Tami Roman Hits The Cover Of Everything Girls Love


Tami Roman is on the cover of Yandy Smith‘s online magazine Everything Girls Love this week, and she looks amazing in her photo spread, don’t you agree?

In the interview, Tami talks about getting her start on The Real World, her acting career, and how her Basketball Wives fame has opened professional doors for her with her acting and producing career, which have blown up. Check out Everything Girls Love for the full interview.
[Photos: Everything Girls Love]

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  1. Deloris says:

    Unfortunately, purchased external beauty will never have the ability to cover up lack of self-respect, and lack of respect for others.

  2. Nichea says:

    DELORIS you left out lack of self esteem!!!!!!! real, confident, women don’t act the way she does. Real women dont feel the need to put down and try to belittle other woman. Thats whats wrong with sisters now.
    KENYA, it seems that with every season someone will have to be the stoolpigeon for these insecure females. Actually it wasn’t bad for an amateur video. professionals have the almighty dollar to make their video’s look like they paid the almighty dollar. you actually have a pretty good voice kenya you just would benefit from having THE REAL PROFESSIONALS BEHIND YOU. NONE OF THEM ARE BEYONCE’S AND THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS SO YOU SET YOURSELF UP TO BE CLOWNED BY THEM.
    TAMMI, how the hell could she. how could bringing her own mom on national television to humiliate her about a situation that she chose to hold back from her all of these years and she felt as though national television was the best way to disclose this painful and very personal information to her mom and exactly what are we suppose to be taking from all of this ” i was violated” information?. when victims disclose their pain it’s for two reasons 1. closure and 2. it’s an attempt to help another victim.

  3. Erica says:

    I just have to say… it is so messed up how you guys keep setting jennifer up for a fight. who do ya’ll think ya’ll are fooling acting like ya’ll are not in it, or you stay out of it. yeah right! ya’ll are a bunch of trouble makers, neither one of ya’ll would like to be treated the way you treat her. you are not her friends and i just wish she would please realize that ya’ll are just a bunch of young teenagers want to fight or see a fight… grow up would you!! oh and evelyn is nothing but a punk! all she does is fight women who don’t want to fight her… what does not make you a bad… shes a bull is what she is and in my daughters middle school they talk about people like her.

  4. Daedra M. Gilliard says:

    I really like you, have watched you since the Real World. However, I say this with all due respect. Please leave this show before you turn into one of the wackest women on television. As a another black woman I was embarrased to see us be so disrespectful and hateful to each other over such minute issues that real women don’t even entertain. Shaunie and crew are terrible. She condones it because it gets ratings, but you don’t see her getting her name soiled, but she instigates and perpetuates, and Evelyn is just…Anyway, I was ashamed for you all on the last episode. I felt like I was watching an older version of the Bad Girls Club. What is wrong with you ladies, please advise your friends to grow up, and Tami you’re so much better than that.

  5. Mekia says:

    Tami….All Ican say is….WoW!!!….you really showing out this time. You are suppose to representing the real life of a Basketball player wife. I know that all Basketball wives don’t act like you ladies on the show….ya’ll are ridiculous!!! You, Evelyn, and Shaunie……so sad!!!

  6. Bully says:

    Nice picture, but why do you like to fight all the time? Why do you use profanity all the time. Don’t you have any MORALS ? Same questions to Evelyn

  7. count0781 says:

    Tami looks amazing on the cover of Everything Girls Love!

  8. mederma says:

    the everyday women does not behave the way that you behave, unless they are in a prison yard.

  9. Pamela Thomas says:

    I thought this show was going to represent high class women representing basketball wives and if all wives act like this bullying others its a disgrace. Where is the class at? Everyone acts like a hood rat. What are you teaching your children? Their messed up because the mamma is messed up. Act like ladies, like La La.

  10. Pamela Thomas says:

    Jennifer I am glad you woke up and saw that your friend Evelyn is a no class female, keep your head up and Royce kudo’s to you keep holding it down. To Shawny, Tammi, and Evelyn you are not representing black strong females period. You need to get it together.

  11. Shstarlight says:

    Shaunie, you should be ashamed for these women to behave on your show like they are. You have children, they could be bothered by other children for your show being like this. I had respect for you but not anymore. I had always thought you had class but you if you allow women to behave on your show like that. Does Evelyn have to kill someone for you to see the light? I hope not Shaunie. No money would have me allow women on my show to behave like zoo animals. The show makes all you look terrible, its sad. It hurts me to see my race of women to behave this way and I’m a young lady. I could never disrepect myself and mess up my own reputation. You ladies need to collect yourselves. Its pitiful how this show is, its really pitiful.

  12. olivia says:

    Wow the photos are beautiful, but they looked photo shopped, she is not that small in that black dress. She is a thicker girl and her shape is not a coke bottle. As a black woman, I’m insulted. She is a pretty girl! she needs to learn how to work what she has and stay from under the knife, and didn’t she have a heart attack?

    Ladies, I agree with you, gorgeous girl, but she appears to stir up garbage every where she sits. She already had a mild heart attack, HEART ATTACK! . That’s the evil and the nasty inside of her towards other people. Mild, Serious, Somewhat, A HEART ATTACK is a HEART ATTACK. BOTTOM LINE, she needs to stay under therapy and stop looking for a fight between other people. She came such a long way, I was starting to like her, and now seems as if she instigates every little situation. YUCK Tami. I’m for the underdog now, Jen. I know she’s Boug, but at least she is trying to be civil, what GROWN WOMEN should do. But they got us talkin girls LOLOLO F’n L, that’s what they want hahahahahaha.
    Peace my beautiful Black Women

  13. Gretchen says:

    Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn should be ashamed of themselves. GOD doesn’t like UGLY – They need to do a lot of soul searching – They way they have treated Jennifer is unacceptable. I think Tami is glad Evelyn and Jennifer are no longer friends.
    I am not a fan of Kenya, however the way the entire cast has treated her is ridiculous as well. This show is like HIGH SCHOOL. Sad.

  14. olivia says:

    I agree, that is exactly why you WILL NOT find Koby’s Ex on there! Tooooooo much longggg money and class. hahahaha. She probably laughin at they broke a**. And sayin how could they show this lolol
    Peace n Love my beautiful Black Women and allllll positive women

  15. Just Saying says:

    Ladies you all have a lot to say about Tami attitude and ways. But at this time you are guilty of the same things you accuse her of belittling another female. On the show Tami is clearly working on her actions and behavior. She is seeing a shrink and also addressing the issues that have her to behave the way she does. Yes she might dont have self-esteem or self-respect at this time.But, she’s working on those issues for herself and her daughters. No one giving her credit for changing her ways so she could be a better mother. But have any of yall been sexually abuse or taken advantage of. Until you can walk in this lady shoes. I think you should sit back observe her progress before you be quick to judge. Because I see growth in Tami already because last season if Suzie had pulled that stunt she did at Shaunie dinner, Tami would not had hestitate to snatch her wigg off. Real talk!! And I really doubt that they are hating on Kenya, The Broad is crazy as hell!!!! LOL Btw: Tami Looks hot in this cover story!!!! Cant take that away from her…..KNo Dat!!!!!!

  16. To all that is leaving negative comments to or towards Tami….its funny how ya’ll know so much about the show, why? Cuz ya’ll tune in every monday night to see the show…lol So who the silly one now. Tami do u, all they can do is sit at the computer & talk negative & sit their ass on the couch or bed & keep watching the show! Oh by the way….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMI, wish u many many more. Enjoy ur day!!!!

  17. meagain says:

    wasn’t tammi looking goofey when that monkey with a wig said jenn needed to take out her contacts??, fakes, and phoney’s but tami is sure in that circle now huh, also is it just me or is it when the girls are around jenn its all good but when they get around the monkey with the wig they act like jenn is not their friend. too many faces.

  18. Kimberly says:

    I don’t know what women you are talking about because you represent NOTHING that myself or any of my friends would ever stand for.

    We gravitate towards you to only see what tomfoolery you will be engaged in week after week so we can build the case for VH1 NOT to bring you or this raggedy show back for another season!!! GIRL BYE!!! Sit in all the seats in the stadium!!!! Get your damn life!!!

  19. Kimberly says:

    And for anybody who thinks we are tuning in for entertainment – NOT. If anything, people should be using this show as a teaching lesson. Show it to all your daughters, nieces, and cousins of what NOT to do. This is the essential depiction of BULLYING.
    Anybody that can’t see that is foolish. Who is silly now? A silly individual would try to condone and pump these women up.
    No amount of money should make you get on TV and act like a pure damn clown!! Once its filmed, it can never go away – even when you change your ways, the film is always there. Wonder why we’ve never seen re-runs of “Being Bobby Brown” on any cable network station?? Because Whitney (rest her soul) knew she looked a pure fool and got an injunction to prohibit them from EVER showing it again. NOBODY should put themselves in a position for any amount of coins to look like an idiot for the rest of their lives. Its not worth it – just to entertain the public? Please, we need to go back to scripted TV asap. Reality TV is so far removed from reality its pitiful!!! Ya’ll know good and well both Tami and Evelyn would have been beat down in the ground by now if they were in the streets. So Sad!!!!!

  20. Angela says:

    She still look like a Drag Queen to me, she use to be cute before the weight and Realworld. But now she needs to sit her A**** down and be a mother to her kids. She is violent and loud for no reason, what magazine or online magazine promotes Bully’s. Our society are protesting this type of behavior in schools, why not Basketball Wives, clearly Jen,Royce,Kendra and Kenya are victims of these women bullying them around. Shaunie is the instigator, I hope there is a big fat lawsuit around the corner for these ladies. Yandy I thought much better of you than to condone this type of behavior.

  21. Angela says:

    PLease protest this violent behavior the other night viewers almost witnessed Kenya being brutally attacked by Evelyn with a bottle, had she made contact to Kenya head this girl could have lost her life or worse suffered severe brain damage. I’m a sister in the hood, we don’t play that role unless we are in emenint danger. To attack these women over words is insane, Vh-1 shame on you for allowing this type show, putting these womens lives at risk. I know you will erase this blog like my other in the past, the truth hurts.

  22. Dana says:

    @Just Saying – No we are not giving Tami any credit for anything, because she is not deserving of credit for anything. Tami is an accident waiting to happen. Tami is faulting everybody for her misery. We are not sure if the legal system ordered her to seek anger managment or VH1, due to her attack on Meeka, because Meeka took it to the legal level. Therefore, we believe Tami anger management was ordered, not voluntary. Tami is troubled, disturbed, emotionally destroyed, vicious, rude, hateful, and in self denial. Anger managment will not help Tami, because she is beyond repair. Tami & Evelyn should be locked up in a mental institution for rehab. It is a shame that VH1 and Shaunie are allowing these two violent creatures to run loose on the set.

  23. Jaden says:

    @Angela, I totally agree with you. VH1, Producers, Shaunie & Cast Members – Should stop deleting the viewer’s comments. If you do not want to hear what the viewers feel about the show, you should not have BLOGS. Because, deleting the comments will not help, because viewers are dropping beyond measure and there is already a Petition on Change.gov to shut the show down.

  24. Torey & Rochelle says:

    VH1 – Job Requirement
    VH1, Producers, Shaunie — When will you wake up and put an end to the violence on the show? Are you going to wait until someone is terribly hurt, before addressing the violence that is taking place on the show? Are you more interested in making money and the show ratings and less interested in the safety of your cast mates? Are you afraid to reprimand Tami & Evelyn for their unlawful behavior? Do you drug test your cast mates? Do you conduct background checks before hiring cast mates? Are you more interested in Basketball Wives that are suffering from psychological and anger management problems? Is having a criminal background, psychological problem, and anger problem your top hiring requirements?

  25. KeySheba says:

    Tami – beautry means absolutely zero, when you are siuffering emotionally. Tami can not hide her misery behind purchased beauty. She is suffering from a severe case of self-denial, low-self esteem, psychological/emotional trauma, and she is holding the world responsible for her personal tragedies and failures. Tami is a threat to by any female with beauty, talent, intelligence, motivation, happiness, and have a strong personality. Tami and Evelyn both behave themselves as if they are under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug, alcohol or both.

  26. Hercules says:

    Tami , I thought I was looking at Hercules jumping between Evelyn & Kenya fight. I did not realize how masculine Tami really is. I can understand why she is so jealous and hateful to the other sexy female cast mates.

  27. Faedra says:

    Tami has a beautify mother. She does not appear to have gone under the knife, botoxed, nor under a massive amount of make up. She appears to be naturally beautiful. Maybe this is why I am sure her mother had no idea Tami was going to confront her on National TV about being raped/violated. Tami is so evil, she appears to be jealous of her own beautiful mother. Her mother may not have known that she was violated as she put it. Tami is just a huge human mess. Someone need to catch her before she self destruct.

  28. Harry - Words of Encouragement says:

    I feel like sharing a word of encouragement for all of our sisters, and brothers across the world. In our lifetime, we will all experience some type of heartbreak, failure, disappointment, trauma, grief, anger, confusion, emotional illness, physical illness, mental illness, depression, letdowns, rejection, of the hurt, angry, abuse, misuse, bullying, hate, hurt, disapproval, chastisement, aches and pain. This is a part of life, everybody handle these types of life issues differently. This is okay, but it is important for us to take the time to acknowledge and accept what has happened to us. Next, work hard to put ourselves back together again. Many times, we cannot do it alone. All of my help comes from my Creator. Because there is not a man or woman on earth that can love us, help us, heal us, guide us, and be true to us like our Creator. So I encourage Tami & Evelyn to seek professional help and spiritual help from our Creator. Our Creator loves all of his children, and he wants us to love one another.

  29. Ann & Darrius says:

    @Just Saying_________If anybody takes the viewers comments on this BLOG, as belitting Tami & Evelyn’s criminal behavior, who cares.. Because, we all have a right to feel and think as we may. Reality is reality and if these so call mothers act like bullies, and wild dogs, they will be treated with disrespect by the viewers (plain and simple). I was physically violated, I know several other females that were physically/mentally violated, and there are countless physical violations. However, this does not give us permission to go around physically assaulting innocent people. This is why countless viewers across the globe feel that Tami & Evelyn behavior is wrong, unjustified, unacceptable, evil, vicious, and unlawful.

  30. Jan says:

    @Harry – Words of Encouragement — Thank you for the inspiring and encouraging words. Prayer is the only answer. VH1, Producers, Shaunie and every cast member please listen because prayer can change any situation. You need prayer, I need prayer, and the world need prayer. Life is too precious for us to be hating one another for the love of money, fame, and fortune.

  31. Kenny says:

    I love my children, I love my family members, and I love my friends. I thank God that they are not evil like Tami & Evelyn. If my children, my family members, and my friends would behave themselves like untamed animals, I would be extremely depressed, let down, sadden, and disappointed.
    People all over the globe have experienced some type of hurt. What is important is how we react to the hurt. Heartbreaks and relationship failures will happen, if we cannot handle the bad and hurtful experience in a civil manner, we should seek professional assistance. It is not everybody fault that you are hurt, it is not the entire world fault that you were hurt.

  32. vicky7 says:

    I am glad I do not buy that dumb magazine -who in their right mind wld put someone like her on the cover n full blown hoodrat-really -is this what society has come to -wont purchase n never will after this stupid cover witha known BULLY-

  33. rc says:

    Tami, I used to really like you, but this season you have turned into a bully and acting like crazy Evelyn. This is not an example for your children. Why are you trying to set Jen up, she’s just not a fighter, that doesn’t make her weak, it makes her act like a grown women. Seems you all are jealous of her because she is going on with her life and not dwelling over not being married. Why the hell are you so tight with Evelyn when she slept with your ex while you were married to him and called you a “non-mfn factor”….and for the record she is loose. You all try to pick on someone who yoiu think is weaker or more timid, but you dont mess with Shaunie cause she’s giving out checks. Grow up, get some self esteem, concentrate on being a mother and a strong black women without all the stereotypes.

  34. Sheila says:

    First of all dear, you need to get something straight. “You aren’t representative of the everyday woman”. I am insulted that you would even make that kind of a comment and if you thinks that your behavior is representative of the everyday woman, you are sadly mistaken. What you are is a blind, Shaunie O’Neal has you and Evelyn on TV acting like complete fool, while she cashing checks, Shaunie stirs the pot and steps back and you don’t even see

  35. so sad says:

    Tami—-if you are reading this, please continue to seek professional help!!! have you found that you are always surrounded by violence, crying, insults and total negative vibes……….it could be the common denominator in the situations—you!!!! Jennifer should be giving classes to the rest of y’all!

  36. Andree says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Girl please go somewhere and sit down. The only thing real about you is the all the REAL mess that you cause. You have a lack of respect for pretty much everyone except for Shaunie (your boss) on the show!!! Get your life in order before you start calling yourself a “representative of an everyday woman”. Please! The way you act on the show? The only reason why those woman gravitate towards you because they are afraid of your crazy ass. Fear does not equate to friendship. Please…lol…clown!!!

  37. LaQual says:

    OMG! Tami, I adore you, but you are such a bully You’ll smack them in a second for saying the same things to you that you say to them. You always say don’t put your hand in my face, but you do it to them. I just want you to recognize that about yourself, if you haven’t already. Otherwise, you keep in all the way real. Nothing bougie about you, Suga. I love it. And you’re such a pretty woman. Making moves too! Gone with your bad self!

  38. Regina says:

    Tami, you really need to stop with the bulling. It’s a shame that you ladies act like pure fools….It’s sad to see pretty women, really think that there is no tomorrow. All the cussing and fighting is totally unnecessary. You ladies must really be jealous of Jen…If she don’t want to be your friend any longer, that’s her right. Grow up….and stop acting like low clas little girls. Some of you have children and what sad examples you are!

  39. NUBIAN says:

    Love Tami you do you Girl!!!!

  40. colita says:

    Tami, let me first start with saying I hope you are in good health, and your recovery has gone well. I was shock to hear you had a slight heart attack. Now let’s talk girl. When you first came on the show I really liked you and empathized with you, but lately I don’t agree with your behavior. You express on the show you didn’t want your girls growing up feeling not love because you are not affectionate person. Tell me, what do you think your daughters think of you now. You are 41 years old, and acting like a junior high school bully. I understand you have anger bulit up within you, but let me tell you how to handle that problem. I too suffered from being angry, and it wasn’t because i had suffered what you have. It was a seed that was passed down. Despite that its anger. Anger can destroyed you. It’s good you are seeking help, but your utimate deliverance will come through submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ. Anger is the trick of the enemy and in the long run will rob you of everything you have worked so hard for. Take sometime to actually address the issue, and not use it to make money.

  41. Sarah Sullivan says:

    You are nothing but a MEAN, VIOLENT BULLY and a HORRIBLE EXAMPLE OF A PARENT. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  42. Wanda - The Root Cause of The Violence says:

    Tami please does not ever think for a second that you are more representative of every woman on the show. Because, the only real women on the show are Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer. The only real women on the show with intelligence, beauty, pride, self-love, self-respect and respect for others are Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer. This is why the viewers are suggesting that you stop the excessive use of alcohol, stop sipping on ___, and stop smoking that ___. You can win a crown for being one of the female criminals on the show, along with evil Evelyn. Shaunie there are no words that can accurately describe you, other than you are a poor excuse for a businessperson. You have zero people and leadership skills. You should have never addressed your concerns with Jennifer about the legal letter in front of the entire cast. You planted a negative and destructive seed that immediately caused the fight between Jennifer and that wannabe in the criminal circle Nia. Shaunie you are the root cause of the criminal behavior on the show.


    @Wanda – The Root Cause of The Violence ____ We totally agree with your comments. SHAUNIE, should stop supporting and instigating the violence on the show. She proved to the viewing audience during the last episode, that she is in deed causing the violent attacks and verbal abuse between the cast members on the show. SHAUNIE, do not let greed cause someone on the show to be harmed beyond recovery. This is why we will issue our signature of approval for the PETITION TO SHUT DOWN BBW on CHANGE.GOV.

  44. WaxhawMom says:

    Tami do u remember when Evelyn talked about how bad ur weave and dressing was she said you were busted. A little time and a few checks later ur has improved, ur not as tough as you claim, Evelyn just again made reference to ur weave when trying to diss Kenya when will you see Evelyn is not your Friend

  45. Nichole says:

    Tami, when you had your lipo surgery, I was watching the show. Jen came to visit you, apologized for not knowing about food stamps & showed she wanted to be your friend. Also, when Evelyn make those T-shirts that offended you, you went to Jen crying on her shoulder, and she consoled you. So why are you in conspiricy with Evelyn against Jen? Why are you & Shaunie taking sides. You 2 are such instigators. Egging Evelyn to act a damn fool. Laughing & making her think what she’s doing in cute.Evelyn looks like a damn monkey every week. Throwing bottles & climbing across tables. I ‘m glad no one was hurt, but If she had it somebody with that bottle & her ass would be in jail, then maybe you would all have a good lesson on life & how we treat one another .Please come up with another way to entertain. STOP EMBARASSING BLACK WOMEN.


    Shaunie knock it off. We have a beautiful BLack women in the white house who represents how Black Women want to be viewed as. We have so many intelligent women in the entertainment industry who are also beautiful representing us. From Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keyes, Beyonce, Teraji Henson, Tyra Banks, just to name a few. These are how our sisters want to be represented, women taking care of business & showing we are more than just attacking each other. Shaunie you could have made that show good by showing sisterhood. Look how long sex & the city lasted. They showed friendship & sisterhood. Sure everybody disagrees in real life, but ain’t nobody fist fighting. You can let them have different points of view, but in the end still show sisterly love. You need to stop being so 2faced taking sides. They should all be your girls. We can look at the news & see people beating each other up. The news is not fun to watch & neither is your show anymore. I’m sure you’re saying then son’t watch, well don’t worry I won’t watch anymore. Stop showing previews, that’s how most people are finding out about what happens. I thnk you’ve lost about 50% of your viewers since season 1 anyway. You & the other bullies look like a bunch of wild DOGS…..

  47. ScorpioGirl says:

    Tami you and Evelyn are a mess!!! Evelyn explaining herself on her, Did not convince anyone. Justifying instigating a fight for any reason is so uncool. No one deserves to be slap or no one has the right to put thier hands on anyone regardless of what he or she has said or done. Whenever Evelyn is through lying on this blog, Evelyn has the contract with VH1 and she brought Nia in for the air time, so she apparently set up the whole confrontational meeting between the two. Yes, Jen may have made a possible rude comment that may or may not have been a jab at Nia’s livelyhood, well Kudos to Jen!!!!!! After living through multiple encounters of having Evelyn, and others be rude to her, it is about time she finally got a backbone about herself and said something rude back. Looks like that was her only defense, she has said numerous times, she is not a fighter. Looks like Evelyn has figured out that Jen is not a fighter and is taking advantage of that. Jennifer you are such a sweet lady, but you may have to defend yourself soon. This Season has really began to disappoint me and change my thoughts about watching the show. Evelyn is too out of control and is revealing her unlady like character more and more. She nearly begged Ocho to be faithful to her on live TV. That is pathetic!!!!!! If you have to remind him that he is committed to you and needs to be faithful, then you don’t need him. It is so uncute how all of the ladies follow Evelyn’s cue. They agree with any and everything Evelyn does or says, but claim to be so real (Tami). Tami commented on how unreal it was for Kenya to laugh at Keisha when Tami was disrespecting Keisha, because Kiesha and Kenya were friends at one time. Then Tami turns right around and laughs at the whole Eve and Jen purse issue. Knowing that Jennifer is suppose to be her friend (Tami and Jen are friends)as well. Shaunie is such a business woman and exemplify great leadership skills but on the show she has become such a puppet for Evelyn as well. I thought the show was produced by Shaunie. This may as well be Evelyn’s show. All the women flock to her like wet puppy dogs. I mean there has to be at least one person on the show who knows that deliberately bullying someone who chooses to have a different personality is so distasteful. Royce seems to be the only one who carries her own and does not need to be apart of the circle to establish her own well being. All the ladies are creating so much drama trying to make Jennifer look bad when all it has done is make all of the other ladies look immature. Jennifer is the best. Basketball Wives, the “WIFE” you are trying to take under like an underdog is rising to the top while all of you stay behind looking childish. Jennifer has a great personality. Tami is so disappointing this season. The way she has ran behind backs, gossiped and is so far up Evelyn’s butt is sad. A couple seasons back she was so opposed to Evelyn. I was so happy when Tami finally came on the show, because she seemed like the one person who finally possessed strength. She seemed like the one person who would finally stay true to herself and do what she wanted to do without having to follow Evelyn’s cue, but that has changed quickly. Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami do you have to get ratings with negatively bulleying, or can you not blaze your way to the top with style and class???????? That is what real women do. Shaunie Evelyn has bullied Suzie, Royce, Tami, Kenya, Keisha, Meka, Jen. Guess who is left Shaunie???? Shaunie you are a business woman and mentor don’t allow Evelyn to destroy the show’s image.

  48. Trice says:

    one word BULLY…..SMDH

  49. dee says:

    tami i love you. but dont think eve is the best. dont start the fight between eve and jenn ok bring them back together. by the way ur gals are great and cute. u r too gal.

  50. jay says:

    tami! gal you didnt protect or stop stupid nia from slaping jenn was that intetional it looks like you ambush princess jenn are u guys jealous of her i will because jenn is cute and eve needs to stop da drinking and take care of her gal. shuanie love you. you behave like pure woman keep it up.

  51. tiny007 says:

    Who cares is u, shaunie and evelyn boycott the reunion show. You started the whole fight, shaunie is kaniving and I wish Kenya would kick Evelyn’s A**. If you all got something in the mail about fighting jenn, then why you bring that topic up. If you all boycott the reunion show, me and my friends will boycott you all show next season, and if Jen doesn’t return, we will not watch the show. She’s the best character on the show she’s not fake or phony, like you all of her. Shaunie get off Evelyn’s coat tails, tell her when she’s wrong because you know she’s jealous of her ex-best friend.

  52. carey says:

    I appears to me that Evelyn is jealous of Jenn. Or maybe it is Jenn’s cash!

  53. veshti says:

    Tami you took some nice pictures, but you continue to call out anyone that does not agree with you or have an opinion of you that you are not in agreement with. You don’t look as attractive as you could ,because you continue to be a bully. You like to fight and argue too much why don’t you concentrate more on being an actress or a role model for your daughters or other young women. Tami don’t let Evelyn and Shaunie convince you that your behavior is at all desireable, it is ridiculous at best; you have two daughters that don’t seem proud of the way you are acting; they must be calm and cool because they witnessed you going berserk most of their lives. So you were molested ;you are not the first one and you sure won’t be the last; that does not give you an excuse to act like a fool. Channel your anger in more positive ways like counseling other rape victims, show support for women that are down trodden; don’t make woman victims of your wrath that is senseless Tami. We thought we would see some personal growth from you, but all we’ve seen is you getting fat sunctioning and a curly weave and a few new clothes. What else have you learned about yourself and what do you have to offer your audience besides popping someone.

  54. djs says:

    Tami, I try to stay impartial about this messy show and you and your castmates, but DO NOT get it twisted. YOU are not a representative of ANY of the everyday women that I have known in my life, and I have had a long life with many adversities, but I’ve met more good people than bad, never anyone like you or Ev and I hope I never will. Clean up your act and then your real beauty will shine through and never ambush you own Mom with personal issues on national TV again unless she co-signs it. I hurt for her. STAY UP!

  55. Jack says:

    Tami and Evelyn are not BULLIES, they are MENTALLY UNSTABLE.

  56. margo says:

    You use to be the favorite but u have turned to a mean girl-Pretty as ever but Mean as ever! Your action shows the world that you think you are Invincible.

    Is the money and fame worth your precious reputation? You hit people, you say horrible things about home girl and her video and her age- I don’t know what hit record you made? and you always make excuses for your behavior-OWN UP! That’s how you keep it 100 and we all see how you don’t keep it 100. Everybody talk about everybody. You say this is not me-we don’t know you- but one thing we do know is that YOU SPEAK WITH YOUR ACTIONS.

    I hope you wake up and know your worth-

    You can do so much more than act a damn fool as you said with your own words. Many people have been raped and misfortune I think you are using this as a crush for your unpredictable violent behavior.

    This show is doing so much injustice to all of you… All of the ladies are worth much more than this show. You guys are being used pimped out! You can’t look at this show and feel proud and if you can-that is a horrible place to be in.

    This show should go off the air-it’s getting out of hand- it use to be so fun to watch. Now it is promoting violence- hitting people without consequences call each other out their names, degrading each other. My God as Black Women and our history didn’t we get enough of this.

  57. niecey poo says:

    tammie your stupid, rude,ignorant, jealous, and have low selfesteem, i wish they cast u out, your own kids farther didnt want to be botherd with u and i see why. when your role comes up or u speak i change the channel. get your head out of evelyns ass, u started out good and strong and made people want to watch but now i lost intrest, knowing what u been throgh to treat people or other woman how u do is verr contradicting. i would not follow you nor any charity u support nor buy your book, let alone buy a magazine with u on it. your not making raitings, your making people especially black people not wanting to watch u, go fight your ex for child support and stopp attacking all the ladies. p.s im not rich and chick iv never been on welfare, its called my working husband and self

  58. Childish Behavior says:

    Tami & Evelyn, can buy all of the external beauty they like, it will not fix, repair, erase away your unhappiness, and mental problems. You should stop wasting time and money on beautifying yourselves, and invest in a mental health doctor or mental health rehab facility. Because the two of you are harassing, physically assaulting, verbally abusing, and threaten human beings.

    Tami & Evelyn are behaving like elementary school and high school bullies. Their behavior is very disgusting. Children, teenagers, and college students are watching and they practice what they see on National TV. This show BBW should be ban, terminated, canceled, abolished, discontinued, shutdown.

  59. tilisa says:

    You have certainly grown this year and become my favorite on the show. However, I did think it was shady for you to confront Jennifer at the races when you had been with her at the movies and other places before. I think it would have been more tactful to call and meet with her one on one. I do appreciate the fact that you are always honest with the women up front and willing to say what you have to say to them in their face and not behind their back. I also appreciate the fact that you were the (only one) trying to prevent the altercation at the races and wherever you all go lately.

  60. Harriette - Stop Supporting Violence says:

    Why would Vh1, Producers, and Shaunie support, co-sign, approve, pay salaries to criminals and mentally unstable females like Tami & Evelyn for any reason other than ratings and money?

    It is very sad, but very true. Money is the root of all evil and VH1, Producers and Shaunie are all endorsing violence, and bullying on the show all of the love of money.

  61. Root of AllEvil says:

    TAMI, EVELYN, SHANUIE _______Money or lack of money can cause some people to turn against their own children, friends, and family. These people fail to realize that money can come and money can go, but their family and friends will always be there for them.
    Remember, when you continue to hurt people to get what you want, once you get it, you will not keep it. So Don’t forget that NoBody Wants You When You are Down and Out.

  62. Dafanie - Broken Heasrts & Wounded Souls says:

    Tami & Evelyn, where does broken hearts, and wounded souls go? My answer is they should go to our Heavenly Father. He will forgive you, he can heal you, he can lead you, he can bring you happiness, he can melt away all of your fears, tears, pain and misery. But, you must first ask him to help you turn from your evil ways. Surrender your all to him, if you sincerely want to change your life around.

  63. Danny & DeeDee says:

    Jennifer you need to stay away from Shaunie’s traps and setups. Out smart the instigator, and moneymaker Shaunie. Stop letting her put your life in danger for the love of money. Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie and wannabe in the circle strange looking Nia, all created the word EVIL. VH1 should drug test Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie, and Nia. These females are out of their minds. They should be off the streets fast, quick, in a hurry.

  64. Jennifer says:


  65. Gail says:

    From the show, it seems like feelings are hurt. When a long time close friend (Jen) starts distancing one’s self from you, it makes you think and start questioning one’s (Jen’s) loyalty. Some people express their emotions differently & this is the way they chose to show them. I love Tami, Ev & Shaunie (In that order, too.) Yes…we can be grown women at times but other times we gotta show our ass to get a point across…ESPECIALLY when hurt feelings are involved. We, as viewers, want to point out the negative behavior. But we need to remember…we only see like 20% of their true character on the show. And best believe we can all learn from this show…as I assume they do, too. Much love to BBW! Smooches!!!!!

  66. Galey says:

    JENNIFER – always stay one step ahead of the PITBULL, ROTTWEILER, and DOG KEEPER. Stop falling for their traps. Because they always fight dirty, and messy. Tami & Evelyn loves to sneak up /catch the person they are aimed to attack off guard, because they are afraid of what will happen to them if they fight fair. Tami and Evelyn (PITBULL and ROTTWEILER) and Shaunie (DOG KEEPER), now that the three of you have lowered yourselves down to the dog level. Now it is time for VH1 to let you go free. Get Rid of These Criminals, before they are put on the most wanted list. SHAUNIE appears to be totally afraid of Evil Evelyn and Hercules Tami. She has supported their corrupt behavior to the point , that, she cannot get out without a fight. Now all she can do is bury her head in her hands and shake her head. Shaunie is a disgrace to the business women community

  67. SISTERS says:

    Please feel free to delete our comments as you have tin the oast. But, just a long as you read our comments is enough for us.

    TAMI — Can only offer lip and tongue service to encourage the brawls, since Meeka legal matter. Tami is a very bitter, vicious, evil, jealous, and heartless female. She proved this true, when she confronted her mom on National TV concerning her past rape issue. Tami stop blaming every beautiful, intelligent, polite, motivated, inspired, goal oriented, and respectful woman for your past devastation and failures. Tami the only good things we can say to you is that your daughters and mother conducts themselves very civil and professional. Your mother is beautiful and appears to be very reserved.

  68. carmelbrnskin says:

    Tami, I’ve loved watching you on TV since your Real World days. But I must say that right now you are being portrayed as a bully who is violent and uncivilized. Why do you have to confront everyone on some childish nonsense? And why don’t you give others the courtesy you want of discussing it with that person in private? Where there is confidential talk, matters are resolved amicably and not escalated by emotions of the bystanders who aren’t even involved in the situation. I didn’t like that you and Shaunie waited until Evelyn was around to address your issues AGAIN with Jen. That wasn’t the right venue! Very uncouth! Please Tammy let it go! I would advise everyone as well that I will sue if you put your hands on me because you made it clear that you don’t know what you will do from one minute to the next which says to me that you can’t control your own behavior/actions. (I hope that isn’t true of a woman your age Tami!) And Evil Evelyn just has it out for Jen… no matter what she wants to find a reason to fight her! I’m really about ready to shut BBW off and not watch anymore. I know you ladies are doing some wonderful things and I just wish that was shown and focused on instead of all the hating against Jen, Kenya, Kesha, Royce and whoever else isn’t doing/saying things like Tami, Eve or Shaunie wants them to. Tami please stop the madness! Violence is never appropriate for any reason! As far as you ladies boycotting the reunion show if Jen doesn’t drop the charges… I think Nia needs to be held responsible for her actions. The Bible says we reap what we sow. There are consequences for every action and reaction! I want Jen to stand her ground for what is right! It wasn’t right for Nia to hit Jen… period point blank.!! I’d rather not see a reunion show of all the arguing, cursing and disrespect… why rehash and relive such lack of positivity and confirm the stereotypes of black women being loud, angry and messy! Evelyn is always saying someone is not about the life…hows about NOT being about THAT negative, violent life and get a more positive, productive one!!

  69. SISTERS says:

    The last episode has proven the following:
    #1 SHAUNIE — is very unprofessional, underhanded, sneaky, and a troublemaker. Shaunie loves only Shaunie. She is self-serving, lack leadership skills, lack people skills, endorses and promotes violence on the show. After she received the letter from Jennifer lawyer, Shaunie planned the fight between Jennifer, Evelyn, and Nia possibly out of the camera site. Shaunie contacted all of those names on the letter from the lawyer. This is when she planned the brawl between Jennifer, Evelyn, and Nia. Tami can be a mouth piece, since Meeka lawsuit. Tami can not engage in any fight on or off the set, but she can do plenty of lip and tongue flapping on the set.
    #2 EVELYN — is an envious, sour, nasty, sinful, and hardhearted female. She will try to hurt anybody or destroy anything that she feels is a threat to her. She has a PITTBULL personality. She will turn on her mother if she does no get her way. Chad has stressed her and she is very close to a nervous breakdown. Chad should run as far away from evil Evelyn as fast as possible. However, we must give Chad a standing ovation for being honest with evil Evelyn about his cheating obsession. She want Chad and a marriage so bad, that she will accept Chad wrong doing and the women he is sleeping with in her bed.
    #3 SUZIE — is a total waste of money. She cannot be trusted under any condition. She will do anything to fix in the depraved circle. She is paid to be the gossip columnist. The dog bone carrier.
    #4 JENNIFER — was once lost, made a lot of careless mistakes, but she is finding herself day-by-day. She was once a follower of Evelyn’s and Tami. This is what caused her to turn against and talk badly about the other female cast mates. However, she is learning from her terrible mistakes. She needs to keep working on Jennifer, clean out that hater closet at all levels, stay away from gossiping about the other cast mates at all times. If you cannot say anything good, just stay silent. If the conversation continues to be about any of the cast mates, tell them to change the conversation. Do not let anybody or anything kill your joy and mission to success.
    #5 ROYCE – has a good heart. She sometimes let her fake friend Tami drag her in the wrong direction with her actions and her mouth. Royce is still maturing and she stay away from Tami and Shaunie the troublemakers and instigators. She needs to keep her personal life out of the hands of jealous Tami and Shaunie. They do not care about your hurt or your happiness. Royce needs an intelligent, fearless, caring, professional, and successful female in her life. I would highly recommend Debbie Allen.
    #6 KENYA — is a little behind in time in relating to people. She has a good voice, and she is motivated, Kenya needs a good mentor too. A mentor that is fearless, smart, inspired, and successful. I would highly recommend Yandy Smith.
    #7 KESHA — became a little messy during the brawl between Kenya, Evelyn, and Tami. It was not necessary for her to get her best friend involved in their mess. She too needs a mentor that is fearless, motivated, and successful. I would highly recommend Debbie Allen.

  70. Dana says:

    Evelyn & Tami, are under the influence of mind-altering substances.

    Because normal and civil human beings do not behavior like untamed animals.

    These two females should not be allowed to interact with human beings.

    They should be locked away in a mental institution or a drug addiction facility for rehab.

  71. Table Top says:

    Evelyn is jumping on top of tables like a monkey that just had his banana snatched out of his hands by his cage mate.

    While, Chad is somehwere, jumping on top of a female or maybe two females.

  72. Lana & Daisey & Shana says:

    @Maarilyn – OMG, we hope this is not the case.
    We are totally against any typeof violent and criminal activity.

    But, if Royce Jennifer, Kesha, and Kenya signed a contract knowing they were at risk of being pysically assaulted and attacks, we are fools for being on their side. And we will no longer play a fool role.

  73. Evanette says:

    @Lana & Daisey & Shana —– I do not see any comments from @Maariyln. So we check another BLOG and we found the comments. Look as if VH1, Producers, Shaunie and the cast mates are deleting some of the viewers comments. But, we still stand behind the Petition to Shut Down BBW and STOP THE VIOLENCE on rhe Reality Shows.

  74. Maarilyn says:

    Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie are so money hungry and evil; they probably paid Nia to attack Jennifer. ________ Those evil witches, planned the attack on Jennifer, with their “work-around the contract clause” tactic. Since, Nia is not apart of the BBW cast, and she is not required to sign a contract with the clause about possible physical injuries’. ________ An intelligent female (BBW or Not BBW) would never sign a contract that has a clause stating you can be physically attack at anytime, but VH1, Producers, and Shaunie can not be held legally responsible. VH1, Producers and Shaunie know that any BBW that is suffering financially or any BBW that is desperately seeking fame would indeed sign such a desperate contract. ________ Therefore, VH1, Producers, and Shaunie are protecting themselves from being legally responsible for any damages that their cast members may suffer. If this is true, VH1, Producers, and Shaunie should be a shame of such a life threaten clause. This only proves that VH1, Producers, and Shaunie are endorsing and supporting the violence on the show. The cast member’s life is at risk for the love of ratings, fame and money. In addition, VH1, Producers, and Shaunie cannot be legally responsible. ________ The cast members can be terribly hurt, beyond recovery and legally zero financially is available for them and their family, other than a personal lawsuit from the individual that caused the damage. Now the cast members and their families can only hope for the best, and pray that they do not have another Russell Armstrong case

  75. Disgusting says:

    Tami, you are so fraudulent this season. Evelyn treated you like trash last season, but I guess you forgot. I hope this show gets cancelled. Y’all are sad and miserable. It’s no way you should condone this hoodrat behavior, but I guess it’s like looking in a mirror.

  76. Tasha K says:

    Tammy?? I cant get enough of you.. You keep it real and I only hope the best for you. I am glad to see that you are recognizing some issues and are getting help. Tammy?? You’ve come to far to classify yourself in the same category as Evelyn and Nia, be careful because seems to me that they feel that they still have to fight for survival. Its so sad that we have to show our asses on a television reality show. I can only hope that OUR daughters generation dont treat each other the way that I have seen on the show. We as black women need to STOP attacking each other and support each other more. Anyway!! I hope the best for you Tammy. Have a good one.

  77. Ruthie & Faye says:

    SHAUNIE, VH1, PRODUCERS – We are not wishing for a told-you-so moment. We are not in anyway a fan of Tami or Evelyn’s, we do not know anybody personally, and that is a fan of those two. However, we do not want to see or hear of any tragedy happening to them or any of the cast members on the show. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to hear the viewers request to stop the violence. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to take viewers concerns very seriously, because life is very precious. We should all try to help protect one another from getting in harms ways. Money, fame, and fortune can never replace a life. Men and women that are not on TV are jailed everyday for abuse and assaults, why is it okay for VH1 to have this type of criminal behavior on their shows? VH1 safeguard your cast members from harming themselves and from harming anybody else.

  78. Ruthie & Faye says:

    SHAUNIE, VH1, PRODUCERS – We are not wishing for a told-you-so moment. We are not in anyway a fan of Tami or Evelyn’s, we do not know anybody personally, and that is a fan of those two. However, we do not want to see or hear of any tragedy happening to them or any of the cast members on the show. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to hear the viewers request to stop the violence. This is why it is very important for VH1 and Shaunie to take viewers concerns very seriously, because life is very precious. We should all try to help protect one another from getting in harms ways. Money, fame, and fortune can never replace a life. Men and women that are not on TV are jailed everyday for abuse and assaults, why is it okay for VH1 to have this type of criminal behavior on their shows? VH1 safeguard your cast members from harming themselves and from harming anybody else.

  79. L Stanley says:

    Tammi I never was a fan of yours. I feel you are messy. I feel like you know Jen don’t fight and the right thing to do is file a police report. She clearly don’t fight so that was a punk move really. What if that happen to one of your kids that don’t fight at all? You would be upset, but it’s no difference. Age is just a number really, BULLYING, is BULLYING! It took for someone else to hit Jen for Evelyn. They are so classy, Evelyn and her flunky. You and Shaunie are messy!!! If I was Jen I wouldn’t come back on the show. Period!

  80. Gale says:

    Shaunie, you stated, “I will never say I agree with some of the behavior between my girlfriends on the show“.

    Well, Tami & Evelyn are just that “little girls” psychologically, because mature, intelligent, respectful adults would never conduct themselves in such a disgraceful manner, on National TV or not on National TV.

    Tami & Evelyn are setting very poor examples for the young girls, and they a total disgrace to millions of adult women across the globe.

    Therefore, Shaunie, you should keep on to feeling good about yourself, rejoice, clap your hands, pat yourself on the back, and make millions of dollars, while the other female cast members on the show are beaten senseless.

  81. Dodie says:

    Yeah! You guys little setup is backfiring huh? God don’t like ugly!! Deal with the fallout. Hope you learned from this unfortunate incident. God Bless.

  82. Message for Shaunie says:

    Shaunie, why would you feel good about PIMPING CRIMINALS?

    Shaunie, How could you feel good about PIMPING GANG-BANGERS?

    Shaunie, how can you face your children, knowing you are PIMPING BULLIES?

    When you are well aware that there are anti-bullying laws in schools and communities.

    Tami & Evelyn, are not educated enough to know that they making you richer, with their unlawful behavior.

    Shaunie is kicking back, relaxing, laughing, pretending to be concerned. While Tami & Evelyn are physically assaulting, harrassing everybody else around them.

  83. Sisters (Elanie, Dale, Stacey) says:

    # 1 Tami, Evelyn, and Nia should be ban from the show.

    # 2 The other female cast members, should not be placed in danger for the love of VH1, Producers, and Shaunie money making tactics.

    # 3 Hercules Tami, Evil Evelyn, Shade wearing/Crazy-lady Nia

    # 4 The dog pound and the zoo have plenty of empty cages and vacancies.
    Shaunie they have an open position for a Keeper.

  84. Denise says:

    Tami, Evelyn, and Nia — are totally out of their minds. They behave as if their brains have been fried from some type of substance abuse.

    Evil Evelyn is not ready to come completely out of the closet regarding her sexual preference (which she tried to do during her discussion with Chad about letting another woman into their bed, and she said what if I don‘t like her).

    Evelyn, may hate Jennifer now, because she fell in love with her during Jennifer’s divorce and their friendship.

    Evelyn, refuse to stop long enough to look over her life style and criminal behavior to avoid self-destruction.

    Tami & Evelyn are all about Tami & Evelyn. This is Tami & Evelyn’s show. Tami & Evelyn own this show and everybody around them, including Shaunie should fall to their knees when they walk in the room.

    Well, unfortunately the only person on the show that already come close to bowing down to Tami and Evelyn is Shaunie.

    Shaunie, is working Tami & Evelyn in the worst adn nastiest way., while she continues to get richer.

  85. Denise says:

    Tami, Evelyn, and Nia — are totally out of their minds. They behave as if their brains have been fried from some type of substance abuse.

    Evil Evelyn is not ready to come completely out of the closet regarding her sexual preference (which she tried to do during her discussion with Chad about letting another woman into their bed, and she said what if I don‘t like her).

    Evelyn, may hate Jennifer now, because she fell in love with her during Jennifer’s divorce and their friendship.

    Evelyn, refuse to stop long enough to look over her life style and criminal behavior to avoid self-destruction. Tami & Evelyn are all about Tami & Evelyn. This is Tami & Evelyn’s show.

    Tami & Evelyn own this show and everybody around them, including Shaunie should fall to their knees when they walk in the room.

    Well, unfortunately the only person on the show that already come close to bowing down to Tami and Evelyn is Shaunie. Shaunie, is working Tami & Evelyn in the worst and nastiest way., while she continues to get richer.

  86. The Jones Family & Friends says:

    There are million of people across the country suffering financially, from unemployment, hunger, homelessness, poverty, and life-threatening illnesses. To see people wasting trillions of dollars to create and produce a show that is so violent, is insensitive and very sad.
    Evelyn and Tami are suffering psychologically. Their hearts are wounded, broken, beaten, and in pain. This would turn any human being life up side down. But, what is the most disturbing is that these wounded women are wasting millions of dollars beautifying themselves externally, while ignoring their wounded soul , spirit, and emotional state of mind. Instead, they turn to verbally abusing and physically violating the other female cast members on the show.
    VH1, Producers, and Shaunie, protect the other cast members, think about the other cast members. You should without a doubt consider their behavior entirely unacceptable, sicken, disrespectful, insulting, terrorizing, troublesome, outrageous, obnoxious, hazardous, harmful, and much more than any human being can bear.
    With that said, end the violence on the show. The viewers have already started a Petition to shutdown BBW and Chad & Evelyn’s new show.
    What is it going to take to get VH1, Producers, and Shaunie to wake up from their dream, and realize this show is a total nightmare?

    Instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new automobile, her wannabe husband, best friends and family should have escorted her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility. A brand new automobile will not erase away her misery, pain, wounded soul, evil spirit, broken heart, and criminal behavior.

    Tami & Evelyn loves Tami & Evelyn. These two beasts totally disregard their family, children, VH1, cast members, producers, Shaunie, and the viewers.

  87. Our Country says:

    @The Jones Family & Friends. I totally agree with everything you said.

    Tami & Evelyn if you want to fight, then join the military, make yourselves useful.
    Because right now , you are useless, and your behavior towards your cast mates just turn stomach’s across the globe.

    Men and women are placing their life on the line, leaving their spouse, children, and family to go to war to fight to protect our country. They are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    Fire Fighter, Teachers, Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Health Care
    Workers just to name a few are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    While the creators of these violent reality shows are sitting back , relaxing and enjoying their spouses, children, and family, making millions of dollars.

    Musicians waste millions of dollars on inappropriate music videos. The government officials are wasting millions of dollars on negative Campaign Ads.

    This is very depressing. Because zero pennies and zero dollars of this money is helping the hungry, homeless, sick, unemployed, and poverty-stricken families.

    Our country priorities are very out of order.

  88. Angelicia says:

    @Jones Family & Friends/ & Our Country, I agree with you with my whole heart.
    To: The Producers, Shaunie, VH1, Chad, Evelyn’s family, Best Friends, and/or Whomever purchased the new car for Evelyn’s Birthday. _____________ These are not words of envy, nor words of hate. I am hoping my words will encourage someone to rescue Evelyn, before she is hurt, and to help prevent the other cast members from being hurt. The violence on the how is very serious and dangerous. # 1 – The new car will not fix her mental problem. # 2 – The new car will not bring her happiness. # 3 – The new car will not bring her a peace of mind. # 4 – The new car will not erase away her past history, and bad reputation with the sport teams across the world. # 5 The new car will not erase away her past relationship, personal, and business failures. # 6 – The new car will not give her a sound mind., self-respect, and it definitely did not do anything for her criminal image. ____________ as the @Jones Family & Friends stated, instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new car, Chad, her family, and friends should have checked her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility.

  89. Kyle says:

    No she looks like an airbrushed nutcase. Tami has so many personalities she is a show all by herself. The dog whisperer, the lecturer, ghetto girl, mrs.anger management, fight promoter, delusional role model and then miss dianna ross swinging her “now that I can afford a better one and off food stamps” hair weave. Nothing likable about this animal in clothes. She is a psychopath walking and should be locked in a cage.

  90. MissMolly says:

    wow Jen its a smack in the face ” u don’t fight with your hands u do what the white people do” wow how racist, ur def going to screw yourself with future jobs due to that low blow comment.. ur ass looks like a horse neway just keep on going like Tami said!

  91. sherry says:

    OMG! Tami you are like an evelyns wanna be, what happened? If u look back u were Jen except u did’nt take no ish she constantly talked about you or your clothes and now that u and evelyn r BFF your good, i can’t believe how u sit back and co-sign ALL of evelyns BS. I always thought of u as real but your fake… it’s like u wanted the spot your in now and that spot is evelyns yes girl. Grown ass women physically fighting? really? actually putting hands on somebody? REALLY? and your an instigator you’ve changed. God has blessed you your always quoting scriptures but do you live them? You’ve changed and i hope basketball wives don’t make a season 5.

  92. MissRealDeal says:

    You are NOT in any way a representative of me and/or others like me. I do not gravitate to anyone who is loud, profane, and/or skanky. PERIOD! And let me be clear… I’m REAL GOOD with my hands, but I am too well raised, educated, and cultured to misrepresent myself and my family by CHOOSING to behave like common trash. And considering there are soooooooo many more black women like myself, I think it is safe to say…You are either delusional, or it must be wind-blown trash following you. I am so disappointed in you Tammi.
    With each episode, you are less and less respectable and less attractive. You come across as “fake” “2-faced” “messy”, and of course the bully is nothing new. But a bully with boundaries, meaning you know who NOT to rub the wrong way. Sorry I can’t respect that.
    I am curious though, as to why you are including and involving yourself in this thing between Jennifer and Evelyn? Jen has never said anything about you, while you on the other hand have made it clear since it all started that you were standing on Evelyn’s side. Sure you CLAIM to be neutral, but the comments and snide remarks indicate otherwise. Youy’re nothing more than a follower your self. Done with you. You’re common, typical, and mere. One of a million more of nothing special.

  93. Karri says:

    I’ve never seen such a strong case of female bullying and passive aggressive behavior as I witnessed on this show. Tammi & Evelyn are so extremely mean girls and complete bullies to every new and young woman they that come on the show. We don’t know if they are threatened by these younger women or they are just insecure meaningless creatures. We love how Shaunie laughs as you ladies are going in on everyone and it’s funny to her because she is a PIMP. She’s PIMPING Evelyn and Tammi all the way to the bank. She’s the cruelest of all of these women because she’s using everyone as PUPPETS. Suzie is a true example of a TWO-FACED CROWARD!!! She’s no-one’s friend and will stab anyone in the back to stay in with what she considers the inner circle to ride her 15 minutes of fame. No one can trust her EVER!!! Hate the way the ladies carry themselves and they are a disgrace to their daughters as Mother Figures. Their daughters and women in general should all be ashamed of their behavior.

  94. Kiesha says:

    I can’t believe these post. I think you are fine. When I started I wasn’t to keen on your part. But after watching I understand somewhat the anger that you wrapped in. I think when you tell someone if you got something to say, say it to you and to someone else. That is self explanatory. What is the problem? Take it or leave it. You can’t be a strong woman who stands up for herself , especially on television. Keep doing you and take care of your health.

  95. Against Bullying says:

    We all have a right to our opinions. In my opinion, anyone who supports the kind of behavior exhibited by Tami, Evelyn and Nia need to climb on in the back of the van with them. That’s the white van that makes regular deliveries to the mental institution.
    Nia just got played by Evilyn and doesn’t even have sense enough to know it. Jen got slapped with a behind the back cheap shot, which is what Ev wanted to happen. Ev enjoyed it all and dumb ass Nia is facing a lawsuit and jail time. As for the leap off the table, that was all for dramatic effect. She knew that one of the men on the set would be there to catch her. (Wish he hadn’t.) If she really wanted to get to Jen, why didn’t she just walk around the corner of the table? That would have gotten her there much faster. Trust! She didn’t want to get there. Ev, since Nia is your new BF, why don’t you give her a few fashion, hair and make-up tips?
    I hope everyone involved, Shaunie included, will get arrested and jailed and made to pay damages to Kenya and to the resort for the stinking fish incident. Sue their asses off Kenya!

  96. keya odom says:

    Tami looks fantastic! Idk if its plastic surgery or just eating well, working out, and living right; but she looks 19 again and i wanna know her secret so I can look 19 again!