She Said/She Said: Jennifer Williams And Evelyn Lozada Share Their Opposing Viewpoints On Episode 6


Both Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams will be maintaining their own blogs this season in order to give their own sides of the story presented onscreen on Basketball Wives. We’ve been checking in with these blogs each week, as well as posting Royce Reed‘s recaps which are exclusive to the VH1 Blog to give you guys the most comprehensive coverage we can. This week, the ladies both present their side of the Shaunie’s birthday party story. Sounds like Jennifer wants to move on, but Evelyn is hinting that there’s much more to the story than meets the eye.

Here’s Jen’s take:

Once again, I have never been a fighter and I refuse to start at this age especially on TV.I don’t consider myself a role model but I do know there are young women that watch Basketball Wives. Fighting on TV sends the wrong message to our youth. It is not ok to put your hands on someone and think it is acceptable. There is no reason as grown women we can’t be mature and discuss our feelings without putting our hands on another. Expressing your feeling through violence is WACK!!! For someone whom I have shared many laughs, cries, good and bad times with to say they are going to wait around the corner for me just saddens me. All of this because of what? A blog? We aren’t friends? Isn’t this what you wanted? And yes I think it is only right to pull back from a relationship with someone that works for someone who refers to me as her enemy. That whole situation is just a recipe for disaster and I have enough craziness with my pending divorce to deal with. I haven’t done anything to anyone on Basketball Wives where violence should be the answer. I haven’t slept with anyone’s man or harmed anyone’s family. What does fighting resolve? After the fight, we still aren’t going to be friends. So lets just all be mature here and move on from the pettiness…

And now time for Evelyn, who also has some choice words for Kenya:

After the dinner at Phillipe’s while we were standing outside, it was really the wrong time for Kenya to tell me about her 5th grade friend. Kenya has bad timing, she is trying too hard to fit in and it’s ridiculous.

I may have had a bit of alcohol in me at dinner, but I definitely don’t need liquid courage where Jennifer is concerned. The truth will be revealed and everyone will see along with those contacts how fake she really is. I have always been a loyal friend and there is much more behind the scenes that the audience doesn’t know about and one day it will come to light. As the old saying goes, “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

On to this group convo…

We had to get everything out in the open and figure out who was lying. It felt good to not be in the middle of all the crap for once and I was finally happy to be the mediator! Kesha was the only one telling the truth during this conversation and when she told me Kenya said I was LOOSE, being the mediator didn’t last for long! I know BI-POLAR Betty didn’t try to call me loose? You have amnesia in my face, but during the solo interviews you all of a sudden remember saying that about me?!? And, I see how you threw Royce under the bus…good move. Let me give you a tip Kenya, the next time you try to give me some advice regarding friends, why don’t you first consult with a make-up artist and find the correct foundation to match your skin tone! GTFOH Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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