Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 7: “If You Said It, Own It. Period.”


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.

WOW! Last night’s episode was disturbing to say the least. I mean, we all can joke and pick on each other to a certain extent for entertainment purposes but when it gets to the point of threats followed through by bottle throwing, it gets scary…

The show opened basically where it left off last week. Kenya was stuck. Some are saying she admitted to the remark about Evelyn being loose but she actually said she “referenced what she heard.” Although I don’t think it’s that serious, she passed it on as “someone else saying it” not her. That’s where this supposed problem lies. I know that’s where I had an issue last week. My name was brought up and I never had a conversation with Kenya referencing Evelyn’s sex life. If you said it, own it. Period…

The fact that Kesha felt she needed to bring in Sakara was a tad bit messy but when you are around this group of women, sometimes you need to clean up the table in which you were eating whether you dropped crumbs or not. Just saying…

I love Tami‘s and my relationship but WHY DID SHE SIGN ME UP TO GO TO THIS CHURCH WITH KENYA???? I just came to say hello and talk about the play, how did I get volunteered to be a part of this? Disclaimer: I don’t ever want to be on Kenya’s bad side. I have no problems with her. I have my issues, yes, but I don’t want that problem…she scares me and I’m woman enough to say that. I touched on the Suzie situation last week but I’m happy after their talk. She and Tami worked things out to the point they can move forward.

Now on to some positive and business things shown this episode…

YAY me with the fitness video. I’m very excited and it’s still in the works. Just like my book, it takes time. I don’t want to anything half assed. The meetings with Jojo, Talia, fitness instructors, casting, choreography, etc., are still taking place. The entire production takes a LONG time. Hopefully it will be out this year or early 2013. Same thing with my energy drink! Look out for that also!

Shaunie, great job on the party for Mimi. She seemed very happy. Some don’t realize when a girl cries it can be happy tears. Her face when Mindless Behavior walked in was classic. I’m sure this will be a birthday to remember and the fact it was televised she will be able to say she shared it with the world. Your ex could’ve spit her out because she looks just like him, I think you just carried her for nine months lol. Anyways, it’s always great to see the family aspect of the cast in a positive manner.

Well that section was quick…back to the drama…

DID YOU SEE THE WAY KENYA SAT THERE SMILING WITH THAT “LOOK” WHILE EVELYN WAS GOING OFF ON HER? That’s the look I’m talking about. Ashley said it a few seasons ago, “We all have a little bit of crazy in us,” but Kenya babyyyyyyy…she’s that chick you want ONLY on your side or neutral. As far as the movie moment happening after that…I want to say it happened due to Kenya not admitting the fact she called Evelyn loose, but I think it was already in her head she wanted to “f*ck her up” when the vein popped out. I’m still not sold on this reaction being the same away from the cameras tho…It was a bit much. I get called a lot of things but never am I angry enough to grab bottles off the wall and plates off the table then proceed to sling them at someone’s head. I also refuse to threaten someone about me coming after them every time I see them. I stated “I’m grown, I can coexist with anyone.” My mom told me a long time ago “The way you react to a remark made about you shows its truth.” For someone getting married in a few months and happily in love, Evelyn seems to be extremely angry. I think something else is weighing heavy on her heart, mind and soul and it needs to be lifted asap. We aren’t friends but to see someone that I still give at LEAST 2 sh*ts about spiraling down is sad. I think her “friends” i.e. Shaunie needs to really sit down and talk to her and get her into some counseling rather than cosigning and laughing in the next recap dinner…REAL TALK!

Lastly, a statement was made to me by one of my followers last night. She asked to have me removed from the show because I was boring now. My response to that is am I boring because I’m not fighting and screaming this season? Am I boring because over the past 2.5 years that you’ve seen me on this show I’ve grown up, learned from my mistakes and matured? Am I boring because I’m pursuing my career or am I boring because I’m honest? Some may feel I’m being cocky or that I feel like I’m better than my cast members. That’s not true. I’ve made my mistakes: TRUST I know, I have, and will. I’m not perfect by any means. However, I mentor young girls ages 5-17 every week and I have to lead by example. If you know better you do better. I’ll never feel as if I’m better than anyone but I am BETTER THAN THAT. I wouldn’t be fan favorite if I was indeed boring. The amount of followers I have does NOT constitute the amount of respect I receive.

I’m outtie.

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  1. Class_Action says:

    Good read, I mean Royce ur segmesnts are a bit boring but I love your honestly. This is my last season of watching, watching Evelyn trying to attack people why being held back every episode is getting old. I want them to replace Jen with a real hood chick so she can get stomped out. #MyTwoCents

  2. shon says:

    Royce i have so much respect for you..your NOT boring at all im sure you know that.Keep giving them a reason to hate on you and you keep cashing those checks sweety..Much Love..xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Abby says:

    @Roycelr perfectly said. You have grown and inspire alot of young women they are not alone we all have issues n drama at times will follow behind, we learn n grow. Good for you. 

  4. CeCe says:

    Hi Royce

    I really like you better this season. I don’t know whatbole girl was talking about but it feels good to have someone to look at and say “ok she is not crazy”. Cause for real all those girls are crazy. They act like they are not grown and they scared to tell Evelyn the truth.

    Speaking of Evelyn I agree she is unusually angry this season. I was saying last week that she is violent as hell! I know sometimes these show producers want to amp you guys up but hunnny, something mental is definitely going on with Evelyn.

    Tami is still my favorite but they all need to grow up and stop working so hard for this pay check. Do u get paid more if you cause more drama?

    My least fav is Suzie I’m sorry, but she is a slithering snake. Keep going back and forth tellin stuff. She need to stay out of it. But hey great for TV to see women act so stupidly.

    Great blog girlfriend.


  5. Fionna Snead says:

    I just LOVE Royce. She keeps it so real. That’s exactly why she’s “Fan Favorite”. It gives me great pleasure when my friends say I remind them of her.

  6. BETH says:


  7. WENDYBANKS says:

    i strongly agree with you royce esp. since you mentor young girls you have to set an example for them .

  8. Amias says:

    Bravo Royce! I so admire you and the effort you are taking to be open and honest. You are not the one that is boring, I can assure you!

  9. Shannon says:

    Royce u r not boring, now Suzie on the other hand is MESSY

  10. Ashley says:

    Well said Royce!!

  11. Linda says:

    Very well stated! I’m very proud of you, and I see your growth. You are, indeed, a TRUE Cancer… With that being said, and I’m saying this with as much respect as I can, because I don’t want you to be offended by this comment… Will you PLEASE suggest to Tami that she have someone edit her blogs?


  13. Kelley says:

    That was Good Royce your still one of my favorites on the Show –just wished they showed more of whats going on with you ….But I do LOVE the DRAMA and Fighting but as you said you have young Girls looking up to you so GGGUUUURRR Do your Thang!!

  14. Hey Royce. Girl keep doing what are doing right now. Because i’m am feeling you on this season staying out of the way and doing your own thing. But you right about Evelyn, She needs some couselining or something. Bcause,when a women finds out she getting married is a happiest feeling. I’m mean i’ not dogging her or whatever, but this season she is off the hook. I wouldn’t get mad and thowing bottles at someone or least you bring up my family lol now!!! that’s a different story because i will pop bottles everywhere lol. One more thing them two girls i’m not feeling them. Kenya getting there maybe she is crazy but i can sense that she trying to get to know ya’ll. Kesha trying to hard to fit in. I understand she had a rough life when you were little. But you still living like a princess. But kesha just throw me off when sho brought out her friend. But anyway Royce keep doing you and stay ture to yourself.

  15. Genie 23 says:

    You go, Royce!!!! That’s why you’re the best on this damn crazy show! You stay neutral, keep it real, AND say what theses a**-kissin’ witches need to hear!!! You stand your ground and truly don’t care if “they” don’t care for you because of your superior intelligence AND maturity.
    What in the HELL are grown-a** women gossiping, bickering and street fighting for, anyway???? This is just ADULT-BULLYING…has ANYONE noticed this????

  16. cristella says:

    YAY! ROYCE ! GOOD JOB AGAIN ON THE BLOG ! And you are not boring on the show
    YOu show positive living as well as Shaunie
    It would be nice to see less drama and arguing on this show
    Real Talk -if Kenya said it “she should of owned and admitted it ”
    and Evelyn should of said ” you don’t know me , I know me , Ok – I am getting married soon – so bye
    end of statement

    Shaunie is a great momma for getting Mindless Behavior to surprise her daughter that was BEAUTIFUL!

  17. Had a few spelling eras at Chemo and my laptop is acting crazy. I meant that they are cheap and trying to live a highclass life style.

  18. Mrs. G says:

    Royce, you don’t have to explain your point to anyone.. Your actions speak for themselves.. And I agree with you 100% that Evelyn need to seek help for the ANGER she is harboring. Be it from deciding to allow Chad to cheat(as long as she know about it), or the issues with her father and brother. Oftentimes we lash out at the person/thing that doesn’t matter to us instead of getting to the root of the problem. My mother always said, “A hit dog will holler”. Meaning if it’s true in some form or fashion, you will get mad. if it’s not true, then it shouldn’t/wouldn’t bother. That is learned from childhood.(I’m just saying). It’s so unfortunate that beautiful women, be it black, white or orange will actually stoop to such a level as to obtain fame and fortune. Truth be told, it will all come back and bite you in the butt. Although I am glad she is okay, Tami is a clear example of that (mild heart attack). I hope that made her think twice about her behavior and grow up as well. It’s also so unfortunate that Shaunie’s pockets are getting fatter at the expense of these women. If she doesn’t have any creative control, why is her name still on it as creator and producer ?? #Money

  19. Iris says:

    Oh my goodness! The look on Kenya’s face when Evelyn was going off was creepy!! I would watch her. Why does Evelyn have to resort to violence all the time? Why did’nt she do that to Tami when she was beefing with her? the show is entertaining , but Evelyn needs some serious counseling!!

  20. Theresa says:

    Its all a bit tragic. You hit the head on the nail when you said that E over exaggerated her reaction. How you mad someone called you/referenced you being a hoe and you want to give them hell; but when ya dude (ya fiance’ whatever) cheats on you, you are like “just let me know.” SMH. We definitely need women who have been through to mentor our young girls. Proud of you! Your little friend Kesha…yes messy. Still not feeling her.

  21. me says:

    Royce always gives it to them straight. Love it. Evelyn needs to grow up. she will meet her match one day. she is always picking up a weapon. Chile please.

  22. Stephanie says:

    wow and on that note the church shall say amen. The last part of your blog was so on point. You said that, did that now drop the mic & walk away. I dont think you’re boring its just that your growth & maturity doesn’t make for good ridiculous tv drama. I welcome your growth if nobody else does. kudos on the mentoring.

  23. naenae30 says:

    I think the show is exactly for what it is meant to capture a targer audiance that love the sight of drama entertainment. Well I think all the ladier are blessed and need to take 10 steps back and really asks themselves YYYY DO I DO THIS

  24. Teresa says:

    Royce I agree with everything that you’ve said. I don’t think that Shaunie will intervene regarding Evelyn’s “outbursts”. Those are MONEY actions. That foolishness boosts ratings. Evelyn isn’t really trying to hit anyone with anything. She knows that the loudest gets the most attention. She portrays herself as “Queen B” of the circle where others have to earn her approval before being allowed to join. She’s making an idiot of herself. Admitting that she’s slept around doesn’t make her special! Her actions, her speech, the way she dresses all make her look as though she has ZERO self esteem. I feel sorry for her. I hope that Tami sees how ridiculous they both seem with that “they gotta get our approval to be in the circle” attitude. I can see how you’ve grown and I see that you continue to carry yourself in a respectful manner. The others could learn a thing or two from you girlie!!!

  25. Denni Macklin says:

    I have one question for you, Royce. Tami is always up in someone’s face but she seems to back down from Evelyn. Last night, Evelyn made a comment about Kenya’s weave looking like Tami’s weave and Tami just let it slide. I guess Tami finally met her match and it is not about her trying to tone it down because she was ready to drop Suzie and anyone else. Evelyn has everyone scared except you. TAMI PUNKED OUT, which goes to show that she picks on those who she knows she can beat, i.e. Meeka. Evelyn is a loose hoodrat and she stopped maturing at the age she had her baby. That chick is trash. She is so big and all that but she lets her MOTHER live in the PROJECTS!

  26. Sheila Brown says:

    Amen Royce! I co-sign on everything you said. If rather be known as a successful, happy, mature person, rather than a unhappy, miserable jackass.

  27. Deidre says:

    So what if they think you boring! you are the youngest on the show but your the most mature on the show ! please dont make excuses for keisha . i liked her at first but she just as bad as the rest of them. what the hell is everybody scared of evelyn …… why wont anyone tell her she needs help.. i love tami because aleast you can admit why she is so angry.. anyway you need to evaluate who your friends are…… keisha /susie anyway love you

  28. Sylvia T. Talley says:

    Hi Royce,
    I have liked you from the beginning of the show and you have always carried yourself well. That being said, please tell Tami and Shaunie to STOP holding Evelyn back and let get her ass whooped. With all that mouth lets just see if she can back it up and just let the camera roll. We already know Tami is gangsta,but Ms. Evelyn talks a little bit to much and throws drinks. Lets see just how bad she really is.

  29. nic35 says:

    Evilyne is probably upset because she allowed the world to see what she is made of..I think someone told Jen that hanging out w/ Ev is messy and not good for your career. Buisness people typically don’t want to deal with expolsive hood chicks…Kesha just seems to be out of her element which is not a bad thing..Hood does not equal black it equals ignorance..Suzie is just so glad to be in the “CIRCLE” that it appears she will do anything.. As far as Kenya is concerned the jury is still out on her. I dont know what to think?? Royce I’m happy to see you striving for excellence so much to the point that it is the only way your scenes can be edited.

  30. EO84 says:

    Yes!!!! Now that is the Royce that I have grown to love! Your last post had me a little upset with you because I felt that you were not keeping it real and being biased. This post……let’s just say that I am SOOOO GLAD that you are back. Also, I believe that Evelyn was fronting for the cameras as well. They shouldn’t have held her back so that we can see if she really have any hands. lol. Her bark is so loud that I don’t believe her. Kesha was very messy for bringing her friend to the dinner. It was not THAT serious.

  31. Terri Lee says:

    I have the up most respect for you, never lower your standards to make a dollar. Thank God you have concious!

  32. killahkey says:

    Royce I’m really going to need you to stop commenting on you and Tami’s friendship because it’s obvious from her last few blogs that she doesn’t feel the same about you… Although, I feel you are right in the situation, she is not … ehh idk she just isn’t! lol

  33. Nichole says:

    Royce you are far from boring honey. You’re right you have grown up & you represent black women very well on that show. You have a helleva fan base. So the person who said you were boring has a small mind like Evelyn & like to be messy. You keep representing Royce, intelligence is like royalty. Love your intelligence girl. Love Jen’s classyness too.

  34. quice says:

    Its a difference between being boring and being a mature adult who has a child to think about a reputation to consider a good family image to keep and focussing on real business and not others personal business good job Royce don’t change for no one I like the new you

  35. baby girl says:

    I know why enelyn is so angry she’s unhappy with that fake ass sham of a relationship her and chad has, cus one thing is fo sure any woman happy with her life and soon to be husband would not have time to sit and have a pow wow wit a bunch of single bitter females you would be to busy in love and another thing she know she is loose she showed the world that when she met chad, and if she is anything like she acts on tv chad better run in the other direction and leave her crazy ass alone

  36. Jerseygirl23 says:

    You are so real!! Everything you said is 100% true. Shaunie is not Evelyn’s true friend, she is helping to expose her to get ratings. Evelyn is truly not happy and definitely not with her relationship. When you have to compromise so much of who you are that says something. I don’t even see them walking down the aisle. Continue to stay true to yourself and leading by example and not giving in to the drama. It makes all women look bad.

  37. delania says:

    Royce im very proud of you. Us as black women need to set example for our young black people. Its never ok to fight in the streets or on camera. Some of the girls do need to grow up.

  38. cynthia says:

    Love the response to the follower.Keep doing what you do Royce.Forever you have a fan in me!!

  39. Pam says:

    Royce as much as we love the drama, a real woman/mother must appreciate your growth and realness. Our young girls need to know that all of us can’t handle upsetting matters in an uncivilized way. I am embarassed that I enjoy watching some of the drama in awe, but deep down it is sad that our good characters can be bought. I ask my educated but broke self (lol) would I sell out for a $$check or would I want our young girls and boys to follow greatness? Some times as much as I respect Shaunie I question her conscience. It is apparent, she is not a product of some of the foolishness that goes on. However, she should keep in mind, she is producing a negative product symbolizing black women thought patterns and we wonder why black men don’t want us. Look at how Jen’s husband/ex poured alcohol on her head…totally the lowest disrespect you can do to a woman. This is one of those shows where a sister of color wants to watch but doesn’t want any other race to see it. Stay True Royce, our youth needs it.

  40. sophia says:

    Well said Royce!

  41. leelah76 says:

    I think what kenya was trying to say is that she isn’t the first one to say eve is loose. after all, royce and tami said it many times last season. I wonder if kenya said the loose comment during the audition/interview process because kenya said they sat them down and asked them about each cast member. also keisha and sakara did the same thing, they gave their opinion about the cast. i have a hard time believing kenya is the only one who said anything negative. and i give keisha double side eye for telling something from the interview, and not a private conversation. i guess this gossip was sakara’s chance to finally get on the show. –i thought it was shady of royce to go to the church and look all shady like she didn’t want to be there. the last thing u should ever do is down somebody’s dreams. if u don’t support kenya, then stay home. the blatant doubt and petty criticism(the catering comment) that keisha brought to the table is why kenya was mad. when u want something badly and people around u are telling u to ‘wait’, ‘you can’t do it’, its frustrating. keisha tried to clean it up like she was in kenya’s corner but the shadiness was apparent in some of her comments. I know u like keisha but she kinda deserved some of kenya’s anger. I think keisha is passive aggressive and likes to play the innocent victim.

  42. MICHELLE PAYNE says:

    I have been trying to ween myself off of the attention sloring reality series and Ev really gave me a good reason this time. It’s really becoming a sad situation when beautiful black women are unable to communicate without being aggressive. I wonder how Ev’s daughter feels when she sees this mess on t.v. Is she embarassed and appalled like we all should be or are we so bored with our own lives and to see a lil “excitement” is reguvenating? I’ve had it with classless women who will sell there soul for a dollar and a few minutes of fame. Royce continue to make posItive strides in mentoring young girls and please help thos who are obviously clueless.
    p.s If you can!

  43. Gaijin says:

    Well that was insightful. However what do you mean by “Your ex could’ve spit her out because she looks just like him,” In regards to Shaunie and her chirren. kind of an awkward pause while rading on that comment.

    N.E.WAY: I DO NOT think you are boring on the show. Your like the
    Jiminy Cricket of the show for me. Probably the sanest on the show next to now Keisha. Who I think is great. I do not believe Royce is going anywhere off this show. She has grown up allot and finally got her hair right so the sky’s the limit lol.

  44. Denni Macklin says:

    Well Royce, of all of the Basketball “Wives”, you and Kesha are the only ones who are REAL and not phony and sneaky. You two are above that hoodrattiness. Evelyn thinks she has so much and is so much but last night she admitted to being a tramp. Tami or Suzie told her long ago about hooking up for a purse. Evelyn is thirsty. She needs to look at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she will see real pockets. She needs to just disappear. I cannot believe that she and that Ninja Turtle will have a reality show. LMAO. Tami has lost a lot of hood/street cred because she allowed Evelyn to sound on her weave last night and did not say anything. Evelyn and Tami need to be psychoanalyzed by a real doctor not Shaunie who is the instigator of it all. She could stop all of the foolishness because she is giving them a paycheck. Suzie is pitiful.

  45. yassmine adams says:

    i love you Royce. u had a real talk on this blog, please advice yr friend Tami to stop being stupid kissing evelyn’s ass. the girl who broke her happy home.

  46. Bianca says:

    Royce you have really matured, and you have been keeping it REAL. I do believe that you are the only one who is not afraid to give out compliments. Everyone else is soooo rapped up in the drama its ridiculous. Whoever, said you were boring just likes DRAMA, you are a strong black women who realizes her mistakes and are not afarid to admit to them. It takes a REAL women to admit when she’s wrong. Good luck with your video and your book.

    P.S. You are my FAVORITE out of the bunch. Stay positive girl.

    God Bless

  47. I am so mad that Royce is not on BBW’s more often. The whole cast is super fake. I think if they are going to do these dinners everyone should be included. Why didn’t Kenya act all hood with Evelyn like she did Keisha? Then why didn’t Evelyn ever throw a bottle at Tami like she does everyone else? I know who she don’t want it with again; ROYCE. I like the positive scenes: Shaunie and her daughter then Royce and Tami. Everything else was for the birds.

  48. Victoria says:

    I turn my tv so fast now when BBWives come on bc it IS boring watching old rusty women fight and cuss and fuss!! I’m over it! Get your own show Royce!!! : )

  49. Real Talk says:

    Royce bravo to your honest commits and maturity. Your not boring you just know how to act. These grown black/hispanic women are making us look bad. Dang! Can you settle anything without fighting or calling each other the b word. It’s not cute at all. Some of the women parade like their all that and that’s fine but, show some self respect when you handle situations. Instead you act like teenagers and it’s sad. Plus it’s poor representation for women of color. It’s getting old real quick and it may not mean much but, if this keeps up the show will have one less viewer. I love the part about Shaunie’s daughter and their needs to be more scences like that. Lets show more postivity people and that women of color know how to act. Kenya We still love u in the D — Real Talk

  50. Jennifer says:

    Hi Royce,

    I love the blog this week. However I think the cast along with the director has lost the theme behind this BASKETBALL WIVES this it nothing to the contrary of a BASKETBALL WIIVE you ladied saw away to make money and you did just that along with ruining the repretation of a wives across america who in the hell ask like that. Royce I’m so glad that you’ve seen yourself in the first 2 episode and wanted to change that a good thing. However some of the older ones Tammy, Shaun, and Everlyn has decided to carrying on to not know that they look a hot azzz mess..Where they do that at???? Maybe I need to come on that show!!

  51. Real Talk says:

    Genie 23 I see the adult bullying too. It’s real annoying.” Your in the circle or out the circle”.” This life ain’t for you”. Hitting people in the head. Talking about people’s gear. What?!!! GTF outta here! Are you grown or in high school? If you are strong in who u are, you will not care what others think and what they do or don’t have. Worry about yourself and your own issues. Anger managerment issue, self esteem issues, self control issues, etc. Some of them NEED counseling and I see some are getting it. Great job to those who realize they have issues, knowing is half the battle.

  52. Dani Girl says:

    I enjoy Royce and Kesha on this show. Kesha is a breath of fresh air because she’s not a hoodrat or ghetto girl seeking attention. It seems as if she’s a southern gal with country upbringings from North Carolina. I see nothing wrong or messy about Kesha asking Sakara to confirm what Kenya said. A person who’s about the truth will go to that extent to clear their name. Everything that comes out of Kenya mouth is questionable because she never makes sense…and she’s been this way since the first episode. Kenya never takes accountability for her actions or words. She always places the blame on someone else or something else. She throws people under the bus while acting innocent.

  53. shutup says:

    Royce = Commentator
    Vh1 please work on replacing this chick … grow off camera lol … You’re on a reality show hello … with that said, i cannot wait for evelyn and chad’s show, evelyn IS bbw!!!

  54. Faith says:

    Royce you are not boring, I love the fact that you are not fighting and screaming this season. You have grown up and learned from your mistake, keep up the good work. You are a very matured young lady. I don’t blame you, you have a child so you should be fighting.

  55. Precious says:


  56. ibdw says:

    This is definitely my last season watching any “Basketball Wife” reality show unless they change it drastically. I am not saying that the women have to be fake and, “lovey dovey” all the time but, I definitely don’t want to see every episode of fighting, cussing, and gossiping. I think the show has become so juvenile and, like everyone is saying.. a lot of bullying is taking place. What is so hypocritical is that Tammy and Evelyn are doing the same thing that they are getting mad about at the other women. They sit up and discuss and, gossip about everyone else and bad mouth but, when the tables are turned they can’t take it. You got to bring it to their faces.. child please! HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!

  57. Dah says:

    Well put, Royce. You’re a gem. Much success in you’re endeavors.

  58. really says:

    everyone is saying that kenya lied about calljing evelyn “loose”, but correct me if i’m wrong but i thought i heard kenya say “i said hoe, not loose”, so is evelyn mad about being called “loose”, because i would have been angry about being called “hoe”

  59. AmarieW says:

    Yes, this too is my last season of BBW. I’ve only watched it thus far because I am a fan of Royce. After last night it is 100 percent official. No more supporting violence from women who should be the teachers of life at this point. I am 31. I grew up in poverty central. I used to have a hood mentality as well. If someone were to hurt my family or threaten them YES the hood would come out lol. But other than that I am a god fearing, educated woman and mother. Evelyn should be arrested for her behavior and the judge should FORCE her to go to anger management so that she can get to the root of her behavior. And FYI – according to society standards. EV is indeed loose. If she did not want to be thought of that ways she should have never slept with Chad on the first date on national TV. In the beginning Ev made such a big deal about Royce’s character because she was a cheer leader. Now she can not take what she has been dishing all along. Seems like Karma to me. But either way. Much love and Blessings in your future endeavors Royce. Peace!

  60. andrea says:

    was i the only one that saw chad tell evelyn right to her face that he won’t be able to stay faithful??? and she so jo that she’s about to marry this guy her daddy issues is what let’s her put up with this

  61. Elisabeth says:

    Royce you are the most positive person on the show, don’t give that person (that called you boring) another minute of your time, EVER!

  62. dultimate dultimate says:

    IF YOU KNOW BETTER YOU DO BETTER..Now that’s REAL TALK…Keep your head up Royce.You are beautiful,intelligent and articulate.You know what you are about and I know that you are not going to let anyone determine what your values are nor are you going to let anyone dictate your pace..

    In regards to next week’s episode,you do know that Jennifer would not have considered meeting with you had she and Evelyn been friends….But she is not going to pull the wool over your eyes…anyway it is a good thing to forgive.It is written to forgive if you want to be forgiven and that you should forgive your neighbour seventy times seven in a day(or something to that effect)

  63. bosscat says:

    and jen is better off with out her and somebody should give suzie some pepto for her verbal diahrrea

  64. Ros says:

    Royce…to hell with anyone who thinks you are boring!! What you are is SMART, educated, talented, and you make it a point to maintain your integrity, your respect for yourself despite what some viewers consider “reality” television. Now, I am sorry that you and Jennifer are no longer friends, but that was her bad. It seemed to me that she listened to Evelyn’s poison instead of going with what she knows about you and checking for herself. And that’s not to say that there was anything to even be so foolish about. So sad she didn’t realize the type of “friend” she had in Evelyn sooner.
    But…have you noticed that Evelyn can’t get along with any of you who are educated, has true goals and aspirations, and have a real life that’s focused on serious business ventures? (Shaunie doesn’t count bcos that’s the paycheck) Won’t be long before her and Tami are at it again. I’m gonna have to stop watching though. Evelyn seems to be the center of the show and it is going down hill…fighting and disgracing herself and the ladies over “you said I was a hoe or loose”…..what the hell? Well when she finally get’s her paycheck for selling her body to whoever will buy, I hope she finds a place to buy some self respect because I think she left hers in the South Bronx on the #6 train.
    Keep doing you Royce!!!!

  65. Mimi says:

    Royce, I must say that you have really matured since last season. It is a great look on you. I must say that I lovED the show, but all of the violence has turned me off. Evelyn reminds me of a schoolyard bully or some “gang” leader. If Kesha said it, so what? One can’t control another person’s actions or speech, and then to result to verbal and physical abuse was very tacky and immature. It was embarrassing and degrading to all women.

    Keep the positive attitude and keep your “good eye” on Suzie.

  66. sheena says:

    Boring ur not I agree you have shown growth yes i still like watching the drama but i wouldn’t say i’d rather see you in it your too little:) and i agree Ev is unhappy wouldn’t u b if ur soon to b husband wanted to bring other woman into ur bedroom…. i hope u read this and keep up the good work with the young ladies. continue to lead by example

  67. Shaunie The Mediator says:

    TAMI & EVELYN – Please seek professional help in the areas of Drug Addiction, Alcohol Abuse. In addition, Mental Health. Because, only people that are under the influence of insanity, drugs, and alcohol conduct themselves like wild animals.

    SHAUNIE – Stop running around playing the Mediator, You do not have those types of skills. You are lacking severely in the areas of leadership, and interaction skills. Shaunie you are an accident that is waiting to happen. You will eventually be hit by a wine glass, or slapped in the face trying to play go-between. Stop dropping your head and putting your head in your hands, and screaming ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV. You have every opportunity to be honest with Tami & Evelyn about their criminal -like behavior.

    Suzie – You need to stop spreading gossip. You are like a snake in the grass. You wait around for gossip and Kesha, Kenya,and Jennifer are not wise enough to realize that they are talking to the trouble-maker. Suzie concentrate on getting yourself a man and a side job.

  68. Karen says:

    Amen Royce Amen!

  69. Teecat says:

    Unfortunately, black women are stereotyped by what is portrayed on tv. Evelyn is a disgrace. She is upset because she was referred to as “Loose.” She showed the viewers herself that she was loose when she slept with Ocho on the first date. It didn’t just happen, she went prepared to hoe around, not to mention what has come out of her own mouth about her past hoeing around escapades. I like the way you have grown up before our eyes. It was refreshing. Shaunie is enjoying the mess that is going on with Evelyn. She seems to want the viewers to believe she is a positive influence on the show, when in fact she is one of the instigaters. Why does Evelyn and Tami think they need to get to the bottom of everything? Especially irrelevent stuff. Unless there are some positive changes made to the show, this is my last season watching. I would like to see some “Real” basketball wives in the future. A grieving sistah.

  70. LONDA says:


  71. Nia says:

    Maybe Tami needs to bring Evelyn along with her to anger management classes. Evelyn is outta control this season.

  72. Public Eye says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by creating the most violent Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, offensive language and physical assaults. Shaunie is sleeping peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having heart attacks, climbing on tables in rage, thrpwomh around wine glasses, and getting slapped in the face. What some people will do for the love of money, fame., and fortune. I am not a fan of Shaunie’s, but I will give her crredit for being smart in the areas of business, and for having the skills to maintain her cool in public.

  73. Shaunie Birthday Dinner says:

    To see Evelyn outside of Shaunie’s birthday dinner, waiting for Jennifer to come out, so that she could attack her , was truly pathetic. Evelyn mental state actually flipped back to her elementary school days. Evelyn & Tami do you not know that fully developed (adults), mothers, and parents do not go around acting like kids, wannabe bullies, hooligans, thugs, and gang-bangers. This was a sick sight to see. If Tami & Evelyn are so obsessed with warfare, then they should join the Army, become a Boxers, or become a Wrestlers. Because, we do not need this type of physical violence on National TV. The two of you conducts yourselves like mentally undeveloped females adults. You are running around with an adult body, with a child mind-set. By spending millions of dollars beautifying yourselves externally, will not help your psychological state of mind. This is a serious issue, which needs professional attention.

  74. Zero Tolerance says:

    We are waiting for Tami & Evelyn to turn on one another. It is just a matter of time, because Tami & Evelyn are highly unstable. Evelyn & Tami are crying out for help and VH1 and the Producers are not listening, because they are too interested in the show ratings and making money. There should be zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, threats, physical assaults on the show. Somebody is going to get harmed beyond recovery, or somebody is going to have a nervous breakdown. This show is unhealthy for the cast mates and the show is unhealthy for viewers

  75. tan says:

    Royce you are so true especially about Evelyn. You are the only non-wife that deserves to be on the show. Evelyn, Kesha and Suzie need to go. I am so tired of the drama.

  76. Genie 23 says:

    Ladies, I have read most of your blogs in saying that you will no longer watch the show due to the stupidity and humiliation of grown women.I have said the same thing.

    BUT!!!!! You may not agree…..I have found this to be an EXCELLENT tool in teaching my teenage daughter and cousin on how NOT to act! I tell them, when they SEE behaviors like this in girls that will eventually grow into women…GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM! Girls LIKE THIS potentially become women like this later on in life. Always angry, resentful of others and dumba$$ bullies that eventually will get themselves or others around them killed.

    I’ve also instructed them to NOT be the “YES-MAN/WOMAN” like Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami are for each other. I understand $$$is involved. But, at the end of the day where is your integrity???

    I have told my daughter, that should I EVER hear of her being part of such indecency in this life the way Evelyn and the rest of the crazed women act……….SHE WILL ANSWER TO ME! I didn’t raise a cruel and evil child and she had better NOT let anyone be her leader in such horrible manner.

  77. Ban Reality Show Cast Members says:

    VH1 Reality cast members should be ban from Bars, Restaurants, Hotel Lounges, and Clubs Nation-wide.

    Because when these cast members arrive, their customers are put in harms way. Regular customers are in the midst of these wild and out -of-control people brawls.

    Wine glasses, glass plates, could hit regular customers and who knows what else.

  78. Chad The More Babies- The More You Pay says:

    If Chad were a smart man, he would lock down all of his money, and worthy possessions before marriage. He knows Evelyn will lay down anybody (fast-quick-in a hurry) if the money is right.

    Chad & Evelyn are not in-love, they both love money, fame, and attention. This is why they are good together.

    Chad do not give Evelyn that security blanket (babies) she is working hard for. Because, if you do you will surely pay big time. This is why she wants multiply babies. The more babies, the more you pay.

  79. PitBulls says:

    Tami & Evelyn should be Ban from Florida and ban from the streets Nation Wide. These two females are untamed animals. They live their life as if they are PitBulls and Rockweiners. They are harm to themselves, to those around them, including their daughters.

    Tami & Evely are not bullies, they are insane and wounded souls.

  80. Shstarlight says:

    Royce, I at first did not like you but now I do. Stay as you are and especially stay away from Evelyn’s psycho ass. It just don’t make any sense for suppose to be grown ass woman behaving this way. Her old ass need to sit down somewhere before she break her hip or something. I would not invite her old ass any where either. She acts like an animal instead of a human. Chad been cheating on her old ass! I would not marry her old ass!! You doing the right thing staying away from and mind your own business. Stay good!

  81. Allens B says:

    Basketball wives reminds me of the Bad Girls Club on oxygen network, I dont know which show is worst because they both have constant fighting and bickering among each other, however I can look over the bad girls club behavior because they are very young women compared to the seasoned basketball wives, I know that drama sells, but the ladies on basketball wives are going overboard with the drama, give it a rest sometimes ladies, I will not be tuning in anymore because you cant really enjoy the show without a bunch of mess going on.

  82. Leonard says:

    VH1 – Do you drug test your employees before employment and after employment?

    You need to get Tami & Evelyn under control before we have another Armstrong case.
    Tami & Evelyn are high risk. They are physically attacking cast mates, threatening, harassing, and tormenting them. VH1 should have a signed contract for employees demanding Zero Tolerance for Violence. VH1 Security should escort the Bully off the set immediately, ban them from the set and from the premises.

  83. Blessedandhighlyfavoredinthelord says:

    Royce- I can say that you are the only one on this show with any good since. It is so sad that grown women with kids act that way on t.v.. I am just upset with Tami the issues she had with Evelyn I could understand now she wants to be the bully of the group. Evelyn is trying to out bid Tami for the baddest chick spot . Grow up please.

  84. Val says:

    ROYCE ROYCE ROYCE, would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to your DAD. He is the one man who really loves you. You need his help and guidance so that you can stop making the very same mistakes over and over. You have got to get yourself under control when it comes to men. You need to embrace at least a 6 month rule and stop using and being used for sex. You are worth more than that. I don’t care what any one says, you will never get a decent husband the way that you are going about it. Even Suzie seems to have figured that out. Ask your Dad to school you on men and really believe what he says. Good Luck.