Styled By June: Urkel No More


Brace yourself, Jaleel White. You’re in the Juniverse now.

This week on Styled By June, June Ambrose works wonders on the first male client she’s tackled, Jaleel White, otherwise known as Urkel. Now, I’ve seen photos of White from recent years and I’ve always just been like “Oh, right, Urkel.” But to see his buff but soft-spoken self in this light, I was completely convinced that Urkel is left behind and this is a totally different man. A Paul Stuart man, no doubt.

June meets up with White to discuss his fear of the red carpet and his lack of fashion-savvy. Like the time he wore this camo-collar jacket.

June has a three-pronged approach, as she always does, to change his look and make him red carpet ready. But first she needs to find her assistant Rachel, who is completely MIA. Once she locates Rachel, they have a chat about what Rachel’s expectations are regarding being an assistant. Rachel basically lists off all of June’s specialties and is like “So I want to do that.” June puts her in her place instantly.

“The sense of entitlement that you feel is where the problem is,” June adds.
Now that the interpersonal drama is (somewhat) resolved, June’s ready for step one of making over Urkel.

Her vision for him:

He’s not a fan of super tight jeans, but beyond that, no big problems.

Here’s our real issue. Jaleel spent nine years in rainbow suspenders playing television’s most notorious, annoying geek. It’s not much of a surprise that he’d shy away from suspenders since they remind him of his past, and June wants him to work past his demons.

Although she sort of enjoys playing his old part.

She wants him to embrace braces and say goodbye to suspenders, because the goal is for him to become the face of a brand, in this case Paul Stuart, who deals heavily in keeping men’s pants up by any means necessary, be it belt, brace, or button.

Jaleel cannot be convinced to rock the braces, but when June puts his entire look together, ultimately he sees her point, suspenders are for washed up nerds, but braces are for today’s dapper man.

All it took was a wardrobe change and some red carpet confidence and Jaleel turned himself into Prince Charming, with a little help from his fairy godmother.

Welcome to the Juniverse, Jaleel.

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