Basketball Wives Episode 7 Sneak: I Will Admit That I Did Hear That You Were Loose


Ohhhh, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. The girl is definitely not winning any points with Evelyn this week, as she continues to talk circles around whether or not she called Ev “loose,” and in this sneak from Monday’s episode of Basketball Wives, she digs herself a little deeper with every word she utters.

Watch as Kesha conveniently slips out of the conversation she started, leaving Kenya to defend herself. This is only the beginning, pretty soon, the wine bottles are going to start flying.

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  1. Sisters says:

    LOOSE Females —Tami & Evelyn —- Just like “some” men will drive and ride around in broke down cars, “some” men will lie down, ride and dine broken down females. In these cases, it is not a matter of love; it is a matter of convenience. The nastier the females are, the better they ride. These females are Women of Convenience.

  2. Deloris says:

    Tami – why do you go cray-lady, when someone mention food stamps?

    Evelyn, why do you go crazy-lady, when someone mention garden tool, or loose?

    Don’t take your past flaws, failures, and shame out on others, because the truth hurts.

  3. Backbiting says:

    Kenya – We did not find your childress behavior, very pleasing during Kesha & Tamii’s confrontation. It was not funny, and it wasin no way entertaining. If you only knew how Tami dog you out behind your back, we don’t think you would find ot funny.

  4. KeeKee says:

    Kenya– you don’t have to talk against Kesha to stay in the vicious circle. Because Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie do not like you, and they never will like you. These three females are miserable. We all know misery loves company., so you just might fit in.

  5. Stop The Violence says:

    These females drink and fight every single place they go. Tami & Evelyn will eventually need Celebrity Rehab. The world has enough wars going on . People getting hurt and killed every second. Stop the violence, end the violence now. If these females want to fight, they are in the wrong profession. They should become join the army, become wrestlers and become boxers. VH1 STOP THE MADNESS AND END THE VIOLENCE.

  6. MARTA says:

    Jennifer, Kesha, & Royce —- stay classy, calm, cool, and collective and get the legal system on your side. Make the criminals(Tami & Evelyn) pay for their crimes, make them pay for their physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, harassment and request that they be removed from the streets. Because, Tami & Evelyn are two of the most heartless, disrespectful, foul and unwise females that I have ever seen on National TV.

  7. Yolandra says:

    Suzie – has Diarrhea at the mouth. She has a frequent passing of gossip.

    Jennifer – It would be best if you would keep Evelyn, Kenya, Suzie, Tami, and Shaunie names out of the mouth. You can clean up your underhanded laughter and comments too. Stop lowering your standards, by reacting to Evelyn’s filthy mouth. Let her talk. Talk has never physically harmed anyone.

    Tami & Evelyn – These two are twins. Same nasty personality, swamp tongues. They are disgraceful, disrespectful, lack self-love, lack self- respect, lacks self-control of the mouth and mind. They are on a mission to Celebrity Rehab.

    Evelyn & Jennifer altercation is all about Chad. Evelyn cannot accept the truth from Jennifer. When Evelyn knows, what Jennifer is saying to her about Chad or in the media is true. Evelyn should be bad at Chad. If Chad has a problem with what Jennifer is saying about him, he is a grown man, let him handle the situation. Evelyn is attacking Jennifer, because she feel Jennifer is the weakest link. Jennifer comes across as being laid back, calm, cool, timid, and a little wimpy. My advice to Jennifer is never let anyone stand over you or come towards you in a threaten manner. Jennifer & Kesha take some battling lessons from Royce (the little fire cracker).

    Royce & Kesha — Classy women. Goal oriented. Their parents should be proud of them. We are praying that do not fall in the hands of the demons.

    Kenya — We are very hot and bothered with Kenya regarding her behavior during Kesha and Tami’s altercation. She enjoyed every piece of Tami & Evelyn’s s___. Kenya it is only a matter of seconds before these two vicious animals attack you. We knew Kenya lack common sense, when she turned to Tami for advice and assistance.

  8. Monique says:

    Evelyn you are a starange person who obviously has some serious issues. You are becoming very unlikable. You almost look as though you’re bi-polar. You talk to the camera so maturely. But when you get around the other women you become an entirely differnt personality. Girl you appear to be so insecure. Also, if you were a man, you’d be labeled as a domestic violence assulter. why do you like to get so physical? Use your brain. what you just don’t know how to talk problems out? I’ll tell you with so many women being victims of domestic violence, your way of entertaining is
    jacked up. You look like that new movie out called bully. All that damn fighting.. That’s not cute. Knock it off.

  9. Dana & Gale & Samatha says:


    Tami & Evelyn, we would like to offer you some positive advice (from sisters to sisters). Please do a NeNe Leaks and take look back over your past behavior on every single episode. Only do this , if you really care about the image you are portraying.

    We are sure you will find that your behavior was and continues to be disgusting, distasteful, destructive, very disrespectful to your family, your cast mates, your viewers, and yourself.

    Your behavior as adults and as mothers is in no way positive, productive, constructive, funny, entertaining, nor healthy. Your mean spirit is eating up your souls.

    The Radio personalities, Radio listeners, BLOGS, Social Media, and Viewing Audience (Nation-wide) are going viral with disapproval of your behavior, extreme dislike for your excessive use of profanity and offense comments.

    Please seek help from our creator and seek psychological assistance, before your careers come to an end due to Viewers Petitions to VH1, Boycotts VH1 requesting your removal. The show is promoting violence, therefore, it is very unhealthy for adults and the non-adults viewing audience.

  10. LENARDO says:

    VH1 must stop the violence and verbal abuse on BBW. High ratings should never take priority over cast members safety and well-being. Laws against BULLYING are being enforced in our schools. VH1 should have zero tolerance for VIOLENCE for the REALITY SHOWS. Our children practice and act out what they see on TV.

  11. SISTERS says:

    VH1 & BBW PRODUCERS – why are you putting up with Tami & Evelyn’s unprofessional and criminal behavior on the show? These little girl are uncultivated, bad mannered, and a total waste. Tami & Evelyn are getting hate mail all over the place. They lack self-respect, they disrespect their daughters, and they disrespect the viewers of the show with their offensive verbal attacks. VH1 can help reduce majority of Tami’s stress, by removing her from the show. She is a high risk to herself and the other cast members.

  12. Kat says:

    I am appalled by the behavior of these WOMEN!!! You can take these WOMEN out of the ghetto but you can not take the ghetto out of these WOMEN. Tami and Evelyn you need to do a reality check on yourself (HOOD RATS), Suzi you are a gossiping troublemaker ( AA would be of some service for you), Kenya you are a liar( The truth shall set you FREE). Shaunie, Royce Kesha and Jennifer (do not allow anyone to bring you out of your character), ladies I applaud you and your style of self worth. Keep up the excellent job that you are doing representing AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN!!!

  13. jrobi23 says:

    I watch this show because I like to watch reality shows that I can relate to because I am a black woman, but I have to tell you I am so embarrassed of Evelyn because even though she is beautiful she is just highly immature and I swear she still thinks she’s in high school. She is typical “Queen Bee” and if I had her for a mother I would be so ashamed. This is one of the main reasons if not the most why black women are so disliked. I am so glad the “Braxton sisters” have more class.

  14. Concerned says:

    Shaunie – I am loosing respect for reality shows that display inmature adults in a degrading manner. If you are not skilled in conflict resolution, it would be advantageous to incorporate representatives to assist in maintaining order for the safety and well-being of all cast memebers. The least you can do is call Evelyn and Tammi out, Bullying is not a good look. In addition, consider changing the show title to NBA Players Exs’, other wise, this cast is a non factor, as your girl, Evelyn has said, “irrelevant”. Much sucess to you!

    Evelyn – do not expect to have a healthy relationship until you clean out the skeletons in your closest. It is time that you address the unresolved issues from your past. Prepare to deal with the relationship with your estranged farther. That explosive temper is your protective shield, a failed attempt to be in control. The acts of violence is an embarrassment and disgrace to your daughter and women eveywhere. Those around you are afraid to be honest, however your relationship with Chad is toxic. A marriage built on a weak foundation will surly crumble. If you are agreeing to enter a marriage, excepting infidelity, that confirms Jennifer’s claim. Though she took the coward way out, Jennifer was brave compared to the others around you, in that she put voice to what the othes think (carefully talking behind your back). Please seek proessional counseling, if not for yourself, then for your daughter. You owe it to her to enroll in an extensive anger management program. She deserves to have a strong, beautiful mother inside and out. Draw strenght from your family, you are in my prayers.

    Tami – After hearing your testamony, I have gained a new respect for you. You started the new season appearing to have evolved. However, you allowed yourself to be pulled back into negativity. You need to surround yourself with positive energy, more enter action with Royce (a friend that tells you what you need to hear), and some anger management counseling. People admire Royce and you for speaking your minds. Therefore, be truthful with Evelyn, stop telling her what she wants to hear. Think of the young ladies in your charity, and judge not to be judge. You are in a position to mentor Kenya, something about her speaks to you. As for Keshia, your personalities clash, be civil, but keep it moving. Your friendship with Jennifer has suffered because of your loyalty to Evelyn, except that, do not hold it against her. Words are powerful, make yours count, praying for your continued growth.

    Suzie – It is your gossip that fuse the majority of confrontations. Loose lips sink ships, learn to discuss less of others business, and more of your own. Also ease up on the drinking.

    Jennifer – Do not dignify a response to anyone discussing the situation between Evelyn. You were friends before, dessolve the freinship privately, as a reason and season. Be mindful that Suzie is a carrying peigon, please do not feed. If you are comfortable with a fresh start, then make a clean break, do’t spea bout it, be about it. Remember,less is more.

    Kenya – Learn to be observant, you can not please everyone, stop trying so hard. Being one of the new kids on the block, make friends, not enimies. Focus on getting yourself together, pay attention, listen to the advise given…use what you can and let your actions speak for you.

    Kesha – Everyone is not going to like you. Most strong personalities such as Tamis’, view soft spoken people as weak. Do not waste time trying to prove different. Please do not get drawn into gossip, or negativity. Resolve the issue with Kenya, it is not worth the drama. After all, you and Royce aren’t completly innocent, bashing her video concept. You were offended by Kenya’s words, but take a minute to reflect on your words of criticism, not constructive to her. It is not always what you say but how you say them. Finally, be carful of Evelyn and Suzie, both would leave you hanging for different reason.

    Royce – Continue to focus on your craft, both Kesha and Kenya could learn a lot from you. Disband the gossip chain, and keep an open mind on both young ladies. Encourage Tami to evolve, Suzie to reframe from talking about anyone except herself. Let everyone establish their relationships with team Evelyn or Jennifer free from your influence..

    Wishing all the best to everyone!

  15. Laneeta & Darrius says:

    Our post comments are with intentions to save a life. The cast mates have children, family, and friends that love them very much. Money, Fame, and Fortune can never replace those we truly love.
    VH1– Should not wait until a major incident happens, before addressing the cast member’s health issues (mental and emotional).
    If a cast mate, mental and emotional state of mind is a threat to them self or anybody, then VH1 Management & Producers should removed them from the set immediately.

    High ratings, popularity, and signed contracts should never take priority of a life-threatening situation.
    It is obvious to viewers across the globe that Tami, Evelyn, and Kenya are suffering from mental disorder.

  16. Faye says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having wine glasses thrown at them, and slapped in the face.

  17. meme says:

    yall need to stop actin scared of tammi and everlyn and stand up for yall selfs i thought it was shaunie’s show but it seem like tammi and everlyn’s show………..

  18. Beauty44Nice says:

    Tami is going to get to the bottom of this conversation. Because something is just not right!

  19. Beauty44Nice says:


  20. Beauty44Nice says:

    Royce is taking care of business…go ahead girl!

  21. Negra says:

    Why does everyone else have to hold their tongue but Evelyn and Tami, These ladies swear they r bosses, but sadly you are not. The only real person on the show is Royce.

  22. knowingmyworth says:

    I do not like Evelyn at all, why is she so mad about the loose comment, if its true, its true! don’t get upset because you’re a jumpoff!! Evelyn is just sad because she doesn’t have her best friend anymore, get over it Evelyn, own your name loose one!!

  23. SISTASOULJAH says:

    Basketball wives should be renamed Ex-wives of basketball players. Jen and Kenya are the only two still married to baseketball players, and they are in the process of getting divorced. Suzie has diarreh at the mouth and an alcoholic. Shaunie is two-faced and an instigator. She starts stuff and stands backlike she hasn’t done a thing. Kenya,seriously seems to be in need of some mental health professionals. Tami and Evelyn, ghettofabilous hoodrats, who used their ass -sets
    to catch a baskeball star. They are bullies and liars but always trying to check one of the other girls. Keisha, Royce, and Jen, Classy chicks with some character about themselves. This show has become a waste of time.

  24. Teresa says:

    Thank you “Concerned” I actually read your entire comment although a bit long it kept me applauding your comments. I just pray these girls are reading the blogs and hopefully is taking in some of this sound advise. This is really a disgrace. I blame VH1, Shawnee, Evelyn and Tammi for this foolishness. I don’t know anyone of my girlfriends who enjoys this show. What’s to enjoy its a cat fight week after week. Even Wendy Williams is DONE! She stopped watching after the first episode. GOD help us if this is ALL we have to watch on TV. Reality TV SUCKS except for Run’s House…LOVED that show!

  25. Jennifer says:

    This is in response to some of the comments on here.

    First and foremost, this show is about entertainment. These ladies are getting paid for what they do on this show. I will agree their actions aren’t the best, but they are NOT responsible for your kids actions and behaviors and if you don’t like them, THEN QUIT WATCHING AND STOP LETTING YOUR KIDS WATCH!!!! They ARE NOT role models for your kids, BE THE ROLE MODEL FOR YOUR OWN KIDS!!

    Everytime your child goes and sees a movie, do they act out what they see in the movie?? Are you going to turn around and boycott movies for violence, sex and drugs? GET A GRIP and take control of your own family. Let these ladies handle their own!!!

  26. marty says:

    Lawd have mercy. Evelyn has NO peace. She is so sad and miserable. Kenya IS a fruit-cake, but she handled Evelyn just right. She laughed at her. Now she knows what pushes Evelyn’s buttons, and will continue to try to get on her last nerve. Tami is NOT going to mention the “weave” diss because she has tried for YEARS to take Jennifer’s place in the “circle”, and now that she think she has, she is NOT going to rock the boat! She has this weird obsession with Evelyn, even though Eve laughed at her, banged her husband, made a t-shirt, AND told her she was a non mf’n factor! Poor big, insecure Tami. Her and Kenya are more alike than she thinks.

  27. Sapphire says:

    I wonder if the criteria to be on this show was not only being associated with a pro-ball player but also behaving like a teen despite the physical appearance which screams an age in numbers much higher than that…..’he said, she said’. Talk about childish, my goodness!

  28. Shaunie The Mediator says:

    TAMI & EVELYN – Please seek professional help in the areas of Drug Addiction, Alcohol Abuse. In addition, Mental Health. Because, only people that are under the influence of insanity, drugs, and alcohol conduct themselves like wild animals. SHAUNIE – Stop running around playing the Mediator, You do not have those types of skills. You are lacking severely in the areas of leadership, and interaction skills. Shaunie you are an accident that is waiting to happen. You will eventually be hit by a wine glass, or slapped in the face trying to play go-between. Stop dropping your head and putting your head in your hands, and screaming ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV. You have every opportunity to be honest with Tami & Evelyn about their criminal -like behavior. Suzie – You need to stop spreading gossip. You are like a snake in the grass. You wait around for gossip and Kesha, Kenya,and Jennifer are not wise enough to realize that they are talking to the trouble-maker. Suzie concentrate on getting yourself a man and a side job.

  29. FElicia says:


  30. PleaseStopTHeMadness says:

    I find it hilarious how everyone keeps talking about how classy Jennifer is and how she doesn’t lower herself to Evelyn’s level. How quickly we forget that how entrenched Jennifer was in the “Mean Girls Circle”. The only reason she is “above all the drama” now is because Evelyn showed her how it felt to be a target. Please believe that if Evelyn had never gotten angry with her she would still be following behind Evelyn and laughing at the people that Evelyn chose to target. I’m glad that they had a falling out because Jennifer needed a dose of reality. She now realizes its not so funny to be targeted for ridicule and violence. Evelyn is a hoodrat and a thug, but Jennifer was worse to me because she condoned all of the foolishness as long as it wasn’t aimed at her. Not only was she a verbal bully, but she’s a punk also.

  31. Shake Off The Madness says:

    Tami & Evelyn, Kenya stop wasting millions on external beauty, shake off the madness and acknowledge your psychological problem and addiction. You should seek professional help ASAP.

    Your children need sane parents, your children need guidance, and your children should take priority over fame, fortune, and money.

    Your children need mothers in their life, not wild animals.

    Stop embarrassing your children, they deserve better.

  32. Shaunie (Evl-Evil-Evil) says:

    Shaunie, you are either a pathetic human being, or you take pleasure in the hostility and war of words, or you use Tami & Evelyn to act out how you truly feel inside. Because your reaction at your birthday dinner, was sick (Evi, Evl, Elv, Elv) .

    You really helped by saying Evelyn would hurt Jennifer. You knew you were supporting useless Evelyn’s violent behavior. There was not one thing funny or entertaining about Tami endorsing the confrontation, and you supporting and encouraging the confrontation.

  33. Ban says:

    Tami & Evelyn should be Ban from Florida and ban from the streets Nation Wide. These two females are untamed animals. They live their life as if they are PitBulls and Rockweiners. They are harm to themselves, to those around them, including their daughters.

    Tami & Evely are not bullies, they are insane and wounded souls.

  34. Chad The More Babies- The More You Pay says:

    If Chad were a smart man, he would lock down all of his money, and worthy possessions before marriage. He knows Evelyn will lay down anybody (fast-quick-in a hurry) if the money is right.

    Chad & Evelyn are not in-love. They are in-love with the money, fame, and attention. This is why they are good together.

    Chad do not give Evelyn that security blanket (babies) she is working hard for. Because, if you do you, ypu will surely pay big time. This is why she wants multiply babies. The more babies, the more you pay.

  35. T meekie says:

    TAMI and Evelyn hates everyone they talk about every one and when Kenya said she heard that Evelyn bbwas loose,, so Royce said the same thing, you didn’t make abig deal out of that and tami you need to stop picking on these women, GOD is warning you if you got heart problems God don’t like ugly, you made acomment about kenyas age but you are older than her all yell need to quit being bullies your cousin to look at your own hair, you all got kids do you want someone treating your children like that? MONEY AINT EVERYTHING THINK, YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU!

  36. Evelyn Loosada says:

    Evelyn, why get so excited because Kenya heard that you were loose? Loose is really about the nicest way your behavior can be described. Everybody’s heard it by now, you’ve confirmed it yourself, and I imagine hundreds can testify to it first hand. As you like to say, “It is what it is.”
    You seemed proud of your sexual promiscuity on the last reunion show. No point in being offended now. Write a tell all and make some money. (Don’t leave Kenny out!) The best way Kenya could have answered is to say, “Yes, that’s what I have heard about you. Do you really want to fight me because of something I’ve heard?