More Photos From The Set Of Single Ladies: Is It Me, Or Does This Cast Keep Getting Hotter?


The cast of Single Ladies grows hotter by the day — that’s not a matter of opinion, it’s a fact at this point. When we posted some shots from the set recently, it was impressive enough that on one day of shooting, guest stars like T.I., La La Anthony, and Romeo Miller were wandering around, but this week is equally star-studded and the plain fact is that some of the hottest people we’ve ever seen are popping up on this show for season two. People like Pilar Sanders, who’s back, and hopefully plans to take it easy on poor April this time around, and recently announced Hollyoaks actor Ricky Whittle, who will be guesting as one of Denise Vasi‘s love interests (earning her the title of luckiest woman working in the TV biz).

Here are some of our favorite recent shots from the set of the show — tell us, is this not one of the most attractive groups of people you’ve ever seen or what?

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  1. I like the Original ladies from Single Ladies show., I wish I could have seen it first before they decided to cancel the show.

  2. …fail… but can’t wait for it to come back…

  3. Cyndi says:

    Single Ladies was a great show…..Please bring it back!

  4. nic says:

    i won’t be watching..should not have gotten rid of s.dash…she was the only believable character..meaning the only one who could actually act…….lisaraye is cool, but she tends to over play her roles(kind of nerve wrecking) and the white girl(who is she again)……she was ok..but stacy was the person that attracted people to the show…i would love to support your show, but i just can’t and neither are my friends….good are going to need it…hope the new girl can bring it.

  5. im glade that mrs. raye is back on the show ,i just luv the way she act s…. welcome back !!!!

  6. Lee says:

    I am going to miss Stacey Dash, I love her! Sad to see her go, I figured I will at least give the second season a chance by watching one episode before I dismiss it. Out of all the the people on this show why did it have to be Stacey Dash to leave, I was really hoping they would cut Lisa Raye, after seeing her reality show it seems like she is just playing herself. She is not the best actress.

  7. Smiley love says:

    um i love S. dash they better pull some strings and get her back this was my show i love everybody on here its not going to be the same !

  8. Patricia says:

    I loved this show. When are you going to bring it back. This show was hot. I am surprised that Stacy Dash was such a diva. However, she can always be replaced. This was the best show I had seen in years. the story lines were great, the interactions wonderful. why is it a good black show comes on lasts a minute and than its gone? Oh it we aint acting crazy, cussing and being ignorant know one wants to produce it hun? Because, you want to keep the negative sterotype alive, don’t want people to realize that we are educated, own our own businesses and some of us come from old money to. Having said all that, Is the show coming back and when.

  9. Claudia S says:

    I cant wait for the new season, Single Ladies was my guilty pleasure last season and I hope season two will be aswell. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  10. Jackie Cain says:

    I am so excited that the show is filming its second season, I really miss watching it! This is a show that all women not just single can relate too! Would love to know when its going to pick back up where it left off???????????????????

  11. carla says:

    when is the show comimg back on. i love this show!!!!!!!!

  12. TBIZZLE says:

    Cant wait for season 2! With or without Stacey, the show will be a hit. Contrary to popular opinion,I dont think Stacey is all that as an actress, though she is extremely beautiful. But f the rumors are correct, its goos that she’s gone so that a GREAT show with a GREAT concept can continue.

  13. charity lee says:

    Pay stacy dash what she wants and bring her back to the show. Whats wrong with you guys.

  14. Tamarra says:

    She is not Stacy she had a…special something…it will be hard to watch without her.

  15. Chalynda Jackson says:

    You guys Stacy Dash left because she said she wanted to spend more time with her kids. But some say she actually left because Lisa Raye was acting like a B****

  16. Mishara says:

    Why in the hell did you get rid of Stacey Dash? Really a big disappointment!! Lisa Raye can not hold a show by herself. This show won’t last. Lisa Raye is known for getting rid of her competition. The other show she was on got rid of the that girl.

  17. Monique says:

    Stacy Dash is a good actress & very pretty. But apparently she has some issues. Because just just fired off of a recent movie she was filming. They said she had attitude problems. So something is obviously going on with her. 2 firings in the same year. Wow!!!!!

  18. Cut! says:

    If ya’ll don’t stop pretending that Lisa Raye doesn’t recycle the same character in every movie and TV show she does. She has no range. She’s simply playing herself, not a character. I like her, but she has no emotional range as an actress. Sorry.

  19. courtney says:

    when is single ladies coming back ? I am in love with this show !

  20. ANGELA WHITE says:

    I am so excited that Single Ladies is doing another season. I love you guys and miss seeing you. You all are the best that ever did it.

  21. MrsVJohnson says:

    I look forward to watching this show – love the story lines, writing, acting. Stacy Dash can’t act. Glad she’s gone. Hopefully the new folks can keep up with Ms. Raye. I’m surprised this quality show is on the same network as trifling BBW.

  22. KYMBERLY says:


  23. Lexi says:

    For everyone that is protesting watching the new show cuz Stacie Dash isnt on maybe you should do your research Stacie left the show not the other way around. Stacie didnt want to be that far away from her kids anymore especially since she a single Lady/ Momma so to all you people blaming the show DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST.

  24. jenjer says:

    I am so glad this show is back!

  25. Liz says:

    boo! :( i miss stacey dash already. im still gonna watch the beginning of the new season to see if i like it…its just not gonna be the same w/out stacey. lisaraye’s acting is so overdone sometimes. I do love Charity Shea tho…we’ll see ;)

  26. yellaborad1932 says:

    where the heck is Val at?? I hope she be on the second season or I will not be watching this season at all!!

  27. V says:

    OMG….So, anytime the TV world replaces a character in a show it will either bomb or be a success. Some of you are right. It took wayyyyy too long for this show to get back on the air and we all know if there’s any type of hiatus in hollywood, you are almost starting from scratch. I’ll watch the first episode of season 2; however, I will definitely miss S.Dash. She really did bring her character to light and it WAS a realistic thought process that many many women go though. LisaR’s character is on point also, but I also think that Lisa’s acting palette is flat-lined. It is almost as though she is playing herself in every movie she has done. Aside from that, its a great show but I think if S.Dash wanted to leave, they should have made Denise an additional character and move S.Dash’s character away or something….we’ll see tho…lol

  28. Kat says:

    I am excited to see the show come back but just curious to see if it will continue from where it left off or will be a whole new story line….confused:/ I will miss Stacey Dash also but I will at least give the new cast a chance to prove themselves.

  29. s-kayla says:

    i want bk my pretty eyed friend cause the middle one is not her, i really want to c this premier to judge if u can fill her shoes

  30. Stella says:

    Single ladies if you want to know how to get your man check out this book.

    The Struggles of being a woman in America

  31. WHERE IS STACEY DASH? She was the best one on there. You lost me

  32. Wendy Weedseed says:

    I watched the show to because of Stacy Dash that was my chick. I like LisaRaye too but she cant act. She plays the same smart mouth character in evry role she plays. Shes too damn angry for me.

  33. Wendy Weedseed says:

    THANK YOU LEXI. I dint know she left the show but imma still miss her regardless. Cant knock it if thats what she needed to do… Do your thang Ms Dash!

  34. Ericka says:

    Wow! I am just so exited that there will be a season 2 I CAN’T WAIT

  35. TLC123 says:

    Looks like they bring the show back with a Stacy Dash look a like…SMH, I like the show tho!!

  36. Lesa Walker says:

    I watched the first season and became a fan. I loved Stacey Dash and her role on the show. I’m not sure if she decided to leave on her own or if she was fired as the reason. I know she was a talented actress and I’m going to miss her. The new girl is pretty and I agree with TLC123, she’s definitely a Stacey Dash look-a-like. Hope the show a success, but I took hate change, I thought the original cast was awesome and had great chemistry. Let’s wait and see what the ratings are at the end of the season. Right now there are so many other great shows on, Scandal (which is not getting the ratings they should) but The client List, another top favorite is kicking some AZZ.

  37. Lesa Walker says:

    I meant to say I too hate change.

  38. Legalaid says:

    They need to bring back stacey dash and get rid of the broke down barbie.

  39. Te says:

    They need to bring back stacey dash and get rid of the broke down barbie imitation.

  40. fallondean says:

    i love lisa raye she is a wonderful person

  41. hillmcdaniel says:

    what is wrong with you guys?! Give stacey what she wants and bring her back to the show! i miss her already and the show hasnt even started!! I cannot put my finger on it but stacey brings that special something that this show needs.
    Ugggh i am so upset. Lisa Raye cannot hold this show together she is not an actor. i’m sorry but its the truth. she plays the same character on every movie she is on and uses the same facial expressions in every scene on single ladies. I cant believe Lisa ran stacey off of the set. SHE WAS JUST JEALOUS OF STACEY! I do not like the new girl already. She does not seem like she will be a belivable character she seems like she is going to be Lisa Raye’s acting clone. Send the new girl back and bring back Stacey i doubt this show will last past 3 seasons without stacey.

  42. courtney says:

    i love single ladies and always will keep up the good work and lisa raye the real mcoy love you and your fine chocalate man and he rich and you to yall was a great couple i would like to see will go down this season 2 2012 keep up the good work.

  43. Dolly says:

    love this show! Bring back Stacey Dash! This show want be the same without her!

  44. alanna says:

    Looking forward to the premiere tonight. I dont believe stacey dash was the show. The writers did an excellent job creating that show. Excited for this season!

  45. brownbarbindachi says:

    This show will be a lot weaker without Stacey Dash. At least she could act. LisaRaye just acts like herself, a hoodrat with an attitude (LOL). I’m not sure if this new girl can hold a candle to Miss Dash. I will watch one episode, but I am disenchanted.

  46. Mommie says:

    BRING BACK STACEY DASH!!!!!!!!! Hate the show without her!!!!

  47. Chantal says:

    Listen producers! This show targets women who are 30+, our generation was so happy to see Stacy Dash back on tv and now that she has been removed has totally ruined the hot sexy dynamic of the show. Her replacement is such a poor knock off, no disrespect to her. Please bring Stacy back!!!!!!!

  48. Daisy says:

    Why is it every Black show has to have a white girl on it?
    Why do all the Black women on this show have to have light eyes as if to say,”See, I have white blood,so I’m especially beautiful.”

  49. teamnegtweet says:

    I really really really really really HATE this show. Lisa Raye is a 50 year old gold digger. She is a broke bum chick. I am glad Stacey Dash oleft because she is a accopmplished actor and looked lame with their bums.

  50. Tracy says:

    Seriously, LisaRaye really need acting class, I don’t know why she came back this season worst than last season, I forgave the bad acting because Stacy Dash was so lovable but seriously the first episode I fell asleep it was just that bad. I miss Val’s fashion and not to mention she was lovable. LisaRaye character cannot take the lead its painful to watch. and I cant remember her characters name which shows you that I feel like I am watching Lisaraye she does nothing to take me away from her. Sorry its just bad:(

  51. Claudette says:

    On single ladies the girl that took Stacy Dash place she’s alright but this is to Queen Latifa ,please please, please !!!!!! ,,,, put Stacy Dash back on because that just don’t look right we need the look that was there in the beginning. If Lisa Ray had Problem with Stacy she should of left not Stacy because she thinks that she is it ,but not it !!!! (“Rather see Stacy”) that made the show so being said I really want watch it because it don’t look right with the new person it just looks out of place so Stacy please come back!!!!!!!!!!

  52. lulu says:

    show stupid no stacy no me not watching its borrrring, yet it can be good that new girl is wack

  53. TEEJAY says:

    I can’t stand to watch Lisa Raye she is a bad actress. They gave her the perfect role and she’s playing herself which is awful. I did like when Stacy Dash was on I like her role, but I don’t have a problem with Denise I just have a problem with Lisa. You still haven’t grown into a better actress since Playa Club you were BAD then and you are TERRIBLE now.LOL

  54. noelle says:

    where in THE HELL is Stacie Dash? Wont watch the show without her SORRY! I love Lisa Raye but It was Fabulous with both of them, Pay her the money she wants and get her back bc without her the show will tank, thats free business advice from a Real business woman.

  55. nas says:

    I would like Val, Stacy Dash, back into the show. Season 2 is not worth watching without her. It was stupid how they said she wont come back from Italy and poured wine all over her dress. So bring Val back, without her, your rating will be going down.

  56. Dedicated and Entertained says:

    So far Single Ladies is fabulous!!

  57. ej says:

    Denise fits right into the show. I’m not sure why everyone is tripping over Stacy leaving. Season 2 started off great. I am just so excited about this season, I hope its longer. I am also excited about the freakin’ flawless fashions these girls are wearing. Keisha’s green circle dress last week was awesome. April’s red pant suit was killer.And the “belt” thing they were working tonight was dynamite. Keep up the good work “Single Ladies”.
    I want to know their stylist(s).

  58. Lynee says:

    The new show is ok. But It still needs Stacy Dash!!!
    PLEAS! PLEASE! Bring her back!!!!!!!!!

  59. dream says:

    i love this show, im a lot like Val im 41 yrs old and ppl think im in my 20′s

  60. dream says:

    i love this cast, i really miss Stacy Dash also but Ms. Queen your doing your thing baby sister. much love to you, i would like the opportunity to play a small part in your movie

  61. Bevely Brown says:

    It is unfortunate that Stacey Dash isn’t on the show anymore. She gave the show a classy, sophisticated edge that we all looked forward to watching. The 2nd season isn’t really worth watching. Go figure. Figure out a way to do what you need to do……bring Stacey back. Lisa Ray cannot act and carry the show.

  62. Nadaya says: