Mailbag: Tough Love Stars Steve And JoAnn Ward Answer YOUR Relationship Questions


Steve and JoAnn Ward are Master Matchmakers, it says so right there in the name of their business. And with years of relationship and matchmaking experience under their belts, not to mention four successful seasons of Tough Love, they’ve set the bar for realistic, no-B.S. dating advice. And now they’re offering their advice to viewers on the VH1 Blog. We asked Tough Love Facebook fans this week to submit their relationship questions and you all really had a lot of them, so we picked some of our favorites for Steve and JoAnn to address, and we’ll be posting their answers every week. If you’d like to submit a question, just become a Facebook fan and leave a comment here! Here are this week’s questions.

Tameeca Owens Keepitreal asks “How do I make a good first impression??”

JoAnn says:
There are five tips you should always remember when meeting a guy for the first time:
1. Smile: Be happy, if you smile, he will likely smile back.
2. Listen: Men notice if you remember something they said earlier.
3. Focus: Be present. Don’t play with your phone. Using your phone on a date is a turn off for anyone.
4. Be positive: Be open and agreeable.
5. Be sexy: To a man this means confident, fun and approachable.

Heather Torres wrote “It seems as if a majority of the men I have been dating have been notorious for the “disappearing act;” things go fabulous for a couple months and all of a sudden things come to a screeching halt and I seem to get the “I’m not ready for anything serious” text message, if they are decent enough to notify me of their change of heart. I am a decent women, with a good job and not emotionally dependent or smothering I like my space so can respect a man’s space. What is it about a man with these tendencies, or what are warning signs I need to look out for?

Steve says: Unfortunately, that is a very circumstantial question and I cannot give a blanket answer that will apply for all women. At the end of the day, you need to realize that you are competing with a lifestyle, and you need to be able to show a man that a life is better with you than without you.

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