Basketball Wives – Episode 9 – Let The Mind Games Begin


Mind games and b-tch slaps. That’s what this episode was all about.

The conversation between Tami and her mother, Nadine, continues this week, and it’s chock full of revelations. Tami and Nadine never outwardly showed much affection toward each other, and Tami admitted last week that a lot of her anger comes from having been raped, so she’s never really figured out how to process emotions or show affection. Tami also revealed that she’s been going to therapy to work on all of this, but her mother tells her she too was molested and has also been going through therapy as well. This is some heavy duty stuff to deal with, but in a way, it explains everything about Tami, her past, and her reactions to the situations she’s in.

Finally we meet Royce‘s boyfriend, Dezmon Briscoe, who plays football for Tampa Bay. Though we’ve seen Royce date before, this is it, she declares. “This is my man, this is my heart, this is my boo,” she says. Dez has just come off of meeting Royce’s father, and fortunately they liked each other, which hopefully means Royce’s drama with her dad has blown over a little bit. Royce wants to know what their future holds, and Dezmon tells her “We’re deeply in love,” and she makes him repeat it a couple more times, and her smile could not be bigger.

They are adorable, basically. Later, he sets up a surprise date and tells her “I can honestly sit here and tell you I can see you being my wife, for the rest of my life.” “You’d like that?” Royce asks. “No. I’d love it,” he replies. THESE TWO! Come ON. Later, Royce has a surprise of her own when she excuses herself and returns to the table in nothing but a robe and lingerie. Whoa.

“I knew he was surprised because he stopped eating,” she says. “And that boy can eat. EVERYTHING. WELL.” Does that mean what I think it means? ROYCE!
“Overall, the date was nice and the night ended…with dessert.”


Shaunie is back in town, so Tami fills her in on what she’s been missing, like Kenya’s video screening that everyone attended last week. In short, Tami explains Kenya like so:

Shaunie is here to attend this racetrack event that Suzie has put together where all the ladies are invited. Whatever good will and positive juju Suzie accumulated last week after getting Jennifer and Royce together, methinks it’s all going to disappear when Jen and Evelyn attend the same event and hell breaks loose.

Evelyn and her friend/assistant Nia get together to discuss Jennifer because Nia is hurt that her own friendship with Jennifer has basically evaporated. When everyone was pals, Jen would sleep at Nia’s house and they were all tight, but Evelyn accuses Jen now of walking around with camera crews and treating them like strangers now and being over-the-top bougie. More than anything, she says it’s hurtful that Jennifer would treat Nia this way when she doesn’t have the problem with her. Jennifer also allegedly still has Nia’s house keys and Nia wants them back.

Evelyn has big news this week, she’s decided to close her store. And just when Tami learned not to call it Dolce, too. (j/k!) She breaks the news to her employee Noe, who totally understands, but mentally prepares to fill out his unemployment forms while telling himself not to look at Ev’s million dollar engagement ring.

Not a ton of people are in the market for thousand dollar shoes these days, so Evelyn is taking her business to online-only.

Jennifer has invited the ladies to a private screening of Think Like A Man, which stars her friend Terrence J.

The film’s tagline is “Let the mind games begin,” and Jen thinks that’s an appropriate tagline to pretty much everything happening in their lives right now. Watching them watch the film and comment on it was basically just like watching a focus group, except that we got to hear Suzie’s take on the 90-day sex rule, where she explained “I think the whole 90-day, 180-day rule is bulls— because if you can actually wait that long and hold out, and not be tempted to f— the guy, you shouldn’t be with him because the sexual chemistry sucks!”

Later, Jennifer gets together with her bestie, Al Reynolds, who wears his sunglasses as night (and indoors), and wants to know what’s up with her and Evelyn. “Why y’all beefin’?” he asks.

Jennifer explains that she knows the issue runs deeper than just a blog that her publicist wrote, but that she’s irked that Evelyn wants to resolve things with a fight. “I think a healthy scrap never hurt nobody,” Al says, obviously not understanding the definition of the word “fight.” But Jen is not interested in getting physical, her mantra being “I won’t slap you, but I will slap you with a lawsuit.”

And now for the day at the races.

This is an awful lot like last year’s polo even when Tami and Meeka had it out. Suzie, Kesha, and Jen arrived together, and while they’re over here having fun and getting their picture taken with jockeys,

in walks Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, and Nia.

As soon as they all gather in the presidential suite, there’s an uncomfortable silence that stifles the room. Evelyn is staring daggers into Jen’s heart, and Nia has about three dozen things she wants to get off her chest to Jennifer too. And actually, Shaunie and Tami have things they’d like to say to Jen as well about a letter from Jennifer’s lawyer that they all received stating that there would be lawsuits if anyone tries to harm her. No one understands it, so Tami brings it up, and Jen brushes it off like nothing. And then Shaunie brings up the fact that Jen’s been acting weird and estranged from the group, and again, Jen brushes it off. And then Nia asks “Then what’s your issue with me, because we used to be tight?”

Jennifer tries to brush this off too, telling us “You work for Evelyn, why are you even talking?” but Nia won’t relent. This girl realllly wants her keys back. “Why don’t you show the world who you really are?” she asks Jennifer, who just keeps working on that salad.

“You need to wake up,” Nia says, continuing “What, do you need to be smacked in your f—ing face to wake up?” Jennifer goads her into actually following through by replying “Yeah, I wish you would.” Careful what you wish for.

(You have to love Tami for refereeing all the fights she’s not involved in this season.)

“Someone needs to put a number on this b—h and let her go race around the track, because she’s acting like an animal,” Jennifer says. And that’s when Evelyn just can’t take it anymore and leaps into the situation.

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