be watching this show anymore…

  99. V says:

    Jennifer is classy…keep it up! And if you want to wear contacts, go ahead. Everyone’s doing faux hair, boobs, etc…it’s merely an accessory. Evelyn is talking about fake…she isn’t all real either, so she should be adult and be quiet.

  100. Alia Zimma says:

    I so agree with Jennifer, Violence never solves anything. I have been a loyal basketball wives supporter from Season one, but damn, the fighting is getting old, like its always the same people fighting. Evelyn girl you got a wedding coming up, this is not the time to be worried about Jen, and trying to beat her up and all that. I know you hurt by her blog and all that, we felt for u, but now, u just making the fans dislike the show, tone it down with all the fighting, do u .
    We would love to see u , all hyped about your wedding, planning it and stuff, the romance between u and your boo, but instead, we getting you hyped over a failed friendship, and you throwing bottles and jumping tables. Your actions , that is the constant outbursts, are leaving a bad taste in the mouth of viewers, and do u currently know that there, is a petition out right now, to boycott the show because of you. You coming off like a bully, and although I would love to support you in all your future endevours like the new spin off show that I heard about with you and chad, girl, I got kids, and i wont support anyone, with that type of bulling attitude. Girl I love you, but this time you wrong, you shouldn’t have brought Nia there, knowing how she felt about Jen, this was not something for viewers to see. I think what most people are saying is there is no need for the constant threats that you keep making to her, taking about beating her and all that stuff, come on now. I know its just tv, but u guys are really going to loose viewers, if you continue like that, and then you telling Jen that you made her relevant, i may not know the history behind that statement, but Jen has her own fan base which by the way is larger than yours right now. Please go to facebook, click on the basketball wives fan page and you will see what the viewers are saying especially about the lawsuit. I know u may not care but here’s the thing, no viewers , show is cancelled. Leave a bad taste in people’s mouth your career is done

  101. Tisha Shaw says:

    I like Tammy,But she looks insecure when it comes to Keisha…

  102. What's Your Problem, Ev? says:

    Why is it that every time you have an issue with someone all you know to do is start picking on personal traits – speech, clothes, shoes, hair, eyes, lips, teeth, make-up, etc., etc., etc? Are you that inarticulate? That means lacking the ability to express your opinions in an intelligent manner, using proper vocabulary and staying on the subject under discussion. You should seriously use some of that money to buy yourself a proper education when this show is done. Most of your anger comes from insecurity. Jen doesn’t think she’s better than you are. Why would she have put up with you for over ten years if that’s the case? You think she’s better than you are and that’s where the problem lies.

  103. Catherine H says:

    Kiesha and Jennifer are a disgrace to strong independent women of ALL nationalities!
    Real women stand up to and own up to their mistakes! Kiesha is pitiful and I wouldn’t call her a friend on a bad day if she and I where the only two people living! Woman up and stand up for yourself!
    Catherine H.