She Said/She Said: Jennifer And Evelyn Trade Off-Camera Jabs In Their Blogs


Each week on this season of Basketball Wives, we’ve been doing our best to keep up with the recaps and blog posts the cast of the show has been writing to give their side of what’s really going down. This week, Jennifer continues to be at peace with her life and chooses to take the zen road…mostly. And Evelyn keeps it 100 and gives us some behind the scenes insider info about what she thinks of Jen’s friendships.

Jennifer writes:

I honestly don’t understand how my cast mates find the energy to breathe after a day of so much hate towards each other. I decided to apologize to Royce because it was the right thing to do. After all, she didn’t sleep with my husband or do anything to physically harm me so the line of no return hasn’t been crossed.

In the end, I am glad we were able to sit down and talk about our differences. No yelling, no screaming just a calm conversation where she expressed her feelings and I expressed mine. Royce was right; I never saw what she supposedly wrote on Twitter because I was getting my information from other people. This all took place at a time in my life where I was making some big decisions and I expressed my hurt in the form of anger. I understood her point and I apologized to her. The way you approach someone with a matter has a strong effect on the outcome you will get from the person. I do think Royce has matured and she is in a good place in her life where she is happy. It shows in her spirit.

Being the new girl on the block is not easy. Just ask Kenya or Kesha. Poor Kenya she just gets a bad rep. I have to say I am proud of her for getting her video done after all the craziness surrounding the making of the video. If nothing else, the video is an accomplishment and she is living out her dreams. This whole thing about Kenya trying to be me is absurd. I don’t see it, I think we relate with our divorce issues and that is about the extent of it. We are cool and I intend to keep it that way, these ladies do not want it with Kenya. Believe me!

Let’s get to my “photo op” friends. Seriously, what’s next? Here’s my thing; you have a wedding to plan, a daughter to finish raising and a life that you paint to be beautiful and great. Please reach out and get your life and leave mine alone.

Evelyn also had a few pointed things to say to Jennifer in her blog this week. She writes:

Yes, I did throw the bottle and last week I owned up to the fact that I shouldn’t have because I could have seriously hurt someone. My anger did get the best of me, which is something I’m working on and I’m really happy and thankful that Tami got in the middle.

Since we are on the subject of Kenya, I do think she has a beautiful voice but it’s everything else about her that’s a hot mess!

Let’s get to the truth regarding the Jen and Royce meeting and you know I will keep it 100! Jen didn’t want to film that scene, she did it because she needed camera time. This was something that was
forced. You know I hear everything behind the scenes and she was def off it! Not to mention, I find it ironic that she would apologize to Royce, but hasn’t apologized to me yet.

Let me give you the back story on Nia and Jen. These ladies had their own friendship outside of me, they went on vacations together, celebrated birthdays, and slept at each others homes. Jen even wanted to be Nia’s roommate at one time. Nia was a very loyal friend to Jennifer, when Jen hurt, Nia hurt and vice-versa. Things only begin to change when Jen became an F-List celebrity and forgot who her “real” friends were. That’s all I have to say for now…things will get very interesting later…

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  1. A. Terrell Williams says:

    Real talk i liked Jenn more the last season, Now she’s like a doll, Phony as hell

  2. Cheryll says:

    I feel Jennifer is more adult about everything . But Evelyn is not she wants to use her bad tongue to scare people , Evelyn you are only hurting yourself and your finance…

  3. denise says:

    i think evelyn and jen need too sit down and talk away from everyone else they were too close for this and evelyn need too understand that maybe jen feels a way she dont have her husband anymore and evelyn has a man now and just doing her own thing grow up and get over that stuff evelyn

  4. VANESSA says:


  5. Cresha says:

    Evelyn can you worry about your wedding and you show store and stop tryna throw jabs at Jen…you make ur self look pitiful… kno she ain’t gon fight cuz she to busy handling her business and she don’t need no scratches on her face cuz that’s bout all you gon do….

  6. denise says:

    Tami and Evelyn u two r nothing but bullies

  7. Meika says:

    I am a fan of the show and have been watching since the beginning and it seems that both Jennifer & Evelyn have been friends for a very long time. If they were true friends they should be able to get past this. They need to sit down and have a heart to heart w/o the cameras and other people beign around. They’re old enough to speak to one another as adults and handle this like a real lady should. If you decide by the end of the conversation that the friendship can’t be salvaged then so be it. People change & so do friendships.

  8. Tammie Green says:

    I command Jen for all that she does…she’ll always be the bigger person over Evelyn. Evelyn still have a lot of maturing to do…you have a daughter that see you acting like an adolescent, if she happy with her engagement to Ocho by all means she need to put her energy into making her wedding day fabulous. Also, she need to exercise her home training and stay off the table tops, so unclassy!!!!! So in my Tamar Braxton voice, I address this to Evelyn**GET YO LIFE**! #teamJennifer

  9. Beautiful Skin says:

    Well, the whole situation is so freakin STUPID!!!!! If the SO CALL Friendship was really REAL, NOTHING would have or Could have come between it!!!! All of the ladies are F-List Celebrities if ya ask me!!!! Shydd, Really everybody was put on this earth 2 be different!! From my viewing of BBW, I feel as if JEN has been a GREAT friend… Ive read a lot of her Blogs & dont believe she ment any harm… the bs was just blown out of proportion by Evelyn. It really wasnt that serious 2 me & alot of other fans… but hey we dont know what goes on when cameras are off. But however, the bs is VERY VERY childish!! & Evelyn stop acting like Jen didnt apologize 2 u, because she tried 2 SEVERAL times, & u continuosly got outraged at her. So 2 me Evelyn YOU ARE THE ONE THAT HAS LET THE F-LIST CELEBRITY THING TAKE OVER U!!!! Yall miss each other, the DRAMA is SO MIDDLE school… Get Over it!! If something that PETTY came between a Friendship then yall wasnt friends 2 began with!!! Now thats 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Michelle Belton says:

    I believe both Jen and Evelyn had a wonderful friendship. I believe the ladies should be alone somewhere and talk out this situation. Hell I will even be there to help them. I don’t mind. You know we go through life with all this anger in us and not knowing that we need to let it go and not be ugly towards one another. Love one another. I feel that you both had a beautiful relationship and I hlpe that you will come together and iron out your differences.

  11. Constance Littleton says:

    Why would Jen tryed too apologized too you,you didnt like the why she was doing it(who the hell you like you are).I hope you are looking too JESUS to help you with your anger just doing what you did throwing bottles and all do you really think by just saying you are sorry if someone had got hurt would have been o.k.You need too see a doctor a pastor and read the BIBLE everyday because only demons act the way you do.Stop calling Kenya a hot mess we all have something that could be better about us even you.I havent seen demons raise up in her yet but everytime you on the show they are controlling you.And Jen is handling just right she dont even say your name until one of the others ladies say it;you weak Jen all up in your head and she not even trying too be.

  12. donna robbins says:


  13. Keesha says:

    Eve, why should Jen apologize to you? Is that what you want?

  14. medaly luke says:


  15. Mel K says:

    You* had a typo

  16. April says:

    I had to get on to respond. Ev, if you want to be Jen’s friend and get photo ops, then be her friend. Dang. You act like it’s your freshman year in high school whose BFF became popular and you feel left out. Plan your wedding then take several seats. You are too old like almost 40 to be getting madabout dumb stuff then laughing about it. It’s not a good look. Your daughter seems more mature than you. You are embarrassing her. The things you are saying about Jen is crazy. It is sad that your friends, tami and shauni, aren’t telling you the truth. I think Jen came at you strong bc you try so hard to dig in that she had to be aggressive in order to remain on your level of craziness. She cried the last season and you were still punking her. Remember. You cursed at her and walked out. That was messed up and all of your and her fans saw that. So she was ready for the next time and she gave you the business. Come on now. Shauni and tami investigate everything else so why did they pump you up like that about Jen being flossy. Instead they hold have reminded you of when Jen was sincere. Also, it was sad that after you confronted Jen you went to Miami to confront Chad and he gave you total disrespect. Saying you got good p, bringing another woman home and watching you cry. That was embarrasing to our daughter. Girl, he is not right for you. Now I’m saying.

  17. Whitney A says:

    I honestly feel like Jen is tryna get her life back in order and Evelyn is stressed about her upcoming wedding. However, Evelyn knows she miss her friendship with Jen and vice versa. I think the argument is a bit petty and immature and they just need to make up and move on because they both have major events going on in their lives that they BOTH wish they can share with one another. Now I like evelyn and Jen. I actually been a huge fan on Evelyn since the first season so like she say “IM KEEPIN IT 100!!”

  18. Dive Goddess says:

    I love Jen. She’s beautiful and classy. Love her outfits.

  19. aishia s. says:

    evelyn is toooo damn old to b running across tables bare foot………. ill….. n she jus mad that jen aint up her ass nomore she branched out n shes doing her own thing… evelyn seriously im sure u love the ratings but look at the price ur paying 4 it… ur making a fool out of ur self n its going to last 4ever..

  20. carla says:

    eve is a black kim kardish n chad want marry hur he jus njo her pretty look n freaky was chad aint no fool

  21. d watson says:

    Evelyn fails to realize she is one of those people that are hard to approach. the girl said her pr wrote it, and granted she should have read it first. EVE is so upset because she loves jen and still wants her support, i thought she said she was sorry in earlier sposides but eve wasnt ready to listen. treasure your friendships,, talk about it and move on. life is too short. go feed the kids in africa or something, spend your energy doing something good, not this mess….im out!!

  22. Markieth says:

    i like everyone on the show espeically evelyn n tami run the show but i do not like jen and kenya retard ass everything evelyn said was right and that all i gotta say for the moment

  23. GG says:

    It’s obvious Evelyn & Jen are hurting and missing each other friendships. I can definetly see it all over Evelyn and she is trying to make everyone hate Jen. True friendship can get past anything. The one thing I say is when me and my BFF stops speaking I would NEVER tell her personally business to anyone or let anyone disespect her. I can do it but nobody else sure can’t. i would like to see them kiss and make up but if not move on. And Evelyn who at 35 is still taking their earrings fighting. That is so ridiculous. That is no class at all. A lady NEVER steps out of character. Maybe you should take some classes. You NEVER see Jen wanting to fight anyone unless she is defending herself. You are sooooooooo HOODDDDDDDDD and u don’t even recognize it.

  24. rita says:

    I respect the route jen took when it came to royce !

  25. Ana says:

    Evelyn you really should mind yours and let Jen make up and apologize to whoever she pleases stay in your own business and pay more attention to planning your so called Wedding with Mr OchoCinco you are behind in your planning cause you got your nose up in everybody else’s stuff so have several seats and and get up off everybody else’s Child please

  26. Yasmine Santos says:

    hey guys i luv ur show its the best EVER kinda love the drama its funny but to be honest i think if jen and evelyn actually talked on their own they could be at least a little so they dont plus i think its funny how yall cant be in the same room when all yall go to do is do ur own thing

  27. eve i wud be hurt if my close fren did dat to me so i understand u jen is all for herself i dnt get her wat i wud do is avoid her tami i like ur attitude

  28. Valerie says:

    Who makes the black and gold rimmed aviators that Evelyn wears?

  29. savannah says:

    Evelyn girl u scary every time u about to do something u need a drink first or someone in between u get over urself.

  30. Sallie T. says:

    TEAM JEN!!!…Keep doing you girl (= Love watching BBW!

  31. Conchita S. says:

    i love all u ladies,but Evelyn and Jennifer ya can just sit and talk this out without any attitude.Jennifer you just need to realize that Evelyn can make her own decisions and that u should respect her wishes.let her do whatever she feels en like,let her be with whoever she wants.You have your own life to worry about.but Evelyn think twice before u marry that fool Chad,and watch your language its not a good example for your daughter.royce i love the fact you dont let none of them ladies walk over you.Suzie Suzie Suzie,your very kind and loving.Kenya is extremely fake…werd up.keshia can get a chance

  32. Mai says:

    I have to agree with Jen, if you have all these great things going on in ur life Evelyn, why are u acting like this????? It does show in ur spirit, u not happy and that Ocho boy is probably with the next one and u know it…Do what Jen is doing cause u look pathetic….Be an example to ur daughter and stop embarrasing urself.

  33. eboneelawson1920 says:

    I like that jenn is in a good place to where she can see what is really in importsnt in life i like that she apologized to royce. I hate the fact that Evelyn is n a place of darkness its like she is a train reck ready to happen. i thought it was the harmones from her and ocho trying to make the twins but it seems to go a lot deeper… eve you need to realize that you saying im keeping it 100 and throwing bottles at ppl and fighting every time some on says something about you is NOT the right way of handling things jenn more then likely needed you and has came to you to apologize but in the middle of her apologe you want to fight . so jenn is probably feed up and with good reason she has bigger ansd better things to do then to kiss your ass because you are not a factor in her life any more…lol sorry had to use your words on you . i love all of you guys i just wish you would get it together

  34. Nustar46 says:

    Evelyn is saying that Jennifer didn’t apologize but I thought she did….may be wrong. But I don’t think even she did, Evelyn would still behave the way she does. You don’t hear her apologizing for the things she says and does.

  35. Tiffany says:

    I try hard to like Evelyn but when she starts talkin junk and wanting to fight, I’m just like ok she is a child. Move on from it. Be the grown woman. Jen is ignoring Evelyn and that’s how Evelyn needs to handle the situation if she can’t say nuttin nice. She is not a teenager. U have a grown daughter who doesn’t even trip like u!!!

  36. April says:

    Ev is so mad that her hair is disheveled and her facial expression is over the top mad. Like someone stole her bike or dropped her ice cream cone. Grow up.

  37. Karen says:

    Why do we as women degrade ourselves in front of the public eyes? To get a TV rating, to feel like a celebrity? Come on women inside of beating down your sister down try to uplift each other.
    Evelyn, you have a daughter, how do you think she feels watching you behaviour like a ghetto rat. What are her friends thinking of you as her mother; have you no self respect. Look at your mother, a woman of class did she bring you up like that.

    I think sometimes friendship have a time frame, some go on forever, others do not. Yor friendship with Jen is over so move on let it be…. The more hate you feel for her the more ugly you look. Start planning your wedding this is suppose to be your happy time so act like it is.

    I love Royce, she has grown so much in this show, you are a woman to be admired. respect to you.

  38. wanda says:

    I know that you ladies will work it out, but for now please Evelyn you and Nia need to leave Jennifer alone let her do her thang and y’all do y’all. I know that all of you can be real ladies and keep it 100 without all that fighting, just cuss a little bit at each other that’s good and funny. I would not like to see none of you in jail for those fights, just get paid and keep it moving. No disrespect to the show or none of the cast members.

  39. katrina mallety says:

    I hate the fact that Jen and Evelyn are beefing and going throgh such an immature ordeal. First of all Evelyn is a grown ass woman who needs to grow the hell up. She is angry over something that Jen supposedly said…..Hell “EVERYBODY” in America is talking about you. So what? Jen apologized and asked what else she wants from her,so like grow up already!

  40. Liz says:

    Evelyn is crazy & needs anger management much more than Tami. Chad & her are perfect train wrecks for each other. Suzi is so fake; she plays every side.
    Her wedding will be on the cover of National Enquirer; she’ll probably throw something before the end of it. No CLASS!

  41. Deepdimples says:

    I’m watching Evelyn describe how Kenya is crazy and criticizing all the other women. Right about now, Evelyn is looking crazy. I was with her when she firs got mad at Jen because Jen did put Evelyn’s business out there on different interviews Jen gave. But right about now, Evelyn, you can stick a fork in it babe! Most MEN I know do not want their women acting like you in public. Either your husband to be don’t care or he’s ashamed, and most men would be ashame. It don’t look good, and it makes them look bad in the eyes of their boys! Evelyn, stop it! You’re done boo boo!!!

  42. Denise says:

    Im just so over Evelyn B.S grow up and take care of your child like Jen said,Evelyn is a low budget —–, that will settle for anything Chad say do who wants to bring other women in there marriage what happen to the real marriages that our granparents had im good on bringing the next women into my marriage if its going down like that why get married stay single,And Suzie need to get a life with her funny looking ass,i be glad when somebody smack her real talk always in the middle fake ass get a man in your life!

  43. Teresa says:

    I think they need to stop all of the fighting on Basketball Wives, let’s really keep it 100, they are no longer Wives!!!Women don’t put yourself out there like that,especially when you have children to be fighting,set an example !! If your really over a person ,you will keep on pushing,not ready to throw blows every time you guys see one another. This is called Violence, and it’s not a good look. Need Anger Management .And Jenn , you better go Hood on these females keep slapping you and stuff!Lmaoo, if you don’t know Hood you better get some training!!!

  44. A'necia says:

    um honestly i think that evelyn needs to stop talking her mess behind ppl back and own up and say it to ppl faces cuz really u just being 2 faced and i dnt like it basically i dont like your charcter at all and royce is mii girl and what i got to say is that she is a beautiful girl and yall needs to stop hating cuz that girl has alot going for her self and evelyn anger girl plz mii anger will go ham towards yours and mhm i said it!! have a safe life chicks from basketball wives

  45. ohsotrue says:

    Evelyn I think you owe everyone an apology for your behavior this season. You’re one of the seasoned women of this show and yet you at the most foolish. You should be on the Bad Girls Club show, that’s more fitting. It’s sad bc you haven’t displayed any growth as a women from this show, this show is making you regress into your teen years, not a good look. As a mother we never stop impressing our children, no matter how old we and they become our job is never over. There are certain behaviors I will not display because I have to look at my daughter and I have to see respect from her for me at all times. Behaving the way you do you jeopardize the respect your daughter should have for you (not saying she doesn’t but the older the get the more opinions they have). With that said, you are not impressing anyone with your childish antics, no real man is saying “now that’s my type of woman” only a foolish immature man makes a statement like that (and even he will get tired of it) but hey that is just the type of man you have but I seriously doubt his mother feels that way. Time to stop standing still as a person, time to mature and grow as a women and display you can hold back your temper, you can act refined (I might be stretching it a bit) and have some dignity about yourself. Learn to draw the line. This is not a put down this is an observation from one women to another. I know you can take it because you sure can dish it. Time to display a better YOU!!!!!

  46. tjames says:

    Evelyn do you have anything to offer besides cussing and, fighting everyone who comes on the show because your strory line is really getting boring. Throwing bottles at peple is so stupid. I want to know why weren’t you arrested since that’s the image you want to protray. That restaurant and Kenya should have pressed charges against you. Is that the image you want to protray? I still don’t understand who you and, Tammi think you are? Why do any of those girls have to answer to you. I thought this was a show about adults not a show about grown women acting like bullies. Shaunie is time you take this show in another direction. This season is boring it’ the same thing Evelyn and Tammi pick somebody to bully and, they act a fool. Back to Evelyn and Jen I don’t blame her for getting new friends are you Jealous why do you have to be her only friends maybe if you grow up and stop acting like a hood rat you would have been included in the circle with Jen, NeNe and the others. I agree with the other bloggers I used to like you but it’s you who have changed for the worse.

  47. Jeanne says:

    Evelyn, the only reason you are picking up bottles and keepin it “100″ is because you have Tami on your side. We haven’t forgoten that you got your ass whooped last season. Remember that? And yeah, Jen is right… you need to focus on your family and grow up. By the way, why did you get so mad that Kenya called you out? Could it be true?

  48. Yvette says:

    Evelyn is the epitome of a hood rat. No matter how you look at it. She has sex for money. She fights people over the smallest things. She gets thrown out of restaurants. She wears T-Shirts with ridiculous slogans. I really don’t understand how she could garner so much attention. Next post please.

  49. Ty Ellis says:

    My, my, my look how the tables have turned. Evelyn you should be more supportive of a friend than to be mad at something she said on a radio station…it’s o.k for you and your man to vent about ppl but when it comes to u and urs u want to have a TUDE…Evelyn please get on your knees and pray my sister cause your favor has fallen….

  50. cc says:

    I am a fan of the show. However, I am slightly turned off by the hate & negativity that has been going on lately. Especially between Evelyn & Jen. Evelyn, it is hard to give you the benefit of the doubt because of the way you carry yourself towards Jen. The anger and violence has gone to far. Cuts from next week show that your assistant slaps Jen. That is taking it too far. Not for nothing but it seems that you have had falling outs with almost everyone on the show. Do you think you need some form of therapy or anger management like Tami! Also, if you forgave Suzy why cant you just move on w/ Jen. You don’t have to be best friends w/ each other but at least be cordial. Evelyn, at Shawnie’s bday party your multiple toast’s were unnecessary, not to mention you talk about friendship but you ruined your friends party (yes you) cuz you started it all. I know you need ratings but can’t you get them w/out having to slap each other up! Remember your daughter and other young females watch the show! Is that the example you want to set!

  51. me 123 says:

    I think that Evelyn is to old to act the way she does she has a daughter and she should be a better role modle that she is yes she has a busniess and all but she acts like she is 16 !! I mean come on Chad can do so much better I would not give a lady my last name who acts like that or have her around my kids espically being a popular football player I would be a shamed so tacky grow up real women dont fight like that

  52. I am sure that there is more to this divorce between Evelyn and Jennifer. So I hope that the ladies can answer this question- HONESTLY and without EGO.
    “If tomorrow you find out that the other was killed, would the issue that you have before you be “relevant”?” Could/ Would you get up the next day and be okay with the fact that the issue was right and you were right and you said all that you had to say to your once best friend of 10 years?
    Because you know death has a way of closing the conversation quickly and tomorrow is NOT promised to no one.
    I hope and pray that whatever is the issue- because at this stage it looks like it has to do with just talking and saying something to the media- that it is resolved, without violence.!
    Jennifer- make a Tee- Shirt with that saying ” Please reach out and get your life and leave mine alone.”

  53. Courtney says:

    LMAO @ Martisa!!!! Thanks so much for saying that! You said enough for EVERYBODY! Ev AKA LOOSE BOOTY, I’m sure you’re reading this!!! Get your life BOO BOO!!

  54. peaches says:

    Jennifer and Evelyn ya’ll have been best of friends for a long time. Evelyn I can see how you feel as far as Jennifer saying what she said about you, you two are better than that, you are grown women and should sit down one on one without everyone around heating things up by laughing and making comments. I once had a long time friend who I thought of as a sister til this day she stop talking to me just because I told her I was going through somethings and could not take on her son who was on crack and stealing from people, people were after him, I did not want the drama brought to my home and me and family lose our lives’s because of his bad choice’s.

  55. Cassy says:

    I really thought my girls were gonna do the right thing this season (of course you may lose the show) but this is ridiculous. Evelyn I know the wedding jitters may be getting the best of you but girl you can’t run around fightin the world Jen is bound to get tired and Kenya was so shaken and with everything you all putting her through she might’ve took you down BEWARE; Oh & I kinda liked the video; Suzie are you sincere, its the most horrible thing watching that little evil, cunnery; Jen, is it torcher? Tami, thats Why we are who we are & can do what we do; Shaunie, Royce, Kisha luv u guys too!

  56. Stephanie says:

    Jen, I love your class. you carry yourself beautifully, you’re eligant and regal. Please stay just the way you are and be true to yourself. Evelyn, you are a beautful woman stop degrading yourself for ratings. people are just laughing at you. You need a take a real hard look at how you’re looking to the america public, you might be ashamed of what you see. Please sist’a stop the madness.

  57. RiceGirl says:

    Evelyn i think you need to grow up and stop trying to fight everybody. I know your daughter is ashamed of you. Jennifer I think you are very classy for not letting Evelyn drama get to you. Evelyn the show is not about you. I use to love this show but now I can’t stand it because every week Evelyn is bullying someone. Go plan your wedding and stop all the drama!

  58. Michelle says:

    This is for Evelyn, I do not understand why you as a mother and soon to be wife has to find it in your heart to constantly physically settle things that doesn’t come at you right. You seem to talk about things first, marinate on it then decides to fight about it. Do your daughter see the way that you act or is she even allowed to watch your show, I really hope not. You are a beautifiul young woman that is telling our black men that yes we are loud and state our opinions in a rugged way. I really do not know what you are as for as race, but women or young ladies should not act that way. Have you ever thought about how your marriage would be? Suppose you get angry with Ochocinco and things get out of hand what will happen then? I’m just saying do you have to be so agressive and yes Tami Roman has calmed down why don’t you since all of you suppose to be good and Loyal friends but the majority of you are quick to turn on eah other and talk about each other. You girls have the wierdist friendship I have ever seen in all my days.

  59. Monique says:

    @ Jen I think forced or not u should’ve said SORRY to Royce cus she really didn’t say anything about u. Ur messy ass friends didn’t want u to be her friend now look they AINT ur friend now!!!! @ Eve First off I think ur attitude stinks!!! U r very pretty but that attitude makes u not liked nd that’s not good for someone of ur class. I think u owe Royce an apology to because u were wrong too. Your ass would never talk to Tami like that oh yea she slapped ur ass already!!! As far as Kenya she’s a HOT mess. She’s wants to fit in so bad she’s doin everything wrong….. Kenya has multiple ppl living inside her an it seems that they all try to come out at the same time sometimes

  60. Tamika says:

    Evelyn is just mad because she don’t have Jen up under her thumb anymore. Tami dumb, did you hear her say Kenya hair is really starting to look like hers, don’t she know Evelyn was throwing a cheap shot at her. Both Evelyn and Tami are bullies, Girls you are not in highschool, but of you have children that are either grown or in highschool, not a good look.

  61. winnlu says:

    I am so sick of Evenlyn and the venom that,s spewing of out that foul mouth of hers.she should be on Mob Wives. Then we can see ho that,sw bad she really is.Right now she is surrounded by a bunch of weak women, including Tami,when Evenlyn compared kenyon,s tacky weave to Tami,s.I guess that,s not as bad as Suzy reminding her of her food stamps days.When Suzy said it, she jumped down her throat, but Evenly insulted her she didn,t open her mouth.

  62. Jennifer says:

    Now that Jen barely has any friends, she wants to be cool with Royce again?? Ummmm…sorry no! Royce is better than me because I wouldn’t have accepted. Jen is a fake, plain and simple. As a “mature and classy” woman, like so many idiots on here keep saying, she should’ve realized a long time ago that Royce essentially did nothing to her. The only reason Jen kept up any beef with her is because Ev was talking mess too and contributing to the whole scenario.

    And someone strangle Suzie please!!! This woman acts like she’s still in high school trying to get everyone together again! Puh-lease! Didn’t your mama teach you that everyone is not going to like you and vice versa???? She is SUCH a simpleton…out of all them, she is the worst, hands down!

  63. Tanjie Tyler says:

    I am 54 yrs old…and I have never witnessed such low life behavior from so called celebrities in all my life…exactly what are you ladies (and i use that term lightly) celebrating??? How to act a FOOL! REALLY??? Jenn, your a CLASS act…Ev…get you some clues…HURRY UP!!! Think about the fallout your daughter WILL suffer as a result…how she must have to defend your honer over and over again…are you so selfish and self centered that you’re not taking her into consideration??? These are clues, just clues to ponder. Shaunie’s train is slowly derailing…all in the name of friendship…is the fame and notoriety truly worth all of this nonsense??? You have all confirmed for all the world to see…”all that glitters, AIN’T GOLDEN”!!! VH1, I’m about to kick ya’ll loose any second now!!!

  64. Leo says:

    Jen you are a sweetheart and you should just stay away from those two crazies evelyn and tami. Those 2 need to be put in a psycho ward with a stray jacket on. They are a danger to society !

  65. Sandi D. says:

    Jen,I am so happy to see the real you this season.I really felt that you were basically Evelyn’s doormat before this season.I never felt that Evelyn was a true friend to you.I have a BFF and we have been so for 50yrs.I would never have put myself in between her husband and she(and vice-versa).The type of unsolicited type of advice you were getting from a so-called friend was totally out of line.You are a good person with goals for your life.You don’t need the type of negativity and thuggish atmosphere that comes along with Evelyn & her assistant.Evelyn is a very unhappy person because her motives for marrying a man who has let her know upfront,that he will not be faithful to her.She is marrying for finacial status,not love.If she can’t except the fact that he is thought of as a male ho,what the hell is she going to do when she is in the face of one of the many women he will be with after they are married? Does she plan on killing them all?..She needs serious help and you can’t give her that.I think I would see this friendship as totally over,she has taken it to a place of no return.No one in their right mind would trust her type of friendship..As far as this cast goes,you and Royce are the only ones that have matured from the experience.Do you dearheart and let Evelyn do her elsewhere.

  66. personality says:

    I agree with the masses!
    Ev is an embarassment for a mother. Attention seeker. She is only mad at Kenya because whatever kenya said or almost said was true! She is loose and needs to own it, say it and do not beat up people because they speak the truth. She degrades herself.Look at the guy she is marrying, he wants her to wait for him as he walks down the aisle. Absurd! Craziness!
    Jen should continue doing her thing, keep her head up, but I suspect she is dishonest about somethings! She needs to be true to herself .And if shedid people wrong…attempt to make things right.Otherwise, she may be better not being Ev’s pal, cause Ev is trouble.
    Tammi is insecure, the biggest bully of the show! She thinks she is important. It is sickening. She talks about people but people are not allowed to talk about her? Royce needs to be wary of her friendship.
    Is Shaunie a character on the show or a painting on the wall? She is definitely a pleaser for whoever is popular at the time, nevers speaks up when inappropriate actions occur.
    Kesha needs to be careful>> I will say, I appreciate the fact that she tries to act lady like and I believe she is being herself. However she needs to grow a thicker skin and stop whining so much, life is not about Kesha. I totally get why she and suzie are friends… same sort of docility. Suzie needs to curb her desire to spill people’s business and she also need to tone down the sex talk. It gets overbearing at a certain point.
    Royce is maybe my fav personality, she tries. She is not perfect. Not the best dresser either. She speaks well, has a great body, does not bully people and most importantly, she is aspiring to better herself.

  67. Mo says:

    …Why would Evelyn be so mad about someone calling her “loose” when she clearly stated that she already knew her name…Kenya it’s nice to reinvent yourself but not around the same women that socialize together….Tami, relax, you have real issues that need addressing namely your health….Suzie, what’s your deal, your in everyone else’s business, stir your own pot!…..Keisha, remain a lady your looking good girl!….

  68. crownedprincess says:

    My goodness Evelyn you can’t be happy with your behavior. Each week you look like a bully. If the other ladies truly cared about you they would say something and keep it 100 as you say. If you’re this upset maybe there is some truth in what was said. And if you really over your friendship with Jen, then please, please stop being a bully and leave that woman alone because at the end of the day, you’re the one that looks “crazy”.

  69. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn its still no excuse for your behavior. I still which you go to counseling, because I feel its more than just Jen. Evelyn I in the past I saw you as a very beautiful lady and you still are but your behavior has changed for the worst. Please Evelyn don’t get yourself in trouble by hurting someone and think hard about marrying Chad, you don’t need to marry a guy like that. He should not even be called a man but an animal.

  70. Listentoyourownvoice says:

    look jen get a life…”photo op friends” really i see what evelyn meant. Evelyn calm your actions and don’t let people annoy you like jennifer. Evelyn and jen is better than half of you on here so get a lives yourselves… thank you!

  71. LisaJay says:

    So you know Ev keeps posting that there is more to come and we will be so surprised. Im really wondering with the TRUTH is. Because there is YOUR side there is MY side and then theres the TRUTH. I have to say that I have seen such a change in Jenn since her and Ev arent friends anymore. But we do only see what the camera allows us to see. As for Jenn and Royce making up koodos to them. Because it was unnecessary and it just shows that they are bigger then making themselves look like fools. Now as for the dinner with Tami, Shaunie, and Ev….I feel that if Tami and Shaunie wants to address Jenn for not hanging with them then they should do that NOT with Ev. Thats not right and they appear to be team EV because everytime they are all together they just laugh at everytime Ev has something negative to say about Jenn and that is NOT a “TRUE” or “LOYAL” friend since that’s what Ev says she is. Ev seems to have a heart of gold for one person and that seems to be Shaunie. She is the only one she has not picked a fight with and I just dont understand that. She has insulted everyone on this show except for Shaunie and then the next season they are BFF’s again….Im confused cause that’s not “LOYAL”….Im just saying. Thats what I see… I wrong???

  72. Listentoyourownvoice says:

    her daughter is old enough to know right from wrong so i think we should be off that now… and jennifer (on the comments not the blog!) thank you for saying that cause jennifer has never been real and never will be!!!!

  73. Specialmarie says:

    i think that whole situation with jennifer and ev is all for the camera, and i love them both but please dont let fame n money ruin a REAL FRIEDNSHIP..js

  74. Donna Marie says:

    I can’t believe grown ladies would behave as if they are in high school, especially Evelyn and Tami who are the two bullies of the group. They are a disgrace to realty TV and women.

  75. Kathy says:

    Love you Jen. As for Evelyn……disgusting is the only word that comes to mind. Shaunie….you are the executive producer so you look quite stupid when you say that you want the show to go in another direction. Evelyn is doing just what you want her to do and it’s very sad and pathetic. Shaunie when you cover your eyes and ask if they always have to fight….I wish you could see what we see. A phony! I have lost all respect for you. I HOPE EVERYONE BOYCOTT’S YOUR BRAND (SHOW, SHOES ETC.) I’m not necessarily a Kenya fan but Kenya just like the rest of these ladies wants to be on the show and its a shame that she has to endure the crap that you all are putting her through. Jen, please don’t go to Tahiti so that you can be the entertainment for these HETHENS this year. Sadly enough, most of you ladies have daughters and would not like you daughters being treated the way that you all are treating Kenya. As for Suzie, you’ve endured the crap so why you would want it inflicted on any human being is beyond me. Tammi, never did like you but you have been consistent throughout this show. You’re GHETTO and obnoxious, unlady like with terrible style yet you have the audacity to always judge someone. Look in the mirror! No one will have compassion on you and your story if you don’t learn to have compassion on others. Fair warning to VH1….Many of us are going to start a letter writting campaign to the sponsors of this show. BOYCOTT WILL BE NEXT!

  76. LadyChari says:

    Evelyn, I truly don’t believe that your in love or all about your family because if you were you wouldn’t be so focused on Kenya & Jen. Your the only one on this show acting a fool. I’m so disappointed at the fact that I’m watching a 40 year old acting how girls act my age. I’m 17 years and a senior in high school and I act older than you. That’s a damn shame. Get your life together. I wonder what Shaq think about this show. Chad Ochocino, you was better off getting with them girls off that dating show you did. They more classier than this hoe you with now. Jen your fake, but I love you. Royce been telling you the truth from the jump, but you was too busy being a follower all under Ev.

  77. yolonda says:

    ev,she tried to apologize,you didn’t waht to hear it that’s the end of that,put your wedding together,get on your grown-woman and let everything else,be what it be.hope everything works out.

  78. brzz says:

    Evelyn, it is time to grow up. You are the one trying to remain relevant. Get a life and stop hatin so much. You claim to keep it real and own your mess, but when someone comments on it, you ready to fight. Jen is moving forward with her life and getting her lip gloss line off the ground. Kenya is trying to get her music career started. What are you doing except making a fool of yourself?

  79. meach says:

    Evelyn I think Jen was being a true friend in telling you how she felt about Chad and not pretending like she though the relationship was great. when the truth was she was afraid of what being with an athlete was like, and she knew Chad as being a person that likes to be in the media. taht is what true girlfriends do for their frinds they are skeptical until the boyfriend proves them worng not hate just LOVE!

  80. KeKe says:

    Tami forgave you for sleeping with her husband. So Why Jen cant forgive Royce?

  81. Amy says:

    I wish you women would effin’ grow up. You act like animals. All of the jumping across tables, fighting etc…..REALLY. Is this what you want to put on television? Is this really what you want people to think of you……REALLY?? How about you act like intelligent women instead of embarrassing yourselves across the nation.

  82. wessie says:

    Evelyn need to stop going around acting like a damn banshee jumping on tables, throwing bottles, yelling, and cursing people out thats the reason she hasn’t has time to focus on her “wedding”. I think Evelyn has a serious issue with herself and taking it out on her cast mates, she is a miserable mean individual. I just wish she would stop acting like someone with no class and act like the educated woman i think she is and be a better example for your daughter.

  83. josie says:

    evelyn,evelyn girl uoy get some serious issues to deal with.I dont know someone dont kick evelyn butt already acting all spycho ,she only do do because none of these girls wants to stand up to her .The only person who could of take her out is Tami but evelyn is so smart she friend her.they should of put JACKI on that show oh dat would of been very interesting!

  84. momo says:

    I have always loved the show and extremely loved Eve and Jen. However, I want to point out that Eve likes to constantly bring up Jen in a lot of her conversations. My question is, does she miss her friendship with her? If it isn’t affecting her and you act like you don’t care, then why does it seem like you do. Eve mentioned how she is surprised Jen didn’t apologize to her yet and apologized to Royce. I thought the first couple episodes, that was the whole reason why there was a sit down. Jen said she tried reaching out to Eve, but Eve kept ignoring her calls and not replying via text. Im just saying, I don’t see how Jen wasn’t trying to apologize.

  85. TR Wright says:


  86. UMMIL SWINSON says:


  87. djs says:

    I dont know who Tami thinks she is. She tells Kenya not to talk condescendingly and then she does the same thing to Kenya ” Let me talk first, don’t interrupt me”. Who died and made you a Queen? I also would like to thank Jen and Royce for settling their disagreements in an adult manner, even if you decide not socialize together. Ev you would gladly catch a case over some words? You will be in jail for the rest of your life then. They talked about Christ, who do you think you are? A stint in jail might be just what you need since you think you are the baddest out there? Think again mama.

  88. TrinBean says:

    I am so disappointed in the conversations & behaviors of these grown women. Evelyn, you are not the boss of anyone and in this country it’s called “Freedom of Speech”. You can react in such a violent manner everytime someone says something positive and/or negative about you or Chad. You can’t seriously be that petty. I truly believe your bark is bigger than your bite because the average grown ass woman would not allow another female to speak to her that way. And shame on you Shaunie for encouraging/allowing your friend; Evelyn to portray herself in such a horrible light in lew of ratings. You will get them without the drama & violence

  89. Sonya says:

    Everybody wants to be heard in life however it is a way to do things. Each woman has an opportunity to show who they are…you can’t get upset if what people see and react in a negative manner. It’s children killing each other “keeping it real or 100″ and after it’s all said and done they are just dead. Now What? Don’t be mad when no wants to deal with your brand because you create chaos. So sad.

  90. Dionne says:

    Royce is right, Tammy is kissing Evelyn’s ass too. Both her and Shaunie did not say the right thing for grown ass women and they have grown kids, they are so sorry!!!

  91. Nae' says:

    This is such an embarrassment to women, especially black women. I don’t know what Shaunie’s “vision” was, but honey you need to get control of your creation. That damn Evelyn is like a raging bull!! I know you need ratings but Really?!!!! Someone’s going to get seriously hurt one day…. We can do better “LADIES”

  92. don says:

    I think Evelyn is seriously seeking attention. She is behaving like those Kindergarten kids who thinks its all about them. They are at times jealous of their peers for simply no valid reason. It baffles me to know that she has wedding bells ringing and this is what we call wife material. CHAD look out boy you can be killed in your sleep and just for no justifiable reason, Is this the woman who is trying to raise a college student? I guess her daughter refuses to watch the show since she is too embarrassed to introduce her friends to that MESS for a mother. Evelyn you can act and perform better. You are too old, way too old to be behaving like an autistic child.

  93. Nikki Lassie says:

    Hey Evelyn: Jen don’t like you no more. GET OVER IT!!!

  94. Nay Nay says:

    I feel as if both woman are acting childish not just Evelyn its also Jennifer as well, if your going to be a woman than what is the purpose of bringing someone past up in a blog your marriage was is Jennifer so if you felt as Evelyn is making a mistake then let her she is a grown ass woman who have to learn from their mistake i have a child myself and bringing someone child into your blog is kiddie but you wouldn’t understand because you don’t have kids to love or anyone in that matter that close to love you and you’re seeking the attention as well because evelyn gave you the love but to me both of you woman ruin your own friendship someone has to be the BIGGER PERSON in the end.

  95. Linda Ilog says:

    Evil Evelyn you showed who you really are! abd it is on tape. i really hope that the DA pick up this case and land your ass where you belong in jail. YOU SAID “YOU WANT TO CATCH A CASE AND YOU ARE OUT FOR BLOOD” that is a threat….you are a danger to yourself and everyone around you. You clearly do not have your own mind, If Susie would have never said anything about picking up a bottle you would not have done that. but you are about trying to prove to them GIRLS that you are bad. Well all the bad people are no longer on this earth or in jail. You are clearly a mental case, you need to be put in a psych ward under the prison. You tried to kill Kenya with a bottle on TV, that is called attempted assault with a deadly weapon, then you made verbal threats on tv, and vandilized the resturant. That is sicking. That does not mean probation that mean giving you what you asked for A CASE and TIME. I put my money on Kenya because trust me her eye were on you to let you know if you felt froggy leap. Kenya did the right thing and sat there and watch you make a dam fool of yourself. Silly Chick that is Evil Evelyn I agree with JEnn and Royce the rest of them need mental help. Shaunie, especially Tammi, Susie, and poor Kesha the tables will turn back on you because Tammi jeaulious of you and Eveil Evelyn is being played by Tammi like a pupet.

  96. LYB says:

    Jen, Keep moving forward and leave Evelyn and her drama behind you. You are a fave. I am glad that you and Royce have mended fences. Royce is straight forward, so she doesn’t have a hidden agenda(like Tami). Evelyn will always be jealous of you, you had the life that she wanted, and even during the divorce you are able to move forward successfully with class and your integrity intact. Good luck in your business ventures, keep the positive attitude.

  97. Special K says:

    Evelyn is all talk. She preys on the weak. She can curse and talk about people but If someone says something, which is usually the truth, that she doesn’t like, she is ready to fight. I, guess, the truth really hurts. She knows who she can intimidate. If she was as bad as she claims to be, why does she needs wine bottles and plates? No one would be able to hold her back if she really wanted to fight. She is so transparent, all talk. She has not beaten up one person on the show. With her foul mouth, she can curse someone out, put on a show like she really wants to fight and that’s about it. Oh wait, I forgot she can throw wine bottles and plates.The only thing keeping her from Jen and Kenya is space and opportunity. Tami nor Shaunie could keep her from fighting if she really wanted to fight. Evelyn hasn’t met the right person yet.

    Shaunie sits back and creates some of the chaos knowing some drama is going to get started if she invites all the women to a gathering. Then she acts so innocently like she is so astoinished at what happened. She has a face for every one. Shaunie is making money off of their stupidity and buffoonery. She’s smiling collecting checks while they are making fools of themselves.

    Black women are stereotyped everyday. Even those these women do not represent every black woman but they are usually lumped into to one category. Sadly, some people think all black women behave in this manner.

  98. Special K says:

    Correction: It should be “Even though” not “Even those”

  99. K1R says:

    I don’t care how much Jen is trying to “Zen” and di-stress, the real reason she’s avoiding Ev is because she knows she’ll catch a beat down Period! And, I don’t like Evelyn. She’s probably never been in a fight in her life. Kenya’s voice and song are good, but the video is a train-wreck. And, she’s crazy like 51/50 crazy so Ev better watch her back. She is all talk because all she did was grab at Kenya, didn’t throw one punch! Royce is too nice for this show and poor Kesha, she doesn’t know what she got herself into.

  100. sable says:

    Am I alone, or do we all want to see Evelyn get her ass kicked? I’m with Royce on this one…Kenya has it in her eyes, she did not flinch when Evelyn began to take off her earings. They call Kenya crazy, well, I bet her crazy ass will go 51/50 on Evelyn. Didn’t I read that Kenya stabbed her hubby? Hey Eve, be scared…be very scared. Kenya could pull out a razor and slice up your face. And as evil as Evelyn has been, attacking every woman on this show, if I were on a jury, I would say Kenya acted in self-defense if she hurt Evelyn.

  101. Nisa d b says:

    Evelyn GROW-UP you are a bully Evelyn . You need someone to show you that you are not really about that life You should take a look at you’re self. Your knocking down Forties door act like it. Only time you should get about that life is when you are protecting you’re family are you’re self.Because if I was Jen are Kenya and you came at me like that I would have Two-pieced that ASS.

  102. Sybell says:

    It’s all too funny Jen’s complaining about what Royce “supposedly ” said on twitter, then the same thing with Evelyn and Jen ” the blog” !!!!! Yup, guess Jen does need camera time, she keeps stirring her own pot of drama!!!

  103. Ms T says:

    Evelyn is nothing more than a bully! Aren’t we trying to teach kids not to bully yet this grown ass women seems to embrace it! SHAME ON YOU EVELYN!

  104. Twin1 says:

    Why should Jen apologize to you Evelyn. When you all met to have the “talk”, she told you that she didn’t write the blogs so actually, there was no reason to apologize. You always get EXTRA when Tami and Shaunie are around. Maybe if you would have sat down with Jen to have a woman discussion – like Royce did – the outcome would have been a little different. You live for the DRAMA because you have nothing better to do. Just remember that your daughter, her friends, and you and Chad’s family are watching and your behavior is just not a good luck. I can tell when you were talking about Jen to Nia that you do miss you and Jen’s friendship. Maybe you and Jen should consider meeting away from the cameras and having a woman-to-woman conversation to see if the issues can be resolved. I truly miss you two together as friends. This beef is totally unnecessary.

  105. Lady Drica says:

    well I think that jenn and evelyn should make up and be friends again. They been through too much to stop beening over a blog. Jenn should apologize to evelyn for it. Dont let nothing like that to come between yall friendship. Tami is my girl kepting it real and Shaunie is doing it big trying to make it. Royce is my girl staying ouot of drama and doing her thing. kenya, i think you need help. If you want somebody help, just say it. Everybody needs help. You really need it. Kesha i dont know what to say about you. Sue, you put royce and jenn back friends again. Yeah for you. Jenn you made up with royce. Is it real. Evelyn plan your wedding, I think you and chad going to make it.

  106. Val says:

    Evelyn… In the words of your fiance…CHILD PLEASE! I add… GET A GRIP! SERIOUSLY! I’D NEVER SPEND A PENNY IN YOUR SHOP!

    JEN… continue to leave the drama behind. Thanks for apologizing to Royce. I’d love to try your lip gloss.

  107. LaMurphy says:

    Good morning everyone,
    I just want to say that I watch the show faithfully every Monday and feel that Evelyn, Tami, and Shanie are all haters. I feel that they don’t like Jen, and Kenya because they choose not to act like them. Evelyn, Tami, and Shanie all need to grow up. The saddness about this whole ordeal is that you all have children. And I am willing to bet, that they all behaves better than you and I’m sure you all are an embarrassment to them as well as to yourselves. Stop the madness already!!!

  108. NIA says:


  109. reena says:

    I find it strange that Eveyln and Chad is all of a sudden getting married. In season one they all went to a party that Chad was throwing. Come to find out he didnt throw a party and the next day he went on Twitter and disrespected all of the Basketball wives calling the hoes and what not. Now he is marrying Eveyln. Am i the only one that think that is strange.

  110. Tina says:

    Why on earth would Jennifer apologize to Evelyn? Evelyn needs some serious help. Like Royce said, she is to old to be acting like that. She claims Jen does certain things for camera time. HELLO!! Look who is talking.She knows if she acts like an idiot, the camera is going to be on her. Someone really needs to slap that big forehead of hers and knock her back in to reality. I really don’t understand how Tammi can stand behind her. Did she forget everything Evelyn did to her? The way she treated her, the fact she slept with her ex? Evelyn needs to go back to where ever she came from and make her fake life with Chad as “happy” as she claims her life to be. Grow up Evelyn, and change your hideous eye shadow.

  111. Niecy says:

    Evelyn, you really love Jen & you are upset that she has other people in her life now that she’s divorced from Eric. You can tell you love her because she makes you too angry. If you didn’t care about her, she’d be a non entity in your thoughts. You are experiencing seperation anxiety from Jen. You don’t have her to talk to about Chad & how upset you are with him. It’s Chad you need to comfront & stop threatening to hit Jen in her face everytime you see her. Really!! a blog make you want to jump somebody every time you lay eyes on them or hear their name? No honey, your wounds are deeper than that. You are like a women scorned who was deeply in love & can’t have what she wanst. When you guys finish taping take a look back @ how very angry you where acting with Jen. That’s not normal. Most people just stop speaking. An example is Nene & Kim. They just don’t deal. But you always need to say something to her. Are you really ready for marriage. Mayb that’s why Antoine Walker didn’t marry you. You need to go into therapy & address your real anger, It’s deeper than Jen saying something on a radio station.

  112. Catrina says:

    Who is Nia I must have miss that one

  113. Catrina says:

    Evelyn what is the matter with u? Why do everything got to be a fight? Kenya was taking the grownup way out and u still want to b childest. And Chad still wants to marry u? What is he thinking about? I dont know somebody tell me why. She says Kenya is crazy have she look in the mirror lately? That is where the real crazy is at.

  114. Fans Love You says:

    The truth is Evelyn loves Evelyn. Jennifer should never apologize to Evelyn. Not all of the harassment, threats, and verbal attacks justifies any type of apology what so ever.
    Jennifer should work on rebuilding a working relationship with Royce. I think Royce and Jennifer are classy women; they are smart, motivated, and attractive. They do not need Tami, Suzie, Shaunie, and Evelyn in their personal life, just keep it strictly business. Royce, Jennifer, and Kesha keep it moving, your fans love you.

  115. What Money Can Not Buy says:

    Evelyn Kenya, andTami, please acknowledge that money cannot buy brains. Beauty cannot and will never have the ability to take away your depression, past misfortune and grief. Money cannot repair shaken and broken hearts. With that said, you should seek professional psychological assistance ASAP, to help you save yourselves from self-destruction. Because you cannot continue to verbally and physically, abuse other people, without consequence.

  116. Misery Loves Company says:

    Jennifer, watch your conversations with Suzie at all times. She is a walking snake. I was happy to see you and Jennifer discuss the beef, face-to-face. I was happy to see the honesty from the two of you. However, once Evelyn & Tami find out about Suzie the fake peacemaker, they are going to turn on Suzie like blood sucking PITBULLS. This is when Suzie will probably get afraid and start slinging gossip from every corner, just to get them off her. Evelyn and Tami do not want peace, they want war. They do not know what the word peace mean, and they do not take pleasure in peace.
    Tami & Evelyn are sick, miserable, hurt, envious, deceitful, and they enjoy hurting other people. They actually get a high off belittling other people. These two are addicted to notoriety, wealth, and misery.

  117. A True Friend says:

    Jennifer, stay focused, keep untrustworthy Tami, Suzie,Evelyn, Shaunie & Kenya at a distance.

    Jennifer the truth is, you were a true friend to Evelyn, but Evelyn was never a true friend to you. Accept that fact, learn from that experience, and in the future select your friends carefully. Because true friendship develops, it grows with time, and honesty plays a huge role in a true friendship.

    Always remember, the only true friend you have is in JESUS. Jennifer, everybody make mistakes, and everybody will continue to make mistakes. However, what is important, is we learn from each mistake, and we work harder not to repeat those same mistakes.

    We wish you much success in your personal and business venture. We believe Royce; will always be upfront and honest with you, even if it hurts.

  118. Amy says:

    Defend Yourself —– Royce, give KESHA , KENYA and JENNIFER some advice on how to handle bullies. They should always watch their back, and watch their surrounding when they are under attack by a set of PITBULLS. They should stare their enemy in the eyes, at the same time silently work on a plan of self-defense. Do not under any circumstances display a sense of fear. Tami & Evelyn gets a high on putting fear in those people they feel are a threat to them. I do not like violence, but I do like to see people stand firm and defend themselves. Jennifer, Kesha, and Kenya should enroll in a self-defense class.

  119. Demonized says:

    Evelyn is demonized. Jennifer, we think that you are an original adorable, classy young woman. Please do not change your image with plastic surgery, botox, nose jobs, and breast enlargement. The viewers love you just as you are. We love the way you carry yourself, but please do not let Evil Evelyn take advantage of you nor attack you physically. We do not like violence, but we want you to stay on alert, stay ready, and defend yourself from the demon. When the evil one is around, never turn your back or drop your head. See Evelyn and Tami loves to catch the person they are attacking off guard, so that they can get the best of them. They do not fight fair. We do not support violence, But Jennifer the next time Evil Evelyn confront you with threats, just stare her in the face, look her in the eyes, stay silent and be ready to give her all that you got. Do not do like Kenya, she kept trying to lie herself out of the situation, which only made it worst. Kenya, showed a level of fear. Jennifer, stay focused, listen more and talk less, watch who you trust, watch the words that come out of your mouth at all times.

  120. Cd says:

    Evelyn is a bi-polar thug, and for shaunie and tami to sit arounds and laugh and set others up to be attacked by this bully is not right. Evelyn need 3 thing when she starts the her fights and that is shaunie tammi and a drink. Chad better change his name back to Johnson because that wacko may pull a lorania bobitt and release him of his other Johnson.jen did the right thing to make up with Royce and why don’t somebody teach Evelyn how to hold a conversation without cussing she had no class. Every one of her fight is because someone said something about her what is she 12 GROW UP

  121. Ava says:

    I love Jen, she is a very classy and sophisticated lady. Its very obvious that Evelyn is a hater! Why would you have so much hate towards someone that you been friends with for years… PURE JEALOUSY!

  122. denice says:

    evelyn is a bullie ,who needs her ass whup,she’s a tramp , she didn’t go after royce , royce say who she was about to get it and she know it ,also when tammi came at her ,atonio was not going to marry her stupid ass and don’t want no part of her that’s why he didn’t go to daugthers graduation. that’s all the proof u need . i use to like evelyn and jen together .now it’s a hot mess suzie back biting two face it when evelyn wasn’t her friend she was like a lost puppy and that’s what she is .she wants to b apart of everything. the coolest is jen .royce. i like tammi too but she need to check herself that’s why her own daughters dont want her to manage them and got eric to do it how sad no more drama i can only imagine what they been through withn tammi now thier drama free ………smdh

  123. Precious says:

    Okay, I am starting to lose total interest in the entire show, seriously. I think the cat fighting and bullying is starting to be glamorized way too much, main acts by Evelyn and Tami! I know that some of these scences are boosted for entertainment, but still, how far you are willing to carry it out, does speak of the individual’s character and integrity. I give props to Tami for seeking therapy and trying to work out her personal matters. I do pray that she’s healed from her past scars.
    Jen has always been my favorite since day one, and she has proven that she still carries herself with class and dignity, even in spite of the attacks. I love your fashionable styles, and you look even happier since you moved on from the circle. Congrats on your lipgloss line. Royce’s seems to be maturing and like a brand new person. I like that she is holding her own, and moving on to bigger and better things… Congrats on your role in the new play. Sue, I know you tried to work on your mouth, and that was a good start, but please know, it’s not wise to hate on others just to be a part of the in crowd, or in this case the “circle.” Stay loyal to one side! Kesha maybe a newbie, but she is clever, because she played a circus ring around the circle of Sure she seem soo sweet, and I do think she is at times and when she want to be…but she was giving off some hater vibes towards Kenya from the start. And it’s interesting how she removed herself from the saga and made it all Keny’a fault, got witnesses and back up support just so that she wouldn’t get cuaght up in fights, when she also said things about all of the girls. She just used that one commment against Kenya to make her the bad person, as a way to get back at her for the comment in the meeting. Thus she put Kenya under the bus, on purpose. Kesha, you had the haters glare when you immediately dissed Kenya in front of Royce without talking to her in private first. Business is business, Kesha. But, yet, she was shaking like a leaf when Evelyn and Tami confronted her. I think Tami sensed her ways early on, Kesha just happen to have enough sense to know when to duck out. Now I think it was cold of Kenya to laugh when you were getting grilled by the girls, but she was letting you see how it felt. Kenya, you are a talented, beautiful and highly intelligent woman, I actually like you, because you aren’t afraid to speak your mind and do your thing. Even when you have haters starring you in your face, you are a fearless .okay! Take your video ideas to real friends and seek professional business partners that are willing to support you wholeheartedly, and give you the appropriate assessment without all of the condesending eacho’s. They can’t talk about your video, because they aren’t there yet either.. nor are they billionares with a grand business plan to help you succeed. You had every right to confront her in that meeting..she was just shocked that you were bold enough to tell her off, right back. But Kenya, you have a great voice, and I wish you the best. Also, don’t let the bullies get at you. Evelyn, I liked you at first when you were friends with Jen. It seemed like her feminine classy ways was rubbing off on you, because you can be straight “ghetto”. I hope that you and Chad are really happy, but only you know that. Also, I certainly understand how you may have felt when those words were said about him (from Jen), but always get the facts first. As, in exactly how it come to that point. You know this is a TV show, so it could be a gimmick. Even if Jen said those things about Chad, I recall an episode where she told you straight to your face how she felt about him and those ballers, cause she didn’t want you to be hurt again. You say what you feel openly and without apologies, so why should Jen be attacked for being real, like you? I think you took it personal, because, it’s probably some truth to it. I’m not saying it’s a perfect way of finding out, but, hey she’s human and dealt with everyone barking about her divorce all the time. It happens. At first I felt she should have apologized because of seeing how hurt it made you feel, but then again, would you be willing to apologize for all you said about her marriage/divorce, You discussed her marriage to the “girls” and even said they should be done with their marriage. Now, I really believe you were concerned for her while she was going through her divorce. Remember she was a good friend to you and there for your problems as well as you were there for her. I hope you guys put all this behind you, because you still seem to care about each other. At least try to talk.

  124. Sabrina K says:

    As women of color we finally get some “screen time”……and this is what comes over the airwaves??? How embarrassing is the behavior of these ladies, especially Evelyn! Who feels like all disagreements are settled with bullying other women! If they said whatever… what!!! Move on and disconnect yourself! Ladies please something positive!!! you all are beautiful women who will one day look back on these shows and wonder why you never got a call from the big screens or major networks! You will walk into a office and get turned away simply because who wants that mess in their organization! All of your ex’s are probably sitting at a club with their new ladies saying….see I told you she was crazy!!! With big laughs at your expense!! And Mz. Shaunie…..the miss innocent role….is so fake!! you are the producer and do not encourage these ladies to act otherwise or promote a more positive image for our sisters!! Jen…I use to think you were the weaker one….but you are rising to be the star…..continue to act like a lady….just keep your distance from the mess! And Royce….you are appearing as one who can act like a lady, stand your ground while holding your own! Tammi….stay in therapy….progress is showing! Susie, just switch shows to “Gossip Girls” Evelyn, I sincerely hope you make it down that aisle….I can’t see a man wanting his woman on blast like this!!!! If you do….focus on being a “woman” for him or he will quickly be another EX!

  125. Shaunie Get Your Face Out Of Your Hands says:

    Shaunie – the millionaire, the non-leader, the referee, the unprofessional Therapist, is saying she is throwing her hands up, and sick of the fights. Sure, she is setting a perfect example for the younger generation and businesspersons of the future. I must say the ex’s are probably meeting in bars to look at the show, kicking back, drinking, laughing, and making bets as if they were watching a boxing match. Very entertaining Shaunie, and smart thinking Shaunie. Girl quit the madness, get your face out of your hands, stop running around tables screaming EVL,EVL, EVL, and stop being afraid to tell Tami & Evelyn that they are acting like blood sucking dogs. Shaunie, you can stay rich, without promoting and supporting violence on the show.
    The directing you are going in, the show will go down in history as being the most distasteful, disgraceful, disrespectful, and violent show on the VH1 network.

  126. Amanda says:

    Evelyn I’m not going against you or anything. I know you are a strong women and is a very caring person. I know you choose your friends wisely. I understand that you are hurt by Jennifer, but at the same time you need to stop bulling her. I know it hurts to have a best friend to turn their back on you, but it is what it is. Let Jennifer life her life now. She is happy the way she is now. So let it be.

  127. Lisa says:

    Evelyn you said Jen owes you an apology? For what, you hit her in the head with your purse. So why does she owe you an apology? You had your little bald on the edges assistant slap Jen in her face. So if I was Jen I’d tell you to kiss my ass. You need to leave her alone. Just don’t speak to her. You’re going to keep it up & catch a case. You said you don’t mind catching a case. You’re going to be somebody name big Bertha’s woman, in jail. You better knock it off. Stop obsessing over Jen. You act like you’re her lover. what’s up?

  128. Raw Behavior says:

    Evelyn & Tami’s behavior is totally raw. I was physically violated, I know several other females that were physically/mentally violated, and there are countless physically violations. However, this does not give us permission to go around physically assaulting innocent people. Tami is investing millions of dollars on beautifying herself externally and ignoring the fact that she needs psychological help. Because of Tami’s continued bully-like, and vindictive behavior on the show, I cannot feel sorry for her in anyway. I do not think Tami’s anger management sessions were voluntary, I think they were a legal requirement resulting from the legal settlement with Meeka.

    I also think she a manipulator, she used her past as an excuse for her criminal-like behavior to lessen her settlement with Meeka, and now she is trying to make the viewers think that she decided to seek anger management on her own. So now she is working the system by using Evelyn to fight her battles, because legally she cannot participate in any brawls without punishment. This is why I feel that Tami & Evelyn behavior is wrong, unjustified, unacceptable, evil, vicious, and downright unlawful.

  129. CUPPIE says:

    Oh Dear God don’t let me forget to mention, Evelyn LaHoda did her usual sexual move to get VH1 to not film her were Royce is in the scene and she did the usual sex thang for the guarentee that she and Chad will have a show next. But I seriously don’t think they are gonna make it that long. Chad is all about Chad, he tried to treat her like a Lady but Evelyn will never come out of that lifestyle where sex will advance her options and guarantee’s. Never know through she’s got something to offer all these men, she’s never been short of a male date. Think about it while ISMDH

  130. Long Distance Brawl says:

    ROYCE, KESHA, AND JENNIFER — Now Shauni the millionaire is planning a trip to Tahiti for a long distance brawl, in a more beautiful and open atmosphere. I pray Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer do not fall for her trap. This is another way to boost VH1 ratings and increase her salary, while the other ladies are getting verbally abused and physically assaulted. Just maybe taking Tami to the island will prevent her from being jailed for her assaults.

  131. Kayla - Acts of Violence says:

    @Raw Behavior – I was thinking the same about Tami, because her vicious behavior is the same, she is just holding back on the attacks. Instead, she is boosting Evelyn up to do the attacks, since she knows if she participates, she will be jailed. If this is not the case, she & Evelyn both still should be taken off the set, off the streets, and placed behind jail bars. The threats, harassment, slaps in the face, throwing wine glasses, hit with purse are all acts of viloence.

  132. Kysh says:

    I think Jen should never consider being anything other than cordial with Evelyn — Don’t bother reconciling that friendship. Celebrate the fact that it’s over. Evelyn acts like a pig in pearls. She is sloppy and ridiculous. It’s a shame that she behaves so poorly. Unless someone is threatening your child or your parents, there is no reason to act like she is in a special education class off of her meds. This woman is well off, with a successful business, a lovely child and a handsome fiance with money! — her hands should be full of happiness, yet she finds time to act the fool every chance she gets — with Jen, with Kenya, whoever. She and Tami are the worst representation for women of color on TV today — and have been for quite some time. They have too much going for them to even act this way. I guess money can buy a great wardrobe, a nice weave, but no common sense, self control or class. Sewer hood-rats for real. Take some of that not hard earned money, get some medication to calm down and enjoy the lives that you were given, but so few have. Jen and Royce, the high road is always better traveled. They have not always behaved well, but at least they have made the choice to act like adults and grow up, unlike their rowdy counterparts who are truly growing backwards. Such a shame.

  133. Nicolette says:

    Evelyn.. lol.. I don’t know under what grounds you make a comment about someone, calling them an F-list celebrity.

  134. VH1 Stop Supporting Violence says:

    VH1, BBW PRODUCERS , SHAUNIE- why are you putting up with Tami & Evelyn’s unprofessional and criminal behavior on the show?

    You are allowing them to harass, threaten, slap, verbally and physically abuse the other cast members. This is a Reality Show, not a Boxing Match or Wrestling Match.

    These little girl are uncultivated, bad mannered, and a total waste. Tami & Evelyn are getting hate mail all over the place. They lack self-respect, they disrespect their daughters, and they disrespect the viewers with their offensive verbal attacks.

  135. Friends says:

    I love to see good hearted people come together for the good. I truly feel Royce and Jennifer are good together. Jennifer was a follower, when she was with Evelyn. Jennifer was going thru some difficult times, which caused her to make some bad choices. But, now that she has opened her eyes, and is no longer in the hands of Evil Evelyn, she will get back on the right track. I pray that Royce, do not fall in the same fake friendship trap with Tami.

  136. Jennifer and Royce are beautiful classy women who need to leave this sordid affair called Basketball Wives ASAP. The show should be called Basketball Thugs with Gorilla-faced Evelyn “Horse teeth” Lozada, Shaunie “Chickenface” O’Neal, and Tami “I lick Evelyn’s boots” Roman. Evelyn has yet to meet anyone that would stand up to her, although I think Kenya would kick her butt in a fair (no bottles or plates to throw) fight – as long as Evelyn doesn’t bite her with those huge front teeth. The gangster behavior and watching Shaunie and Tami kissing Evelyn’s behind has rendered this show disgusting. I hope Evelyn and Chad’s show fails. I’m sure their relationship will. Two sick media hogs. How can they be real with each other when they’re both pimps? Evelyn obviously has the hots for Jennifer. I never saw a woman so upset over an ended friendship with another woman. Needy chicks are scarely. Be careful Chad.

  137. Jazz - Stay Motivated Jennifer says:

    Jennifer, just keep it moving and do not think one second about apologizing to evil Evelyn. Maybe when the beef first started you should had apologized, that is if you did something wrong. Nevertheless, you should never apologize for something that you did not do. However, with all of Evelyn’s threats, harassment, verbal abuse, and physically attacks, DO NOT APOLOGIZE.

    Because you did not deserve that type of insanity. Yes, you may have made a mistake about talking about Chad, but it was true. Chad admitted to Evelyn himself that he is a professional cheater. However, she did not do the crazy-lady on him. Instead, she issued him an approval to continue cheating.

    Evelyn, is not a true friend to herself, she is not a true friend to her daughter, she is not a true friend to Tami, and she is not and cannot be a friend to anybody. She has her priorities totally out of place. She is letting Chad and moneymaking take over her life, she will attempt to destroy anybody, and anything that she thinks will get in the way of her mission.

    Jennifer, we all make mistakes. Nevertheless, we do not ever deserve that type of ill-treatment from anybody. Learn from your mistakes, watch the words that come out of your mouth at all times, listen more, and talk less. These healthy things will help you to stay focused, positive, and constructive throughout life. Because I learned long ago, that your tongue and the words that comes out of your mouth, can be a self-destroyer.

    So to sum it all up Jennifer, stay inspired, classy, calm, cool, brave, motivated, and ready to defend yourself from physical attacks at all times. We love the way you are maintaining your self-love, self-respect and fashion sense. You look great.

  138. Dee says:

    Stand up for yourself at all times. You are college educated, you do not have to give in to profanity or sink to Ev or Tami’s level when dealing with them. Ignore the haters unless they put their hands on you. “Stay up”

  139. Marta - Get The Legal System On Your Side says:

    Royce,, Jennifer, and Kesha —- stay sophisticated, peaceful, fresh, and fashionable, while getting the legal system on your side. Make Tami & Evelyn them put you on their payroll, while you relax and enjoy yourselves.

    Make these two criminals(Tami & Evelyn) pay for their crimes, make them pay for their physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, harassment and WHILE YOU ARE AT IT MAKE A request for them to be removed from the streets.

    Tami & Evelyn are two of the most unsophisticated, badly informed, cold-blooded, bad-mannered, polluted and foolish females that I have ever seen on National TV.

  140. Chrissy says:

    Evelyn you are pathatic leave Jen alone she doesn’t want to be your friend she has new friends which you need to invest in oops no one likes you plan your so call wedding and leave Jen alone you are soooooooooooooooooooo JEALOUS of this sophisticated, classy, educated, beautiful, women!!!! You havelookedlike a fooooooooooooooooooooooooool all season get a life!! You know Chad isn’t going to marry you so you are losiiiiiiing your mind, BBW sucks this season YOU need to retire

  141. Max says:

    I’d just like to say to the very beautiful, but uncouth women on basketball wives that they are a disgrace to Black Female Womanhood. Shaunie is a hypocrite, she throws a bone and hides her hands. Evelyn and Tami are nothing more than sophisticated, rich hoochie mama’s, are these women college grads??? The act like low life street brawlers, and poor Susie the snitch, she starts more stuff than the law allows by rating on her so called friends. Who are these women that they think that it’s cool to just pop someone in the head with a bottle, and this makes you right about everything. Actually, they need to put a more positive spin on this show, these women can’t even express themselves without every other word being bleeped. Please give me a break, I thank God that the females in our family no matter than to immulate these women who feel that they are women of class. Far from it.

  142. SISTERS says:

    Evelyn — is suffering from a serious mental breakdown. She is totally sick, foolish, enraged, and mad at the world. Any female that has class, beauty, intelligence, business sense, and has an uncompromising personality is a threat to Evelyn. She fears rejection, and she demands love from her man under any condition. She conducts herself as if she maybe under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug. Tami – is suffering from a severe case of self-denial, low-self esteem, mental/emotional trauma, and fault the world for her personal tragedies and failures. Any female with beauty, talent, intelligence, motivation, happiness, and have a strong personality is a threat to Tami. She conducts herself as if she maybe under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug, alcohol or both. People under the influence of mind-altering drugs and alcohol usually conduct themselves very abnormally like Tami & Evelyn. VH1 Producers & Shaunie, stop ignoring the danger signs for the sake of ratings and money. These two females need special medical attention, before they hurt themselves or somebody else. This is not a matter of fear; this is a matter of saving a life.

  143. KeeKee - Season 4 Reunion says:

    VH1 Producers & Shaunie — why would anybody with a sound mind, wants to be in the audience during the taping of Season 4 Reunion? #1 the show is very disgraceful, distasteful, and unhealthy for the viewers and the cast members. #2 VH1 Producers & Shaunie do not protect the people in the audience from verbal attacks and threats from Tami & Evelyn, whenever they ask questions. #3 VH1 Producers & Shaunie should demand that the cast members respect your audience at all times. #4 the cast members are working for VH1, they are paid by VH1, and therefore as any employer that you work for, you represent that employer at all times. To be perfectly honest, I would not let my puppies nowhere near Tami & Evelyn; in fact, I would rather be in the audience at a dog show. The dog shows are more civilized, peaceful, and the dogs are classy and intelligent. Which I cannot say that about Tami & Evelyn.

  144. SISTERS says:

    Evelyn — is suffering from a serious mental breakdown. She is totally sick, foolish, enraged, and mad at the world. Any female that has class, beauty, intelligence, business sense, and has an uncompromising personality is a threat to Evelyn. She fears rejection, and she demands love from her man under any condition. She conducts herself as if she maybe under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug.

    Tami – is suffering from a severe case of self-denial, low-self esteem, mental/emotional trauma, and fault the world for her personal tragedies and failures. Any female with beauty, talent, intelligence, motivation, happiness, and have a strong personality is a threat to Tami. She conducts herself as if she maybe under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug, alcohol or both.

    People under the influence of mind-altering drugs and alcohol usually conduct themselves very abnormally like Tami & Evelyn.

    VH1 Producers & Shaunie, stop ignoring the danger signs for the sake of ratings and money. These two females need special medical attention, before they hurt themselves or somebody else.

    This is not a matter of fear; this is a matter of saving a life.

  145. Daisy says:

    @SISTER, you got your point across very well, and we totally agree with you. These two females should be off the streets and behind jail bars. Tami & Evelyn are criminals, paid to harrass and violate the other females on the set. This is unlawful and a total shame. VH1, Producers and Shaunie STOP THE MADNESS

  146. Gale & Larry says:

    SHAUNIE, VH1, PRODUCERS – We are not wishing for a told-you-so moment. We are not in anyway a fan of Tami or Evelyn’s, we do not know anybody personally, and that is a fan of those two. However, we do not want to see or hear of any tragedy happening to them or any of the cast members on the show. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to hear the viewers request to stop the violence. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to take viewers concerns very seriously, because life is very precious. We should all try to help protect one another from getting in harms ways. Money, fame, and fortune can never replace a life. Men and women that are not on TV are jailed everyday for abuse and assaults, why is it okay for VH1 to have this type of criminal behavior on their shows? VH1 safeguard your cast members from harming themselves and from harming anybody else.

  147. Angie says:

    All I have to say is Evelyn you need to respect Jen’s decision to cut drama out of her life. It looks like you and Nia are too concerned with her life. I don’t understand why you are so touchy when it comes to Chad. It sounds to me like you are insecure in your relationship with your fiance. Rather than face that, you take what Jen said out of context. Do you two really date the same type of men? If that is so, you better watch your back. Women just hate to hear the truth about their men and always want to fight or argue with the woman delivering the news. Word of advice Evelyn, apologize. When Chad leaves your butt at the altar, you will start to miss your relationship with Jen. All of the table jumping and bottle throwing is UNNECESSARY!!!!!!

  148. ANTOINE MAHAN says:


  149. Ruthie & Faye Gale & Larry (The Reality Show Club) says:

    We love Royce, Jennifer, and Kesha. They are intelligent, inspired, motivated, and on a healthy path.

    Kenya, we wish you much success. Kenya, must learn how to stand her ground and stay away from Tami & Evelyn, because they are bad blood and heartless.

    Suzie is totally lost. She is trying to fit in with terrible Tami & evil Evelyn. Pretending to be a peacemaker, but she is a professional troublemaker.

    Shaunie, need to wake up before Tami & Evelyn cause BBW to be discontinued, due to their violence (harassment, physical assaults, threats).

    The show viewers are dropping, after each episode.

  150. djs says:

    Jen, I like your style. Do not sink to Evs level. Let her be a NMFF in your life. Dont give her power over your life by even speaking or writing her name. let it be her personal problem stop letting it be yours but dont let her and her nappy head assistant step to you or get in your face anymore. STAY UP!!!

  151. Lady J says:

    This show has been a guilty pleasure & not I must say this:
    All of these women need prayer. No one is perfect. The list from most wounded to least:
    Evelyn is evil & so is Shaunie. Evil-lyn’s evil is on front street whereas Shaunie tries to hide hers. Tami is evil by association. She is a much less evil person away from Evelyn and Shaunie & appears to want to be better but self sabotages..hopefully a brush with death has awakened her. God gives us all an opportunity to repent and turn away from our wicked ways. If you choose not to…then your days are definitely numbered & eternal death is a reality. Pray for all of these ladies because only Jesus can save them. Our souls are much more important than any house, car, shoes, dress, or man that you can acquire. Forgiveness is for you not the other person. You cannot expect God to forgive you if you cannot forgive others.

  152. Jan says:

    @Harry – Words of Encouragement & @Lady J — Thank you fof rthe inspiring and encouraging words. Prayer is the only answer. VH1, Producers, Shaunie and every cast member please lisxten because prayer change any situation. You need prayer, I need prayer, and the world need prayer. Life is too precious for us to be hating one another for the love of money, fame, and fortune.

  153. Cyri Axel says:

    Shauni, as a Producer of the show, you can redeem yourself if you offer and pay for Evelyn’s Anger Management Class. So you don’t appear to be tolerating her actions. Otherwise, you are the same as her. There’s no class I see on a woman that’s as violent as Evelyn and speaks profanity all the time……NO CLASS AT ALL.

  154. Oh What a Hot Mess says:

    Wow! Everytime I watch this show I promise myself never to watch this empty hot mess again. But, the truth is, my guilty pleasure is watching Evelyn, Tami, & Shaunie – the wannabe nobodies without their husbands or boyfriends, act like uneducated, idiot, cave women at every opportunity. I pray for them and hope they will see the error or their ways – on at least one episode. How sad that grown women act like this and condone such bullying and bad behavior. Don’t you have anything positive to offer the world? Why don’t you do some charity work/events or make some documentaries about bullying, fighting, ugly behavior – teach our children. Do something good – don’t just make this a night at the fights. You three bullies look so stupid – ALL the time. Royce, Kesha, Jen and even Kenya – please do not stoop to their levels. Suzi remain the twofaced, back-staffing, airhead you’ve always been.

  155. Harry - Words of Encouragement says:

    I feel like sharing a word of encouragement for all of our sisters, and brothers across the world. In our lifetime, we will all experience some type of heartbreak, failure, disappointment, trauma, grief, anger, confusion, emotional illness, physical illness, mental illness. Depression, letdowns, rejection, of the hurt, angry, abuse, misuse, bullying, hate, hurt, criticism, losses, aches and pain. This is a part of life, everybody handle these types of life issues differently. This is okay, but it is important for us to take the time to acknowledge and accept what has happened to us. Next, work hard to put ourselves back together again. Many times, we cannot do it alone. All of my help comes from my Creator. Because there is not a man or woman on earth that can love us, help us, heal us, guide us, and be true to us like our Creator. So I encourage Tami & Evelyn to seek professional help and spiritual help from our Creator. Our Creator loves all of his children, and he wants us to love one another.

  156. STOP THE VIOLENCE. says:

    Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer are very attractive, talented, and gifted. Ladies, please do not let anything or anybody knock you off track. Stay real, true to yourself, true to others, and maintain your self-respect and it will bring you a bright and successful future. Tami , I thought I was looking at Hercules jumping between Evelyn & Kenya fight. I did not realize how masculine Tami really is. I can understand why she is so jealous and hateful to the other sexy female cast members. Evelyn & Tami STOP THE VIOLENCE.

  157. Jan - Thank You says:

    @Harry – Words of Encouragement — Thank you forthe inspiring and encouraging words. Prayer is the only answer. VH1, Producers, Shaunie and every cast member please listen because prayer change any situation. You need prayer, I need prayer, and the world need prayer. Life is too precious for us to be hating one another for the love of money, fame, and fortune.

  158. Suzanne says:

    Let me start off by saying that I have Ne

  159. nan says:

    Sorry , but Jen its time to sue for the behavior this IS Miami defend yourself in court…PERIOD!

  160. Kathy says:

    My Black SIsters, is this really what you want the public to see ? This is certainly nothing I want my granddaughters watching, To see that you all have made it this far, but yet all you show is It’s fine to curse all the time, To be bullies, Fighting never solved anything. Jen keep your head up and show the rest how to act in public and on TV, I watched the show tonight and I don’t understand, One thing is for sure, MONEY DOESN”T BUY CLASS ! Growup Ladies and start showing a positive view !

  161. Suzanne says:

    Let me start off by saying that I have NEVER blogged about a show, however this night I feel compelled. I am sooo sick of the stupidity & silliness of these grown ass women. At the start Evelyn was the fan favorite, now? What a Joke! She was sooo quiet when Tami was on her ass & ready to give her a beat down. .. When did you get so bold & start jumping over tables? Where was all of this fire with Tami? I’ll tell you, it’s because you’re whack, you are Not about this life either. ….Shaunie? Initially I thought she was a classy chic. Errr, not! She is an instigator. Whack too. Tami always real from the beginning, new fav!

  162. wowreally says:

    This episode tonight was a hot mess and why everytime there is a big scene vh1 goes to commercial why delay the drama are ratings that bad. Evelyn the reason your business failed is because you are tooooooooo busy worrying about Jen when you should be worrying about your fiance who is never around. He hasnt showed his face on this show not one time. Girl Evelyn have several seats and if you about that life then be abut your because its falling by the wayside. Baby and Cash money really girl cmon do’t be mad because Jen has her thing and people are checkin for her and not you.

  163. Donna Spencer says:

    I can only go by what I see on TV .I love the show but this season has takenb a turn for the worse. I hate to see such beautiful women fighting and acting like animals. You ladies really need to get it together. Jenn, admit that you hurt your friend. Tell her your sorry and save that long friendship that will last a lifetime. Evv, not every encounter you have with Jenn should be a fight involved. We get the fact that your tough. But in this case it takes a tougher woman to admit she is hurt and fights for her friendship.

  164. Leanie says:

    This show is over the top now.. I hate watching it now. Tonight, I really got to see Shaunie and Tami in action as they instigated this fight… So this is how black women portraying themselves on national TV??? It is sickening…. Tami, Evelyn both are certifiable crazy. Hope Jennifer sues the hell out of them.

  165. Kim says:

    Wow Really? Shaunie is a sneaky instigator while my used to be favorite Tami is co-signing her all the way. She just Shaunie and Tami to the movie premier and they immediately turned on her for Evelyn and Nia. Nia justs wants her 5min of fame. If the key was that seriuos you should change the lock FOOL. Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie need to sit down and act like ladies not like Shemales…Get A Life…Jen Did…And You Are Jealous!!!…Jen Sue The Hell Out Of Them!!!

  166. Kay Kay says:

    I believe that you all are dressing it up too pretty….the bottom line is this- Evelyn is a hood booga, an unsophisticated ghetto bird!..plain and simple!…Doesn’t matter how expensive her clothing is or how cute she thinks that she is, her behavior is UGLY and her daughter displays more maturity than she does…just sad!

  167. For the Underdog says:

    Jen, keep it classy. Evelyn do something with your temper. As for Nyia, she was way out of line. Where I come from you never put your hand on another’s face. It’s the highest form of disrespect. She had absolutely no right to do that. Whatever both of your feelings of loss or betrayal it is absolutely no excuse for striking another, endangering the welfare of another with throwing bottles and plates. I don’t know where you got this behavior but you need to lose it like yesterday. You should have outgrown that 20 years ago. It is very hard to empathize with tempermental hotheads and bullies. Don’t let the extended 15 minutes of fame and camera time get to your heads. Wake up and please grow up!

  168. Lady W says:

    Is it me? or is this just crazy? What is the point of this show again?Evelyn is so immature. This is the type of stuff that goes down in High School. Grow up already! Shame on Shaunie for allowing this show to represent her in this crazy way! None of these ladies are married to basketball players. Shouldn’t it be called “X- Basketball girlfriends”? So tired of all this hate among women. There are so many positive things that can be highlighted on this show. Can we see you ladies giving back? The 1st season the drama was kind of entertaining but now you are grasping at straws to keep an audience. As you can see from this blog we women seem to be tired of it. This negative portrayal is just disgusting. Ask yourself shaunie…….Is this a show your kids can watch and be proud of your their mother? Shame on you!! Time for a new theme. Grown women fighting, just aint cute!

  169. Sarah says:

    Even though Jennifer has an above everyone else attitude she is the best, any women should understand going through a divorce is not easy, shame on Evelyn she was the main one speaking into Jen ears about getting a divorce . It’s so stupid that she breaking up a friendship over a blog, come now Evelyn you should be on cloud 9 beside everyone know that Chad has given all his girlfriend’s n engagement rings did u found out that he don’t want you? That’s why you putting all your frustration on Jen. On top of that you had to bring a side kick to fight your battle you r a JOKE. Somebody needs to get help for Evelyn because she is 51/50 Chad you can do so much better run while you have a chance. Its a sad day to see beautiful womens act so GHETTO

  170. Brown Eyed Girl says:

    Wow!! Just have to say that as of tonight, I am done watching this pathetic show! Eve, you use to my favorite. Now, I think your nothing but trash. Tami, you seriously need to check yourself into a fat farm. Your not eve cute! Jen..keep doing what your doing and keep it classy. These girls are all just jealous. Seriously, you girls all look ridiculous…there are sooo many things you could be doing with this show and it’s nothing but trash! Grow up!

  171. trish4real says:

    Evelyn you are right, Jenn has changed…for the better, because she is mature enough to grow as a woman. You should try it if that’s possible, Ocho please dump her in PUBLIC….

  172. pie says:

    Evelyn needs to grow up, i hope someone kick her ass she really need her ass whoop!!!!!!!!!

  173. Traci says:

    Everlyn,you are very wicked,and is clearly the leader of the mean girl pack. I thought atleast shaunie and tami would have enough sense not to be follower.Eve if you keep it so 1hunid,why dont you be honest about why you dont want to be jen’s bbf anymore,you’ve been trying to get rid of her since last season,Gal You Are Fowl!

  174. Predictable says:

    If you all notice, every reality show has a bully. Chrissy (Love and HH), Ne Ne (RHOA) Tami and Evelyn all represent miserable black women with no class. Money can’t buy peace and happiness. They really need to do psych evaluations on these cast members before each season. Whether single or engaged, these women still continue to show us that they can’t possibly be happy. I know these shows need ratings, but is that the best conflict resolution technique you ladies could come up with? You are not role models at all. You act like bitter black women with unresolved issues. It’s really sad that these ladies have a forum where they can really give positive energy, but instead they choose to be hoodrats for all the world to see. Sad!!!!!!!!!

  175. Aeriel says:

    Everytime Evelyn is out in public, she’s in a fight! For these women to be so classy, they are so trashy! I can’t blame Jennifer for not wanting to be around these messy, classless, women. Women who have something going on don’t behave this way. Kuddos to Royce for not being in their presence. Nia has received her 15 minutes of fame! How childish is it to be upset with someone because they choose to hang out with someone else? This type of behavior should have ended in junior high! Real basketball wives should be offended at how this show portrays them. After last nights episode, I wil no longer watch this mess. There is way too much violence, profanity, and in no way is helping better the lives of others!

  176. Kelli Girl says:

    No matter what happened between Jen and Eve, they are grown ass woman, not catty little teenage girls. If the friendship is no longer working for them, then walk the hell away from it. There is absolutely no reason why two women who used to be friends cannot be in each other’s space and be civil with one another; that’s what adult women do. Actually Jen has tried to do that and with dignity and class, it’s poor little Eve and her hurt feelings that can’t seem to let go! Seriously, if Evelyn was really over the friendship like she claims, she would stop stressing over it and move on! However, her deep seeded emotional problems and abandonment issues, won’t allow it-it so obvious this woman needs therapy and in the worse way! If Jen doesn’t agree with her relationship with Ochocinco (which I agree probably will NOT last) than So Be It-she doesn’t have to! I give her credit for not pretending to be happy about something that she feels is doomed; if she did it would make her a hypocrite. Besides, instead of worrying about how Jen feels, Eve needs to be more concerned that behaving like a ghetto wench may push her new man away. Hell, he might meet someone else on Skype who is more intelligent and classy, and more emotionally stable. As for Nia, I am not sure what really went down with her and Jen, but when she started acting like Eve, I was done with her. What’s really funny about this entire issue is that when Jen was with Eric getting dogged out, everyone wanted her to grow a backbone and stand-up for herself. Now that she’s found confidence and a high sense of self-esteem, everyone seems to have a problem with it. Hmmm…Yes, I agree that these women need prayer. I also believe they should take a hint from LaLa and Kandi from TRHOA and find something positive to do with their lives; the ugliness has gotten old and tired!

  177. Lisa says:

    I have officially stopped watching this show!!! Deleted from my DVR. I really want Shaunie to get a better handle on her show, it is like she is promoting violence; and it is a really bad look for women. The violence is too much and unnecessary!! I have always like Jennifer and Evelyn and their friendship, but now I will just stick with Jennifer.

  178. Shelly says:

    Evelyn its a shame to see how on one way you try your best to act like you have class, then another way you go back to your boogie down Bronx root and act low-class. I was shock when I seen you jump over that dinner table with NO shoes on to try and hit Jenn. That was the Nastiest low down thing I have ever seen. You want to sport fancy clothes, drive nice expensive cars, and big diamonds and at the end of the day your just a CHICKEN HEAD from the block. like they said you can take them out of the Ghetto, but you can’t get the Ghetto out of them. I am very proud of Jenn for handling her self in a respectable manner that her parents taught her. If that was anyone else Evelyn you know you would have gotten your butt wipe up and kick all the way back to NY. I think it all has to do with you being jealous of Jenn and what she has accomplished on her own without Hoeing for it.. Evelyn you need some JESUS attitude adjustment and you’re not even pretty. Jenn, Tammy, & Royce are the prettiest ones on the show and they don’t even act half as bad as you do. That foul mouth of yours cursing every other word just makes you look even more trashier

  179. Whitfield says:

    Evelyn and Nia needs to get a life!!! Jennifer is not feeling them, she is coping with her divorce and they are just hating! I find it disturbing to watch a grown woman act as ignorant as Evelyn. Girls are watching your behavior and as a result we are witnessing more violence and social awkwardness as a result of the antics displayed on these reality shows. Think about the girls watching and how you portray yourselves. Shaunie, are you that desperate to have friends that you can continue to fund bullies? On on hand I really respect Shaunie on the other I am disgusted with what she is allowing to transpire with her name on it (to make matters worse, you have daughter) would you want your daughter to behave like some of the ignorant cast? Jennifer’s invitation to the viewing of the movie was a scene that was interesting and refreshing to watch. No cat fights, no B or F words, just women behaving like classy women should. Please next season let’s class it up a little!

  180. Pam says:

    I am new to basketball wives. However, I have never seen so many “mature” women who use vulgar language, gossiping and physical fighting as their primary modes of communication. Most of them are socially retarded and it is sooooooo embarrassing watching them engaging in their narrow minded “group-think”. Evelyn is by far the worst in terms of mindlessness. Tammi is a straight-up “thug”. Kenya “appears” to have more class than all of them. Jennifer only recently exhibited class. I can truly understand why all of them are “ex-s”. Evelyn is o desperate that she will accept her man cheating on her..HE TOLD HER HE COULD’N’T BE FAITHFUL, yet she is still planning a wedding…truly a sign of low self esteem.

  181. TupeloHuny says:

    This “show” is so embarrassing to me as a young black woman that I am not only not going to watch it again, I will write the sponsors to let them know that I will not buy their products if they continue to sponsor this “trash”. There are so many more classy, educated , beautiful African American women that could be showcased this show is a waste of time.

  182. Betsey says:

    What business is it of yours if Jennifer is no longer friends with Nia? Yes, Nia is your assistant but not your daughter. You should focus more on yourself and explore why you are so desperate and have such low self esteem that you would accept a man as your husband who told you he can’t stop cheating on you. I think that is where a lot if your animosity towards Jen comes from. Jen is secure enough in herself that she could leave her husband’s money and survive on her own, whereas you’ve had to close your business and now will be dependent on a man to maintain te lifestyle that you want…it is so sad.

  183. carolyn thomas says:

    You know I use to like Evenlyn, but now the way she looks , its evil in her eyes….she is a hateful person and I am going to pray for her. come on now all you want to do is fight…how old are you again. and you think your marriage is going to last with that much bitternes in your heart,

  184. BadMammer Jammer says:

    I;ve watched this show for a few episodes now and I must say this is an amazingly low class group of women. Jennifer is by far the classiest with Royce and the girl that called you loose following. You and Tami are two ghetto hood rats. And Shawnee is just a big bore.

  185. Michelle says:

    I along with several of my friends have decided after watching the last episode where Jenn got slapped not to watch the show again until the producers realize that they are letting things spiral out of control with Evelyn and all the fighting she is doing. Evelyn is entirely too old to behave the way she does and I see others following her lead and this show has now got too predictable due to Evelyn’s chaos. I truly believe that Royce and Jenn are the only true ladies of the show because they try to stay away from all the drama but yet the producers keep allowing for Evelyn too show her ass on national television just for ratings not realizing that young teenage girls are watching this show and thinking that violence solves everything by mimmicking Evelyn and that is not a way to show women how to present themselves. I wish Jenn all the best because she will need it if the producers and Shaunie keep putting her in situations that she should not have to be around, if I was Jenn I would exit the show and move on to more classy reality shows that are out there instead of this Ghetto version of a show that allows the cast to continually beat up on her. Evelyn needs to meet Jim Joneses wife Chrissy to get that ass whopping she deserves because for some reason no one on BBW will do it.
    Jenn and Royce stay true to who you both are and stay away from Evelyn she is a bitter woman with no class, what an example she is setting for her daughter #SMH even the guys that I know that watch the show say they don’t understand how anyone would marry her knowing that his family is probably viewing the show and she is acing crazy on each episode instead of like a lady.

  186. So disappointed says:

    Evelyn does not keep it 100. The real reason she is mad at Jen is because Jen is the only real friend she had and she kept it real about how she felt about Chad. Evelyn and Jen both said how they were done with ball players but Ev saw $ and compromised herself. Any time you give your man permission to cheat and enter into a marriage and still cheat, you have no respect for yourself or the covenant of marriage. Marriage is a covenant between the couple and God and if you don’t respect that, then don’t get married. He’s not yours anyway if he’s allowed to cheat. She know she’s about the $, she knows she setting a bad example, but money /financial security is more important to her. Looks like Jen was the only one who had her best interest at heart, not wanting her to be heart again. If those people weren’t around to stop Ev she wouldn’t jump to anybody. That’s all fake that’s not keepin it 100 at all.

  187. Jessica2Day says:

    It is so sad. Evelyn is truly a sick woman. Tami Is a straight up thug. I don’t care if he was abused as a child..get over it. If you can’t get over it go to therapy. Evelyn suffers from low self esteem. Her mand told her he can’t stop cheating on her and she still wants to get married. She is so vulgar she uses the “F” word n the “MF” word as normal conversation words which shows she has a very limited vocabulary.

  188. kay knight says:

    Wow it’s so funny how Evelyn puts her spin on things, OH yes thank god someone stopped you from killing that poor girl. The only hot mess I see is you!!! I hope you all have a good attorney cause your goin need it when Evelyn hurts or kills someone. As I see it your just as guilty as she is. You can see it comining and you are not stopping it. How would you feel if Evelyn treated one of your daughters this way. Better yet I hope someone dishes out to Evelyn’s daughter what Evelyn has been dishing out to everyone else

  189. I have watch B….Wives from the start and i must say it hurts me to see black women carry them self in this manner. Shaune please grow some backbone to stand up for whats right. Jen i lol for having a brain because i taught you couldn,t think with out evelyn. Stop being a bully its not nice

  190. Faedra says:

    @Maarilyn ____ OMG , I hope Royce, Jennifer, Kesha, and Kenya did not sign a contract that include a clause stating VH1, and Shaunie can not be held legally responsible for a cast member if they are hurt on the show.

  191. Rochelle says:

    All jokes aside why would anyone think Jennifer is wrong for making a police report and calling an attorney. Instead of trying to figure out why this girl is not your friend. Maybe these ladies should figure out how they can keep their hands to themselves and act like ladies. Tammy I give you credit for getting help. Yeah Evelyn its dumb when she calls the authorizes, but isn’t when you’re talking crazy and acting stupid! Stop talking that’s all

  192. GROW UP LADIES says:

    Basket Ball Wives REALLY?

  193. Nikki G says:

    Evelyn is TRASH!!

  194. Rivera says:

    I was like wow! they have no class what so ever. first of all if Jen and nia was so much of friends. why was it so easy for you,Evelyn too turn her against Jen. Evelyn you didn’t want to make yourself look more stupid, so you brought Nia do it for you. if you seen your face, you looked twisted,like a crazy person. jen keep holding you head up, and all the things Jen said about Evelyn and Nia, i would say it too, if someone hit me. Nia you never came to Jen, you went stright to Evelyn to start trouble.

  195. C- LOVE says:

    trust i am the first to say forgivness is a start but you Evelyn are beyond repair at this point. WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU FEEL THE NEED FOR jEN TO APOLOGIZE TO YOU? IF I remember correctly all Jen did as a concerned friend was vioce her opinion about your welfare concerning your new relationship with Ochiostinko. you got bent all out of shape because she had reservations as any true friend would> Ihope you prove her wrong and the marriage does last because if not you will have to be the one doing the apologizing.

  196. sheshe says:

    I enjoy the last two season of basketball wife.This season was garbage.I kept on watching hoping things would turn around ,I kept looking forward to Jenn and Evelyn patching things up instead saw how fake Shawnie is. MTV, I promise you,I will not be watching this garbage next season if Evelyn and Tammy is not replaced .and shaunie you to.I know you are the producer but you need to stop appearing on the show.. we’ve heard and seen enough of your lies we the audience do not trust you Shawnie..
    the way you try to ruin Jenn’s image this season is wrong .I hope she wins her law suit against your show.You behavior this season was trashy and showed a lot of ignorance on your part. .Jenn thank you for being the bigger person and acting like a lady.You did not deserve that .I taught shawnie was your friend. guess not.
    hope you find better friends Jenn.

  197. MawMaw says:

    What is wrong with Evelyn & her Assistant? Don’t they know that you cannot physically assault anyone and not expect them to file Assault charges on them? The days of cat fights are over “Hoodies”! Evelyn, only a man with no class will marry you. Says a lot for Ochocinco. What does his poor Mother think of WHAT her son is marrying? I wouldn’t want you as my Daughter-in-law and if he married you anyway, You would definitely not be welcomed at the family gatherings. Grow up kiddie!

  198. Lala Sanchez says:


  199. Angela Budd says:

    Iuse to like this show but it is getting rediculos Shaunie is fake tammy is and bullie and eve needs a reality check and eve assi needs her butt woop ..all these ladies needs to go there seperate ways is this what you guys want to teach young women 1 on 1 on how to be a ass in public keep being you Jenn and stay away from Eve she is tow facedted

  200. Lisa says:

    Evelyn seems to be so jealous of Jennifer. You seem to talk and think about her more than anything else! Why are you trying to spread her business now? You look stupid and desperate doing that. Team Jen all the way!!

  201. lisa says:

    Just wanted to add Evelyn is fake and a hot mess not to menition her weird looking friend Nia who slapped Jennifer. Evelyn is looking verry desperate and jealous in trying to turn people against Jennifer by telling her business. Tami and Shaunie are both being fake by talking about Jennifer behind her back. Evelyn most not truly be happy and has some serious issues. Evelyn seems very jealous of Jennifers new friendships which I don’t blame Jen at all. Forget loose Evelyn and her jealousy!