Jennifer Williams Files Lawsuit Against Nia Crooks, Nia Says She Regrets The Slap


Jennifer Williams is following through with that threat that she may not be the type to slap someone, but she has no problem slapping them with a lawsuit. The New York Daily News reports that Williams is suing Nia Crooks in New York (in addition to filing a complaint in Florida). Williams says she is “she is still suffering from a whiplash-like neck injury and post traumatic stress stemming from the slap,” and thinks that the footage of the fight, which aired on Monday’s episode, is “disturbing” and “humiliating,” stating “I get anxiety just thinking about it.”

While the News could not reach Nia for comment, she did give an interview to Baller Alert this week and stated about the fight “I did not go on television to slap Jen. Before I entered that suite I had a few cocktails and 30 minutes of conversation had already taken place between Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn amd I…Me asking her what happened between her and I, and her reaction to me, took me by surprise. Let me say this, I’m not out here gang banging threatening people and acting like I will bust everyone’s ass. However, please believe, I was not raised no punk and I don’t lip box. If you disrespect me, I will react. Whether the cameras were rolling or not, I would have slapped the sh*t out of Jen. Jen was real bold with that mouth but she gets like that when she thinks she will be rescued. This was one incident where her rescuing team didn’t get to her fast enough. So I had to slap some sense into her ass.” However, Nia does admit that she regretted the situation, saying “I’m not going to lie, I did regret it after it happened. I actually prayed on it. It bothered me that someone I love and someone I know, became someone I use to love and someone I knew.”

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. Paula says:

    Whiplash-like injury? Wow……I know Evelyn is having a field day with this one. I don’t condone violence from anyone, but come on Jennifer. I mean, you were working out in an episode this season – you can’t just put some ice on your face and call it a day??

  2. Kim says:

    Personally, I think that Nia shouldn’t have slapped Jen period; for one, it wasn’t her fight even though Jennifer & her had tension after Jen & Evelyn fell out but the situation could have taken a different turn ; now Eve was cool about the situation the whole entire time. Now everything started from Jennifer’s publicist but fair is fair, if Eve wanted Jen to fire her publicist, she has to fire hers as well.

  3. agee says:

    lol@ paula. of course jenn could ice it and move on. but where is the lesson for nia in that? if she was silly enough to let herself be pumped-up enough, to slap someone who posed no physical threat…shame on her. perhaps shaunie, evelyn and tami’s flame-throwing, instigating azzes will cover the court cost, etc? she thought she was punkING and turned out punkED!

  4. Lisa T. says:

    Of course Jen could have iced down her neck (LOL) but Nia had no “biz” “placing” hands on Jen. It serves Nia right to be getting sued. She has to deal with the consequences of letting Evelyn “get in her ear”

  5. Susan says:

    You’re an idiot Nia, you just got played by Evelyn, because she just had you do her dirty work. You are super stupid. You all give black women a bad name. White folks love to see you all showing your stupid ass. Dumb as a box of rocks…..

  6. marty says:

    @agee, WELL SAID!!! YOU GO JEN!! This DUMB gopher broad is STILL talking STUPID SMACK! THEN has the NERVE to say she regretted it, and “prayed” on it! Really, so you still talking smack is the “answer” to your prayer? You should be humble and apologize for putting your hands on ANYBODY! You can’t get a point across without resorting to violence? You don’t have verbal skill capabilities? If not, you NEED to get some “Ed-u-ma-cation”…..RAT!!! And a PUNK A$$ RAT at that! YOU are a follower, with NO MIND of your own. And what has ME rolling around laughing hysterically is you can’t see how big bucky tooth Evelyn pumped you up and USED you as a flunky and a FOOL! You deserve whateveer you have coming, and what little you have, I hope Jen TAKES IT ALL as a lesson to ALL RATS!!!

  7. Jacqui says:

    Jen is doing the right thing. She does not have to stoop to Nia &Evelyn’s level. You can’t go around slapping people & think that there are going to be no consequences for your actions. I don’t care how Nia rationalizes it, nobody has the right to put there hands on another person. So what, she has new friends. Jennifer Do you! Quoting a popular court TV show, ” Don’t take the law in your own hands, Take Them To Court!”

  8. Nia…I hope you get sued ROYALLY. You had NO BUSINESS putting your hands on anyone for any reason. SO WHAT Jen didn’t say the right thing?
    I felt bad they brought a low budget sideline friend on set just to ACT LIKE THAT. And Evelyn had to JOIN IN cause she wants the whole world to know just how stupid she really is. We are to believe that is acting? I think YOU & HER are every negative stereotype of a black woman KNOWN TO TV. EMBARRASSING.
    You should have been WOMAN ENOUGH TO WALK AWAY. But instead you had to show your behind…just how low class and ignorant you really are. And if you really think they are going to ask YOU to join the show…smh I don’t think so. You look CRAZY beating on someone who does not want to fight anyone…and you go after HER full force…and THAT makes you WHAT?
    Jen…SUE THE CRAP OUT OF HER. Sue her wanna share your spotlight…beat down looking…not a friend to the end of the earth. Teach her what no home training gets you in this world.

  9. Denise says:

    As much as I would have loved to see Jen defend herself, she took the high road. What road would Evelyn and Tammy teach their daughters to take in a situation such as this. The bully way or the high road. Clearly, Jen is the smart one here. Your daughters could learn a lot from Jen. These women should ALWAYS see themselves as role models (like it or not). Teach your daughters GOOD lessons, not what you’ve been betraying.

  10. Sweet-T says:

    I have never seen so many african american women act so silly. The bible talks about sillly women and I mean this show has got to be the worst on national tv. Ladies please go to church and try to learn how to love yourselves first, because to tell the truth no one on that show are true friends. Too much back-stabbing and back-bitting. I am really surprised at Ms. Shaunie, you really need to check yourself for real. Evelyn just your plain ole girl from the hood who got all that mouth. They need to remove all the bottles and chairs and see if she can really fight. Jen. do whatever you have too, so the haters can calm down.

  11. SWEETKANDI says:


  12. kim says:

    i dont agree with what happened i mean it is T.V. but i also dont understand why jen is still on the show if you constantly are being assaulted ! what is the pupose!

  13. kim says:

    sorry me and my bestfriend are arguing over what i posted she thinks jen should just have her own show but she then said noone would watch it because america would rather watch mutha f–like evelyns busting people in the head with bottles ! i justed started lmoa !

  14. They all need to stop it grown women should not act like that.

  15. clarissa santiago says:

    Take yourself to the dentist! How bout that??? Busy slappin chicks, for no good reason, and you made yourself look like a fool. Excuses Excuses. Loser.

  16. MS BERRY says:

    people need to stop thinking that they have the right to lay hands on another person, that was tacky, Nia was trying to pick up Evelyn’s fight with Jen, that was not the time or place for that MESS, then Evelyn running across the table barefoot, so TACKY AND BEYOND GHETTO, SO SAD, I see that money and the finer things in life do not make one happy or well balanced in life. I will continue to watch the show to see what these so called woman most seem to have no HOME TRAINING WILL BE UP TO NEXT, one STUNT SEEMS TO TOP THE NEXT!!! SAD BUT I CANT SEEM TO TURN THE CHANNEL…LMAO!!!!

  17. Taesha says:

    Jenn is stupid, i would have slapped her butt back.. it would have been world war III in that piece… screw a lawsuite…

  18. JLambert says:



  19. Jessica Reeder says:

    We all know that Jen is a princess and pampered, however, that does not give someone the right, because they know this, to slap her. The fact is, Nia knew that she could get that slap off. Now had it been Tami or even Ev, it never would have happened. The cameras were rolling and she thought it was a really good idea to get her ‘in” on the show. But I reall wished that Jen would have done something, I mean, she is like six and a half feet tall, she could have easily gave Nia one to the belly.

  20. queen esther says:

    and u wonder why there is no husbands for these housewives

  21. Piper says:

    Wow…really Jennifer?! You are so whack right now and you thought being the better person and not reacting was the better way to go? Uh no ma’am instead of slapping a lawsuit you should have politely unbuttoned that hot ass shirt you had on and do what you had to do so you didn’t look “humiliated”…you’re weak and super whack!

  22. Karen says:

    Tammy better watch out! She could be the next one sued! Where’s Meeka???? That face smash she got last season should be good for a lawsuit too. Maybe THEN they will all learn to keep their hands to themselves!! Silly women!

  23. Kris says:

    I do not understand why some grown people think they can not control another grown person’s mouth. And it always seems to be the person that can’t control themselves doing it. Cudos to you Jennifer. I am so glad that you are finally showing your individuality. Nia, at some point in life you have to grow up and realize that verbal conflict does not bred physical violence. And the next check Evelyn cuts you, slick flip it over, endorse it, and drop it in the mail addressed to Jennifer…..dummy!

  24. Bianca says:

    LMAO… I think she should sue the HELL out of Nia…. SHE DID just go there to do something to Jen…. I can bet money it was premeditated…. her and eve had laughs about it before and after it happened im sure…. I hope the short lived publicity and ill manner fame Nia gets from this is worth it… Maybe the 2 bedroom will go down to 1 after the lawsuit!!! It wasnt cute, but Jen still is.

  25. China says:

    This show has nothing but hood rats not lady like @ all Evelen nia had this planned.

  26. Browneyes says:

    I hope that Jen, doesn’t drop the lawsuit. I absolutely HATE this show. The real lady of class is LaLa’s Full Court… Evelyn, Tammy, and even Shawna are all hood rats. No wonder Shaq left her dumb behind.



  28. Executees says:

    Wonderful Jen , now you can take what little money she made from being on the Show. Violence should not be condoned when its not even necessary. NIA deserves to be sued, I’m sure Evelyn will be next.

  29. Fem says:

    @ Monique couldn’t have said it better myself!! If Jen wants to move on with her life then so be it she is entitled as long as it’s not causing problems for no one else let Jen do Jen be happy for her not hate on her.

  30. Vee says:

    Jennifer does not come across as a nice person/friend. Boogie my foot she is pretend boogie. No one deserves to be slapped but she had it coming.

  31. Jen is doing her thing.. fighting is so elementary …Nia is acting like that from hanging around Evelyn tired ass!!

  32. Rocksand says:

    She had no business putting her hands on Jennifer. I would sue her ass to. Good for you Jennifer.

  33. Sierra says:

    Nia should have not slapped Jenn but Jenn is a friendly bobber, one that stops being friends with others just because she does not like one she has a very nasty attitude and they way she talk to people is not right. It is ok to be a Jenn fan but when she is wrong she is wrong. Jenn thinks she beat everyone to the punch by getting papers saying she can not be touched but that is only actions taken by someone that knows they are doing wrong then wants to play victim. Jenn get over yourself and comment makers stop being groupies.

  34. Teresa says:

    Heffa PLEASE! If she wasTHAT upset about the friggin keys she would’ve called or texted and asked for them back. She wants us to believe that she came at that woman like that because of some keys that she OBVIOUSLY doesn’t need since she’s had them so long. And she’s STILL talking, making herself seem even more IGNORANT, GHETTO, and CLASSLESS! By no means does that slap make me think that she’s gangbanging! The word for picking on someone who you KNOW won’t defend themselves is BULLY!!

  35. ashley wright says:

    i think this show is abt drama none of the even basketball wife so y keep showing them they dont date none of them they are bitter old women

  36. Sara Lee says:

    Jennifer is exaggerating her injuries of course. However, I don’t buy Nia saying she regrets the slap one bit. It makes no sense to say all of that about how you’re not a punk and then to try and say you regret it. You’re lying.

  37. J-Me says:

    Haha this is too funny…is she serious. You got slapped, it is not like you got attacked. Put your big girl pants on and call it a day.

  38. Serena Blackwell says:

    Wow, still suffering from whip lash and post traumatic stress?? Really?? I can’t help but laugh at this. How dramatic and petty. And Jen, you aint that cute so stop the boogie attitude and “get it together”

  39. s pope says:

    I mean rlly a lawsuit… and whiplash?! I do not condone what Nia did but Jennifer has to be careful who she is testing… She did dare Nia 2 do it and Nia did react… but you all are grown women I’m pretty sure you can handle conflict without putting lawyers in it… dats a waste of money!!!!!!!!!

  40. Dee says:

    I hope Jen sue the crap out of Nia! She was showing off….I mean really!?!? Slaping someone for what?? Jen was going through a bad time with her divorce…sometimes you just go into a shell and just need to think and regroup. Friends should know that, support you and not act like fools about it. If Nia wanted her keys….then she should have called and asked for them. Sue her tail Jen!!

  41. HELEN SPEARS says:

    I’m so glad Jennifer is suing Nia! Maybe the rest of them will leave her alone, for fear the same will happen to them. I absolutely Love Jenn and I think she has so much more class than any one on the show. Shaunie is as fake as a 2 $ bill. I can’t stand her!

  42. niecy says:

    Drama,Stupidity,and Foolishness… Evelyn you openly threated Jenn on National t.v I hope she sues your a$$, you need to be worried about your man,who he cheating with, and how many condoms you need to buy him,isnt that what you told him you would do? buy condoms for him you stupid B*^$h,STOP HATING on Jen and get a life, Jenn, Evelyn is a HATER big time let her be your Motivator…Booboo!!!

  43. alli says:

    while i do think NIA should suffer amd i love JEN..JEnnifer is over exaggeraating, that slap caued injury,,,what are u made of cotton? lol

  44. Jackie says:

    I felt so bad for Jen and all the BS that is going on. Just because she doesnt like your man doesnt mean she is not your friend, sometimes your friend can see through BS better than you can because you are so in love everything is clouded. They act silly and then want to defend it saying they are adults WRONG and adult does not need to punch, slap, kick, throw, spit or use any kind of physical violence to get a point across. This Nia chick is wrong on so many levels, all she needed to do was ask for the key like a normal person would, say what she had to say and walk out of there not worrying about who the hell Jen is friends with.

  45. Rita says:

    Jenn dont drop the charges, Evelyn and her along with her hood rat friends need to be taught a lesson. You have to much class for their asses and they both have issues to be acting the way they have been acting. You can take the person out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the person. Trash hangs around with trash and that what both of them thangs is……..Keep doing you and enjoy ur life….

  46. Irene says:

    Good for you Jen! U’re so classy and respectful! Don’t ever, ever stoop to anyone’s childish, high school ways. Don’t ever demean yourself for no one. Stay the classy woman that you are. You are a great role model for a lot of young women, so keep doing you and keep it moving girl! God bless!

  47. Renee says:

    Hahahaha!! So her behind Jennifer!!! Get it all!! Nia keep your hands to yourself.

  48. K. Corpus says:

    Where are these people from? You do dnot resort to violence when you cannot get your way or your feelings get hurt! Come on People! Then you justify it??? What is wrong with these women? I am a fighter also, but I defend myself. I don’t act a damb fool!

  49. Stacy says:

    Nia took up Evelyn fight, and i think Jen is the bigger person. Evelyn is just jealous and is trying to put everyone against her. Evelyn you needs to grow up.

  50. ONCHAUNTE says:

    I know she was wrong for the slap..But if you till me to slap you i will slap you too….

  51. imagineu says:

    heffa’s always want to pray about it!!! Girl BYE… see you in Rikers Big Tika will be waiting or the check cashing line ~

  52. Trina says:

    Also let me add this Shaunie is laughing at you girls. Shes making the big bucks and you girls are put out to be nothing but bullies. Shaunie is the smart one. You girls are an embarresment to women. How come everyone of you girls want to fight each other and theres not one word said out of the way to Shaunie . I know she pays your check. Dumbasses thats all!!! I could never let someone talk to me like they do then are best riends with them. You can tell its a show because that doesnt happen in the real world at least not in mine. Dont cross me then try to be my friend.

  53. Angelika says:

    I do not blame Jen one bit, if you act like an animal you deserve whatever comes to you. What is wrong with just talking back to someone why resort to violence? That Nia was a a mess and is just trying to get a spot on the show as a regular,I hope Jen wins her lawsuit.

  54. stefanie says:

    @ agee yu r so right, they r 2 messy an they are shaunie’s puppets

  55. DumbAssMove says:

    what !!!!!!!!! r u joking with ur statement “if you disrespect me, I will react” GTFOHWTBS….reacting out of anger alway get u n major trouble…next time take a moment to think before you react…dumb move….hope u have learn a lesson from this one….duh…duh and more duh’s

  56. misty gray says:

    i think they need to grow up ….why can’t people out grow one another ,just because u come into a persons life doesnt mean u got to stay there…. i dont like allowing people in my life just to run it …soooo if she has moved on why take it to a fight when whats hurts worse is cutting them off from ur life altogether…why do friends feel like they need to run ur life with violence…that makes them run further from u…i wouldnt trust a person like that….true friends talk about things in a civil manner and ol gurl needs to re-examine her self….that could have been handle alot more maturally.PEACE and RESPECT

  57. Lauren says:

    Lol. Come on it was just a slap. Take your slapping and move on it was not that serious. Jen is too overthetop for me.

  58. Denice' says:

    Kudos to you and way to go Jennifer! Someone needs to set the tone here. I don’t think she’s “boo-shie” at all. I think she’s classy and that’s what Evelyn, Tami and even Shaunie are jealous of.

  59. melody luke says:


  60. Bosslaydee says:

    Nia,,if you wanted to talk to Jen,,that was not the time nor the place.You did what you meant to do because you knew Evelyn had your back.Jen did the right thing.Its so sad that all of you beautiful woman act hood rats. Wearing Louboutin’s,Gucci & LV dosent mean anything when you act like a pack of wild animals,,Jumping on tabels,throwing bottles,,OMG!! Personally I think Jen has more class than any of you whether you think she thinks she is better or not,an in that case she is better because she dosnt act like she was raised by monkeysl!! Evelyn’s excuse is because of her saying you live in an apartment,,she is full of crap too,because when she first met Tami she talked about her clothes,hair and nails,,she talked about Royce not being polished,,you see you all 4 got where you were before Shaunie put money in yalls bum ass pockets…Yes I said it now slap me!! if you would have slapped me I would have bashed your head in!!! Then still file a law suit!!

  61. Belinda says:

    Shaunie needs to shape up. you need wives that are really wives, act like wives, do what real wives all are stupid, low-life, and RMBARASSING!!! honey nia is a HOOD RAT to the Max. Evelyn needs her ass beat, kick and shot. go Jen take all of them to court.and dont forget about that Hood RAT TAMI. you all are sore- losers

  62. Caorl Holmes says:

    Two wrongs do not make a right!!! They all just need to step back and let things die down then address them when everyone can come together and speak with one another. All the screaming and fighting gets you nowhere and all it causes is more problems. If they all are truly friends then they will find peace within themselves to forgive one another and let the water under the bridge float on by. Please do not get me wrong with my statement above. I support Nia 100% on her confronting Jen but slapping her was not cool. I support Evelyn 40% but dissing your gurl like that after she said sorry and explaining what happen and you still have ill feelings, is just wrong.
    Ladies, it’s time to put your big girl panties on and learn how to disagree without the violence. Work it out ladies!!!!! Please work it out…

  63. Diva says:

    Wow jenn it wasnt that serious i say. I liked jenn as a person , but not anymore. She thinks shes better than everyone & shes not. Im sorry, but she deserved the slapped. How can yu betray people that was there for yu & espically when yu didnt have anywhere to stay
    To talk about Nia like dhat qot me very anqry dnt eva cme out yur mouth when once a pon a time yu wad just like her. I can say many thinqs, but ill wrapp it up!

    - i love me some Evelyn & Tammy. Those are my qirls!

  64. irritated in OH says:

    Im so glad that Jennifer is suing that chick. You should use your words and not your hands in an argument. What has that woman done that is soooo wrong that she keeps getting attacked? She seems to be inteligent enough that she moved on when her and Evelyn fell out. She just minds her own buisness. This Nia chick is not even part of the show. Shes running around slappin people…who the hell is she? Then evelyn hops her ass up on the table like a circus monkey and charges Jen because she was talkn about that phsycos home…WTDTA? She just slapped hot fire out her ass…was she supposed to sing Kum ba ya? offer her a cocktail. Hell no!!! Gloves go OFF. I would have talked about her, her mamma, her childhood sunday school teacher. Everybody she knows would have gotten clowned. Im just sick of them treating Jen like she some type of venomous snake. If she is…isnt that more reason to just leave her the hell alone. Dam….Evelyn, move on with your life. You meddeled all up and through Jens divorce. All she told you was the truth about your so called relationship with Ocho. Isn’t that what friends are supposed to do. Look out for one another? If Jen had slapped you a high five and kissed your ass after you had sex with him for a pair of shoes, would yall still be friends? If Jen is getting it in all over the world, at least she has the good sense to be discreet.

  65. JFK says:

    It doesn’t matter how hurt nia was she has no right to put her hands on someone. What if Jen retaliated and hit her with something knocking her on conscious then what? nia is a typical black girl who acts like a wild animal. I don’t watch this show, but I’ve seen the part where the little girl slaps this grown woman! evelyn and tami are disgrace for woman and does not represent real women.

  66. stefanie says:

    shaunie is tha producer an she is really messy 2 if yu think about, she sat her ass right up there wit eve&tami gossiping an she never tell’s eve r tammi they wrong shame on her…..

  67. shawana says:

    Nia is getting exactly what she deserves you can’t Just go around slapping whoever whenever you want you are too grown for that so maybe next time nia. and Evelyn will think twice about slapping somebody cause Benn can say whatever the neck she wants too.

  68. dee says:

    Jen is doing the right thing maybe now these women will act like women and keep their hands to their self that don’t give you no right to go putting your hands on ppl cause they don’t want to be your friend you could of simply pulled her to the side and talked it out with her but instead you want to show out in front of eve see how much of a friend eve going to be to you when its time for payout. smooches

  69. ezra654 says:

    nia is a disgrace to human society, right along with those other two wild animals tami and evelyn. Shaunie is making money off those monkeys.

  70. Robert Kurilla says:

    She is still suffering? i would love to nurse her back to health with some long deep massages. She has the body of a goddess and it needs to be worshipped

  71. mzanda says:

    Jen should stop running her mouth, and quit being so pathetic.

  72. erica bosslady says:

    Nia only wants attention, u say yea u slapped Jen but afterwards u prayed on it, gul sit down. I wish Jen would’ve walked her, ppl only pick plexus wit sum1 dat they kno hv never had a fight. Jen isn’t d fightin type & want to protect her image, n I’m not mad at her. I dnt blame her 4 wanting to b to herself, everytime she’s n d company of every1 she get n a altercation. But Jen Imma need u to catch dat fade one gud time whether u win or lose, get out there. I hope her Evelyn wk on it though, but if they can’t, dat means they wasn’t rlly friends to begin wit.

  73. titi says:

    SUE THAT ASS JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXAGGERATE EVEN MORE BABY!!!!

  74. Embarassed says:

    Shaunie you need to take some classes on being a mentor. You’re the head person in this group of people. Stop making Evelyn & Tami think it’s ok to act like bafoons on your show. That bad girls show don’t fight as much as your staff damn!! And they are young women. You have old birds jumping people like they are bangers. Wow!! Personally I think sisters AFRICAN AMERICAN /BLACK WOMEN perfer to be represented by women of substance & intelligence. First Lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Dr Lisa Masterson, Whoppie Goldberg, Tyra Banks, Iman, the group of women who sponser BLACK GIRLS ROCK, Beyonce, just to name a few. Those are sisters with substance. Now think about those I just named & then rewind the tape of Evelyn & Tami. Yes, that’st what I’m talking about. See how stupid they look next to the group of sisters I just named?

  75. AJ says:

    Not a fan of this chick Nia, bcuz she does seem like she’s trying to make a name for herself….HOWEVER, she ASKED Jen, “What do you need to be slapped to get a clue”, and Jen’s reply, ” I wish you would”. Ever heard the saying be careful what you wish for cuz you just might get it. Well Jen your wish came true.

  76. angel says:

    I solove and support Jenn,so what if she decides she has had enough of those hood rats (friends) plus they are so ghetto,and as too O’neil she is a fake and tammy dont like people to gossip about her and she is the gossip queen of the show,SO WHAT IF JEN DON’T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH THEM it’s her choice,why dont they run in Tammy’s face,Any how i love my girl Jen I see lots of people hating on her but they are just like the haters in the show,y’all cant take a sista when she steps up a level more that you,but Jen will keep on climing in a classy way,SUE THEIR ASS IF THEY STEP OUT OF LINE, IF NIA CAN SLAP HER SHE CAN SUE HER I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT, IT’S TIME WE START BEING A FRIEND TO THE PEOPLE WE CALL FRIENDS.

  77. T. Morris says:

    Jen, whether or not you are exaggerating your injury or not…its the option you have as a consequence of her actions. So if people dont want you to be able to say you have injuries due their animalistic actions…then its simple: don’t act like an animal. I’m so torn because just like when Meeka was suing Tami, I am wondering what your reaction was then compared to now that you are the target. But either way…wrong is wrong and right is right, and Tami nor Nia had any right putting their hands you either of you especially when its way unexpected. (I am still wondering tho how you let that beast get that close to you from around the table and still get to smack you : it doesn’t matter but I hope if these were to EVER happen again you would be more defensive). I respect your position and I am truely turned off by the mean girl “sting yo” @ss mentality! C’mon, when Tami was in her face she wasn’t trying to sting anyone ~ so please !! I hope they and You have learned from this. Good luck with everything you do…God bless to all the ladies.

  78. Deborah says:

    I don’t blame Jen at all, I would sue her as well as Evelyn. Evelyn is the person who pushed Nia into the whole situation.. Even though Evelyn didn’t hit her yet, it’s coming and she will be in the same boat as Nia… Grown ass women acting like 2 year old…

  79. Tess says:

    You go Jennifer….you are doing the right thing. Now, I don’t know about just sitting there letting her slap you like that but, you doing the right thing by not getting ghetto with them and hitting her ass in the pocket where that’s gone hurt harder than that slap she did……Keep your head up girl and continue to do you…..#teamjennifer!

  80. renee says:

    i don’t believe in violence but i think nia should have react but in a different way she could of told jen how she feel and left her where she was at fighting is not always the answer nia u did what u did from your heart i been through the same situation and i have learn that fighting not going to get me know where

  81. Kim says:

    Sorry J-Me, big girl pants or not there was no reason for that woman to resort to violence. She was assaulted which in my opinion means she was attacked.

  82. Paula Edwards says:

    What did you think would happen Nia. You walked right into that one…lol

  83. happyess says:

    Im gonna do like Jen and say I wish you would, Nia actually made me stand up when I saw her slap Jen. Taken candy from a baby makes you a punk. Beating on someone with no intent to hurt you makes me sick to my stomach. All that because someone decided to clean their closet and no longer pursue a friendship???? Wow Jen is currently appearing to be the smartest on the show.
    Nia, your words in your interview are disgusting and were wasted, you have regrets and no regrets, lol, not a gangbanger, oh but you know me and how I get down. KEEEEP talking, I love how you are building your own case against yourself. If they use your interview in court and the slap, there is no case. Jen i know you do have anxiety because my jaws are locked now!!! What injustice. The rule even bad publicity is publicity, doesnt matter how much you disgrace yourself, your family, your race that almighty dollar and fame wins every time. Great 5 mins Miss Nia

  84. Ms. McC says:

    I agree with Jenn!!Nia should have sat her ass down and talked like a mature woman; instead of an inmature child!..Grow up. Jenniger and Shani are the classies women on the show. Nia is a phoney Evelyn. And Evelyn need to get her self together and stop assaulting people. She should be too pretty for that. Evelyn has no CLASS!..Team Jenn here!!

  85. Kiki Barnes says:

    I think all the women are childish, and they are constantly instigating fights with each other. I think she should have talked to jen in private, instead of getting some air time. She needs to go back to her corner and be evelyn’s assistant.

  86. linda says:



  88. BrooklynBeanZ says:

    Oh btw I hope when Jen filed her law suit for divorce against her ex husband, she also sued him for throwing that drink in her face.

  89. Toots says:

    That’s right jen sue her ass and let the rest of them know i am a better person than you are to not fight but will let the court fight for me, I got your back if you need a witness :-))

  90. edith police says:

    Nia is just listening to Evelyn’ dumb-ass..Jennifer sue the weave off her head !! All this fighting for what…grow up Nia.. And Shaunie if your show needs that kinda vibe maybe you should retool it..sad

  91. LASHAUNA says:

    jenny i think you did the right thing. but dont let no one run over you. do your thing and dont worry about haters. the only thing, stop acting like your never wrong tamie and shaunie are soooooooooooo cool. the issue is with eveyln.

  92. shawn s. says:

    Jennifer just got tried of being number 2 she decided if Evelynn can do it so can she. Jen was never a true friend true friends do not stick the knife in as soon as you turn around. Then Jen sayes she doesn’t understand why Evelyn is so upset. I am starting to wonder if Jen is bi- poloar.

  93. specialk says:

    Don’t pull that Excuse now – CHICKENS! You should have asked Jenn, in Private, before showing your A#@%@!~ on Television.

  94. Constance Littleton says:

    That right Jen deal with those haters like a lady.

  95. carolyn nolan says:

    No one has the right to slap a person because of what a person does or say out of their mouth. Nia you were wrong for putting your hands on Jennifer. The show is becoming a battle field. Is this what we can expect on Basketball Wives?

  96. specialk says:

    I will add, ok, a lawsuit may seem extreme, but these chicks are never held accountable for their actions! You want to race around tables to slap people, then get your pockets ready for court. You want to throw bottles, then get ready for the Orange jumpsuit. You have to learn the hard way sometimes. Keep your hands to your self – isn’t that what we tell children. Wow – I am not even mad at Jenn – get her in court and EV. Guilty by association! Dumb BIRDS. I would bet, if you asked these chic’s about worldly affairs, they couldn’t even tell you who the Vice President was, or who’s running for office, etc. Ask them something – I bet they can’t even hold intellectual/intelligent conversations! They can’t talk about anything else besides each other, clothes, shoes, etc. I bet they can’t even write.

  97. Ashley says:

    She should have been slapped. She was sitting there looking stupid. When Nia started walking towards her, she should have stood up to defend herself. That was her own damn fault. If she doesn’t start defending herself, she will continue to get slapped.

  98. cool chick says:

    I’m super excited for jen she is to pretty and to classy to have to deal with the likes of shaunie,evelyn,tamie, and especially that psycho hoe nia what is wrong with people these days thinking its ok to school a groan women soooooo not right i’m team jennifer let them continue to hate you will shine in the end goodluck and hey keep it moving…

  99. denise says:

    You went in there trying too prove to the other so called ladys , You where bad enough to be on T.V. and they knew it too. What was really your point ?? But you act like you was 3 yrs old. And because Jenn wasn’t at your place no more or talking to Evelyn anymore you try to be Ms. Badd stuff, How would you like it if that reaction was turn on a female relative in your family. What gave you that right ?, People say things all the time that people don’t want to hear. Nia said she just wanted to know what happen to Jenn. So you didn’t get the answer you want and think Jenn is your child. Your the child Nia. Jenn Yeah Put that suit on Nia. Just like Tami she will learn too. Be Ladies on this show!.

  100. MAYRA says:


  101. Candy Green says:

    Jennifer, ur a beautiful lady, do not let trash n your circle.

  102. Righton says:

    while she’s at it. She Needs yo ALSO SUE EVELYN Too. For hitting her on the previous episode. If distancing yourself from these CHicks won’t make them STOP attacking you, then having a POLICE RECORD and having to PAY FOR YOUR BAD BEHAVIOR WILL!!!

  103. SILVER says:


  104. ethnicbutee says:

    Although I agree with Jen’s decision to file charges. I recall past seasons when she and Ev were BFFs and Ev was after Royce…who was jumping on the bandwagon, none other than Jen! When we find ourselves in the midst of a storm we have to ask ourselves, “Am I reaping, or sowing?” when she was Ev’s ride-or-die chick and going against Royce for no other reason than Ev had issues with Royce, she was quick to break bad. We will reap what we sow, more than we sow, later than we sow!

  105. Real Talk says:

    Nia, I appreciate what you said above. I just went through a similar situation with a “former” friend, and it hurt, but I had to just come to the conclusion that the friendship was over. I’ve learned to let go of people who “change faces” on me and turn their backs on me. I realize how much I don’t need them in my life. You were right to pray about it, but from personal experience, you have to learn to pray about it BEFORE you do something that you might regret later. You’re already forgiven by God (if you asked), so now you just move on after you deal with whatever you have to deal with. Cocktails will make you lack better judgement, but stuff like this happens all the time, and we all make mistakes, so keep it moving, and don’t worry about what these people in this world will say about it. They have neither Heaven nor hell to put you in, and everybody has an opinion, especially OVER THE INTERNET…

  106. Lritaturner says:

    I hope you go to jail and I hope you pay for the pain and grief you caused . You know you were doing Evelyn’s dirt. And now with criminal chargers let’ s see if Evelyn gets you out of jail to continue planning the wedding! how dumb of you. You could have called jennifer to ask for your key,,, you are on tape, you had you moment of fame. Hope you are happy. Ghetto 100%pure shameful

  107. Nora Brown says:

    some of you women are so sicking. I don’t care what Jen maybe acting like no one has the right to put there hands on her. It has nothing to do with what color you are, it just common sense not hit no one that hasn’t hit you. I have been in situation where people talk and said what they had to say, but that know not to touch me, because I am not going to be anyone punching bag. Jen should have left when Tammi brought up some letter she had sent out, because that meant trouble already from everyone. Eve might have not said a word, but she was there to start something with Jen. If no one want to be your friend let itl go and move the hell on. I do not think all this drama that is coming from Eve and Nia is from no blog or keys. It is time to get some decent show on, because if you looking forl drama go in your backyard with the animals.

  108. Candy Green says:

    The show should not be call Basketball wives, these girls r not Basketball wives just wants b’s. Basketball wives r classy ladies.

  109. Lola says:

    @ Embarrassed…you hit the notion of the show. I AGREE with you, that Shaunie is a bully in her own way. As one of the EP, Shaunie should be more attentive to these set-ups. Honestly, I don’t care where you are from…you can be from the “hardest”, “roughest”, “gated”, “surburbs”, or “white collar” up bringing home; you should never forget where you came from, but you should NEVER remind your self to act silly. As a law student, I don’t blame Jen one bit for serving the ladies with a letter from an attorney (Dance Mom’s mother did it); all she did was let the ladies know that she is prepared to take the next step…which in legal terms, you have been “notified of plaintiff next step of action”; there is no harm in doing that. Lastly, to Nia, if you and Jen were “Friends”, how come you didn’t reach out to her? In stead you choose your circle of friends Ev (your employer). Ev really needs to work on her anger issues. I get it, the show has wrapped up taping months ago, so hopefully over time (Reunion), there will be some positives. If not, VH-1 needs to cancel the show…so to all the advertisers, start seeking to target WOC else where.

  110. kkdallas says:

    someone should have slapped nia first for that outfit. lookin like a tired zsa zsa gabor!

  111. Genia says:

    If and ever Jen and Eve make up…..guess who they are going to talk about…Nia Crooks..that’s because Nia Crooks is an idiot. She allowed Shaunie and Eve to hype her up. You knew what you were gearing up for Nia and you fell right in line like a true puppet. You should feel ashamed that you didn’t have enough respect for yourself to act accordingly. You should stay awake at night pondering what you looked like on that show. You are confronting another grown woman over, her not hanging with you anymore. You are assaulting people over apartment keys. . That Instead you got caught on the violent coat taill of one of the most violent people in REALITY TV history, (I don’t even think Punk from RW was as violent towards others as this chick)…

  112. ethnicbutee says:

    Well, they can’t say she didn’t warn them…They all received notification from her Attorney’s what would happen next time she felt threatened!

  113. CELESTE STEPH says:


  114. ballgirl says:

    Whats the real issue is that Jen is broke so she going to sue all the other girls..cuz she know when she runs that mouth it WILL get POPPED!!!!!

  115. She did what says:

    Can you all not see that Tammi and Evelyn need medication. Evelyn’s misplaced anger at Jennifer is try to cover up the that that she knows that Chad will never marry her crazy ass. I don’t even think that the diamonds in the ring are real. Shaunie is pimping them.

  116. Drknluvly Peach says:

    At one point the show was good, now it’s like a bunch of teenagers spending their days doing meet ups while throwing back a few. The you said, she said, I gotta get to the bottom of this, is really hurting the show in my opinion. If this is what basketball wives do, geez! I think Jen and Royce are a cut above the rest! Evelyn and Suzie do whatever they have to do to get their minutes in the spotlight including this crazy relationship with Ocho….wow really…but its all about the $$$! My girl Tam is letting Evelyn draw her into the drama, she was once above the “lemme get to the bottom of this and I’m meeting this one for drinks to talk….yada yada yada blah blah!!! Don’t hate on a friend Evelyn…hell I don’t blame Jen, a lady with class doesn’t have to brawl in public, she simply turns the other cheek and hits ‘em in the pocket!

  117. yolanda says:

    girl get over it you should of hit her ass back. You know that there was bad blood with you, Nia, and Evelyn. So that slap should not of come as a surprise. Start fighting them back instead of letting them punk you out on National TV. I am embarrass for you. Learn to defend yourself and that little slap could not of cause whiplash or even a neck injury. And as far as post traumic stress , lmao, no way in hell.

  118. NENE402 says:

    I will be honest and say I don’t like Jen ass at all she is fake, a whiner, and co-dependent on her friends her whole personality is dry and she acts like she is better than everybody. I will give her this though we all know she is dragging her injuries out but you have to admit she is smart! Jen could have went in on Nia’s ass win, lose, or draw but instead she suing this lady that’s going to hurt her more in the long run than that slap did!! Now Nia is going to have to deal with the courts possibly getting an assault charge IDK it is what it iscan’t wait until next week!!

  119. Beverly M says:

    I thinke it is childish and silly. Jennifer is doing the right thing but first she would have been in jail for assault. They are jealous of Jen because she has class and won’t stoop to their levels besides if you were true friends u would not air ur issues in public it would be a private matter…Go Jen…

  120. Angela says:

    You know I love the Show and don’t get me wrong I do NOT condone violience…..What Jn needs to do is take one of them high heels she be wearing and as soon as one them RACHET ass co-stars (EVE) runs up on her again stick in the forhead!!!She will think on before she run up again!!!! All comedy aside. Eve just hasnt ran up on the right one!!! If she had humbling she would be!!!

  121. Nancy says:

    Its seems to me she should of prayed before she meet up with Jen.Jen is to well raised to drop to that level.You go girl!!! All these grown women wanting to fight,Really?!!! Definitely a difference between Old money n new.

  122. Katrina says:

    WOW!!!! How in the HELL did Jen get whip lash from being smacked????. Its not like she got into a car accident ( where REAL WHIP LASH HAPPENS )…. I like Jen, but I do think that she can be sort of a ” drama queen” and that she is taking this too far. Im not saying that is was ok for her to get smacked but, WHIP LASH AND POST DRAMATIC STRESS… come on Jen. If you can flip words from your lips, then you should be able to bag it up. I am dissapointed that her and Evelyn is not freinds, but things do happen. Take responsibility for the things that you say and do Jen and maybe you can be able to rekindle your freindships!!!!! That’s if it matters to you

  123. bevery says:

    Let Jen be Jen , dont run behind Evenly because she is trouble. she on the show to fight that is all she no. for one

  124. Shannon People says:

    Nappy head NIa doesn’t regret nothing but getting slapped with a lawsuit. So cry Eve a river cause nobody else wants to hear it .

  125. BeBam says:

    I hope Jen sues Nia and her 2 bedroom becomes a box under the bridge.

  126. Ummm says:

    Nia needs to see a shrink. She sounds crazy!…I hope she gets it all together when she gets the lawsuit. Everyone saw it on tv.

  127. ethnicbutee says:

    The one-liner of the week…”somebody slap a number on her so she can run around the track with the rest of the animals!” Those Thoroughbred Horses would be offended!

  128. keke says:

    yea nia was wrong but the comment jen made about her apartment was wrong bc wen jen had no place to go nia was there. that comment jen made could have hurt alot of ppl out there im glad she got SLAPPED off her high horse!! but thats ok bc all that mess she talk now jesus will mke a way for her to b living low like sum of us live now! so let her keep talkin tht mess. i live in a 1 bedroom apartment and tht comment made me feel badd af! but all the ladies need to learn how to act. its all just sad

  129. ATS says:

    this is my first time posting, ever. First off, I don’t think that it was right for Nia to even go that far. Yes, she may have been looking for her fifteen minutes of fame, but at what cost? She’s already on the show, she could’ve definitely handled that better, with just the two of them.
    Royce, is doing her own thing as usual, she is a breath of fresh air.
    Shaunie, yes she may be over the set ups and gatherings, but all of these women are old enough to know better. But, if they knew better, they would do better
    Tammie is just a trip to me. She is her own and honestly, just because she says something, doesn’t mean that everyone has to jump on the bandwagon.
    Suzie (no comment)
    Now to Jennifer. Lets not forget that Jenn was always apart of the drama and the follower too of her ex-best friend. Now, she is getting all of the heat that she used to put out. I don’t think she really has changed that much, she has just been humbled. Maybe she has realized a lot in being out of the company of a drama-filled group of females. (not women, just females). No, she didn’t deserve to get hit if she didn’t pose a threat. Honestly, this is just sad, but it’s television. These are the types of females that ballers choose to hit then quit. Which sadly leaves them with loads of money not know what to do with.

  130. americaTHEbeauty says:

    I think NIA wanted her fame time! She is Evenlyn DO GIRL and Flunky!! Please ask Evenlyn for a PAY Raise because you look like a DUSTY FEET. Get your hair done and please dont come back on NAtional TV with a ponytail. You should get sued and you know who to slap!!! Never my move!!

  131. elaine says:

    I am sooooo sick of Evelyn trying to fight everybody, she need her ass wooped ol school style! She acts like she the queen bee. Jennifer is not the fighting type and they are constantly antagonizing her this chick Nia needs to carry her ass right to jail and Jen should sue Evelyn’s angry ass too! Nia only showed out to impress Ev and to get on TV. I bet you there is going to come a time when they all turn on Ev and I can’t wait to see it, Tammy is the only one that handed Ev her ass! And dude marrying that angry woman?!!!! Le’ts see how long that lasts.

  132. melishia says:

    @Lritaturner, u r so rite. Eve nd her socalled ghetto ass queen assistant should pay for there monkey ass bahavior.
    @Candy Green, point. The real BBW is or was shaunie and Jennifer, thats why they r soo classy. The rest r just cabbage, ex GF,ex Fiance or whatever. Royce and Kesha great job. Respecting yourself..@ Arlene Mack, Thank u, thats part of everyday life.. Ppl changes, no matter what status…..

  133. Wendy says:

    And Nia, shut the hell up! You (as is often the case when one of these chicks pop off) were probably drunk! You looked like someone it a really bad witness protection program! Don’t put this on Jen. You started running your mouth and she shut you down! You chose to get up and attack her. Now you can pay! And the BEAUTIFUL thing is, you work for Evelyn, so she will be paying too (from your salary) for that little slap to the back of her head with her purse. Ya’ classless, jealous hood rat! Go Jen!!

  134. jenn says:

    Way to go Jenn, don’t drop to Nia’s level, slap that her a#$ with that lawsuit!!

  135. sugarbear says:

    I think these women want to be on TV fighting because none of these arguments make sense for the fights to begin in the first place.

  136. jackielajohn says:

    Jen i am proud of you…getum….hit those pockets…TODAY THEY GONNA LEARN!!! bet u she will think twice…take ALL her damn assistant money since she wanna throw up the hands…but next time imma need u 2 get a body guard or take some self defense lesson boo cause these females need to learn!

  137. red says:


  138. dee says:

    tell Niia now her ass getting slapped with a lawsuit. Dumbass

  139. baltimore says:

    you better try to screw chad to get some dollars cause you are being sued eve don`t mind if you do she will be your friend ask tammie what a broke down fool


  141. Kay says:

    I think Jen got what was coming to her…She has change…But they didn’t have to put it on T.V.

  142. Angie says:

    Nia you are a fool, I know and you know that you did Evelyn’s dirty work. Now I hope she return the flavor and pay your court fees. So what Jen changed, looks like your childest a** need to do the same thing (Evelyn). Everybody knows Jen don’t fight. So Evelyn & Nia pick on somebody that will put hands back on you, like Tammy. I bet you won’t go back their Evelyn….IJS!!!! I only wish that I could do the honers for Jen…..

  143. kim anderson says:

    that’s what she get… you just can’t talk to people any kinda of way and think it’s okay…. she following her friend lead…. she may have slapped you Jenn but trust and beleive your SLAP was harder :)))))))))))

  144. james mack says:

    team jen all the way… what a classy lady…

  145. Yolanda says:

    Like you said you would have slapped her anyway…..for what fool….she can say whatever she wants and if you were a lady you would have said what you had to say. Agree to disagree…were you raised bc we cant tell it seems like you are blaming it on the alchol….you are not sincere you are only saying this bc your broke ass is being sued…. Make sure Jen that you see it thru….bc ppl need to know that is not exceptable…keep your hands to yourself

  146. taylormade says:

    oh one more thing. u dumb tramp. Jen did not even have to hit you. She held your wrist like you were a damn 1 year old kid. you looked so dumb!! what happened to all that punching????

  147. Joce says:

    Good for you Jen. Those women are just hating on you. Evelyn needs a serious ass kicking then she’ll calm her ass down.

  148. vwatson says:

    jen stay a lady but get a guard to protec you from those animals

  149. Latina says:

    There was a time when I actually enjoyed basketball wives or ex wives, jump off whatever they want to call themselves! Jen stay classy and stay away from these nasty girls! Embarrassing to see women behaving like this on tv is the money worth you acting like a fool! No longer a fan best wishes Muah!

  150. Nafisah says:

    Love you Jen, keep ya head up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Callie says:

    I am so disappointed in Shaunie for letting this show get out of hand. Every time you turn the TV on or pick up a paper, they are talking about stopping bullying. Evelyn, Nia and Tammi are just bullies. What gives you the right to slap someone, because you don’t like what they said? Even pre-schools have azero tolerance forhitting. Here, we have grown ass women with kidsof their own, fighting!!!! I hold Shaunie responsible for this crap, because it’s her show. She needs to set some kind of standards. I did not see the slap, because I decided last week, that it was not my kind of TV. I really enjoyed the first season, but now, it’s just trash. I never thought the Real Housewives trash could be beat, but Basketball Wives is trashier than any of those shows. Good for you Jen. Sue her ass, she derserves it. Never stoop to their level,by hitting back.

  152. Jenita says:

    “NIA, WHY WERE YOU THERE” Where did she even come from? Honestly, she needs to go back to work and make some calls for Evelyn. Seems that she’s trying to make herself known on the show. I am so tired of these hating ass chicks on this show. Jen, you are classy and don’t forget it. Ok so what, you’ve changed, people change everyday but that still gives no one the right to touch you. Lawsuit all the way!!!! :)

  153. Miss Luna says:


  154. DivaOneDivine says:

    I Love you Jenn. Stay a Lady. Attitude determine altitude. I can see you on your own sitcom. I can see you owning a full cosmetic line as well. Your future is bright and people would love to work with you. Keep your head up and stay classy Jenn. You are going through a lot and your real friends know this and would also know to take a step back if you were not reaching out. Are we not grown? If someone does not return your calls you stop calling. If you feel insecure because someone has your keys you change your locks. Look at how you guys disrespect Jenn. If you were real woman you would have a one on one with her in a respectful manner. If you could not do that then you should just keep it moving. If you are happy with your own life you don’t worry about the next one. Misery loves company and EVE is miserable because she know in the end Ocho will NOT marry her. If he does they deserve each other. EVE you do look like the crypt keeper, even with all that make up.

  155. lovetoya says:

    I think it is sad that Nia allowed herself to get pulled into something she had nothing to do with. Her and Ev were talking and even Ev said,” She never thought her and Jen friendship would have ended the way it did.” Nia wake up and see you were used to set up Jen. You ladies are acting so unlady like. I was raised if someone don’t have anything to say to me then so what. One less person I have to worry about. Jen has a right to go where ever she pleases without being bullied or slapped. Who gives you the right to hit someone else? Sad thing is some of you ladies have children and you are teaching them that is how you handle yourself. If Basketball players are expected to carry themselves in a respectable way then the wives really need to step their game up.

  156. kasey says:

    Tami and Shaunie always trying to get them too in the same room and know something is going to pop off. And yet tami and shaunie laugh and joke about it afterwards. I see why jen is doing her thing trying to stay out of the drama and away from people who constantly set her up.

  157. BBw#1FAN says:

    welp Jen…you did the right thing you are such a Freakin lady lol but i agree Ev and her new side kick bully (Tammy) are out of control and need to be stopped!!!!!!! a/s/a/p VH1 has definatly created a Monster in the two of them. Shaunie is phony…. Do u jen cuz girl they hatin the Most now!!! you are the only one with class!

  158. chacha fisher says:

    boo! she just regretn it now . what she better do is ask her lil friend evelynn for some help since it was probably her idea to hit up jen. i always knew evelynn was a buster!

  159. ALBANY229 says:

    *typo “meant leave Jen P**** alone”!!!!

  160. Kibbet says:

    Good for you Jen!! You did what smart women would do (lawsuit or jail time on their record for life). I think you are in a situation that is beneath you. You are an educated beauty, find those that are on your level to hang around with (preferrably the opposite sex-less drama) Go on with your new life and drop ALL NEGATIVES, especially Evelyn!! She is so HOOD! I used to think she was pretty-but her uncontrollable mouth and attitude makes her a modern day Frankenstein!!
    I hope her fiancee realizes that she will embarrass and humiliate him in his future and call off their engagement before it`s too late-like the other baller did. I wish you all that is good, Jen.

  161. shay says:

    nia was wrong 4 wat she did

  162. Nia doesn’t regret what she did, she regret doing on cameraan now shes getting sued. You should get a stay away order against Evelyn and continue being fabulous. LET THE HATERS HATE, I congradulate!!! teamJen

  163. SexyGal says:

    Good for you Jen, Nia needs to understand she cannot put her hands on another person, if shes so tight with Evelyn, lets see if Evelyn back her up now. I only hope Nia ever get anymore airtime.

  164. Georgia says:

    So nice of you to slap some sense into her assd, now she is slapping some law suit into your dumb ass! Where do you get off acting like Evelyn, ghettofied? Because that is exactly the way you two are acting. Especially Evelyn, taking off her shoes and jumping on the table, really! But I gues the old saying is true, you can take the girls out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girls! I though you all had some class, guess not! Grow up and start acting like a woman with some sense, because class eludes you.

  165. SHAY says:


  166. djs says:

    Jen,why did’nt you also put in a restraining order against Ev. She threatened to kill you on camera and she hates you so much now she just may do it. Evelyn is letting hate and I don’t know maybe jealousy consume her. She is now running solely on emotions. They all set you up, Tami and Shaunie after you showing them a good time evidently they resented you for it or they could have told you how they felt after the screening. Protect yourself anyway you can because I do know that when people hate it can show up in many forms and a lot of times, it’s to late to say you did’nt mean to take it that far, you can’t bring people back from the dead. Get a grip do not ever consider yourselt better than anyone, just behave better. Stay Up !!!!!!

  167. GLORIA says:


  168. Yaahyaah says:

    I am so done with Basketball Wives…it use to be entertaining…but not anymore….too much fighting and cussing…is this really how rich pro-sport or whatever women live…well if they do…I don’t see why any women would want to be a part of this drama. Do any of these women do community work or charity work. Shame on you Shauni for leading this ladies on this path and pocketing mucho dinero while doing it…and all you do is set up the fights…shame shame shame!!!

  169. sheila says:

    nia shoulda prayed BEFORE coming face-to-face with jennifer. These non-basketball wives are hot ass messes. out of control

  170. alexis says:

    I dont uderstand why that non talking nia slap my gurl 4 no reason. All i know is eve and nia hating on jenn 4 some reason with they bomb asses.

  171. foxxygurl says:

    Nia your only regret is being sued. You and Evelyn should remain friends, as they say BIRDS OF A FEATHER DAMN SHO FLOCKS TOGETHER.

  172. foxxygurl says:

    Poor Nia, wake up lil mama, eve used your ass big time. Shaunie and Tami, what kind of women are you? You guys are truly worthless, you allow yourselves to be degrading in font of thousands maybe millions of viewers. Jen I pray you make the decision to leave the show so you may continue to grow, there’s a future ahead of you embrace it and move on, your’e a beautiful person with a beautiful spirit. Don’t ever let anyone rob you of your cool. Stay Blessed!

  173. Pegglegg says:

    SUE EVELYN BEHIND TOO !!!!!!! She threatened you and hit you on the cool with her purse. Dont let her get away clean pleasssssssssssse. Kenya should sure her too for throwing that wine bottle at her. Both of you should sue her tail!!!!!!!! All Shaunie had to say was Eve did you throw that wine bottle over my head????? Like she don’t know and as usual Evelyn ignored her. She act like she is scared of Evelyn.

  174. Stephany says:

    I just think that Jennifer is a hypocrite..she wasn’t screaming lawsuit when Meeka was getting slapped by Tami..and she wasn’t screaming stop when Evelyn threw glasses and drinks at Royce. No she didn’t get involved but she never told her girls(at the time) Evelyn or Tami that they were wrong for it. And that she wouldn’t hang with them because they were being violent. She actually laughed at the incident. I just think she wants her 5 minutes of fame and she might get it with this lawsuit. I think VH1 should make them sign some kind of waiver on all this violence they are showing. If you are going on the 4th season and now you are involved in the fight just chalk it up as all the times you watched it go down with other people…

  175. Hazel says:

    Yeah, Nia is sorry now that she’s being sued. She’ll get her 15 minutes, lol. Was it worth it though. I would sue her ass too. Don’t back down, Jen.

  176. Lady Releaf says:

    I love Evelyn and Tammi…Jen is getting what she deserves….Jen started by saying her opinion about her friends man on the radio….Than she cries and asks for Evelyn’s forgiveness and everything was squashed….Jen than turns around and puts some stuff out on blog about her so called friend….Now she thinks she is too good for anyone…..Jen is phony and Jen belongs with Kenya….People have sympathy for Jen because it just looks like everyone is ganging up on her but she brought this on herself…..Did anyone think that if Evelyn and Jen were still friends would Jen make amends with Royce? I think she only made amends with Royce because she really has no friends…..true friends are hard to come by and she acts like she is better than anyone….including Nia who Jen was in and out of her house but than turns around and talks about her living conditions…..By experience, these type of women are fake and should not be trusted…..Evelyn and tammi are the REAL women in this….They keeps it real whether anyone likes them or not!!!!!!

  177. Dee says:

    Nia, it’s ok, she really needed to be slapped… she makes me sick

  178. BROOKLYN BONNIE says:

    Team Jen….Rule #1 always stay a lady…..Evelyn from the Bronx PJ’s 10lbs soak and wet and her dirty birdie friend Nia….PATHETIC!!!! By the way isnt that wedding called off…!! NUFF SAID.

  179. holajay! says:

    SUE HER @SS JEN!! Evelyn set this up..for Nia to do this! On the last episode when Shaunie “Lil Wide Nosed @ss” told Ev about going to the track, Ev pretended that she was going to sit her trifilin’ @ss back and not say anything..all the while she was already plotting to use Nia to do her dirty work! If Nia was so close to Jen, she should have stepped to her privately..and I can understand Jen not wanting to associate with Nia since she is Evelyn’s ASSistant!!! The thing is Evelyn knows that Jen is right about all the shyt she said about Chad..she misses Jen because IF Ev and Chad get married, she would have needed Jen to provide her with some pointers on style, grace, poise, character, and PERSONALITY for this impending wedding!! They set that girl up..Tami, Shaunie, and Ev!!!! Jen should have walked out when Shaunie started asking questions about a law suit. I would have got up, left them tricks a crisp $100 bill for the salad, and told them dueces…and Nia @ss can’t even fight! She stole Jen (somebody said “Jen get up!!” Tami maybe???)! If you can wobble like you were portraying, why is Jen locking you up with your arms in the air like a child having a damn tantrum??? Your road dawg Ev set you up chick!!! LMAO! Now, let me see if she helps you in court!!!! SHAUNIE..YOU A PIMP, AND A HYPOCRITE! In an interview last year, you claimed that you were soooooo embarrassed about all the fighting and shyt, yet you are one of the instigators! boo (as you like to say) I hope you watch the show again, and see how ghetto and embarrassing you are to your race, as well as women period by taking of your shoes,and jumping across a damn table like you aint go no damn home training!!! JEN…GET NIA’S @SS BECAUSE SHE WAS WRONG…AND EV FOR HITTING YOU WITH HER PURSE ON THE SLY..OL’ HEIFER!!!

  180. K. Johnson says:

    Nia is ignorant, she sounds like an jealous lover. If someone isn’t feeling you MOVE ON!!!!! I wish someone would slap Evelyn. All she does is throw things and talk loud, throw fist Evelyn. Take some lessons from the Bad Girls Club!!!!

  181. Denise says:

    What a hot mess.. It’s like watching women in high school….A great example to set for young girls watching the show…so sad. If Jennifer does not want to be around her old friends she need to leave the show.. then she will not have to be involved in all the drama.

  182. michelle francis says:

    jen- michelle from trinidad i love u u are d best on show

  183. mederama says:

    why would saying that “you don’t have anything for me to sue you for”hurt a lot of peoples feelings?! i think that nia and ev (especially ev) were so used to passive jenn going along with everything that they did or said, that they couldn’t stand it when she grew a backbone. jenn has always kind of sat there and let evelyn do all the talking. even ev said that jenn is not confrontational and doesn’t like to talk about things, she said that before their friendship ended. and jenn has always said that she didn’t have a problem with royce except for when she heard that she said things about her and i think the main thing that jenn was upset with royce about was her trying to make deals with her husband eric. i don’t care if it’s a friend, associate, casual aquaintance, you would be angry if that person were going around with a man that you just seperated from.

  184. Bridget says:

    Really…You need to sue someone when you get slapped. Just another way to make a quick dollar. Jen acts like she’s hard and all she is is a punk. You mad about a slap, put on your big girl panties. It’s about time someone slapped her. She thinks she’s the greatest thing around. what comes around goes around. And you just got what you deserved.

  185. the only reason evelyn keeps botherin jen is because jen lets her evelyn just run her mouth too much she needs to worry bout her husband to be hes not really true to her she needs to get a life

  186. lil mama says:

    Good for u Jen make that money girl. But a ass woping would have been better for the both of them Nia and her buddy Evelyn. Maybe you and Royce can team up together and wope that ass together, since they like to double team people.

  187. TMJordan says:

    Here is my opinion……………….I thought Shaunie was cool, but I’m finding out that she is an undercover mess-maker. Why invite all those ladies to the same event when you know there is drama. Not everyone can mix with the same company. Suzie is a straight up BUTT licker. She will do anything to keep the crew from being made at her. Evelyn needs to have her mouth washed out with soap because the language she uses is definitely unbecoming of a lady. Oops, I forgot she’s not a lady! She makes my butt ache. I use to think that Jen was phony, but I have to agree with everyone else, she acted like a lady should have, but I can’t say that I would have allowed her to slap me. Good for you Jen! I really believe that they are jealous of you too. You should leave Suzi alone and get with the only other lady from that group which is Royce. She said what she meant and meant what she said. I’m proud of you Royce. Don’t back down from any of them………..

  188. Cathy says:

    JEN….Do not drop this lawsuit. BBW is going to lose so many viewers because we are all sick of the fighting. Fighting amongst 40 yr olds is the jist of this show and its gotten old quick. If they don’t film with you then move on and turn lucid into a multi million dollar company. Maybe VH1 will give you a show as America follows you while you turn into a business woman. I would love to watch somthing positive like that. You Jen are representing Ladies. We are so proud of you. Keep doing your thing Jen!

  189. Tammi says:

    For Jen! Great example, the other ladies should follow your lead instead of stirring up mess. It was not the time or place for those types of conversations. None of the ladies has shown you any support during this season! Get on with your life! Fighting is not the answer!
    Stay Strong, Move Forward, and Be Blessed!
    Your the black girl that rocks on the show!

  190. ANITA says:


  191. Jennelle says:

    I personally believe that the only two ladies on the show are Jen and Royce….all the others are haters. Evelyn needs to back up, evaluate her self as a mom and a “lady” and focus on her soon to be husband who evidently needs 100% attention to prevent him from sleeping with other women. I wouldnt say that Shaunie has let me down, I would simply say she has shown her true face. As per Tami, she’s a realist and I think she needs to straight up with Evelyn and Nia. They are both wrong for attacking Jen and should both be slapped with a lawsuit….Nia for the slap and Evelyn for the threats!

  192. Mary A says:

    No matter how angry you are, you should never resolve into babaric action. You all need to be a little classy and stop fighting and slapping anybody. It is very disgraceful. I hope Nia and Evelyn change thier attitude or leave the show. I think this will be my last time watching that show. It is too juvenile.

  193. Mary A says:

    You are a very classy woman, especially the way you conduct yourself. You do not have to raise your hands or fight anyone. Keep up the good job. I watch Basketball wife because of you and Royce, the rest of the ladies are nothing to write home about, especially Shaunie, I used to respect her, but I have no single respect for her anymore. I wish you all the best. I hope Nia and Evelyn off the show. But if they change thier attitude may be they can have 2nd chances. All the girls need to apologise to you. I hate the way you were treated.

  194. Cheryl says:

    Jen, you go girl sue that hood-rat for everything she got and maybe then she will learn next time to keep her hands to herself. Just one word of advice. Never ever turn your back on your opponent. I have always liked you I always thought that you were classy. And Nia the flunky may have to move in with Evelyn when you get through with her ass I hope. She state that she prayed about and all in the same time saying she would have slapped you with or without the camera’s, that heifer was just trying to make herself revelant. I hope you get Evelyn next because she is always over the top with her anger.

  195. Classy says:

    Go get your money Jen… BUT with her broke azz living in 2 bedroom apartment and working for the loose of the show, we know she ain’t got no money… You should also sue Evil Loose, cause in reality she came as an employee of her, so she would be responsible for her employees action…

  196. Jenni says:

    Jen, you are correct. Nia, you are a fool. Is this how you solve your issues? Well you will pay dearly for that. I hope that you get a raise in salary.

  197. i think evelyn is really hurt by what happen between her in jen all her pain turned into hurt and hate i see that jen is hurt by everything that is going on like she just keeps losing everything she acts like she dnt care but she do she may b stuck up to some plp but thats her u can’t pass judement wen everyone does things like that too

  198. m says:

    I feel that Nia was totally wrong. No matter how hurt you are it is not that serious. I think Evelyn is cruel, even though she did not say a word that time she made the girl [Nia] want to fight, also. No matter what Jen said Nia was wrong because Jen said what she said because Nia provoked her. Evelyn is foolish, immature and evil, jumping across tables, wow what a lady. Jen said it. She looked like a demon. I think the girl is possessed. She needs God in her life. As a matter a fact they all do. Because tthey think they got it all good now but they better put God first and thank him. Because sleeping with some one with money can only get you so far. I do have to admitt that they do seem pretty smart with triying to make their own money.
    Oh and good luck with that marriage to Ocho Cinco , without God I don’t see how that is going to work. I see nothing but the devil in that relatitonship on both sides. She’s evil and he is just a plaine old mess. Please go to pre-marital couseling. They need it badly. How in the world can you ignore the fact that someone you are going to marry wants to bring someone else home with you. That is not a marriage. Evelyn you look like a big fool, a total idiot and a dumb broad. You need Jesus. You lived to long not to have him in your life. It is time to get to know him. Lord help this girl in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  199. Mary Jo says:


    You should be totally ashamed of yourself! To attack Jen was ridiculous. I bet your mother was totally ashamed of you. I am! If you wanted to talk to Jen about your relationship, it should NOT have been done in that matter. It should have been done just with you and Jen. Evelyn is a witch, and you just followed in her footsteps. No wonder Jen doesn’t want anything to do with either one of you. I am glad Jen is suing you! You deserve it. Don’t blame it on alcohol. Take responsibility for your actions! Physical violence is appalling! Especially when your an adult! Shame on you!

  200. Mary says:

    Please continue this lawsuit. That hoodrat had an agenda. Alhough that hoodrat is broke, her stupid butt will have to come up with money! She needs to be taught a lesson. And you stop being so timid! You might not be a fighter, but there is absolutely nothing wrong or sinful in defending yourself. Stop allowing people to get that close to you and disrespect you. Clearly these chicks are jealous of you. Stay classy with your head held high. LEAVE THAT TAMMI ALONE. SERIOUSLY! EVELYN WILL ALWAYS BE EVIL NO MATTER WHAT. EVELYN IS NOBODYS FRIEND. NEVER TALK TO HER AGAIN. PLEASE!!!!! You are growing and those girls are not meant to grow up with you!

  201. sarahtalks says:

    The entire cast needs to do Group Counseling next season. Maybe that will be the only way to mend all of their messy relationships at least give the viewers some closure before this thing gets rightfully cancelled.

  202. alwahadi123 says:

    NIa should be more than remorseful!! you can’t be putting your hands on people just because you don’t like something they say to you!! be an adult and walk away. People cursed Jeus and what did he do?/You should have prayed about it BEFORE you threw the fist slap!! How old are you girl?

  203. Jessica says:

    This is truly disturbing watching these Grown Wanna Be Women Act in such a childish manner (not Jen I Love Her) Ev and This Nia chic Are truly Doing the Most! I’m Extremely surprised in Ev knowing the history behind her and Jen for her to repeatly Bash Jen the way she has been Bashing her, even though Jen Did some Bashing about Ev, Jen still handle herself as A Woman on a Mission and did’nt go out in public just to try and prove a point to the world that she was the toughest Beep! so stupid on Ev and Now this Nia chic part…smh~ so Jen keep doing what you do because You Are Every Woman they Wish they Were.

  204. Simply V says:

    Tami, Evelyn, and Nia are all jealous DRUNKS!! Royce is the only one besides Jennifer that acts like a lady. Shaunie is a hood Rat collecting paychecks off of the other hood rats. My mom use to say, “Show me your friends and I will show you, you. Shaunie is ghetto just like Tami, Evelyn & Nia, she is like poncho the Mexican Troublemaker she stirs ups trouble and run back to the mountain to see how it will pan out. I’m glad Jennifer is sueing, sue all of the hoodrats.

  205. Karen says:

    Hey Jen, he who laughs last, laughs best! Remember that!!

  206. Paulette says:

    Yeah Nia, how about praying to God to forgive you for loosing your mind and attacking Jenn. Why not just ask for your keys and keep it moving. Act like a lady, not a dude!!

  207. Ranisha says:


  208. Mimi says:

    Yeah that was real ignorant Nia. I was worried your weave was going to come flying off. How are you going to act all ghetto and then get mad because Jen calls you out for the “to the left” as your friend Evelyn pointed out weave you are wearing hoodrat that you are. I am happy Jen is suing you. I don’t think she even did anything to you to begin with. If someone doesn’t want to be your friend, find new friends. I think Jen has always been sophisticated and a lady and she shouldn’t stoop to the level of people like Nia.

  209. muagirl says:

    I am loving the new Jen! I am disgusted with Evelyn, Nia and Tami.

    I love how you are always in the middle of something but never get it in… how is it that you’re protect yourself from the media but you don’t protect anyone else, you always everyone else to show their azz.

    You are 50 years old fighting like that…. not a good example for your daughter and if I was ochocinco, I would not be marrying you because you are a hood rat in christian louboutin. All that crying that your doing… it look like a fool… like Jennifer said, stop acting like an animal!

    Stop acting like an animal. Get a new wig before you come on TV and get your makeup right! You look a hot mess and I hope she sues you. Your 5 mins of fame landed you a case. Keep being an assistant cuz you’re not ready to shine….

    Seriously, you wish you had those connections JEN Had just so you can invite people to a screening. You are jealous and you really need to grow up and change and focus on your own life. Jennifer doesn’t have to cater to you, if she wants new friends, by all means

    Love ya girl… just check your man and make sure he is legit, if not.. drop him quickly

    Love you too girl but don’t instigate…. you did by asking evelyn how she is doing getting her in the mindset of fighting and saying… i’m scared of you… don’t do that, you’re better than that… Jennifer has much class and you need to hanging with her instead of the animal kingdom

    Your crazy… not a good crazy.. know that! Keep singing but don’t dance and please don’t draw a leopard on your face again… i think they said you were 40 well act like it! Girl change the WIG, the last few you have been wearing LOOK REALLY BAD.. you look ilke a black MR. IT. Ask Jennifer who her stylist is… i’m sure they will hook you up.

    Love you girl… File it

  210. MEKA says:


  211. Jackee says:

    I can’t wait for Nia, Ev, Shaundie or Tammi to come to the city of Detroit, I don’t believe you all are so hard. Royce you were awesome in the City.

  212. For real says:

    Jen do your thing. Evelyn is like the class bullies, what is wrong with these ladies. She is mad because her friend is no longer her friend? Move on, life changes, seasons change some people are in your life for a life time and other for a season. Evelyn act just like the hood rat she is and came to the event with her other rat friend (Nia). Nia act like a women scorn is Jen and her in a relationship? What the hell is she doing on the Basketball wives anyway? Evelyn, being engage do not make you a wife, many women have been engage she is a Basketball wife want to be. You can take the rat out the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the rat!! She is the kind of women that men are glad to take around his friends but will not take home to Mommy. Jen, take you a self-defense class so, the next time one of the B’s jump you can drop kick her to the floor. Jen, stay the classy lady you are. I like her style. Nia, stay in your place, have some class and keep your hands to yourself.

  213. Mitziepoo says:

    Jen, please don’t back down on that lawsuit for nothing. Go get your money!! Nia is trying to get her minute of fame and she thinks this is the way to go about doing that. She needs to pay up. Evelyn needs to get a lawsuit also. Anytime she dare touches you Jen, don’t hesitate to sue her too. You are dignified and a lady. Keep your head up and continue being classy. Nia or Evelyn will never be able to walk in your shoe. They are garbage and need to be in the landfill.

  214. Trice W. says:

    Nia relationship to Jennifer was OFF CAMERA SO WHY WAS ALL THIS ALLOWED TO COME TO PASS…Hell she could have changed her locks on her door for 20$ Really (in my Jen voice)…Evelyn was never a friend to Jen real friends understands fall outs and disagreements and dont attempt to be messy, EVELYN looks pure stupid Jen has been taking the high road the whole time. If she (JEN) does not hang with the same people nothing wrong with that that just means she has grown unlike Evelyn!!!!!!Oh Tammi, who are you??? i use to think you were the realist but what i am seeing now says your Evelyns mini me…ijs…..Hated it!!! dissappointed in Tammi and Jen was absolutely right to have her lawyer to send those letters seeing what just happened and i use to not like Jen but she seems to be the one with more sense!!!!!! so kudos to you Jen…

  215. Dee says:

    Thanks, Jennifer for behaving like the classy woman as you are. Nia just wants to get her name known and wants to be behave like the other two ghetto women, Tami and Evelyn. She deserves everthing that she will get.

  216. Sandra says:


  217. Kandy K says:

    Why is this show on t.v.? when you have children questioning the actions of adults it kinda makes you go hmmm!!! You might as well be watching Jerry Springer.

  218. brisie williams says:

    To bad she did not have the lawsuit in place when Evelyn got after her, she hit her before Nia did. I think Nia was just acting like Evelyn and I wonder if Eve is going to help Nia pay her lawyer bill. Nia was a fool she was just following what Evelyn wanted her to do. Did you pay attention to the laid back attitude that Evelyn had, her posture was “get her Nia”. Evelyn is mad at Jen for not being her flunky any more. Jen is to classy for Evelyn and Nia. They are jealous!!

  219. Bunnie says:

    Jennifer start treating them like they treat you whup on their azz and they will leave you along. When they rise up at you rise up on them. Kick your shoes off ant tear on their azz. Shaunie throw the rock and hide her hands. They wont say nothing to Shaunie bc she sign them checks. Shaunie need a slap too.

  220. Earline says:

    Please!!!! Jennifer you are getting what you put out there! YOu were and have always been the bully on all the previous seasons. Now the tables are turned. I DO NOT agree with what Nia did. SO I do agree with the lawsuit. Maybe this will be an example to the others. However, you are now seeing what you did to others. After you reap what you have sown, I pray you can live a life without the same drama you use to cause for others. I truly pray you are turning over a new leaf. Change is good!

  221. angie2fancy says:

    This right here is a punk move. In the past few seasons Jen has been the one to sit in the bad girl corner and laugh while other ppl were being taunted and humiliated but now that it is her she wants to go all legal. Her attd has changed tremendously and she does act like she is better then all the girls in the show, yet if you felt this strongly about these women why on earth did u agree to do this season? Drama comes w/ popularity boo so if you cant stand the heat then get the hell out the kitchen. You boast about how u have better things to be doing w/ ur life and time then u should go and do so. I have no sympathy for u getting slapped on national television because when u and Ev were friends u tried to act like the big bad wolf. We have too many other things going on in this world to be covering a press conference over u making such a ridiculous announcement. Get ur life right.

  222. major worthy says:

    you are carzy talk to the god all the money all the ladly makeing ,,,be for real

  223. Sasha says:

    Jen, I am very proud of you. Proud of the fact that you removed yourself from that negativity and overcame some life changing obstacles. You have every right to protect yourself; and you chose to do it the right way, through the law. I’m glad that you identified that you were “set up” after they received the letter from your attorney. So, in comes Nia to do all the dirty work and retaliate for them. Too bad, the episode shows a blatant conspiracy to cause harm to you. It started with the seed that Evelyn planted when she and Nia were having cocktails, and it continued at the Race Track, when Evelyn, Nia, Shaunie and Tami met. They had to clear the air and make sure they were all on the same page as to what needed to be addressed. So basically the assault was PREMEDITATED. And I feel strongly about that because Nia was dressed in disguise…. Crooked wig, sunglasses and whacked maxi dress – all for what?? I don’t know, some details need addressed…. Like, why you still got on sunglasses in the Presidential Suite? You’re not outside. Then Evelyn, and her poor attempt to make another “tag line” like she did with Tami; with that “every time I see you, you’re gonna get stung”. That’s something some dudes would say. Nobody “real” is paying for that! What kills me about Ev, is the fact that Suzi approached her about Kenya, and how Kenya was acting in a video. So they both passed judgement on Kenya and tagged her as being “crazy”. But when Ev, heard that Kenya called her “loose”, she started that, “you don’t know me, blah, blah, blah”…and the violent behavior began. Evelyn needs to sit down somewhere; because just like she passed judgment on Kenya based on what she saw and heard about her, Kenya did the same thing based on what she saw and heard about Evelyn. Jennifer, viewers are gonna want to see more from you. More positive things, and continue to be the role model for women. Stand up for us, and send that message that no one should be assaulted. As women, we’ve come too far for all this nonsense. And if these women feel that it’s ok to show the world that you have to solve problems with violence, then they will get theirs in the end; because that is the message that Bbball Wives is sending and getting paid for. And let them do you like they did Royce in last Season’s Reunion; who cares??? You were a part of that, so you already know what is to be expected. Stay strong, keep your head up, continue to work with your charities, strengthen your businesses and take a stand in what you believe in. You put them on NOTICE that you are not the one!!! Your boy Al schooled you well with is subliminal message. They need to roll back the tape and catch what they missed….LOL.

  224. Ke-Ke says:

    Nia’s ratchet a$$ with that Tonnie “set it off wig”…….tryna impress those rats and got caught up!
    To the rest of the ladies”loosely I use that term” except that Jen is changing for the better. she is becoming a brand and a person to look up to by young women. It’s too bad ya’ll are to stuck in your mean girl sophmore childhood to catch up, or go along for the ride!


  225. Ke-Ke says:

    spell ck……Nia’s Ronnie “set it off wig” ratchet just ratchet

  226. Sammy says:

    It is unfortunate that someone felt they needed to utilize physical to address issues. I truly hope Jen is ok, and I too, would file suit, if I were in your position. I would also sue the executive producer, as the producer failed to provide adequate security. Why was that individual allowed at that event anyway? It just made no sense. Thank you for your time.

  227. sick of the violence and bullying shows says:

    all of the “reality” shows and producers should be sued! when did it become ok to promote violence against women, and bullying anyone…everyone! I used to be the biggest fan of the Real Housewives..I cant stand them anymore. Basketball wives, is completely disgusting! I dont know anyone that acts like them for any reason. Maybe inmates, or thugs, not women with class! Shaunee, you need to think about coaching them how to act. We are planning a ban of your show!

  228. Trini2dbone says:

    Tami = Crazy-ass Hooodrat
    Evelyn = Goldigging Cowardly Slut
    Shaunie = Professional Instigator
    Suzie = Clueless
    Kesha = Boring
    Kenya = Bonkers
    Royce =Just There
    Jen = Classy

  229. Margo says:

    It’s not right for what happen to Jen but Jen had her moments when she laughed at food stamps, gave Royce grief and rode the coat tail of Evelyn. It’s ok to be classy which I think Jen is but I believe she has look down on others and that’s a problem. It’s pure hypocrisy to sue Nia and not Evelyn remember Evelyn hit you with a purse.

  230. hollywood!!! says:

    to Jen and Evelyn
    just because two people argue, It doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. And just because they don’t argue, It doesn’t mean they do love each other.

    we don’t have to change friends if We understand that friends change.

    no matter how good a friend is, they’re going to hurt you, every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.

    true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love.

    you can do something in an instant That will give you heartache for life.

    you should always leave loved ones with Loving words. It may be the last time you see them.

    either you control your attitude or it controls you.

    sometimes when I’m angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn’t give me the right to be cruel.
    it isn’t always enough, to be forgiven by others. Sometimes, you have to learn to forgive yourself.

    our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but, we are responsible for who we become.

    people can look at the exact same Thing and see something totally different.

  231. jazzy marie says:

    It’s like being in a gang and you get killed if you want out. SHE DOESN”T WANT TO BE FRIENDS ANYMORE., she moved on, stop bullying her, she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself in public, she doesn’t want to fight like an animal, she has a better grade of friends now.

  232. carla wells says:

    jennifer is the most lady like person on this show and it’s a shame that her so call friends have a problem with her trying to live her single life. nia had no business being on the show and no one tried to stop her from going over to slap jen until she got past and i mean past tammy. Jennifer these are not your friends. and evelyn will see one day that real friends don’t let real friends drive drunk. she’ll realize when chad breaks her heart that you had her back all along. i hope you forgive her and be there for her

  233. eyeconic1 says:

    Regardless, of what these girls say. Jen keep doing you. Ratehr they think youa re palying victim or not. You and Royce have the most sense and the most class. Im so sick of grown women talking about” I’m nto a punk” “bring it”, she can get it”. Come on at what age do you leave the streets in teh street. ignoring stuff does not make you a punk it just means you moved above the pettiness or you are in a happy place. If you dont like someone you remove yourself from their presense or just dont go around them from the jump. I use to like Tami but again how many times can you jump in someones face. Why does it seem like you have conflict with EVERYONE. Since REAL WORLD you been fighting or accusing someone of attacking you. Evelyn please just sit down with your Chad and have your 3somes. The other girl, white girl, I cant even think of her name because she is so irrelevant. She is so out of place on this show. She needs a stylist and stop playing sides. For the rest I dont even pay attention enough to know whatyour relevance is or your names. This show is horrible, the women are protrayed in such a horrible way I dont even watch anymore. The last ep I saw was the new girl who did the weird video and the wind blowing walking on the treadmill video, which was hilarious. They are all a joke. Ned more mind stimulating tv

  234. Marie Brodie says:

    Jen, we are ALL behind you. I am so glad that at least you out of all the rest got some sense God fearing character about themselves. You are definitely a role-model for everyday women of all colors. you go girl!!!

  235. T meekie says:

    Well nia I don’t care about you saying jen disrespected you started that if jen wants to have other friends who are you to slap her, because if I was her I wouldn’t want you are EVELYN for afriend. What kind of friend want to hit you because you don’t want to act like they do bullies, and tami needdss to leave kenya a lone, I think that women really liked her and tami downs her every move, all YALL like is shaunies, because she paying YALL just like Royce said fake frends.

  236. riss says:

    Go jennnnn! u are within your right, im tired of seeing black women fight each other on these shows

  237. Dee says:

    Right now Jen, you a shining star on that show…
    The ONE who stands out and stands alone as a beautiful, classy, learning, growing woman.
    That’s all that bougie stuff is about. Hoodrats always call people who have class bougie.

  238. MARY S says:


  239. Denim says:

    Nia, it would probably do you some good to just be quiet. That didn’t sound very regretful, if you ask me. People need to be held accountable for their actions. I hope Jennifer is victorious in this situation.

  240. Ms. Gloria says:

    Keisha I like the way you handle yourself like a lady. It’s good to walk away from drama when it becomes violence. But also let anyone know you cannot be punked. Royce you have matured so much this season I like it. Jennifer is classy, but bougie. I ain’t mad at ya. But this season you have being acting like you are so much better than the other girls. There is nothing wrong with knowing that you got it going on, but don’t look at other ppl like they are trash. Thank GOD that you have being the chosen one to be blessed. Tami and Evelyn I really like both of you cause you both keeps it real and keep it popping. lol. I would love to hang with you both for a day. I am not a violence person, but best believe I will not let anyone talk crazy to me for no reason. I live in Arizona raised on the West and South side in the hood.

  241. alexask says:

    you go girl. i’m so glad you decided not to go there and are filing the lawsuit instead. this show is so stupid because of evelyn and tami. i thought the show was supposed to be about those with extremely lucky lives from pro-basketball and getting a glimpse of their activities and lifestyle. but every nice place you guys go and every nice thing you guys do gets overshadowed by evelyn and tami’s ghetto, loud, uncouth asses. the worst part is half the time they’re WRONG, wrong and STRONG about it! i know a lot may be just for tv, but these people have GOT to stop. i stopped watching the show because of this mess. but i saw the episode and good for you. even if you’ve “changed” and you’re “bougie” and have new friends, hell, even if you DO act differently, SO WHAT? you don’t seem to be bothering them, why are they so obsessed with it? that is such a ghetto, low self-esteem mentality. gross. keep doing well, that will only make them look worse.

  242. islandgal says:

    nia WHO???? girl please, why the hell u on this show is a mystery to all of us. jen is classy and jealousy seems to be the motivation behind all this drama.

  243. Shaw says:

    Ok, Basketball Wives producers and VH1, it is time for Evelyn to go away! This is ridiculous that the show is letting her act like this. Yes, Jen say and do ill stuff sometimes but NO ONE deserves to get hit on like this. Truth be told, Evelyn wouldn’t be a factor if it weren’t for all of her fighting and her relationship with Chad. It is time for real women to be portrayed. Do something productive with this show, I mean really! Please, please, please terminate Evelyn’s contract!

  244. STACEY says:

    Alright, Nia needs to stop lying. She is tagteaming and is wanting to be one like her protege’ EVELYN, but when it all comes down she regrets it now and wanting to use alcohol like a crutch that it made her do it, cause when it all boils down she mad cause she got dissed with all the negativity. Why should Jen NOT back down and get from the drama, she is growing and her actions was just stating how childish and drama up she is just as well as her protege’. Truly Nia, own up to the lawsuit with pride, and tell the Judge you enjoyed it all why you enjoy giving Jen that cheddar because you fail to know how to conduct yourself like a lady!!! #IJS grow up and get some sense!

  245. Chloe says:

    Evelyn just said she isn’t any better than a bum on the corner but soon as she wants to run her stupid head she calls ppl a bum. She’s a 2 faced ghetto hood rat. I feel sorry for Evelyn and Tami’s kids cuz u know they have to be humiliated. Royce, Jen and Keisha are the only ones with any sense. Nobody even knows who Nia is and nobody cares but I sure hope she can find a better wig cuz that horse hair thing on her head looks a mess. I’m done watching this show. All they do is encourage bullying and high school mean girl behaviour.

  246. Mrs. Sweety Sweet says:

    this is a classic case of BIG BULLY!!!! i blame Nia stupid ass for not being able to c who her true friends r…evelyn is not ur friend she is ur boss and it seems as though she told ur lacky ass to jump and u did u didnt hear the convo about lawyer,lawsuit thats why evelyn pumped u up to do her dirty work u didnt have a prob with jen until evelyn told u that u did, hope shes helping with those legal fees!! Shaunie and Tamie or shal i say fake and faker why wouldnt u just talk to Jen when she was nice enough to invite u all to the movie premiere? u were all siting in front of the fire place and i didnt c a better time to do it…..oh yeah thast right DRAMA u need it to keep ur show going, well MRS. KARMA is on her way and all u do will come back to u, evelyn u betta get some things right cause girl god is gonna turn this thing around in Jens favor and for all of u that have girls watch out because sometimes karma will skip u and touch someone close too u inorder for u to truly c what u have done may god bless u all…except Jen for she is already covered!!!!

  247. Cynthia says:

    Nia, did not give Jennifer time to talk, she told her that she didn’t have a problem with Nia but she kept talking and shouting over her and didn’t listen or give her a chance to say anything.
    Besides it looks like they were all ganging up on her,why couldin’t Tammi & Shunie talk to her with out Eve and her side kick? you know those two are hostal.

  248. Ginou says:

    Nia makes no sense. Whether Jen has new friends or not, Whether she stayed at her house for a few or not, it doesn’t give you the right to smack someone in the face. it is very obvious who the trouble makers are. i agree with Jen get her where it hurts the most. jen doesn’t look stupid cause she got slapped in the face. She still comes out on top because she is handling it professionally. I believe some of the ladies want Jen to accept them for who they are but they have a hard time accepting her. This is fine but stay off the girl’s tip and let her do her thing. Just because she has a different style and character then you doesn’t mean she thinks she is better than you. The question is: Do you think she is better than you? Ouch… That’s what hurts. i always thought that the girls had different personalities and some of them like trouble a lil more than others. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

  249. sweetlynnokc says:

    I pray for you all; it’s a shame that such beautiful, enterprising black women are shown as “gutter snipes” & “hoodrats”, just for the sake of entertainment.

  250. KSH says:

    Okkkkaaayyy she prayed about “It bothered me that someone I love and someone I know, became someone I use to love and someone I knew.”
    It should have bothered her more that she looked like a barbarian on TV.

  251. p says:

    apology NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

  252. Monique says:

    Nia your full of crap if the situatuon was turned and it was Tami or Evelyn you were talking to you would have never got up to slap themdi. You go Jen do what you have to do.

  253. Kriss says:

    It was tacky and lacks class to slap a grown woman. If a person refuses your friendship, the n move on. Jen has more things to do other than worry about some grudge about her new friends, Evelyn, Nia, and the rest need to get a life and get over it. As far as Im concerned Jenn has class. How dare evelyn push jen to divorce her husband then take up with CHAD? It is hyprocritical of all of them

  254. encompassingall says:

    Jen should protect herself from the illogical actions of such self justifying abusive demons!!! GO JEN :)

  255. Mspdjordan says:

    Good for you Jen!!

  256. sandykats says:

    Jen, please, please, please, sue her ass and any of those other women that Shawnie put on the show, including Shawnie, since she doesn’t have control of those hoodlums.

  257. Lena says:

    I was watching the program and I could not believe what happened between Tami and the other party. The anger management sessions are not working. I personally will never watch the show again. I was a fan from the very first episodes but i can’t deal with grown women acting like children anymore. Only children would put dead fish in someones room. What kind of role model are you to your children. I thought better of Shaunie’ but I was wrong. When will you realize that Susie is Two-faced?
    Enjoy your lives(such as it is)

  258. Camille says:

    So ridiculous…..Grown women behaving like this…. I used to love this show. Would not let an episode miss me, but now, Im good. They lost me first with Evelyn trying to fight her “best friend” Jen, is that what friendship is to you. No respect for the years of friendship at all that’s what you wanna portray to your children.Tammy is just a hot mess they should have locked her butt up on the spot and Shaunie, Evelyn, and Suzie should also for aiding her in stealing Keisha’s purse. I am no punk and that could not have happen to me. but for real y’all need some help if you have to attack some grown women who you are on a show with every time you get together.You ever hear of choosing you battles. What part of this is positive. Evelyn how are you and Tammy all of a sudden so damn close. When did she become a “FACTOR” in your life. All of you are playing yourselves so bad its a shame. And Suzie you so glad its not you that you go along with anything. Y’all don’t even respect your self. If you guys were truly friends you would check your girls whether Tammy or Evelyn cuz they both are wrong. That’s what real friends do, stop you before you make a fool of yourself, but oops its too late. Y’all all look like fools even you Shaunie. That just goes to show that you can have it all in the palm of your hand, and its not enough for you to “get your life”. Not that it matters to any of you personally. I’m so over your show and i hope others are also, cuz this is not keeping it real or gully. Its just some foolishness. And as for Nia and her two minuts of fame sue her ass…

  259. Kassie says:

    It is so funny how Nia is so bothered or regretful since Jennifer is going through I am with her lawsuit. Oh but I am sure since Evelyn is such a loyal friend to her and the one who used her , she will gladly help her finanancially. HA HA , not

  260. Debra says:

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  261. Yvonne Dixon says:

    Jen – you are doing the right thing by going through with the lawsuit, but you should also file suit on Vh1, Shed, Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie, and Tami because they all knew that Nia was only bought ther to cause problems for you – it was clearly a set-up by all of them and they all should have to pay for it. the so called apology and other snide remarks made by the cast and John Sally were also very snarky. Even if Evelyn and Tami are not coming back I would not lower myself to film with these women (Shaunie, Tami, Suzie, Evelyn or Vh1/shed any more, they all treated you very shoddy and gave you no respect or protection from this cruelty.

    BTW – John Sally is a fool – why would he even suggest that what Nia did was no worse then what Eric did with the drink – and what made him think that you hadn’t addressed that situation anyhow. Like I said John Sally is a jerk and a baffoon he shiowed that he condoned the bullying Tami and Evelyn portrayed.