Styled By June Episode 3: The New Aubrey O’Day


This week on Styled By June, June Ambrose‘s target for a three-pronged makeover is Aubrey O’Day. The former girl group singer is set to make her debut on the Celebrity Apprentice, and she’s looking to be taken more seriously. So June turns her from blonde bombshell to business babe (with gorgeous red hair). But he process is not without a few speed bumps and bad habits that need breaking. Like how Aubrey’s never worn a bra. That’s an issue.

Here’s our visual recap of how June styled her latest client.

The first step in June’s process is upscaling.

Once Aubrey has submitted to the power of pants, June wants to put her on a red carpet. Here now, she must submit also to the power of the brassiere.

The final product is pretty great though:

Finally, Aubrey’s lined up for a photo shoot for Life And Style. Before she can pull that off though, June has her undergo a serious hair makeover and lose her bombshell look in favor of something more sophisticated. I don’t know what shade of red this is, but I want it.

The transformation complete, Aubrey is well on her way to buying and selling Donald Trump herself. Or at least showing him what a proper new hairstyle can do for a person.

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