Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 9: If You Wanted Your Key, Just Ask For It


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


I have to be honest. I’ve watched the show three times and I’m still lost on what was really was going and what happened. I guess it basically all lead up to Jenn getting slapped in the face over a key at the race track while promoting Think Like A Man, while Kenya was absent and I was on cloud nine with my man. Is that about it? Ok till next week…I’m Outtie!

Ok, I’m back…VH1 told me my blog couldn’t be five sentences…With that said…

I’m still questioning why they keep having conversations about Jenn and her new friends, old friends, fake friends, her changing, etc. Nia, if you wanted your key, just ask for it. Better yet, change the locks! That easy! If Jenn doesn’t want to be your friend…so what. I will say this though…Jenn, you really need some boxing lessons. I’ll be DAMNED if a chick WALKS over to me and SLAPS ME IN MY FACE! “IN MY MOFO FACE?” (Kevin Hart voice.) I would’ve turned CERTIFIED PSYCHO. That’s the moment you wipe the floor with someone in self-defense, THEN press charges! Jenn, Steve Harvey said it years ago…you don’t tell someone “I wish you would” when you’re not a fighter. That’s a dare and she gave you truth!

As far as the statement being made about Jenn judging someone based on what they have…”Let me put my Green Tea down”… EVELYN, DID YOU NOT JUDGE ME BECAUSE I WASN’T WALKING AROUND IN RED BOTTOMS, OR UP ON THE FASHION SCENE WEARING $2000 DRESSES? But I digress. I understand growth, but at least admit you’ve been wrong in the past for passing judgment. I apologized for calling you a garden tool, so hell I’m still waiting on the apology of calling me a bum b*tch when last I checked my net worth was more by myself, not including my man. Just saying…I’m not throwing shade, but be real since that’s what you claim to be. Material things shouldn’t define anyone.

Out of respect for my relationship I’m only going to touch on previous relationships in this one blog:

I have not had a man every season! First season I WAS single, second season I was with Dwayne (lasted 9 months) and I ended it because I was about to make a huge mistake trying to force love into a situation I wasn’t honestly feeling. My fault yes, I’ll take that. Third season I DATED Brian. We dated a few months. Now I am with Dezmon and we are going strong. When I get asked about the difference between myself and my co-star I simply respond that I’m a relationship girl. I’ve never been one to just sleep around and have one night stands. I was with my son’s father for four years, so don’t believe the jump off stories. Before I dated Dwayne, I was single and not dating for over two years because my concentration was my son and WORKING!

With that said…let’s move on to Dezmon.

Yes, I’m in love. No, I’m not crying wolf. If you believe that, great. If not, I don’t care. I don’t have to prove my status to anyone as long as I’m happy, glowing and smiling from ear to ear. Our age difference is always part of a discussion when people first see us together and realize we aren’t in high school, but at this point we joke about it ourselves. To everyone judging, let me ask you how many people did you date before you found “The One”? Love doesn’t have a recipe…it has a definition. Love is also used in a sentence in which Dezmon and I are the adjectives to the verb and the preposition to the noun. Yes, I just took y’all back to elementary school with the parts of speech.

Sidenote: I’ve worn lingerie one other time on this show, so let’s not fabricate and since when does surprising your man by wearing lingerie get old? I will say I’ve come a long way from those polka dots though, hahaha. I am currently hiding from my parents though after that scene lol.

I know this blog was all over the place but that’s kind of how the show was this week. I found myself rewinding and fast forwarding because I couldn’t understand what lead to the slap. Over a key? A broken friendship? What happened to two tears in a bucket? F^ck it?

I’m Outtie!

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