Chatting With Corri McFadden About House Of Consignment Episode 5


Each week during the season on House of Consignment, we’ll be talking to eDrop-Off owner and woman whose wardrobe we covet, Corri McFadden, about her take on every episode. This week was Corri’s big trip to New York Fashion Week.

You said this was your first time at New York Fashion Week, right?

It was, and then I went back for fall, so I’ve been twice. It was insane. It was so much fun. It also happened to be the tenth anniversary of 9/11, so being in New York for fashion week and filming a reality show on the tenth anniversary, holy cow, I have never had a weekend like that, it was so hectic.

What made you choose Bridget to come with you to New York? Nicole seemed a little sad not to be chosen.

I chose Bridget because she’s been my longest employee, she’s been with me three years, and she’s extremely loyal. I felt that she was due this trip, she earned it. She also heads our closet clean division. When I was in New York most recently, she was in New York with me for the day and she cleaned seven closets in seven hours, so she’s a hustler. I felt like her loyalty should be rewarded. I think Nicole was upset, I think that showed, but you know, it didn’t matter to me, I felt Bridget was due that trip. I felt it was better suited with Nicole in the office because it left me with some sense of ease, knowing it was being maintained.

Do you think she did a good job running the office while you were gone? She was pretty strict and really wanted to show that she was running a tight ship.

Um, yes, but I think the whole team did a good job. In episode four if you remember when she was reprimanding Daniel, I wasn’t even there for that, I was in L.A., and that was never discussed with me. She was definitely too hard on him then and she overstepped her boundaries there. When we reprimand someone, we always do something like that with another manager in the office, we never do that by ourself, and that was never discussed with me. When they cut to me laughing in that moment, I wasn’t laughing at her, I was laughing because I was so frustrated with the situation that she made him cry on camera. He’s an eTern! He’s working for free! He’s here to learn. So the way he spoke to him on the floor in front of people bothered me.

You did a closet clean for Ashley this week, do you get a lot of clients who are in the fashion business?

We do. A lot of our clients are people for whom personal appearance matters, designers, PR, marketing, so we do have very fashion-conscious clients. Did you catch that Ashley was also on Styled By June?

I did! Her store carries Mischa Barton’s handbag line!

Yes! Ashley was in that episode, you have to look for her.

Do you like working with someone in fashion like her or do you think those types of people are harder because they’re more attached to what they own?

Good question…It can be a more difficult closet to work with if someone lives and breathes it, they do have more of an attachment and Ashley had a hard time letting go. But to her credit, since we did that initial closet clean, she has done several more with us. I think after she got her check, it really resonated with her.

That black leather jacket from her closet that’s up for auction this week is so cool.

It’s a great piece!

I love seeing what the Item of the Week pieces are going for in real time.

Holy crap, Betsey’s Chanel bag went for $3,000! We said it would go for $1,500, it’s a classic shopper, we sell a lot of them, but people looooved Betsey.

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