Jennifer Graziano Says She “Should Have Known” Something Was Up With Junior During Mob Wives Filming


Mob Wives executive producer Jennifer Graziano was placed in a very delicate situation this year when she learned that her brother-in-law, Junior Pagan. who accepted a larger role on the show this season, turned out to be an FBI informant. Graziano says she should have realized something was up sooner because when she told him that being a regular cast member would “ruin him on the street,” his response was “I don’t care about that anymore. I want to be in it.”

Graziano tells the New York Post today that after she learned of Pagan’s involvement, she had the option to halt filming but she and Renee both chose not to. “VH1 called me right away and asked me if I wanted to shut it down,” she says. “I told them, ‘No, keep going.’ I would never shut down.” She does admit that because of the huge feeling of betrayal everyone in the family carries, she doesn’t like to talk about Junior, but she concludes by saying “He used to tell me that he was my brother. And, it turns out, he didn’t care about me — and he sure didn’t care about Renee.”

To read the full story, check out the New York Post. Mob Wives airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. dd says:


  2. Dawn Marie says:

    All I have to say is wow!… Look who the rat bring in! LOL!!!!!

  3. nalin m says:

    its unfortunate to find out that sometimes the ones we love and who claim to care for us are the only ones that can hurt us. Its uncertain why jr. did that in the first place or why he even involved himself with renee if this is what he was going to do in the end. he does have a son with her whoes going to be affected by all this but there it is,theres your answer,he dont even care how this affects his own son,i’d say thats one twisted,selfish person. he’s a coward.

  4. brisie williams says:

    I was surprised that Junior was playing everybody, I thought that he was only playing Renee. he is a dirty ,low down scondral, and that is the facts.

  5. I fully agree, it was the right thing to do to expose him on the show. It’s not Renee’s fault he did this & I hope he gets owned in prison, as he should be (if he even has to go now). Most of all, I feel sorry for his son.

  6. crystal propp says:

    renee just needs to let junior go regardless that he is the father of her son. he is doing nothing but causing renee to shut down and have more depression that she already has. yea he is the father of her son but look what he is doing to her family

  7. RACHEL says:

    i feel so bad for renee what a rat bastard junior is my heart goes out to her and her son

  8. Linda Carter says:

    I am so glad you did go through with the show. My heart goes out to Renee as she will never really get over this. She is a strong woman and has a great son. Her friends will also be there for her. I wish I lived closer so I could come over and just let her vent. My prayers are with her and the family as I know it will be tough on everyone.

  9. fred marks says:

    very shocking . the rest of the season should be vrey interesting !!!

  10. Maria P Flores says:

    You should have seen it during filming. OBVIOUS MOMENT – When Renee and Junior went to Ramona’s Halloween Party … There’s a guy who approached Junior and said “Yeah, you know my friend. He’s a cop.” … Almost instantly Junior told Renee he wanted to leave and Renee even commented and said she could tell something was seriously wrong. Who’s Ramona’s friend?

  11. Thats what happens says:

    Ummm. look you commit a crime u go to jail, sucks juniors a snitch, but pops shouldn’t have been doin what he was doin n if he wasnt wouldnt be nothin to snitch on. Who knows what those people did…Junior’s snitch a** might have saved someones life. noone like snitches, but sometimes some people are thankful that someone has to pay

  12. regina smith says:

    it’s a bad thing what junior is putting his family thru.betraying the one person who loves him whole heartidly.renee,hang in there so sorry to see you and a.j. go thru this.especially your dad.just remember,what goes round,comes around.don’t wish nothing bad for junior,just what a cheese eating rat deserves and no less.

  13. regina smith says:

    I love the show and hope it continues on.

  14. I think maybe Jr. did this thinking in some warp way ..That her father got him into this style of life ,so if he was going down he was going down with him..Not knowing any other way to make money for which their all a custom to…of Knowing the man never gave up the life and still was putting Jr. into things maybe in that life style not wanting to be in..Ans as knowing many things couldn’t say NO..With Renee I do feel for her thou…I thinking Jr. really was telling the truth about how he felt about her but was now in to deep and this was the only way to give up the life …Because really now that life style is over ..It is not the 20′s threw the 60′s anymore…And if you go down for drugs or other things it is not “the life” it is just plan being a criminal…And maybe just maybe he didn’t want to be an criminal anymore so he took his out…..Maybe !!!!

  15. TooWiseToFall4That says:

    Yes dear, you should have known, it’s not like he was a saint or anything close to it! Look at the lifestyle you all live, I’m surprised your not all stabbing eachother in the back more frequently. As for Renee, you need some real help honey before you go postal on someone like me cuz I/we will always tell you the truth :o)

  16. Brian Denniston says:

    Junior is absolutely gorgeous. He should be the next People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive !!

    As for Renee, don’t kid yourself. She is sticking right by side side. She has already said, “Well, at least for the next 7 years, he can’t cheat on me!”

    All Junior has to do is call Renee from jail and say he needs a pack of cigarettes, and we will be watching the road trip !!!!

  17. Melissa says:

    You know what they say about karma…junior will get some in the future. I am sincerely sorry for Renee and AJ, my heart goes out to them and their’s.

  18. lizz says:

    you girls hang in there, especially renee, never trust a man, you never know what there up too!

  19. Brooklyn says:

    Question the story about Jr. came out after 2012 how come show is telling everyone it happen in Nov.

  20. Lord Renee, to you and your WHOLE family girl, I am so sorry. I know the pain and the hurt that this must be keeping you in, But lest not be troubled, for there is a GOD, and he will get you and yours threw this!!!! For this I know. May you be blessed and comforted in this matter, as always a true diehard fan……..

  21. Can anyone please tell me when Renee Graziano went to pray in front of the Pieta Statue (Modona and Jesus) where is this statue located? What Church or Place????. I know she prayed in front of it after she found out that Junior betrayed her father to the Feds. This was shown on the April 1,2012 show of Mob Wives. Can someone please email the location of the Statue. I know it shows her outside a chapel of the Abba House of Saint Vincent the Paul on Staten Island but the statue in that outside chapel is all white. The one she prayed to shows the Modona wearing a blue shoal and the statue is in color. Thank you for your help!!!!!

  22. I am so glad they decided to keep filming. This has been absolutely fascinating and I’ve been blogging about this show on my website.

  23. cheryl ann harrop says:

    first and formost, im truly verry sorry for what renee,you and youre entire family are going thru,god watch over all of you and may he bless all of you. i live in rhode island and im alsdo connected thru family, i to know the pain but nothing ever compared to you all, god bless all of you in the show im addicted to youre show,thanx for being straight and truthful,sdincerly cherylann harrop

  24. Lakina says:

    My best hopes and condolences to renee, her family, father, and son..Stay strong!!I love ur show..even with out the drama and unhappiness..

  25. tammy says:

    i luv u renee u r the best thing that never happened keep ur head up ur awesome

  26. ed mo says:

    when you take an oath you take an oath! in the criminal world, your marriage, or even in law enforcement. when you brake that oath, you are never looked at the same again. an oath is an oath.

  27. Nubianqueen26 says:

    It is very sad, it make you question everything about Juinor. I never loved Renee, or their son. He is just a snake, but you could tell by the way he treated Renee that he did not love her. The lack of affection. The lack of time he spent with AJ, and it is not like he had a JOB.

  28. bellasmom007 says:

    At the end of the day Renee and her son carry the most burdens of all. As for AJ, father, grandfather, and now mom is falling apart. who does he show loyalty to? His dad or grandpa? Then there’s renee, her husband (ex), her father. And the fact that in her lifestyle, a snitch is a bad, bad thing.

    Everyone has to remember that for Renee and her family, the mob is her “normal”. All of this drama is in actuality her normal. But remember that her father and Jr chose this lifestyle, the women and children didn’t. Renee just perpetuated the lifestyle instead of changing her life and getting with someone who wasn’t in the life. She could have. But lets face it, in the beginning and when they were young, it’s all smoke and mirrors and everything looks just fantastic.

    the cars, money, everything that goes with the life. Then all of a sudden, reality hits and it’s not so much fun anymore.

    But who really suffers? It’s the wives and the kids. They are left to answer questions, support a family, take the heat for a lot of things they had nothing to do with in the first place. All the while their significant others sit in a jail cell reading.

    I hope Renee stays strong. Also this would be a great tv series of her life. Better than the sopranos!

  29. Louise Pollard says:

    I LOVE MobWives. I watch the episodes over and over. Great job!

  30. got a friend in Western Pa. Love ya girl, keep your head up. Although I’ve never dealt with someone I’m close to being a “rat”, I do know what it’s like to be in love with a hot headed Italian..There is light at the end of the tunnel