Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 9: If You Wanted Your Key, Just Ask For It


It’s time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


I have to be honest. I’ve watched the show three times and I’m still lost on what was really was going and what happened. I guess it basically all lead up to Jenn getting slapped in the face over a key at the race track while promoting Think Like A Man, while Kenya was absent and I was on cloud nine with my man. Is that about it? Ok till next week…I’m Outtie!

Ok, I’m back…VH1 told me my blog couldn’t be five sentences…With that said…

I’m still questioning why they keep having conversations about Jenn and her new friends, old friends, fake friends, her changing, etc. Nia, if you wanted your key, just ask for it. Better yet, change the locks! That easy! If Jenn doesn’t want to be your friend…so what. I will say this though…Jenn, you really need some boxing lessons. I’ll be DAMNED if a chick WALKS over to me and SLAPS ME IN MY FACE! “IN MY MOFO FACE?” (Kevin Hart voice.) I would’ve turned CERTIFIED PSYCHO. That’s the moment you wipe the floor with someone in self-defense, THEN press charges! Jenn, Steve Harvey said it years ago…you don’t tell someone “I wish you would” when you’re not a fighter. That’s a dare and she gave you truth!

As far as the statement being made about Jenn judging someone based on what they have…”Let me put my Green Tea down”… EVELYN, DID YOU NOT JUDGE ME BECAUSE I WASN’T WALKING AROUND IN RED BOTTOMS, OR UP ON THE FASHION SCENE WEARING $2000 DRESSES? But I digress. I understand growth, but at least admit you’ve been wrong in the past for passing judgment. I apologized for calling you a garden tool, so hell I’m still waiting on the apology of calling me a bum b*tch when last I checked my net worth was more by myself, not including my man. Just saying…I’m not throwing shade, but be real since that’s what you claim to be. Material things shouldn’t define anyone.

Out of respect for my relationship I’m only going to touch on previous relationships in this one blog:

I have not had a man every season! First season I WAS single, second season I was with Dwayne (lasted 9 months) and I ended it because I was about to make a huge mistake trying to force love into a situation I wasn’t honestly feeling. My fault yes, I’ll take that. Third season I DATED Brian. We dated a few months. Now I am with Dezmon and we are going strong. When I get asked about the difference between myself and my co-star I simply respond that I’m a relationship girl. I’ve never been one to just sleep around and have one night stands. I was with my son’s father for four years, so don’t believe the jump off stories. Before I dated Dwayne, I was single and not dating for over two years because my concentration was my son and WORKING!

With that said…let’s move on to Dezmon.

Yes, I’m in love. No, I’m not crying wolf. If you believe that, great. If not, I don’t care. I don’t have to prove my status to anyone as long as I’m happy, glowing and smiling from ear to ear. Our age difference is always part of a discussion when people first see us together and realize we aren’t in high school, but at this point we joke about it ourselves. To everyone judging, let me ask you how many people did you date before you found “The One”? Love doesn’t have a recipe…it has a definition. Love is also used in a sentence in which Dezmon and I are the adjectives to the verb and the preposition to the noun. Yes, I just took y’all back to elementary school with the parts of speech.

Sidenote: I’ve worn lingerie one other time on this show, so let’s not fabricate and since when does surprising your man by wearing lingerie get old? I will say I’ve come a long way from those polka dots though, hahaha. I am currently hiding from my parents though after that scene lol.

I know this blog was all over the place but that’s kind of how the show was this week. I found myself rewinding and fast forwarding because I couldn’t understand what lead to the slap. Over a key? A broken friendship? What happened to two tears in a bucket? F^ck it?

I’m Outtie!

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“Tired” Lyrical Choreographed by Lenora Spence (Fantashique Apprentice Dance Company)

“No Musick” Gospel choreographed by Lenora Spence (Fantashique Apprentice Dance Company)

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  1. Royce im proud of you and every week i see a growth in you. I must say you are a wonderful young lady keep up the good work. Im so happy you are in love.

  2. tomiko russell says:

    Royce great blog.

  3. BasketballFan says:

    1st off, I’m glad Vh1 made you add to your blog, because you know out of all the cast mates blogs, we look foward to reading yours.. LMAO!! Secondly, I’m just as confused about the whole Evelyn/Nia beef with Jen as you are. It doesn’t have anything to do with loyalty. Some people are put in your life for a reason, others for a season. Evelyn and Nia were never Jennifer’s friend like you said all along. 3rd, Jennifer most DEF need to take somekick boxing lessons or something. I agree with Jennifer saying violence is not the answer, but at the same time, I don’t get into fights, however, I WiLLGET INTO SELF DEFENCES! Hit me and I’ll hit you back. 4th, I clearly see what you have with DEZ is true love. YOU GO GIRL!!! He’s a KEEPER!!! Lastly, I wish I lived in Miami, because I’d send my daughter to Fantishique!!! Keep up the good work Royce REED! As always, Stay up, STAY YOU, and Stay Blessed…

  4. CS3 Fan says:

    THANK YOU for making the comment about Evelyn. She is the most judgmental person ever (and you would know, being the target), so I’m glad you called her out on it. She needs serious introspection.

  5. Brandi says:

    I completely agree with you Royce on everything you said, and im glad you have found that one to make you smile:-)

  6. Roz says:

    Royce, I know this is reality show and you have to share some things to keep it interesting. But….. keep your business(your love life, etc) to yourself, that’s how it stays your business. Jealousy is not pretty. All you have to do to identify your haters known and unknown is to be happy and in LOVE. TRUST no one but GOD.

    One day Tami will realize that you are truly her friend. Friends tell friends the truth, it’s called tough love.

    Keep maturing and keep looking up.

  7. Trailmix says:

    When Evelyn gave that speech about not judging based off what they don’t have in the ending credits, I thought the same thing as you did Royce. And Jen should have moved out of the way and told security to keep Nia away from her like Kesha did with Kenya. As far everyone else goes, I think that Shaunie, Nia, and even Tami at times choose to be up Evelyn’s ass and side with her over Jenn, and that’s probably why Jenn issued that disclaimer and chooses to keep her distance. I’m still at a loss of words for what happened tonight. But on a lighter note, I’m happy that you’re happy. Love is a beautiful thing and I wish you and Dezmon the best. And where the hell was Kenya?!

  8. Bully says:

    Evelyn crying, looks like Lucifer crying. Somebody should sue her ass. She needs to go to jail. As usual Shaunie looks so shock with the brawl incident at the race track. Shaunie, who are you kidding? You love the fights for high rating.

  9. Serita says:

    You Go Royce!! You’ve always been my favorite! I was hoping you would not quit the show! You and your boo look beautiful together, keep up the great work, love ya!!!

  10. Dvusboo7 says:

    Great blog… told nothing but the truth !!!

  11. Karimah says:

    Royce I love reading your blog and glad VH1 made you add more cause 5 sentences….really??? I have always liked the way you carry yourself on the show. You always keep real! It seems this Jenn and Eve thing is not gonna die down. Jenn is an idiot for saying I wish you would….u see where that got her. I’m so confused with this letter they were talking how she will sue everyone and she got the nerve to say it didn’t involve someone when apparently it was sent to all the cast members. I think Jenn needs a wake call and she need to learn how to defend herself cause somebody gonna hurt her (fighter or no fighter) she gonna get her ass beat! She act like she don’t understand what they mad about and when comforted she gots no answers. Well you just keep doing you girl…..till next week :o)

  12. shida says:

    Im seeing females hating on her because she is bettering herself esp. Just coming out of an divorce. Real friends will be there and understanding. Also could talk things out like grown ass women, they say they are.

  13. goodjob99 says:

    Royce…you did the one thing that the other ladies have not managed to do…be classy! At first, you were getting down in the mud with them but it clicked. You came on the show and handled your business. People talk about you when they are jealous. You didn’t let that talk bother you nor did you continue to respond to it. You did better! That’s what it is about. Jen talks classy but you are running rings around her. She continues to write things that just continue to keep the fire burning. No one has loyalty to themselves or each other. I am impressed with your growth. Keep it up. Jen is getting back what she put out. She needs to walk away from it and keep it moving. Kudos to you for rising above the bull. Good Job this season. Don’t let them drag you back in!

  14. Dijah says:

    Royce, happy that you’re in love but yes you could have left the lingerie scene behind the scenes, then you wouldn’t have to hide from your parents. That part to me was mad disrepectful especially when it was outdoors in the open. Keep that to yourself and people won’t judge.

  15. Royce You Crazy.I’m loving You girl…I still puzzled To About The Slap…….

  16. I did not like the episode whenn Royce comes out in lingerie and they are about to do it..why show this live?? it makes you think what they r willing to do for fame and how real is this reality show?

  17. mysonall5 says:

    oh yea royce im so happy and proud of you kep it up

  18. Shaunie loves the fights and does not care who gets hurt…I love Evelyn but she gets too much…Jen is Jen…Love Tammi and everyone else I don’t care for

  19. Lala Sanchez says:


  20. Concerned Fan says:

    Your story is weak! You all planned every bit of that attack!

  21. I agree,evelyn needs to be dogged walked,she just keep falling out with people….Shaunie is sitting back and laughing at everybody on the lowkey tip,she know whats going on,she fonie too.jenn you do need some boxing lessons,but i do believe shes getting tired of it….I gwt some new friends too because they don’t come around jenn nomore.If you take jenn and kenya out the picture,who will they fight with then,EACHOTHER NOT!!!!!!!evelyn talked about people and how they lived before,then she wanted to jump in the fight so i agree with royce….Royce you r off the chain honey,they all know not to mess with you,I’m still a little confused about tamie and evelyn relationship,and suzie needs to find a hobbie,I glad you all made up,you and jen.Shaunie needs to quite playing forreal,Shaunie dont want to look badd or crazy on t.v. and for the assissant who slapped jen,you r no evelyn,sit down…follower..

  22. Is this First Grade? says:

    No too much to say to the “lil one” this week. And while I am no fan of Royce (aka lil one) I will reply to @Barbie–BITTER Much? Wow Girl, you sound like you either need a man, woman, or a life. Damn!… just sayin

  23. lil mama says:

    Congrat Royce on acting like a lady and not aloud mouth idiot like Evelyn she has no class at all. I agree with you Jennifer need to learn how to fight, in which I don’t think she scarce she just trying to be a classy lady and real lady don’t fight. But am just like you I be damn if that trick would have slap me in the face and not got her ass wipe with the floor. Jen step up

  24. Mimi says:

    Royce – go on with your badd self!!! Thank you for being a grown up, you know who you are & where your going “ain’t no stopping you now” ….they’ll be no stopping!!!!

  25. krystle says:


  26. Tamisha says:

    I always go to bat for you Royce because I feel like you were ALWAYS the most honest of all of them! I love your straight with no chaser commentary. I feel exactly how you do about someone slapping me. I am no punk and while I am not one wanting to roll around on the floor like a hood’ girl doesn’t mean I WON’T! Nia was outta pocket and she is trying to secure her spot for next season. End of story! As far as you defending your relationships I wish these judgmental hypocrites would cut it out! These people see you for a month at best on TV and all of a sudden they know what you are doing for the other 11 months of your life? That’s bogus! It doesn’t look like you are always with a new man to me and you were DATING so if you were SO WHAT? Isn’t that what dating is? Please! You look very happy and you deserve it! Its not enough sistahs out there with a good black man and too many of us are single when we shouldn’t be! Kudos to you!

  27. Boo says:

    I don’t understand how people could condone violence. For all the women who are saying they like the fact that Jen got slapped in their face, may end up being sued as well. Jen does not play and I wish that girl pays through her yeng yeng in money. Jen did not do them anything and they are all a mess. I can’t even bear to watch that show. Low class most of them. I notice all the light skinned women always beat up on the dark skinned women or treat them like crap. It’s a shame. I dont’ even know why I am talking about that show. Royce and Jen are the only ones with some sort of dignity. To think that anyone has the right to put their hand on someone else is very juvenile.

  28. coolchick says:

    what is wrong with shaunie its like she is jeaulos of jennifer to she just sit back or stand back and let evelyn do what she feel good for jen i would have had papers drawn up also keep your hands to yourself they are all jealous of jennifer..

  29. Tie Jones says:

    I applaud you for being the woman you are. Thanks for the positive, keeping it real, straight chaser attitude!!! I love that about you and love that you are on the show.. Keep on moving!!m God Bless

    Ms Tie Jones

  30. BOSSWIVES says:


  31. DennaRupert says:

    To all the haters and wanna be Hollier than thow Judges.
    How many frogs did you kiss before you found your prince charming?
    Stop hate

  32. nonique bowens says:

    That’s the aMen thing I said when Evelyn and her crocodile tears started falling ,I said
    How could she talk when she judge you in how you dress,I so love the
    fact you don’t take crap from anyone,love the blog,keep doing and being you
    Fake is bot the way.. let them other chicks in the show act a fool and scream
    and jump on tables ,and,please tell Jen ,don’t sit when someone come after you
    I’m starting to feel for her safety

  33. Suzanne says:

    Why is Royce using the word shade? If you don’t know where it comes from. how to use it, or what movie it was referenced in – then don’t use it.

  34. Greenhornet says:

    I’m very happy for your new blossoming relationship…….wishing you all the best…..last, as a Black Woman I like how you represent yourself on the show…..continue to take the High Road and don’t get messed up in the “In Circle” cause they lack something to be desired, good grooming. What the Table should have done is take a page from you and Jennifer in how you openly discussed your displeasure with her mean girl attitude while she was friends with Evelyn and didn’t talk to you like a woman. That Jennifer I didn’t care for. Nonetheless, you two squashed your differences like grown women should. When you didn’t care for each other you didn’t mingle in the same circles……. That’s one thing that messy Susie did well of all the four seasons. In whatever relationship you shared on the show, I liked the way you handled yourself….always a lady. For the life of me, why do a group of grown women need to collectively speak to one woman about “I heard you say this, or I feel you’ve changed toward me like this”, Good Lawdie. What they should have done is speak to her one-on-one, even if on camera and discussed in personally not as group when they knew that would lead to nothing good and exactly the mess that was aired. Once Nia disclosed Jennifer’s sexual partners referencing how many men she’s slept with, what she and Evelyn expected Jennifer to be nice in her response???? At that point, all gloves are off and if you want to get dirty than be ready to receive it back full fold. And hell after you slap me, what are you expecting the woman to speak nice??? Evelyn you jumped across the table because of what reason now? Because if I recall that you joked about Tammy’s situation in the second season when Jennifer said she didn’t know what food stamps where. Royce, I’m so glad you reminded the audience how she judged you. However, I guess it’s okay as long as it’s not someone close to her that she likes.

    I am so disappointed in Shaunie O’Neal because she tries to fly under the radar but she needs to take ownership to these shenanigans. For she knows when you gets Evelyn and her temper in a room or at a table with someone she doesn’t like there’s nothing affable to transpire. You guys are four season in, Shaunie is just as much to blame as the young woman Nia that slapped Jennifer for allowing her to come to the function with Evelyn especially after how she reacted along with Evelyn outside of Shaunie’s birthday party so where’s the surprise, Ms. O’Neal. Please!!!!! What an example to these young women out here who don’t have role models in the household. Lord, let them not look to some of these women as examples of “Strong Black Women.”

    Okay, Royce sorry, it was all pinned up.

    God Bless and Peace/Blessings.

  35. Shamika Carraway says:

    Royce, I am happy for you for finding true love and leaving all that drama bs alone. You are most def. an inspiration to young females. Keep doing your thing hun and stay true to yourself!

  36. LisaJay says:

    AGREED……Ev is the pot calling the kettle black!!!! Jenn might not be a fighter but hell stand up for yourself you know. Who is Nia and why is she on this show???? I mean really just to get your 2 min fame for smacking someone over a key? I can change my own locks….and if you dont wanna be my friend no more then so be it. Life is about growing and just because someone is brought into your life doesnt mean they are there to stay. Move on and grow up folks…

  37. naomi says:

    Royce no homo but did your boobs get bigger?

  38. Gloria Warren says:

    Royce u go girl I just love you for not being in the drame. You are such a lady and u stay that way. I be so glad when the season ends so I can see who will be left for the panel hopefully no fighting,u keep standing alone or with your man. Even though I like seeing u but I don’t want you in the drama so my hat off to u my vote is for u for being so real not FAKE.

  39. Teresa says:

    Nia is trying to get in the “CIRCLE”! Evelyn isn’t woman enough to tell her friend/employee to chill. Evelyn is the fake friend who wants everyone to be mad at the person she’s mad at. Unfortunately Jen fell into that trap with you Royce! She let that fake heffa boost her up. Her business FAILED and that fake romance with Chad Johnson will too!! Those fake tears over her friend/employee being “judged” was one of the most hypocritical scenes I’ve seen on television. Evelyn judges everyone! She has to give them the “okay” to join the circle! She, along with Tami, think they are the head SORORS and the pledges have to get approval from them to join the sorority! I can’t believe that Shaunie is allowing these idiots to turn her show into a free-for-all filled with convos that lead to fisticuffs!! WHAT GROWN WOMEN DO THAT?!!!!!! This show has turned into a Bad GIrls Club with middle-aged women who wanna be significant!

  40. Herma Du Pont says:

    You have a certain pep in your step…a certain roar in your voice…I think you’re in love!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Tyrra says:

    I totally agree with you Royce! And happy that all is well in the relationship department.. And as for Jenn and who she chooses to be friends with…. why does that concern nia….. I think she just wanted air time and was showing off for ev, because that was really uncalled for… REAL TALKS!!! And iEv is a 2 face person. but who cares.. #team Jenn.. And I feel she really changed because ev had a control over her made her mean to people so who needs a friend like ev anyway… Long story short… I don’t care what no one say I feel Jenn is real… Because someone is brought up a certain way doesn’t make them fake or boogie… People believe if you are black you have to be loud and ghetto.. I beg to differ! Royce i like how you don’t mingle with them… too much drama!

  42. prettygurl1908 says:

    Girl, I’m laughing at your blog! First, let me say that I’m very happy for you and your man! You have grown so much since season one and I am very proud of you. If you are ever in Georgia, please let me know because I would love for you to speak to the young ladies at the middle school where I teach! God bless and good luck with everything you do!

  43. Yvonne Hicks says:

    Royce, glad/happy to see great and positive things happening for you. Much blessing and peace.

  44. Dree says:

    Way to go Royce. I see some growth girl. You are one of the few who have some sense on this show. Please help our Sister Jennifer, she does need some boxing lessons to be beat the stank off of them. She is a really nice person and I hope she lets loose on they ass!

  45. Fan says:

    I agree with everything you said. I think Evelyn know that the jig is up for her and I agree that Jenn should have tried to create a new wall with that girl on it. I also feel that Shaunie and Tami are fake as hell also for being in that mix. Tami and Shaunie saw Jennifer twice and never asked about the letter until Evelyn and company showed up. I hope that and it will happen soon for Tami and Evelyn. What you said to Suzie about leaving you behind for the circle is true for Tami also so just watch her. keep up the good work.

  46. Elisabeth says:

    This blogg is the truth!!! Luv it! What your doing for the kids is great! Thanx for thinking about the kids unlike your yuck mouth cast mate Ev and her liquor & beer memo hood rat Nia

  47. Wonkie says:

    Bottom line I think Evelyn and her friend is JEALOUS of Jennifer

  48. Wonkie says:


  49. kadiboo says:

    i respect tht Royce . just ask for them or change the damn locks. lookin like some damn crack head lookin all jacked.Jen really need to get some kick boxin lessons. she got her 5mins of fame. hope shes happy now. keep doin your thing girl. GET THT $$$$$.

  50. corinne says:

    You go Royce great come back from prior season. You doing you girl and cant be more proud of you and a lady while doing it. My daughter is visiting Miami soon wish you could meet her she is such a young inspiring women herself but really wish her a better life coming from a mom who wishes all young beautiful women such as your self could collaborate some wonderful ventures. Best of luck with your new love and so happy for you. Corinne from North Carolina.

  51. Choc says:

    Congratulations, Royce! You can tell you are in love. You look fantastic and you are positively glowing! Hope it works for you! Your little son is adorable too!

  52. frieda young neal says:

    royce, i’m so happy for u ,do you and your new man, best wishes to you and invite me to the wedding, please have jen as a bridemaid…..

  53. colita says:

    I totally agreed with you Royce. I really admire the attitude you have taken on the show. You are the most mature one out of all those old women.

  54. lisa says:

    Well said Royce.

  55. MsAnne says:

    I’ve never typed on these type message boards, but after that episode last nite, I just have one thing to say “Not Lady Like At ALL”!!!! Jennifer – thanks for taking the high road, but I’m like Royce, I would have picked up a chair and knock the “U know what outta her”. You should never dare someone to do something, unless you are ready for the consequences!!! The worst display of professional women that I’ve ever seen. Total Disrespect, Total Disregard, Total UnLady Like, u name it, it showed on that show last nite. These women need to think about their lives after this show, or even what roles they might be asked to portray on another show or movie. Shawnie you need to rethink the title of this show, because none of these ladies are currently married to a basketball player, so your show should be names “Ex-Basketball Wives”!! Also, I was a huge Evelyn Fan, but after last night – Not anymore. Jennifer I salute you for changing your circle of friends. Royce – Congrats to you – I’m glad u r doing U!!! Nia had no business on the show – AT ALL!! I can go on and on and on and on, but I’m Shame to even say I watch this kind of show!!!

  56. kayjay says:

    Royce, I like you and I like your blog but keep the bedroom scenes in the bedroom. Just saying. It does seem like these last couple of seasons you were in love and this one was the real deal. Slow down and just let things run their course. I see where your dad is coming from. Just slow down.

  57. Janice says:

    Royce, I think you’re too good for this show. I watch the show, but it doesn’t make black women look good – at all. It promotes the negative images society already has of us. Not all of us are as ghetto, violent, loud, hood and ignorant as Evelyn and Tami and fake like Shaunie (why don’t you all realize how she conveniently “flys above all the drama?”). I don’t too much care for Jennifer either but if you two speak at all please tell her to NEVER let someone walk up on her and slap her! She should have knocked Nia the hell out! With that said, I can’t watch this show anymore. It’s an embarrassment! I am amazed that the women on this show think they have class and status. Real women – depsite their race – don’t act like this.

  58. veronica says:

    Im so sorry Royce CONGRADULATIONS on your new love he is indeed handsome and very lucky. Gurl wear your lingerie and keep that man happy as to happy feet. REMEMBER DONT CHANGE FOR NO ONE.

  59. JEAN says:

    Well now RoyceYou and Keshia are Ladys,the BEST two on the show,The only two that are DRAMA FREE,Thanks for that.

  60. agee says:

    royce…you are now exercising a decorum that will make you short lived on shaunie’s payroll-lol. speaking of which…shaunie has become so transparent and messy. yes…she may be messy all the way to the bank…but oh what a dissapointment she has become to those of us that thought she possessed some genuine class. evelyn….pure hood-rat! and that has nothing to do with locale. if name-brand labels offered some class, perhaps she could visually fool a few…but as soon as that sistah opens her mouth…it’s over. i have seen neighborhood bar-flies reflecting more etiquette and class than she. mark my words…we are soon to read an article where someone has beat her azz with her own loubitin. tami….even though she was rough and guarded, she USE TO have a seemingly more humble spirit. as for now…she is simply an instigating hsit-starter…and a 2 faced one, at that. i wish her well in working out her anger issues…but she needs to know that altering the way she’s treating and bullying others, is key to her recovery. jenn…evelyn KNOWS everything you’ve spoken about her new relationshio status is on-point….the truth is a hard pill to swallow sometimes. when she got on national television and told her man to cheat if you must, just bag-up….she became her own NMF factor! jenn…you have a right to surround yourself with whom you wish…one of which should be a self defense instructor! kenya & kesha…the jury is still out on you two….but i’m sure by next season your drama, business and personal lives will be outted enough for a verdict. last but not least….nia, nya….just like evelyn…NMF factor, trying to gain a few minutes of fame. i ain’t mad at’cha for that…but you should’ve drawn back a knubb. i bet you wouldn’t try tami or evelyn’s psycho azzes like that!

  61. Treasure says:

    The boy is just 22 yrs old. Shouldn’t he have the opportunity to grow up first before you force him in to a relationship? You should know that you will not be his last woman. Let this boy leave his life before you make him into a man. Sorry but a 22 yr old is NOT A MAN even if he has a child. This is 2012 and no 22 yr old should be in any serious relationship and especially not to a fully grown 30 something yr old woman. I say this as the mother of a 22 yr old boy in University. My son must travel, enjoy live, get his career started before he starts thinking about a relationship. Find yourself someone more mature. This relationship will not last. I know you look young Royce but he’s still 22 yrs old. Don’t force him into a husband. Having said this, I still like your attitude and character. you’re the only one with common sense on that show. I also notice that those bullies (Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami) only seem to bully dark skinned girls.

  62. Sunshine08 says:

    Enjoy your happiness. In life many women are at search to find that true love. It is a trial and error process. You try one relationship, if it does not work, the search should not stop. Once you find that one person who truly makes you happy, it is your happiness, you should embrace it regardless of others.Royce I agree, if a person wants their key they should just ask for it . Evelyn explaining herself on her blog, Did not convince anyone. Justifying instigating a fight for any reason is so uncool. No one deserves to be slap or no one has the right to put thier hands on anyone regardless of what he or she has said or done.Whenever Evelyn is through lying on this blog, Evelyn has the contract with VH1 and she brought Nia in for the air time, so she apparently set up the whole confrontational meeting between the two. Yes, Jen may have made a possible rude comment that may or may not have been a jab at Nia’s livelyhood, well Kudos to Jen!!!!!! After living through multiple encounters of having Evelyn, and others be rude to her, it is about time she finally got a backbone about herself and said something rude back. Looks like that was her only defense, she has said numerous times, she is not a fighter. Looks like Evelyn has figured out that Jen is not a fighter and is taking advantage of that. Jennifer you are such a sweet lady, but you may have to defend yourself soon. This Season has really began to disappoint me and change my thoughts about watching the show. Evelyn is too out of control and is revealing her unlady like character more and more. She nearly begged Ocho to be faithful to her on live TV. That is pathetic!!!!!! If you have to remind him that he is committed to you and needs to be faithful, then you don’t need him. It is so uncute how all of the ladies follow Evelyn’s cue. They agree with any and everything Evelyn does or says, but claim to be so real (Tami). Tami commented on how unreal it was for Kenya to laugh at Keisha when Tami was disrespecting Keisha, because Kiesha and Kenya were friends at one time. Then Tami turns right around and laughs at the whole Eve and Jen purse issue. Knowing that Jennifer is suppose to be her friend (Tami and Jen are friends)as well. Shaunie is such a business woman and exemplify great leadership skills but on the show she has become such a puppet for Evelyn as well. I thought the show was produced by Shaunie. This may as well be Evelyn’s show. All the women flock to her like wet puppy dogs. I mean there has to be at least one person on the show who knows that deliberately bullying someone who chooses to have a different personality is so distasteful. Royce seems to be the only one who carries her own and does not need to be apart of the circle to establish her own well being. All the ladies are creating so much drama trying to make Jennifer look bad when all it has done is make all of the other ladies look immature. Jennifer is the best. Basketball Wives, the “WIFE” you are trying to take under like an underdog is rising to the top while all of you stay behind looking childish. Jennifer has a great personality. Tami is so disappointing this season. The way she has ran behind backs, gossiped and is so far up Evelyn’s butt is sad. A couple seasons back she was so opposed to Evelyn. I was so happy when Tami finally came on the show, because she seemed like the one person who finally possessed strength. She seemed like the one person who would finally stay true to herself and do what she wanted to do without having to follow Evelyn’s cue, but that has changed quickly. Shaunie, Evelyn and Tami do you have to get ratings with negatively bulleying, or can you not blaze your way to the top with style and class???????? That is what real women do. Shaunie Evelyn has bullied Suzie, Royce, Tami, Kenya, Keisha, Meka, Jen. Guess who is left Shaunie???? Shaunie you are a business woman and mentor don’t allow Evelyn to destroy the show’s image.

  63. Marisa says:

    That ratchet bird didnt ask for her keys before because anybody with half a brain knows it had nothing to do with no damn keys lol. No Edges Nia was brought on for a purpose and since when Evilyn need an assistant to do what exactly, drink and gossip and start fights is all they do and for that you need an assistant. No Edges Nia must of forgot that at Nostrils birthday after the first time that Jen was assaulted, that her and Evilyn were what waiting outside to do what jump Jen, I wouldnt roll with them birds either. If I were Jen and she still has her keys I would toss them in the gutter and tell the bird to join em. Also Royce that kid is 22 and guys who are older than him spazz out on committment so just slow down the expectations

  64. Bridge says:

    Congrats Royce on doing your thing God Bless you. There a saying you reap what you sow I don’t feel sorry for Jen. Evelyn you my girl, real is real you never talk about or dis your friends we from up North and we are true to our friends Loyalty is all I have to say.

  65. Jeanell says:

    I’m so happy for you and your love life… But I think Royce is the realest woman on that show. I agree, if you Nia wanted her key, why didn’t you just ask? That moment separated the real women from the pretenders! Best of Luck to You/ Your Career/ Love Life!

  66. Bre says:

    Damn Royce, You Look Great Girl! Just goes to show things get better with age like fine wine. (nohomo) That man of yours is fine too. And you sure have kept it real too girlfriend. Evelyn should be ashammmmmed of herself, pretty woman like you are. She needs to go to anger management with Tami. And Jen good for you. You don’t have to fight, but hopefully Royce you will give her them boxing lessons now that you two are cool again. Until then, Keep Keeping it real Royce. OUT.

  67. T in Texas says:

    I agree with everything Royce just said .

  68. Ms. S says:

    OOOOOOOH Sunshine08, so well said. I agree whole heartedly! I was a Tami fan, and she is so disappointing…she turned out to be as phony as the rest. Bullying is not cool, especially by old ass women! Shaunie is disappointing as well…this is your show??? These women give us a bad image. Drama is a part of life but entertainment can be accomplished without the violence. Evelyn shows herself as a low life, point blank period! I don’t care how pretty you are on the outside, who you’re with, or what you have…it is very true that if you act ugly you LOOK UGLY TOO! That loser needs to look at herself deeply. She cannot say a damn thing about anyone else when she is clearly a gold digger…she slept with that man and is engaged to him because he’s an athlete. She’s settling because of the money. Yes she may be in love but she was attracted to his status and his money and that’s why she slept with him on their first in-person encounter. I can go on an on but we all know what’s real, at least real women do. I hope Tami and Shaunie get it together and be the strong women with their own identities and backbones…it’s there. Stop being followers because you have the power and ability to be leaders. This show has turned into a circus full of wild, rabid animals. You should try to show Black women in a better light.

  69. T RICH says:

    Royce I love it and Love you! ou have always kept it real from te beginning!

  70. Foxynbrown says:

    Royce, Congrats!!! on your new relationship you look so happy just take it slow. God Bless

  71. Portmore Queen says:

    Royce you are truth… Evelyn needs to go some where with her fake tears… Jenn did not get her ass kick, it was not even a fight they hand wrestle. Jenn did surprise me though…. lol…. Jenn needs to realize that when two people are yelling at each and you tell someone to slap you be prepare to figth you cannot call bluff. Jenn shoul dhave stomp that *****ass…

  72. Portmore Queen says:

    Another thign what did Jenn do so bad to Evelyn and Nia for them to act like animals with no class…. They were friends once where did teh love go so fast that now they are trying to beat her down… Evelyne was not a real friend to Jenn and neither was Nia…. Jenn needs to stay far away from them especially if she is not gooing to pick something up and bust their ass with… Evelyn needs some serious prayers she is full of too much fakeness, anger and jealousy for people especially ones that are weaker than her….

  73. Mary Jo says:


    I think you are so adorable! You seem like a honest person and don’t let people walk all over you. Last weeks show was disgusting! No wonder Jennifer has pulled away from these people. They all seem to be on Evelyn’s side. Why? Evelyn acts like a lunatic! She always saying or acting like she is so cool and so honest. Like she does no wrong. I was totally appalled by her actions this whole season. I think Evelyn should be kicked off the show. Physical violence is deplorable especially woman at there age. I wonder how they teach there own children to handle situations. What happened to the old saying, Walk Away! Slapping someone or trying to dive at them to smack them is totally abuse. And they should be arrested! Evelyn is a disgusting excuse of a woman. She is definitely NO LADY! When someone says something she doesn’t like, she wants to beat them up? Ridiculous! Grow up Evelyn! I also agree with some of the others that have posted something how disappointed I am in Shaunie! How could she allow these women to act like this and put it on TV. She has children also. Is this worth the money? Where are these peoples values. Physical violence is horrible. That is NOT how you handles situations. I think Jennifer handled it better than anyone. She just stays quiet. No wonder she pulled away from these people. They talk about each other all the time. They take sides. They pick fights. And, they get physical. I don’t think I want to watch this show anymore. I don’t care where you are for, what color you are, whatever, to act like this and think it is o.k. is absolutely ridiculous. Evelyn has had big fights with everyone on this show since the beginning of the show. Grow up Evelyn and go to anger management!!!! As for you Royce, I think you and your man are very cute. I don’t know your age difference but if you guys are happy that is all that matters! I am very proud of you! I love how you handle the women on the show and don’t take any of there crap!!! Take care!

  74. phyllis says:

    yes royce i like your comments thats what im say yea jen needs too put something on that girl but im like you i be d–,if she slap me too ststement ends betthat

  75. Ginger Clearville says:

    I started watching this show out of curiosity. It was okay at first, but now it is just embarrassing. The women have now evolved into caricatures of themselves. I cannot understand why any woman would think that this is a good way to portray anyone. And Ms Lozada is clearly depressed and acting out. I cannot even believe that I have been watching it.

  76. kck says:

    Royce, I like your blog. It’s good to see that someone on this show has a brain. With that being said, remember to keep your bedroom scenes in the bedroom. As for everyone being team Jen, let’s not forget that for the past three seasons she has been a part of Evelyn’s clique and she did the same thing that everyone else is doing to her now. She never checked Evelyn on her bad behavior and she sat back and laughed when others were being bullied. Doesnt feel good when the shoe is on the other foot does it? She’s running around looking like Suzie did when Evelyn was bullying her. Tami, for a minute I liked you and thought you represented the everyday woman on the show. Now I see you’ve fallen in with the fake ladies on the show. They talked about you your first time around and now you have fallen right in line with them. I had a little sympathy for you when you revealed the reason for all that anger. Try to channel it into something positive. I see why your girls dont want you to manage their careers. Shaunie you are indeed the puppet master laughing all the way to the bank behind these childish women on the show. I guess you will make even more money when you become a producer for your next show “Too Fat for 15″ because someone in your family is going to be a candidate for that in a few years. Evelyn my dear you have not ran up on the right one yet. I know it, your castmates know it and deep down you know it too. As for your so called assistant who hasnt popped up until now, she knew Jennifer was a scary chick and that’s why she slapped her. If she had any sense and money(because clearly you arent paying her much) she would have fixed up a little better before coming on camara looking like a Josephine Baker reject with her ugly dress and tired ass wig on.

  77. gladys says:

    you go gal! Royce you are the best on the show. keep i t up enjoy your men and let the haters cry.

  78. BMK says:

    Being on tv in lingerie twice for two different too many times!!!! You are a mother and it doesn’t look good…what do you think your son will say when he gets older and see this? Yes, you are on a reality show and live an open life but that doesn’t mean you have a sexy scene with whoever you are dating or in a relationship with. That’s taking it too far and that’s TMI referencing that he eats everything and well! How old are you? Keep some things private! My goodness! I was really disappointed about that scene once you changed into lingerie!!!!! If you are on any more seasons, please NO MORE LINGERIE SCENES! Introducing your man that you are serious about is fine but all that other stuff is too much! You should have never introduced us to Brian since yall were not dating seriously! It doesn’t look well! You are turning into the black Kim Kardashian!

  79. niecy poo says:

    royce i like you i feel your verry strong willed and opinionated, your opening doors for yourself and staying clear of the drama , big ups to u , but find a better friend than tammy she is cramping your style, take your place and personality, own it and claim it, i would follow u and any charity u sponsor but not with tammy i like your style and can see u and jennifer being good friends good luck

  80. CamIncredible says:

    Royce, I love you. You have matured leaps and bounds from where you were on previous seasons so kudos for that. You and Dezmon make a beautiful couple and I hope it works out well for you, I will say I thought it was a bit much to have that private scene on the show. Do what you with your man but it was a little extra to put what should be a private moment on national tv. Anyway keep up the good work, stay true to yourself, you are beautiful and talented. No Edges Nia, change your locks, get over the fact that Jen doesn’t want to be your friend, you’re not on her level (finances have nothing to do with it), she has class, you do not. Sometimes people grow apart, sometimes growth happens in different directions, get over it, get your life in order please and thank you. Ev, I used to like you, but you too seem to be obsessed with Jen, so what you don’t like her or want to be friends with her, leave her alone. You spend so much time talking about Jen, her name is in nearly every conversation you have, get over it, get on with your life and let Jen get on with hers period and point blank.

  81. suzique says:

    Royce, you are crazy girl. But like I stated in my previous post Jennifer needs to get over herself. She was not concerned about you and your feelings when she was being a CoPilot for and with Evelyn. Nia just did what you probably should have done to her and then maybe should would sit her but down some where.

  82. Ninvi says:

    Royce, I apologize for my judgement of your behavior in the past. I get it now. You’ve been saying things about Shaunie, Evelyn, and Jenn that I’m just seeing now. Luckily Jenn finally developed a backbone and left that childish woman alone. Shaunie has groupies that she allows to do whatever they want, whether it’s dangerous or not for ratings. I stopped watching the show because it’s turn into WWE raw with weave, but I do keep up with the positive things you’re doing. Praying that you keep growing. The rest of these women need a shrink.

  83. sarahtalks says:

    Love and Hip Hop’s, Mashonda, Forms a Campaign Against Physical Violence on Reality Shows

  84. Chica says:

    I applaud Jennifer for filing that lawsuit. She’s gorgeous and classy and those other women can’t stand her for it. I’m sick of minority women acting a straight fool for the camera. VH1 is not paying these women that much money for their soul but they have given up their dignity for pennies. A lot of young women are influenced by these images so Royce continue to project yourself as an individual not defined by material items.

  85. ggjane45 says:

    Royce, even though you are a small woman who looks like a 12 or 15 yr. old girl on the show at times, I have to say that you have the most biggest maturity level over Eve, Susie, Tammy all put together, and sometimes shaunie too, the way they handle situations make them look real childish & immature, now that girl that slapped Jen over friendship & a set of keys made her self look like the dumbest person on reality tv, all she had to do was 1. change her locks on her door, 2. talk to Jen off camera away from everyone including Ev, and 3. if Jen choose to not be friends with her any more move on, Nia acted like Jen was her only friend in the world Im quite sure she has others outside of Ev, or maybe she dont that could be why she was so mad at Jen, idk, but the whole thing was stupid and what really made me sick was Ev throwing bottes, plates, jumping on tables , its so childish I mean she allready cussed out Kenyah & Jen for what they supposed to had done that was so bad in her eyes, so why try and attack them I could see if they stole shoes out her store, or slept with Chad. maybe this relationship Ev has with chad is not good for her b/c ever since they hooked up she has become more mean & evil that before, you would think she would be happy that she has found love. Royce Im glad you have met a nice guy but use your wisdom and take it slow if he is the right one he will stick around.

  86. natti says:

    Royce I hope you have found THE ONE!!!! You are right she could have just changed her locks and since when is it a crime to drop old friends and get new ones. I think she just want more airtime.

  87. dodie says:

    Dear Royce,
    Don’t you know that when you show any kind of happiness that the haters come out of the woodwork? Look at Jen she has been minding her own business and going her own way but the haters went out of their way to seek her out. You speak your mind at all times and Jen has that same right, I don’t know who Ev thinks she is, shes the one keeping it stirred up. Keep doing you, just maybe the viewers don’t need to see so much of your personal life. (At least the haters don’t). Stay Up!!!!!

  88. Congrats Royce!!! says:

    Royce – glad to see you have grown and show the other women that you’re moving on (with or without them)! Jen is trying to do the same. I never understood her relationship with Evelyn in the past – I always felt they were from “two different sides of the track”. Jen is beautiful, carries herself well and very classy. Evelyn is extremely unhappy and seems obsessed with Jen. It would seem to me that since she is marrying a rich athelete and preparing for a wedding, how in the world does she have time to be upset with Jen? This should be a happy time for her but yet she is just miserable! She needs counseling – there seems to be something deeply wrong with her. No Edges/wig wearing/red lips Nia is just hopping on the bandwagon. Go back to Harlem where you belong. Her issue with Jen should be between the 2 of them. That’s it. Tammi – well, I don’t care for her behavior this year, but I know she was having issues with her mom, so that might explain it. Maybe she’s on meds.
    Shaunie – what can I say? Very passive to let this show turn into a train wreck, all for money or ratings. Gives YOU a poor reputation and lack of good judgment,

  89. april says:

    I commend Royce on speaking out, and being mature and keeping it real…. Some of the stuff these ladies argue about are so petty, it’s like being back in grade school… (your my friend or you aint))

  90. Get Real says:

    Umm Royce babygirl Dez is cheating on you, you’ve seen the proof but like the bird you are instead of checking him you call your self trying to embarrass his baby mama. That was immature and you’ve been through your own battles with the father of your child so you of all people are in no position to threatened someone with their child being taken. That was wrong and down right dirty. Furthermore to tweet a picture of your son in bed with a man that isn’t his father SICK!

    You need to listen to your dad for the sake of your child and act your age, NOT your shoe size.

    She is my type person. Nice and doesn’t use violence as the answer. Just like me she only fights until it is time to defend herself physically.