Styled By June Episode 5: Da Brat Is A PYT


June has one of the bigger challenges this week when Da Brat shows up for her makeover. Brat was released from prison, she’s been working on new music, and has gained some weight since we last saw her, but her look will always be PYT:

Da Brat admits that she’s menswear and baggy clothes on the outside, but she’s La Perla lingerie on the inside, and June threatens that soon enough, she’s going to strip her down to her undies to see the proof. June’s first step in this process is to bring out that femininity that’s hiding under jorts and XL tee shirts.

She wants to show people she’s “the best of both girls,” but June tells her the honest truth.

It’s time to coax out that softer side, but Da Brat has a hard time navigating life in high heels, so that’s challenge number one.

Back at the office, Rachel has been tasked with picking out the accessories. She has a few hits, and a few misses.

The next step in the process is making Da Brat red carpet ready and “de-throning the do-rag.”

Da Brat’s look has always been her signature braids, and when June proposes she put a wig on it, Brat rebels.

Ultimately she gives in to the power of the wig though, and comes out looking lovely.

But once we clear one hurdle, another pops up and this time, she’s not really into the styles June and Co. are choosing for her. After cramming into some Spanx, she feels like a “Polish sausage,” and then she rejects the lace top June has chosen, so June puts her in a kilt with a leather jacket. (Click the images below to see some close-up shots of her outfit.)

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Putting Da Brat in a kilt could have gone horribly wrong, but she works it.

The final phase of June’s plan is a fantasy photoshoot.

Who’s fantasy this is, I do not know. The first look in this shoot is “porn star babydoll.”

The second look is more sleek and high fashion.

And finally, look number three turns her into a queen.

It’s been a journey, and she’s still not 100% comfortable in her new skin, but after all is said and done, Da Brat bids us farewell, saying

“She truly is a pretty young thug,” June says. “There are layers to her we’ve never seen before.”

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