Basketball Wives – Episode 8 – Planet Bananas


This week, we learned about a new place in our solar system, inhabited solely by Kenya, and invented by Suzie. That place is Planet Bananas.

But before we get to Kenya’s video screening and Royce and Jennifer‘s reconciliation (!), let’s rewind.

“All of a sudden I see this wine bottle flying towards me. I duck for the wine bottle, just covering my head,” Suzie says, regaling us of the tale of when Evelyn flipped out on Kenya. “Then I see a plate flying at my head, I duck for that. I feel like I was in Iraq.” Something tells me that anyone who was ever in combat in Iraq wishes their problems involved sitting in a wine bar, ducking and covering from a bottle and a plate. But Suzie is allowed her own feelings.

As Evelyn laments not being able to actually make contact with her target, asking producers “Why do y’all do that s— all the time? Let me get the f— in,” Shaunie just can’t believe that a bottle actually just whirred past her head.

Evelyn defends her actions, telling Shaunie that she is loyal to her friends and whatever Kenya did (or couldn’t remember if she did), well, “You can’t do that.” But…But what, Shaunie?

Tami definitely wanted Kenya to get a beat down as much as anyone but says that she stepped in because “I couldn’t let you kill her. You would have killed that girl.” Doesn’t matter though, because Evelyn’s not done.

Suzie and Jen are working off the mojitos that fuel this show over at the gym, when Suzie once again brings up the fact that Royce and Jennifer should really consider making up. This whole conversation takes place while Jen is just trying to tone with the help of a medicine ball.

Jen and Royce haven’t had a friendly conversation for a while now, and Suzie just wants everyone to get to a place where they can all be in the same room together. What Suzie doesn’t realize is that in the Basketball Wives universe, there is a delicate balance of getting along, and for every relationship that gets repaired, another must suffer. For each “Evelyn forgives Suzie” moment, there is a “Tami slaps Meeka” moment to displace it, like when Indiana Jones must replace the idol with a bag of sand in Raiders of the Lost Ark (anyone?). For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So if Royce and Jen ever make up, that will only fan the flames of Evelyn/Kenya hate or Tami/Kesha clashing.

Jen is still annoyed that Royce talked about her nude picture leak on Twitter and she continued to be annoyed when Royce met with Hollywood Producer Eric to discuss a part in his film (did that thing ever get off the ground??), but she says “I can go anywhere and be cordial with anyone,” which echoes Royce’s statement last week that she can “coexist with anyone,” so it sounds like maybe these two don’t give enough of a s— about their past beef to keep it going, which is nice. So rare these days to see, you know? Here’s Jen’s excited face when Suzie confirms that she’s going to set this thing up.

When they do meet up, there’s a moment of icy cold air and steely gazes, but as soon as they start talking, they accomplish what Suzie set out to do.

Jennifer tells Royce she was mad at what Royce said about her on Twitter (if you recall, Royce supposedly retweeted something negative about her), but Royce denies that she ever wrote anything. Jen admits that she never even saw what was supposedly out there in the Twittersphere and accepts responsibility for getting mad over something she really didn’t know she was mad over. “I swear I was fighting back tears but I didn’t want to seem really sappy and corny,” Suzie says after brokering their peace deal. “Normally these things never work out for me when I want people to make up.” Ain’t that the truth.

Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn meet to confirm that they believe that Kenya is a liar. “Last night, I saw crazy,” Shaunie confirms. And then the talk turns to the bottle-throwing. “I don’t know what I would have done if the bottle hit me. Potentially somebody would be in the hospital,” Tami says. “Probably Evelyn.”

“If you woulda came down on her with that bottle, that would have been something you really didn’t want to get into,” Tami tells Evelyn. “You possibly could have been in handcuffs,” Shaunie tells us. But despite the gravity of that statement, they laugh through their meal, which is a little weird. An inch to the left, funny. An inch to the right, jail. Once again, beverage trajectory determined Evelyn’s fate, and it was on her side this time.

Now is the statement that we all wait for each season. The statement that sounds promising in theory but always ends up doing more harm than damage. Shaunie exclaims “We need to go away! Why don’t we go somewhere tropical and just chill?” Oh yeah, sure. Let’s all go to an island with no escape to hash out our feelings. With a bunch of women who borderline hate each other.
“Are you going to be okay if Jen goes?” Tami asks Evelyn. Hm.

Really, what combination of women would work on a trip to Tahiti? I mean, maybe just Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn, to me, that’s the only conflict-free ensemble.

At happy hour, a concept that Jennifer is unfamiliar with (“Why are all these people at the bar in suits? Did they come here straight from work?”), Suzie tells Jen about Kenya’s continued fascination with her, claiming that Kenya is obsessed. Personally, I don’t think that Kenya is taking her style cues from Jen at this moment…this is not a Jen-inspired look, IMO.

“Suzie keeps talking about how Kenya is like, stalking me,” Jen says, but Jen still sees the good in Kenya. They agree to attend Kenya’s video screening though, which is conveniently being held in Jen’s apartment building. “The bitch is from planet bananas,” Suzie says, and it’s now my favorite thing Suzie, or anyone on this show, has ever said.

Suzie says she’s going to have to get hammered before the screening to get through it, something she’s experienced at.

At the party, the leader of Tami’s Diva Glam Squad, Shauna, tells Kenya that she’s turned into Single Black Female, she’s been trying to copy Jen, Tami, and Evelyn’s style since she met them all, and she needs to assume her own identity. This makes everyone uncomfortable, mostly Jen and Kenya.

“We have Kenyelyn, we have Jenya, and we have Kenye. I don’t know who I’ve met I don’t know who she is tonight, but she’s not Kenya, I’m just sayin’,” Royce says. Everyone gangs up on poor Kenya at her own party to call her out for not being herself. “I’m just being me. Maybe me is a mixture of all of them and that’s what makes me so fabulous!” Kenya defends. Now it’s time for the video screening itself though, since this night was not just about tearing Kenya’s image apart. As they watch the video for her song, “Choices,” the ladies all react in their own special ways.

Royce watches with confusion.

Suzie watches for the comedy of it.

And Tami can’t bear to watch it at all.

“I think it’s good that you have an ambition but just compliment your look. And age,” Suzie tells her when it’s over, and everyone laughs because Kenya is 38. Which is close to 40. Which is disgusting.

“You haven’t shown this video to anyone else, have you?” Shauna asks. “Let’s keep this one as a keepsake.”

Kenya asked for them to be honest, but this is like insult as sport, and Kenya doesn’t appreciate it.

Among some of the additional feedack she receives, Jen tells her she needs a stylist, Royce tells her she can’t dance, Shauna tells her that her rapper stole her focus, and Kesha tells her she should have taken her advice to be surrounded by a bunch of guys. “You really can sing, Kenya, but you have to learn how to listen and take criticism,” Shauna tells her. And for the first time since they’ve started to hang out, Jen realizes that Kenya’s not quite the person she thought she was.

“You know what Kenya? Keep going trying to be all of us until you turn into somebody else,” Tami says.

Finally, Tami takes some time away from the other girls to sit down with her mother to tell her she’s been to a therapist to deal with her anger issues.

Just admitting that she’s been to therapy seems to surprise her mom, but when she tells her mother “Somebody violated me when I was younger, so it just put me on defense with a lot of people,” she tells her mom, and then explains that while that wasn’t her mothers fault, the fact that she didn’t feel protected or emotionally close to her mother has always been an issue. “Do you realize my kids ask me for a hug? We don’t have that relationship, we don’t hug each other. We say we love each other, but we don’t have that,” she tells her mom, who breaks down. This episode ends in stark contrast to last week where the bottles were flying, but it’s not that different. Where Evelyn was trying to hear what she needed to hear from Kenya, it’s obvious that Tami also clung to her mother’s words and actions, hoping to hear something or feel something that never came.

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  1. Journi says:

    I Love Basketball Wives well should i now call is Basket case wives b/c its getting crazy. First of all Kenya i think you will be better off around Positive people and people who really want to see you go far in life. Suzie you really need to get a Life b/c you so concerned about everybody elses life that you forgot about yours. Also stop going around telling lies in order to make yourself look good and be accepted. Evenlyn please stop acting so childish and start acting like a Mature Woman. You are a loose cannon and you will get yourself in trouble or get someone else in trouble if you dont calm down. Really Sweetie it isn’t that serious to where you have to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Tami i really like you but you have to stop dishing what you can’t handle. I feel that God brought Kenya your way for you to help her but you choose to listen to others and let your Blessing go. You could have helped her a watch God help you in your life. You are not like the others you have a lot of knowledge that could have helped her. God allowed you to go through what you went through for a reason and its so you could help other people. Jen keep on moving forward Sweetie God will take care of you just continue to stay positive and continue to be around positive people. Also keep Suzie and Kisha out your circle they are very negitive and a lie dont care who tell it. Ladies this is just how i see things so dont hate on what im saying just sit back and think about it and stay positive Ladies.

  2. Sonya says:

    I sooo agree with Journi. Kenya, please find some positive minded to people to share your world with. These girls are very, high-school like. You invited them to watch your video, and no sooner than they dotted the door they ganged up on you, told you that you were trying to be like Jen, Tami, and Evelyn. They said your look has changed, but I have been watching since the season started and have not noticed. Then after watching your video, they came down hard on you. That is not how to dish out constructive criticism, 5 people coming down on 1 person all at once? I doubt it would be recieved well, basically they were laughing at you. Looks like they have centered you out this season to pick on. If I were you I would collect my paycheck and be up.

    And Evelyn the only words I got for you is this – If you dont slow your role, somebody gone hurt you, or you gone end up in the county jail. Plain and simple.

    Susie – You fake as a $2 dollar bill and why anybody would take your friendship seriously is beyond me.

  3. For the Underdog says:

    Kenya, I’m for you! I support your dream and the steps you are taking to make it happen. You have a beautiful voice and a risk taker. It’s not easy to put your art and dream out there. You ae courageous sister. To bad you are surrounded around the brutally “honest” (with special emphasis on the brutal). I don’t know why “sistahs” have to be so mean and evil in their so called critiques. I don’t think they are hating on you. Haters usually are envious and the girls don’t seem to be envious of you…just plain old female ugly. You want to make a success of it and thought hanging out with the show and ingratiating yourself with the ladies would get you there. But I hope you have strong drive and can block out the naysayers…otherwiswe they will kill your spirit and dream. If they were truly supportive of a sister going through a divorce, looking for a new beginning, they would be much more empathetic and supportive. I hope you have a much better supportive circle. All the best to you and keep on keeping on!

  4. tracy says:

    Congratulations Shaunie, cause you know that when you chose KENYA BELL that you were getting the right kind of crazy–I ain’t mad ( make that money) I am a true fan and must tell you thank you because when I watch these wealthy women doing, saying, and acting the way they do. MY LITTLE 9 TO 5 LIFE LOOKS WONDERFUL–THANK YOU

  5. For the Underdog says:

    Royce, you are my favorite. For so young, you are very mature, stable and insightful. You are lovely inside and out and you an intelligent truth speaker. Clothes don’t make the woman, but its the inside that holds the true beauty. You’re classy…stay that way and much success in your acting career.

  6. Sandie says:

    I can not believe how catty these women are. It seems like they are still in street mode. They have such good taste in cloths, but lack taste in their language and attitude. Maybe some classes in etiquette would do each of them a world of good. It seems like Shaunie, Jennifer and Kesha are the only ones that have it together at all as far as keeping their moths in check. Suzie seems to be a little trouble maker even though she seems to try and fix thing between others.
    Act your age and more llike ladies than street thugs!

  7. Shstarlight says:

    Somebody needs to knock the hell out Evelyn real good, sense she didn’t graduate from high school. It will be my favorite episode of all times! We trying to stop the violence within our own race but basketball wives is not helping. Its truly embarrassing to our African American women. Its not giving us a good image at all. Its has us looking straight up ghetto! Some of our legendary African American women probably have glimpse at the show and just saying to themselves and shaking their heads saying “oh my goodness, whats wrong with our women?” Were suppose to be better examples of our young ladies not copying them. Shaunie you have daughters, do you allow them to look at your show?

  8. Shstarlight says:

    We trying to stop the violence within our race and basketball wives is not helping. The show has our African American women look totally ghetto. It gives our women a terrible image. Our legendary women like Mya Angelo may have taken a glimpse at the show and just shaking their heads and saying ” this is ashame” and it is. Our young ladies are watching you all acting and copying them. Instead you are suppose show them how to be ladies. Shaunie do you allow your girls to look at your show?

  9. Goo says:

    Kenya seems cool. Those females should not have ripped her apart that way. Put yourselves in her shoes….it would not feel very good to be attacked that way. It was horrible watching them do that to her. Now i understand how shows like this can be demoralizing. Everyone has a dream…..dont try to stomp someone elses out….because they havent given up trying like many of us have. Peace.

  10. Concerned Fan says:

    OMG! They are waaaaay too jealous of you and Jen. Now that is so clear. Jennifer is obviously the target and they want you out of the way. Normally, I’d say, watch your back, but this is deeper than a game! The jealousy is too bold and they are too loud about disapproving you, when you obviously is the most talented on this show! You act like a lady. You don’t let them make you look like a wild creature out of the ghetto on TV. No matter what they say, you are only going up, and truth is; they are only going down. They are washed up with no way to go but TV! Even if you and Jen have to split up, get from around those wolves in sheep clothing! Sooner or later they will attack you when they think you least expect it! They are the ones who are koo-koo and appearing to be disoriented with what’s going on! Don’t let their bad judgement get in your head and you begin to make mistakes or the wrong decisions. They are real-real jealous girlfriend! Don’t play the game and let them play the fools! :-) A fool only knows how to play the fool! No doubt!

  11. cindy johnson says:

    I love Basketball wives but cannot believe that everyone lets Evelyn run all over them. I am waiting for someone to stand up to her bullying and “monkey stomp” her.
    Not only is she not a housewife but also a black sister. But most of all, she is a disgrace to all women. I also think all ot the ladies are troublemakers. Why not all that trouble in the past. I am also surprised that the producers haven’t kicked Evelyn off the show because of her attitude. Next time, we might see Evelyn in handcuffs ( that’s what I’m really looking forward to).

  12. Angela says:

    Evelyn better be real careful. She’s the crazy one. Kenya is just stupid! I would charge that crazy B Evelyn with assault in a heartbeat. She want to be a wild out of control animal, it would be my pleasure to put her in a cage call JAIL. LMAO! Really, she is in Florida, STAND YOUR GROUND…helllooo, Kenya by law would have the right to blow her ass away. She really need to check herself before she F with the wrong B… And…Shaunie can easily be sued or her show can be if someone gets hurt by that crazy woman!!! You may have figured out, I cannot stand Evelyn! LMAO! I just don’t know people that act like that to resolve issues. IGNORANT! Now Royce and Jen act like adult women who can resolve or at least agree to disagree their differences. That’s class.

  13. R. Parker says:

    I don’t understand why Kenya and Kesha want to hang around these evil beings. Evelyn acts unstable herself talking about Kenya must be on meds. I will bet if Evelyn was by herself she wouldn’t even try to step to people because when she goes off she is always with her girls, showing off in front of her girls. She is so mean and immature but I do believe and hope she will meet her match one day because she deserves a beat down. Even if that girl did say she was loose Evelyn’s temper tantrum was uncalled for.

  14. Fan of the BE-BE Store says:

    Is everyone drinking from the same kool-aid or what ? Kenya is a hot mess for real… She was trying to start the most trouble from the gate. Yes I will give her props she can sing, but old girl can’t dance nor dress worth a damn. She’s always dressing like there is a funeral to go to. But, the dressing is not my beef. Kenya is not positive, she was lying and running her mouth when she didn’t have to go that route. But, hey it’s all entertainment so I watch. But, to say she needs find positive people to hang out with and keeping her head up and all of that crap is crazy to me. Because she’s the one that is stirring the pot for drama to happened..

  15. Ashley says:

    Jennifer do not let them women hit you or walk up on you. You betta tear they ass up. You are too classy. These women are childish. Stop hanging around with Suzie she is a trouble maker.

  16. Nichole says:

    Real talk, Jen & Royce you ladies represent intelligence, maturity & class. Thank you so much for representing black women in a positive & mature manner. You 2 are some very smart young women. That’s what people want to see & need to see. Young girls look at your show, you 2 set a good example. That wild crap Evelyn is doing is for the birds. She makes people really dislike her ass. Evelyn don’t expect any high ratings if you & Chad get married & get a little show. You have very few fans honey. Your behavior is not cute. Evelyn you need to take your ass to school with your daughter. If you felt more intelligent, maybe you woldn’t be so angry. I think your behavior is a reflection of your ignorance & fighting is how you cover up that you are really not smart.

  17. ohsotrue says:

    Kenya so sorry you decided to invite some mean spirited women to view your video. Tammi and cousin started off with negative comments about you looking like everyone else but yourself was totally out of line. They weren’t there to bash on Kenya so the vibe was totally a lost from the very beginning. Yes, you don’t listen and you don’t take criticism well (it’s not easy) those are things to work on but Tammi with all her rudeness wasn’t necessary. I saw that Keshia was enjoying it for a moment but she should remember she was once in the hot seat with Tammi. The question still remains, who the hell is Tammi now????? And who is in need of her approval? Royce and Jennifer were the only ones who tried to give constructive criticism but was overheard by the nothing-ness of Tammi and cousin. You should be a big person and reach out to Keshia and Royce, as you have stated you are looking for someone to guide you with certain things and I think they can really help you achieve your dream. Never be too proud. Susie doesn’t deserve any comments about her nothing ass.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Kenya needs to give it up for real. Her singing is okay but the dancing and the rest of that crap is a hot mess!!! She is just too old to be doing this type of stuff. What was she doing about 20 yrs ago that she couldn’t have pursued this then?? People say its never too late, but let’s be real… that type of industry, there IS such a thing as too late, and she’s a prime example. She looks crazy and desperate. Anybody in their right mind would not want to be associated with that.

  19. Beyoncca says:

    Tami’s jealous of you Kenya. Your beautiful and you have the voice Tami wishes she had. In the mid 90′s Tami was in a 4 member girl group. MTV’s Real World showcased the group on a couple of episodes. Nothing ever came of the group,so Tami delved into acting instead. I’d hate to think Tami’s disaproval of Kenya, is really masking her envy,
    Evelyn’s just miserable that Ocho wants to cheat with other women, and now Ocho’s claiming he’s going to retire and let Evelyn be the bread winner is surely not sitting well with the money monger EVILyn.
    Stay strong Kenya!

    p.s. Watch out for that sneaky scary Kesha, she’s trouble.

  20. K. Sunshine says:

    After watching tonights episode , I think it’s a shame that everyone had gained up on Kenya like that. she’s clearly just trying to hard get everyones approval. It’s a shame that the other girls have to put insecure Kenya down to build themselves up. I think especially if Kenya does have issues, Evelyn should really be ashamed of herself for picking a fight with her! It’s not like her fake group of friends don’t say the same things behind her back!

  21. Janell says:

    I don’t know what is going on this season on Basketball Wives… I do not care for Evelyn… AT ALL!!! And to be realistic… I put my money on Kenya… Evelyn is not tough. No woman is tough to me that always has to pick up things…. you was sitting right across from her. You took your earrings off all you had to do was go for what you know. But you don’t know obviously… even though you from the Bronx. Learn to fight before you try to make a episode… I’d hate for someone to embarrass you and beat you up….

  22. Fed up with Evelyn and Tammi Bullying says:

    I applaud you Kenya because you kept your cool and acted like a lady among those crazy ladies..Evelyn GROW UP!!! TAMMY u doing the right thing by getting help because you need it..If you all keep this up it may not be a season 5 because that ish gets old and Evelyn really needs to get some control because after while seeing a crazy lady out of control can get rather ludicrious…I mean come on Exorcist ratings were good but after the 2nd and third ratings drop because it became formulatic..In other words you get tired of seeing a crazy woman losing it..

  23. Susie is a Jack AZZ says:

    Susie makes me sick!!! She is being a JACK AZZ because what has Kenya done to her to make her have strong opinions …Now Tammy needs to get on Susie for that food stamp comment but she got on Kenya for something trival Kenya said but hardly said anything to Suise when Susie made reference to her as an ex welfare recipent.. RIGHT EVELYN!!!

  24. yboyd says:

    Pleas talk with your daughters, and let them no this is not how most black woman act. Let them no that sleeping with a basketball player, or formerly the wife of a basketball player is the way to go. Get your own eucation and respect yourself a lot more. These 30 year olds acting ghetto and saying the same line every week, YOU SAID THIS AND YOU SAID THAT , SOUNDS LIKE HIGHSCHOOL.

  25. DIAMOND says: