Another Day, Another Party For Think Like A Man, This Time With Emily B., Olivia, And Jennifer Williams In Attendance


Think Like A Man doesn’t even come out in theaters until April 20, but judging from the number of red carpets and parties celebrating the film’s release, you’d think it’s been out there for a while. Yesterday we showed you some of the best shots from the film’s Atlanta premiere, and today we noticed that the New York premiere was, dare we say it, even more star-studded. Not only did almost all of the film’s stars jet up here to make the party, but some of our favorite VH1 stars were there to show support too, like Jennifer Williams, Emily Bustamante and Fabolous, and Olivia. And of course La La Anthony, who appears in the film was also on hand, though she showed off another hairstyle we’re loving, without bangs this time. Is it just us, or does this crowd look like they’re having a really good time? Some of these pics are pretty hilarious.

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  1. djs says:

    I was happy to see you out having fun and being seen. That is what ” THIS LIFE” is all about. Ev needs to take notes to have fun and enjoy the good life while she can, instead of creating madness and mayhem every where she goes. Life is not promised to us from day to day, it is to precious to waste. Kudos to you. God bless

  2. chris winston says:

    beautiful pic

  3. mark says:

    hey real lovely you are but! there is something about you that is scarey and painful and excue me for saying this but i don’t know you ,but free yourself and then you could really yourself,and that’s you can be your self. your beauty does shine,but fear is a common disease……….

  4. AJ says:


  5. NUBIAN says:

    you know ” you will known educated women like Jen any way you see people act like fools”. I love the way you handle stupid people, but you need to learn to defend yourself,” Do not let anybody slap you like your a kid”. you need to do something. Go and get a Training for self defend .

  6. ee says:

    Jen I hope they give you your own show as you are the only one who represents well for all sisters! Those other bullies are off the list for me.

  7. L Stanley says:

    Couldn’t aggred more with you guys comments. Jen you ignore stupid people and leave most of the time when people act stupid. Keep it up. It’s a word called “jealousy” that’s what Evelyn is of you. It’s tears her up when you sit and look at her like she’s stupids. My grandmother always told me SILENCE will kill a person. You make them look stupid by not responding to ignorant talk. You dress your as! off, her handbags, girls, your make up always nice and the way you carry yourself. Continue to know you and be around positive people and always get advice from positive people. Tammy don’t like you either, she’s still trying to catch up with the fashion. Whatever your pass is, all of them has a pass and seems to me Evelyn pass is worst than every bodies. Who was married to a basketball player and who was not? Thank you!!! Haters make a whole lot of people famous. Stay true to yourself JEN girl!!!!

  8. kyiababy says:

    ever body is having a baby

  9. EUDINE ROLLE says:


  10. Shamel says:

    Nice pics! This was a great movie. Kevin Hart was hiiiiilarious. Jennifer Williams looked lovely as usual. Loved the outfit she was wearing. She was on point from head to toe. I am rooting her on in all her future endeavors. She is such a lady. Did anyone notice Adrienne Bailon and Fabolous on a pic together??? He is always with Adrienne (just Google them) but never with his so-called girlfriend Emily. Not to mention Emily and Adrienne are on a pic together. Maybe they in a Chad and Evelyn type of relationship….hmmmm!

  11. Monique Allen says:

    I think u guys did a good job keep it up!!!

  12. jussayin says:

    Will she ever take those contacts out?

  13. mzSumner says:

    I think that whoever said something about Adrienne and Fabolous were right on target!! It’s pretty messed up that they put a pic of Adrienne and Emily together. Emily doesn’t look too happy in it either. Adrienne just looks like a sneaky ho sitn beside her. Adrienne and Fabolous look more like a couple than he and Emily do. Wow…don’t sit beside me and try to be my friend if you are with my man!!! I use to like A but now I got absolutely no respect for her!!!

  14. Lisa W says:

    You know what i cannot stand? is black men who have made it, switch and get with a white chic. Not hating white chics but damn!! give the black girls a chance to arrive as well nuh? what is John Legend doing with this white chic? just tell me someone?

  15. DEVIN says:


  16. DEVIN says:


  17. Boggie says:

    JEN continue to be a lady, the rest of that clan wish that had half of the personality and smarts that you have.