Kenya Bell Talks To Juicy Mag About The Basketball Wives’ “Bullying, Negativity, And Pure Haterism”


One of the reasons we like Kenya Bell on Basketball Wives is that even though she finds herself in situations that aren’t always ideal (the Evelyn fight, laughing at Tami and Kesha’s dinner argument), she’s always been incredibly honest and forthcoming in every interview we’ve read with her. This interview she just did with Juicy Magazine is no different. Kenya recently spoke to them about all the current Basketball Wives fighting that’s been going on, and all the haterade that’s been directed at her as a result of her video screening, but she still keeps her head up in spite of it all. Here are some of our favorite Kenya quotes from the interview.

On fighting with the women:

I’ve been professionally trained to fight thanks to my Dad. I have no fear of any of them and all of their bullying, negativity, and pure haterism. It’s sad that as women, they aren’t supporting my efforts to be independent as a woman and a mother, especially after I spent years helping my husband make it to the NBA and he’s chosen to ruin his life. [The cast] can talk all they want, as long as neither of them put their hands on me, they have nothing to fear.

On how she dealt with the criticism from the group who screened her music video:
I’m a very cultured individual. I’ve worked in corporate America and shook hands with the President. I know the difference between what’s good and what isn’t, so when someone tells me something is horrible and I know it’s not, it’s laughable to me.

On why she’s drawn to Jennifer:
Jen has been the only person in the group that has been consistently nice to me and I appreciate that. Because of that, I consider her someone that I can become friends with. It’s soooo sad that they have a “mob” mentality and because Jen refuses to “join the crowd” and hate me like they have decided to do before they even got to know me, all of a sudden they say I idolize her. It’s their way of trying to make Jen not like me. I’m so proud of Jen for being an individual.

On her relationship with Tami:
I’m very surprised to see the footage of Tami talking bad about me behind my back. I still feel that she has a good heart, that’s why she stepped in between Evelyn and I. Because of the supposed “stabbing” that my husband accused me of, I really didn’t want to have to hurt Evelyn on national television, so I appreciated that. But as a fellow mother of two, it’s very disappointing that she was so mean and hurtful knowing she went through the same things I’m going through on the show.

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  1. CS3 Fan says:

    I love Basketball Wives, but my fiancee hates the show because of Evelyn (when he saw the scene where she basically said it was cool for Chad to cheat, he was absolutely disgusted and told me “if you said something like that, I’d be wondering how much you really love me”). So I try to catch episodes on my DVR when he’s not home but I usually end up reading the VH1 recaps, Royce’s blog and pretty much everything else that is posted about the show :) I don’t really know Kenya’s “character” very well, but I just love what she says in this article. She is absolutely correct that the other women should be supporting her, not hating on her for trying to start anew. I can’t stand the way the girls treat her, especially Suzie! She should know of everyone how hard it is to be bullied. To see her this season compared to last it is like NIGHT and DAY. I wonder where the nice, soft-spoken woman went????

  2. S.DAVIS says:


  3. Beyoncca says:

    I think you are beautiful. I want you to be clear, Tami tried her hand at the whole music career think, in the mid-90′s Tami was apart of a 4 member girl group, where MTV’s Real World showcased the group on a couple of episode. Nothing ever came of the group so Tami delved into acting instead. I use to like Tami until she went in so hard on you. I love your positivity. You have the most beautiful personalitty. You made a great point when you said “Royce doesn’t really know Kesha, the little time you spent with her wan’t enough to form a accurate perception. You are gorgeous and don’t let those haters get the best of you.

  4. Sharron says:

    Kenya do look like she can tare somebody ass up tami better watch out she have some competition u gotta watch out for the quiet types

  5. Cancel Evelyn says:

    Evelyn needs to go & BBW just might be a good show to watch. Evelyn more people dislike you than like you. The show is not being watched because of you. People actually like Royce, Jen, Kesha, & actually Kenya. All of the ladies you dislike. They represent intelligent sisters. You are a mad, crazed beast. The devil in a blue dress. That craziness makes you very unatractive. You need to read what people really think about you. Girl go under ground for a while. Hide…

  6. Dee says:


    You look great in the picture above. Don’t let anyone keep you from your goals, its OK to listen to construction criticism but not from people who want you to fail. I feel that you should ask some totally unbiased professionals for their opinions, not these unprofessional haters. Keep “doing you”, It does not matter what age you are. Its been done before. STAY UP!

  7. What does she have on? Where’s the rest of her outfit? Why is her cheek hanging out? Am I the only one who sees this?

  8. I think this show is one of the most negative, violent, disgusting, T.V. programs I have ever watched. Evelyn is a bitter violent miserable person. She acts real tough but the only way she can whip anyone is to throw wine bottles and plates at them. Most of these women act no better than animals. And yes Evelyn you’re the worst. I grew up around girls like you, and you were a disgrace to the human race.

  9. summereighne says:

    I think its totally rediculous how the whole group of grown women that have children of their own could be so cruel and bully another woman because she’s trying to persue a career! I really think Shawne should be ashamed for setting such a poor example of how Blk professional women in “reality” should behave…Tammi is just a big BULLY!!! Her and that Evelynn and the rest are just ignorant followers, SAD!!!!

  10. chavalia says:

    Ok where is your clothes? It looks like you’re sitting on that couch butt naked. Your personality seems very kind but you need to step to these haters. I’m not talking about in a negative manner, but a positive one.
    Start watching your step. Like you should have taken a look at this picture of you before you let them post it.

  11. Paula says:

    KENYA – Keep your head up, stay focused on your mission. You made a huge mistake asking jealous Tami for advice. Because Tami is extremely jealous, hateful, angry, selfish, unhappy, and miserable. You should keep Tami & Evelyn on a business level only. Because they are not in support of your success.

    Kenya, you have a great voice, just work on improving your dance routine and presentation.

    Never let anybody disrespect you or physically attack you.

  12. Ilana says:

    Kenya — Tami and her wack cousin both are not professionals. Because professional business people do not treat their clients and non-clients with such disrespect and rudeness.

    Keep them at a distance, and always defend yourself. You come across as being afraid and confused. You can change by working on your interpersonal, interaction, and people skills.

  13. Sarhadia Luxeus says:

    kenya fix your dress

  14. Kenny says:

    People all over the globe have experienced some type of hurt. What is important is how we react to the hurt. Heartbreaks and relationship failures will happen, if we cannot handle the bad and hurtful experience in a civil manner, we must seek professional help. It is not everybody fault that you are hurt, it is not the entire world fault that you were hurt. I love my children, I love my family members, and I love my friends. I thank God that they are not evil like Tami is & Evelyn. If my children, my family members, and my friends would behave themselves like untamed animals, I would be extremely depressed, let down, sadden, and disappointed.

  15. Ruthie & Faye says:

    SHAUNIE, VH1, PRODUCERS – We are not wishing for a told-you-so moment. We are not in anyway a fan of Tami or Evelyn’s, we do not know anybody personally, and that is a fan of those two. However, we do not want to see or hear of any tragedy happening to them or any of the cast members on the show. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to hear the viewers request to stop the violence. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to take viewers concerns very seriously, because life is very precious. We should all try to help protect one another from getting in harms ways. Money, fame, and fortune can never replace a life. Men and women that are not on TV are jailed everyday for abuse and assaults, why is it okay for VH1 to have this type of criminal behavior on their shows? VH1 safeguard your cast members from harming themselves and from harming anybody else.

  16. KeeKee - Season 4 Reunion says:

    VH1 Producers & Shaunie — why would anybody with a sound mind, want to be in the audience during the taping of Season 4 Reunion? #1 the show is very disgraceful, distasteful, and unhealthy for the viewers and the cast members. #2 VH1 Producers & Shaunie do not protect the people in the audience from verbal attacks and threats from Tami & Evelyn, whenever they ask questions. #3 VH1 Producers & Shaunie should demand that the cast members respect your audience at all times. #4 the cast members are working for VH1, they are paid by VH1, and therefore as any employer that you work for, you represent that employer at all times. To be perfectly honest, I would not let my puppies nowhere near Tami & Evelyn; in fact, I would rather be in the audience at a dog show. The dog shows are more civilized, peaceful, and the dogs are classy and intelligent. Which I cannot say that about Tami & Evelyn.

  17. Mary says:

    VH1, Producers, Shaunie — When will you wake up and put an end to the violence on the show? Are you going to wait until someone is terribly hurt, before addressing the violence that is taking place on the show? Are you more interested in making money and the show ratings and less interested in the safety of your cast mates? Are you afraid to reprimand Tami & Evelyn for their unlawful behavior? Do you drug test your cast mates? Do you conduct background checks before hiring cast mates? Are you more interested in Basketball Wives that are suffering from psychological and anger management problems? Is having a criminal background, psychological problem, and anger problem your top hiring requirements?

  18. SheeShee1 says:

    I think that you really should distance yourself from the rest of the other rats on the show. They have no class. Grown women who act like that in public and on national T.V. After a certian age you just don’t have the time to care about the he say/she say and drama. and these chickens are out of control. In the real world Evelyn would have been capped out by now. Where I come from we don’t do a lot of talking. and they be jaw jackng. They are jealous of your class, and they think that they can intimidate you because you know how to hold your composure. Keep you head up boo.

  19. advice says:

    Kenya I like u but if u had put some bottoms on this would been the cutest pic. Tami & Evelyn, Really. Shaunie, Really. You didn’t get enough $ from your divorce that u will sell a not true image of woman of color. We have for the 1st time ever a woman of color for our FIRST LADY. The media has accused her of being a angry black woman thanks to you and your cast this is how they see US. Even through Michelle Obama has never done anything to get this title just carry a look of a serious black woman. You and your cast has the nerves to show White America that no matter how much money, success or achievement some of you still just another ignorant person. Stand for something Shaunie and stop falling for anything. You are a mother and if you would let your employees act like will animals I just imagine how you probably let your kids go out and bully other kids. Shaq u better get full custody of these kids cause Shaunie is going to have the kids thinking that it’s ok to beat everybody and anybody and it ok to start fights in restaurant.

  20. Harry - Words of Encouragement says:

    I feel like sharing a word of encouragement for all of our sisters, and brothers across the world. In our lifetime, we will all experience some type of heartbreak, failure, disappointment, trauma, grief, anger, confusion, emotional illness, physical illness, mental illness. Depression, letdowns, rejection, of the hurt, angry, abuse, misuse, bullying, hate, hurt, criticism, losses, aches and pain. This is a part of life, everybody handle these types of life issues differently. This is okay, but it is important for us to take the time to acknowledge and accept what has happened to us. Next, work hard to put ourselves back together again. Many times, we cannot do it alone. All of my help comes from my Creator. Because there is not a man or woman on earth that can love us, help us, heal us, guide us, and be true to us like our Creator. So I encourage Tami & Evelyn to seek professional help and spiritual help from our Creator. Our Creator loves all of his children, and he wants us to love one another.

  21. Instigator says:

    Shaunie, YOU ARE AN INSTIGATOR period. You like sending them to trips so they can brawl. You like setting up face to face meetings, knowing they’re gonna end up fighting. And you do accomplish it all the time for the sake of high ratings. I remember Season 2 when you told Evelyn to tell Tami her secret. And you want it NOW. That was the FINAL episode. You hit the jackpot again for a good big bang ending of the show. It was soooo calculated on your part. You are NOT CLEAN woman.

  22. Encouragement says:

    @Harry – Words of Encouragement — Thank you forthe inspiring and encouraging words. Prayer is the only answer. VH1, Producers, Shaunie and every cast member please listen because prayer change any situation. You need prayer, I need prayer, and the world need prayer. Life is too precious for us to be hating one another for the love of money, fame, and fortune.

  23. STOP THE VIOLENCE. says:

    Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer are very attractive, talented, and gifted. Ladies, please do not let anything or anybody knock you off track. Stay real, true to yourself, true to others, and maintain your self-respect and it will bring you a bright and successful future. Tami , I thought I was looking at Hercules jumping between Evelyn & Kenya fight. I did not realize how masculine Tami really is. I can understand why she is so jealous and hateful to the other sexy female cast members. Evelyn & Tami STOP THE VIOLENCE.

  24. mederma says:

    i knew that i liked kenya. some people think if you don’t knock someone out the minute that they say something crazy to you that you are afraid. not true at all; sometimes you have to stay cool and chose your moves wisely because all it takes is one good hit to lay someone out.

  25. For the Underdog says:

    Kenya, I like your style and sorry that you have bee so mistreated. The show seems to want to feature the drama queens which is truly sad. Unfortunately it fits into the stereotype of the black, angry and violent Black and Hispanic woman. For such “successful” women they sure behave like catty and miserable teenagers.

    I agree with another post about the level of unprofessionalism on the part of Tami and her cousin. Their total lack of respect for you was on full display from the beginning. Who would want to do business with them? Their behavior is more a spotlight on them, rather than you. They only achieved in putting themselves down as no one likes an ungracious person. Also I noticed Tami began her entry with less than a couture style. She has since upped her game to fit into the cast look so why is she rounding on you? How quickly we forget. Some people can not handle the camera and the tenuous success they are looking for. But you stay sober and continue to work hard. You are an inspiration to other women whose dreams were delayed but not forgotten. Go for it sister!

  26. Classy says:

    Good for you Kenya, all you have to do is bounce back and get your contract renewed for the next season… So far you have become the unexpected star… And we all have opinion about you, and GIRL you can sing, work what your moma gave you!

  27. Jen says:

    GIrl please! GIVE IT UP! The video and song are a mess period! You are NOT a pop star and really need to focus on something else. There is no sex appeal or nothing with you at all….please save yourself from further embarrassment.

    You can’t dance and your whole style is WACK! No wonder your husband left your crazy self!

  28. CeeLeigh says:

    I think Kenya is the ONLY one who would give Ev or Tami a run for their money….I think she could drop the cut ass on them that they both deserve especially Evelyn.

  29. La'Qual says:

    Kenya has been totally honest? She’s been the opposite. At one time, you see her for someone, then later, against them, i.e Kesha. Kenya, it takes balls for you to look a fool on TV (your videos), but I commend you for doing what I’m too afraid to do. You did dig those holes for yourself with these women. You weren’t 100% and genuine. You were so busy trying to ‘fit in’ that you forgot to be yourself. Unless being yourself means being fickle. You need to choose a personality and stick to that one.. Cause you come off as bipolar to me. IJS

  30. niecey poo says:

    kenya i like your attitude continue that way your the reason for the great raitings this season, roll with jen,drop tammie and the confused mixed up black and white chic, i dont even no her name thats just how non important she is on the show find another investor, and yes evelyn is a loose hoe, thats why shes never been wifed, and never been off springed, love you girl

  31. margo says:

    Kenya-You don’t belong on this show-You should run for your life!!!! Please don’t fall into the trap. You don’t need their validation for anything so please stop asking the devils. Believe in your self-No one has the right to tell you what you can and can not do. You can dance and sing and I don’t care if you are 99 years old. Don’t Stop the Lord never looks at age he recognizes tenacity, strong will, action and a good heart. Don’t allow them to keep dogging you. None of them have hit records I don’t care if Royce and Keisha trained Michael Jackson. It is called self-belief. Keep your dream alive.

    Get off the show and run for your Life!

  32. mommi says:

    Re: La’Qual, actually Kesha was the first one to start putting Kenya down, example, her video. If Kesha felt she was tooo good and tooo professional to help a sister out, she could have backed out in a nice way, not basically tell her that her vid was bargain basement. I just saw two versions of her video “Choices” and I think it is cool and has a hot beat, and without keeesha. Next after Kesha kissed everyone’s butts, claiming that she just doesn’t fight or behave in certain manners, she didn’t have any problem with trying to throw Kenya under the bus, and instigate a fight. So Kenya in return tried to bus her up (thats bad I know, the show just brings it out, lol).

  33. yevon says:

    kenya why week after week after week u look like a DRAG QUEEN. take that damn eye makeup off or try out for RUPAULS DRAG RACE