Corri McFadden On House Of Consignment Episode 8, A.K.A. Hoarders Lite


Each week during the season on House of Consignment, we’ll be talking to eDrop Off owner and woman whose wardrobe we covet, Corri McFadden, about her take on every episode. This week belonged to Jilda, the Los Angeles woman with a closet packed to the rafters with Birkin bags and jogging purses.

Episode eight was all about Jilda. That closet was insane. Do you consider her a hoarder?

Yes. 100% If she doesn’t know it, I hope this episode will be a reality check. She refuses to get rid of anything, that is the sign of a hoarder, she just can’t separate. We have not been back to her house but I will tell you, she took back a lot of the merchandise we cleaned out for her.

Has that ever happened to you before with another client?

Usually we’re in a place where that doesn’t happen, we only take goods that one is willing to separate from and emotionally prepared to give up, we’re very clear about that process, we don’t want to take anything that someone isn’t ready to part with. This was the first time someone was practically throwing items at us after pulling them off the shelf and then wanted them back after.

She was also concerned with how much her items were selling for and seemed disappointed, do you deal with that very much?

Well, here’s what happened. In the closet we asked Jilda the retail price of what she paid for everything and she had no idea. But when we took them, suddenly everything had a price tag and was her #1 priority. After we took them it was “I paid this, I paid that, why isn’t it going for more?” And you’re thinking, this clean isn’t about money, it’s truly about space for you, living a clean life in that sense. But it turned into all about the dollar for her, which wasn’t why we were called in for that closet. With our clients though, we try to please everyone, we represent that item on auction the best that it can possibly be represented online. Professional photos, detailed descriptions and measurements, and at the end of the day, it’s worth what one is willing to pay. eBay is a worldwide marketplace scoured by tens of millions of people a day, and if that’s what they’re willing to pay, that’s the market value of the item. We also tell people it’s about the process as a whole. When you purge ten or more items, it’s about the big picture. It’s about the final outcome of the check, not each individual line item.

How did your brand ambassador trip work out, are you still using the women you met on your trip to L.A.?

We are! The brand ambassador program is going really well, we have L.A. and New York rolled out, and we’re working very hard to get all the other states lined up. We’ve been working hard to find qualified candidates in other states and with the exposure of the show we’ve received an overwhelming response. We’re very strict with who we bring in because we need a trust factor in them, knowing we can trust them and all the goods are going to come back to us. We don’t just sign up a bunch of people and go for it, the person has to be the right fit, maybe they’re a personal shopper at Bergdorf’s and we know if you can work at Bergdorf’s then you can work for us.

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