Mob Wives – Episode 12 – The Ultimate Betrayal


If ever an episode of Mob Wives exemplified the show’s mission statement, which is to prove how hard it is to be a family member of someone in “the lifestyle,” this is it. We’ve been privy to the dramatic moments and emotional breakdowns of these women in the past, but it all pales now compared to Renee Graziano‘s situation which has unfolded before the world’s eyes.

After learning that her ex-husband and her father both went into Federal custody (one voluntarily, the other very much not), Renee has been living in isolation. She won’t see her friends or family, and the only person she’s been around is her son AJ, who just lost his father and grandfather.

“What else could you possibly take from me?” Renee says to her friend Nikole during a devastating phone conversation where Renee admits that as much as she tries to keep it together when AJ is around, as soon as he leaves home, her cries “sound like lambs being slaughtered.”

Big Ang hasn’t been able to reach Renee up to this point, and when Ramona comes to the Drunken Monkey she fills her in on all the details. “She’s going into depression,” Big Ang worries, and her goal is to get Renee out of the house. In real life, it’s November, just before Thanksgiving, and what no one can understand is why Junior didn’t want to just wait out the holiday to spend that much more time with his family before turning himself in. Thanksgiving will likely be bittersweet for Renee from now on, as it is for Ramona, whose grandfather actually died on Thanksgiving day.

“He died of cancer,” Ramona tells Big Ang. “That stupid Donnie Brasco movie, they had him killed, shot up, the whole nine sent for, and he died of cancer.” Lefty Guns Ruggiero was part of the old generation of real gangsters, Ramona says. Loyal till the very end, never giving anyone up to the Feds. The new generation, not so much.

Carla and Drita also meet up to have a pow wow about Renee. Drita hasn’t spoken to Renee since the Poconos trip where Renee felt betrayed by Drita for claiming Ramona said some bad things about Junior, but at this point, whatever Renee is going through right now trumps all of that pettiness. Drita knew Junior turned himself in, but from the look on her face, she apparently had no idea what happened with Renee’s father.

“It’s like weird,” Carla says when they talk about Junior leaving Renee a letter without saying goodbye. “I can’t believe he left a letter,” Drita says. “He might as well write ‘You’re a jerkoff.’ What the f— is that?”

It also motivates Drita to bring the kids to see Lee, who she hasn’t visited in jail for almost a full year. “Guys in jail, there’s something about then, they seem to be very hot,” Big Ang warns Drita that maybe she’s going to want a little somethin’-somethin’ on this road trip to prison. “They look good in those little jail outfits and they’re all diesel.” Big Ang’s trips to jail all seem to go like this:

Unfortunately for Drita, her youngest, Gizelle, has no real understanding of who her dad is, so when Drita asks her to come on the visit, Gizelle tells her no, which devastates Drita.

Carla’s also inspired to have quality family time, so she and Joe bring the kids to the roller rink for Xanadu night on Mob Wives.

Between the tight corduroy pants Carla allegedly used to wear for Joe to the ease with which they have mastered their skating, I wish they’d call me for a double date one of these days because who wouldn’t want to hang out with them??

Ramona finally gets Renee out of the house for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and gets Renee to open up about how she’s feeling about Junior.

At this point, Renee (and everyone else) still haven’t made any connection between Junior turning himself in and her father’s arrest, so Renee is actually able to joke about Junior, telling Ramona that no mater what, she’s sticking by him. “I’m like herpes, I’m never gonna go away.” But when Karen shows up and proposes, the joking stops and for some reason, Renee retreats from conversational to confrontational and upset. She’s no longer in the mood to be anywhere but her own bed, and when Karen proposes a toast to celebrate that they all still have each other, Renee flips out on her.

“I can’t celebrate. My kid is at the edge!” Renee tells Karen, and just as they sit down for dinner, Rene tells them, “I can’t sit here and cheers and pretend to celebrate. I would like to leave,” and she walks out.

“The girls are pretty much sick of me being sick and tired,” Renee says, so eventually she is convinced (by Big Ang, of course) to go out (to a place called Lips, of course) for a drag show. “I love drag shows, I think they’re hysterical, I love when they talk with their voices. Kinda sounds like my voice a little,” Big Ang says.

Finally, Renee seems to be having fun!

“Thank you, God,” Karen says.
“Thank you, LORD!” Big Ang says.
“Any god that anybody believes in, I owe a thank you,” Ramona says.
“I’ll be okay,” Renee says. “My father has been in jail before, so has Junior, I can do this again.”

But on the other side of town where Drita and Carla are, things aren’t looking so optimistic…

“I’ve heard some s— about Junior,” Drita says.

And this is about where things fall apart.

“Look, I don’t think this is true,” Drita says, “but word on the street and what everybody’s saying is that Junior flipped.” That’s not an accusation to be taken lightly, because as Drita explains, anytime anyone on Staten Island suspects someone of flipping, it’s always been true. But the real problem is not that people are murmuring about the situation, it’s that it was actually posted on Gangland News, which is like the mafia bible. If Gangland says something happened, it happened, Carla explains with her most serious face ever.

“They’re saying that when Renee’s father was talking and Junior was with him, Junior was wired and taping it,” Drita says, shocked by the words that are coming out of her own mouth.

Drita’s feelings on criminals who turn are simple and beautifully put:

“All I know is that if he did this, Renee is done. DONE. She is going to lose her mind and end up in a f—ing crazy home,” Drita says.

Karen says that when she read the article, she thought it was dead on. “It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure it out.” Karen can relate to the situation because of her own father’s history cooperating with the government, but it was different, because “he did a year in jail, he felt John [Gotti] double-crossed him, and he was just done. He walked away from that lifestyle and he put everything out there. To wear a wire is probably one of the scummiest low-life things you could ever do.”

Everyone is concerned for Renee and in absolute disbelief over the rumors, but at this point, she doesn’t even believe the rumors are true. “It’s easier for me to believe that this is bulls— right now,” she says, and that’s what she tells Karen and Ramona when they stop by to check on her. They’re feeling differently, and Karen especially is feeling a certain sort of empathy and dread that comes with experience. “If this rumor is proven to be true, Renee Graziano’s life from this point on will be forever different,” Karen says.

“You are re-living your life, and I’m sorry you have to re-live it,” Renee cries to Karen, and at this moment, her emotions and apologies to Karen are a breakthrough, the moment she stops denying what she knows to be true. Karen, who also breaks down, embraces her.

“No matter what, Renee, you have people that love you,” Karen tells her. “That’s what got me through it.”

“I know why God placed you with me,” Renee tells Karen, asking forgiveness for how she treated Karen upon her return to Staten Island last year. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.”

But Karen, who always had Ramona’s support when she went through this situation with her own father, knows that loyalty is the forgiveness that Renee seeks, and Karen will always be loyal to her.

The next day, while Renee goes to chapel to pray,

Big Ang goes to her sister’s store to show her the paper, which confirms everyone’s biggest fear.

“I feel responsible for all of this,” Renee weeps. “This is the ultimate, ultimate betrayal.”

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  1. pooh45 says:

    Dear Renee, this is NOT your fault!!!! You have done nothing wrong!!! You have been there for Jr. all these years. You have loved, trusted, respected, and been loyal to him. The most important thing is, you have been and still are, an amazing mom to AJ. He needs you more than ever right now. It is hard when someone you love and trust betrays you. I am a single mom myself and have been for almost 16 yrs. You have to remember that you have people that love and support you!!! I am one of your biggest fans and my heart breaks for you!!!!! I would love to have the awesome opportunity to meet you and Drita!!!!! Maybe one day that dream of mine would come true. I know alot of people think that the show is fake and scripted but you cant fake real life and the pain of being hurt or betrayed. Just remember that your fans love you and we believe that everything happens for a reason. Keep praying and I will keep praying for you and AJ too.

  2. Victoria A. Vasquez says:

    Junior a rat.Renee needs to except that and move on with her life and be there for her son.All I have to say for Junior is he better be looking over his shoulder.You are fish food or will be wearing cement shoes.

  3. Guiseppina says:

    What Junior did was not pretty, I will not rush to judge him who knows his reasons on the suface it looks like he was about his own ass but he may have been marked for death.
    Just like Sammy The Bull I believe he would have been loyal to the end but for the Jeaousy and insecurity of John Gotti I do not blame either one of them for ratting. It is called self preservation! There is no loyalty in today’s mob Omerta is a thing of the past, beside Junior was disposable he is not Italian and would never have been made.
    The main person I feel sorry for is A.J. Renee as always been a histronic nut case (I do like her) her over dramatizing everything I am suprised that boy is as sane as he is.
    Bottom line Renee knows the deal this is not her first Rodeo get a grip! Keep it together for yourself and A.J. You know the score and you have benefited from crinimal activities most of your life it is time to pay the piper.

  4. NG says:

    when should this episode be available to watch online?

  5. fellowprincess says:

    I can say from personal experience of living that same life. I to lost my father for afew years because of someones big scared mouth. Everyone and anyone can give as much advice as they want but when they say u don’t know unless u have lived it. That’s the truth and the best way to deal is get some prozac and don’t read or listen to any blogs or news papers. You can only worry about ur son And urself second. U HAVE TO F U WORLD MIND UR OWN BUSINESS. and LOVE urself!!!!

  6. alicia says:

    im so sorry for rennee but she has to stay strong junior really did a nasty thing i want renee to over come all this & enjoy her life with the girls bacause renee & aj are to good for all the bad.i love the show i cant wait for sundays.. :)

  7. beachlover says:

    If Karen and Ramona were TRUE friends, they would call an ambulance for Rene to get the the help she needs. She’s truly having a breakdown!!!!

  8. Savannah says:

    Junior is scum. Anybody who can go and wear a wire and tape his former father-in-law, who trusts him is just scum. Any man who knows that his child will be directly affected by his actions and DO IT ANYWAY is scum.

    The entire reason Junior wanted to “get back together” with Renee was so he could get close to her father and set him up.

    Junior, I hope you know, your Staten Island privileges have been revoked!

  9. Cheryle says:

    I wish someone would get professional help for Renee. I feel so bad for her. I would wish if I were in such a state of mind one or more of my good friends would get me help. And, AJ, poor boy, he probably needs help almost as much as she does. My heart breaks for them both. I just love Renee and I feel she needs ALL her friends right now, not just Karen & Ramona. Ramona has done nothing but cause trouble since she started on the show.

  10. cecinice says:

    You sit and wonder why people do what they do? Well here is some thing for people to think about when you make a choice to live a life style you live and welcome people to know what it is that you do this is what the turn out will be people will cover there ass and sell there mother before they rot. I have to say that think about what you are getting ready to do before you do it cause eventually when you invite some one to join, it could be years later they will eventually give you up!!!! There isn’t any trust in this world not even your kids can be trusted!!! So what I’m trying to say is that if you don’t want people to know what it is that you do wrong then don’t do it!!!!!

  11. Cheyenne says:

    OMG i just dont think he did it point blank i just dont think so deep down he cares for you and i dont think he would do it to you girl this is my favorite tv show and its the only thing i watch like for real I LOVE YOU GUYS

  12. Ana Felipe says:

    Renee did an excellent portrayal of the ‘lifestyle’. These two last episodes were excellent. I have to admit I actually cried right along with Renee. The other episodes leave allot to be desired. It gets tiresome watching grown ass women behaving like 10 year olds. Drita actually behaves like a seven year old, she can’t even relate to boys/men just like 2nd graders, in which she actually ‘needs to punch them. No wonder ‘Big Ang” just has to open her mouth and become a celebrity. Over 40 women should at least “act” the age if they can’t sound the age.
    P/S to Renee: It sad that it happened at your expense , but the last 2 episodes made allot of people return “mob wives”‘

  13. Anne-lisse says:

    Renne, you are going through a very, very difficult time. The best thing for you now is to get healthy. You need a vacation in a good psych ward. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I’m an MD & when my husband informed me that he’d never loved me. He married me for my money and wanted to go off with his girlfriend; I checked myself into the hospital. And this aaafter 20 years! I’m not bad looking. When I got out I did my best toforget that rat bastard. Now I’m in a good relationship with a great guy. Leave AJ with his grandmother, send him for some therapy and you get better. Despite what people write they are rooting for you. We’re all rooting for you. Time heals all wounds & when you’re ready you’ll be over that two bit Judas of an ex husband. He’s AJ’s father, so let their relationship continue. However YOU stay away from Junior no jail visits. It’s OVER Rene. He has no consideration for you so screw him. When the time comes you find yourself someone who loves you, is faithful, appreciates you and treats you like a queen. This something Junior will never do. Lean on your friends and call on God, for He is great. So go Rene, let yourself heal, have happy days & happy nights.

  14. wkdmnky says:

    Does anyone know the song that is played at beginning of episode 12?

  15. Claudia says:

    I give this songs to Renee Graziano and Smokie Norful – God is able and Wilson Phillips – Hold On from Rejene

  16. Krissi Ferrari says:

    This is all so sad but it is wonderful to see all the girls supporting Renee at this time. I have a Team Drita and Team Big Ang t-shirt but now I want to get a Team Renee shirt. I get them at where there is kajillions of things. That’s how I show my support. I love all the mob wives. They are all so different and wonderful and brave!

  17. Felicia says:

    I think that it’s time for Renee to let go of the though of her and Jr. being together!! She needs to pull herself together brush her shoulder’s off and do her!! Her Ex showed his true colors and did the one thing that you don’t do is be in game when it’s all good and the when your the only one who goes down then you start snitchin all the ppl that’s had your back through thick and thin you just don’t do that I hope Renee shows how strong she can be.

  18. Bev says:

    Dear Rene,
    I am very sorry for your saddness. It’s not like you don’t know what this life is all about. But you are a normal human being and you are seen as a strong woman. I know from experience, that you are not as strong on the inside as seen on the outside. You take care of everyone and you are batteling the pain of everything in heart. I have started taking care of my family from the time I was alittle girl. My mother was beat up all the time and i was the one that ran down the hall to protect her, I was 8 years old the time I saw my mom laying in a puddle of blood and I thought she was dead as my biological father tried to take me out to the car. I have grown up to be the protector of everyone. Which is my being a control freak. But inside no one would guess that i was dieing inside. I wasn’t as strong as everyone thinks and I can in that way relate to you. I wish I could comfort you. You are a good mother and a good person. To have people judge you is human nature even though it isn’t right it happens. I understand and I wish I could hold you and make everything better. I wanted to write you a letter private but I can’t find a way to do that. It is a cliche’ to say I know how you feel. In your particular situation I can’t say that but I can say that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. If you need unbias person to talk to I would be there for you and I feel bad for your heart breaking situation. I know people say that those that go through the same mob wife bit are trying to help you. But I truly believe that you need someone not in that situation and someone that can truly listen without thinking this is ordinary in your lives. You are a loving woman and you love your child. Advise is at times a good thing but sometimes you just need to vent to someone not in the same situations. I am here for you I am an email away.
    God Bless, Love and prayers Bev

  19. Carmen says:

    “Mob Daughters” made hundreds of thousands $$. The poor kids that cried and missed their Dad.
    All in the hands of that dirty RAT! These families cant celebrate occasions either. Father &
    daughter both GREEDY & SELFISH. Someday..someday. PIGS!

  20. TESS says:

    I agree with every word Drita has said bout knowin the conequences tht come with this way of living. Renee, HE will help you through this. Have Faith

  21. Desiree says:

    Hi renee please be strong for you and your son .god is with you.your a great mom and a wonderful person .