La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 3 – Celebrity Friends Vs. Old Friends


We start tonight’s episode with a trip down memory lane as La La hosts the MTV TRL reunion show with her former TRL buddy, Damien Fahey. La brings Po and Dice along because they’ve been with her since her TRL days and she couldn’t ask for more loyal friends.

Dice waxes nostalgic and says La isn’t the “Alani” she used to be, working at Baskin Robbins anymore, she’s La La now: “La now has her friends Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Kim Kardashian…she’s walking into Louboutin buying 3, 4, 5 pairs of shoes. She’s definitely doing her thang.” Po echoes Dice’s sentiments and agrees that La La has come a long way and met a lot of famous people in the process, but “it’s not celebrity friends against the old friends, we’re always going to be there. She knows I’m her friend and I know she’s mine,” says Po. Uh oh, are these sentiments foreshadowing what’s about to go down? Maybe…

A week later La drops by Po and Dice’s apartment and invites them to see the NY Knicks take on the Phoenix Suns. The girls are super excited and of course gladly accept.

Later on, La La visits Monica at a studio in New York while she’s recording new music. Monica’s husband, Phoenix Suns basketball player Shannon Brown, is also in town to play Melo and the Knicks. Monica suggests that they go to the game together, the same game La already invited Dice and Po to attend. Even though La knows they were excited, she tells Monica she’d love to go with her. Monica isn’t around a lot, and Po and Dice can always go to another game, right? La can only hope they’ll understand…oh, La, if only things were that simple.

The day of the basketball game Po and Dice are left wondering where La La is. She hasn’t called and the game is scheduled for that night. The ladies text and bbm her, but much to their chagrin La La is nowhere to be found.

La La says she’s a people pleaser and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and since she doesn’t want Po and Dice to be mad at her she’s decided not to tell them that Monica is going to the game instead of them. Yikes.

As the evening rolls around Po and Dice continue to try to reach La La. La hears her phone blowing up, but doesn’t pick up because Monica is there and she doesn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. This is definitely the perfect recipe for majorly hurt feelings.

While La has fun at the game with Monica, Po and Dice are starting to worry about her. As Dice calls her one final time, Po looks at the TV screen and says “I think I found La.” The ladies see La sitting courtside with Monica. Ouch.

“We just got stood up…for Monica,” says Dice. And wonders how they “just got played to the left like that?”

The next day Po and Dice go out to eat and come up with a plan to ice La La out. No phone calls, no texts.

Meanwhile, La covers the VH1 Divas Celebrates Soul red carpet and has a great time catching up with her friends and looks fabulous while doing it.

La knows she has to talk to Po and Dice, and calls Ciara, one of her closest friends for advice. In talking to Ciara, La La realizes she could have handled the situation better with Dice and Po. La thinks she may take advantage of them because she thinks they’ll always understand, but it’s eating her up inside because she never wants to hurt anyone.

La La shows up at their apartment and tries to act like everything is normal, until Po asks how the game was. La tries to explain the situation, but admits she should have called and she’s sorry she didn’t. She knows it’s wrong but always feels like they’ll understand.

Po tells La they’re always going to be there, but “I just think that sometimes you play me the left and think that ‘oh, Po ain’t going to care,’ but I do.” La knows she shouldn’t take people for granted like that and apologizes. The fight ends in a friendship pile and we’re happy that the ladies are able to work it out.

La La feels like her friends are like her family and after the misunderstanding with Po and Dice, they go out to dinner with a bunch of friends, old and new. “2012 is about relationships, friends, because it is hard to find great friends and great people and just not taking them for granted,” says La.

They end the evening with a toast to friendship, “old and new.” Amen.

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