Basketball Wives Episode 8 Sneak Peek: Evelyn’s Out For Blood


Last week, Basketball Wives left off with Evelyn hurling a bottle of pinot noir in Kenya‘s direction. This week, tune in for the aftermath. Evelyn is still heated and ranting when Tami tells her “You would have killed that girl.”

I think Shaunie‘s expression says it all. She still can’t believe a bottle flew over her head.

Basketball Wives airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Gizelle says:


  2. Fan says:

    Kenya must be crazy. she was so quick to take off her shoes for Keisha. What she should have done was beat the living daylights out of Evelyn. I am getting sick of he bipolar “loose” self. Shaunie said that she is not in her drama with Jen and now Kenya, but as a women she should let Evelyn know that this is not a good look for her. She should take out this anger on the man that is she going to marry. He told her that he is going to cheat so I guess she has it in for all women.

  3. Fioan says:

    Am I the only one DISGUSTED by these grown women behavior?

  4. Tami Fan says:

    My girl Tami, you look great, refreshed, and you have a glow about you this season. Keep doing what you’re doing whatever you’re doing. You look fantastic. Keep growing:)

    Try to keep out of the craziness and let that craziness playout without your participation..

  5. Diana says:

    I can’t believe that these women let VH1 make us black women look like buffoons. It’s sickining to see grown women act like savage animals all for fame,money and ratings. And people think it’s ok. Smh!

  6. Marisa says:

    How were they not all tossed out of that establishment and excuse me Nostrils you almost got beaned in the head with a bottle and plate that ish was dangerous what if it hit another customer. Also it makes sense now how about the reason Jen filed charges against somebody for hitting her. They wanted to confront her for what reason Nostrils and Tami met her one on one you could have expressed yourself then. This is a disgrace to grown women EVERYWHERE. I have to associate with people I dont like but everyone stays in their own lane and mature. Also why is Suzi forever trying to get folks to meet with each other it always blows up. Jen decided last season not to deal with Royce and Royce said the same, at least these two should handle their issues maturely we hope

  7. Denise says:

    Evelyn, girl you are not that mad because someone called you loose. Girl you are a grown ass women. By the time a woman reaches a certain age we’re all considered loose. It’s not like you’re some young girl with a reputation to uphold. Come on, really!!!! Throwing bottles. Now what if you had it someone with the bottle & seriously injured them. Your stupid self would be in jail. You just want some attention. You better watch out. because the way Kenya was looking at you, you could tell she’s not scared of you. So don’t be surprised if she throws some karate on your ass. Shaunie you should be ashame of yourself too. You’re a producer on the show & I notice you never welcome the new ladies. You never welcomed Meeka now , Kenya & Kesha. After all if they didn’t come on the show your bullies wouldn’t have anybody to attack but each other again. You look stupid too talking about those girls to Evelyn & Tami before you even sit down to meet them. Royce was the mature one in this whole season & she the youngest. You 3 older birds are looking real stupid this season. Yall need to read what people are saying.

  8. rozzieroz says:

    Please don’t call Evelyn black she is Porta Rician. She’s make them look like fool. You see both Jen and Kenya are handling her like adults.

  9. Diamond says:

    I wish Jen would invite me to the next gathering as her guest so the next time Ev jumps up she’ll get beat down! She aint about “this life” either! FOH If Ev claims to “own” who she is, then why get all out of pocket when someone calls you “loose”! You would’ve thought the girl slapped Ev’s mama the way she is carrying on! Punks jump up to get beat down! Ev, I’m talking to you!

  10. Cathy says:

    Evelyn is entirely too old to be fighting. It is apparent that Kenya touched a nerve with evelyn because deep down, she feel that her behavior can be described as loose and someone who barely knows her could see it as well. This show is really appalling. I cannot stomach the high school mentality being displayed by women in their thitiries to forties.

  11. TaNisha says:

    I totally agree with you Cathy. There is no reason for you to be so upset Evelyn, unless…. you really have been loose. These women really needs to grow up. I hate Kesha let them drag her down to being messy. Royce by far it the most upstanding lady on this show. Thumbs up to Royce for being a mature woman. VH1 please put these little girls to rest; they are just beyond childish, and it’s really boring!

  12. Conscious says:

    Evelyn, find a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself, because the woman in the mirror needs your attention immediately if not sooner. Hmm, you get angry at a woman calling you loose, but you have no issue with a man you plan to marry endangering your life by sleeping with others and announcing it on television. WTH?! Let me keep it 100 with you, you are either stuck on stupid or have a very low opinion of yourself. Instead of fighting others, beat the crap out of the sad person living in your head, so that you can find the strength to learn to love yourself.

  13. TJ says:

    Evelyn you are so unhappy. It is so apparent! You have hated and lashed out at everyone on the show (Royce, Tami, Susie, Jen, Keisha and Kenya). WATCH OUT SHAUNIE you’re next to experience the WRATH of Hurricane EVELYN!

  14. It’s sad that this hispanic woman Evelyn Lozada, attacks African American women on this show, especially the dark skinned ones and the other African Amerivcan women just laugh it off like it’s ok. Don’t these women know that hispanic people think that they’re better than black people. They’re always getting caught saying derogatory things about dark skinned black females in the media. What is wrong with Shaunie O’Neal and Tammy Roman’s mind. They both have dark skinned daughters that this sort of thing might happen to one day, and I hope they can laugh it off and turn a blind eye to it like they do on the show. Evelyn has no class and she acts like a maniac. Her behavior isn’t cute. I hope Jen and Royce stay away from that low class woman.

  15. Shstarlight says:

    I’m so sick of evelyn’s ass it don’t make any sense!! Do she have to be on the show?!!

  16. Shstarlight says:

    Please kick evelyn off the show!!! I had actually stopped looking at the show because of her and just start looking at the show again and her old ass still immature.

  17. Sh at starlight says:

    Me and my friends said that we are probably going to stop looking at the show it again, because its just not classy at all. It makes our african american women look like animals.

  18. manofGod says:

    Women of color,you are such of an embarrassment to every black women who has fought for their integrity and you girls blemished it with ignorance and for the mighty dollar bill.You’ve been brought to a place of success,and you are allowing success to bring you captive ignorance.Whats in you will come out,and whats been coming forth from you girls is straight up jungle and you girls might think that you are shinning,but for from it,all behind a dollar bill,at best you are whoring and don’t know it.How old are you girls twelve,because women don’t carry themselves like that.Evelyn grow up,what? are you like in third grade ? how old is the cast?what nine.who would marry any of you girls acting like jungle rats.

  19. Kaia says:

    Really? I cannot believe this show is allowed to exist. First, somebody, anybody, Shaunnie, whoever, get rid of ass kissing, Susie. Thats who is naive. She has no clue that she is not really part of the “in crowd”. Its so sad to watch her. Its almost sickening. Everybody is so high school. Matter of fact, the last episode did it for me. I’m giving this show up. I can’t take it anymore. What else is on TV.

  20. Shstarlight says:

    You are definitely right Kaia. Its ashame for them to be acting like they are in 9th grade. I had stopped looking at the show myself a while back, and Evelyn with her old ass has not changed for the better! I’ll probably stopped watching the show again myself. They are no examples for the younger women today, especially our african american women. Its down right pitiful! Don’t Evelyn know that the Lord Jesus Christ is seeing everything she is doing and saying? She is acting so evil!

  21. EloiseM says:

    All I can say is, I’m so thankful that that Meeka character is definitely back on. Kenya may be crazy and a coward, but she has a whole lot more class and good looks than that Meeka. I love watching Basketball Wives . Couldn’t stand BW Los Angrles. Too trashy with too many wannabes except for Jackie Christie.

  22. EloiseM says:

    CORRECTIONS…..I meant to write that that Meeka character IS NOT BACK ON this show.

  23. angie says:

    This is EXCLUSIVELY for the biggest girl.. i forgot her name. Tammy is it?
    you are such a shame to your daughters. I can see the dirty spit come out of your mouth every time you jerk your head back and yell like crazy. i would never want my kid to associate with yours.
    didn’t you say that you wanted these girls to rip each other out in one of the interviews?you lovee drama. so basically you love violence.
    it’s absolutely disgusting everytime you purse your lips and go “hrmmmm”. gtfo

  24. Tt says:

    Jen and Royce are the only LADIES this season. Evelyn is such an embarassment. Her poor daughter. Thought Shaunie knew better but she is moving in that direction too. Have these women forgotten they are mothers.

  25. boricuabx says:

    Evelyn, you really make PUERTORICAN women look pathetic. Thanks for that. You should seriously consider anger management classes and act your age. Your daughter seems to act more mature than you. You are beautiful, kill them with grace. Don’t loose your dignity behind nonsense.

  26. Nyb1107 says:

    Shaunie you should be a shame of yourself for allowing Evilyn attack people it does not make a good show. She ia always attacking people and you just agree with her behavior clearly your judgement is clouded when it comes to stupid Evilyn. Please why make black women look stupid what grown woman acts that way your insane and you know she is wrong. All of you guys are fake

  27. Lewis says:

    Shaunie if you are Evelyn’s friend why cant you tell her when she is wrong and has crossed the line. She almost hit you and Suzie in the head. She has taken the show to an ALL TIME low. Evelyn, needs to stop taking her issues out on everyone else, it is not Kenya’s fault that she is not friends with Jen and that she has to buy her husband condoms because he is “loose” and doesn’y love nad respect her enough to do right by her. Evelyn, you really need to reflect on the image you are carrying. I honestly feel sorry for you. No wonder your daughter wanted to go to school on the other side of the country. He mom is acting a hot mess in all areas and I know deep down she is embarassed by your actions. Act like a Lady and think like a Mom. Shaunie, you are just pimping the other ladies and dont deserve any credit for anything, you are like a perso who throws a rock, and tries to hide their hand, like they have done nothing wrong. Really Tami is the one with the charisma to lead the show. I am just done with the show and will not watch next season because it is an embarassment to even admit that I watch the show.

  28. Nyb1107 says:

    Glad Jenn finally see Evilyn for what she is stay away from her she is poison. Shaunie clearly you have no CLASS at all if you think siding with Evilyn. How can your children by proud of what you are potraiting on this stupid show. Just crazy Evelyn is poooooooooison stop drinking it Shaunie and physco Tammy what do your girl think not a good role model

  29. Trill says:

    Okay this is Trill. I posted my idea on my personal Facebook account and I got 21 likes in five minutes. I have to start a new Facebook just for this so looks for Trill California and we can let them know while we keep it trill.

  30. Christina says:

    Washed up old lady bullies. Sums up basketball ex-wives. Desperate ex wives the men are probably embarrassed by them. Oh well its typical anyways right?

  31. Dena says:

    I don’t see nothing uplifting about the show at all. These women get off on putting one another down everytime they see each other. They say they have sooooooooo much going on in their lives but yet they seem to have the time to fight and act ghetto (Evelyn). I don’t really understand the purpose of the show at all. I like how Tami is trying to better herself. Someone needs to take Evelyn to the side and help this child asap. She is an embarrassment to her daughter and any future children she is thinking about having.I can not believe that her family have not disowned her as a result of this show.

  32. ohsotrue says:

    I refuse to state these women represent me as a black women. Oprah represents me, Tyra Banks represents me, Michelle Obama represents me, Maya Angelou represents me. There’s a better host, more successful women that represent me as a black woman. I don’t have anything in common with the stupidity and childish behavior that is happening on this show. Exempt is Royce, Jennifer and Keshia….

  33. Rhonda says:

    What is wrong with Evelyn? Why is she so violent? Someone is going to bust her in her eye. She always throwing, stomping, cursing…..Chad you are crazy marrying someone like that. She is violent and will do any and everything……sad girl

  34. Rhonda says:

    Evelyn has the nerve to wear the honesty jewelry, why? She has no scruples. She will say anything, do anything…..Why is Shaunie hanging around these women. Now evelyn went to far. Throwing a bottle…she needs to be kicked off the show. She doesn;t deserve to be on the show.

  35. NATAYA CAIN says:


  36. Harry - Words of Encouragement says:

    I feel like sharing a word of encouragement for all of our sisters, and brothers across the world. In our lifetime, we will all experience some type of heartbreak, failure, disappointment, trauma, grief, anger, confusion, emotional illness, physical illness, mental illness, depression, letdowns, rejection, of the hurt, angry, abuse, misuse, bullying, hate, hurt, disapproval, chastisement, aches and pain. This is a part of life, everybody handle these types of life issues differently. This is okay, but it is important for us to take the time to acknowledge and accept what has happened to us. Next, work hard to put ourselves back together again. Many times, we cannot do it alone. All of my help comes from my Creator. Because there is not a man or woman on earth that can love us, help us, heal us, guide us, and be true to us like our Creator. So I encourage Tami & Evelyn to seek professional help and spiritual help from our Creator. Our Creator loves all of his children, and he wants us to love one another.

  37. Kenny says:

    People all over the globe have experienced some type of hurt. What is important is how we react to the hurt. Heartbreaks and relationship failures will happen, if we cannot handle the bad and hurtful experience in a civil manner, we must seek professional help. It is not everybody fault that you are hurt, it is not the entire world fault that you were hurt. I love my children, I love my family members, and I love my friends. I thank God that they are not evil like Tami is & Evelyn. If my children, my family members, and my friends would behave themselves like untamed animals, I would be extremely depressed, let down, sadden, and disappointed.

  38. Sandra says:

    Evelyn has become overwhelmingly reckless and out of control. Although not admitted, she is SO jealous and envious of Jenn. They are all laughing at her because they can’t stand the fact that she has always had money and her parents were wealthy. I guess this is why Evelyn marrying Ochoclowno? She is acting like Bozo the clowns wife! She’s not hanging with you because you are a joke and who the heck is Naya and why is she on the show? When you lay with dogs (in this case multiples and married ones) you get up with flees and worms. I wish these women will start thinking more of themselves and stop promoting violence. Add a segment at the end of the show to tell young girls, violence is not the answer. So many people have fought and died for us to get this far while so many people with settle for a $ to take us back. Stay out of the drama Royce and Jenn, love your positions. Tammy, who are you this season? Evelyn is not your friend and Shawnie’s position has not changed. Make a fool out of all of them and hand me my check!

  39. kathy says:

    The ladies of Basketball Wives need to raise the standard. Why should grown women need to solve their issues by fighting,climbing tables, throwing bottles ect. It’s not a good look ladies! It really makes you guys look cheap and ghetto. I mean what should young women take from this show? Where are the examples for young black women? I’m really disappointed at the quality of this show. I think the show can be interesting without going Jerry Springer.

  40. Pat Hayes says:

    Evelyn is the worst!!! She has no home training or respect what so ever…How could you marry her Chad??? She was and still is a gold digger….She started out as a groupie and look at her now….still nothing to be proud of..If I were her daughter I would deny her as a mother…..shameful and poor example of a real women or mother