Watch Tami Roman’s Complete Face To Face Chat Here


Each week, we’ve been conducting live webchats with the stars of Basketball Wives, and a couple weeks ago we spoke to the one and only Tami Roman. In case you missed the live discussion, we’ve got the entire, unedited version of our Q and A right here where she addressed Suzie‘s food stamp comments, her disappointment with the way the show’s being edited this season, and her own off-screen love life.

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  1. morshalee says:

    Tami dis should be called 2 face thats wat u r wit evelyn..since wen u n her turn bbf ..we all know u both don’t really like each other..wen u first join di show she dog u out so bad about ur look from head 2 toe..and now ur refind n in di soak call circle wit no basket wives ur acting a fool..judging all the other new comers i want to know the TRUTH..TRUTH is u now change.. from u in di circle. free speech mean say wat di hell wat or u think.child please..htt://

  2. Turn Against says:

    We are waiting for Tami & Evelyn to turn on one another. It is just a matter of time, because Tami & Evelyn are highly unstable.

    Evelyn & Tami are crying out for help and VH1 and the Producers are not listening, because they are too interested in the show ratings and making money.

    There should be zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, threats, and physical assaults on the show. Somebody is going to be harmed beyond recovery, or somebody is going to have a nervous breakdown.

    This show is unhealthy for the cast mates and the show is unhealthy for viewers.

  3. Ban says:

    VH1 Reality cast members should be ban from Bars, Restaurants, Hotel Lounges, and Clubs Nation-wide. Because when these cast members arrive, their customers are put in harms way. Regular customers are in the midst of these wild and out -of-control people brawls. Wine glasses, glass plates, could hit regular customers and who knows what else.


    OMG! Tami & Evelyn drink and fight everywhere place they go. They will eventually need AA. We have enough wars going on around the world. People getting hurt every second. Stop the violence, and end the violence now. If these females want to fight, they are in the wrong profession. They should become wrestlers and boxers. Anger Management is not the answer; they need to be locked up in a mental institution, and throw away the key. VH1 STOP THE MADNESS AND END THE VIOLENCE.

  5. snoopy says:

    Tami you have officially turned in to a bully. Its not about you speaking up for yourself!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shirley says:

    MESSAGE TO EVELYN & TAMI —- Viewers are waiting for the two of you to STOP THE VERBAL ABUSE & PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. Because BBW is not the Army, not a boxing or wrestling ring. The two of you need to stop the Elementary & High School behavior.

    You are working with real people; you are working with human beings. Therefore, human beings deserve respect. Royce, Kesha, Kenya, Jennifer, and the viewers deserve respect, even though you do not respect yourselves. Your hostility, criminal behavior, and disgusting mind-set are very offensive to millions of viewers. VH1 needs viewers to support the show, and to maintain high ratings. If your violence and disrespect on the show continues, VH1 will continue to loose viewers due to low ratings, Boycotts and Petitions until they remove the two of you from the REALITY SHOW.

  7. Shake Off The Madness says:

    Tami & Evelyn, Kenya stop wasting millions on external beauty, shake off the madness and acknowledge your psychological problem and addiction. You should seek professional help ASAP.

    Your children need sane parents, your children need guidance, and your children should take priority over fame, fortune, and money.

    Your children need mothers in their life, not wild animals.

    Stop embarrassing your children, they deserve better.

  8. Dog Pound says:

    The only kind words and advice we can offer for Evelyn & Tami, is for VH1 & Shaunie to put Evil Evelyn & Too Tall Tami out of their misery, just call the dog pound. They should not be aloose on the streets. They are under the infuence of some strong substance, because normal human beings do not act out like that. Evil Evelyn’s forehead was all wrinkled, eyes all bucked. screaming to the top of her voice, beating on tables,throwning glasses, threatening Kenya as if Kenya had called her mother a bad name. VH1 stop the madness, before someone get terrible hurt. Because Tami & Evelyn will eventually attack the wrong person.

  9. We Love Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, we think that you are an original adorable, classy young woman. Please do not change your image with plastic surgery and botox, nose jobs, and breast enlargement. The viewers love you just as you are. We love the way you carry yourself, but please do not let Evil Evelyn take advantage of you nor attack you physically. We do not like violence, but we want you to stay on alert, stay ready, and defend yourself from the demon. When the evil one is around, never turn your back or drop your head. See Evelyn and Tami loves to catch the person they are attacking off guard, so that they can get the best of them. They do not fight fair. We do not support violence, But Jennifer the next time Evil Evelyn confront you with threats, just stare her in the face, look her in the eyes, stay silent and be ready to give her all that you got. Do not do like Kenya, she kept trying to lie herself out of the situation, which only made it worst. Kenya, showed a level of fear. Jennifer, stay focused, listen more and talk less, watch who you trust, watch the words that come out of your mouth at all times.

  10. Harriette says:

    VH1 – Do you drug test your employees before employment and after employment?

    You need to get Tami & Evelyn under control before we have another Armstrong case.
    Tami & Evelyn are high risk. They are physically attacking cast mates, threatening, harassing, and tormenting them. VH1 should have a signed contract for employees demanding Zero Tolerance for Violence. VH1 Security should escort the Bully off the set immediately, ban them from the set and from the premises.

  11. ELAINE says:

    The only kind words and advice I can offer for Evelyn, is for VH1 & Shaunie to put Evil Evelyn out of her misery, just call a dog pound. She does not deserve to be on the streets. She is under the infuence of some strong substance, because normal human beings do not act out like that. Her forehead is all wrinkled, eyes all bucked. screaming to the top of her voice, beating on tables,throwning glasses, threatening Kenya as if Kenya had called her mother a bad name. VH1 stop the madness, before someone get terrible hurt. Because Tami & Evelyn will eventually attack the wrong person.

  12. Lisa says:

    SHAUNIE – Stop running around playing the Mediator, You do not have those types of skills. You are lacking severely in the areas of leadership, and interaction skills. Shaunie you are an accident that is waiting to happen. You will eventually be hit by a wine glass, or slapped in the face trying to play go-between. Stop dropping your head and putting your head in your hands, and screaming ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV, ELV. You have every opportunity to be honest with Tami & Evelyn about their criminal -like behavior.

  13. Tiffany Siberie says:

    I think u, Evelyn n Shaunie are the realist… Real Talk!!

  14. Misery Loves Company says:

    Jennifer, watch your conversations with Suzie at all times. She is a walking snake. I was happy to see you and Jennifer discuss the beef, face-to-face. I was happy to see the honesty from the two of you. However, once Evelyn & Tami find out about Suzie the fake peacemaker, they are going to turn on Suzie like blood sucking PITBULLS. This is when Suzie will probably get afraid and start slinging gossip from every corner, just to get them off her. Evelyn and Tami do not want peace, they want war. They do not know what the word peace mean, and they do not take pleasure in peace.
    Tami & Evelyn are sick, miserable, hurt, envious, deceitful, and they enjoy hurting other people. They actually get a high off belittling other people. These two are addicted to notoriety, wealth, and misery.

  15. A True Friend says:

    Jennifer, stay focused, keep untrustworthy Tami, Suzie,Evelyn, Shaunie & Kenya at a distance.

    Jennifer the truth is, you were a true friend to Evelyn, but Evelyn was never a true friend to you. Accept that fact, learn from that experience, and in the future select your friends carefully. Because true friendship develops, it grows with time, and honesty plays a huge role in a true friendship.

    Always remember, the only true friend you have is in JESUS. Jennifer, everybody make mistakes, and everybody will continue to make mistakes. However, what is important, is we learn from each mistake, and we work harder not to repeat those same mistakes.

    We wish you much success in your personal and business venture. We believe Royce; will always be upfront and honest with you, even if it hurts.

    Jennifer the best advise is for you to practice listening more and talking less about others. Because, the words that come out of our mouths, can be hurtful to ourselves.

  16. What Money Can Not Buy says:

    Kenya, Tami, and Evelyn please acknowledge that money cannot buy brains. Beauty cannot and will never have the ability to take away your depression, past misfortune and grief. Money cannot repair shaken and broken hearts. With that said, you should seek professional psychological assistance ASAP, to help you save yourselves from self-destruction. Because you cannot continue to verbally and physically abuse other people, without consequence.

  17. Bullies says:

    BulliesApril 12, 2012 AT 1:55 AMTami & Evelyn’s behavior is very raw and senseless, no matter how those that support voilence may feel. Shaunie may be rich, but she has zero mentoring, interaction and leadership skills. We all have a right to feel and think as we may, but reality is reality and if these so call mothers act like bullies, they will be treated with disrespect (plain and simple). I was physically violated, I know several other females that were physically/mentally violated, and there are countless physically violations. However, this does not give us permission to go around physically assaulting innocent people. Tami is investing millions of dollars on beautifying herself externally and ignoring the fact that she needs psychological help. Because of Tami’s continued bully-like, and vindictive behavior on the show, I cannot feel sorry for her in anyway. I do not think Tami’s anger management sessions were voluntary, I think they were a legal requirement resulting from the legal settlement with Meeka. I also think she a manipulator, she used her past as an excuse for her criminal-like behavior to lessen her settlement with Meeka, and now she is trying to make the viewers think that she decided to seek anger management on her own. So now she is working the system by using Evelyn to fight her battles, because legally she cannot participate in any brawls without punishment. This is why I feel that Tami & Evelyn behavior is wrong, unjustified, unacceptable, evil, vicious, and downright unlawful.

  18. FRIENDS says:

    I love to see good hearted people come together for the good. I truly feel Royce and Jennifer are good together. Jennifer was a follower, when she was with Evelyn. Jennifer was going thru some difficult times, which caused her to make some bad choices. But, now that she has opened her eyes, and is no longer in the hands of Evil Evelyn, she will get back on the right track. I pray that Royce, do not fall in the same fake friendship trap with Tami.

  19. JAZZ- Stay Motivated Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, Royce, Kesha keep it all about business with Tami, Evelyn, Suzie, Kenya and Shaunie. Just do your job, make your money, and don’t waste your valuable time trying to have a casual or personal relationship with these five females.

    Jennifer, just keep it moving and do not waste one second thinking about apologizing to evil Evelyn. Maybe when the beef first started you should had apologized, that is if you did something wrong.

    Nevertheless, you should never apologize for something that you sximply did not do. However, with all of Evelyn’s threats, harassment, verbal abuse, and physically attacks, DO NOT APOLOGIZE.

    Because you did not deserve that type of insanity. Yes, you may have made a mistake about talking about Chad in her absence, but it was true. Chad admitted to Evelyn himself that he is a professional cheater. However, she did not do the crazy-lady on him. Instead, she issued him an approval to continue cheating.


    Evelyn, is not a true friend to herself, she is not a true friend to her daughter, she is not a true friend to Tami, and she is not and cannot be a friend to anybody. She has her priorities totally out of place. She is letting Chad and moneymaking take over her life, she will attempt to destroy anybody, and anything that she thinks will get in the way of her mission.


    Jennifer, we all make mistakes. Nevertheless, we do not ever deserve that type of ill-treatment from anybody. Learn from your mistakes, watch the words that come out of your mouth at all times, listen more, and talk less. These healthy things will help you to stay focused, positive, and constructive throughout life. Because I learned long ago, that your tongue and the words that comes out of your mouth, can be a self-destroyer.


    So to sum it all up Jennifer, stay inspired, classy, calm, cool, brave, motivated, and ready to defend yourself from physical attacks at all times. We love the way you are maintaining your self-love, self-respect and fashion sense. You look great.