Mob Wives Episode 12 Sneak Peeks: Word On The Street Is That Junior Flipped


Last week on Mob Wives, Renee Graziano lost two of the most important men in her lives to crime. While her ex-husband, Junior, turned himself in to the police, Renee also learned that her father was being arrested the very same day. This week on the show, we learn that the two events aren’t mutually exclusive. In the sneak from the upcoming episode, above, watch as Drita and Carla discuss what people on Staten Island have been saying about Junior. “Word on the street,” Drita says, “and what everybody’s saying, is that Junior flipped.”

Big Ang, for one, hopes it’s not true, because, she says “That’s just not the way we do things.” The entire episode airs Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT. You can see more sneak peeks from this episode here.

  1. E.Rangel says:

    If Jr. is a rat , …..that’s one way to make sure Renee gets over his sorry ass!…hey like ‘they’ say, you do the crime, you do the time…Sharin’ that kind of info with family or friends just ain’t necessary. Don’t say it if you don’t want it repeated,easy as that.

  2. theresa liverani Mapes says:

    BY The way Girls i live in Staten island and work on the army base in Brooklyn would love to have you guys visit us at Police station we are your fans .

  3. Dawn says:

    I’d like to see Karen face Victoria Gotti, that would be a sight to see.

  4. BBoo says:

    Hi Big Ang:
    I Love & Miss you So Much,, I Know your probably sayin who is Betty/Boop?? My Brother-in-law use to sneak me with him when he would run to NY for a Min. HA HA! I Met you when I was jus a lil stinker younger than you But for what it’s worth you took me under your wings Like the Beautiful Angel you are , I Hope maybe one Day B4 Its my time and were probably talkin soon here HA! I would Love to come say hi and maybe spend a weekend and make ya pee you pant’s :), I Don’t know if you can Remember Fat/Cat– Ponytail–Daddy T ? Well You Know Most Done did thier bucket list Ha! Anywho us Smart one’s are left Rite Babe ! Maybe I can hear from you sometime , I Hope , Take Care You Still Got it Goin On Girl- Be Real Proud of you OTAY:),

  5. pooh45 says:

    My heart breaks for Renee and AJ!!!!!!! Renee is such a caring person and nobody deserves to be treated the way she and her son have been treated. I am a HUGE fan of the show and watch every week! I do have my favs on the show and they are…….Renee,Drita and Big Ang! The three of you are the BEST!!!!!!!!! Renee, you DESERVE so much better than that! Drita, you are a strong woman and I am in the same position you are in, being a single mom is sooo hard. I have done it for almost 16 yrs. Hang in there!!!!!!!! Big Ang, you try sooo hard to keep everyone grounded and for that you are to be complemented! There are times when I wish I had 3 amazing people such as you in my life for support and most of all, friendship. I am all alone with my daughter. Love you 3 so much!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nicole G says:

    Funny how Carla and Drita are suppose to be Renee’s friends and they were nowhere around. Except to talk behind her back

  7. Krissi Ferrari says:

    We can show our support for all the girls by wearing our Team shirts. I got a Mob Wives Loyalty is Everything shirt at this cool store – and there’s other cool stuff, too. Gotta go there now and get a Team Renee hat.