Renee Graziano Appears On The View Today To Talk About Junior And Her Plastic Surgery Nightmare


Renee Graziano appeared on The View this morning to talk to Barbara Walters about all the drama in her life, like her surgery gone wrong and most recently, the saga with Junior. When she was asked if she could ever forgive Junior for cooperating with the government, she said “I forgive him for me, not for anything he’s done to my son or my father because if I couldn’t let go, then I’d never move on as a person.” Barbara is never one to shy away from the tough questions, so she got real for a second and asked Renee what’s the worst thing she’s dealt with this year. Watch the clip above for her response.

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  1. violet says:

    I feel so bad for you Renee, but I know that you and your son will be fine with time. You have friends, but to me your enemy is Carla! Watch your back with her – never trust her – she is a rotten person for what she said. Watch the episode and you will see the truth. DO NOT trust Drita either. Big Ang never really defends you when those two talk so to me the only real friend is Karen. Good luck – stay strong and I know you and your son will be fine.

  2. Tess says:

    Violet is WRONG! Karen & ramona are ridin piggyback on you Renee! Drita is a true friend~Carla is upset with your allowance of these 2 bouthanas manipulatin your mind as they tried to blame the others for. And Ang is worried and has been worried bout you for awhile now. Why do you think she took you out to have fun with the Queens? Drita was right there at your house, knowin you were mad at her. For no reason other than ramonas lies. ramona swore on her kids she said nothin bout junior marryin you to get into your family but you know in your soul she DID say it. You trust the wrong ppl Renee. junior proved that. Continue to be the strong woman you are but plz open your eyes to see your true friends more clearly. Visit the mobile site to see how many ppl are in your corner. All the best to you and AJ

  3. Tess says:

    And by the way, Karen was the first to disrespect your situation by sayin you didnt have to be a brain surgeon to figure out what jr was up to!! She said it to ramona long before Carla said anythin. And if you do watch the tapings, you pay attention to the looks the bouthanas give you constantly..rollin their eyes and looks of disdain. Glad you and Drita made up!

  4. Rhonda says:


  5. I never have experienced the internal need to send someone a message. Is there any kind of website I can send Renee a message that is not open to the world? My hearts breaks for her. And I want to tell her a couple of personal things involving Feds and their manipulative, ridiculous behavior. Attacking the children during arrest. It is unbelievable. The words that were spoken to my friends when their fathers were arrested. They laughed in the face of the children. Horrific. The trials were horrific. They were harassing the teenage and adult children as they walked into the courtroom on a daily basis. It is shocking. Blood samples drawn from a dead man’s body who had passed via cancer. She has a right to be incensed. I support Renee. I do not support crime. There is a big difference.

  6. Amy Levi says:

    I think you look wonderful! I wish you and AJ all the best. Truly.

    Lots of love!!
    Amy :)