La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 5 – Countdown On La La’s Lady Clock


It’s time for La La to head to the gynecologist for her yearly check-up. La’s doctor informs her that it’s been 5 years since she got her IUD, which means it time for her to consider getting a new one or start using a different method of birth control instead. La La’s doctor asks if she is prepared to have another child, but with La’s hectic schedule she’s not sure she’s ready yet. Unfortunately, her doctor also reminds her that as women get older it becomes more difficult to conceive, so with that La La realizes, “time is ticking and I need to make a decision.”

La La exits with a clean bill of health, but is now tasked with having to talk to Melo about their next steps as a family. Kiyan wants a sibling and she wants to give him one, but also feels like things are going really well in her career.

La La is left feeling sad and torn, “there is a part of me that wants to have another kid, there’s a part of me that doesn’t.” Po tries to comfort La by reminding her that she has a great career and a beautiful family. After her heartfelt, supportive words, Po offers to hug it out with La…but La decides to honk Po’s boob instead!

La La’s best friend, her mother, comes to visit. La tells her mom that her IUD is up and needs to make a decision. La La’s mom thinks Kiyan needs a sibling and that La should sit down and talk to Melo and make a decision. Then La’s close friend, Kelly arrives and agrees with her mom and says Kiyan must be so lonely without a sibling! Despite all this, La La still feels she wants to stay focused on her career, but she worries that that might be too selfish.

Later Po and Dice come by to see if La La has talked to Mel about the baby issue yet, but she admits she’s avoided having the talk. Po and Dice gently scold La and push her to talk to him, but La La feels like she needs more time! La La then kicks Po and Dice out.

La gets more outside advice when Kiyan has a play date with Christina Milian’s daughter. La appreciates Christina’s advice who tells her just to, “do what makes you happy” and right now she’s focused on work and being a great mom to the kid that she has (which we saw last week!).

La La decides today is the perfect day to talk to Melo. La approaches Mel, but then asks the cameras to give them privacy…

After a long talk they both agree that they love their family the way it is and want to give all their love to Kiyan right now and they’re okay with that! Phew. We’re just glad that they’re on the same page and that La can continue focusing on her career while being an awesome mother to Kiyan.

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