Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 7: “If You Said It, Own It. Period.”


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.

WOW! Last night’s episode was disturbing to say the least. I mean, we all can joke and pick on each other to a certain extent for entertainment purposes but when it gets to the point of threats followed through by bottle throwing, it gets scary…

The show opened basically where it left off last week. Kenya was stuck. Some are saying she admitted to the remark about Evelyn being loose but she actually said she “referenced what she heard.” Although I don’t think it’s that serious, she passed it on as “someone else saying it” not her. That’s where this supposed problem lies. I know that’s where I had an issue last week. My name was brought up and I never had a conversation with Kenya referencing Evelyn’s sex life. If you said it, own it. Period…

The fact that Kesha felt she needed to bring in Sakara was a tad bit messy but when you are around this group of women, sometimes you need to clean up the table in which you were eating whether you dropped crumbs or not. Just saying…

I love Tami‘s and my relationship but WHY DID SHE SIGN ME UP TO GO TO THIS CHURCH WITH KENYA???? I just came to say hello and talk about the play, how did I get volunteered to be a part of this? Disclaimer: I don’t ever want to be on Kenya’s bad side. I have no problems with her. I have my issues, yes, but I don’t want that problem…she scares me and I’m woman enough to say that. I touched on the Suzie situation last week but I’m happy after their talk. She and Tami worked things out to the point they can move forward.

Now on to some positive and business things shown this episode…

YAY me with the fitness video. I’m very excited and it’s still in the works. Just like my book, it takes time. I don’t want to anything half assed. The meetings with Jojo, Talia, fitness instructors, casting, choreography, etc., are still taking place. The entire production takes a LONG time. Hopefully it will be out this year or early 2013. Same thing with my energy drink! Look out for that also!

Shaunie, great job on the party for Mimi. She seemed very happy. Some don’t realize when a girl cries it can be happy tears. Her face when Mindless Behavior walked in was classic. I’m sure this will be a birthday to remember and the fact it was televised she will be able to say she shared it with the world. Your ex could’ve spit her out because she looks just like him, I think you just carried her for nine months lol. Anyways, it’s always great to see the family aspect of the cast in a positive manner.

Well that section was quick…back to the drama…

DID YOU SEE THE WAY KENYA SAT THERE SMILING WITH THAT “LOOK” WHILE EVELYN WAS GOING OFF ON HER? That’s the look I’m talking about. Ashley said it a few seasons ago, “We all have a little bit of crazy in us,” but Kenya babyyyyyyy…she’s that chick you want ONLY on your side or neutral. As far as the movie moment happening after that…I want to say it happened due to Kenya not admitting the fact she called Evelyn loose, but I think it was already in her head she wanted to “f*ck her up” when the vein popped out. I’m still not sold on this reaction being the same away from the cameras tho…It was a bit much. I get called a lot of things but never am I angry enough to grab bottles off the wall and plates off the table then proceed to sling them at someone’s head. I also refuse to threaten someone about me coming after them every time I see them. I stated “I’m grown, I can coexist with anyone.” My mom told me a long time ago “The way you react to a remark made about you shows its truth.” For someone getting married in a few months and happily in love, Evelyn seems to be extremely angry. I think something else is weighing heavy on her heart, mind and soul and it needs to be lifted asap. We aren’t friends but to see someone that I still give at LEAST 2 sh*ts about spiraling down is sad. I think her “friends” i.e. Shaunie needs to really sit down and talk to her and get her into some counseling rather than cosigning and laughing in the next recap dinner…REAL TALK!

Lastly, a statement was made to me by one of my followers last night. She asked to have me removed from the show because I was boring now. My response to that is am I boring because I’m not fighting and screaming this season? Am I boring because over the past 2.5 years that you’ve seen me on this show I’ve grown up, learned from my mistakes and matured? Am I boring because I’m pursuing my career or am I boring because I’m honest? Some may feel I’m being cocky or that I feel like I’m better than my cast members. That’s not true. I’ve made my mistakes: TRUST I know, I have, and will. I’m not perfect by any means. However, I mentor young girls ages 5-17 every week and I have to lead by example. If you know better you do better. I’ll never feel as if I’m better than anyone but I am BETTER THAN THAT. I wouldn’t be fan favorite if I was indeed boring. The amount of followers I have does NOT constitute the amount of respect I receive.

I’m outtie.

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