Exclusive: Royce Reed Addresses Her Relationship Drama With Dezmon, Saying “My Heart Hurts”


After his first appearance on Basketball Wives, Royce Reed‘s boyfriend Dezmon Briscoe shot out front and center because of how perfect he and Royce seemed together, but sadly, they’re actually having some issues this week. Briscoe’s ex-girlfriend (with whom he has a son) just released some “freaky” texts he allegedly sent her as recently as March, and it turns out, they were all real. Last night on Twitter, Dezmon owned up to sending the texts, though he says he never acted on any of them. He tweeted “baby mama wanna be messy so I’ll clean it up. I sent the messages she posted …To be on her good side because she has my son.” He also added “I could of handled the situation better. I’m still wrong and I wanna apologize to @Roycelr because she don’t deserve that. Love you.” Today, Royce wrote to us to reveal what really happened and how she’s coping.


When I was first asked to blog about what just happened in my life, I shunned it. Now, I realize that due to my life being an open book and my “relationship” being on national TV, I should.

One thing a lot of you don’t know about me is I’m a 100% committed to anything I put my name on. In a relationship comes humility. When I decided to do this show I vowed to be open, and honest about all aspects of my life that I could. I’m human! I don’t portray myself to be anyone I am not. I go to the grocery store in sweats and sneakers like everyone else. Because I’m on TV doesn’t mean I don’t hurt or that I don’t go through the same trials and tribulations as everyone else. We, Reality Stars, are put in a very vulnerable position when we sign up for these shows. No matter what we go through, the good, the bad, the ugly, when we walk outside we get recognized and judged. I’m not going to put on a front like I’m okay. My heart hurts.

Do I think Dezmon loves me? Yes! Do I think what he did was wrong? Absolutely. Are we done…forever? Honestly, I don’t know. Readers can say I’m dumb if I go back, but with relationships come mistakes. I was lied to and lesson learned…I entertained it on Twitter. I let the drama get to me despite being told to ignore it. That was my immaturity in this experience coming out. I admit that. Yes, I’m embarrassed, humiliated and broken. But I’m strong. Regardless of what happens I will be okay. Do I love him? Yes. Is that enough to stay? At this point, no. I entertained the mother of his son because I trusted what I was told and I stood by him as I should have. Was I the fool? Yep! Do some find it funny that I have egg on my face? Sadly yes, but that means they are lacking happiness and love in their own lives hence them basking in another person’s hurt. Ignorance is bliss but it’s also dangerous.

As far as the logistics go…”At the end of the day” (Jen voice) he will not be with her. So the rant she went on and my responses change nothing for her life. Not only do I look like a fool in love, but she looks like a bitter, jealous and angry “Baby Momma.” That’s worse. Fact is, they were never an item. They were never a couple. But for just under a year, she has been angry that he has been with me. Her twitter name was @dezbriscoejrmom…That was her identity. If you go thru her page (she obviously wanted followers and a platform, so I’m giving it to her) you will see how angry she was that we were together. She spoke about the cruise we went on, him saying he loved me, wanted to marry me, etc. If she didn’t care, why talk about it? If you didn’t watch the show, why do you know every minute of our scenes as if you were commentating? I’m sure she wonders why she was never “the one” to marry but just “the one” to do before he met me. I can’t imagine what Dezmon is feeling right now because, again, I was with my son’s father for four years despite the drama we are going through. So I can’t imagine having a child by someone who never claimed me or never had me front and center at some point. My son puts a smile on my face everyday so no matter what happens I know as long as I’m a good mother that in itself completes me when he wipes my tears, I clean his boo boos, and I get that hug and kiss.

Open letter to Christina…


Do you feel better about yourself? Denying a man his child through texts (why didn’t you post those?) because he is with someone else. Stating in direct message he will never see his son, or that I will never meet him, that you’re going to file for custody when you’ve had several court order that had to be given to you for you to “let” him see his child never looks good to a judge. Trust me! When you have proof on your side you have nothing to worry about. That’s why I can be worry free. You on the other hand, shouldn’t be. The position you just put yourself in, I hurt for you as a mother because you have pretty much signed away your son. I dread that court date for you. I tried to speak to you respectfully on DM and you just “didn’t get it.” I tried to HELP you. But your jealousy got the best of you. Now you’re asking for an apology? For what? For ruining a relationship you were jealous of because he didn’t want you? You still lost. I feel sorry for you.

To my readers,

Thank you for the outpouring of love. To the hecklers, what life have you lived to find this funny? It’s so sad that we now live in a world where love is frowned upon and marriage is no longer taken as a life long vow. We live in a world where it’s funny to see someone hurt and heartbroken. I’m a hopeless romantic and I’d rather be a fool that’s happily in love than a depressed soul that has no heart. Will Dezmon and I work things out? I don’t know. Up until 4 AM I’ve heard tears, apologies, and I’ve seen humility. Maybe this is a mistake that he needed to learn from. Maybe this is a mistake that caused him to really realize what he had. Yes, he sent them but no, it didn’t happen. I’d be dumb to base the status of my relationship based on my followers who have never seen us outside of a camera and TV show vs. what I’ve heard from HIM, his MOTHER, his AUNT, his FRIENDS, his TEAMMATES, and even MY MOTHER AND FATHER. You will see some emotional moments between my dad and I but for the first time ever, he believed this man loved me. Coming from someone married 41 plus years I believe that, and like he told me last night, forgiveness comes when proof of love is given by actions not just by words. Its up to me whether it actions are enough to walk thru the storm.

There you go! Open, honest, bare and undisguised! That means REAL! I’m Outtie!

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  1. Monique says:

    Royce you are so honest and real. We are all at some point a fool for love and if anyone tells you different they are lying to themself. I pray that you find peace with whatever decision you make for your life. You like all of us you deserve love, joy and peace….I pray for those things for you as I only know you as a reality star but you are so much more and I believe sometimes the public forgets you are a human who bleeds, cries and hurts just like us.
    Thank you for sharing that part of you with us….

  2. ROYCEurDUMB says:

    ROYCE u are an idiot, you had his time but she has his heart!!!!

  3. Lele says:

    I think you are a strong women Royce and every relationship has its troubles im sure your parents know that being married for so many years it will never be perfect…….if you let her break up your relationship you will be letting her win….He owned up to his mistakes and thats the first step of learning from it.

  4. bka11 says:

    One of my Fav! on the show because you keep it real and whatever you decide to with your relationship is your buisness not anyone else’s and if it’s worth fighting for then fight. In relationships you going to go through up and downs that’s what makes your relationship stronger…

  5. Elise Bell says:

    Girl HAVE A Whole row of SEATS!!!!! Quit trying to validate your relationship via the INTERNET!!!

  6. KimmytheDiva says:

    I’m sorry but Royce needs to stop making excuses for him. He should’ve taken more consideration for the consequences had those texts been leaked before sending them. We live in the age of technology. More people or exposed via internet than married! Him not considering those consequences displays a lack of respect for Royce. The excuse he is using that it is because of his son that he sent those texts out is LAME!!! So did he plan on sending freaky texts to his bm to see his son for the next 18 or some years??? REALLY??? Royce also needs to let him deal with his own baggage. Him & his bm = HIS BAGGAGE, not Royce’s!!!
    She is way too deep in their drama when clearly she doesn’t have all the facts.

  7. Debra Martin says:

    Royce, well said my sister. I am praying for comfort for you. I know the feeling of being hurt by someone you love and trust. This could be a mistake on his part and if he is able to demonstrate to you that it was a horrible mistake, then if your heart believes him then give it a chance. The decision is yours and only yours. I wish happiness, peace, and love for you sister. You deserve it. Some of your followers have your back, no matter what you decide. Praying for you.

  8. PJ says:

    Soooo proud of you Royce. It took courage and real strength to be able to address this issue as you did, being so transparent and respectable. Talking and sharing is such a therapeutic experience especially when going through trials in a relationship like this. Hurts heal and relationships that can make it through the storm come out much stronger on the other side. Keep your head up!

  9. shelly says:

    Royce, you are so adorable. I understand how you were hurt, however, I am also happy that you have chosen to make the decision about your relationship, your decision. I thought that you and your boyfriend was very cute on the show, and I hope that whatever decision that you make, that you will be happy. It take a very strong person to have to come back and admit when they are wrong. It is still early in the relationship, maybe you both can grow from this. Good luck, Royce. BTW, you are m

  10. LouisMali says:

    Do not give up on a good thing. You seem very happy with Dezmon and he is very open about his feeling for you.

  11. Mrs. Fonseca says:

    Royce I feel that it is very silly for you to allow something this simple to ruin your relationship. If you love Dezmon and you are truly happy. You need to trust his words. I believe him when he says he did it to be on her good side for the relationship with his son. Because I have been in a relationship with a person for 15 years with a crazy baby mama. She would deny him access to his son, putting her mouth on him (you know what I mean) to try to get him to stay. She even set my garage and my 2 cars on fire. You have to look past all that. People will write anything but it’s what they show you that matters; at any time did he go touch her, or meet up with her for something he shouldn’t have? Words are words, your love, your life, your happiness has to mean more than those texts. I wouldn’t even give her the satisfaction of thinking those texts could ruin you all or that they make you jealous or insecure in any way! Girl go get YOUR MAN! AND BE HAPPY! One other thing if you love him the way you say you do you have to realize he will be desperate due to the separation from his son he will make dumb decisions and he will need you more than ever! Let it go Royce he needs you and wants you! I hope this helps you.

  12. Tai says:

    Royce, girl, you are strong and will get thru this! We are all HUMAN and make mistakes…. at the end of the day it is you and your son that truly matters! If you find it in your heart to forgive and forget then go back to Dez, but make sure that is what YOU want to do and that YOU can handle the mistake that he has made! I love the positivity that you have and that you are a kinder spirit! Take care doll face!

  13. RITA says:

    Pray about it and let t go, Your a beautiful person
    With a big heart and deserve beyond what you
    Give. It doesn’t matter what anyone has to say
    , at the end of the day only YOU know what’s best
    For YOU……Follow your heart

  14. msbudda says:

    Follow your heart…be happy and don’t be not ashamed to show your pain. God bless.

  15. Herma says:

    It is better to have loved and lost than NEVER to have loved at all.Anyone rejoicing in your pain,has something far worse in store for them.It is written ‘do not rejoice in the distresses of your enemy lest he turns their misery into yours’(paraphrasing).THIS TOO SHALL PASS…WEEPING MAY ENDURE FOR A NIGHT,BUT JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING.I promise you that you WILL be ok…with or without Dezmon.You have a lot of people that love you…hold on!

  16. TRUTH says:


  17. emily says:

    Where there is smoke there is usually a fire… I am sure if you really wanted to find out if he cheated on you… you could, you just arent asking the right people.

  18. Let me first start this off I been sending you mcomments every week. You dont have to tell us your personal business. The world pride on mess, drama, hurt and etc. I say pray on it and let god lead you on your choice. Yes everyone make mistakes but it takes a real man to say sorry and cry. I never experience my husband cheating and I pray to god I please him enough for him not to go that way. Im sorry this happen to you but just give it to god. If u need to talk email. Have a good day.

  19. CutieReppinNY says:

    I hate to say it Royce because I think you were one of the realest on the show, but you are clearly in denial. You first accuse the BM of lying and then even after you know it’s the truth you still choose to go in on her. We as women need to look out for one another instead of stepping on each other’s necks for guys , who clearly will lie in your face. I mean if you can keep it real with everyone else, why can’t you keep it real with yourself? Now there are other women coming gout the wood work and it just shows Desmon’s character, that of a player. Royce girl I love you, but you gotta do better and don’t fall for every guy that “loves” you because sometimes that love is not genuine and only for camera time.

  20. KeshaSpeaks says:

    Awwweeee Royce! Sending you hugs! THIS is reality! I know it has to be hard. Hang in there.

  21. shawanda says:

    I think whatever you decide to do is your choice. Hope you find that happiness and Ring and long marriage you deserve,weathers its with him or someone else. Its good that you found love and to the mother of his child, she has to be in love with him. I have a daughter and if her dad found love thats a good thing, as longs as her and my child gets alone well it shouldn’t be a problem.

  22. Vanessa says:

    Royce Keep Your Head Up Lil’ Sis.,.,.PPl will chat,, send blogs Whatever,,,, They jus Love Drama and hearing/reading other ppl’s Drama.,., but let there Drama surface and ppl will hear and see a different light,,, Thanks for Keeping It Real,, LET THE CHATTERS,, TALKER,, HATERS do what they do Best ,,LIVE IN DRAMA… Blessings Lil’ Sis

  23. Sonia says:

    This is why you’re one of my favorites, because you keep it 100%…In relationships there will be alot of ups and downs. If someone has a perfect relationship ,then something is definitely wrong!! Royce , it’s not what you go through, it’s how you come out of it.. Follow your heart.

  24. V.Lynn says:

    Royce, don’t worry about what people think about you, you are human. These people act like they have never been through any of this BS. Do not let them ruin happiness for you. You are still young. Things happen and he owned it. Put it behind you and move forward if that is what makes you happy. Much love Miss REAL!

  25. Glow21 says:

    I understand some of the comments saying that Royce is stupid, etc. because I also understand that a lot of times having this level of understanding in your relationship and or marriage takes years to develop. Let her choose what she wants for her life. Who are we to judge when some of us have been drug time and time again by the same or even different guys. If this is something that you wouldn’t tolerate, well then good for you but at the end of the day you and Royce are two different people and she has to do what’s right for Royce. It’s so easy to judge and say what you won’t do until you are faced with it…take it from me. Put the stones down and move from behind the glass…:)

  26. Neshia H says:

    Royce, I love you on the show. I think you are the only person that seemed to grow through this process. However, I don’t feel sorry for you in this situation. You bring up the point of them never being together, but only having a baby together. Why would you think that you are so special and that he loves you? He left the mother of his child. Yes he dated you openly, but think about all the things he’s done behind closed doors. You didn’t take that into consideration and it’s a low blow to bring it up. He’s a young man 21 or 22 who is new to the NFL. Did you really think that he would be faithful to you? You seem to be looking for love in all the wrong places honey. Figure you out first then you can truly see ppl for who they are.

    Signed a Concern Fan

  27. momof3 says:

    Royce, pray about your situation. But whatever decision you make, forgive him. Time will not only heal the wounds, but it will also give him time to show you that he really loves you..
    Dezmon, stop tweeting your baby’s mama if you truly have no intentions of dealing with her in that way. If she won’t allow you to visit your son, utilize the court system and law enforcement. But leave that girl/woman alone and move on with your life. You don’t have to have a “close” relationship with your baby’s mama in order to have a relationship with your son….men have been doing it for YEARS.

  28. Shantell says:

    Give him another chance…what he did was wrong but I do understand where he is coming from…I know plenty of women that use their kids to control a situation…sad but true…when you truly love someone when that storm come you are suppose to stand together and fight not walk away….this is the time to show how much you really mea to each other….. because trust and believe if you walk away from him you can guarantee the next man you come across you will also have a storm with him and his may just be way worst then txt messages….wishing you guys luck!!!!!

  29. Dymond says:

    Royce, I am so glad you honestly and sincerely came out about what has happened and what you are going through. I myself am a hopeless romantic so I completely can relate to what you are going through. You are my favorite basketball wife because you are so down to earth and real! You have grown since the first season and I can see that clear as day even more so then your counterparts with this incident and how you are handling the situation. I appreciate, admire, and respect your openness and realness. It is refreshing! Your son is going to be proud of you for being you when he gets older if he isn’t already. Keep doing your thing ma!

  30. BeShonce says:

    Well, good for Royce.. she acknowledged her flaws and kept it moving.. At the end of the day, it’s her relationship and her happiness that matters… Our opinions don’t… If she wants to be with him then “do you boo”.. :-) (my hubby hates when I say that), but I still like Royce and her openess

  31. LaLa850 says:

    Royce do you Love!!! You are very strong and brave for allowing the public into your relationship. Like you said in relationships things happen. I definitely agree 100% with your father. In love there are sincere apologies and forgiveness. Pray about it Love it will be okay!!!

  32. Hope says:

    I am not one who takes pleasure in another person’s pain but why are Royce’s harshest words reserved for the woman? If he betrayed Royce then that should be on him and not on his child’s mother. It is so stupid for women to blame the other woman for their man’s bad behavior. The reality is that Royce always moves too fast and acts desperate for a man’s love. It is also not necessary to denigrate his relationship with the other woman because at the end of the day she is the mother of his child and that relationship is as important as the relationship between Dwight Howard and Royce. Move on Royce and put the blame where it should go.

  33. COOKIE says:

    Royce listen to your heart and not the haters. Because you are the one going through this not them. If the relationship with Dez is worth working out then fight to make that happen because only you can make that decision. There will be ups and downs in a relationship, the key is do you want to work through them, if it’s worth working through and only you have the answer. Because God does not put more on us than we can bear. Only you know what your threshold is because at the end of the day you can only do what is best for you and your son. Be truly BLESSED and this to shall pass.

  34. Royce, I hope that you all can work this out because from what I saw on the show he seems like he really does love you. Unfortunately sometimes we all step in it but we all can recover and rebound from our mistakes. Listen to your heart and don’t mind what outsiders may say do you and it will be alright.
    Lifting up a prayer for the two of you right now

  35. Mimi says:


    I love you so much b/c I can relate to so manyh of your struggles. We have similar lives. Whatever you decide to do, do what is best for you. But also keep in mind, BBW has given you a platform to affect many lives as well. I know you are human and you hurt. My heart aches for you. But I want you to spend less time entertaining twitter fools and more time living and focusing on your family and career. I know there are so many obstacles in your life at this point but joy comes in the morning. Please keep going and striving. Is Dezmon meant to be there? I don’t know. But in general sometimes you have to let go to see. When I found myself in a similar situation, I let go. I am single and happy. I hope Tami comes around as well. You could use her friendship more than ever. I wish you luck as you go through this and all of the other off screen drama as well. Stay strong Royce and keep your head up. Please do not address Christina and the haters anymore. Love you,

  36. Mimi says:

    And another thing Royce, don’t let the drama take you away from Book 2. Still waiting on it!!!!

  37. lovejoy says:

    Royce you and only you can say or know how you feel. but with Love you go down a lot of roads so don’t let no one tell u what to do . I really think he is in love with you.. and sometimes a man has to do things to keep the peace with BABYMOMMYS so think hard before u give up love.. P.S. who is he with all the time.. oh don’t hear the HATERS. keep going sister…

  38. RealKnowsReal says:

    Keep it Real Sista!!!!!!!

  39. Mia says:

    Man Girl, I love the way you TRULY keep it REAL with everyone. You don’t know any of us personally so you didn’t owe us an explanation on what was going on, but you gave it anyways and for that, we appreciate it. I know how hard it is to deal with a situation like this with just the people around me & feeling like a fool, I couldn’t imagine going through it in front of so many people. You’re a STRONG woman! Personally I don’t think you were a fool to believe him. It was the man you love versus some jealous chick that got lucky before. You did what you were supposed to do, stand by his side. It was everything BUT foolish. I pray you guys work through this and do what makes you happy because at the end of the day, WE don’t have to be in the relationship, you guys do! Much love girl and good luck!

  40. Disappointed says:

    I’ve lost all respect for you Royce. I understand being hurt, and upset by a man. And I see you trying to be the bigger person. But how can you feel sad that people are basking in your unhappiness, when you are doing the same thing to his baby’s mama? The open letter to her is pathetic! She’s a woman who was also heart broken by the same man. She’s a woman who is still hurting. It doesn’t matter how long they were together. Or what type of relationship they had. Millions of women are heart broken by men they didn’t have “real” relationships with. You’re not better than her! Your relationship with him was not more authentic. He lied to the both of you. He disrespected you just like he disrespected her. He considered your relationship with him garbage, just like the relationship he had with her. He proved that every time he lied to you, and every time he texted her about sex. And the fact that you believe that your relationship with him was more than garbage is sad.

    And your open letter to her is nothing more than you kicking her while she’s down. And I can’t cosign anyone doing that. Hopefully one day you can look beyond your own hurt, and see that he hurt her just as much.

  41. LaToya says:

    Follow your heart Royce. Don’t listen to these bitter woman! You are one up on him…use that to your advantage and get the love you deserve from the man (Dezmon) you want it from. A man is gonna be a man . Relationships are about growing and learning. You live and you learn. He made a mistake, but it’s not worth throwing away your happiness. Rome was a great empire, but it wasn’t built over night.–An neither are GREAT relationships! Relationships don’t last 40+ years by running at the first sign of trouble. Fact is we are all human. This isn’t the first mistake he has made in his life and it won’t be the last one TRUST! You just have to decide if you are down for the ride. I hope God gives you comfort during this difficult time and a clear head to make a decision about your relationship. My motto in life is to always forgive because God always forgives us! Good luck.

  42. Nicole Edwards says:


    Give Dezmon a second chance. He thought he was controling the situation by keeping his Baby Momma in tact. A man takes threats seriously and will do just about anything to avoid the outcome. I am sure he is very sorry. You both have a real chemistry on the show, I felt the genuiness of it. Remember we are not perfect, give him another chance, please.


  43. Kim says:

    This is your life to live and no one elses. You must have a life outside of your many responsibilities of being a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a profession, etc… Anything you choose to do you should go at it hard and that includes love. Trust me there is nothing wrong with being dedicated and standing by what you believed with the information that was presented to you at the time and in the same token there is nothing wrong with showing weakness when you learn a hurtful truth. It’s called being human. It’s simply called “Living Life”. Trust half the naysayers that try to put you or anyone else down are living a life of misery or perhaps they themselves are living a lie. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone of else. Truth be told the next second is not even promised to us. So my suggestion is live and let live. As long as you are not doing anything harmful to yourself or others don’t worry about the opinions of others.

    Also, everyone makes mistakes and that includes young, middle age and old. There is only one perfect man I know and he’s not human. So, with that being said if you can find it in your heart to forgive ole boy… Then forgive him and move on and NO that does not make you look like a fool if you choose to be with him. It makes you look like a woman who has chosen to forgive her man. It makes you look like a woman who understands that with love comes the responsibility of patience, understanding and forgiveness. If he makes you laugh and smile more than he makes you cry and frown then I don’t see what the problem is. Just make sure he understands that he can’t repeat his mistakes twice.

  44. LipstickChick says:

    Royce Royce Im glad you are addressing this situation but realize this you was the one that broadcast your relationship on twitter and tv. You bringing up this girl court situation when you are in the same situation with your babyfather. So you need to pray that you don’t lose your son.

    I know you are hurting but if your going to address the babymother then you need to address the other women too. Lets not forget the photoshop penis picture he was sending to other females.

    You are really in denial and you planning on marrying this fool too. You barely been in a relationship with dude for no longer then a year. Are you that desperate for a man. Get your situation together with your babyfather first before you try to jump into someone else life.

  45. Tamra says:

    Uh Royce, CHRISTINA didn’t ruin anything. She only brought the truth to light. Your real issue should be with Dez, not her. His excuse for sending those texts to her is bogus. The baby is only 6 months. Obviously he’s still attracted to her and has feelings for her. You’re very naive if you think it’s totally over between those two for good. Use your head baby girl.

  46. melody luke says:


  47. kimberly says:

    She is so ridiculous. She entertained this woman for days and heckled the hell out of her. Love yourself Royce!! Love yourself! You have a son that watchs your every move, worry about him.

  48. dominique frazier-marshall says:

    ps don’t comment on christina court date and saying “you just signed your son away”, that’s not nice, however you feel about her. Just pray for her wish her well. remember your a mom with a son too. If you put negative energy out to someone it comes back to you sevenfolds, that’s seven times. have a good sit down with an older woman who can be objective, one who is god fearing, who wont tell you any wrong we are still out here. god bless sis, you going to be better than ok. this too shall pass.

  49. nicolel says:

    Well like u said its a lesson learned. I really hope u guys make it. In life nothing is ever black and white there is always a grey area.

  50. Syn7 says:


    You are still being reckless. Stop it before you regret it.

    1. The paragraph where you talk about Desmon not claiming Christina is done just to hurt her. You haven’t learned you lesson. The lesson is this: Do not engage in battles with the exes of your man. Period. Take the high road. The more you battle publicly, the more you risk getting embarassed AGAIN. The truth is you don’t know if Desmon will ever marry or sleep with that girl again. He’s a good man and having a child with someone is powerful. Maybe they will never get together, but the possibility is always there. Why gloat. Be private. Learn your lesson and disengage. Girl, I can’t beleive you got embarassed because you engaged a public fight you should have ignored and now you’re doing it again. C’mon girl.

    2. How dare you claim you have evidence on your side and speculate Christina could lose custody when you are facing the same fate. The judge in your case is pro-Dwight and has it out for you. YOu could lose your son. Why gloat about another woman suffering that fate.

    You are being so arrogant and reckless and you may be setting up your fall.

    If you don’t learn the first time, the Universe is going to teach you a second time. And a third.

  51. Rose says:

    I know how it feels, and I do hope Royce gets the love she seeks one day. In the meantime, she’s gonna have to slow down and stop falling in love so fast. I’m not saying to be suspicious of every guy. But, keep your eyes open and do not allow yourself to fall so deeply in love so fast. The more in love you are, the more things like this hurt.

  52. Anita says:

    Wow, Royce, I’ve always thought you were the only decent one on B.W., but I was completely wrong. You are just as messy and ratchet as the others.

    You spend a few meager sentences on the CHEATER and then you use nearly half of your platform showing disdain for this woman. He’s the one that was supposed to be in a relationship with you, not her. He’s supposed to be loyal to you. Going in on her like that, including posting her name, egging her on by saying you can’t wait to meet her child, you’re the trifling, unbalanced one.

    And let’s not even talk about his pathetic excuse. Sheesh. Gain some perspective and self respect for the sake of YOUR child.

  53. Gabe Ornelas says:

    Royce im sorry for this and i hope you heal !! im praying for you love…. #therealist

  54. I_feel_ya says:

    I have been watching B-ball wives from inception and I must say you were not one of my favs. As i continued to watch, I realised that you are the one and ONLY true BLACK woman on this show. Proud, ambitious, intelligent, talented and dignified. The more I watch of these reality shows, the more I dislike the concept and what they represent, because being a woman myself and going through heart breaks myself; I find it very unfortunate that this moment that you are having has to be shared with the whole world. What I know of you, is what the producers of this show allows us to know and the mere idea that you have remained true in your beliefs throughout this shows speaks tons to who you are as a person. I feel for you in your situation with your man but it is one of the many obstacles true LOVE have to face. We all make mistakes and poor errors in judgment and we all would like to be forgiven at the same time don’t allow yourself to be a door mat for ANYONE regardless of how much you might love that person. The DEVIL is a busy man and you should not allow him to take this over. PRAY about it and GOD will lead you on the righteous path. Keep your chin up and try to deal with this as private as you possibly can. If I were you, this would have been my last season for filming. This show is not for women with intergrity and class. Just my two cents!!!!

  55. tilisa hodge says:

    You are very irrevelant this season. Here we go again, another guy to show the world you are having sex. Didn’t you once have something to say about Evelyn and her men! Please leave the show and move on, we all have no interest.

  56. Gina says:

    Royce, I wanted to say that I was never a “fan” of yours, but after reading your blog I feel for what u are going thru, u had no idea he was lying to u and u are right u stood by ur man like u should have, but the excuse he gave is rubbish and I hope u think long and hard about that if u deceide to continue the relationship. I have always admired your relationship with ur dad and sorry u too aren’t on good terms ur father being upset by u getting in relationships too soon he is thinking of your child and wants some stability in hs life it’s not about u. And when u realize that u can work it out With ur dad, sometimes it takes being alone and having that stability before u can continue on…..just a thought. Wish u well.

  57. Sweetthang says:

    Royce this is coming from someone who has been in a situation very similar to yours. Don’t allow outside influences to ruin your relationship!!! I’m not saying that what he did wasn’t wrong, but when she decided to use that child as a pawn in her games, he stooped to her level so he would be allowed to see his child. I don’t fault any man for trying to have a relationship with their child, he just went about it the wrong way. Unfortunately too many women can’t seem to move on with their lives once he has decided to move on with his. If you truly love this man and he loves you, then you can work it out. Don’t worry about what other people say. Just do what makes you happy, I did and I could be happier. Eventually the baby momma drama stopped because she saw that I wasn’t going anywhere and neither was he. Just follow your heart, you can never go wrong with that. I wish you the best of luck on whatever you decide to do. Be blessed.

  58. Lovely One says:

    Here’s my advice:

    (1) I really think its best to keep your personal relationships to yourself. Including the “world” in your business is never a good idea…reality show or not… “everyday folks” or not (reality participants).
    (2) I personally think twitter is the devil and should burn in hell. *shrugs*
    (3) You should try to date men that are closer to your age. This Dezmon guy is 22 years old and just started receiving “legit” money as a result of the NFL…9/10 he is not ready to settle down. DH was also young when you guys dated. He didn’t even “know” himself or how money would change him. From the outside looking in, it appears that you are “young at heart” so you tend to fall for younger guys….but again, these younger guys are not emotionally mature to deliver the stability that you desire in a relationship.
    (4) I agree that you are a “hopeless romantic” but you really should make a conscious effort to start making decisions that are led with you brain and not your heart/feelings. You are getting burned (from relationships) as a result. You should try change this b4 you develop a negative outlook on relationships.

    In all, I really do wish you the best. Sorry if my statements are “harsh” but, IMO, there are somethings that you need to tweak yourself to minimize this type of drama in you life.

  59. Surel says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!”
    Sir Walter Scott

    WE, I said we not Royce, we lie to ourselves when we aren’t in proper relationship with Jesus Christ.

    “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” 2 Thessalonians 2:10

    My heart goes out to ALL three of them!!!

  60. JanS. says:

    Royce I appreciate your honesty and openess and I pray that your healing begins right now in the name of Jesus. We have all been in love and trusted what our mate has told us. Anyone who tries to say otherwise is lying. So turn your back to your past and move on to your future. I pray that you seek God in your decision as to whether to remain or leave. Ask yourself was this relationship proper in the first place and was it truly God’s will for your life? Then seek God’s guidance as to what you should do. Don’t follow your heart, follow God and be obedient to what he tells you. I guarantee if you get in a quiet place, seek his face, and ask him what you should do, he will most certainly tell you. Sometimes God uses circumstances in our lives to get our attention and to draw us closer to him. God’s word says he is close to the brokenhearted so I know he is there with you and will heal you. Learn the lesson(s) you’re supposed to learn from all this and move on. Ignore the critics and naysayers and live your life because you answer to no one but God. Take care and feel better.

  61. Put BLAME where its suppose to go says:

    As you know if you date an athlete of any kind, these are the issues you have to deal with. If you are ok with the decisions you have made then good for you. Instead of everyone pointing the finger at Royce to let her know how “dumb” she is, I think she is adult enough to know what she is doing. Yes her life is an open book and that is the price you pay to be in the spotlight. I think that the “baby’s mother”, who obviously is bitter for so many reasons, is obviously very childish and doesn’t love herself enough to move on and be a good mother to her child. If Dezmon is stupid enough to send messages to this young lady who is his child’s mother, and not think that he will get caught, then he is just as dumb. This is what happens when you get involved with a man, who is obviously too young to take responsibility and has a obvious history of dealing with tactless women based on the fact that he plays a sport for a living. This is the life of a sports figure. Other than the money, this is what they live for. Any woman who dates an athlete, this is what you are going to get. To Royce, you are a beautiful woman that has a lot to live for and a lot going for yourself. Leave these types of men to women that have nothing going for themselves aka groupies.

  62. He is young and not ready says:

    I am just seeing this. Not on twitter and really didn’t know anything about this until now. Royce, listen to your father….SLOW DOWN. You seem eager to be a wife but you have to BE SURE the man is RIGHT. Desiring marriage before the right person is like people who desire fame with NO talent. The marriage is a byproduct of finding the right person and true LOVE. Dezmon is young. I am sorry you are hurt but when you put things out in public, you open yourself up to all that entails. There is nothing wrong with being a “hopeless romantic” but have wisdom and no when to apply the brakes. Errrrkkk, slow down and assess everything.

    People can be cruel and will laugh when others are down. Keep it moving and keep your head up.

  63. doingme says:

    Royce I liked the way you are handling this situation like a “WOMAN”!Yes there are some bitter baby mamas out here that do stuff like this but you make the decision for your love life!Dont let the media,angry baby mama,blogs,etc… make a decision for you which I know you want!You are very strong minded person and thats great!Live your life I love how you responded to this drama filled media!You are defintley right why do this world we live in loves to see drama,peopl heartbroken,I pray everyday for this cruel world we live in!God inttend for us to be happy and as long as you look towards God and ask him to lead and guide your heart to make the right decision about your relationship he will!Enough said thumbs up to you boo!

  64. Suzy says:

    Your Boi ! Is running game you think about. Why do he need to write sex texts to please his childs mother, when he could easily go to court establish paternity, support, and visitation ( Place of pick up and drop) He was doing exactly what he wanted to do. Plain and simple!

    You were dead wrong in this situation, and you owe that girl an apology. Why do you care about her twitter id? (Did you ever stop to think that is her childs name so she can use the id if she wants). You still throwing shade (misdirecting your anger) you called her out to show you proof and she did. Dez! Lied to you in the begining and for whatever reason decided to come clean.

    Keep your business to yourself sometimes, Everything is NOT for every body!

  65. candy says:

    I love u Royce keep ur head up be strong and a choice for u not to please us fan

  66. Tammie says:

    Royce Hun.. DO YOU! I believe this man truly does love you. I think his baby momma is BITTER and JEALOUS! I personally don’t think “texts” are grounds for dismissal. I think you two have a lot to talk about and work out. Like I said on your twitter, if he didn’t have PHYSICAL contact with her…PHUCK HER and work things out with YOUR MAN! Don’t make any drastic decisions. YES he was wrong for texting and YeS he owes you an apology! At the end of the day.. DO WHAT MAKES ROYCE HAPPY!!! Love ya Chica!!

  67. Carolina Garcia says:

    Royce: I hope you feel better soon. It’s very easy for the people posting to have their opinion. They are not on TV and their lives are not an open book. What you are going through I’m sure plenty of woman have gone through. I wish you the best of luck!!!

  68. Gabrielle says:

    Everything is gonna be just fine!! You live & you learn…continue to be a great mother to your son & the right guy will come into your life when he’s suppose to… as of now–do what is best for you regardless of what others think or gotta say! @ the end of the day you are the one that has to live with the decisions you make, so base them on what will make you happy :) keep your head up & remember that no matter what youre going through–there is always somebody else out there that is going through something waaay worse!! Everyone who watched the show this wk saw how much he really cares about you. & EVERYBODY knows he still does!! I hope yall work things out, it might take some time, but whats meant to be WILL be… dont stress it!! I also hope that you and his baby mama will put all the drama aside, and get along…but if not’ atleast respect each other enough to let the BS go..

  69. Rachel says:

    Hey Royce,
    First off I would like to say I admire you for even blogging about anything personal in your life. You are a strong person to be able to stand up against what everyone is saying and the judgement that follows. I am not here to tell you that you said or didn’t say was wrong or right. That is your life to live and your experiences to be had. I was reading some of the responses you are getting…and from what I can see a lot of people are not completely ‘on your side’ with the whole situation. So with that, I wanted to say something positive. To be able to wear your emotions on your sleeve, and to accept that is it going to be seen by the world, and to still say ‘this is who I am’…is an accomplishment in itself. We all have a heart that beats, and I admire the fact that you are not afraid to show yours to the world. You are a brave woman. I am a mother myself and have gone through a couple hard relationships. So I can relate to you. And as a strong woman…I commend you for speaking out for all of us. On both sides of the spectrum.
    I don’t have to tell you to keep doing what you do, because we all know you will. I hope the very best for you and your relationship, for you and your son, and for you and your father.
    Take Care,
    -Rachel :)

  70. Christiana_WorldPeace says:

    Hey Royce!
    This is WHY you are my Fave on basketball Wives! You keep it 100%. Yes, we are all a fool for love at one point in our lives, but as you said ::I would rather be a fool in love, than live in misery without a soul:: (That’s not exactly how you said it, BUT you said it). Me personally, I do not think you are stupid, yesterday I was in Church and this post kind of reminded me what the Pastor Said: ::God knew we’d encounter haters. That’s why He said He’d make YOUR enemies YOUR footstool:: <– He wants you to know it's been handled!

    Regardless of what the media says, or what the viewers are saying .. When it all boils down to it .. it is YOUR life! Not theirs, not mine, not anybody's but yours. You have to make the decisions that will benefit YOU and YOUR heart .. YOUR child. Do not look to the advice of the people who would rather see drama than see happiness in the life of a Reality TV Star. They prey on drama, and get mad when people are in Love or are just happy. So, do what is best for you, if his parents and grandparents and your parents are speaking on HIS behalf .. then Royce listen to them — because they KNEW you and loved you before you became a reality TV Star .. (your parents)- and love you regardless of whether or not their daughter is a celebrity, they want what's best for you!- and not what's best for the audience … No relationship on this earth is perfect .. And you know that. <3

    God Bless,

  71. tanya garrison says:

    miss royce, i just want to say that out of all the women on the show, you handle yourself like a lady. You act more mature than half the women on the show and we all know they are half your age! Baby mamas will always bring drama……its tough. So do you and good luck chick.

  72. momo says:

    Royce just hold your head high because u did nothing wrong in this situation. Christina has a big problem ans she is just jealous of you because he loves you and his focus is on you. She too just wants her 1 minute os fame. I truly believe Dezmon loves u, those text messages should not even trouble you because he did not sleep with her. She just wanted some amunition to use to make u feel as miserable as she does and he gave to her. Just move on with Dezmon and be happy if he wanted her he would be her. I believe he is with the one he loves and that is you. Be happy stay true.

  73. Twin1 says:

    I love you and Dezmon together, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive him for actions he spoke of but did not act upon. Although I love you two together, I think you should allow Dezmon to deal with him Baby Mama and their custody battle on his home. Having you in the middle will only make the baby mama more resentful and at the end of the day, the only one that is going to be hurt, is his son. Hopefully Dezmon has learned from this lesson, and his only dealings/conversations/tweets/emails, will be about his SON and that’s it.

    Stay Strong and Work It Out!

  74. JESSICA says:


  75. Tifflovsraheem88 says:

    Royce take your time and do whats right for you! You cant help who you love, and if you did go back to him it would not make you stupid, it would make you a woman in love. What some don’t understand that its easy to criticize when you are on the outside looking in. No one can tell you about your relationship, they can only make assumptions about what they see or what you choose to tell those that are close to you. As for as the baby mother drama goes I know how you feel, but just let her be the fool. If she thinks that doing that is going to make her feel better then she is sadly mistaken because just like you said at the end of the day she still isn’t going to end up with the man. Sad how some females get pleasure out of someone else pain. Everything will work itself out just put it all in God’s hands! ~smooches~

  76. RMGC says:

    Royce grow up please! Dez is a baby (23 years old)! Stop forcing yourself on all these men and listen to your daddy.
    Furthermore why are you gloating that Christina could loose her son? What type of woman are you really? You’re going through similar situation, a serious battle with your baby daddy to keep custody of your son. Did you forget that! Concentrate on the battle ahead of you and that is fighting for your SON! You are giving your baby daddy all the evidence that he needs to win custody of your son.
    Stay focused and stop giving your baby daddy anymore ammunition against you.

  77. Erica B says:

    Royce we’ve all been there! Some of us like to pretend we haven’t. Everyone keeps saying he’s a pro-athlete so that’s what you get. Truth is all men are week.
    I say if Desmon is willing to commit every day to gaining your forgiveness & showing you he can’t live without you then he deserves another shot. :)
    Everyone makes mistakes. Trust me even I’ve done dumb stuff and had to beg forgiveness. The fact remains he didn’t screw her & I’m sure he could have. Something stopped him. So I same hold up head up high and walk through the storm with you man. If you love him & he loves you like you both say you do DON’T give up.
    Good Luck Sweetie.

  78. vikki says:

    royce, dont listen to these haters on here… nobody walked in your shoes so they cant advise u on what to do… just follow ur heart and ur head.. if u love him and forgive him, then so be it… who cares what anyone else says… obviously those people dont know life or love….i like u and jen… u two are the only ones on the show that i do like.,.. all the rest are ghetto n not classy…sorry u got hurt… i was really happy for u and u can still find that happiness, even with him still… god bless!

  79. Maria says:

    I am your side Royce Reed hundred cent

  80. RealG says:

    Royce the dude is basically a child…20 something right? And you are heading 40? Seriously you are being naive to think that he could be faithful to you…he’s an athlete and everybody knows athletes cheat. Yes he didn’t physically cheat but he did cheat mentally and emotionally. If you go back to him it just means that you condone his behavior and have no respect for yourself. And about the whole Christina incident, she wasn’t the only one, other females claimed Dezmon reached out to them too. It is so childish for you to be engaging in twitter beef, it hurts your image publicly and makes you look immature, when in the end Christina was right. For the future learn to keep your relationships personal and private and stop being so gullible then maybe you’ll find some luck.

  81. kerry says:

    God Bless u Royce. I hope whatever choice you make is best for you and your Son. Love is an amazing yet crazy thing, but self love is the most important.

  82. Jae says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE keep this private, but I guest that’s too late.. because the other woman did not handle it privately, Royce you could have handled it privately… Now whole can worms has opened and now you feel you need to bash the other woman. That’s what we do, but the “boyfriend” is sitting back wondering how he is going to smooth this over..Believe me that’s exactly what he is doing !!! I am sorry Royce you are in middle, but you put yourself their commenting back and forth about a private matter. “Fool you once its your fault, fool you twice its still YOUR FAULT, easpecially if you go back to him… Gotta do better. We all have faults, but some things come with maturity and thinking before you speak…

  83. Angel says:

    Royce, you dont have to apologize, you are the victim. This is something that happens to alot of women and people make mistakes. I can tell he really loves you and I think he let a bond he had with his son mother go too far. The important thing was he didnt act on it. I hope you guys work it out. I like you royce, keep doing you, your good at it.

  84. Luvly says:

    Royce I have to be honest. I’ve never been a big fan of yours but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a liking for you/ your character on BBW. With that said I feel your actions on Twitter was a direct reflection of who you truly are off camera. You were dead wrong for speaking on that mothers child and her custody battle with Dez when you are allegedly going through your own custody battle. Rather his child was conceived during a one night stand or during a 4 year relationship at the end of the day this child’s birth was a gift. One night stand or not!
    Ok moving on to the above blog. Please take your time to re-evaluate your relationship with Dezmon, he lied to you and if you are to believe his reasons for the text messages are true then he played games with the mother of his child. That speaks VOLUMES towards his character and motives. Motives being he wants his cake and want’s eat it to. I’m not saying that he’s not right for you but perhaps he’s not ready to settle down with you, does it mean he don’t love you? No! Perhaps he needs more time to grow. Just think about it! Good luck Royce! Rather I am a fan or not I feel your pain. I wish your heart a speedy recovery. (Hugs)

  85. CutieReppinNY says:

    I swear you can tell who the pathetic, desperate, settling women are in a minute. Wake up ladies LOVE is 4 letter word and nothing more. What it really boils down to is trust, how can you trust someone who denied everything and only admits the truth once exposed? Don’t listen to these women on here talking about I been wit my man for 15 years AND THEY STILL HAVE NO RING because they are doormats. A man will not respect you if you don’t respect yourself. If you really believe that he sexts his BM because of his 6 month old infant child you are a fool and deserved to be played. So what’s the excuse for the other women that have now com forward??? He clearly has no respect for Royce and she needs to just take her father’s advice and SLOW DOWN. I’m sorry, but when your own father starts suggesting you’re “loose”, it might be time to fall back and reflect.

  86. Susan says:

    Royce I am so glad you posted this blog. I was so concern about you and was wondering how you were doing. I am 32 and although I am married and are not dealing with these issues; my heart hurts for you. It’s so sad to see how much evil is in this world and how some people just don’t care about other people. What they don’t realize is that we are all connected and the evil/mean things that they are saying and doing to others, they are really doing to themselves….it all comes back around. “What was meant for harm, God used for good.” I am sure you are helping many girls/young ladies/women.You are doing great, keep your head up. I wish you prosperity, favor, wealth, success, true happiness, good health, and harmony!

  87. MRS.EVERETT says:


  88. cee says:

    sometimes both sexes do dumb things, forgive but dont forget, fall in his arms and stay in his heart forever. Goodluck royce, give him a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. wanda says:

    Stay strong Royce. It’s your life…live it. Just know that what happens in the dark will come to light every time…so now you got it all out in the light. Whatever happens it’s time to move on and be happy .You gotta give him credit for owning up to it…

  90. Tierra says:

    Very real, very honest, but maybe he’s just not ready yet. Remember, he’s young. Is he really mature enough for the type of relationship you want? If he thought that was the best course of action, why didn’t he tell you what he was going to do? That he was going to send them. It’s okay to be in love but you shouldn’t have to play the fool to do it. Best of luck, Royce.

  91. being real says:

    Girl..we have all been lied to, etc. You are very brave and honest. It is sad tha your laundry aired in public but you are right. Many of the ppl finding it funny most likely live sad sad lives. Keep holding your head up and good luck to you and your future!!



  93. Cuhsandra says:

    Royce! You’re not alone! the way you are honest with yourself will help you heal and provide you with the answers you need. I am really sorry to hear about this because I root for you on BBW since you are seemingly the ONLY woman on that show who has integrity, and sticks to the story the whole run of the show. I really hoped you had found a man that could hold it down for you…. Life is full of unknowns, just continue being open and the universe will continue to take care of you.

  94. Don't like u says:

    Never was a fan…can’t stand to watch you on BW.. Your still immature and don’t have a clue about men… You need to listen to your father..

  95. Tamarra says:

    I am rooting for you Royce. You were not necessarily my favorite nor did I not like you I just thought at times you were a little naive. As you have grown and tried to find your way I have become a fan. Hold you head up girl and pop a collar to those you spin negative hate. You said what you needed about your personal life please keep the rest to yourself cause haters come out. As for the reunion show this will come up, keep a cool head cause they will use it against you.

  96. jb says:

    Still Royce- Gurl, you still trying to pass the blame on Christina. You don’t know if it is true that he doesn’t want her. I hate to say this, but if he can lie to you about not texting her in the beginning he can lie about anything else. Instead of you worrying about her child worry about your own because right now things are not looking great for you. You don’t know this woman you judging this woman based on Dezmond’s opinion. It seems like your relationship with him is not genuine from watching the BBW. This guy is young and he has his life to make decisions about settling down. Sometimes you have to let that person go if he comes back you know it is meant to be. You called that Gurl, Certified but in reality you are because he is making a fool out of you and her. Are you sure you 30 or 20 because I’m slowly seeing why some comments are made about you. Gurl, there is no way in hell I be beefing with someone on twitter i dodn’t even know especially an ex. Someone have too much time on their hand. His D*ck is not worth the stress!

  97. Stacie says:

    I find it very sad that this day and age as women we still judge other people’s relationships and have the gull to tell people they are stupid because of choices they make when in love. EVERYONE has been through something or another with a man. We ALL know how it feels to trust a man with our lives only to find out he is doing us dirty. We ALL stayed in relationships where everyone around you was giving you the side eye. When someone hurts you, your love for them doesn’t automatically cease to exist and if it does you never loved that individual!!! My advice to Royce listen to your parents I went through this on a much larger scale and held it in from everyone for a year. After talking to both of our parents(mine married 40 years his married 25 years) and realizing how supportive they were and how they still felt like he loved me and the family we built I was happy I stuck it out. We just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary and we have a beautiful family. It’s still a bit rough at times because rebuilding trust is soooo hard . As for people posting on here she HURTS enough for you to kick and poke and ridicule when she is down as if she is just this mythical character named Royce and not a real person with real emotions is disgusting. Watch what you say to others because the minute you judge someone for what they do you will find your self in the same situation faced with the same difficult decision. As for me when I was reading all of the reports on these blogs my heart hurt for you Royce and the only people that are going to give you sound advice are the people that have walked in your shoes!!!!

  98. belinda says:

    Royce, you will surive this. You have been honest and open with your heart. That doesn’t make you stupid or crazy it just makes you believe in love and marriage. i am a hopeless romantic also and I know where you are coming from. Just keep on being you and handle your relationship the way you think is best for you. You and Dezmon loos good together and you have a very handsome son. So whether you stay or leave it is your decision to make not mine or anyone else out there in the world.

  99. Been There and Back says:

    Ms. Royce,

    I have been where you are and have the t-shirt to prove it! If I would have let me husband go for a mistake he made in the first 6 months of our relationship, I would have lost one of the best things to ever happen to me! Look, some people do things when they get scared and dude is young. Just pray and whatever you do, keep your head up like you have through it all. God loves you and if He be for you, who can be against? Not one of us is perfect except Him. Praying for you.

  100. Crystal says:

    Royce you are such a outgoing and cool person, I feel everything you are saying and I know that you and Dezmon will work it out, He do love you and I seen that on BBW, no matter what people say or do like your father said you judge for yourself and I know withe your smartness on life and relationships matters you will end up with that man of yours and flurish, take care, and keep doing what you do.

  101. Stacie says:

    Before you guys judge that open letter you might want to go check out how ole girl aired all of this out to Royce via Twitter for the world to see in such a disrespectful manner!!! Anyone that uses social media to confront the next woman isn’t doing it because she is trying to let the other woman know in a respectful way she did it to hurt her and embarrass her and him. That girl was NOT innocent in this. I’m not about tit for tat but let’s be real.

  102. Royce thats what baby mama do , the fact she sees him with you in public blows her mind, now she wants some attenton

  103. JustME says:

    Royce, Please STOP immediately. I like you on the show. You seem to be a loving girl, but I’m embarrased for you. I get that you’re on a reality show, but why you are publicizing what should be sacred and intimate parts of your life with the world, is beyond me. Why do you feel the need to tell the readers that Dez is crying and asking for forgiveness? Shouldnt that be personal or would you prefer his apology, tears, snot, denials, etc be aired on another episode of BBW? Is nothing sacred anymore? In my youth (teens to early twenties), I did and said some foolish ish, but THANK GOD I never posted, tweeted, recorded it for the world to see. Just fall back and be easy for a miunte. Why are you addressing the BM? It’s making you look mad childish. Say what you want about Beyonce, but you’ll never see her addressing Jay’s exes or jumpoffs. I just cant with you Royce. You need some REAL friends who will tell you the same. In closing, I REALLY want you to figure out why you have a need to prove anything to people who don’t know you. You say you’d be a fool to take the advice of your “readers/followers” so then why the explanations about your man? This goes back to your childhood. Somehow, you felt unloved, unimporatant, unvalidated, and you think that his is your chance to shine. Imma pray for you for real. Peace

  104. gia says:

    what are these ppl sayin
    ‘Oh royce, you guys look cute together’ .. WTF!! yeah so did brad and jennifer .. that doesnt matter!!! .. did anyone read his nasty texts to his ex??? are we forgetting the big picture here!!!! bend you over, when are we gonna have sex?? what the??!!! i understand you love him trust me but dayummmm … the trust is gone, go head and take him back coz we all know you will but dont expect your trust in him to be the same .. i mean damn royce, that boy is younger then me and my younger brother and im only 25 … ok cougar!

  105. Guest says:


    You seem very genuine on the show and in person, from what I gather. I couldn’t help but cringe at the back and forth exchanges between you and the mother of his child on twitter. Like many women who have been wronged by men, you too will get through this, no matter what your final decision is.

    Please know this though, if you choose to forgive him and remain with him, you truly have to forgive and let it go because your relationship will not become healthy and you’ll end up further hurt than you are right now. There will be no point in reconciling if you do not leave the past in the past. It’s smart to be cautious though.

    As for the mother of his child, that is a very touchy subject and whether she is crazy or not, she is still the mother of his child, no matter how she came to be that. There should be an ounce of respect towards each other from both of you for the sake of the child involved.

    I wish you well and please continue to hold your head high. Learn from your mistakes and grow from them as well. I hope EVERYTHING you are going through right now works out to your benefit.

    God bless you sistah!

    P.S. Also, if you decide to reconcile, please, never ever put him back on TV! :)

  106. Trailmix says:

    Royce, my heart breaks for you. I hope you’re doing okay andnI trust that you will follow your own instincts in this situation and do what’s best for YOU. Keep your head up!

  107. loolilea says:

    Hate that you are going through pain, but love the blog. Royce did nothing wrong. She loved someone, he loved her, she still got hurt. Happens every day. I thought it was mature of her to be open instead of putting on a tough facade. Royce is strong –mothers are!– so she will get through this. Anyone who mocks her is an idiot; we’ve all been in some predicament or another in love. We can’t control others – only ourselves.

  108. hopew says:


    Honestly i sympathize with you. I have been there. The only difference with me and you is that I am much younger than you are and I hope that at your age I will be able to slow down and actually get to know someone and give it time to grow. I would hate to be having public twitter wars with my boyfriends baby momma and then have to retract everything i said once the egg hit my face. Like i said i have been there and i have learned from my mistakes. it really is tough to let go or even recognize and see what you dont want to see. when it stares right in the face and no matter how many ppl tell you oh stay he loves, or go he doesnt respect you, a woman’s heart always tends to speak louder buuut at the end of it all, does it even matter bc once your trust for someone is gone, trusst me you can never get that back, its gone forever. no trust=no love. Im sorry to break it to you. You really do seem in love and i know how much it hurts, pfffff damn that junk hurts. nothing is worst than a broken heart. i will say listen to your heart not your head, follow your heart royce and grow up a little … youre kinda too old to doing all this on twitter … arent you going thru a custody battle??? this doesnt look too good … focus on your son!

  109. keli waller says:


  110. alice says:

    forgive and stay with him, the world is not perfect so you’ll never find a perfect man but at least you know the man you are with, keep him.

  111. Kimberly says:

    i luv how strong u r royce n i read everything u just wrote and u said it like a true woman!

  112. BeyondBlessed says:

    First of all, why r u people saying that Royce started all this stuff ..If you go look that BM first words was she was watching the boat scene and start talking ish about he. been texting her .That thing seen red when she saw that then they start taking about marriage and she sure enuff got mad.Like Royce said ain’t nothing gonna ever happen between them and she know that.in one of the text he asked for sex and she said yes and talking bout it sounds good.Chile plz that girl just got mad cause she thought he was gonna come back and then he on tv with Royce.get over it ma.You did all that and he still chiding Royce over you.lol #dumb ass dummy!

  113. Neicy says:

    Royce hold your head up high sweetheart. Your not a fool, you are just a woman in Love. Somethime these things happen to test our strength. Dezmon made a mistake, unfortunately he can’t take back the way he handeled a sensative situation. If he didn’t act on it then it was just words. Yes, words can sometimes hurt almost as much as actions. But true love, honesty & comittment will pull you 2 through. So take a break & see what happens. Good Luck & God Bless You. Let your fans know, how you’re doing..

  114. Love is Blind, Ignorance is Blinder!!!! So, live your life and build your FOUNDATION NOW on COMPLETE TRUTH if that’s where your heart is. You have to heal from pain period…it’s almost pointless to say “WHO” created it because God has given you the tools to move past it!!! AT LEAST he manned up and said, “Yea I messed up for the wrong reasons.” I mean, he’s 22 and yes he’s no dummy, but with experience and tons of mistakes we SHOULD WELCOME GROWTH!! Royce along with the rest of US knows what growth takes, so people need to sweep around their own front door!! I respect honesty and you will feel better for accepting that we don’t always know!!! BUT, don’t let anyone deter you or encourage you to run…take the pace you need and be a bit selfish with yourself until you’re ready to decide your journey!! #AND FELLAS–STOP SLEEPING WITH THESE RAGGEDY BEHIND WOMEN LOOKING FOR A Bi-Weekly PAYCHECK!!! Healing is your medicine to growth….I encourage you and pray for your strength!!!!


  115. Angel says:

    This does not make you stupid. It just shows that you are human. You have a forgiving heart. Those who say you are stupid, are probably the same ones who forgive their boyfriend/husband over and over and over again. Keep your head up.

  116. LNelson says:


    I NEVER post on these things. I am the sideline viewer who just checks things out. I felt compelled to write to you because my heart is heavy for you. I too would have stood by my man. Any REAL woman in love would have. Anyone who says otherwise either has never been in love, or is lying! Do what is best for you and yours! Consider the entire relationship and IF you feel you can trust him again….F’ everyone’s opinion. I too was hurt by someone I loved and had egg ALL OVA’ my face, but I followed love and my heart. That was in 1997. I married that man in 2000. and now we have been married (there have been some bumps) and now have 4 beautiful children and I don’t regret any of it. Trust ME! If you can go through this storm, there will be little else that can sever the ties that you two build.

    I honestly hope you can forgive him. I have NO IDEA who he is and had never heard of him before BBW’s episode. I must say that there has to be some respect given to a man that admits his wrongs and attempts to make it right. Hate that it was on this public forum. Remember two things and you should find peace in whatever decision you make;
    Those two scriptures right there should have a WHOLE LOTTA people shutting their mouths!

    Be blessed Royce!

  117. kaybee says:

    Royce! If its not on camera than TOO BAD..you need a few things to yourself girl smh. Let go and let God.

  118. whatthe says:

    who the heck does royce she is??? i was feelin you in the beginning until you started taking shots at the ex .. what the? you cant imagine someone never claiming you at some point? they were never together? royce, get outta here with that, youre talking about his only child’s mom … she was honest enough to show you who you were dating … how about you cant imagine he would actually try and talk to all those other females and sending them pix? or how abt you cant imagine being with someone who humiliated you? it doesnt matter that he parades all over vh1, he still lied to your face and made you look like the dummy that you seem to are to be taking shots at her for LETTING you know the truth .. her relationship with dezmon will be forever, you can be replaced so dont go there!

  119. Shaila says:

    Wow…Christina Nero is a bitter, jealous woman. Why is she stalking Royce via her Twitter timeline? Why is she just now releasing the messages to Royce if the incident occurred in March? Christina just decided, out of the blue, to create this drama after seeing Dezmon discuss Marriage with Royce on BBW? Uhm…yeah right. This drama has bitter baby momma written all over it. All of this should’ve taken place behind closed doors, in private. Dezmon is a weak, wimpy man for not putting Christina in check. A real man would have protected his woman from this mess. He’s allowing Royce to be treated like a punching bag for the whole world to see. Royce…You deserve way better. You deserve respect, protection and happiness. Leave these little boys alone…and ignore Christina from this point on. She will soon feel third degree burns from the fire she just started.

  120. Yolanda says:

    Way to go Royce…..what a lady…..keep your man….it takes a real women/man to own up to their mistakes without blaming others……Royce I love this posting………Now you are being a lady like Jen……I respect you and this posting

  121. zet says:

    Why you lying!! Did you forget about all the people who read those tweets? You really think because you removed your part that you can lie about it? Now you look super stupid because he did the same thing with another girl. I think you both are using each other, you like the green backs he has and he likes the freak in you to share in the locker room.

  122. Duke Fan says:

    Awww that was beautiful, and I almost cried. I wanna say be happy don’t let anyone steal your joy and the relationship yall have together. I know that has to hurt and everyone at some point has been there before and I say you fight for your self as well as your relationship! Know one is perfect and as long as he learns from it, so be it. You can’t run away just because he made a mistake because if that’s the case your never going to have a healthy relationship. I’m not saying stay if that’s not what’s in your heart, but if it is STAY and listen to your heart because sometimes your mind will have you in all different directions. If he does this again then decide what’s the best move. But don’t lose what you have for ignorance because if she wasn’t jealous then she would have told you back in March personally. Not over Twitter for everyone to see. She wanted you to look like a fool and walk away. Don’t let her win or anyone for that matter dictate your relationship. We all have done things WRONG no one is perfect. And, if he’s perfect in YOUR eyes then sweetie love him with all your heart and yall can get past this

  123. tammy clay says:

    Hi Royce, just wanted to try and give you some positive feed back, you’re relationship doesn’t have to be over. Your’s is still very new, so you don’t have to make any decision’s right now, i’m sure your guy will understand that you need time to sort through your feeling’s. Yes he made a mistake, but if you take that one mistake away would he still be the one? I had the same thing happen to me, so I know what your going through. You are the only one who has to live with your decision. Everybody is going to have an opinion, but until you are actually confronted with a situation you don’t know what you would do. Don’t ever live your life for other’s, or wonder what people are gonna say, cause i’m sure their yard is not so green either, be happy!!!!!!!!!

  124. Dena says:

    Royce it is your choice, if you decide to forgive Dezmon. I just want you to think about this….The ex will always bring drama, not because she wants him back, simply because he has moved on and appears to be happy. Women are like little kids, they don’t want their toys until they see someone else play with it. I am not suggesting that you rollover and be a fool for him. I am just asking you to consider the source, a scorned woman!! What other people think you should do shouldn’t matter. This is between you and Dezmon and y’all should work it out, however it works best for y’all. I will say he is the first guy, I’ve seen you with that I actually like and I believe he in sincere. I don’t know him either, however I get a good feeling based on what I have seen. Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. You may want to ask yourself, if you walk away who wins. He probably won’t go back to his baby’s mama, however she will get a Ego boost and will think she has more power than ever to run off any woman he dates. I understand this got played out in public, however if you break up with him is it to save face or are you following your heart? I suggest you follow your heart and forget what anyone else has to say. Stay strong Sweetie, y’all will get through this…..just don’t make any rash decisions….decide prayerfully!! I’m praying for the best!!

  125. Shevonne says:

    Royce Lindsey, I’m proud of you! It’s takes a lot to be able to publicly allow yourself to be humiliated and still smile through it all. You’re a star babe! Neighbors since Elementary school but we live such diff lives… Proves tht no matter where you are or what camera follows you or doesn’t we all bleed the same red blood and cry the same weeping tears. From someone that’s been where you are right now I say… The choice is yours and yours alone. DO NOT let mess clutter your heart. Only a real man can admit he’s wrong and allow himself to be judged by the masses just so his other heart doesn’t continue to hurt… Keep him. He’s yours! A biter baby mamma is the worst… It just means she hasn’t moved on yet. Don’t let it spoil you. When you hurt so does Braylen and he doesn’t deserve to hurt so why should you? Ok I’m done…love you babe

  126. andrea says:

    i just wanted to say u r strong keep ur head up because people make mistakes. U have nothin to be ashamed of ur human and so is he. Just know love hurts and we all deserved to be loved.

  127. Renee says:

    Didn’t you do that bra/panty trick for the camera season 2? and what about the other girl Dez been sexting that put him on blast recently name Jordan. In the text sent to her Dez stated you and him are not together and that he was falling for her. Royce, grow up – take a break, find your worth and then Act Like A Lady and Thinki Like A Man!

  128. Crissypoo1431 says:

    Royce, I’m so sorry for what u R going through this will only make u stronger and UR guys relationship stronger……

  129. Herma says:

    Listen to Guest!…All the best,,,This too will pass!

  130. veronica says:

    My heart goes out to you and your friend Royce. We all make mistakes but I do believe you going to give him another chance but right now he just in time out corner because even though we make mistakes we must learn from them in some kind of way. Sometime that may cause us to lose the one we love. Follow your heart Royce and stay prayed up. Love you gurl

  131. LA VERITE says:

    Ok, first off please be clear I am NOT judging but I would like to state the obvious truth here. Royce is dealing with this mess as a direct result of her issues. No it’s not really about her about “keeping it one-hunnid”, or “her life being an open book”, or “being fully commited”, or “being a hopeless romantic”. THIS IS ALL FALSE. There are no victims or underdogs in this story. Today’s lesson everyone is about “accountability” and “self-awareness”. Royce (as some have recognized) has a serious issue with VALIDATION. Don’t think so? Let’s go down some of the items on the checklist shall we?

    Here we go. “Need to bring my new man on national t.v. for the world to see IT’S REAL THIS TIME! this one really loves me, see everyone!” — “Oh yeah, got to show off for that BM that’s been hatin on me too, ha ha trick he’s claiming me for the world to see, not you, see BM!” — “Oh that’s right, gotta do another lingerie scene & make it better this time around since they tried to clown my lingerie last season, now what?! see BBW! — “ok yes, also have to CONSTANTLY try to portray myself as so much more evolved, grown, & mature now than b/f especially more than some of those other messy BBW, I’m in such a better place in my life ahhhh…see everyone!— “wait a minute, what BM Christina say? let me respond (not ignore) to this trick AND EVERYBODY ELSE who is seeing this on TWITTER & state how she aint nothing but a “driveby”, how jealous she is of our “love”, how I KNOW the texts are fake, how crazy she is, and how I AM THE ONE with him at events, trips, etc., so obviously Dezmon wants me NOT her, see everyone! – and on and on and on and on…

    OHHH ROYCE… Everything from you asking this man to say you two were deeply in love 3 TIMES to this post telling people he was apologizing until 4 in the morning & that your daddy, his mama, relatives, & teammates are on your side SCREAMS “EVERYONE LOOK! I’M GOOD I’M GOOD, PLEASE BELIEVE ME!”. Royce if you read these comments, please do some serious introspection and realize your issue (and something that will continue to cause you even more painful experiences if you don’t check it) is that you CRAVE VALIDATION and in your attempt at getting validation, you like to GLOAT (“he eats everything well” did you really need to say that… just think about it). I have a strong suspicion your overwhelming need for validation has a lot to do with wanting to be “good enough for daddy” so please take some time & figure it out for yourself.

    So there you have it -> needing validation & gloating, that’s it. So scratch all this “I’m real”, “my life is open for everyone to see” yada yada yada facade. The need to validate your relationship is what set this mess in motion, not to overlook Dezmon’s LIES (which he is still doing with that excuse he gave… if anyone believes you need to text someone that you want to bend them over and spread their cheeks open in order to stay on their good side & see your child… shoot yourself) or to overlook Christina’s WRECKLESSNESS (who also displays several traits of low self esteem) but this all began because ROYCE NEEDED VALIDATION and wanted to gloat in the process. The “desperate to fix it now” ex-fiance who has his issues with immaturity & dishonesty AND the “why am I not good enough to marry” BM who has her issues with inferiority & rejection will both need to work on their mess as well. As for you though… before even THINKING about what to do with Dezmon’s arse, mull over the resoulution for ROYCE, which is taking accountability for YOUR PART in this and… figuring out what’s caused these issues and learn how to best love and humble yourself. At the end of the day, this ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP with Dezmon is most likely rooted in you needing validation so it’s even more reason for you to start with ROYCE FIRST!

  132. Been THERE! says:

    You are a trusting young woman who wants what we all want, a loving husband and a family. That being said, no man preparing to be your husband or in a serious relationship would have sent those texts. And definitely not to his BM. Their child is so young, I’m more than positive there is still an emotional bond there and he knows that. He sent those text not to make nice but to see how far he could go and if she was willing to let him back in I’m more than positive he would have gone for it! You may need to take Pops advice and just do you for a minute. Cut your losses. And by all means stop attacking her, she owes you nothing. Your real issue is with him.

  133. Lakita says:

    I’m sorry to say, but I knew as soon as I saw him on the show, that he wasn’t any good. Yes, we all make mistakes, but for him to say he just sent the texts to get on his baby mama’s good side is full of ish!

  134. Zina says:

    Very eloquent Royce. I really like this one. Only suggestion is to ignore the “Baby Mama Drama” and focus on the issues between you and your new guy. Your relationship is still brand new and love for women comes easy and we tend to take on the problems of our men way too quickly. Typically they don’t do that. I’m sure he is not hardly trying to have any dialogue with your ex about….well ANYTHING. That’s the way it should be. That woman is “His” problem at this point. Not yours. Don’t carry his burden just yet. You have enough on your plate with your evil (as far as I can tell) ex. Cultivating a strong relationship rarely happens in such a short time. Make him sweat a little bit or even a lot, if you do decide to get back with him. He needs to know that there are consequences to his actions, just like Evelyn’s little “peculiar” friend is finding out right now. You’re worth the effort and maybe he’s worth another chance. Only time will tell and you have time. Slow it down. SIDE NOTE: Kenya is a bit crazy, but she’s no dummy. I’m not sure if there is something going on that we are missing on the show, but I don’t see Kenya wanting to be like Jen. Don’t let Keisha and your irritating little buddy Suzie convince you of something that really doesn’t seem to be true (from what I see on the show anyway) because they want you on team “I Don’t Like Kenya”…Keep doing you. It’s working…JM2C…

  135. Ronnye says:


    Royce would have been the victim if she had not allowed herself to become engaged in the twitter beef. If the baby momma had posted and Royce had dealt with him in private, she would have had much more sympathy. It was a very immature move on her part.

  136. veshti says:

    Royce you are talented, educated and most importantly a mom; stop trying to to be in a relationship and claim love too soon. I know that you are at that age when you urgently want a loving relationship; Don’t force it Royce, it will happen if that is what God has in store for you. The realist thing you have in your life is your son; don’t let him grow up without you being there 100% because you are in mourning over some lost love. Your dad is right Royce you fall too soon; you are looking for something that will eventually come to you if you are patient. I know you have a child and you want a husband, but don’t ever compromise your integrity for no man. Concentrate on your career and making your son happy and you will come out just fine.

  137. Tania says:


    I don’t know you or your soul mate…what I do know that you can not base your decision to stay or leave based off of fans, twitters, FB comments or even in your “circle” of friends. trust your heart…trust your gut…only you two know what happens in those quiet moments. I have been married almost 14 years together 15 years and we have been thru hell and back. When the naysayers said leave…I said, love and prayer will have to tell me to go. To be strong you have to go thru..to be a Diamond you have to be placed under pressure….to be pure gold you have to be put thru the fire…Trust your gut…trust love and trust those 41 years your Mom and dad have…trust those 41 years come with trials, heart breaks, victories, and blessings…

    Wishing and praying for the best for you, your son, and your soulmate…


  138. Que Que says:

    The dude is the one that caused Royce to be embarassed. I would not want to be with a man who would put me in a position like that. Royce u were wrong for acknowledging the baby momma’s tweet but then again be glad u did because now u know what u are dealing with. Also remember that a child is involved and the child should be the most important thing here.. Too bad that the baby momma and dude didn’t work out…too many broken homes in our community. I would also be very leary to get involved with a dude who was having unprotected sex with a girl he said he wasn’t involved with and to bring a child in that mess..COME ON NOW.. I would not blame the baby momma the DUDE is the one that cause the mess. Hold ur head up Royce.

  139. Kierra says:

    Royce you are correct you are human. I believe he will learn from his mistake and she is foolish. I say stay down with your man but he will have to earn his respect but I have faith that you all will work through it. I am also very sorry for your pain and i feel it could have been a lot worse.

  140. marie says:

    Royce I must say that your father had a reason for getting upset about you rushing with your relationships. Tami told you the right thing pertaining to your father. I have been through that and I understand you want to live and learn on your own but at the same time please your father. Take it from someone who does not have a father never had one and listen. I pray true love will come your way and you deserve it despite what people think of you. Hold your head up.

  141. Darlene says:




  142. Lee says:

    Royce, I thought I loved and respected you before, but it is nothing like how I feel about you now. You truly are the Real McCoy. Your honesty and integrity are refreshing. For that I love you more. Regarding your relationship with Dezmon, only the two of you know what’s real. It sounds like you are in love with each other. The trials and tribulations that you experience and overcome together will only help to strengthen your relationship. My guess is that if you asked your parents to what do they attribute their successful relationship, I’m willing to bet that at the top of the list is the willingness to forgive. We all make mistakes. Are there redeeming qualities about Dezmon? If so, don’t throw your love away. Prove the nay sayers wrong. Grow a strong love Royce, you deserve it. As for the mother of his child. Win her over with kindness out of your love for Dezman and his child. She will eventually be able to see you as the rest of us do. You are an attractive, genuine, kind-hearted, intelligent, positive and loving woman. May God bless your relationship.

  143. God Bless your Dear Royce,

    You are so right! I don’t know you, but I love when you were telling him to say it again! We are in love! I could feel that loving energy right through the screen! You can’t make that up and I respect that he put himself out there on TWEET apologizing for the WORLD to know! GOD BLESS YOU BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY SPIRIT! I wish you well! Hugs and love!

  144. Charlie says:

    Awww…that is really nice Royce. I wish you the best.

  145. Resipoo says:

    LA VERITE, you said it all. Wow. You didn’t just speak to Royce, but to all of us. Royce, if you’re reading these comments, read La Verite’s. You think you’re being real, but you’re not. La Verite’s post is what’s real. And it isn’t just about you but for so many of us. At the end of the day, we all want someone to love us. The problem comes when we allow this human desire to allow us to make very poor choices. And we make the poor choices because somewhere deep down inside we don’t think we’re loveable. So we have to front and floss and try to convince the world that someone does love us. Believe me dear, I’ve done it all before. I had the wedding, the man, and THEN the baby, and guess what? It still didn’t work out.

    And it didn’t work out because I went into it for the wrong reasons. I was trying to prove I’m loveable without actually BELIEVING I was. Think about that, Royce. That’s keeping it 100.

  146. md20/20 says:

    Royce your my fav, your the realist girl on the show!!! keep your head up and do you.

  147. Kim says:

    Royce continue to hold your head up high his baby mama is and was a hater and it’s a sad day when people would rather see you unhappy than to enjoy the smile on your face….I do believe he loves you and yes he made a mistake but should you give his baby mama the joy of knowing yall are over HELL NO fix your relationship and shame the devil…You have a beautiful smile and you are a wonderful person take what GOD has given you and never let no one take that from you….

  148. Sugabear says:

    Do what you feel is right Royce inspite of what ppl say! I am happily married & love is a good thing. This is YOUR life & no one can live it for u but U. If you do decide to keep ur relationship with Dezmon, forgive him TOTALLY but make sure if you guys marry u cover urself. Sometimes ppl change & sometimes they don’t (only time will tell). Think with your heart AND your mind. You’re a good girl & you deserve the best!

  149. Monique says:

    I really like royce. She has a good spirit, she’s down to earth and she’s really grown up. But I think she’s being naive. Dezmon may have told the truth about sending the texts, but he’s lying about his motivation behind them. They are still fooling around. Period. Granted he may love royce but he’s playing games. He only sent those texts because he wants to see his son? The oldest lie in the book. The BM is not the only one using the child; he is too. He’s using his child to lie and manipulate Royce. Both Dezmon and the BM are all about the drama and Royce is so much better than that nonsense. I wish her the best. He’s full of shh and Royce deserves better than that.

  150. Melanie says:

    Hang in there Royce. Jealousy will follow you everywhere in life. Whether you continue to pursue a relationship with Dezmon is up to you and only you and is only a decision that can be made with you and your child’s best interest in mind.

  151. #TeamDoubleR says:

    Double R…a few tears actually sprung to my eyes (yes I’m that mushy) at what you’re going through, because I can relate to being betrayed. I will say this, know that God is always in your corner, when the world confuses you, go to him in earnest prayer and he will show you the way (again I can relate). I will whisper a word of prayer for you tonight; wishing you the best and nothing but health, wealth and happiness with a side order of unequivocal, perpetual, genuine, ole skool, your momma & daddy kind of love because you deserve nothing less. If you do choose to rekindle the flame with DezBris be certain, and I mean absoulutely certain he deserves all that you bring to the table. God Bless.
    Oh & P.S. there’s this saying they have back home (in Jamaica), goes a little something like this “sometimes di wickedest weapon a silence”. Ignore the BM and all her negativity, trust me it will burn more than the wittiest retort you could ever give.
    P.P.S. Your fans truly got your back on this one. One Love!


    WOW! Just WOW! My precious butterfly and friend, those words expressed were the truest heartfelt and soul sharing that a TRUE woman could ever divulge. The thing that impressed me most was… through your pain, you triumphantly got the hurt off your chest, showed a willingness to accept walking into an unexpected wind storm and having dust rush in your face without striking back viciously like a viper, and humbly was willing to reach out and assist in a very sticky situation. The ICE-CREAM ON THE CAKE in all of this was…you still express LOVE over PAIN, NOT knowing when or where this bumpy train ride might END. WOW!!! What an awesome fractional equation. You know where I am and how to get in touch if my assistance is needed. Much LOVE. Ms. “B”

  153. bw says:


  154. Tasia says:

    Royce is 1 of a kind on the show she is on the real side since the show 1st aired.I luv the fact that she keeps it pushing if it dnt work out,how ever she should not let her relationship business get out in public because people are gonna hate,and thats just the way life is.These realty shows really portray mostly women/and families in a spiteful way.But far is her relationship GO Royce U DO U,cause in the mean time everybody else is doing them,and probably got more baggage then u.*Team Royce*

  155. womenwakeup says:

    I cannot believe that some women on here is telling Royce to stay and stand by her man. Listen women; if you find out in a few months of meeting a guy that he has issues, run and not walk far away as you can because you are just setting yourself up for future heart breaks. Women are so weak, and this is the reason why most of you allow sharing.

  156. Nia says:

    Royce, a mistake is him accidentally forgetting your birthday. What he did was just foul. Remember your own words on the show: When someone shows who they are, believe them the first time. God bless.

  157. Rozay says:


    You have always been the one to keep it real regardless of what others on the show think of you and that says alot, matter of fact that says it all. You are a very smart woman who thinks for herself and during this sticky situation it should be no different. Like you say people who find humor in your heartbreak and disappointments are sad and obviously they have nothing to keep them smiling in their own life. Hold your head up high and if it’s meant to be it will be.

  158. Phyllis says:

    I commend you . I wouldn’t give up on Dez. He seems like a good guy. Yes, he messed up and yes,he took it out on you, but that’s the part of a relationship ESPECIALLY if there’s kids involved. As for the baby mama, she wanted to mess up something good because she didn’t have what you and Dez have/had. I am in the same boat with you but I’m Dez. My BD wants to mess up what me and my man have because he realizes what he had and he doesn’t want me OR my man happy. I know how Dez feels. Don’t give up on Dez…give him another chance

  159. Treacle234 says:

    I don’t understand why she felts it necessary to air her dirt laundry in public. Yes, the baby mama got messy, be an adult and take the high ground and ignore her. I’m sorry but Royce let her emotions get the better of her and just played into the hands of her bf’s baby mama…..Anyways who would Royce be dating next season of BBW ?

  160. The Poet Of the past says:

    I see Royce is on a rocky road of learning.I would never call you”dumb”, cause when you go into a relationship with your guards down, you’ll get emotionally hurt every time.On tv or off,there are things that conflict with you and your personal times.As for his lies,that’s nature for him to deny things that he don’t want to expose you to.
    As for you, your spirit is free and controlled towards your dream and goal.I’m not a heckler nor a hater.I watch the show just to see all the hating and the drama that you go through.I know you have to go somewhere and clear your mind of all negativity.
    Peace be with you

  161. MVP says:

    Its just a text. He’s come clean, which shows some character….. If you feel its REAL LOVE, then you should give REAL LOVE another shot.

  162. cazzie says:

    Dear Royce,

    The only question you need to answer in your heart, is if you feel Dezmon will do this again. It’s the hardest thing to be completely honest with yourself and let your gut communicate with you and trust that what it’s saying is the truth. I think you know in your heart of hearts, that unfortunately, whilst Dezmon undoubtedly will be a man of great character in years to come, he is not there yet. I urge you to step away from this relationship, to save yourself further heartbreak and just trust in God. If indeed, Dezmon is the right person for you, perhaps in a few years, once he has learned a few more life lessons, you guys can try again. Until then, I feel you should never accept less than your worth and in my opinion you are a Queen who deserves to be treated as such.
    Love, light and blessings
    Caroline xxx

  163. Renaye says:

    Like you said, just because you’re on TV doesn’t mean you are human. TV stars go through the same trials and tribulations as non TV stars. It’s really sad that people get a kick out of drama and seeing others hurt. I enjoy watching drama on TV but, living with drama and watching it on TV is two different things. I wish the best for you Royce, you deserve it. No one can dictate your heart but you. Follow your heart and be happy.

  164. Renaye says:

    Had a typo…first line…aren’t human not are human. Sorry! :)

  165. Suzy says:

    Women need to remember that if the roles were reveresed MEN are not that forgiving or understanding, and thier pride plays a big role in situation. He would have dropped you faster than you could turn your head.

    Royce! You do owe her an apology! You called her a liar on on twitter, you called her bluff and she stepped up and showed out ( with her evidence), and your man lied at first cause he was busted then eventaully came clean.

    If you were my friend I would tell you get it together becuase you are acting on your emotios and not thinking clearly.

    Don’t get mad at the woman! Check your man!

  166. oh10 says:

    There is always more to the story. I believe his baby’s mother. If he was 100% committed to Royce, the text messages would have never been sent. Royce is just getting used. If she wasnt on reality television, he would be right with his baby’s mother. Grow up Royce!!!!

  167. CamIncredible says:

    Royce, stay strong, keep your head up and use wisdom. The heart can confuse the mind remember that, pray about the situation, and do what you feel is best.

  168. Renee says:

    Royce you are a strong sister, and yes we all have gone through heartaches, but this to shall pass. Hang in there Royce. You are my favorite person on bastketball wives.

  169. Jay Bruce says:

    Praying for you Royce. Stay strong and be encouraged.

  170. CeCe says:

    Thank you for showing your human side. All I have to say is listen to that “gut” feeling that God has given to all of us women. If it’s meant to be you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you really love him and want to be with him, just use your eyes; not so much your ears. His actions will speak louder than words. If his actions show no progress or growth, forget him. BUT If he shows signs of growth and maturity and love, girl bump the haters. Be with your man. This trial will only make your love stronger.

  171. Shannon says:

    Its ok Royce. Are you the first? Nope..most have been there and it feels good to some to see others hurt. Continue to be a good mother, and continue to love. Unfortunately when you have a heart it does get broken.

  172. Wendy says:

    Royce, I just want to say, wonderful blog and you are a class act! I hope your heart heals and things work out for you. :-)

  173. Britbrit says:

    Ok, so after reading MTO and looking at the tweets back and forth, I really dont understand why all of this mess started. Royce I like you on BBW but I do feel like you fall in love with every guy shown (maybe that is the way it is portrayed on the show) but we have seen a few guys you have dated and said you where in love with. Honey a true man who loves you will not even think about flirting with anyone. Yes, people make mistakes but if he wasnt caught would he have told you? Why didnt he tell you to begin with? His reasoning for sending the messages dont make sense, if she really wanted to be with him and was keeping him away from his son, would he not be sending false promises of them being a family via text? Why the sexting? If she allowed him to act on his text would he have cheated? No one knows why they never acted on them, just because they both admitted to not having sex does not excuse the behavior, because if she would not let him act on the text that makes him look worse. For exampe, they could of had sex but she would not allow it to happen. Does that make him or her look bad? I think him! Of course, he is acting remorseful, he was caught! Whether you take him back or not is your life, I will not hate you either way, everyone deserves to be happy. I’ve been happily married for 7 years and my husband would not dare do such a thing, if we have problems we work on it. At the end of the day, if you’re going to be a bigger person and not entertain her (his baby mama) why would you revert back to doing so with the open letter? That’s not being a bigger person. The best defense against a person is to not entertain them.

  174. T says:

    Stick with him Royce.

  175. almetria hurd says:

    i just have to say that i adore you and you is one of my favorite people on the show

  176. Dawn says:

    Royce I’ve always liked your character on the show you are REAL. My advise would be for BOTH of you to pray for peace, honesty, clarity and direction. Base your decision on wether at the end of the day can both of you stand firm as a couple/family through all of this & if the answer is YES, then move onward and upward with your man. Peace!

  177. Dia says:

    Royce put God first and allow him to direct your paths. Begin to find yourself Lost in the Lord and allow your life to reflect what he planned for you. ” A man who finds a wife finds a good thing.” You have to prepare yourself to be that good thing. In the beginning if you seek God for discernment he will give it to you without regard. Only wisdom and discernment come from God, he will let you know who is for you and who is against you. Please dear, respect yourself and begin to save yourself for the man God is sending your way. He will love you for you – all of you, he will see his best not to hurt you and sex will never be the concern before the ring and the wedding day. You are too beautiful inside and out to settle for anything less than God’s best. God is waiting for you.

  178. luvchile says:

    Run do not walk from this man!!!! He sent the text but didn’t do her???? He doesn’t respect you or his baby’s mama. You will be looking over your shoulder as long as you are married to him….if he marries you. Whatever he says about her, always remember…he slept with her without the benefit of a condom. I hate it when guys call women ho-s for sleeping with them because he is no better. This is not a way to start a relationship….it will only get WORSE!!!!!!

  179. Tiff says:

    Wow… I really feel Royce on this post… Most women at some point and time have been through this same exact thing… Because that what a good woman does… stands by her man… Royce… now that you’ve found out the truth… it’s great that you’re taking a step back… no matter what you decided… know that you are strong and beautiful… and know your worth! I hope everything in the future works out for you!

  180. mjones28269 says:

    Royce from the moment this nonsense hit the internet I was disgusted with Dezmond’s baby mama. I really am tired of people using these social sites to air out their private lives. That was not only immature for extremely embarassing. She made herself look bitter, angry and dumb in my honest opinion. You have to live for ROYCE, not for the public!! If you love Dezmond the way you say you do, then forgive that man and move forward in your relationship with him. Love is about learning and growing. He is young still. As long as he didn’t act upon them, who cares what he texted that chick. Clearly his heart is with you. At the end of the day, that is all that matters. Do you Royce. Continue to be who you are and live your life!! Do not throw away your relationship on a woman that is clearly bitter and upset. I wish you much luck!! Peace!

  181. tiny says:

    Girl f wat ever1 is sayn, so wat he lied about a tweet come on I no alot of females that have bn lied 2 4 bigger things, if he did not do anything u nd 2 4give him, was it rite he lied no, but is it 4giveable yes, I saw ur smile wen u talkd about him n u cud not stop smileing, if u luv him moven on n jus let him no if it happens again its a wrap, n who cares if people say ur dumb im sure they were once dumb 2 only difference is they are not a reality star, u r still human n if I was u I would stay wit my man make them haters really have sumthn 2 talk about lol..His BM is jealous n a hater so let her hate from the sideline..

  182. Deloris - Sign To Proceed With Caution says:

    Royce, forgiveness is always a good thing. Try to stay away from the mamma drama. He is not your husband yet and the trouble is taking center stage. It’s okay to give your wannabe hubby advice, but beefing with his ex is not healthy everybody involved. Sometimes God allow hurtful situations to happen in our life, some are wakeup calls, bumps on the head, stop signs, caution signs, slow down signs, proceed with caution signs, and cancellation signs.
    Royce, take your time because you do not want to committ to an unhealthy relationship. If your wannabe hubby, felt so desperate to keep the peace with his ex for the love of his child, he should have trusted you enough to talk to you about. This is why his story and actions appears to be a little unhealthy already. It appears as if the relationship is definitely unhealthy for you, your son, your wannabe hubby, his son, and his son’s mother. There is much too much drama, much too soon. Do not rush to the alter, you need more time to figure this thing out. Ask yourself – is it really worth having an unhealthy realtionship, because of the love you have in your heart for your wannabe hubby? You do not need any drama in your life at a time your career is looking brighter. You have already gotten off track by getting between the drama, Your primary focus should be what is best for your son and yourself. Yes, your wannabe hubby just might love you, but trust and honesty places a major part in a relayionship and marriage. He has already fail in the area of both.

  183. KeeKee says:

    Royce, get rid of the drama fast, quick, in a hurry. You are already crying and hurting from his dishonesty, whether he acted on this intent or not. The fact that the intent was ever in his mind and ever in his heart, is a true sign of an incident waiting to happen. Do not ignore the signs. There is no way you can live happily ever after, when someone you love lie to you. You will forever have that doubt in your mind and in your heart. Do not rush to the alter Royce, it will be a huge mistake. Take it easy, if you want to stay in the relaitionship do so, but under no circumstance should you marry this untrustworthy man at this point and time.

  184. Janet - 100% says:

    Royce, we are glad you have forgiven your wannabe huband. But do not let the love in your heart, blind you mentally. You appear to fall inlove very fast. You appear to be hungry for true love and marriage. There is always two sides to any story. Only the Lod above know the real truth. Royce, do not let your heart overshadow the truth. The truth at this point appears to be he was not true to you. You were giving him 100% of you and he was not giving you 100% of himself.
    He proved this with his text messages to his ex. I do not care if he acted on his intentions or not, the intent itself was harmful enough to the relationship. Open your eyes Royce, get out of the middle of this beef between your wannabe hubby and his ex. Do not let this be a Fantasia Monique Barrino type of relationship.

  185. sarahtalks says:

    Love and Hip Hop’s, Mashonda, Forms a Campaign Against Physical Violence on Reality Shows


  186. Marilyn says:

    Royce, your fans are all giving you very good advice. From my personal experience, and from my past heartbreaks, I would suggest you take it slow. Ttake sometime to yourself, away from your wannabe hubby to figure this thing out. Sometimes we let love take over our senses. We go absolutely crazy inlove. We do not want to hear anything negative about our relationship, no matter how true they may be. But, dishonesty is just that dishonesty. It appears as if you are truly inlove with this man and he may love you too, but he is not inlove with you. Because his hidden deeds are definitely not a sign of a man inlove. Honesty is a great part of true love. He should have been open, and honest with you even if it hurt. His actions were totally disrespectful and you discontinue communicating with his ex, because this is his problem and he is not your husband yet. It is his responsiblity to fix his problem between him and his ex. You have no place in this situation at this point in time. His ex do not owe you anything, but respect and you owe her the same. This situation will only get worst. ROYCE GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE AND STAY IN YOUR POSITION.

  187. Shstarlight says:

    I understand everything you’ve mentioned and keep your head up and pray.

    Luv you Royce

  188. gigi says:

    You are absolutely correct it is sad for people to think it is funny for you to be heart broken but it just shows their maturity and respect for others regardless of knowing them.

  189. Deedee says:

    i feel ya royce for keeping it real. all women that have been in a real relationship understands the situation and your position. i know it may be hard but dont let baby mama’s/ex girlfriends/ ex wife’s/ ex jump offs get to you they all have one thinig in common; they all were in the past.

  190. Lisha says:

    Royce he might love you, but he is not inlove with you. Because he would have never texted his ex in this manner. He is using the love for his child as an excuse to win you over. Do not fall for his lies. He should have never went behind your back to communicate in such a disrespectful manner with his ex period, point blank . There just might be more secret female contacts, they will surface too.

  191. Edwina Hollister says:

    You go girl, I have always liked you on Basketball Wives & now I respect & admired you even more. They true to yourself & followers.

  192. Dee says:

    This is way too much about his child’s mother. To take the high road, in my opinion, would have been to simply say, “Well, she’s the unhappy baby’s mother…”
    And leave it at that.
    And truly, regarding, what went on between the two of them, who he was to her, etc.
    There’s her side, his side; then there’s the truth.

  193. Choc says:

    Royce–I really like you but you need to just chill for a minute. Concentrate on your son and your career! Wait until the “right” one comes along who will keep it 100 with you at ALL times. At the start of a relationship you’re supposed to be on your “best” behavior and laying a foundation for the future. You are a beautiful, intelligent young woman. This guy is only 22 years old–4 years ago he went to his high school prom. He’s still growing up. He’s just not at your level of maturity. Don’t feel you have to settle for these guys because you’re over 30 with a child. Raise YOUR son–not someone elses.

  194. lgb0916 says:

    omg. this really brought tears to my eyes. dont know you but im happy when i see people in love and i was sad to see that he sent those texts. wouldnt be the one to take him back but hey………we all have to walk our own paths. the child’s mother’s behavior is really sad and the true victim of her idiocy and bitterness is her child. hopefully she will learn to put her feelings aside and not put her screwed up behavior on display for the world to see. that just isnt what mothers should do.

  195. Soul Searching says:

    Royce, your son needs a step dad and not a big brother. Your current situation appears as if he is playing a big brother riole in your son’s life. Royce, you have fallen to deep and too fast into the relationship. If you step back and get some time for yourself, you just might not be inlove with him, you just might want to get married again. 99% of the time if the relattionship involved lies before marriage, the lies will roll over into the marriage. You can get out now, stay in the relationship, or get married knowing that he has totally disrepected the relationship . Royce do some soul searching and marriage counseling and you might realize marriage is not for you right now. There appear to be something you searching for that is missing in your life, because you fall inlove too quickly. It maybe a personal Royce problem, that needs to be addressed, before marrying anybody.

  196. Big Brother says:

    Royce, you may think you want to marry this young man. I know you are hurting and crying too, but, he may not be ready to settle down with one woman just yet. No matter how much you do not want to accept this. Because too much bad is coming out far too early. Pull yourself away from the baby mamma drama and let him speak up for himself, let him handle the problem between him and his ex himself. He is not your huibby, you should not be beefing with his ex period, unless she has touched you physically.

    People with talk about you , no matter what. You do not need to prove yourself to anybody but Royce herself. Do not let this beef between you and your wannabe husband destroy your career and your image. Because when your heart hurts, you can not give your career all of you.

    Royce, take your time and make sure you want to marry this young man. Because your child need a step father in his life and not a big brother. This young man made a childish mistake, and he may not be mature enought mentally to understand that honesty and trust is a huge part of a relationship and a marriage. Royce, he may love you, but he not be inlove with you. This is why it is good for the good, bad, ugly, truth,and lies to surface now, before it is too late.

  197. Get You A Mentor says:

    ROYCE you have a good heart. You sometimes let your fake friend Tami drag you in the wrong direction with her negativity, nasty deeds, and her nasty mouth. Royce you are still maturing and you need to far stay away from Tami and Shaunie the troublemakers/ instigators. Royce should your own personal life and leep it out of the hands of jealous Tami and Shaunie. They do not care about you hurting, and they do not care about your happiness. They are not designed to been this sensitive and aring. Royce you need a mentor in your life that is intelligent, fearless, caring, professional, and successful. I would highly recommend Debbie Allen.

  198. Elaine says:

    Royce pray for those that are enjoying the hurt that you are suffering. Just watch your back and be aware of your haters. We know one of your haters that is staring you in the face, every chance she gets. Wake up Royce, learn from your hurt and stay away from the hater Tami.

  199. Mary J. says:

    Royce–Please–He’s not the one. He doesn’t love you, he loves being able to “get with” an older woman who “looks” his age but is already independent and established. At the age of 22 he doesn’t even really know what love is. He’s barely out of high school still “sowing his wild oats”.

  200. Ollie says:

    Royce, keep it moving, stay focus, let his dishonesty be a lesson learned. You need a real man and not a young male that is unable to fight off temptation. He love your motivation, fame, and inspiration. Kindly excuse him from your life, it may hurt your heart, but a broken heart does not last forever. Make your son your top priority and everything else will follow. Listen to your dad, he loves you.

  201. Melanie says:

    Royce get yourself and your priorities in order. You need to first start loving yourself. This relationship is fresh, take it for what it is worth. You are hurt and your heart is in pain because of his selfish, insensitive, and disrespectful deeds. You gave him your all and he did not give you his all. Let him go and straighten out his own mamma drama, since he is concerned about his baby. He put his concern for his child first, and you should do the same. Your son needs a real mature man as a step daddy in his life, and not a Big Brother as I heard someone say earlier.

  202. Slow Down says:

    Royce, you’re doing too much. Every season it’s a new relationship gone wrong. You do not need to put all aspects of your relationship on front street. You should listen to your father and simply slow down. I personally would like to see more of your mommy side because that’s the part of you people don’t know.

  203. Kendra says:

    Royce my heart goes out to you. I can feel your pain, and I can understand why you are hurt. Please learn from your bad relationship experiences. The only man that you can put all of your trust in is God. God will never cheat on y ou, God will never lie to you, God will never hurt you, and God will never leabe you. God has nothing but unconditional love for all of his children.

  204. Ursula says:

    Royce stay strong in the midst of your storm.I Iearned from my brokenheart, that sometimes hurtful situations happen for good reasons. No matter how much it may hurt, you can grow stronger from a brokenheart. But, you have to first open my eyes, accept the heartbreak, to allow your heart to heal. You are still young, inspired, motivated, and determined, do not let anybody destroy your special gifts.

  205. LaLa & Trina says:

    Royce, girlfriend we love the pictures from Terrell Owens and Ludacris party. Think back , see you were having fun despite your baby daddy drama. Keep having fun, and dance your haters off. Put your son first.


  206. Gerry says:

    Very Well Said on every point Royce. I’m not a known person like you reality stars however you have my respect and my love and support. Keep that strength.

  207. Leslie - Brawl Over A Man/Woman says:

    Royce, try to always remember in the future that the words that we let come out of or mouth, can be damaging to us. Try hard to avoid brawls over a man or woman, because It is not worth it, it usually never work in our favor, it is extremely unhealthy for all involved, it can work against us, and when children are involved , they are the ones that are hurt the most.

    No matter how in love you may be, try hard to avoid relationship and children drama in your life. Because once the drama starts, it can be extremely hard to stop, especially when children are involved. The relationship and children drama that starts before marriage, 99% of the time the drama will escalate to an entirely new level after the marriage.

    Which will cause division, disconnect communication, separation, divorce, bitter parents, and hurt children. All of these things can force our children to take drugs, drink alcohol, and participate in criminal activities.

  208. Amy - We Can Not Hurry True Love says:

    Royce, we know you are in love, and we know you believe in defending yourself, and it appears as if you believe in standing by your man and defending your man.

    However, remember you are not married to this young man.

    A mature, self-confident, self-respectful woman would never allow anyone to cause her to lower her standards by participating in a brawl on tweeter or any other social/media networking site.

    Therefore, this young man should take care of his own personal issues with his ex.

    We are not with our partners 24/7; therefore we cannot say exactly what our partners will and will not do. He has proven this to you already.

    We do not have the mental ability to read another human being mind, and we do not have the capability to know exactly what another human being is feeling in his or her heart.

    I know personally that some words can offend us, and cause some of us to slip into the negativity traps.

    This is why it is very important for us to think before we speak.

    We should think about the price we must pay for the words we speak.

    We must think before we react to negative situations, because our overall behavior can damage our reputation, character, image, and future personally and professionally.

    Royce, this is why you should step back, do some self-inventory, only discuss the personal matter with your family and true friends (this is not Tami) .

    In addition, do not let a brawl between you and another female concerning a man, mess up your bright future.

    Men and women come into our life and they go. Relationships start and they end.

    However, our career can be stained forever just by making one simple mistake.

    With this said, acknowledge his immature, disrespectful and insensitive behavior and decide if his untrustworthiness and the love you have in your heart, is really worth suffering more tears, fears, doubts, lies and heartaches.

    You cannot perform at your full potential, working under these types of stressful conditions.

    Your priority should be your son and yourself. You must learn how to love yourself, before anyone else can truly love you.

    We simply cannot hurry/ rush true love.

  209. lorrie says:

    Royce I say give him another chance and forget about what the public says because at the end of the day they don’t define who you are. Yes he did lie to you but he did come clean and not to be on his side but if this women was as insecure as she made it seem i believe he had reason to do what he’s done and the fact that she was denying him his child maybe was weighing on him so he did what he felt was accurate and if that was sell her dreams to see his child you cant get mad. All I’m trying to say is all relationships have there up and downs and if you truly believe this man loves you and you love him don’t give up on it because of some silly text messages, people make mistakes. At the end of the day like you said she was bitter and couldn’t find nothing else to do but send out some text messages that might not even change the status of your relationship because true love doesn’t go away so easily.

  210. Tina says:

    Royce ur the Realest! When it comes to “matters of the heart” what ur going through, been there done that, so who am I to tell u what choices to make out of the mess. But, in general for all women who want the Most out of there relationship with an individual must definitely take it to God, no matter what, chances are with God in the equation u can clearly See through it all and if Dezmon is the “Truth”, he will be the umbrella to shield u from the storm while making it his duty to make sure the sun shines on u always as bright as ur Beautiful smile.
    Keep ur Head Up~~Tupac

  211. Toni says:

    Royce, as always I love your honest blogs. Love the way you handle yourself with everything that comes your way, you are a wonderful woman. I respect you, you are an honest person, a beautiful person that tells it like it is I love it because that is what we need in our lives. Thank you so much for being you, that is what makes you beautiful. Too bad none of the other ladies don’t see that, then again those are the ones that are jealous and they let the jealousy take over them that it just makes them all look very ugly and evil, oh well thank goodness you are the way you are, a very beautiful person with all the goodness and yeah some naughtiness but the main thing is that you don’t hide it and you verbalize it and make it a point to explain, apologizes, to soothe out and to be a better person, wish people can learn from you, oh well one day they’ll get it. Royce, thank you again. Please be you as always, you are loved and respected. Love that you are getting the things in your life the way you want it, like the play “Platanos & Collard Greens”, saw the play I loved it!! It’s been around and yeah I’m old, but have a very very young mind. Love you Royce!! You are the real one, a rare beauty!!

  212. Connie says:

    @Amy – We Can Not Hurry True Love —- I have learned something from your comments myself. At the end of the day. Royce has to make the final decision regarding her love for her wannabe hubby. But, she should keep in mind drama( be it right or be it wrong) , is not a good sign of a healthy future with this young man. Drama before marriage, usually lead to even more drama after marriage.

  213. Ruthie & Family says:

    Royce, it is always good to forgive. It is also good to re-evaluate your relationship, ehrn it has been interrupted with drama and lies. You should make sure both parties are in love, and both parties have the same goals.
    Referencing to the scene with you and your boy friend having drinks, discussing his meeting with your father. You were very into him, you were bubbling all over the place with joy and laughter.

    But, he did not appeare to be as happy and in love with you. I might be wrong, but my family members watch the scene and felt the same way.

    Royce, slow down, take a good look, because this young man does not appear to be in love nor does he appear to want marriage anytime soon.

  214. Attorney2be says:

    I wish you well. It happens and while Twitter is not the place to dispute relationships, it happens every day. Stay true to yourself and your son. He comes first. Always remember that when you want to say something you will regret. If you choose to forgive him and to marry him, that’s your choice. Don’t let the negative and sometimes bitter women deter your happiness. You and him can share 60 years together, if you want. Pray and ask for guidance.

  215. datdambam says:


  216. Jada says:

    Royce, it is great if you forgive him. Yes, we all make mistakes.

    But, if he is in a desperate situation with his ex, concerning his child, it might be a good idea to take a step back. Especially, if his txt messages were indicating something about the ex and not the child.

    But, brawling about something so personal, the social network is not an place to do it.

    Thousands may brawl about personal matters on the social network , which is their right. But, when you are a role model, it can definitely destroy your reputation.

  217. Sonya says:

    Royce, do not take your viewers comments negatively. They are concerned about you. Yes the comments may be hard to digest right now, but later you may agree. The viewers are not hating on you, they are just voicing their opnion. Because 99% of your fans want you to be happy and be very successful. You have a gentle, tender, and open heart. Take your time, love Royce, love your son, and always put God first.

  218. Linda says:

    Royce, your fans are sending words of love, advice, and concern. Their comments may be preceived as negative, but many are speaking from their own personal experiences. They do not want to see you hurt . It is your life, it is your choice, it is your personal business. It is tru that a bad relationship, a bad marriage or both, can cause some people to destroy their career and their future.

  219. Milan says:

    Royce, you did nothing wrong. Women feel that if a man cheats on them or hurts them, it’s their fault. No it’s his fault and it’s shame on him. I know it hurts but you are a strong woman. You will get through this and it will only make you stronger. Love can be beautiful yet so nasty at times but the beauty of love outweighs the nasty. If it’s meant to be, then it will happen. She may have his son but he ain’t giving his heart to her. That is why she had to be a h8r. You shouldn’t feel humiliated though. Yeah, you have to cry it out. That’s the only way to let it out.

  220. EBBYCAKES says:

    i wish you all the best sweetheart. keep putting ur little “mini me” first and being a great mother. I like you because you dont mind being vulnerable, yet remaining to keep ur strength throughout it all. Whatever you decide to do, make sure ur only influence is ur intuition. Some call it intuition, but I prefer to call it the spirit of discernment. God has given us all access to that gift. That little voice in ur head that speaks to your heart isn’t your hidden personality my dear, it’s the Lord. Be blessed Royce and God will see you through this. :)

  221. Miss V says:

    I have to say, I’ve been in a similar situation, and a lot of women have been in either similar situations or the exact same situation and I admire you Royce for how you handled the end result. Do I think you should have responded to the Baby Mama, on Twitter, no, because chicks like that feed off stuff and you are a “celebrity” of sorts so people will use you to get ratings which is crap. However, as a woman, I completley get why you did and think that hey you should have the right too, No woman would sit there and let a chick talk as reckless as she did. For the baby momma, I feel bad for you, for hte rest of your life you will be known as the baby momma, who wanted to act a fool. You chose to become a baby mother, whatever happen to being married and then having kids. And to the man in all this mess, I’m sorry, but you’re a little boy. Your baby momma is basically a no body and you are a celebrity. If you really wanted to see your son you could. You have the means to be able to fight for custody or at least visitation rights and instead you had to “flirt” with your baby momma, that’s bs, especially with the new chicks coming out of the wood work.

  222. MSYATTA says:


  223. Why says:

    Seriously, I don’t understand why you seem so angry in your last paragraph. If you want to stay with him/get back with him etc., do that. Blogs are for people to state their opinions, not for people to agree with every decision you make. Remember, you signed up for this. You don’t have to post every detail about your relationship online or twitter because at the end of the day, you are the only one that has to live with your decision. You may not agree with what I’m about to say, but here it goes. Unfortunately, men cheat. You have no idea what women put up with behind closed doors. A lot of these 40 plus year marriages have gone through hell and then some. The problem is that we are in the modern technology age and things are not discrete anymore. Text messages and pics are posted online so the world becomes the judge and the jury of your relationship. Honestly, If you don’t learn from this and tone down the public love affair, your relationship will never last. If your man looks at another female too long, he’ll be on mediatakeout, TMZ, and CNN by the next morning. You are a sweet girl, and I wish you well, but while you’re busy being a hopeless romantic, try being a smart one. There’s always gonna be a hater online waiting to destroy your happiness. Misery loves company and unfortunately, everyone has a smart phone and an iPad.

  224. derbycitydiva says:

    My previous comment was deleted. I guess it was deleted because it was not praising Royce.
    Oh well, so much for keeping it 100.

  225. On A Mission says:

    @Why –I agree with so very much of what you said,and I would like to share my brief story.

    My love for this man was so strong, and he played the role of being in love with me, so good that he should have won an Acting Award.

    I have always been a strong and successful woman that refused to be bamboozled, or to put up with lies.

    I was so in love with this man, that I let everything I had (career, savings, home, cars, friends, family, business) just disappear, right before my eyes. It was as if I was under a spell.

    I became so ill mentally and emotionally, I had to give up my job, I loss my home, cars, savings, and business. He left too, because I had nothing more to offer as a safety net.

    When I finally stopped long enough to open my eyes, and put my heart on pause, it was too late. I realized he was the root cause of the problem and not his ex. He never loved me from the very start. He loved himself and a totally different woman.


    Royce, my situation is living proof that even the most intelligent, educated, financially stable, successful, strong men and women of the world, can be fooled, tricked, and played like a comedy show.

    Some people may call me stupid, some people may call me a fool, but until they have been in my shoes, they can never have the ability to judge me accurately.

    I do not wish for my experience on anybody, including the man that played me.

    There are millions of men and women in my shoes today and do not realize it.

    There are countless men and women in this world today that are too a shame to say it happened to them too.

    But, I am not a shame to face what I allowed to happen to me and share my story with everybody that will listen.

    What I realized during my physical, mental, financial, and emotional suffering, was that I had not loss everything.

    Because, I always had a relationship with someone that would never use me, never abuse me, never lie to me, never cheat on me, and would never leave me. His name is JESUS.

    Today, my heart is healed, I am no longer filled with anger, tears, fears, or sorrow.

    I am wiser, healthier physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

    I am a strong child of God that is on a mission of re-gaining every single thing that I lost.

    Royce, stay strong, stay in prayer and God will lead you in the right direction.

  226. Paula says:

    Royce, keep your son in mind. When you hurt, he hurt.
    When you are sad, he will be sad.
    Once you decide to make someone his step dad, your goal should not only beto maintain your love for his step dad, but this man should be ready to be in his life for a life time.
    Too many times our children get in the middle of marriages, divorces and their hearts are ripped apart.
    The children should be our top priority. Because many times, our children behavior can change for the worst, when their parents are brawling.
    Our children do not have to be present during the brawls, to feel the negativity. Our children are very smart.

    This young man appear to be making his child, his priority. This is a good thing. But, when you marrry him, the two of you will be required to get along with his ex, for the good of all involved.

    Otherwise, the marriage will suffer, and the children will be in a totally unhealthy environment.

  227. Wendie says:

    @On A Mission ________ I have suffered a heartbreak myself. A broken heart is a very serious thing. It can make you or totally destroy you. I appreciate and love your honesty, and I hope your brief story can help others too.

  228. DeLisha says:

    Royce, I agree with @ On A Mission.

    # 1 Take some time to yourself, without
    your boy friend.
    # 2 Put your heart on pause.
    # 3 Carefully re-evaluate the relationship
    from the beginning , up until you found
    out about the lie.
    # 4 Replay in your mind his behavior, his
    responses, and his promises, up to the
    day you found out about his lie.

    # 5 Did he say he was in love with you before or after, he was caught in the lie?

    # 6 Make your son top priority in the
    decision making process. Because it is
    better to research the problem now, and
    not later for the sake of your child’s
    feelings. Because broken relationship
    can be very stressful for children,
    because many times the children feel
    they caused the break up. This is why it
    is very important for single parents, not
    to rush their children into the

    I am a living witness that love can make you crazy in love, and when this happens, you will ignore every single stop sign that is place in front of your eyes and face.

    Royce, 99% of the time lies and mamma drama are not good signs for a happy relationship and marriage.

    I wish the best for you, in what ever decision you make.

  229. been there before says:

    Royce, let me say this, you are not the first and you will not be the last woman that has ever been lied to, hurt, betrayed etc. Live and learn. I do want to tell you keep your private life private even if you are a reality tv star. More people should take notes from Jay/Beyonce. You can live a very public life and still maintain some privacy. All the facebook/twitter mess is just nonsense. Everytime you two go somewhere or do something the world doesnt need to see it or know about it. Whatever you two decide to do with your relationship is your business. Remember fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. He needs to get his business in order before he starts to try and date.

  230. Abrian says:

    @been there before—- I agree with you, her noy friend definitely need to get his business in order (fast, quick-in a hurry) before saying I DO.

    Because, from reading his txt messages to his ex, he is saying “I DO NOT”.

    Royce, take your time. Love yourself enough to step back, take a breath, and analyz the situation for what it is worth.

    Is he too young to make a life time commitment?

    Is it tthat he needs more time to try to figure out how he truly feel?

  231. TaeTae says:

    Royce, I hope you pick up the pieces, and move forward with your life for the love of your son.

    Don’t stumble and don’t fall, your son needs his mother whole , healthy, and happy.

    Because, unhealthy relationship and marriage can take away all of those healthy things.

  232. maru says:

    I’ve suffered from a broken heart and I know how it feels to be deceived. I can’t tell you how to feel but I can say do what you feel is best for you. There should be no way a man who loves you put you in a compromising situations with other females. I learned long time ago you really don’t know what he’s telling her all you know is what he’s telling you.

  233. L Stanley says:

    Ryce again, last season you were just calling some else your BOO! Get to know you first and then maybe you could find love. You think you know so much on this season, like you just got it all together and look!!! You don’t. Also, when Susie tried to have you and Jen make up. You should have rushed, because you were wrong Royce going behind her back while she’s having problems with her husband. You were stirring things up and look. Carma is a MUTHA!!! When you do wrong it comes back worst. Stay out of peoples mixs Royce and stop thinking you and Tammy is the baddest, because you are not. Get that! Both of you need major help with you fashion.

  234. Tasha says:

    Royce??? All I can say is that I love you girl and keep doing your thing. Sooooo glad you are not apart of their drama. I NEVER write on blogs but after tonight’s episode I gotta say something. Hope your new relationship grows and blossoms into some beautiful.

  235. Paige says:

    Hey Royce! I now know why you acted the way you did in previous seasons. You knew these ladies were crazy. Ev, Tami, and Shaunie are hatin females who have no loyalty. I am happy for you Royce and your new love. Stay away from these girls. They are some stank tricks with no character and no life! You Go Royce!!!

  236. Charlene says:

    Royce, I understand what u feel I been there myself. You have to listen to your heart don’t be influence by others. True love isn’t easy but it can work if both parties put in the effort. I can only suggest that you go to God and asked for guidance and he will direct your path. My pastor tell me that getting married is easy but staying married is work and I believe this is true in a committed relationship there are going to be hard times but only u know what u can handle.

    Stay encourage and I will keep u in prayer.

  237. Why says:

    @ On A Mission- I’m so glad you were delivered from that toxic relationship. Sometimes in life we have to go through certain situations to get to our greatest potential. As women, we love hard by nature, but we have to realize our role is not to take care of a man like he’s our child, but to be a help meet. Somewhere along the way, our roles have reversed and we have become surrogate mothers. The problem is, a man needs to feel adequate, and eventhough we feel like we’re helping the situation, we’re hurting it. We must learn how to guard our hearts and practice common sense. It’s sad, but society views singleness as a curse, and if you’re not married before 35, you’re a social misfit. Because of this, many people put up with all sort mess for the facade of a healthy relationship or a marriage. When you wear your heart on your sleeve, you become an easy target for manipulation. This is why healthy dialogue is important. You never know who might need an emotional pick me up from time to time. I don’t have all the answers and matters of the heart are complicated, but if we learn to love ourselves first, we can make better decisions.

  238. Melodie says:

    Royce, your fans and the viewers love you and have some great advice. I have personally experienced some of the brief stories and experiences of the broken hearted.
    Every human being on the earth, in this world, will at some point in their life time experience some type of heartbreak. This is part of life. Royce, everyday will not be full of happiness, joy, and laughter.

    This is why we must put GOD first, in every single aspect of our life. Ask GOD for guidance, and thank him for the good experiences and the bad experiences that happen in your life. Because we learn something from the both.
    Royce, thank god for all of his goodness, you are truly blessed. Roadblocks and obstacles are just temporary. There is no problem too hard for GOD to handle.

    God will dry your tears, melt away your fears, heal your broken heart, and restore your happiness (with or without a relationship or marriage). GOD is just that good.

  239. Rena says:

    Yes I think you two “LOOK” cute together, but dont be fooled thats a young man with stars in his eyes….when Mr. Right finds you…..don’t look for him…hint hint. Don’t put it on tv..it causes to many problems. #ijs

  240. Jennifer says:

    If you are 30 and over, you should know by now that men in their 20′s aren’t prone to commitment.

    Nothing against Royce, just the honest to god’s truth. He could be a great friend….but let’s be real…I never knew and still don’t know of any men in their early 20′s who are ready to settle down…especially a PRO player at that! Not happening!

  241. Ms. Truth As I how I know says:

    Let me say this: Royce, Dezmond’s son’s mother sounds just like you how you were behaving on twitter over Dwight Howard. How dare you fix your mouth and get on twitter arguing with that girl over anything.. Your were a bitter twitter crazed baby mama too. So, before you go playing the dozen game think back to how you were. You are the last one to be on here trying to sound so wise and grounded when clearly you have a long way to go on handing out wisdom. FYI, the next man you get involved with, please be more careful about showing the world your sexual side on tv. Just date the man a little longer. Because this the second guy that has seen the crack your ass on tv…

  242. dee says:

    dont worry about it gal no one is perfect. the perfect once are in the morgue

  243. mia says:

    Royce, you just admitted on twitter that you and Dezmon are still together? that’s your business but it sad that you are so desperate to keep a man in your life who is so young and have plenty of time to settle down. No matter what is presented in front of you I guess being disrespected is worth more than your happiness. I don’t care what he intent was in those messages he is the only person that knows. He just got caught and he doing it to appease you. For a woman in your 30′s you are so gullible and messy. No wonder why your ex got a gag order on you. Grow up and keep your personal life private. Who cares about your new man. Bragging is just so childish to me. Do you know how many people in the public light keep their relationship private for some reason you like to be seen. I wonder if it has anything to do with you ex. That is so sad!

  244. Angeljoyce says:

    ALRIGHT,ALRIGHT,ALRIGHT…continue to keep it real Royce…if they don’t kno…THEY GONE LEARN 2DAY!!!..and u right we all make our immature mistakes (NO MATTER THE AGE ) but it look 2 me that he LUVS U…not trying 2 justify his actions…but I understand bcuz his baby mama is bitter…she probably was a bootie call and tried 2 catch him up…he loves his son and he tried 2 keep a mature relationship with her bcuz of his son….and I kno he realizes..he messed up not knowing the law will give him the rights he deserve so he can be the father he wants to be to his son…my son went thru the same situation…trying to keep the situation as pleasant as possible…but the key is..they don’t want what’s best for the child…they want the child’s father…and when they don’t succeed and the father moves on..now their bitter. I hope you guys work it out and if you do,in the future put your heads together and solve whatever problems you two feel will damage your relationship ( this means baby mamas, Dezmon) REBUKE the DEVIL and handle your business. If Royce father accepted you, Dezmon,there’s something pretty special about you.GOOD LUCK GUYS and GOD BLESS!!!!!

  245. Trudy says:

    @On A Mission — I truly appreciate your honesty. Your story was very touching.

    Your story brought tears of sadness, and at the end tears of joy. You are living proof that , we can fall down, but we can get back up.

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Hatethisshow! says:

    This show is insane! I had decided a while back that I was going to refrain from watching Basketball Wives. Just sitting around one day flicking through the channels, I ran across a new episode of Basketball Wives. My first mind was to turn the channel but I went against my better judgement. Stupid me! I hate that a women of color is profiting off women(of color) making a fool out of themselves. Forgive me if I spell names wrong! First, Evelyn is HORRIBLE! She is not a lady, She is a huge bully. If all were going to do is fight, lets make it good. I want someone to beat the hell out of her.(Taste of her own medicine) She is messy and shows all of her insecurities. Tami, I use to love her but now she is so hollywood. Before if I wanted REAL, I would look to Tami. NOT ANYMORE! In the future, I will stick with my first mind, and not watch this woman degrading show that clearly shows that a lot of us will DO ANYTHING FOR A $. Rename the show: EX Basketball Booty Calls and Wives.

  247. Hurt by them same 1 says:

    He has always been like that dont put you and your family through he very good with words and some actions. WACTH OUT FOR THE WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTH.

  248. Jaden says:

    Royce, I wish you nothing but love and happiness. But, we both know if the two of you are still together, you will be living in doubt for a very long time. Because he destroyed the trust you had in him, and no matter how hard you try, his untrustworthiness will stay in your mind for a very long time.
    Trust issues, do not heal like a little insect bite. He is very young, you are very hungry for love, and you appear to be desperate for marriage. Royce, you still have a lot of growing and learning to do in the areas of relationships and love.

    Take your time, slow down, take each day as it come, stop bragging about the relationship, stop getting over excited about the relationship, stop saying what your boyfriend will do and what your boyfriend will not do, stop saying what your boy friend feel and what your boyfriend do not feel in his heart for his ex.

    You should stop brawling with his ex ,even if she is jealous and trying to destroy your relationship with her ex. She can not have a brawl all alone. Let his ex release all of her bitterness, jealousy, and hatred that she wants. Because, there is always two sides to any story.

    If you listen closely to some of the things his ex is saying , and compare notes, you just might learn something.

  249. Nichole says:

    Royce keep your head up. Life is about learning, peace, love, joy, struggle, and happiness. Stop looking for love. Love will find you in every way. May his peace be with you.

  250. tamara says:

    Royce, I hate that you have had this experince, and I am sorry for your emotional pain. You are such a beautiful person so do not just settle. Allow yourself some time to heal and make your own decision about the matter. Let the haters hate! Just know this, at the end of the day you are the one who knows what is best for you and your son.

  251. Just remember the advice I shared with you in High School Dezmon — it’s for Life, not just for High School! Be careful what you do, but above all else, just remember that you are human, too. People will hate you simply because God created you. You don’t have to be a superstar, a nobody, the result of a baby-mamma drama — none of that, unless you CHOOSE to. Remember whose running your life and whose in charge of your Bank Account. Be sure you have more deposits than withdrawals; and, more credits than debits. If bankruptcy happens to you — mentally or physically — remember that you can always ‘start over.’ It ain’t over ’til it’s over… Luv, R. Lee

  252. Karen says:

    Royce, I respect your honesty. I am sorry for your pain. I think almost every has experienced pain caused my someone they loved. It is up to you to try to figure out what works for you and how you can handle the situation that you find yourself in.

    I wish the best for you however the situation resolves itself.

  253. Granny Smarts says:

    Royce, word to the wise, Keep your man away from that itty bitty light skinned chick, (wink,wink)

  254. Grown Woman says:

    I am a supporter. Please, I’ve learned misery loves company. In life there will be mistakes. How we handle and learn from them is the issue. Will it be easy to forgive? Yes, if it is truly love. Will it be hard to forget? Absolutely not! Here’s the thing, you two are both young. There will always be someone trying to get at each of you. It is never easy when children are involved and someone is left having to move on without the other. Keep in mind, you may be in love. But it is not always about you. The children always come first. You have to rise above the nonsense. Sometimes, that means not entertaining foolishness. Keep lines of communication open. Once trust is compromised it is hard to fully repair. Don’t take each other for granted. Look at all sides before casting a quick judgement. We all are human.

  255. Michele says:

    Royce…. Live your life, your dad has lived his, made his mistakes and I am sure he didn’t have someone riding his every move. Whether your relationship works out is your business and I am sure you are a great mother… I was really sickened over your fathers comments and him not caring about your tears. I honestly think that you need to live for your son, yourself and your GOD. You have one life and if your boyfriend is who makes you happy then you go for that your dad is not there to hold you at night he has a wife. Anyway… Sorry if I seem so upset but you strike me as a driven young lady who’s father is one of the reasons why you look for love its because you have never received his approval. Be Happy you have one life..

  256. Truth Serum says:

    Royce, I don’t know how old you are but, last night, you looked like a little girl whining to her daddy. I actually agree with why your father said what he said. He is a man and he’s telling you some things as a parent , from a “mans” perception. Your father loves you and he’s not gonna tell you anything wrong. It’s not that he doesn’t want you to be happy, he just wants you to be smart and keep your priorities in order. He’s absolutely correct when he says that your son doesn’t need to be involved in all of your relationships. Personally, I think you were crying so hard because you know that he was right. Just last week, you had “Dezmon baby mama drama” and it was over ” possibly/maybe, who knows. This week, you are love sick again. As a parent when you watch your child, especially a daughter, go in and out of these cycles every 6 months or so and you keep taking these men home to meet the family like you just found the one and he never is; you can just imagine how your “father” may feel. I think you really need to regroup and find happiness in other things besides a man. Maybe if you would accomplish that, you wouldn’t feel the need to move so fast. (side note- It’s nothing wrong with dating, you’re young. Every man you meet is not your husband)

  257. lilrose says:

    Hey last night your father made it seem as though you have a child, he made the statement that he was concerned about his grandson, would that be your son.

  258. Sj says:


    Stop being a fool, you are too nice of young lady to get played. This Desmond is too immature for you and wrong for you. The right man comes along you do not have to go through all this drama. The man that loves you will not put you through it. He will love you and make life so pleasant.

  259. Jackie Marks says:

    Oh my!!! My advice is that Dezmon is young, and lacked the wisdom to handle this situation by not putting baby mama in her place from jump street. Too much drama. However, on the other hand, if Dezmon doesn’t love Royce, then handled the situation perfectly, just like a player. What he is showing Royce is what’s in his heart and she needs to take heed. There are plenty of other men out there and there is no need to settle. Now, let me say one thing about Royce’s co-star, Evelyn. Evelyn, please find your pride, integrity, self-esteen, and anything else you can muster up, but please don’t let your man speak to you like trash. It’s bad for you, it’s bad for your daughter, it’s bad for all the little girls out here watching you and thinking that’s how a man is supposed to treat you (which is NOT), and it’s bad for all the little boys out here who thinks it’s okay to speak to their woman in that manner. HOLLA!!!

  260. Miamiabobeena says:

    I did not know until about a month ago that you have a son with Dwight Howard. How on earth does that remain a secret when he is probably the most relevant player out of all the Basketball Wives men? I understand you can’t talk about him publicly, but I think you need to be more careful with the men you bring around cuz your father is right. You have to put your son first.

  261. Jackie Hannah says:


    I would just like to say keep your head up and continue to stand and fight for who and what you believe in. love is a beautiful thing and I say that because I am married and in love with my husband. do we go through ups and downs? yes and does family and friends witness some of the situations sometimes? yes they do but that does not say that we should break up to please them that laugh and talk about us. after we look back at the situation we pray about it and allow God to speak to our hearts and continue to love each other as we vowed to do because without a test there is no testimony. good luck in your love and family relationships.

    Jackie H.

  262. Serdera says:

    Royce `you are a lady & I RESPECT YOOU KEEP YOUR MAN

  263. Nana Slim says:

    Hey girl i know i don’t know you but you being happy is all that matters. If you believe he loves you and you love him then that is all that matters. Your happiness comes first. People on go off what they see on tv. They don’t know the real Royce or even Dezmon.