She Said/She Said: Read What Evelyn And Tami Have To Say About Episode 7 Of Basketball Wives


Each week on this season of Basketball Wives, we’ve been doing our best to keep up with the recaps and blog posts the cast of the show has been writing to give their side of what’s really going down. This week Jennifer took some time off from writing, but Evelyn and Tami each wrote some pretty great posts (as in, they do NOT hold back), and we’ve got excerpts from each of them here. For their complete posts, check out their sites which are linked below. (And since Evelyn’s Tami impression was too good last night, we’re just re-posting it again here because why not?)

Here’s Evelyn’s writeup:

…To sum it up, talking reckless about me helped [Kenya] get on the show. *claps hands* Good job Crazy As Hell Kenya Bell, happy that I was able to keep you relevant.

For me, it honestly wasn’t about the loose comment; it was the fact that Kenya was judging, being negative and talking sh*t.. She doesn’t know anything about me, however, she came on the show smiling in my face trying to be my friend, and all the while she was doing her little round table with other cast members and referring to me as being ‘loose.” That’s fake right? Tami, Suzie and I were so confused when we tried to get to the bottom of what Kenya really said and it’s sickening that she can’t keep up with her own f*cking lies. And what is even more sickening is the fact that Kenya was trying to channel Jennifer and Tami. She gave up the kitten heels for Louboutins and turned the leaning wig in for a curly weave. Let me stop, because at dinner, she actually looked more like someone’s Auntie…

On a serious note, things went a little far and I could have handled the situation differently. I may feel a certain way about Kenya, but I know that I shouldn’t have thrown that bottle. I could have seriously injured her or one of my cast mates. I own up to what I did and admit my anger did get the best of me.

But…I’m still mad at her f*cking Kitten Heels.

And now it’s Tami’s turn. Tami is even more opinionated this week, writing:

Girl if you tell us one more time how much Suzie f#%ks… I’m going to strangle you.

I would have liked for you to tell the truth while we were poolside. I can’t say that I was your number 1 fan but I respected your hustle. I have a big problem with people who lie to me and I really didn’t want to think that about you since we were trying to build a “business” relationship. However, there are several things that happened before that moment – the infamous conversation you and Keisha had before coming into this situation and that is why I still wanted to have your back. To this day I believe you about that and hopefully all of that will come out because in this particular conversation, I feel you weren’t portrayed properly.

Please go sit your ass down somewhere! Trying to get Royce and Jen to be friends is ridiculousness at its best. If Jen and Evelyn were still cool, under NO circumstances would they even be in the same room, this I know for a fact! As you know Evelyn and I talked out our problems so I’m all for women being grown and resolving their problems but the talking should be genuine and NOT forced. In my opinion, Jen and Royce being cool are as fake as Kenya saying she didn’t remember what she said.

Regarding us- you need to understand that when you met me, I was recovering from a hardship. I hadn’t been on food stamps for three years before coming into this situation…In a nutshell, your comment was definitely out of pocket. I’ve been working for a very long time either in Entertainment or in Corporate America and I’ve made my own money for awhile now. I forgive you because I like your simple ass and I think we have an understanding now. You apologized so I’m done with that chapter.


…you had the best comment of the night…”I wasn’t there to WITNESS any of it, so I don’t really have an opinion”. Those are words to live by, wish my “friend” Royce had followed that premise.


A hot ass mess! Evelyn knows her ass will pick up something and throw it. I had to get involved because I didn’t want anybody to end up in the hospital. I do think that Kenya showed a great deal of patience or was it quiet insanity-either way, that mess looked crazy. You had to actually be there. It was like she was on the witness stand…literally she just kept staring at Evelyn and saying the same thing over and over again…”I do not remember.” That was her answer to every question. Quite comparable to “I plead the fifth” LOL.

On a lighter note, Kenya was looking like Michelle Obama, Suzie was laughing like a hyena, Shaunie had her usual “WTF is happening face”, Keisha ass was in the corner or maybe under the table, the other girl was looking like “These bitches are crazy” and Evelyn was on twenty. Just another maniac night with the girls :)

…Kenya’s weave looking like mine – that wasn’t a diss from Evelyn-as the story unfolds; you will understand what she meant. Single Black Female #thatisall

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