The Reports Are True, Get Ready For A Big Ang Spinoff


Big Ang has made a big impression on everyone watching Mob Wives this season. She’s only been in the limelight since January, but ever since her debut on the show, people have flocked to her Staten Island bar, The Drunken Monkey, begged her for retweets on Twitter, and paid homage to her with some amazing artwork and music. And now, the woman is getting her own show. The spinoff, simply called Big Ang will debut this summer and will be a season of all Big Ang, all the time. We can’t wait. For more information about the show, red the press release below.


Conceived and Produced by Jennifer Graziano in Partnership with Electus, The Weinstein Company and Left/Right, “Big Ang,” is Set to Premiere in the Summer of 2012

With Mob Wives Ratings for Season 2 Up 25% Over Season 1
“Big Ang” Has Been Greenlit for 10 Half-Hour Episodes

Los Angeles, CA (April 17, 2012) – It’s rare for someone to so completely capture the hearts and minds of a fickle television audience as quickly as Angela “Big Ang” Raiola has done. From the moment Big Ang made her onscreen debut on VH1′s hit series “Mob Wives,” the media and viewing public alike were all asking, ‘Who is Big Ang?’So, VH1 has decided to answer that question by giving Big Ang her very own television series simply titled “Big Ang” (working title). The 10-episode half-hour series is set to premiere in the summer of 2012.

“Big Ang” will give viewers a glimpse into the life of one of reality TV’s most over-the-top and loveable characters. We’ll tag along as she hangs out with her family and friends, spends time at her increasingly popular Staten Island bar, The Drunken Monkey, and even hangs out with ‘da wise guys.’And yes her longtime friends from the original “Mob Wives” series will visit from time to time as will her loveable canine sidekick Lil’ Louis.

Big Ang has catapulted with lightening speed onto the pop culture landscape like no other before her. After only a few minutes of screen time, Jimmy Kimmel had her on his show as a guest as did Wendy Williams. And Diddy himself has tweeted “I love Big Ang!!!!!.” The love-fest isn’t limited to the U.S. People from all over the world are captivated by Big Ang and have visited The Drunken Monkey just so they can meet her.

“I, along with everyone I know and our viewers, fell in love with Big Ang from the very first moment we saw her on screen in ‘Mob Wives,’” said Jeff Olde, EVP Original Programming and Production. “Ang is the definition of authentic. What you see is what you get, no apologies. She’s enjoying life on her own terms – and having had the pleasure of hanging out with Big Ang, her friends and family at The Drunken Monkey, I guarantee viewers are in for a real treat.”

“I’ve known Big Ang since I was a kid and can always remember thinking, ‘this woman is a star!’” stated Jennifer Graziano, creator of the “Mob Wives” franchise. “It gives me great pleasure to be in the position to show the world what I have always seen in her. Big Ang was on my mind for “Mob Wives” from the start – I believe she was a great addition for season 2 and will be an even bigger force to reckon with on her own show!Watch out America… it’s Big Ang!”

The ratings for season 2 of “Mob Wives” are up 25% over season 1 averaging 1.6 million viewers per premiere episode. The series is also averaging 1.0 in the key P18-49 demo. Additionally, VH1 is the #1 cable network among W 18-49 in the Sunday 8:00pm timeslot YTD.

For additional information about “Mob Wives”visit the official VH1 Mob Wives site at Viewers can also find Big Ang updates on Facebook at and on Twitter @VH1 with the hashtag #BigAng.

Developed and produced by Jennifer Graziano of JustJenn Productions, “Big Ang”is also produced by The Weinstein Company (Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Meryl Poster), Electus (Ben Silverman, Jimmy Fox) and Left/Right (Banks Tarver, Ken Druckerman, and Nina L. Diaz), with Electus International distributing the series internationally. Executive producers for VH1 include Shelly Tatro, Kari McFarland, Rick Hankey and Jeff Olde. Sean Gottlieb serves as supervising producer for VH1.

VH1 connects viewers to the music, artists and pop culture that matter to them most with TV series, specials, live events, exclusive online content and public affairs initiatives. VH1 is available in 99 million households in the U.S. VH1 also has an array of digital channels and services including VH1Classic, VH1 Soul, VH1 Mobile, and extensive video on Connect with VH1 at

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  1. Deborah Griffith says:

    Three of us get together on Sundays to watch Mob Wives and we are in our 60′s. We absolutely love Big Ang and cannot wait for the spin-off. She is such an addition to the group. We love them all but she is such a straight shooter and wish we could visit her bar and have a few with her!!!!!!

  2. Kelley Gerics says:

    Can’t freaking wait!! I love big Ang!!! She is everyone’s Mob-mother (God-Mother) :)

  3. omg, this i had hoped for! big ang is my favorited on mob wives, tho i love them all! yes..!yes…!YES! i would absolutely be as faithful to her show as i am to MOB WIVES, as long as they film it, i will be watching. i love it, its my absolute favorite! good for you, BigAng! you deserve it and i hope you have many successes along with it..blessings big ang! i love ya!

  4. Lyndy says:

    I LOVE BIG ANG!!!!

  5. Debra Ross says:

    When I get back to Jersey to visit.. me and my girlfriend will come over to SI to the Monkey for a few.. in hopes I can see Ang.. I am in Fl. now.. its tough.. money is short.. but have visiting to do in Jersey..
    love ya

  6. Rachel says:

    YESSSSS!!!!! I knew it had to be a matter of time! I am so beyond excited and I cannot wait to tell all of my friends!

  7. Holly says:



  9. Karen says:

    What’s with the overuse of Botox ?

  10. Lydia says:

    I LOVE BIG ANG!! She definitely is a star and very levelheaded on the show!! YOU GO BIG ANG!!

  11. Jamie says:

    Big Ang also should start appearing at comedy clubs! She’s funny without even jokes being written for her.

  12. renee says:

    I LOVE BIG ANG!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  13. Lady Bea says:

    I just love the way that you are cool, the way that you talk, and just the way you comfort people. Don’t stop. Also, I love the way you take care of yourself. Good luck!

    Lady Bea

  14. Sandy says:

    I am so excited and exstatic! I can’t wait!!

  15. Sandy says:

    Wait until my 14, soon to be 15 yrs. old finds out about this…he LOVES BIG ANG!!!!!

  16. Karen says:

    I’m soooooooooooo excited to see Big Ang get her well deserved own show! I love her soft but orderly personality. I bet back in the day she drove men crazy! LOL….I live in Phoenix & wish to run into Karen someday….that would be frink’en awesome :-)

  17. anna anderson says:

    I love mobwives and big ang. I look forward in seeing big ang new show. good luck girl and good luck to the mob wives.

  18. karen says:

    I love it you Go!! Big Angggggggggggggg i will watch it and the Drunken Monkeyyyyy

  19. Toni says:

    Love Big Ang! She is the best!! Thank you Jennifer Graziano for putting this show on, meaning first Mobwives and now Big Ang, thanks so much you’re the best!!

  20. Daisy T says:

    Can”t wait! I am ready to see Big Ang now!

  21. Traci Harris says:

    About time! She is a breath of fresh air and seems to have a good head on her shoulders, can’t wait to see more of her. <3

  22. T in Texas says:

    I just said that I would love for Big Ang to have her own show . And when I saw this about her getting her own show . I was like “YES” ! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOVE HER !

  23. valerie says:

    Hey “MOM”, im sending a article about my husband who was part the chinese mafia, maybe I can get a part on your show. I will send it with Linda today … Give it some thought!!! Love Ya see u this weekend at the “Drunken Monkey” if u there

  24. Tess says:

    Sooo looking forward to your show Ang! Ppl on the mobile site rallied for weeks screaming for you to get your own show. Your personality has been so serious since Rene’s dilemma, it will be fantastic to see you in your element again. But PLEASE DON’T HAVE RATMONA ON YOUR SHOW!!! Its so obvious shes sucking up to you for just that reason. You have a smash hit on your hands. Dont jeopardize that behind karen & ratmona. Will be watching for you on the Reunion show. Come si Bella!

  25. Maureen Doolittle says:

    Omg… Big Ang!!! Can’t wait for her show. Not a big fan of reality tv but there’s something about her……she just freaking kills me!!!!!!!