Basketball Wives Episode 9 Sneak Peek: A Day At The Races


This sneak peek of the new episode of Basketball Wives has basically every emotion you can imagine in it. Tami and her mom resume their conversation from last week which was pretty heavy stuff, and the tears keep on coming, but immediately after that, we finally see Royce and her new man, Dezmon, together and they couldn’t seem happier (could she be smiling any bigger??). And of course eventually we’ll get to that emotion we call “slapping someone,” but that won’t come until much later. Watch the sneak and tune in to the full episode Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Marisa says:

    @shstarlight bwhahahaha Jen was right this old broad only pulls these stunts on camera Evilyn is the ultimate stunt queen. She does this when she knows VH1 pruduction crew and others are there to hold her washed up behind back. Trust she doesnt pulls these antics in the real world aint nobody holding you back from the general public, the real hood chicks the ones who really are about that life. This whole season was nothing but them old hags whining because Jen dropped them and like the bad habits they are and refuses to kiss their butts, also Nia need to focus on them busted no edges of hers instead of worrying about Jen life

  2. DEE DEE says:

    This show is absolutely ridiculous, do these women have jobs?!…All I see are a bunch of ex wives and girlfriends of basketball players that need to start setting better examples for their children. What is the purpose?..there are more important issues such as Trayvon Martin. These women are the reason black women are still stereotyped and drama seeking uneducated idiots. Please Please try and show some class. And I agree with Shstarlight..Evelyn and Tammi you are too OLD for that.. Have some dignity and find something more positive in your life, instead of setting a bad example for black women everywhere,,,

  3. Patty says:

    I really think they should put Evelyn on medication….. I hope her daughter does not see how she’s acting on tv….this is not a good look. If I were Jen, I would just give her 1 left hook and end this whole attack business. Evelyn keeps going at her because she knows Jen will not do anything, which I don’t understand, but she’s acting more grown up then Evelyn. Another thing if you see someone getting angry and getting up out of their seat, DON’T just sit there be prepared Jen….. what’s wrong with you. All the other woman need to stop laughing when war starts…they laugh at everything. Tossing a wine bottle could have seriously hurt someone. If that were me that would have been the last time Evelyn would have tossed something, that’s for sure, tv or no tv…………… If I were Ocho I would run as fast as I could….

  4. Angie says:

    Where did they find these girls from? It seems to me that they need to act like they got some type of class when they go out in public. Black people are already getting looked at as being “suspect” when we go out to nice places. Little girls you need to take a lesson from Jen and mature yourselves. Act your damn ages! You all look like Tales from the Crypt meets Disney Channel. How old are yall trying to fight, 40 maybe 50???? Evelyn, Ocho don’t want your butt anyway. I think you know that. That is why I think he is gonna ask you for an open marriage down the line. You need to pay your assistant enough money to either buy a better wig or get her hair fixed. You talked about Royce’s hair in earlier seasons, hook Nia up!!!!

  5. Angela says:

    And by the way Tami everyone has demons in thier closets get over yours,stop blaming others and realize you did this to yourself. Be a mother and stop trying to capture the past, it’s gone your done. By the way your cousin look like a man too. Two DRAG QUEENS RELATED how nice lmao

  6. sonya says:

    The creators and producers of this show really need to re-evaluate the necessity of continuing to do business with Evelyn Lozada. I’m aware reality television has a certain amount of drama, however Ms. Lozada’s behavoir is unacceptable, inappropriate and juvenile. As a business person at what point do you draw the line. Ms. Lozada’s behavior alone is damaging to the premise of the show. It’s discouraging to see a talented young minority female setting such a poor and classless example for other young women including her own daughter. What she is teaching through her fits of anger in inappropriate and in REAL LIFE leads only to severe and negative consequences. Evelyn is the worst example for women on television today. There needs to be an attempt to encourage her to seek anger management therepy before someone is hurt. No amount of money will keep a person from civil and legal action following aggravated battery.

    Sonya Johnson

  7. tocha says:

    the whole jen and evelyn thing is getting really old evelyn grow up and concentrate on getting married please you are a grown woman let it go.

  8. Kimberlli Hollings says:

    I think it is time for Evelyn to be gone from the show. She is very violent and someone is going to get hurt and she will end up in jail. She is not a classy lady. The language that comes out of her mouth – she throws f-bombs like it’s just causal conversation. She has taken her anger up several notches this season and Shaunie should be concerned about the girls safety and whether she may end up in some kind of legal situation. When the show first started I actually kind of liked Evelyn and her take no nonsense attitude but each season I have seen her evolve into a person that I would never want around myself or my daughter. She has a daughter in college and this is the example she sets for her. It’s embarrassing to see a beautiful women demoralizing herself on TV each week. Even Tami was known for a bad attitude and she has begun to address those issues in counseling. Someone – maybe Shaunie – should suggest that Evelyn get some couseling because it’s obvious that she has some unresolved issues. I mean she told her fiance that he should just tell her if he cheats and they will deal with it – really? Just because you want to succeed in marriage, you will give him a pass. It’s sad but it also says alot about her mentality.

  9. Laine says:

    Stupid acting Evelyn and now she has a friend that want to throw punches like her. 1st of all is these adults or animals. People of other races this is not how successful woman of color act. We know how to act in public places and events. We do not go around setting up appointments to start fights. We do have friends that when we think of doing something beneath us will tell us girl that not wise you are better than that. But since these ladies don’t have that I’m not a friend but I will give some friendly advice Evelyn grow up stop being a bully and stop with the dirty mouth from the F word and the B word coming out your mouth in every conversation. Most important stop thinking that because you suck men ____ that you is the bomb. OLD LADY!! Speaking of Old Lady how do the other ladies seem to always talk about Kenya age aren’t they all in that boat. The ones who aren’t are looking like they are in the same boat. Lastly Nia the lady with no hair around her hair lines instead of trying get a role on the show by trying to throw punches throw some Regrow around them edges.

  10. tyler says:

    Stop it Evelyn you getting ready to married just stop it don’t look good on you leave Jen along you act like you in love with her please

  11. TOZA says:


  12. Tonia says:

    I think you guys are too much to watch. Leave Jen alone and grow up!!!

  13. Kglenn says:

    Shaunie what will it take for u to realize that Evelyn is going to get u sued. She’s violent and desperately in need of meds. Tammy is the smartest cast member to realize that she needed to reshape her image.

  14. Shstarlight says:

    Marisa,you are right on it. That is so true, Evelyn needs to sit her old ass down like I said so many times. One day eventually someone is get Evelyn real good and that will be my favorite episode.

  15. Jacqueline says:

    Why ohhh Why do we have to watch week after week Evelyn and her ghetto friend Nia act like street thugs….

    Evelyn I know EXACTLY what you mean. After my divorce, I had to get rid of old, drama baggage as well. Evelyn is NO ONE I would EVER call a friend …get rid of her. Let her go with her broke, non catching WR Chad..

  16. Jacqueline says:

    Jen..I love you girl……You are so much more than these women

  17. Tammy all of them are haters. Its so obviously that they brought that chicken head to fight with Jenn. These women are so childish. I cant stand these broads. And Shaunie now’s she’s a pimp and they need this show to go on on any expense. I’ve made my mind this is the last season. I CAN’T. JENN SHOULD NOT DEAL WITH THESE MEAN BITTER WOMEN. WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE NEW GRLS

  18. Shstarlight says:

    That funny looking Nia need to sit her ass down somewhere with that ugly ass wig on her head. That wig so ugly, I know she can get a better looking wig than that. Evelyn need to stop trying fight people and take her assistant to find a better wig PLEASE!! I would not want to be seen with her wearing that ugly wig. Hell I would get an attorney too in case someone harms me or tries to. Shaunie and the crew, wake your ass up!! Y’all will get yourselves in deep deep trouble trying be and look all tough. Its ridiculous to see grown women behave this way. If was one of their children, I would be embarrassed to be seen in public with or without my mother. Children get teased at school for the actions of their parents. Shaunie think about your children’s reputation too! Talk to them, they might have something to talk about regarding your show. They don’t even need to look at show. Its not even considered a show to me anymore, its more of an event for pay-per-view.

  19. Jayne' says:

    This is the Evelyn show. And why are they confronting Jenn like it’s her fault she doesn’t want to be around their drama. They talk about her, laugh about the stuff that Evelyn says and does to her which they know Suzie is taking back to her, that’s what they have her their for. It has been said before, and I’m sure she has heard it. This scrumpet is no role model for her daughter. Who’s mom runs across a table? Who’s mom throws bottles of wine at walls? Who’s mom hits people in the head with handbags? This hag needs to be therapy for real. Doing this for ratings is just as ridiculous as that face she keeps making. Then she gets her assistant friend involved, why? And they knew what it was going to turn into, yet they allowed her to come. Evelyn has NO CLASS and NEITHER does her assistant friend. Why the tears Evelyn, you want people to have sympathy for you? You are just as fake as Chad’s loyalty to your relationship. You “ain’t” about nothing!! While you want to believe you are the “it” girl, the world is looking at you, shaking their heads in disgust. Industry folks gasing you up, got you thinking you’re a real celebrity when all you are is entertainment for them to laugh at and for some of them to screw. Grow up and save what little dignity you may have left.

  20. Shstarlight says:

    Jen did the right thing, she should have snatched that ugly wig off her head, but she did the man ture lady thing. Jen stay away from those animals because you said exactly what I have been saying all along that they act like animals. Animals jump on furniture and stuff and act wild. Its like looking at National Geographic. Its getting to the point where I will have to stop looking at this show again. It runs my blood pressure up!

  21. Vickie Garner says:

    I don’t know why these women can’t sit down with Jennifer and have a convo….. but I guess you have to make the episode hot… smh…. and Evelyn assistant got her 15minutes of fame because im sure she had some time to confront Jennifer about how she felt …. But then again it makes the episode hot … smh

  22. Karen says:

    It’s time to stop this stupid child like behavior. Evelyn really needs to stop with her ghetto ass. Why do you have to fight everyone bottles throwing really. One question how many of these ladies are really basketball wives for real none!

  23. tryinghard says:

    Jen and Kenya should both sue Evelyn for assault. Jen should certainly sue that new person who walked over and assaulted her, talking about some keys…call a locksmith! Change your locks, why you begging for a friendship long gone? Jen had a good question, why was she there, who is she? Is she a basketball “once was a wife or girlfriend”? Shaunie and Tami…asking why should they all get letters from Jen’s lawyer? They are contributors, cheerleaders, sometimes before and certainly afterward, encouraging foolishness… laughing it up with Evelyn. Shaunie asking “did a bottle just go over my head?” It should have hit her, maybe then Evelyn’s craziness wouldn’t be so funny to her. Jen should carry a tazer…I’d love to see that crazy, banshee Evelyn seizing on the floor just one time! LOL.

  24. AshleyB says:

    Evelyn Lozada let’s be real why are you sooo mad at Jen could it be, because she was telling the truth about chad.. come on now the guy had a dating show… You guys make all women look bad… Jen moved on… tell the truth Evelyn did she hurt your feelings by make new friends; are you that lonely… Ladies grow up … oh an Nia honey dnt ever cum out in public wit those bald head edges ok…ok

  25. VALady3 says:

    Honestly, Can I look a group of black women and see class and style. Without all that drama, honestly we can be classy. We can disagree without the drama. Really our ancestor fought enough should we be fighting each other over so much petty mess. Grow up and get it right. I guess we can say the classy, real Basketball wives just sit on court side and be ladies. Wow VH1 please cancel this show. I’d rather see Anything else but all this drama!!!

  26. Kim says:

    Evelyn is jealous of Jen. She needs to leave her alone, an any women in her right mind would not let her soon to be husband let no woman cum into there relationship regardless if he like her or not. I wish my husband would cum an tell me he want another woman to cum into our relationship i would get his a.. told. That tell u he don’t want her.Evelyn is so stupid she can’t even see it an she wanna get mad @ Jen cause she telling the truth about that no good DOG. U need to leave all them @ face no good so call friends alone Jen an do u cause they all don’t mean u no good. I am ur # 1 FAN U GO GIRL.

  27. Tmeekie says:


  28. Shstarlight says:

    Shaunie, get some sense and stop thinking money because if you don’t you will be out of money.
    If it was my show and I’m younger than all of y’all, my show would be a positive show with women on it who are real basketball wives. What is Suzie, Royce, Tammie, etc. have to do with the show, and Evelyn is supposedly to marry a football player so she should be on football wives if she marries him. Hell I would be scared to marry her ass. Her behavior might be the reason she didn’t marry the first guy she was engaged to when the show start. It makes you think don’t it. Evelyn’s behavior is out of control way out of control and she can’t be mad at Jen because she is educated and she is not. Its never too late to get your GED Evelyn!

  29. Ruben says:

    Jennifer thank you for behaving like a woman with some CLASS!! Evelyn, you are too old to be jump on tables and acting a fool on national TV. It makes women of color look BAD!! You have a daughter and you need to behave like a mother. Children have Tantrums not grown women. Throwing wine bottles and plates in public places is very classless.

  30. Paige says:

    One more thing. The girl that hit Jenn sd this is the real Jenn, no witch, if someone smacks me or is always disrespectful, I will call them everything in the book. You will be all foul names, why? Because I’m defendung myself and you better be glad that’s all she did. She should hv scrubbed your ass! In the dirt. New girls Ev will do y’all the same way. Run! She is not a good person, the Devil even.

  31. Shstarlight says:

    Nia, you need to go to a hair specialist and let them educate you on what wig is good for you. Hell, come to Memphis I’ll show you. We’ll show you the right wigs and weave to wear because honey, I don’t know who told you that the wig you wearing looks good. It looks fake, you can tell its a wig. Your head looking like a dead animal on it and you trying to fight somebody. You are definitely a bully. Just trying to make Jen hit you. Jen is a mature lady and I’m sure she wanted to hit your stupid ass but she chose the mature road and left all of you bullies looking stupid incliuding Shaunie. Her ass not slick, she tried to start a little something tonight. Hell like I said, I’ll have me an attorney on all your ass’s too.I’ll sue each and every one of y’all ass’s if something happened to me. She doing the right thing, see thats what educated people do Evelyn and Nia.

  32. annmarie says:

    Am I the only one who feels that all of this brawling is the example that we should be setting for our young women?? I am appalled at the week after week slinging of fists not to mention the hurtful and immature verbal attacks. As a woman first and a mother second, this is not how I would act out in public. It is bad enough that we have men who beat us down verbally and physically but now we, women are doing it to each other. I will not take sides except to say that I am ashamed of all of those involved in the “ratings drama.” Is this the way you were taught to deal with conflict? Does this behavior make you feel proud of yourselves? Shame on the bad examples of VH1 for women.

  33. Malia Rose says:

    Wow! loved this show, but this is becoming depressing. Picking on Jen does not make a good episode. Its like Evelyn has no self-esteem and if everyone isn’t with her she goes spastic. Jen is a cool chic, she has her issues and she doesnt take it out on everybody else. Evelyn seems to have the world going for her, but she can’t be happy unless she’s got a cheering squad. Get a life Ev. The constant picking on Jen is getting old!

  34. NotToday says:

    As entertaining as BBW is I’m done being a viewer. First off, Evelyn cant understand or comprehend what Jen is and has been through, in terms of her recently divorcing. None of the chicks on this show are married, and only half of them were actually married. Evelyn is spiteful, hateful, and have no dignity or morals. Your a mother and if you were my mother I would never tell anyone you were. Arent you suppose to be getting married soon? Why does it matter how Jen acts, or who she hangs out with, or what she does? As old in age as all of the women areon the show I would think all of you would be able to conduct yourselves better than what you do and have. There is NO LOYALTY in this so called circle, and none of you are TRUE friends. When the show has its final rap, what type of legacy have you left behind for the world to remember you as. Evelyn is young minded, materialistic, and a lost soul. You mean to tell the world you cried about your ffriend being called out about her apartment size and Jen judging her. Only if we can run back all the seasons and listen to your small and meaningless judgments on damn near everyone on the show. If the world isnt mistaken you talked about Tami’s weave and clothes before you even met her. Hypocrite. The world will always see you as a jumpoff and loose because thats what you presented to the world. You can claim being a real woman all day, but you are what you have made yourself to be. What does Chads family think about you? Its one thing to have an edge, but its another thing to be flat out ruthless with no self-control. I pray for your soul, that you get a clue. Life isnt about what you have or what you look like. You spend more time exuding negativity that what life truly means to you. Im over it. Read the blogs Evelyn, yes you have supporters, but you also have a lot more people who are unhappy with you being on the show.

  35. For the Underdog says:

    Evelyn, what is wrong dear? Hope you get to the root of your problem soon. Not a good look. All the makeup and cutsy outfits in the world can’t make you a classy lady. And quiet as it is kept most men of substance want a lady as their wife not a trash talking, rageful hot head. Tone it down, girlfriend. If I can make a suggestion, broaden your circle and take a few ettiquette and anger managerment classes. They will take you further because at the rate you are going, your bit on tv will be shortlived and your relevancy will be over too if it isn’t already.

  36. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn I one time had respect for you. Now, you belong in a zoo not in public. You messing up your own reputation. You on the show going after two people who said the truth about you and you got thousand’s of viewers who have said negative real truth things about you. Are you going to throw bottles and etc. at us? You would not have a chance in Memphis old evil lady!

  37. Dara says:

    I’m still confused about what Evelyn is upset with Jen about…there are friends that don’t want you to have other friends. I’ve been there, but I was like 10 so to see it with adult women is strange. I don’t know if it’s editing or what but if I were Evelyn I’d be pretty embarrassed by my behavior and how I was being portrayed. She seems to lack self control, dignity, and self worth.
    Everyone is complaining about Jen being stuck up but to me she’s always held her head higher than the rest of them, since the very first season. She was raised a certain way and has accomplished a lot. We’re all products of our environment.
    Tami, Shauni, and that ghetto bird Nia need to stop the madness. When things fell apart between Jen and Evelyn those three clearly chose a side and it was Evelyn’s. That why Jen don’t deal with you’ll anymore…DUH!!!!

  38. Erica says:

    Tonights show was truly disgusting!
    Jennifer has every right to change her friends and move on from the ones that she no-longer connects with! These woman are GOON’s you can’t just fight someone because someone opts not to be friends with you any more! Evelyn and her little friend should be behind bars!

  39. Nichole says:

    Good greif, Evelyn running across the table like a damn monkey. Your ass looked really ridiculous. And Nia your little funny looking assistant/friend, need to crawl back into the hole she came out of. Shaunie you’re a fool Jen is an employee of yours. Rather you like her or not. Stop taking sides in your place of business. If any of us went to work tomorrow & another person rather it’s an employee or a temp or extra, you’re suppose to propect your employee. Allowing that peice of trash to slap Jen was dead ass wrong & Jen should sue. I think I heard Tami mentioning something about sueing to Jen. Jen should say damn skippy I’m sueing. Evelyn you’re boring & you’ve played out. Close the curtains & go home…

  40. Shstarlight says:

    Look how ugly your ass is looking Evelyn, you look so evil!! Nothing better is going to come to you if you continue to behave this way with all your hatred towards someone who is way smarter than you and has self control, something you definitely don’t have. The Lord Jesus is seeing and hearing everything that you are doing. There is enough violence going on in the world besides you acting a complete fool. It is a shame before Christ.

  41. Dennnystar says:

    Evelyn is a JOKE!! Instead of acting like a complete animal on national television. she should be spending time with her brother who has cancer. That poor man is fighting for his life and she’s going around acting like a wild beast. I guess even a dying brother doesn’t open her eyes on how short life is.What a waste! Shaunie should be ashamed of herself to create a show like this. she try to act like the mature one, but really is as ghetto as Evelyn.Evelyn should look at herself in this photo to she the devil in herself…. sad,sad, old lady..hurryup and get married so you can get cheated on and get what you deserve. Good things don’t happen to mean spirited people.

  42. dc says:

    @Marisa you are so right Evelyn will only jump bad when she has someone there to stop her, and this Nia chick is looking for her 15 minutes of fame, so she’s Evelyn new sidekick. If Shaunie is such a women she should let Evelyn, Tami know this is not behaviour she will accept and Jennifer is her friend so if they don’t like it don’t fn come around. I wish one time someone would slap the stew out of Evelyn and put her in her place.

  43. Sheila says:

    I don’t normally write comments about tv shows, but i can’t believe the ladies on this show, this can’t be real. I can’t see Jennifer being a part of the show for much longer, she is cut from a different cloth then the rest of these i don’t what to call them because you surely can’t call them ladies. it’s to come a time when Tami and Evelyn jump in someone’s face and they are going to keep surprise of their life, when they have to pick their teeth up off the floor. These girls are stupid, their on TV making fools of themselves and Shaunie O’Neal is cashing checks, just to show you how stupid they are Shaunie stirs the pot and steps back. These girls are blind, they don’t see it coming.

  44. J.B. says:

    Jen I love it! Continue to be a classy lady. Evelyn I’m praying for you. I haven’t heard anything about the wedding. You are definitely not acting like a women who’s about to marry the love of her life. You may need to reevaluate getting married. And finally, leave Jen alone, she can act and hang around whom ever she wishes. Get a clue “she’s grown”!

  45. butterflies70 says:

    All of these women on this show excluding Reece and Jennifer need a life , they act immature including Shauny , because Shauny instigates the fights that happen for her ratings . It’s sad, and if I was Evelyn’s fiance I would run because they way Evelyn acts she will drain his estate in attorney fee’s. Evelyn acts like an untraine animal ,that’s not cute , that’s not intelligent , and sophiticated, that’s a janky low budget over acting trick .

  46. ABC says:


  47. TYE says:

    Why is Evenlyn is on this show isn’t she marrying a football player the show is basketball wives not football. By her threatening Jen she should be off the show. I will not watch a show when a another women threatening to kill someone over stupidness.

  48. T in Texas says:

    Evelyn we all know why you are so angry . Your man Ochocinco , 1, 2, 3 , 4 or what ever the hell his name is . Is out there cheating on you and you just don’t want to admit it !

  49. Mrs. Dawson says:

    Grown woman acting like children. I use to love Evelyn but have lost all respect for her…why jump across the table like a wild animal what is the purpose. Jen need to get it together and began to protect herself. Shaunie need to really step up and put all these ladies in their place this show has went downhill…….

  50. Chaunte says:

    Please take Evelyn off the show. Everybody is tired of her ass. Shaunie need to stop, with this show it’s getting out of control. I wont buy anything Evelyn puts out. TAKE EVELYN OFF THE SHOW SHES A BAD ASS LET CHAD TAKECARE OF HER.

  51. Kisha says:

    just short and sweet…………Get Evelyn some MEDS quick!!!!!

  52. Kisha says:

    Oh and get rid of (Evelyn’s) stylist of hers, she is tacky and it seems that she wore Evelyn dress to the tracks. (no,no) Hood rat chic….stylist my foot. Make talent women look bad.

  53. How can you tell the horses from the hags? says:

    Against BullyingMAY 11, 2012 AT 4:34 PM
    We all have a right to our opinions. In my opinion, anyone who supports the kind of behavior exhibited by Tami, Evelyn and Nia need to climb on in the back of the van with them. That’s the white van that makes regular deliveries to the mental institution. Nia just got played by Evilyn and doesn’t even have sense enough to know it. Jen got slapped with a behind the back cheap shot, which is what Ev wanted to happen. Ev enjoyed it all and dumb ass Nia is facing a lawsuit and jail time. As for the leap off the table, that was all for dramatic effect. She knew that one of the men on the set would be there to catch her. (Wish he hadn’t.) If she really wanted to get to Jen, why didn’t she just walk around the corner of the table? That would have gotten her there much faster. Trust! She didn’t want to get there. Ev, since Nia is your new BF, why don’t you give her a few fashion, hair and make-up tips? I hope everyone involved, Shaunie included, will get arrested and jailed and made to pay damages to Kenya and to the resort for the stinking fish incident. Sue their asses off .