La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 4 – A Family Affair


Kiyan’s 5th birthday is two weeks away! La La asks him if he wants to have a big party and he’s thrilled. “It’s gonna be a fun day!” says La. Total side-note, but are these two not the cutest?

One week later, La La hits Miami to shoot Queen Latifah’s web show “Out of Bounds,” a sports show “all about sports, but no balls.” La joins Holly Robinson Peete and Jenn Sterger as guests. La admires, respects and loves the Queen and is so excited to be there. After the taping, Queen Latifah asks La La to appear on Single Ladies, which she executive produces. With her mind set on transitioning from hosting to acting, La La is thrilled and she gladly accepts!

Back in NYC, La La tells Kiyan that she was called to film in Atlanta and asks if he’d like to move his party from NYC to ATL. As an added bonus half of La La’s family already lives in Atlanta! Kiyan willingly agrees, except he has one request…he’d like a pony at his party. La La agrees to show him “how important it is to me that he has a great birthday.”

The crew heads to Atlanta and stops by a studio where Kelly Rowland is busy working on her new record. La gives Kelly the rundown on Kiyan’s party and informs Kelly, Po and Dice that she will be planning the party all by herself. The ladies try to make La realize she’s already busy enough and offer their help, but La La makes it clear that she “doesn’t need anybody’s help!”

La La arrives at the Single Ladies set, ready to shoot and get on with planning the rest of the party. Unfortunately, production is running way behind schedule so in between staying focused on her scenes La La tries to finish planning Kiyan’s party, which is the next day! 11 hours later La La hits the set to shoot her scenes and when they wrap she’s off to buy birthday cake supplies.

By 1:35AM La La is back at her mom’s house and baking begins. After a whirlwind day and what seems to be little baking experience, La La begins to throw ingredients in a bowl without measuring them. Po and Dice come home and La makes them try the batter. The girls are not pleased with the results. La La attempts to bake it anyway, but the cake ends up more of a pudding.

Time is ticking by and they still have no cake, so at 2:30AM Kelly Rowland comes to save the day and helps La make the cake.

A couple hours later, it’s Kiyan’s party! Everything is perfect and in order and it’s a family affair. The pony arrives and Kiyan is one happy five year old.

Congrats La La, you’re busy week went without a hitch! A successful Single Ladies taping and a successful birthday party complete with pony! La La knows it’s not easy juggling being a mom and a career, but she would have it no other way.

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  1. sharon fuller says:

    i think your show is really down to earth i applaud you for the realness that you display and not expecting your fame to rise because of who wife you are. There are alot of moms on reality shows(Basketball Wives) who got so much drama in ther lives and all displayed for their kids to see.(kids you rarely see) thanks for being real and such a great mom. If ever in Greenville S.C. I would love to meet you La La. Sharon fuller

  2. MeChele says:

    this was my favorite episode because it was all about your son and you proving to him that nothing really matters but him. This day you truly earned your socceer mom tshirt. I also got a sneak clip of one of my favorite vh1 shows “single ladies”, and there was 50 cent. This was a win win afternoon for me. kudos lala

  3. Basimah says:

    LaLa I really like you. You are real cool peps. If I should you a pic of my sis, you would think that one of your parents dip out on the other. LMAO… HARD. Keep doing what you are doing and second guess the other baby. If yall are good with everything now, then keep it that way. Remember just recent you thought he was dipping out. Slow things down and keep your man happy. You have the right friends by your side.That is what you call a family.

  4. Rose says:

    Lala you are amazing and so beautiful. Not only are you intellectual and well spoken, you’re courageous and graceful! I so APPRECIATE you speaking out for we African American women! Thank you, because RACISM is so prevalent in this country and you are teaching your son the right thing. I’m living in a predominant white community and I only date white men. The thing is that I have resentment for Black men for the very reasons that your guest was saying about Black women. IT’S HURTFUL, ABSURD, REDICULOUS AND NOT FAIR! I’m glad Charlamaine kept it good. Thumbs up!