Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 8: Why Is It Cool To “Catch A Case” Or Be “About This Life”?


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.

Let me first start off by saying I find it quite flattering my other cast members are blogging. I say that because I seem to remember a lot of SHADE coming my way for 1. Having a Twitter and 2. Blogging. Now, they have more tweets and followers than I do and have opened their own blogs. I just want to say you’re welcome although you’ll never say thank you for bringing forth the idea. Moving on…

I said it last week and I was right. Instead of expressing how WRONG Evelyn was for throwing a bottle and a plate at someone’s head for a “word” there was a lot of laughing. Even more so, they condoned her actions. I’m confused…how are you speaking about someone else being crazy (although I think Kenya has a “side”) when you are always the one picking up glasses, bottles, plates, jumping across tables, etc. Pot MEET Kettle. Tami and Shaunie, you both knew Evelyn was wrong so rather than saying “Evelyn you would’ve killed that girl,” hence hyping Evelyn up, it should’ve been “You were dead ass wrong and you need to learn how to curb your anger and deal with things differently.” I love you Tami and I know you are upset with me, but at this point I don’t think you understand the fact I AM a real friend to you. No way would I let you react the way Evelyn has in my presence, nor would I condone it if I was or wasn’t there just to cosign for you. I would expect the same from you to me. THAT’S REAL! Right Wrong Bougie Bitch, I want my REAL friend/s to tell me what it really is. Why is it cool to “catch a case” or be “sbout this life” at 35+, or any age for that matter? Sitting behind bars isn’t cute and the same people cosigning you on Twitter saying “Thats my B!tch” are the same ones that will forget you exist the moment the commercials come on. Sidenote…I would’ve put my money on Kenya if they put y’all in a ring. She doesn’t have to “Talk about it,” I believe her eyes.

As far as Jen and I go, our so-called issue could’ve been squashed a year ago. I never said anything about her pertaining to her photos on my twitter. Have I expressed my opinions about her since all the extended drama yes but that wasn’t the issue. The issue was the day her photos came out she “heard” I was tweeting about her but never saw it. She then called me and expressed the same in a loud and disrespectful manner. After that was the reunion in which she still couldn’t elucidate what I supposedly said and neither could her former sidekick. I never had an issue with Jen. I always said she was cool when she was away from Evelyn…I still believe that. Are we “friends” now. No, but we are cool. It takes a lot for me to call someone my friend but I’m open to seeing what builds with Jenn and I. I’m not naive but I’m also not evil…

Kenya’s video…Like I said it wasn’t THAT BAD but speaking on the genre I know about, the dancing needed/needs to be done over. If you watch the entire video, in my opinion the dancing was sloppy. I’m not Debbie Allen but I know choreography, cleanliness, and talent. Kenya CAN SING. Kenya CAN NOT DANCE…well. Just because you’ve been dancing all your life in your mirror doesn’t mean you are trained.

I wasn’t trying to bully her, I was speaking my opinion the best way I knew how pertaining to dance. As far as me feeling like she’s becoming Jen, I do believe that. She is not the same Kenya I met. After watching the scene however, I do realize it came across as a bash Kenya moment and that wasn’t my intent so I will apologize for being a part of that but not for what I said. It could’ve been said and done differently. I applaud her for trying and I really hope she listens more because she does have talent…just not thru dance.

It’s hard to talk about Tami’s issue without getting teary eyed. I too was raped but I dealt with my situation differently. Instead of reacting in an angry way I became clingy. My point is not everyone deals with their situation the same way so I can’t judge. I went thru the stage of just wanting a hug and at times I still feel that way when it comes to my father. Granted we always ate dinner together as a family (Mom, Dad, brother and I) and always said “I Love You” but my mom was the comfort and my dad was the tough love. Sometimes being a young woman you just need that extra push, that one hug, that one “you’re good enough” to get you through a rough patch in your life. I think that’s why I don’t like to serial date or be alone. I like to be with one person at a time. I date with a preface of if I can see myself being with this person for the rest of my life, not just to “put myself out there and meet people”. I can do it but I prefer not to. I’m that girl that locks her doors immediately and keeps the alarm on all day. My situation made me fearful and clingy, Tami’s made her the opposite. To Tami, we never spoke about it but whenever you decide to get over your issue with me I am here to talk to. I’ve been there and sometimes it helps to speak to someone whose been through it.
I’m Outtie!!!

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  1. Nell says:

    Ur awesome and I agree with everything you said. I applaud ur maturity. I beleive that evelyn needs to grow up and act her age, if I was her daughter I would be highly embarrassed. Who do you think you are, throwing glasses, bottles and plates at people? Don’t spoiled little 3yr olds do that, knock it off im embarrassed for you. You aint about that life., u just pretending cuz u know someone is going to stop u each time, Y you so mad anyways, so what if you slept with alot of player/ppl, it finally paid off u found the dummy….i mean fiance!! u need to chill its not a good look. Shaunie, I c right thru you. Always pretending like u are the peace maker when u are and instigator. U act like u want the show to be all about peace and positivity but u thrive off of the drama as long as it is not directed ur way, that is why u refuse to be filmed with Royce cuz she will not bow down to u and she called u on ur ways. Im not mad at u though cuz the drama is good for ratings, which is good for ur pockets…right……if these women want to degrade themselves and act juvenile and live up to the stereotypes that are already portrayed by ethnic woman so be it as long as u get ratings!!!. Tami, I like you because you are real. You are who you are. But, you are not always right. You are a bully, and u need to stop, i know this show is ur claim to fame and u are known for being loud and ghetto but you have an opportinity to use this show as a platform for something positive. Enough with the ignorance step ur game up and make moves. Suzie, u are messy as hell, and I hope someone chin checks u. Kenya u need medication. Royce, stop constantly referring to Tami as ur “friend” if thats ur girl there is no need to convince her. If she cant see that by now then let it go. She may not want “real” ppl in her “cirlcle”,

  2. AmarieW says:

    YES and I agree. Its not cool for Evelyn to be a 35 (+) woman, a mother, and a role model to many and yet be throwing bottles and hopping across tables. And Tami and Evelyn looked very weak and phony this week for not being truthful with her about her actions. Evelyn is actually very boring in her scenes however if she isnt starting drama or talking about someone. I realize now that as much as I hate her drama when she is not in drama she makes me fall asleep. So no wonder she holds on to the negativity … in reality its all she’s got. Im actually glad you and Jenn made up. It shows not only the maturity level of you two but your growth as well. Jenn is a hella snob lol but I like her now that she is NOT Ev’s shadow. She seems open to situations and is honest and doesnt change for the cam. Tami not speaking to you is irrelevant. Honestly the fans seen this coming Royce. Because as you have changed in a more positive light Tami too has changed but in a more negative light. She used to be the underdog back when she was broke with a gut and cheap wig. But now that she is #Team Ev she is VERY different. She just like Suzie only used your friendship as a means to fulfill their bigger purpose in life which is being one of the “Popular Girls”. Kenya’s video was not that bad. From a Fan perspective, she can sing and for it to be a low budget film she did a good job. NO SHE CAN NOT DANCE lol. That scene was wack. I understand why she was a lil salty listening to everyone dog her tho cuz her feelings was hurt. She handled it well. With way more class than Ev could have EVER but having said that its her fault for wanting yall opinions. Who didnt see that coming? I dont think she is taking anyone’s style tho … as a black girl I have wore my weave in MANY styles. Theres only so many tho … after that you start sticking with the ones that compliment your face. I think Kenya is pretty and even tho she is crazy she is crazy in a nice way so I hope she sticks it through. Im also glad she didnt even MENTION Ev this episode. LOL … thats how you show someone they are not relevant!

  3. Ebonye says:

    God Bless you Royce. This is the best blog post ever. You touched on so much without being disrespectful and you summed up also the negative direction that this show is going in. Keep doing you!

  4. RNBTrina says:

    I have to comment on this post. Royced started off as the underdog on this show (they made it seem) & now is the voice of reason, exuding maturity and growth is awesome to me. I felt the exact same way last night watching this show…R u serious? Shaunie & Tammie are pumping Evelyn up like she is a prize fighter not just being a bafoon & bully! Shaunie LOOKED embarrassed when she started throwing bottles (look at it again), which is why she kept putting her face in her hands…and was probably thinking how much is this going to COST me as a PRODUCER if she tears up the place and WE probably won’t be invited back here again which could impact other venues as well…OH Wait, that would be from a mature responsible individual….They laughing, making her think that it was cute and acceptable. You have a family, child, reputation & career…why do you think this is appropriate at your age?? The constant digs about Jen…LET IT GO…we get it, you don’t like her anymore..move on…keep her name out of your mouth if you don’t care about her!!!!…..Jenn & Royce making amends to be cordial..were just that…wasn’t a big deal for me…(it’s caled maturity) THEY don’t sit back talking about one another every time they open their mouths…just a difference as to how they both would handle things…basically just agreed to co-exist…neither one is saying I want to be your bestie….This was a good assessment of the episode last night..Thanks Royce

  5. LaLa says:

    Well put I agree and I love Royce alot! I did since day one! Such a mature female! Tami won’t be mad for long but I agree that wasn’t funny and it is not funny to even joke about hurting someone like that! I am shocked how things turned out this season. But no matter what Royce has been true to her beliefs and that is all that matters! Royce and Tami are my two favorite people on the show. In life I learn that some people grow apart and at other times you really don’t know a person till you know. They can surprise you 5, 10, 15, 20 yrs down the road.

  6. Sandra says:

    Royce I applaud you for being so strong & true! Some of these ladies need to realize being strong doesn’t mean you need to act violent. There are other ways to express yourself. Bullying is such an issue these days I think it would be great if you guys did some work on it.

  7. nettaboo says:

    Tammi is so phony when she first started on the show the scene where they were eating dinner right before Evelyn told her that she slept with her husband she was saying how she wanted to be more like evelyn as far as her style hair clothes etc. but now she is saying how Kenya is trying to look like Jen she is just trying to step up her game just as Tammi did how can you not when they are so fashionable and they keep dogging your hair and clothes when Tammi first started out she looked plain now she looks glam give it a rest she was striving to look like Evelyn so give it a rest.

  8. Hollywood!!! says:

    Royce.. read tami’s blog… she no longer consider you a friend … she choose to stay in the rut than grow so I would suggest you leave her to find her way…

    When you’re blessed, the haters come out. When you wear God’s blessings well, don’t be surprised if it draws jealousy out on people.

  9. krystle says:

    i agree with you 100% about the Evelyn thing Tami and shaunie was very wrong. i think Evelyn is going through something else so she is trying to take it out on other people just becuse somebody called you lose or a hoe you don’t have to throw bottles and water if you not that why get mad.

  10. Alexis says:

    I Love EVERYTHING U Say…!!

  11. hollywood!!! says:

    hey… where did my post go??

  12. specialk says:

    Royce, you really nailed it! Ev comes off as UNSTABLE and ready to fight everyone. She needs her ass kicked one good time. She hates when someone keeps their cool – she gets so angry. She really should be ashamed of her behavior. I don’t like how everyone did seem to jump on Kenya at her video viewing, however, I agree that it did need some work. Here is the thing, half the people there don’t like her, so they were all fake for even showing up and then having an opinion. I give her credit for her hustle – she is crazy, but making the moves to make her dreams come true, despite the haters. Who is Tammy to give anyone advise on style or anything else for that matter. Thank Goodness you’ve seen the light and taken the higher road. Evelyn is the type of person i discuss in my own mentoring session with girls. Trash will always be trash no matter how you try to cover it up, dress it up, spray it with air freshener, it’s still TRASH! Chad will see what’s he’s gotten into once the wedding hype is over. She’ll be slashing his tires in no time and pressed to pop dem babies out to get that consistent check. Wow. Shaunie upsets me the most, because she sits back and says nothing – she is the co-signer. Ev is wrong and no one tells her. No one is being real WITH HER! She isn’t real either. She’s as transparent as they come. Who says i need to prove myself to be a part of the crazy crew – and why would i want to. Ev is a trouble maker and it’s a shame to say, but I am sure her daughter gets embarrassed by her behavior. I doubt with that behavior, how can you feel proud to be among the elite crowd. No class, nasty attitude, Old as dirt. Who throws bottles and plates at someone over a comment. No one slept with your man, hurt your child, spoke ill of your parents… The chic told you to your face, she REFERENCED you as being a HO! That is telling you to your face and with a smile for that matter. Let it go – grow up. Everyone is writing the same thing. Jenn could be as fake as her contacts, but she could care less and she keeps her cool. Thank you Royce for telling the truth in your blog – I feel like Shaunie is only worried about getting that check.

  13. ROYCE!!! I am loving it. It seems to me that you are the only one with common sense, although it may not be so common. Unfortunately, I too get dragged into that drama of Evelyn; we can’t help it- it is morbidly entertaining. Being from the Bronx, I can understand the nature of the beast of not wanting to get dissed and attacking anyone who dares to say anything that is slightly offense. BUT in the end you are RIGHT- why are they condoning Evelyn’s attacks on Kenya? Allowing that behavior when in the 1st Reunion they got all over Suzy when she hit that woman (can’t remember her name). I love would the show to be how they are successful and charitable- not catty and nasty- and very classless. I am sure she will say that it is because she (Kenya) is talking smack and not keeping it real and being fake but hey- thats HOLLYWOOD or HOLLYHOOD. I am also sure that they are laughing all the way to the bank, I am sure! but money never last and is never enough, people only remember your deeds.
    Your approach this season has been on par! I am glad you corrected your thinking from season 1 -worrying about them liking you and started liking yourself more. Bravo!

    I hope that your experience will allow you and Tami to help others that have survived rape. Now that would be an interesting show. BUT you know how people treat rape- as either a case of a 9 year old seducing the 40 year old man or something that has to be held secretive and shameful to the survivor.

    Loving your blog and enjoying it. Keep it up.

    PS you are right about “seem to remember a lot of SHADE coming my way for 1. Having a Twitter and 2. Blogging. Now, they have more tweets and followers than I do and have opened their own blogs. I just want to say you’re welcome although you’ll never say thank you for bringing forth the idea”

  14. Forsure says:

    I agree wholeheartily with the words you have spoken. Evelyn really needs to grow up and she is so foolish to marry O, but to tell you the truth they deserve one another. Evelyn is very very very evil and she acts like a stupid fool. And that mess is not cute, she is very disrespectful to people who would want to hang out with someone like that. But they say birds of a feather. This chick cannot even hold a conversation without a bad word coming out of her mouth. She has slept with so many men and has mixed with so many spirits you don’t know if she is coming or going. Or how she will approach you or anyone else. I think Shaunie should be ashamed of herself to even allow that on her show. What if she had gotten her head split with that bottle of wine or flying plate what would she have done. Shaunie are you that greedy for money, I don’t think so I know it is for the ratings and I am sure you have good ratings. But you come across just as stupid as Evelyn and in someway you are afraid of that crazy woman also. And Tammie you need to get somewhere and sit down before the viewers are watching a death happen right in front of their eyes.
    QT Time

  15. @KEONNTHATGUY says:


  16. Purple Rain says:

    You always have the BEST blog! You always keep it 100 #loveit

  17. sexy47diva says:

    hey that was real talk y u the real one on the show stay that wat!!!

  18. Tasha B. says:

    Royce I agree with this 100%. I’m so glad you have a mind of your own and don’t let your “friendships” with people blind your sense of right and wrong. Evelyn is immature, petty and unnecessairily aggressive. Throwing wine bottles, jumping on tables would not be condoned by any real friends. If Shaunie was a real & true friend to Evelyn she would let her know she was dead wrong, not laughing with her after the fact. Tami and Evelyn are honestly way too old to be bullying girls like Kenya & Kesha. The scene where they are “critiquing” Kenya, although it was funny to watch (I must admit), it was just another excuse for the whole cast to gang up on Kenya. I wish they would let Kenya & Evelyn go at it one on one so we can see if ev has the bite to back up her bark.

  19. mieka says:

    Evelyn and Tami are starting to make my ass hurt.

  20. mieka says:

    if its shaunie’s show why does she feel the need to choose sides, in my opinion she kisses evelyn’s ass and tami startin’ to do the same.

  21. I really like Tammy and Royce. They are the most real of all the women. I hate I can’t say ladies, cause all of the are not ladies. Tammy take a deep breath and talk to your friend Royce. She is only being truthful. I want my friends to tell me the truth and not just what they think I want to hear. At age some of these women are, it is definitely time to grow up. Sad to see our beautiful black women act so gully. As for Suzy, she is so wrong. A dog that will bring a bone will also carry a bone. She better stop carrying information back and forth before the girls turn on her butt again. Nuff said!!!

  22. BasketballFan says:

    Royce, after all “THE CIRCLE” has put you through one would think that you of all people would be there for Kenya. It’s amazing that every single one of you ladies spend more time criticizing, alienating, and ostracizing Kenya but at the same time, Kenya didn’t snap even when yall humiliated teased, poked fun at her her on CAMERA about her craft/1st video… That takes a sane person. Last night’s episode proves Kenya is not crazy. Tami saying Kenya is trying to be like Jen, Evelyn and her is hypocritical (even though I love me some TAMI) because Tami has a T-shirt line, like Evelyn, now dress like Evelyn, and has turned into a bully like Evelyn. Last season Tami was The BULLY’S BULLY.. This season she’s just a bully. I don’t believe in beating a dead horse. It’s obvious that none of you ladies not only don’t like poor Kenya, (For no reason) you’re going out of your way to make sure she feels bad about herself , and tell THE ENTIRE WORLD she’s crazy in the process. “Single Black FEMALE” is an insult! Imitation is the greatest form of flattery! But, Instead of you ladies looking at Kenya in that way, you all call her crazy??? WOW! Poor Kenya can’t win for losing and no matter what she does you ladies will not like her simply because “SHE’S THE NEW GIRL”.. So childish and High School of you ladies… Good luck with that! As always Stay up, STAY YOU, and Stay BLESSED..

  23. Cecilia perez says:

    Oh please girl stop hating on my girl evelyn …….

  24. Sharron says:

    I agree with royce about the kenya vs evelyn situation but erribody no ev aint bout that life

    tami and kenya are ev friends and they do seem like they are not taking light of the situation someone could of really got hurt

  25. ChaCha Fisher says:

    hi royce,
    i must admit in the beginning i really didnt care to much for your character. i think mostly because everyone on the show made it seem like you were too young to think for yourself however since youve taken some time away from the show youve seem to have grown into a wise lady and can see each person for what they are. this i always knew you had in you. One thing i agree whole heartedly w you on is that EVELYN IS ALWAYS PICKING ON SOMEBODY, SHES A BULLY! to be honest i think she does this because if she didnt she WOULDNT BE RELEVANT! so shes in the process of being engaged, big deal its not official until she has the ring on her finger. point blank..shes burning her ownself because after chads done using her for exposure and to up his qualifications hes gunna cut her loose because why would he want to be a person that cant even contril,themself when he can afford a lady. keep doing you royvce, your beautiful and young and have a longtime to still be seen on tv yet as for the other ones only time will tell, no pun intended lol

  26. Sharron says:

    What i meant was they are taking light of the situation someone could’ve gotten severely injured

  27. TFab says:

    Girl I am loving your maturity. I don’t know what’s going on with the others. Evelyn is a mess for real… She needs anger management. She thinks It’s cute but the wrong one she mess with could have her in a world of trouble. Not wishing bad just keeping it real. I like your personality from the show and if that’s who you are keep doing you chic!!!! Well you and Jen of course… People can see right threw the rats and you two ladies are on another level then that …peace

  28. MONIQUE says:


  29. Gail says:

    I do not agree with Everlyn attitude. That is not how mature thinking adults deal with situations. To think its a person opinion on you should matter least to cause you to start pelting bottle and plate.

    I think Shanni should rething the direction this show is taking because people lock in for drama. I think the basketball wives do more than plan drama and attack. Lets see charity work, hospital visits, motivational speech, yes a lil fight here and there but the entire show being brama oh please.

  30. Very well said, Royce. Jen is better and will continue to be better without being a shadow of Evelyn. Evelyn, needs anger management very bad. I don’t think women of substance should be always drinking and wanting to fight. Look at yourself Evelyn, and you want to be a ball players wife. Your need to fight is only starting. Royce your are a good friend, but you are not a Basketball Wife, so why are all of you girls on the show?

  31. yvette ward says:

    too real!!!!!!!!

  32. Sherron says:

    Royce I must admit I wasn’t a fan of yours for a while, especially during the whole Eric Williams saga, but I’m loving how you’re rising above the immaturity that makes the show the messy success that it is (I can’t lie I wait for the show faithfully). I especially love how you aren’t afraid to stand your ground and not give in to peer pressure (at our ages I didn’t know it still existed). I don’t know what’s going on with you and Tami but you’re absolutely RIGHT in what you say to her. I hope she listens and appreciates that she has a friend who keeps it real. Good luck!

  33. Dumplains says:

    Well well well, again drama with a full set of women who should know better. Shanni what is the brand for this show we should rename it to drama wives. Everlyn to think this is one of the most beautiful time of your life planning a wedding you should be happy not looking for fight. In my professional opinion I think something is bothering you mentally. I know you are scared of marrying Chad but deal with is do not pick on others weaker than you.

    You are picking on Jen because you know in your heart she is SPEAKING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR BOO…. deal with it do not figh because in the end you would want that friend to comfort you.

    Tami and Shani you are powerful women change the direction this show is taking and put a positive light into it. Yea you would say “do not watch it” but I love you all and it hurts to see each Monday nite is just cussing and fighting and cussing and fighting. It was wonderful to see Shanni having her daughter’s birthday party we should have more positive like that.

    A POWERFUL BLACK WOMAN IS NOT ABOUT FIGHT AND DRAMA ALONE. You women make it seem that way. I am glad Royce and Jen are maturing and Suzie to some degree but please bring it to some sort of normal behaviour. My hubby calls the show XRated lol but I still get him to watch it and he stupes and fusses and makes negative statements.

  34. Wanda Foster says:

    Royce, I commend you for what you’ve written, you were always the REAL person on this show. All that drama and hating it’s not good for the soul and I pray the others acknowledge and recognize. You showed to be mature minded on any given issue you approach and you appear to be an honest and level headed person. I wish you much success in your future endeavors and when the drama continues on the show, you continue doing what you been doing; you don’t have to act ignorant or billy-bad tail to be recognized for who you are, it shows….A REAL, DOWN TO EARTH PERSON


  35. Alberta Hill says:

    Royce you my girl ,you tell the truth and that showe’s how your mother and father played a good part in your life., please never be a Elyven on the show,once her ass goes to jail she be alright.and I hope Jen puts her and her assistent ass in jail…..if they lay hands the right person, and get beat down one time Shaunie,going to have to replace Elyven….are get sued,be bless Royce.and give Jen a chance…God Bless

  36. Deb says:

    Royce thank you for being a woman with integrity, good character, and a strong sense of self. It is those characteristics that enable you to stand by your convictions as opposed to fitting in with the crowd, you are truly a strong woman and I applaud you. I have always been shocked and appalled by the behavior of Evelyn (who?). I do not want to stoop to her levels but clearly trash can be dressed up to look good on the outside. I was once a huge fan of Tami and Shawnee’s but not any more. I also come from NYC and Tami and especially Evelyn are fakes. They are not the type of women we consider real, really throwing things at people Evelyn, nothing brave there. But honestly the behavior of Evelyn and Tami with the bullying and thug mentally has become an embarrassment for all women, mothers and particularly themselves. If these women are not ashamed of their behavior then they are absolutely IGNORANT. Yes they are getting paid a little, and Evelyn, my have found another sucker to feed off of, but their images and reputations are forever tarnished, they will never be taken seriously by anyone legit, and will always be whispered about and laughed at behind their backs. So many important people and venues will never include them on a guest list, they can be likened to a new age minstrel show and are too ignorant to know it. Shani, shame on you for glamorizing this moronic and imbecilic behavior to the world. There are still those who will judge all women of color by the actions of these women. We are still facing enough obstacles in this country trying to be taken seriously as intelligent and capable individuals and now we have this behavior by women who are calling themselves classy and sophisticated. If the show continues on this path I will cease watching. Evelyn and Tami, I hope that you women have more substance to you then what you are exhibiting, Tami your daughters didn’t want you as a manager because of your behavior. Grow up and use some of this money that you are earning to buy yourselves some self-respect if that is possible. Royce keep being you and God bless you but never let these women take away your shine. If you have to leave this show then do so, because these women are a bad cancer.

  37. mea says:

    awww royce….u r so mature and not even 40…lol u should teach tammi and evelyn or the mexican wet back is wat i should say…lol

  38. edith police says:

    Wow Royce, what you said was on the money !! and to think I didn’t like you…(shame on me) anyway Evilyn can talk ’bout people but can’t nobody talk about her not marrying nobody self oops sorry for writing that on your blog…lol

  39. KCJ says:

    Royce you rock. I have watched you on the show and I must say, you appear to have great insight and give great advice. You are what a friend and a mature woman represents.

  40. Lisa says:

    Team Royce Is’t ok to make up with people, dont let them evil people dictate to you who to be friend with. Now that you made up twith Jenn I see Evelyn is trying to say good things about you watch her she is trying to get you to come over to her side so you too can be made with Jenn.

  41. jThompson says:

    i think its so easy to ‘SOUND’ mature when non of the show is about you. So of course you can get ur lil digs in. My thing is this I dont care how OLD you are if a chick is actin bad im going to give her what she wants. Is being grow allowing anyone to say anything. Its so funny that now royce is saying to act grown when she just was at the reunion actin a damn fool????? Now this season she had an enlightenment… Listen everybody is always going to have something to say about someone else. But its so funny that Ev got a man and royce has had about 4 ‘boyfriends’ since the show started. She still talking about Evelyn every chance she get, she had to open her blog up with evelyn just to get people interested in her boring ass and evelyn aint said A WORD about this girl all season lol. lol

  42. carla says:

    royce i like u best on the show n i bet eve want try u again wit her fake ass

  43. Shstarlight says:

    Royce, You are a very beautiful lady and stay that way. When the show started I didn’t like you. Now, you are the one who’s mature on the show and Jen. Let the psychos stay where they are, don’t you interact with them. See, you are young and beautiful and smart. You have alot going for yourself and being with those type of women (Evelyn and Tami) will mess up your life. Evelyn needs help especially if she is going to marry a man who tells her he will not be faithful to her in their marriage. You have to really not care about yourself if you still marry a guy like that. He’s not a man, he’s an animal. Thats the way animals act. Its too many diseases going around to be nasty. Its her life, if she wants to be with someone like that, thats her. You stay a nice, smart young lady and stay away from negativity.

  44. BJ says:

    I use to love this show, it was so powerful at first. No one is perfect It is not about a Black or white issue it is about negativity. Dream Killers that’s what most of you are. Your show is starting to look like Jerry Springer. A failure is person who has a dream and die with it or never do anything about it. Kenya, has courage to live her dream, she need to stop looking for people who don’t matter to say it is Okay to live it. Suzy goes around pointing fingers and planting negative seed about everyone especially Kenya. She is afraid to open her mouth to any of them they have put her in her place, she know not to go there. Bullies That is how you ladies come off as bullies. My God, you tell them to shut up, what to eat ,what to wear, when they can speak, when they must listen who does that? The world would be so boring if we were all the same.
    I know Evelyn is really having problem with her Man and taking it out on everyone. She is the biggest Bully of them all. I am sure she embarrass her daughter. Evelyn and Jen use to talk about everyone. Now it Evelyn turn and she wants to fight. if you take about someone know that you can be talked about? You can do 100 (hundred ) good thing and people can only remember one day you did something wrong. She was never Jen Friend in the first place. Evelyn wants to prove everyone is wrong about her man. She is the only one that has to get that lesson.

  45. moesha says:

    i applaud you so much you r a woman .hold your head up .evelyn need to grow up and stop acting like a 14yr old in school every body man she taking .every body is on evelyn side because they want to go in the weeding that y ,evelyn go met she match some1go give she a good cut ass and it may be me to give her when i see her ppl don’t let evelyn go round all u man she will sleep with his once a thief always a thief but let she come round my man she to bad yes i did like her but not anymore she need to get a life .she will sleep with her own child man grow up grow up and stop acting like a f,,, ass

  46. Nique says:

    So because Tami didn’t call Evelyn out the way you would have Tami is wrong? Evelyn is a grown woman and knows what will give her the most camera time. Lately all you seem to do is put Tami down for not doing something the way you would have. At the end of your blog you expressed that you and Tami are different people therefore will handle things in different ways.

  47. citygirl81 says:


    You laid it out beautifully. And Evelyn needs medication!

  48. Herma Du Pont says:

    Thank you for saying it like you mean it.Tami will come around.She is a person from what I have seen on tv that is able to readily admit when she is wrong.I wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your experience with the world.Thanks to Tami too.Keep up the good and honest writing.I’ve said it before…you are beautiful,articulate,intelligent and talented.I have also said you are a very good friend to Tami.She will soon admit to this…BAD friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere…GOOD friends are like diamonds.pretty but rare!

  49. Tinisha says:

    i love how you speak your mind royce and tell it like it is!! you stay true to yourself and dont let anione tell you otherwise… as for (Evelyn) i know that shes getting married in a few months down the line. Heres the thing, shouldnt you be happy and thrilled to be getting married rather than being angry and fighting people such as jennifer and kenya or anibodi?!! i mean she needs to focus on her career,her book,her family. shouldnt that matter more than anithing else. she needs to understand something Jennifer is going through a transition in her life right now. “Divorce” it takes a huge toll on you. but jennifer have found the strength to move on with her life and focus more on her launch which is her lucid line,modeling career so on. Just because you found out that jennifer said you guys date the same guys and stuff. who cares!! i wouldnt be offended by that comment no less. that doesnt give you the right to hate her or not like her.its just really stupid. (Jennifer) i really agree that evelyn really needs to leave you alone. which she does. i just feel that when u try to work something out with someone and it did or did not go well, let it be squash!! who cares. move on. my question is that why is it that evelyn keeps going off on jennifer for?? i mean if you say you dont like her or cant stand someone or what have you, why keep at it with the person??? does it mean you still have the feelings that you can work things out with jennifer or what?? i dont get it?? (Jennifer) I love that fact that jennifer is becoming strong and independent now. it just shows (Evelyn) thats how you suppose to b acting!! Like an Adult!! not a Child!! As for (Kenya) Yes she can sing, but not dance!! she needs to learn how to listen more, and take the jabs when it comes to her career. Thats what helps you grow and become a better person. The thing that i dont like about her is she lies alot! i dont like liers! she also is different when a situation accurs or what have you. cuz watching the show from the start she was being herself but when it came accross her and kesha having there issues thats when the weirdness started. Kenya just need to stick to her own guns,stop trying to be someone your not and stop lying!! just be real and keep it 100!!! (Royce) (Jennifer) Im happy for the both of you for being friends again. it was very nice you guys made up. i think that whole twitter nonsense was lame to begin with, so im glad that both of you can move on. im also happy that Jennifer admited she was wrong and she had alot of anger in her heart and she apologized. My question is, if it was so easy of You and Jennifer to do that, Why cant Evelyn do the same??? im confused?? Jennifer is growing up! becoming more of a women!! Kenya needs to get her act together! Suzie is crazy suzie lol. Kesha is safe! Tami is a sweetheart!! Shaunie is cool!! Evelyn focus on your wedding ur family your career!!and not Jennifer!! Shes not in your way!! You are!!! Royce continue to be the true person that you are.. Stick with your life, and your career,plus your passion. stay away from drama like your doing!! its not healthy :) just saying

  50. Animallover23 says:

    Royce, Kenya didn’t do anything to you.What you need to do is stop taking talkative Suzie side and judge Kenya for yourself.

  51. tamara says:

    royce keep it real everything she said was true

  52. Lucy says:

    Royce, you are my favorite of all the women. You keep it real and you are true to yourself, your family and friends. Action speaks louder than words. Evelyn definitely need to take lessons from you. You are a lovely, beautiful and talented young lady and I wish you had your own show because you are just what this world needs right now. People need to look around our young people are in and out of trouble everyday. Television plays a big part in their lives. They live and breathe everything they see on TV. The reality shows are destroying our young people. I know they say drama sales but we need a reality check. I have stop my 12yr old from watching any and all reality shows because nothing is positive. On Basketball Wives, just about all these women have children that are my kids and grand kids ages. I don’t understand how Evelyn can call herself a mother with the way she acts. These women are my age and I would never embarrass myself, my family and my friends by acting like a loose cannon or a wild animal. Evelyn needs help. There isn’t enough money on God’s green earth to make me act a complete idiot like some of these women are doing. Royce, keep on being true to yourself, family and friend. These women don’t realize what a true friend you are but of course you are not messy and will not degrade yourself or stoop to their level. Stay above these women and one day when they do realize how a lady with class suppose to act they too will rise to your level. Good luck!!!!

  53. lil mama says:

    Well said Royce, keeping it 100

  54. Michelle' says:

    Royce your blog was very well spoken. I love the fact that you are very politely out spoken and hold back no punches, friends or no friends. I have a BF since 4th grade (Centuries ago) and what keeps us BF’s is that we are true to one another whether it hurts or not. Not everyone can be a BF or know how so use that word very tightly (not loosely!). Mature people sit down and talk about a solution to their problem and not dwell on the problem. I’m about “No drama…peace and serenity”. It’s a good thing that you aren’t in the circle….Stay beautiful and true…be blessed!

  55. Classy says:

    It looks like Evil Ev is on the outs, now all of you girls are creating your own circles… Good soon she will find out how to really be on the outs and deal with Cinco cheating on her left and right… I will be eating my pop corn and glue to the screen… Let the show begin…

  56. Malika says:

    Thank you Royce it was well said. You say what you mean and mean what you say. Keep doing you.

  57. mzjones2012 says:

    Royce you are the only one that keeps it real all the time!!! I swear you don’t get enough airtime. I am so sick of seeing Evelyn’s retarded a$$!! She really makes women look bad. She is doing the most this season and I swear she looks like another Chrissy(from Love & Hip Hop). Stay true to yourself always Royce!!!!!



  59. Elijah Russ says:

    My name is Elijah (EJ) Russ, I am a 34 year old poet with cerebral palsy. First, I’d like to say that I been a fan of the show since it started. I like to think of myself as the male wife on the show, it is my favorite guilty pleasure. It is the one show I must see each week. Royce I am so sorry about what happen to you and Tami. After reading your story my heart all most broke in half. I wish I could take the pain from you both are replace it with joy. I have also been hell in my life. Being cut 12 times in 20 years is no easy ride either. You Eve,Tami and Kiesha are my inspiration to keep writing. If it weren’t for the four of y’all I would have ended it all long ago. As far as the drama, you need to tie Kenya’s ass up and put and her in a cell somewhere because she’s nuts! Keep your head up and you well go far and with God’s grace you shall become a star.oxox, EJ Russ

  60. Felicia says:

    Royce, I understand and agree with most of what you are saying BUT if you are indeed a true friend to Tami, your issue with her would have been private. I had a friend who stopped speaking to me and even lied and spread my business but I never behaved in the same manner. I called and spoke to her about how I felt and left it at that. You should never have written anything regarding your friendship with her and if she is doing it as well, the same goes to her. If you have to stoop to such levels, then your friendship is just as phony as the rest of those on the show.

  61. Magarette says:

    love it!!! every word now thats beening real…..#teamROYCE

  62. Marian Scott says:

    I do feel where Royce is going with channeling your anger. I too used to be hot head but now that I am older and see how it looks when we react that way, I feel a shame to have acted that way. You are all lovely and beautiful women, I just wish they would show a more positive side of you ladies for the younger generation.

  63. cherr says:

    Oki royce has a number of points. But what I really think is Evelyn is a grown woman and she can act how she wants to act. I will not say yeahh good work, but who are you to judge! In my opinion you act a fool last season. It’s like having a gun 2 diffrent bullets to shoot at the same time. And you should not even be intrested, because she does not pay your bills, give you no food, dress, and does not offer you no shelter. And Kenya, I would be very annoyed if someone forgets what they say but not forgotten what other say! Sorry but that sounds crazy. I personally do not like it when people lie to my face and act as if they suffer from memory loss. A person that is honest, knows what was said. And how come you do not think Kenya is wrong to want to beat Kesha?! I´m just saying that : we live oure live for just that one person and that person is called ME, Myself And I. I don´t wanna judge people because I make mistakes to. Evelyn has made mistakes but so have you. # just saying

  64. Holly says:

    I like you Royce, you the youngest and most mature one on the show. I’m just gone put it out there, *I CANT STAND EVELYN* and honey Suzie is not your friend. I dont know if you paid attention to the previous season/seasons, but when Suzie was on their bad side, you stuck by her and was her friend anyway. Once she got back in with them, they would talk about you, crack mean jokes about you and Suzie would sit there and laugh. I’m not saying she needed to speak up and check them, but definitely laughing at their jokes and negative comments about you was inappropriate and she call herself your friend.

    Kenya, I feel sorry for her. Everyone says she is crazy, maybe she is, I dont know. But one thing for sure is that she aint no crazier then a lot of other people I know, especially some of the women on that show. If you ask me, Tami is the one crazy, even though I started out liking Tami, she has been rubbing me the wrong way now that she is buddying up with Evelyn and Shaunie. And all that ganging up on Kenya is getting really old and it’s childish behavior on their part.

    I use to say Jen needed a mind of her own, well I guess she finally got it, now that she done got away from Evelyn. I like Jen much better when she’s not following behind Evelyn. As for you Royce, just continue doing you. You are the realist one on the show, just shocked to see you making it this long with all these catty women. Good Luck!!!

  65. medaly luke says:


  66. tina says:

    Kenya’s not crazy, thatis why Evelyn get mad at her and want to beat her up. She laughs in her face instead of acting like an idoit. Has any of you heard the saying, “You can kill a person with kindness?” The more Evelyn get mad at Kenya the more Kenya smiles and look at Evelyn like she is crazy. Kenya knows exactly what she’s doing. Yes i think Kenya lie but who are the women on Basketball WIves to tell her what she can and cannot say? They need to remove Evelyn, Tammie, and Susie from that show or take the show off the air. I am stil trying to figure out what Susie does on the show except go back to each person and stir up trouble or repeat things in a way to seem like it was negative when it was said. I know talk of sexing men a lot. Is that her claim to fame? I like Keshia but she was trying to cover her back by bringing her friendto dinner and repeating what Kenya said. SO WHAT Kenya heard Evelyn was loose. Sorry for the typos. On my way to work. Gotta go

  67. Sheri says:

    Royce you are such a together young woman, it’s so good to see you evolving, Taking a stand and being “you” is what young women of color should aspire to be. Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie represents the negative aspects of the “clkck:” mentality. I see this behavior from high school girls, its appalling to see this from grown women. At least you get a sense of Tami’s stuggles, Evelyn is not a happy person, she’s digusting to say the least, imo she is the one who needs some serious help. I am glad that you made a conscience decision to not associate with her period. I tear up while writng this because my daughter is dealing with vicious behavior from girls because she continues to take a “stand” being herself. Its refreshing to at least see that you are trying to do the thang on your terms, …..

  68. Lady Drica says:

    Royce i love how you speak your mind and dont care what nobody say about you. Sometimes i wish i can be like that. i can speak my mind, but not all that other suft. kept doing it girl. Tami you can do it. you can get through it. Talk to a friend that you trust, like royce.

  69. Val says:

    Royce… You and Jen are my favorite on BBW. I’m so happy you 2 are talking again. I love the way u keep it real. I am a victim of rape also. I have a lot you in me. I’m a realist and don”t let my girl friend pals take me for granted. Currently, I have found myself in an emotional abusive relationship for twenty years. The good news is with the help of family and friends and I getting out of it. I will no longer be the VICTIM. Continue to stand your ground in a lady-like manner.

  70. Soncee says:

    Thanks for your PROFESSIONAL advice (clap ! clap!) That said…what is the purpose in you posing without a top on? The WORDS in your BLOG do not Match the young lady in the picture without a bra. In order to be taken seriously, you may want to consider using the picture/head shot of you in the beautiful royal blue dress.. Show some #Class little girl

  71. MoodiiB says:

    Thank you Royce!!!

  72. A True Friend says:

    Royce, we love you for being real and upfront. We hope you are smart enough to know that one day Tami will turn on you , like a PITBULL. Because she is all up Evelyn’s backend, and all over Shaunie’s frontend. Shaunie, Tami & Evelyn are parents, and it is very shameful to see grown women laughing about bullying, and supporting violence. Royce, we pray that you will acknowledge and accept that Tami is not a true friend to you, but you are a true friend to Tami. Just like Jennifer was a true friend to Evelyn, but Evelyn was never a true friend to Jennifer. We can see Tami changing on you for the worst very soon.

  73. Put Your Friend In Check says:

    Royce, just like Jennifer changes for the worst when she was around Evelyn, I see the same in you, when you are around Tami. You keep it on the down low, but you do not act the same, when you are around Tami. This is a follower role, and not a leader role. Royce, you speak the truth, but you should practice truth at all times. I think the situation with Kenya video, Tami was down right rule, ugly, hateful, and evil. What prevented your from pulling your friend Tami to the side and put her in check? You have much more growing to do, to see that Tami is not a friend to anybody, not even you.

  74. What Money Can Not Buy says:

    Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer – stay original, focused, listen more and talk less during gossiping sessions.
    Kenya, Tami, and Evelyn please acknowledge that money cannot buy brains. Beauty cannot and will never have the ability to take away your depression, past misfortune and grief. Money cannot repair shaken and broken hearts. With that said, you should seek professional psychological assistance ASAP, to help you save yourselves from self-destruction. Because you cannot continue to verbally and physically, abuse other people, without consequence.

  75. Defend Yourself says:

    Royce, give KESHA , KENYA and JENNIFER some advice on how to handle bullies. They should always watch their back, and watch their surrounding when they are under attack by a set of PITBULLS. They should stare their enemy in the eyes, at the same time silently work on a plan of self-defense. Do not under any circumstances display a sense of fear. Tami & Evelyn gets a high on putting fear in those people they feel are a threat to them. I do not like violence, but I do like to see people stand firm and defend themselves. Jennifer, Kesha, and Kenya should enroll in a self-defense class.

  76. Chocotai says:

    Speak on girl, that was real. Those jeans are amazing!

  77. Hey Royce says:

    The only reason why Evelyn has so many followers is b/c she buys them. Look at her followers, they are a whole bunch of eggs (no pic) or a whole bunch of accounts that has 1 or 2 followers that have one or two tweets. Google, “buy twitter followers” you could have that many as well but you do it the old fashion way.
    Evelyn needs to grow the hell up. Shaunie is skeered of her ass. How are you gonna reward that behavior>? But they leave you back last year Royce?’
    then shaunie is gonna say last yr b/c she wanted you off the show that you don’t talk abut ur ex ur your kid, NONE OF THE CAST DOES, so there Shaunie.
    Shaunie needs to stop being a damn friend and act like a damn boss. Safety should be the utmost importance for everyone. I am done with this foul show. Best of luck to you Royce. But this is not entertainment.
    They wonder why Jenn don’t come around? Every time she does, she gets bullied.
    Shaunie, I sure hope you didn’t pay for that nose, all I’m saying.

  78. Lady T says:

    Go Rocye…you are keeping it real. Well job of explaining the blast. Fame comes from within.

  79. Raquel says:

    Hello Royce, I just read your blog and I agree. Tami and Shaunie are cool, however; they need to check their girl. She gets that mad about somebody talking about her. Grow up!!! And that’s what they need to tell; her the truth, that she is acting like a maniac and sooo high school. They think it’s funny. They even laughed and joked about the issue Evelyn has with Jen. Now, if the shoe was on the other foot, they would be mad as well. But I guess that helps the ratings but lowers their loyalty as a real friend. My opinion. Good luck with your endeavors Royce!! Continue to keep it 100 and cut the drama…….Raquel.

  80. Chyna says:

    Royce you are right and you always keep it 100 that’s why most love you. Tami is not a real friend and never was because if that was the case she would have been forgot that petty mess she “Supposedly” is mad about. What I don’t understand is how she stay grinning and kissing Evelyn arse, yet mad with you about your take on an episode where you are asked to blog weekly. I’m glad that you and Jen sat down because that is how real women handle business(only throw blows if absolutely necessary). Yet Evelyn still trying to mess that up with her jealous hateful self. Evelyn needs prayer because sooner or later someone will hurt her. Here is a piece of advice plan your wedding and go live your life instead of constantly worrying about Jen. And someone please help me understand why Shaunie refuses to film with Royce. I never will understand her old arse acting that damn childish for no reason.

  81. RCDC63 says:

    Royce well said, you are so right about Evelyn, she doesn’t like you because you won’t bow down to her and you speak your opinion. Also correct regarding Tami and Shaunie with this issue, a REAL friend would let Evelyn know that was not acceptable and she needs to deal with her issues with people like an adult, stop throwing things and using a curse word every other word. We all know she only jumps bad when someone is there to stop her or when she can use an object against the person. What’s even more puzzling is all these women have children and consider themselves good role models. Keep doing you Royce, stay true to yourself.

  82. Charteia says:

    I agree with you, all that stuff going on is very crazy at a certain age I feel like your light bulb is suppose to come on and you are suppose to mature and be able to look at things from all angles.

  83. Shaunie Get Your Face Out Of Your Hands says:

    Royce, good recap. I must say that Shaunie is the millionaire, the non-leader, the referee, the unprofessional Therapist, is saying she is throwing her hands up, and sick of the fights. Sure, she is setting a perfect example for the younger generation and businesspersons of the future. I must say the ex’s are probably meeting in bars to look at the show, kicking back, drinking, laughing, and making bets as if they were watching a boxing match. Very entertaining Shaunie, and smart thinking Shaunie. Girl quit the madness, get your face out of your hands, stop running around tables screaming EVL,EVL, EVL, and stop being afraid to tell Tami & Evelyn that they are acting like blood sucking dogs. Shaunie, you can stay rich, stay sneaky, and stay fake without promoting and supporting violence on the show. The directiion you are going , the show will go down in history as being the most distasteful, disgraceful, disrespectful, and violent show on the VH1 network.

  84. Criminal Behavior says:

    Royce, I was physically violated, I know several other females that were physically/mentally violated, and there are countless physically violations. However, this does not give us permission to go around physically assaulting innocent people. Tami is investing millions of dollars on beautifying herself externally and ignoring the fact that she needs psychological help. Because of Tami’s continued bully-like, and vindictive behavior on the show, I cannot feel sorry for her in anyway. I do not think Tami’s anger management sessions were voluntary, I think they were a legal requirement resulting from the legal settlement with Meeka.

    I also think she a manipulator, she used her past as an excuse for her criminal-like behavior to lessen her settlement with Meeka, and now she is trying to make the viewers think that she decided to seek anger management on her own. So now she is working the system by using Evelyn to fight her battles, because legally she cannot participate in any brawls without punishment. This is why I feel that Tami & Evelyn behavior is wrong, unjustified, unacceptable, evil, vicious, and downright unlawful.

  85. Mishie says:

    Royce – I’m so happy that you have the sense and awareness to present yourself as a positive image of African-American women! You and Jennifer have really represented yourselves well this season and I believe that others on the show are very jealous because they recognize the success you are breeding. Some people aren’t used to black women in a successful posture because so many believe the negative stereotypes attached to us.

  86. Tahiti is the ultimate South Pacific island paradise says:

    ROYCE, KESHA, AND JENNIFER — Now Shauni the millionaire is planning a trip to Tahiti for a long distance brawl, in a more beautiful and open atmosphere. We pray that if Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer are on Shaunie’s list of invites, that they turn down the invitation, because it is only a trap for her bullies (Tami & Evelyn). This is another way to boost VH1 ratings and increase Shaunie’s salary, while the other women are being verbally abused and physically assaulted. Is Shaunie so full of greed that she would risk taking two criminals to Tahiti an ultimate island of paradise, when they cannot behavior civil on their own soil?

    We guess she will continue to get rich off the other female cast mates being harassed, threaten, verbally attacked and physically assaulted.

  87. Kayla - Acts of Violence says:

    @Criminal Behavior – I was thinking the same about Tami, because her vicious behavior is the same, she is just holding back on the attacks. Instead, she is boosting Evelyn up to do the attacks, since she knows if she participates, she will be jailed. If this is not the case, she & Evelyn both still should be taken off the set, off the streets, and placed behind jail bars. The threats, harassment, slaps in the face, throwing wine glasses, hit with purse are all acts of viloence.

  88. Tracey says:

    Wooow!! Spoken like a True Grown Woman!! Royce is the truth!! I totally agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD!!! Royce you ROCK!!!

  89. memeandme says:

    I respect the fact that you don’t try to fit in with the “circle”. You don’t try hard to be their friend and that’s what made you an outcast. But females like that you do not need in your life. It’s ridiculous that these grown women with grown kids act like highschool clicks. All the cursing, bottle throwing, jumping over tables is not cute. You are right, they should be telling her that she was wrong not laughing about it like it’s OK. I’m wondering how did Tami and Eve become so close? How can Eve be so mad at Jen for a blog but be so cool with Tami who attacked her? And how can Tami be friends with her ex husbands jumpoff? Mind you, she was the jumpoff when tami was married to him and Eve knew he had a damn wife. No way she didn’t. There’s a whole lot of fakeness in that bunch, including Tami. Evelyn is saying she owns up to being a Hoe (or in her words “what she’s done in the past”) but she sure gets mad when people call her out her name. That’s someone who is ashamed but can’t admit it. You own up to it when you can be honest with yourself first. I have to say out of everyone in the cast you have stayed true to yourself and other than evolving and maturing, you haven’t changed which means that it was always genuine. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Suzi. She’s a fip flopper and very weak minded. She’s not loyal and can’t be trusted. If I recall correctly wasn’t she the first person to ever throw a drink at someone in season 1? Then went on to be the black sheep and running from Evelyn to kissing their ass to be accepted again and now trying to play peacemaker. She’s a chameleon, not once have I seen the true Suzi. I don’t even know her and she’s been on the show since day one. Then she has the nerve to talk about Kesha’s speech when she has a damn lispe so bad I have to wipe down my damn TV everytime she speaks.

  90. Kendra says:

    Royce, the best thing you can do for Tami is to continue to be honest about her violent and vicious behavior. If Tami continues to be angry with you, then consider yourself blessed, because she overflowing with bad blood and negative energy. You do not need this type of unhealthy behavior in your presence.

    LOL- A funny site to see was, when Tami acting like Hercules jumping between Evelyn & Kenya fight. I did not realize how masculine Tami really is. Now I can understand why she is so jealous and hateful to the other sexy female cast mates.

  91. maderma says:

    kenya’s screening party did look like a kenya bashing party. tami and her cousin really seemed intent on shutting kenya up and shutting her down. i thought their behavior was rude. that really did come across as bullying. most of the people were telling kenya what to say and when to say. i guess the word bully is fitting because tami sure acts like a wild BULL!!!!

  92. Lana says:

    I am confused as to why Kenya invited Tami & her cousin to view the video, they have downgraded and low-rated her from day 1. There is absolutely nothing Kenya can do right in the eyes of evil Tami. My heart went out to Kenya, because she was at a loss of words, she was like a little kid in a corner, about to cry because her friends were bad mouthing her. Kenya, do not ask for Tami’s help, do not ask Tami’s cousin for help, they do not like you and they will not help you. Kenya. should seek help from Royce and Jennifer, I think they would be open, honest, and upfront, without being confrontational and downgrading.

  93. VH1 Stop Supporting Violence says:

    VH1, BBW PRODUCERS , SHAUNIE- why are you putting up with Tami & Evelyn’s unprofessional and criminal behavior on the show? You are allowing them to harass, threaten, slap, verbally and physically abuse the other cast members. This is a Reality Show, not a Boxing Match or Wrestling Match. These little girl are uncultivated, bad mannered, and a total waste. Tami & Evelyn are getting hate mail all over the place. They lack self-respect, they disrespect their daughters, and they disrespect the viewers with their offensive verbal attacks.

  94. Yvetten says:

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Tami and Evelyn only pick on people they think won’t fight back. The average woman would slap Tami and Evelyn into next week if they tried that ish on them. Both of them are damaged goods. Silly, immature, childish women, who are looking for love in all the wrong places, probably didn’t have a good upbringing….were used and abused…don’t know how to channel their anger so they take it out on others. SMDH.

  95. Nicole says:

    Royce! WE KNOW JEN APOLOGY WAS SINCERE.. im glad u have a mind of your own. U dont have to defend yourself to us if perhaps one day you both were to become friends. Jen’s human and makes mistakes, just as you did on the show. I expected her to argue with you, i was PROUD of the way she softened after u opened the floor. ONLY reason u werent friends was b/c EVELYN was in her ear as always! SEASON 1 JEN CLEARLY LIKED U AND GRAVITATED TO U BUT B/C HER “BEST FRIEND” WAS AGAIINST IT SHE WAS TOO. she did the same with suzie all while proclaiming she had no issues with her she cut her off. Jen was blindly loyal to evelyn… thank god she got away from her. i hope one day you both could become friends.

  96. Friends says:

    I love to see good hearted people come together for the good. I truly feel Royce and Jennifer are good together. Jennifer was a follower, when she was with Evelyn. Jennifer was going thru some difficult times, which caused her to make some bad choices. But, now that she has opened her eyes, and is no longer in the hands of Evil Evelyn, she will get back on the right track. I pray that Royce, do not fall in the same fake friendship trap with Tami.

  97. JAZZ- Stay Motivated Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, Royce, Kesha keep it all about business with Tami, Evelyn, Suzie, Kenya and Shaunie. Just do your job, make your money, and don’t waste your valuable time trying to have a casual or personal relationship with these five females. ———– Jennifer, just keep it moving and do not waste one second thinking about apologizing to evil Evelyn. Maybe when the beef first started you should had apologized, that is if you did something wrong. Nevertheless, you should never apologize for something that you sximply did not do. However, with all of Evelyn’s threats, harassment, verbal abuse, and physically attacks, DO NOT APOLOGIZE. ———– Because you did not deserve that type of insanity. Yes, you may have made a mistake about talking about Chad in her absence, but it was true. Chad admitted to Evelyn himself that he is a professional cheater. However, she did not do the crazy-lady on him. Instead, she issued him an approval to continue cheating. ———– Evelyn, is not a true friend to herself, she is not a true friend to her daughter, she is not a true friend to Tami, and she is not and cannot be a friend to anybody. She has her priorities totally out of place. She is letting Chad and moneymaking take over her life, she will attempt to destroy anybody, and anything that she thinks will get in the way of her mission. ———– Jennifer, we all make mistakes. Nevertheless, we do not ever deserve that type of ill-treatment from anybody. Learn from your mistakes, watch the words that come out of your mouth at all times, listen more, and talk less. These healthy things will help you to stay focused, positive, and constructive throughout life. Because I learned long ago, that your tongue and the words that comes out of your mouth, can be a self-destroyer. ———– So to sum it all up Jennifer, stay inspired, classy, calm, cool, brave, motivated, and ready to defend yourself from physical attacks at all times. We love the way you are maintaining your self-love, self-respect and fashion sense. You look great.

  98. KJ says:

    Evelyn is angry and I think I know why..she knows her 15 minutes are almost up and she knows that her engagement is a sham. I live in Miami..not on the beach…the REAL MIAMI…and everyone in the hood that knows Chad will tell you that this whole marriage business is a sham..its just a publicity stunt as a favor to her so she can keep making money after BBW is no longer hot…don’t believe me? If you ever see Chad in Miami, ask him

  99. Sambo says:

    Royce I agree with you 100%. I put my money on Kenya as well. Like she stated in her magazine interview that she’s professionally trained to fight thanks to her dad and she’s not afraid of anybody on that show. She was glad Tami stood between them b/c she’d hate to kill Evelyn on natn’l tv. #love it!!!!

  100. Marta - Get The Legal System On Your Side says:

    Royce,, Jennifer, and Kesha —- stay sophisticated, peaceful, fresh, and fashionable, while getting the legal system on your side. Make Tami & Evelyn them put you on their payroll, while you relax and enjoy yourselves.

    Make these two criminals(Tami & Evelyn) pay for their crimes, make them pay for their physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, harassment and WHILE YOU ARE AT IT MAKE A request for them to be removed from the streets.

    Tami & Evelyn are two of the most unsophisticated, badly informed, cold-blooded, bad-mannered, polluted and foolish females that I have ever seen on National TV.

  101. SISTERS says:

    Evelyn — is suffering from a serious mental breakdown. She is totally sick, foolish, enraged, and mad at the world. Any female that has class, beauty, intelligence, business sense, and has an uncompromising personality is a threat to Evelyn. She fears rejection, and she demands love from her man under any condition. She conducts herself as if she maybe under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug. Tami – is suffering from a severe case of self-denial, low-self esteem, mental/emotional trauma, and fault the world for her personal tragedies and failures. Any female with beauty, talent, intelligence, motivation, happiness, and have a strong personality is a threat to Tami. She conducts herself as if she maybe under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug, alcohol or both. People under the influence of mind-altering drugs and alcohol usually conduct themselves very abnormally like Tami & Evelyn. VH1 Producers & Shaunie, stop ignoring the danger signs for the sake of ratings and money. These two females need special medical attention, before they hurt themselves or somebody else. This is not a matter of fear; this is a matter of saving a life.

  102. Daisy says:

    @SISTER, you got your point across very well, and we totally agree with you. These two females should be off the streets and behind jail bars. Tami & Evelyn are criminals, paid to harrass and violate the other females on the set. This is unlawful and a total shame. VH1, Producers and Shaunie STOP THE MADNESS

  103. KeeKee - Season 4 Reunion says:

    VH1 Producers & Shaunie — why would anybody with a sound mind, wants to be in the audience during the taping of Season 4 Reunion? #1 the show is very disgraceful, distasteful, and unhealthy for the viewers and the cast members. #2 VH1 Producers & Shaunie do not protect the people in the audience from verbal attacks and threats from Tami & Evelyn, whenever they ask questions. #3 VH1 Producers & Shaunie should demand that the cast members respect your audience at all times. #4 the cast members are working for VH1, they are paid by VH1, and therefore as any employer that you work for, you represent that employer at all times. To be perfectly honest, I would not let my puppies nowhere near Tami & Evelyn; in fact, I would rather be in the audience at a dog show. The dog shows are more civilized, peaceful, and the dogs are classy and intelligent. Which I cannot say that about Tami & Evelyn.

  104. Elaine - VH1 Job Requirement says:

    VH1, Producers, Shaunie — When will you wake up and put an end to the violence on the show? Are you going to wait until someone is terribly hurt, before addressing the violence that is taking place on the show? Are you more interested in making money and the show ratings and less interested in the safety of your cast mates? Are you afraid to reprimand Tami & Evelyn for their unlawful behavior? Do you drug test your cast mates? Do you conduct background checks before hiring cast mates? Are you more interested in Basketball Wives that are suffering from psychological and anger management problems? Is having a criminal background, psychological problem, and anger problem your top hiring requirements?

  105. Tanya says:

    Season 4 Reunion —-Who wants to watch Tami & Evelyn snap their fingers, twist their necks, cross their legs, throw around threats, violating the audience and their cast mates with their profanity and offensive language? Tami & Evelyn are always dressed up all pretty for the Reunion, just to come on the set to act like a PITBULLS and a ROTTWEILER. It is a terrible site to see, and we are very embarrassed for them. We feel sad for Tami & Evelyn, because they are emotionally ill and nobody is running to help them.

  106. Ruthie & Faye says:

    SHAUNIE, VH1, PRODUCERS – We are not wishing for a told-you-so moment. We are not in anyway a fan of Tami or Evelyn’s, we do not know anybody personally, and that is a fan of those two. However, we do not want to see or hear of any tragedy happening to them or any of the cast members on the show. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to hear the viewers request to stop the violence. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to take viewers concerns very seriously, because life is very precious. We should all try to help protect one another from getting in harms ways. Money, fame, and fortune can never replace a life. Men and women that are not on TV are jailed everyday for abuse and assaults, why is it okay for VH1 to have this type of criminal behavior on their shows? VH1 safeguard your cast members from harming themselves and from harming anybody else.

  107. Lady J says:

    Royce Reed, as immature as they called you, you are the most mature on the show.
    Evelyn = black-hearted menace.
    Jen-was caught in Evelyn’s web…finally getting her own mind
    Tami-among everyone else, she has a chance to change….she is intelligent & wants to be better but sabotages herself.
    Suzie-a person with no foundation & goes with the wind.
    Kenya-a tad bit narcissistic & a tad bit misunderstood…in order to do better you must take constructive criticism; however, in her defense….all of the situations in which she has been criticized have never 1 on 1 with a close friend.
    Kesha-not to be trusted….turned too quickly on Kenya instead of them working out their issues..why throw Kenya in the lion’s den when you should have called your friend without the hyenas present? She never confronts without backup…..
    Shaunie-a snake…she is evil that tries to appear nice.

  108. Crazy Legs says:

    Royce, at times I think you keep it too real on here. I realize you might be getting paid to do this but, some of the things you say on here, I feel like you should only be telling your close friends and family. I just don’t feel it’s necessary to put ALL your thoughts on front street like that. I don’t deny it’s authenticity but, it is a little too much. I believe that is why Tami is upset with you. Saying something in person and on a blog are two different things. And you say, “when Tami gets over it..” maybe you should try to see it from her side and see that you hurt her by blogging about her. Now like you said “if you don’t like it, don’t read it,” and I am no one to tell you what to do–BUT I’M JUST Sayin’! :) I don’t think anyone is telling you this, they’re just encouraging it because it’s entertaining to read and is keeping it 100 (which everyone loves). However, from another perspective, I would strongly recommend you use more of a filter when blogging b/c w/ you being so blunt, it seems to stir up more problems. There is a median between being honest and not being hurtful and that’s all I’m suggesting to you. I wish you the best and appreciate the positive impact you have on the show, God Bless.

  109. Hercules says:

    Tami , I thought I was looking at Hercules jumping between Evelyn & Kenya fight. I did not realize how masculine Tami really is. I can understand why she is so jealous and hateful to the other sexy female cast members. Evelyn & Tami STOP THE VIOLENCE. Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer are very attractive, talented, and gifted. Ladies, please do not let anything or anybody knock you off track. Stay real, true to yourself, true to others, and maintain your self-respect and it will bring you a bright and successful future.

  110. Cyri Axel says:

    I really like you. You are the most real person there. That’s the reason you have so many fans. I’m sure the producer of the show Shauni, knows that. As far as Evelyn, she really needs some professional help. I mean major help. Her language OMG. Why does she talk like that? She’s not embarrass of the way she talks? Why would a guy wants to marry someone that uses profanity all day long? I really want Shauni to pay for Evelyns anger management class. She’s to old to be acting like that.

  111. T. C. says:

    Hi Royce:). I just wanted to say I have always liked you. I got the feeling that you were real and sweet. Now I see I was right. You have class, and respect, keep that cause in the lime life it can fade quickly. I hope that you Love Jesus and The Father because with Them you’ll always be alright. Stay up. Stay you. And remeber around them crazy females, “Bad company, corrupts good morals.”

  112. Harry - Words of Encouragement says:

    I feel like sharing a word of encouragement for all of our sisters, and brothers across the world. In our lifetime, we will all experience some type of heartbreak, failure, disappointment, trauma, grief, anger, confusion, emotional illness, physical illness, mental illness. Depression, letdowns, rejection, of the hurt, angry, abuse, misuse, bullying, hate, hurt, criticism, losses, aches and pain. This is a part of life, everybody handle these types of life issues differently. This is okay, but it is important for us to take the time to acknowledge and accept what has happened to us. Next, work hard to put ourselves back together again. Many times, we cannot do it alone. All of my help comes from my Creator. Because there is not a man or woman on earth that can love us, help us, heal us, guide us, and be true to us like our Creator. So I encourage Tami & Evelyn to seek professional help and spiritual help from our Creator. Our Creator loves all of his children, and he wants us to love one another.

  113. Kenny says:

    People all over the globe have experienced some type of hurt. What is important is how we react to the hurt. Heartbreaks and relationship failures will happen, if we cannot handle the bad and hurtful experience in a civil manner, we must seek professional help. It is not everybody fault that you are hurt, it is not the entire world fault that you were hurt. I love my children, I love my family members, and I love my friends. I thank God that they are not evil like Tami is & Evelyn. If my children, my family members, and my friends would behave themselves like untamed animals, I would be extremely depressed, let down, sadden, and disappointed.

  114. Jan says:

    @Harry – Words of Encouragement — Thank you forthe inspiring and encouraging words. Prayer is the only answer. VH1, Producers, Shaunie and every cast member please listen because prayer change any situation. You need prayer, I need prayer, and the world need prayer. Life is too precious for us to be hating one another for the love of money, fame, and fortune.

  115. STOP THE VIOLENCE says:

    Tami , I thought I was looking at Hercules jumping between Evelyn & Kenya fight. I did not realize how masculine Tami really is. I can understand why she is so jealous and hateful to the other sexy female cast members. Evelyn & Tami STOP THE VIOLENCE.

    Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer are very attractive, talented, and gifted. Ladies, please do not let anything or anybody knock you off track. Stay real, true to yourself, true to others, and maintain your self-respect and it will bring you a bright and successful future.

  116. STOP THE VIOLENCE. says:

    Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer are very attractive, talented, and gifted. Ladies, please do not let anything or anybody knock you off track. Stay real, true to yourself, true to others, and maintain your self-respect and it will bring you a bright and successful future. Tami , I thought I was looking at Hercules jumping between Evelyn & Kenya fight. I did not realize how masculine Tami really is. I can understand why she is so jealous and hateful to the other sexy female cast members. Evelyn & Tami STOP THE VIOLENCE.

  117. Lippy says:

    Royce is very classy and mature. I like the fact that you are your own woman and not a “follower” or “co-signer”, as you say. Others on that show should model your behavior.

  118. jb says:

    I would like to address the Jenn and Eve issue. At Evelyn you are so controlling and wants everyone on your side. NO ONE CAN BE FRIENDS WITH JENN OR ANYONE ELSE IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THEM!!! Really??? Woman grow up. This is the example you show your daughter. When I first started watching the show I truly admired you, but you truly are a bully and need to address your own issues and short comings. To Jenn, this is exactly what your husband was warning you about your so called friends and now you see whose side they are taking and it is not yours. I salute you Royce and Tami. Suzi, PHONY ASS FRIEND, enough said. And to Ms. Shaunie, you suppose to be in charge, really. I know that you suppose to the head of the group but I think you relinquish that title to the mighty supreme Evelyn.

  119. Meggan says:

    Royce, all I can say is keep your head up high. Its always good to b a leader and not a follower. I hope u find something else to do and leave this show that is full of hatred, illiteracy and females with no class. They dont know when to act, where to act and how to act, attention seekers. VH1 need to change the name of the show from Basketball Wife’s to Basketball Hood-rats.

  120. For the Underdog says:

    Well, Royce you are my favorite. I admire your spunk, drive, and talent. Also, you are a truly nice young lady with a good head on your shoulders. I am sorry to hear about your tragedy and pray for your total healing.

    I agree about the ladies by not taking a strong stance with Evelyn’s violent behavior are in fact encouraging it. Why the producers are allowing the show to de-evolve in this fashion is beyond me. Not unless of course they are going for the lowest common denominator…pure immature drama and emotionalism. If so, they are marketing to a teenage audience and even teenagers should be spared such reckless role models and deserve better. I would have loved to see them use their celebrity for true inspiration of others. What a lost opportunity. I guess it’s the old adage, sex and violence sells.

    But as sad as it is, their bad behavior causes you, Jen, and Kenya to shine like rays of light in the darkness. Let your positive light continue to shine. I know you will stay focused and on a positive, healthy and productive course. All the best.

  121. Royce is educated, sophisticated and well says:

    Wow once again royce shows how educated and classy she can respectfully express her opinion. Tammi is an individual who is suffering from delirious mental horrors from her past and she still brings up every increment of her situation into her present day life. She is very insecure and appears to be on the edge in every show. If I where Royce, Jennifer, and Keisha I would try to get off the show and take my business elsewhere because this show only exploits negativity insecure behavior and stupid b.s for women over 30+. I am not even close to this age bracket as of yet but I do know women in this age group who know how to conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

  122. J. WMS. says:

    I really like your viewpoint. You might be the youngest, but you seem like you are one of the wisest. You did right by standing your ground last season. There is definitely a reason for Tami and Evelyn’s constant fighting. What they need to do is get some counseling to work out the “daddy wasn’t there” and the “mommy didn’t protect me” issues. I wouldn’t care what they were going through, if they came at me crazy they would get instantly delivered from all of it. I thought Jackie from L.A. Was crazy. These ladies make Jackie almost look normal, ok, not really! Lol

  123. Jen says:

    Lady J said it all

  124. margo says:

    I’m pro Royce for many reasons – I felt your pain when the girls gave you much grief. It just disappoint me when you say Kenya can’t dance-It’s your opinion but it doesn’t make it true.
    Being a trained dancer doesn’t give you the right to tell someone what they can and can’t do and say they don’t have talent. How dare you Royce. She can dance she needs to practice and have some supporters plain and simple. I’m so surprise of you because as you said Tammie co-signed. I believed that you co-signed on Kenya. No one understood Kenya all she was getting from you and Keisha was eye rolls and Keisha saying she don’t want her name on it!

    So she took it for what it was worth. If you guys would have dealt with her in a more positive way and not so harsh-She would have not been so injured. She is not crazy and please stop co-signing.
    So I think you are being a hypocrite-Why don’t you step up to Tammie hard not soft and being apologetic about speaking the truth. Tammie was wrong point blank! Don’t apologize for Tammie’s violences-Be True all the way. Tell her the Truth! that’s what friends do. You actually can beat Tammie-she can’t fight.

    I thought since you was the blunt of all Jen and Evelyn’s and other hatred you would have more compassion on Kenya. I’m your fan and true fans tell the truth good or bad.

  125. Oya says:

    Yeah, I can see it too…there’s “something” just under the surface with that Kenya person. I wouldn’t eff wit’ her–not without some garlic & holy water in tow. The thing about her and Eve’s beef is…why the delay. Right on the spot, Kenya openly admitted to what she said about she being “loose.” Why the “scene two” at the restaurant? Staged & Silly. Do you know if the restaurant charged Vh1 for that bottle of champagne she threw/broke? If they did, Vh1 take it outta her check. They won’t stopped the foolery till they are jailed…wit’ real FIGHTING b’s. Let’s see how they knuckle-up in there? Lol…

    And u know what else? What did Kenya say that the internet, the Miami scene and Royce didn’t already say? Why only get mad at Kenya? Oh, cause she’s depicted as another non-fighter. Lame!

    Vh1, find more Kimsha and or Chrissy types… Evilyn wouldn’t pull that crap on one of them or the likes of them. Let’s even the playing field.