Shaunie O’Neal Talks Basketball Wives Season 4, And Whose Side She’s On

| sat down with Shaunie O’Neal recently and asked her to comment on all the fights and drama this season on Basketball Wives. As ever, she’s remaining impartial. “I’m too old to be siding with two grown women that have their own beef going on,” she says in the clip above. “We’re all grown and everybody changes and change is good for the most part, so I’m just rolling with it and I’m kind of over it and I don’t care anymore.”

Tune in to Basketball Wives Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. DJS says:

    I feel that Evelyn staged that scene at your party to sell her T-shirts with that corny little catch phrase. She probably already had them printed up and ready to go. I feel that was total disrespect on her part because she should have kept her word to you. It was YOUR day, and if she is “100″ as she claims, she could have had that beef with Jen any other time. It just shows how obsessed with Jen she is and how she will do anything for money.

  2. Classy says:

    Shaunie, it is clear that you sided with Eveyln, BUT Jennifer Williams did not give a damn and just continued to go with her life without you guys in it… Jennifer stays away from drama, and that’s why she did not invite you nor Tami to her event… Cause you would have tried to use the birth of her company, to create drama for the show and distroy her Lip gloss sucess… She showed you that she did not need you there to validate the woman that she is… She is Jennifer williams before you and she will be jennifer williams after you… Now let see what Shaunie really believes in, rather than being all the way up Loose’s azz… jajajaj

  3. Beauty44Nice says:

    Love you on the I am waiting and hoping when your girls go way left you can just yell…just once and say look…NOT TO TONIGHT! I AM NOT MESSING UP MY DRESS OR MY HEELS. Let’s have fun and have a great time! lol

  4. Natharan says:

    My opinion is that Kenya came on board that she could laugh at everything the way that “you usually so “. So in reality, ” ha ha “, is not brand new to anyone,

  5. Tweety says:

    When is Evelyn going to start acting like a lady? All of these fights are ridiculous! I agree Evenlyn is jealous of Jennifer, why else does she make personal comments about her eyes and lips???

  6. Yolie aka SoulfulRocks says:

    Shaunie, you know you’re the Ultimate Pimpstress and you can care less about the exploiting these women but also about the example you set for your own daughters. What a shame.

  7. Tutt says:

    I began watching the show during season 2 – and quickly got completely fed up with the profanity – not that I’m not above a few choice words myself occasionally – but the constant b- and f-words just flow toooo freely with this crew. It’s just too much, takes away from the show and makes every single woman look cheap and vulgar – regardless of whatever designer they think makes them look “relevant”. I guess I’m just sick sick sick of America associating all black women with profanity and violence. And the violence – all of it over nothing. Nothing. She said this – she said that – none of it about anything important and even 4th graders wouldn’t resort to the kind of ridiculously immature conversations that lead these women to stoop all the way down to public displays of screaming, cussing, slapping and throwing things.

    I don’t find one thing interesting about this show – in fact I think VH1 is racist for even allowing something this low-down and demeaning to air. Nothing about this show is positive – and depicts these women involved in inane “let’s get this straight even though it’s about absolutly nothing important at all” empty-headed filthy-mouthed and violence-producing confrontations. There is no story-line – unless you count the endless violent confrontations about bs – “did you say this or that b- – - – -”? Nothing important at all – nothing. The women live to catch each other in pathetic lies. Tami is a violent, dangerous bully who should’ve been arrested for attacking other cast members last season. Evelyn is filthy-mouthed and violent (what is what’s-his-name thinking). Both Evelyn and Tami could be arrested for aggravated assault if the cast weren’t made to sign waivers. The whole lot of them turns my stomach – I don’t identify with any of them. .
    I really really hope this is the show’s last season – what could possibly be next – a shooting? It would be different if these women had an actual reason for their anger – but the filthy language and violence looks as if that’s the whole point of the show, and most black women are sick of that negative stereotype- and America seeing so much of it on this show every episode.

    Why would any player’s wife or serious girlfriend want to be associated with these women or this show is beyond comprehension. VH1 should pull the plug on this trainwreck – before somebody really gets hurt. Whatever Shaunie intended it to be it’s not – if this is what she did intend I have absolutely no respect for her as a woman or a producer – money is not everything and it cannot buy class or respect – and people respect Shaquille O’Neal.

    I can no longer stand the sight of Suzi – so desperate to fit in she puts the other women in dangerous situations. Tami constantly threatens and commits violence – and now is too smug about it. Evelyn and Tami both are the worst examples of women bullying other women I’ve seen outside of a Hollywood movie – at a time when bullying is a national problem. I just hope teens don’t see these lowlifes as someone they want to be like because these women represent the ugliest side of womanhood. After watching a few episodes, my 14 year-old daughter said “Mama, I’m sooo glad you don’t talk or act like that – I didn’t know she watched the show but I’m sooo glad it turns her completely off..

  8. Very Disappointed Viewer says:

    I am really starting not to like the show anymore. We are currently trying to teach our children pro violence but yet Evilyn is on every episode fighting someone. She don’t use her hands to fight she pick up objects. Tonight episode was really very disappointing to me. She threw not one but two bottles at this young woman. Evilyn did not even care that other people were in the cross fire of those bottles. If she was on any other TV reality show, she would have been kick off a long time ago. We as parents are being very contradicting by watching this show and trying to install in our kids that violence is not the answer!! Very disappointed!

  9. Milly James says:

    I have been watching Basketball Wives for 4 seasons. I enjoy the glamor, the exotic looks, and the interaction between the ladies. But all the fighting, calling each other “bit.hes”, is sad and takes away from the beauty of the show and each lady involved. My head starts pounding by the end of each episode. Please find some humor and or some culturally interesting subjects to discuss instead of bickering with each other, throwing shoes, and talking about one another. The episodes are getting so shallow many people I talk with are loosing interest in Basketball Wives Reality Show.

  10. P Nixon says:

    BS Shaunie. It is so obvious that you are instigating some of this drama!!

  11. About to lose a viewer says:

    Evelyn, I don’t understand why they can’t take you nowhere without you acting like a hoodrat! Really…what are you trying to prove??? Okay, if the girl admits to what she said, then what???? Are you gonna beat up everybody that says something negative about you??? When are you going to grow up??? You have an adult daughter in college. Is that the image you want her to see? You throwing wine bottles, ready to fight anyone who says 2 negative words about you or lies to you? We all have haters and that’ll be most of the people you meet, so are you gonna beat up the world? You think your “about that life,” but you are so empty inside. It’s obvious. But I tell you what, if I gotta act like you, I don’t wanna be about that life! NO CLASS!

  12. R. Parker says:

    The bottom line is you can’t attack somebody for talking about you. If that was the case people would be fighting and attacking somebody 24/7. I said it before and I will say it again. Evelyn needs a beat down and I hope she runs up on the wrong person and gets that much deserved butt whooping. Kenya is stupid to keep trying to bond with those evil beings. They have a knack for picking on people who won’t defend themselves.

  13. Kels says:

    Shaunie, I like how you try to act all nuetral when the drama starts, but when it’s just you and the instigators you jump on in and talk about whatever victim they happen to target that week. Get your rest because the next show you will be on is Too Fat for 15. Worry about girls like Evelyn and Tami bullying your daughter in school because if she’s indeed turning 10 she’s going to be HUGE by the time she’s a teenager. I want to see if you are indeed the peacemaker then.

  14. Monique says:

    Shaunie, I realize you had a dream for a good show, and it could have been. You stated that you’re on your way to the next adventure, that’s good business on your part. But if you don’t care about this show, why don’t you guys just stop filming it. It really does make sista’s look bad. Jumping on every new girl that joins the show. New faces is why people watch. If you keep allowing the same bullies to jump on every new person honey eventually people will stop watching. Evelyn is become boring & tiring. Every word that come out of her mounth is the b word or mutha f this & that. Why can’t the show their other business adventures. You need to stop taking side with the bullies. You know you do it . You can be a instigator yourself. That’s why they do that crap.

  15. Shaunie The Money Maker says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having wine glasses thrown at them, and slapped in the face.

    Evelyn, why are you so upset about being called loose? When you have displayed in the public eye of just being that “Loose”. Therefore, if you are gearing up to beat the word loose out of Kenya’s mouth, then you need to gear up to fight thousands of viewers too. Because you have been called worst.

  16. Demons says:

    KENYA KESHA, JENNIFER- We do not support violence, but we do support people defending themselves from physical attacks. There is no law in place that is against a human being protecting themselves from physical assaults. However, why are you afraid to stand up for yourself? Why do you let words come out of your mouth that you are not willing to stand behind? Why are all of the females on the set, acting as if they are lacking intelligence in the area of Reality TV? We are sure that each one of you signed a contract to be paid to have your entire life to be recorded and be shown on National TV (the good and the bad). KENYA, my dear, do you not realize that what you said about Evelyn being loose is recorded. Stand up for yourself, or shut up and stop the gossiping. KENYA KESHA, JENNIFER- Tami and Evelyn are not gangsters, bullies, or gang-bangers, they are cowards. They are just running all over a group girls that are afraid of them. They have not met their match as of yet. Tami and Evelyn are NOTHING but weak , jealous, brokenhearted, and emotionally destroyed demons. KENYA KESHA, JENNIFER you need to pray these demon off of you. No weapon formed against our Heavenly Father children shall prosper.

  17. Loose says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having wine glasses thrown at them, and slapped in the face.

    Evelyn, why are you so upset about being called loose? When you have displayed in the public eye of just being that “Loose”. Therefore, if you are gearing up to beat the word loose out of Kenya’s mouth, then you need to gear up to fight thousands of viewers too. Because you have been called worst.

  18. Laneeta & Darrius says:

    Our post comments are with intentions to save a life. The cast mates have children, family, and friends that love them very much. Money, Fame, and Fortune can never replace those we truly love.
    VH1– Should not wait until a major incident happens, before addressing the cast member’s health issues (mental and emotional).
    If a cast mate, mental and emotional state of mind is a threat to them self or anybody, then VH1 Management & Producers should removed them from the set immediately.

    High ratings, popularity, and signed contracts should never take priority of a life-threatening situation.
    It is obvious to viewers across the globe that Tami, Evelyn, and Kenya are suffering from mental disorder.

  19. Evl-Evl-Evl says:

    To see Evelyn outside of Shaunie’s birthday dinner, waiting for Jennifer to come out, is truly pathetic. Evelyn actually flipped back to her elementary school days.

    Evelyn & Tami do you not know that fully developed (adults), mothers, and parents do not go around acting like kids, wannabe bullies, hooligans, thugs, and gang-bangers.

    This was a terrible sight to see. If the two of you are obsessed with fighting, then join the Army, become a Boxer, or become a Wrestler. Because, we do not need this type of physical violence on National TV.

    The two of you conducts yourselves like mentally undeveloped females adults. You are running around with an adult body, with a child mind-set. You two are spending millions of dollars beautifying yourselves externally, this will not help your psychological state of mind.

    This is a serious issue, which needs professional attention.

  20. Destiny Lewis says:

    i think shaunie is fake she is an instigator sits back and talks about jenn to evelyn and tammie but then tries to befriend her…next evelyn is fake as well, she acts big and bad on the show but shes does it around people because she knows they will break it up. She needs to be in the real world (where i live) and then we could really see how bad she is! She didnt get buck like that towards tammie, when tammie was about to tag that tale!

  21. liz says:

    I don’t think Evelyn is really mad at Jennifer, It just for the show, and the truth is she really doesn’t need Jen. anymore. She proably sleeping with Jennifer Ex. every penny count. Evelyn is not making Blacks look bad, she making Puerta Rican look bad.

  22. Lynn says:

    Evelyn is all mouth and a coward. She knows that Jen and Kesha are not bullies, but she insists on bullying them. Evelyn acted like a pathetic coward when Tami was going to beat her down. Tami and Evelyn are just plain disgusting as well as “ghetto fabulous”. Shaunie why are you afraid to call these two hoodlums out?

  23. Public Eye says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having heart attacks, climbing on tables in rage, thrpwomh around wine glasses, and getting slapped in the face. What some people will do for the love of money, fame., and fortune. I am not a fan of Shaunie’s, but I will give her crredit for being smart in the areas of business, and for having the skills to maintain her cool in public.

  24. Shaunie Birthday Dinner says:

    To see Evelyn outside of Shaunie’s birthday dinner, waiting for Jennifer to come out, so that she could attack her , was truly pathetic. Evelyn mental state actually flipped back to her elementary school days. Evelyn & Tami do you not know that fully developed (adults), mothers, and parents do not go around acting like kids, wannabe bullies, hooligans, thugs, and gang-bangers.

    This was a sick sight to see. If Tami & Evelyn are so obsessed with warfare, then they should join the Army, become a Boxers, or become a Wrestlers. Because, we do not need this type of physical violence on National TV.

    The two of you conducts yourselves like mentally undeveloped females adults. You are running around with an adult body, with a child mind-set. By spending millions of dollars beautifying yourselves externally, will not help your psychological state of mind.

    This is a serious issue, which needs professional attention.

  25. Zero Tolerance says:

    We are waiting for Tami & Evelyn to turn on one another. It is just a matter of time, because Tami & Evelyn are highly unstable. Evelyn & Tami are crying out for help and VH1 and the Producers are not listening, because they are too interested in the show ratings and making money. There should be zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, threats, physical assaults on the show. Somebody is going to get harmed beyond recovery, or somebody is going to have a nervous breakdown. This show is unhealthy for the cast mates and the show is unhealthy for viewers

  26. CLASSY says:

    I love Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer on the show. Some of the females on the show must have some class, for the show to be interesting. ROYCE- Stay busy with your life, and stay away from Tami and the wild crew. Royce do not ruin your image by hanging around such vicious females.


    KESHA & KENYA – Please watch your back, and watch your surrounding when you are under attack by a set of PITBULLS. Stare them in the eyes, and silently work on a plan of self-defense at the same time. Do not under any circumstances display a sense of fear. Tami & Evelyn gets a high on putting fear in those people they feel are a threat in some way. I do not like violence, but I do like to see people stand firm and defend themselves. Enroll in a self-defense class.

    TAMI & EVELYN – Please seek professional help in the areas of Drug Addiction, Alcohol Abuse. In addition, Mental Health. Because, only people that are under the influence of insanity, drugs, and alcohol conduct themselves like wild animals.

    SHAUNIE – Stop running around playing the Mediator, You do not have those types of skills. You are lacking severely in the areas of leadership, and interaction skills. Shaunie you are an accident that is waiting to happen. You will eventually be hit by a wine glass, or slapped in the face trying to play go-between. Stop dropping your head and putting your head in your hands, and screaming ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV. You have every opportunity to be honest with Tami & Evelyn about their criminal -like behavior.

    Suzie – You need to stop spreading gossip. You are like a snake in the grass. You wait around for gossip and Kesha, Kenya,and Jennifer are not wise enough to realize that they are talking to the trouble-maker. Suzie concentrate on getting yourself a man and a side job.

  27. Shstarlight says:

    Shaunie, it makes no sense whatsoever how Evelyn behavior is, I can’t believe i’m watching this suppose to be a grown ass woman behaving like she still in 9th grade!! Its terrible and embarrasing! I would not invite her old ass anywhere either, she can’t act like a lady. She need to sick her old ass down before she break her hip or something! She would not be on my show at all acting like that. Its terrible, really really terrible!!

  28. Ban says:

    Tami & Evelyn should be Ban from Florida and ban from the streets Nation Wide. These two females are untamed animals. They live their life as if they are PitBulls and Rockweiners. They are harm to themselves, to those around them, including their daughters.

    Tami & Evely are not bullies, they are insane and wounded souls.

  29. Cynthia says:

    Tami & Evelyn should be Ban from Florida and ban from the streets Nation Wide. These two females are untamed animals. They live their life as if they are PitBulls and Rockweiners. They are harm to themselves, to those around them, including their daughters.

    Tami & Evely are not bullies, they are insane and wounded souls.

  30. JACK & NICHOL says:

    OUR PRAYER FOR CHAD . Many times, we let money, fame, and fortune block REALITY. When this happens, we are so headstrong that we simply do not think of the FUTURE. This is why it is very important for those that love us try hard to reach us before we trip and fall. Chad, we hope you will take some quiet time to yourself. Read some of the feedback on the Social Networks from your fans/viewers/friends. Chad inhale/exhale and examine the good and the bad. If the bad out weight the good, let the good be a decision-making tool for your future. Because more often than not, your fans/viewers/friends are always correct.

  31. LENARDO says:

    Tami & Evelyn – PRODUCERS , EDITING OR NON-EDITING; THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR VERBAL ABUSE, THREATS & PHYSICAL ASSAULTS. VH1 must stop the violence and verbal abuse on BBW. High ratings should never take priority over cast members safety and well-being. Laws against BULLYING are being enforced in our schools. VH1 should have zero tolerance for VIOLENCE for the REALITY SHOWS. Our children are practicing and acting out what they see on TV.

  32. ROBIN says:

    MESSAGE TO EVELYN & TAMI —- Viewers are waiting for the two of you to STOP THE VERBAL ABUSE & PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. Because BBW is not the Army, not a boxing or wrestling ring. The two of you need to stop the Elementary & High School behavior. You are working with real people; you are working with human beings. Therefore, human beings deserve respect. Royce, Kesha, Kenya, Jennifer, and the viewers deserve respect, even though you do not respect yourselves. Your hostility, criminal behavior, and disgusting mind-set are very offensive to millions of viewers. VH1 needs viewers to support the show, and to maintain high ratings. If your violence and disrespect on the show continues, VH1 will continue to loose viewers due to low ratings, Boycotts and Petitions until they remove the two of you from the REALITY SHOW.

  33. Drug Test says:

    VH1 – Do you drug test your employees before employment and do periodic drug testing after employment? Do you check the employees criminal history before offering them a job? You need to get Tami & Evelyn under control before we have another Armstrong case. Tami & Evelyn are high risk. They are physically attacking cast mates, threatening, harassing, and tormenting them. VH1 should have a signed contract for employees demanding Zero Tolerance for Violence. VH1 Security should escort the Bully off the set immediately, ban them from the set and from the premises.

  34. We Love Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, we think that you are an original adorable, classy young woman. Please do not change your image with plastic surgery and botox, nose jobs, and breast enlargement. The viewers love you just as you are. We love the way you carry yourself, but please do not let Evil Evelyn take advantage of you nor attack you physically. We do not like violence, but we want you to stay on alert, stay ready, and defend yourself from the demon. When the evil one is around, never turn your back or drop your head. See Evelyn and Tami loves to catch the person they are attacking off guard, so that they can get the best of them. They do not fight fair. We do not support violence, But Jennifer the next time Evil Evelyn confront you with threats, just stare her in the face, look her in the eyes, stay silent and be ready to give her all that you got. Do not do like Kenya, she kept trying to lie herself out of the situation, which only made it worst. Kenya, showed a level of fear. Jennifer, stay focused, listen more and talk less, watch who you trust, watch the words that come out of your mouth at all times.

  35. Teenage Girl Friend says:

    We are not trying to start rumors, we just want to know if this is true. Does anybody have an update on Chad pregnant teenager girl friend?.

    We read about it on another Blog. They mention Evelyn is trying to pay the teenager to stay silent. Maybe this is why Evelyn is about to have a nervous breakdown.

  36. armenian princess says:

    I said it again and I will sai it again to all of u stupid people bashing Evelyn. Ev was 100 percent to Jen and Jen sold her out. Jen is the 1 whos jelous goin round talkin smack bout her friend basing her publically if u have some problem go talk to ur friend in private. Ev is 100 percent friend and the reason she acts like that shes hurt by Jen. Put urself in Ev situation and u will understand if u wont then ur not a good friend 2 someonelse

  37. Seek Professional Help says:

    In order for Evelyn to find true happiness, she need to check herself, change her evil ways, and seek professional mental help. It is very obvious she is suffering internally, no matter how much she tries to cover it up externally. It is just not working. She is setting herself up for a nervous breakdown. She is a walking criminal in action. Evelyn is acting out her deep rooted hurt by attacking the females on the show. THE PHYSICAL ASSAULTS MUST STOP.

  38. beth t says:

    basketball wives, are the most immature group of women I’ve ever seen. Fighting and arguing like school girls. NO CLASS what so ever. Bunch a Mean Girls. Royce, you took the right road, the high road.

  39. Lisa says:

    I just saw the trailor for April 16th show, please please please stop showing evelyn fighting, throwing bottles, going across the table and someone slapping Jen. This has gone too far for grown women. Shaunie, we as black women are fighting hard everyday to maintain respect. I watch the show but I can’t watch if next week is that bad…

  40. Ga. Peach says:

    Poor Kenya. Ain’t no way that would be a career choice at that age it was not in 1992 and it ain’t now. I am so glad my transcripts say nursing/business. Honey if that is what she wants to do thats her and her husband straight. I get to sit back and laugh at the ignorant comments made. This Ga. peach with that brownskin Kenya. That dress, hair done nails did everything did live in the present Kenya. They know not to step in her face with nonsense that Kenya there. Honey I never been into being on t.v. I am letting u know now down south Kenya would knock you all ratings out the box. Everybody will be like dang you seen Kenya drag her from North Ga. to south Ga. and dropped her on her head on the borderline of Florida and in the middle of it all she was giving a shout out to her family. Girl will drag her like I drag that lawn mower in that yard opps excuse me I love yard work some don’t like to get their hands dirty like you can’t wash them. Then will get cleaned up and throw on some heels and I rock the mess out of them to. I mean your show ratings will be the top rated show in America. Yes honey those rating that you worship will be out the box. I don’t need no counselors and I don’t want to see all that crying you was not crying when you were being rude so don’t cry now. You gets no sympathy. Yes this Kenya fights like them Mob Wives with a dab of Love and hip hop with a pinch of basketball wives all in one combination that is why I do not surround myself with mess when I step out. Most of the time it is jealous live in the past broads and my best friend and friends are people who live in the present. Now it is time for the new generation to be leaders and make a difference. I know my daughters are.

  41. Don't start none won't be none says:

    For example my daughter is in a situation where the girls could not step back and be jealous they tried a jump move not a good move. The grown up who dropped them off to do that yeah you know the rest. She did not shed a tear and she was tearing that girl up until the other two jumped in I said oh they bring people to jump in one on one fights here okay. Now someone has taught this girl to not only fight over guys at 14years of age they taught her how to suck dick. My daughter ask questions when a guy tries to talk to her. She asked him if he was a virgin like her he said yes except in the movie theater the psycho that started the fight sucked his thang. So not only have someone taught her fighting over a guy is right they taught her sucking beep is good. Like I tell my daughter you all’s focus should be education you do not have time for drama. You do not run up on nobody I do not care what age you are over a guy go to the guy. So we know something is not right. Her mother calls the guy with her crying daughter in the back talking about you are taking my daughter through to much who does that. Something is disfunctional about that. The guy said I was about to tell her mother what she really be doing my daughter said you don’t have to my mom told her. I sure did tell her mother that she need to talk to her about putting beep in her mouth. Your mouth is used for eating and speaking. I am not with that fake mess these teenagers can’t do no wrong mess. She need to educate her daughter on what is going on out there not sit up there thinking she can’t do no wrong. Nija told him if that was my mom and I was crying over a guy she would have went off on me and you know this. I did not cry when we were fighting I did never come to you crying ever over you.I am a beautiful girl who is going to meet plenty of guys in the future.I don’t need drama in my life. He said not a thing and I don’t suck beep he said no no I would not ask you to do that he said .Now after me and them neices laughed at how weak the girl was and how Nija/Grady southside baby was on top of her tagging that head. ONLY THE WEAK GOT TO JUMP YOU KNOW WHY THEY CAN’T HANDLE THAT PERSON SO THEY NEED HELP. EVEN OUR WITNESS SAID THAT DAUGHTER OF YOURS WAS WHIPPING HER BEHIND AND THEN SHE SAID I DID NOT LIKE WHOEVER THAT LADY WAS THAT DROPPED THEM GIRLS OFF THAT WAS NOT RIGHT.SO SHE STOPPED IT.THEN THE GIRL GOT MAD WHEN THE GUY TOLD HER OFF AND TRIED TO GET GUYS TO JUMP HIM TO THEN SHE WENT TO THREATNED OTHER PEOPLE. SIT YOUR WEAK SELF DOWN AND GO DO MATH OR READ. MY DAUGHTER IS ON TOP OF GAME I DID NOT JUST START TALKING TO HER ABOUT LIFE I HAVE BEEN TALKING TO HER A LONG LONG TIME. THEN WE FOUND OUT IT WAS A GIRL IN THE BACKGROUND MAKING PHONE CALLS THAT STARTED THE MESS FROM THE BEGINNING. IF THAT 20 SOMETHING YEAR OLD KNOW WHAT I KNOW SHE SHOULD HAVE DID WHAT THE MOTHER TOLD ME SHE THOUGHT THEY WERE DOING. WHICH WAS CHURCH AND THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO BE AT THE MALL. NO THEM DUMMIES DID A DETOUR TO MAKE THEY WAY OVER TO MY DAUGHTER WHERE SHE WAS MINDING HER OWN BUSINESS AND START MESS. YOU SHOULD HAVE DID WHAT YOUR MOMMA TOLD YOU GO TO THE MALL. I AM NOT WORRIED WE KNOW THAT IT WAS A SILVER CHEVY TRAILBLAZER SHE WAS DRIVING.NOW AFTER THIS IS OVER WITH THEY WILL NOT JUMP OUT ON NOONE ELSE. LUCKILY SHE WAS NOT HURT UP. ALL THEM DUMMIES AIN’T NOTHING BUT FRESH MEAT. KEEP RUNNING UP ON PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW YOU GONNA GET BEHIND THEM BARS AND THEN I WANT TO SEE YOU RUN UP ON THE JAILMATES. OH YOU CAN TELL THEY REAL SCARED THEY HIDING AND THEY BETTER. RULE NUMBER ONE YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE NOBODY JUST STAND ON THE SIDELINE WITH THE OTHER HATERS AND HATE. NOW THAT RUNNING UP ON FOLKS WILL GET YOUR BEEP KNOCKED OUT REAL QUICK. YOU CAN BE INTO THIS WORLD AND LET THEM RIB YOU UP ALL YOU WANT.WE LIVE IN A WORLD THAT SOME WILL SEE WHAT YOU DID AS GOOD NO SUCKING GUYS PETERS IS NOT GOOD GETTING YOUR EDUCATION IS GOOD.YOU HAVE RAN UP ON HER THEN THE GUY IS IN A PICTURE KISSING MY DAUGHTER ON THE CHEEK NOT GIVING HEAD. LET ME HELP YOU OUT YOU ARE THE DUMMY AND YOU CRYING CAUSE HE IN THE PICTURE WITH HER THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS YOU ARE THE DUMMY. SOMEBODY NEED TO PUT YOU UP ON GAME.NOW SIT DOWN.BOTH OF THEM DAUGHTERS ARE FROM THE SOUTHSIDE BABY REAL SOIDERS.YES ONE BORN AT SOUTHSIDE AND THE OTHER GRADY. THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BE TUFF AND THAT IS WHAT BOTH OF THEM ARE TUFF. NIJA DON’T EVEN GO TO HER SCHOOL AND SHE IS CATCHING IT FOR WHAT SHE DID. SHE IS KNOWN AS A YOUNG AGE PSYCHOPATH. EVERYBODY ENJOY YOUR DAY!I KNOW I AM.

  42. Gertie Houston says:

    Ms.O”Neal i watch . your show all the time ,but dont like the jen and evelyn mess that going on and ifeel like u r the only that can stop it and u want .yes i know they r grown ladys but u and only u get together with the two without tammi because she get joy out of it while u set back and look .are u scare of evelyn and tammi because that the way it look.

  43. casey says:

    Shaunie, is immature and two faced. She always goes with the majority. She shold be ashamed of the show and how all of them act. She is not partial or grown she is about making money. It amazes me that these are the women that our basketball players choose!

  44. stefanie says:

    shaunie yu produce this show an it seem’s like yu eve an tami all side together it seems like they r ur lil puppets an yu dont ever correct them when they wrong….

  45. Shaunie, How can you exploit women like that when you have how many daughters? I would have expect this show to be produce by someone else not a black woman. You know how hard we have work to get to this level of expressing ourselves and you are turning into a buffoonery. you are not less than a black face or the stereotype of all black women as Jezebel. Shame on you!!

  46. I'M JUST SAYING says:

    I use to love this show, now it has gotten beyond ghetto. These are not women, they are animals.

  47. TH says:

    Shaunie, if U are the producer….please, please, please work at showing real women in a positive light!!!!

  48. NO CLASS says:

    $haunie!! Big time pimp. People we need 2 stop watching this show. It has pushed us back as woman of color. All the women I know are strong hard working mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters. $haunie do you need me to introduce you to them.No none of them are married 2 pro basketball players but none of your cast are ether, please stop the foolish fighting and show some class. Please viewers support & watch LaLa show a real basketball wife and show us in a positive life instead of wild animals like $haunie show.

  49. Rosie says:

    You are the producer of the show. Why is it that all we as viewers can get from the show is a group of adult females fighting, cussing , lying, drinking back biting and acting like teenagers. It is so embarrasing to see this. Evelyn behavior is ridiculous. Tammi behavior is not far behind. And why is Susan on the show? Revamp or just take the show off the air.
    I do realize i have to choice to watch it or not. But after the fight with Nia and Jen and Evelyn jumping on the table to hit Jen and threatening to fight Jen whenever she see he is just stupid and childish. I will no longer watch this show.

  50. Tonia says:

    You what this is a pre-school show. I have never seen ugly girls like Evelyn and her so-called assistant act the way they do. Shaunie what are you trying to do to black women. If I was Jennifer I would break my contract and get the hell up off the show. Let the wild animals run free in the jungle by themselves.

  51. vickie says:

    Really, Evelyn is trying to get everyone to go against Jennifer, and why? because she doesn’t care for her, it seems as though Eve pulls the string, she would not try the sh&&*t she’s doing on the show, on the street, her ass would BE SORE!!! It’s a good thing that Jen is acting like a lady and not like some hood on the corner. Because really, Nia, was totally wrong, but again, Evelyn flying across the table like shes batgirl, and then crying because Jen said the girl stay in a two bedroom, “well, does she? But no response on this girl, coming around the table, and hitting a grown woman, like it was her child, she is pathetic. I don’t think I like the show anymore, you are allowing Evelyn to get away with her hood Bullsh%#t. And making Jennifer out to be the bad guy. Rocye, love her, because she was not going to allow Evelyn, to play that psychotic bull on her. Evelyn don’t mess with Royce. what??????

  52. Stephanie says:

    Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself; as a woman; a mother; a person. Stop trying to play innocent and impartial…because it’s not working. You’re the main instigator and are on Evelyn’s side even though you know she dead azz wrong! It’s makes you look lower than low. But as guess as long as you get paid huh!

  53. terence tiii says:

    shuanie please be quiet u disgust me

  54. Dottie K. says:

    Evelyn is a old bully. Grown woman should not be hitting on other person.
    The show is becoming low class because of Evelyn it was fun to watch. Kill a human being go to jail. You need to tell EV!

  55. katbunny says:

    Shaunie, you have NO CLASS!
    No wonder Gloria’s sister was able to take your husband!

  56. Nellz says:

    The sad part is that its OBVIOUS you really don’t give a damn about how this show portrays Black Women. In four seasons you have managed to solidify how others view us as Black Women and the mis-perception that all of us are angry and aggressive in hostile situations. Of-course your too stupid to realize that you’re just a pawn, an anchor to the demise of Black Coulture…. You absolutely disgust me!!! Everything about you and Evelyn is disturbingly EVIL…. I hope your female children display a better portrayal than you have…. #TEAMENOUGHISENOUGH

  57. Amber Gantt says:

    She know that she have gotten paid from this show and she don’t care how it makes black woman look and she is sad because she have kids and she is showing her kids that it is okay to bully people.

  58. Val says:

    Shaunie, I cannot tell what your motive is in this show. You do not seem to know how to be a friend to anyone. I hope that Keshia does not think that you are her friend. I think you are scared of Tammi too. There have got to be some real basketball wives who have productive lives and a vocabulary that is broader than filthy language. You guys provoke the the quarrels through gossip and then you have the gaul to cry and act like you are bothered by the problems that you cause. Can these women get a real life. I am so done with this show.

  59. Marie says:

    Not nice of you can you imagine the people who are not exposed to Black women what a horror they must think — how animalistic the behavior you girls display. Shame on you AS a mother and woman shame and that idiot crew of yours. Jen and Keisha run and never come back!!! You too Kenya!!!

  60. Gloria Brown says:

    Where do I start. You women are a complete and total embarrassment. Behaving like a bunch of high school juvenile delinquents. Tami and Evelyn are the worst, morally corrupt thugs whose answer to every situation is to threaten, attack and violate people. These two demand respect but demonstrate each time you see them that they are not deserving of any respect whatsoever. They lie and intimidate. Shaunie should be ashamed to put her name on this garbage. Shame on all of you because all of your children will have to see this, and if you are raising your children to be these type of people, gosh I hope people are praying for you guys, cause you really need God, and you need to get to know Jesus. Sad, very sad. Shaunie, clean this up. Really.

  61. Gloria Brown says:

    P.S. I think it is time to boycott this show people. If the viewers are gone, then maybe these women will be encouraged to seek help through counseling, prayer, spiritual study and enlightenment, and service to others. Hopefully, they can turn it around and become better people. I am done watching this train wreck.

  62. Darlene says:

    It is very sad that this show have made Shaunie O’Neal even richer by exploiting a bunch of money hungry African American women. I don’t know anyone in a circle of friends that act this way. This behavior have been going on all four seasons and now Shaunie is finally talking with her pastor; REALLY! You don’t need to talk to your pastor you need to cancel this mess so that it does not give our young women the message that you can make money showing your behind and acting like a bunch of animals. I much say Shaunie did not display that behavior but my question to her would be “Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?” She could have stopped this Ghetto Behavior the very first season, she is the EXCUTIVE Producer!

  63. sassymama4life says:

    Shaunie is the lead ringer to this foolishness. But she will not get away scott-free with how she let these women tear each other apart, black women, at that! Wait when the ‘tamis/evelyns/shaunie’ bully your damn daughters, because (sorry shaq) THEY ARE FAR FROM BEING BEAUTY QUEENS – BIG BONED GIANTS! Then what are you gonna say? They won’t take your damn advice serious, because MOMMY is a bully too! VH-1 can prove it. You have really made a bad name for yourself by trying to make a buck, that you didn’t even need.

    I love Shaq! He did his self a service by getting out of the marriage. As a black woman myself, I am so ashamed of this stupid show. But mostly, of Shaunie. Now she wants to go talk with her pastor to make herself look good, but people are hip to the game…..they see right through her ass! Money NEVER buys class or self-respect, Shaunie. Now you have no face to save.

    Birds of a feather, flock together. Don’t try to turn the other cheek and abandon your girls now. You were always one of the ‘mean’ girls.

    Royce was the smart one in the batch. She knew that them chicks were hoodrats. Jennifer is sweet and endearing; she ought to sue Shaunies’ ass! Evelyn is going to catch more than a case, somebody is gonna knock her teeth out! Suzie is a coward and Royce should NEVER be friends with her. Tami is a righteous narcissistic animal that needs real psycho help at an in-patient facility. She is so smart, she is dumb! She is gonna catch a fist sandwich & a case by the right person, who will set her ass straight! Tami, there are bullies bigger than YOU!

    I HATE this show now and hate what Shaunie has done with the preconceived false image that she has led millions to believe that that’s how black woman behave. Shaunie, you have done a disservice to your race and that of the black woman!!!!!!!! You shall forever reap what you sowed, on every new thing that you do, from this project forward. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE LEGACY YOU CREATED AND LEFT BEHIND FOR YOUR CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY YOUR DAUGHTERS. They will not be able to live this one down, no matter what they do, they will be known for their famous ‘bully’ mama and their AWESOME dad! You ruined your image by your own creadtion!!!!!! Now, that’s your payback ass whoopin!!!!!!

  64. h20s says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself. This was suppose to be your show and you were horrible instigating and perpetuating bullying by those horrible, gosspy, classless women.

    Then you went to your pastor who seem fair but bias again. Where is your Bible teachings or the Fruit of the Spirit” . Your a mother, how could you. What goes around will come around. You will definitely deserve it!

  65. Theshia Scott says:

    Shaunie, The reunion was horrid. I hope you did not think we would fall for the ploy of “ganging” up on Jen. It did not work!!! If someone put thier hands on me like Nia I would contact the police regardless. You are sooo sad and I hope you get it together.

  66. Florence says:

    Most of us here unfortunately are unable to continue to watch basketball wives. Good luck.