Tami Roman Is Back On Her Feet After Her Heart Scare And Admits To Having Heart Disease


Tami Roman suffered a minor heart attack on Monday night, but after a few days of rest and recovery, Roman appears to be back in action and she’s not ready to pause her grind. Roman tweeted yesterday that she’ll be traveling to Atlantic City today and to Atlanta this weekend to promote The Tombs, the film she recently produced, at the Atlanta Film Festival.

“U can’t keep me down! Just left doctor-everything is back to normal YAY-God is good! Now, back to the GRIND-NJFFF here I come :)” she wrote yesterday, and she later added that her heart attack was the result of heart disease, which she has battled privately. “I have never publicly said it, but I have heart disease,” she stated. We’re happy to hear that Tami is out and about and well enough to travel this week, but girl, don’t push it! We need you healthy enough to be in full-Tami mode for the reunion.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. clarita says:

    You need to calm yourself down Tami before you have a big heart attack. Stop screaming and yelling and acting crazy-calm yourself.

  2. cynthia says:

    you just gotta chillax tami

  3. 2breal says:

    So happy everything is goin well with your health…Continue to b blessed!

    #TEAM TR

  4. YeahISaidIt says:

    & you have these ignorant VH1 editors saying “We need you to be healthy enough to be in full-Tami mode for the reunion.” No. You need to sit your old ass down & stop acting like you’re back in high school. Calm down, stop trying to be Billy Badass about every minute thing & relax before you catch more than a “minor” heart attack next time.

  5. MISERY says:

    It is a proven fact that the Radio Stations, Social Media and BLOGS are going wild with extreme dislike for Tami & Evelyn‘s behavior.

    Tami & Evelyn —- It was very sickening to see the two of you laugh about your hideous and immature behaviors. It is not funny and it is not in anyway entertaining to see the two of you try to put fear in the other cast mates. You should be fearful of yourselves, due to your broken hearts, and wounded souls.

    Kesha, Royce, and Jennifer — Please stay positive, keep away from these heartless females. Just being in the presence of these evil females can ruin your reputation. What decent human being would enjoy making other people life miserable? Tami & Evelyn are in pain themselves.
    They are very unhappy, severely broken mentally, and wounded emotionally, because of their past wrong steps in life, failures in relationships & marriage, and lack of self control in their sex life. Misery loves company and they are taking all of their misery out on innocent people.

  6. Tootie says:

    Tami, I am happy to hear that you are doing well. I really enjoy watching Basket Ball Wives! Take it easy and I will keep you in prayer.

  7. Nichole says:

    Tami take care of yourself you just had a humbling experience. So go positive, believe it or not you can still be interesting without being in battle. God Bless….

  8. Dana & Tangee says:

    Tami & Kenya — What is the big deal if it is true that Kesha is involved with a BBW producer and is receiving special treatment and more flattering editing on the show?

    Before Kesha can on the show, Shaunie gave special treatment to Tami and Evelyn. Shaunie continues to give Tami & Evelyn special treatment. As far as the editing is concern, Kesha is representing and it is very pleasing to the viewers.

    We do not believe there is an editing issue. Because the editing issue did not become an issue, until Pretty Kesha came on the show. It is very unfair to blame Kesha for Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie uncivil behavior on the show.

    If Tami, Evelyn, and Suzie would conduct themselves like real ladies at all times, they would be no need to worry about the editing.

    If Tami feels that there is an editing issue, she should take it up woth the producers and leave Kesha out of the matter. This editing claim has no merit, because it is a matter of jealousy, and resentment.

  9. Elaine says:

    @Dana & Tangee ++++ I agree. Kesha is doing a greaty job representing real women. Although, she needs some development in the areas of people skills and self defense. Overall Kesha’s is doing great.. I love her accent, professionalism, calmness, and business sense. Tami, you can not fault a good person, for being a good person.

  10. Distastful says:

    KENYA, be aware Tami is not giving you raving reviews behind your back. I am sure some of Tami’s distastful comments about you would be very funny to Kesha.

  11. marty says:

    I feel bad for Tami’s plight, but she must not care about her own ridiculous self running around here screaming and hollaring and acting like a ding dang FOOL! She talking about she can’t believe she had a heart attack at 41? Really? YOU AIN’T YOUNG! FORTY ONE IS NOT YOUNG! You are middle aged girl, and you need to sit your ancient butt down somewhere and SHUT YOUR MOUTH for once! If you knew you had heart disease all of this time, how can you say you’re “surprised”? Another one of those lies/contradictions huh? I don’t wish any harm to anyone, but keep on guzzling that alcohol, talking smack, busting a blood vessel over stupid immature CRAP, being two-faced, thinking you bad, and you won’t have to worry about anyone, EVER AGAIN! You feel me? Negativity breeds bad results.

  12. Clt says:

    Stop making that mean, twisted up face and carrying news and star working out. Evelyn was clowning Tami last season, making fun of her weaves, clothes and everything. I noticed Tami had to get a stylist to hang with Evelyn. Showed up to lunch with a hat on. Who needs that kind of pressure and to beg to be around so toxic.

  13. Ess says:


  14. honeydew4u says:

    Hurting ppl hurt others. Tami and Evelyn are hurting and find comfort in hurting others. It’s sad. At least Tami is semi-wise enuff to seek therapy which might help her. Lets hope Evelyn will follow suite.
    Also am I the only one who noticed that Shaunie is very low key this season? Hmmm.

  15. Grisel Lozada says:

    Tami I wish u a speedy recovery…I LOVE U ur my fave wife on the show…God Bless U…

  16. SISTERS says:

    VH1 & BBW PRODUCERS – why are you putting up with Tami & Evelyn’s unprofessional and criminal behavior on the show?

    These little girl are uncultivated, bad mannered, and a total waste. Tami & Evelyn are getting hate mail all over the place. They lack self-respect, they disrespect their daughters, and they disrespect the viewers of the show with their offensive verbal attacks.

    VH1 can help reduce majority of Tami’s stress, by removing her from the show. She is a high risk to herself and the other cast members.

  17. Criminals says:

    Kenya — Appears to be at a complete loss, and starving for fame & fortune. I knew she was
    Psychologically touched, when she ask Tami for advice. Anybody that would ask Tami for advice or assistance, are desperate. The scene with Kenya pulling off her shoes, so she could attack Kesha was a sad site. VH1 are you conducting a background check and criminal record check before hiring these criminals?

  18. jejuan hampton says:

    you get well ms tami.

  19. Missy says:

    BBW – Please stop the sinful behavior. A Reality Show can have high ratings without excessive profanity and violence. Tami — Your response to Royce regarding Kesha, was very juvenile. You present yourself as a psychological untrained little girl. That little girl that always get her way kinda kid. The kinda kid that would totally humiliate the h– out of their parents in public.

    Tami- your daughters conduct themselves like mature women. It makes us wonder did you have anything to do with their upbringing. How much of a mother role did you play in their life? Because these girls are attractive inside and outside, from what we as viewers have seen. It should have been a wake up call, when your own daughters did not want you as their business manager. Instead, it appears you have fallen to the deepest end of hell with your behavior.

  20. MIss Ro says:

    I just love you Tamy on basketball wives your real personiality and the way you carry yourself;. your a beautiful women and i’ll keep you in my prayers and may god contiue to bless you and keep you good and healthy.

  21. Kayla & Kaylia says:

    This comment is not to bash, nor downgrade a sister. Tami , we have witness you drinking 90% of the time on the show. Isn’t drinking alcohol bad for your heart? It’s this careless behavior on your part? Maybe you should not only seek anger management, but seek AA & professional mental help too. Your bad attitude, extreme lvels of stress and high energy rages must contribute negatively to your health problems.

  22. PitBulls says:

    Kenya, Kesha, Jennifer – when will the three of you learn not to stay idle, when PitBulls are in the process of attacking you? Kesha, Jennifer, and Kenya Get yourselves in a self-defense class ASAP. You don’t just stand still and act speechless, when Evelyn and Tami are verbally attacking you. They are only testing your fear. and waiting for the opportune time to physically attack you. If you choose to stand in shock, at least silently think of how you will defend yourself.

  23. carol says:

    Tammi I am so happy that you are well. You are my favorite on Basketball Wives since day one. I am praying for you. Please please take it easy. the show is not the same without you. As I learned a long time age dont sweet the small stuff because it is all small stuff. And if you think you do not appeal to the older generation I am 58 years old and you are so like my friends that I admire you. You are so real. Wishing you well.

  24. Public Eye says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having heart attacks, climbing on tables in rage, thrpwomh around wine glasses, and getting slapped in the face. What some people will do for the love of money, fame., and fortune. I am not a fan of Shaunie’s, but I will give her crredit for being smart in the areas of business, and for having the skills to maintain her cool in public.

  25. Shaunie The Mediator says:

    TAMI & EVELYN – Please seek professional help in the areas of Drug Addiction, Alcohol Abuse. In addition, Mental Health. Because, only people that are under the influence of insanity, drugs, and alcohol conduct themselves like wild animals. SHAUNIE – Stop running around playing the Mediator, You do not have those types of skills. You are lacking severely in the areas of leadership, and interaction skills. Shaunie you are an accident that is waiting to happen. You will eventually be hit by a wine glass, or slapped in the face trying to play go-between. Stop dropping your head and putting your head in your hands, and screaming ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV. You have every opportunity to be honest with Tami & Evelyn about their criminal -like behavior. Suzie – You need to stop spreading gossip. You are like a snake in the grass. You wait around for gossip and Kesha, Kenya,and Jennifer are not wise enough to realize that they are talking to the trouble-maker. Suzie concentrate on getting yourself a man and a side job.

  26. Marta - Get The Legal System On Your Side says:

    Royce,, Jennifer, and Kesha —- stay sophisticated, peaceful, fresh, and fashionable, while getting the legal system on your side. Make Ta,i & Evelyn them put you on their payroll, while you relax and enjoy yourselves.

    Make these two criminals(Tami & Evelyn) pay for their crimes, make them pay for their physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, harassment and WHILE YOU ARE AT IT MAKE A request for them to be removed from the streets.

    Tami & Evelyn are two of the most childest, ignorant, cold-blooded, bad-mannered, polluted and foolish females that I have ever seen on National TV.

  27. Lovely daughter, Tami says:

    You have a lovely daughter Tami, I saw the pic of you and your daughter at Pepperdine. She is lovely. Someone commented on your blog that you look like sisters. You aren’t believing that are you? You don’t even look related! Why would you embarrass your daughter by showing up on her campus dressed like that? You’re 41 for Christ’s sake! Dress appropriately for your age. If you’re trying to compete with your classy- looking daughter, give it up. Poor girl is still trying to smile. Bless her heart.

  28. Calling Out Tami Roman says:

    Must Watch-Just Can’t Help ItMAY 12, 2012 AT 3:16 AM
    I promised y’all and myself that I wouldn’t support watching one more episode after last week. Forgive me God, I am weak. I pray that Tami the thief gets handcuffed and put into the back of a police car for stealing Kesha’s purse and holding it hostage. Also for harassment and threatening behavior. Open & shut case. Just roll the tape. A criminal act deserves a criminal penalty. Put on your big girl panties Tami under that jumpsuit. I also hope that all the perpetrators and accomplices (Shaunie) in the stinky fish caper get arrested for malicious mischief, destruction of property, harassment, battery, threats, being stupid, immature and floozy, and whatever other charges they can come up with. Evelyn should also have been named in Jennifer’s lawsuit since she was the force behind Nia’s BS. I would love to see them sitting in jail while all the other ladies have a wonderful time lying on the beautiful beach. Give Royce a call so she can join you. What a wonderful ending to a tragic story!

  29. Arrest the Witches! says:

    Is it too late for Kesha to sue Tami’s dumb ass? I wish the cast members could see all the comments in real time as the show progresses so that Kesha and others who have been abused and bullied could gain strength by knowing that so many people have their back. Knowing this, they would take a different tack with the black-hearted witches of VH1. Three bullies showing up and banging on her door like that is also threatening and harassing. Lord, I wish she hadn’t opened that door. I wish she had let Sasquatch beat on the door ’til her fists bled. If they somehow forced their way in, then they could also be charged with breaking and entering. This is a prosecutor’s dream case. As I said in another blog, a little jail time and a few lawsuits would help them greatly with their anger management.