Joy Behar To Host The Mob Wives Two-Part Reunion Special Next Month


Renee Graziano must have made an impression during her recent stint as a guest on The View, because View co-star Joy Behar has been tapped to host the upcoming Mob Wives season two reunion. The reunion, which tapes soon, will air in two parts, on May 20 and 27. Here’s to hoping Joy is able to mediate the Drita-Karen-Ramona situation, and whatever other tears and/or punches that may roll.

[Photos: Getty Images/VH1]

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  1. Robert says:

    Good luck Joy.

  2. Oh how fab is this!!! It’s been a crazy season and nobody can say this show is fake! No way! I don’t always like what happens or what all the girls say but they have every right to say the truth! I’m a member of the Mob Wives Fan Club and you should be too. I got my Team Renee shirt and my girlfriend wears her Team Big Ang shirt and she is so funny when she wears it cuz she laughs just like Big Ang! Haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Get one for yerself at – cuz it’s my other girlfriend’s store and she is cool! And Joy B cracks me up!

  3. Denisea says:

    Why? She is the most rude, negative, obnoxious member of the view.

  4. Debbie Benavides says:

    Cant wait to see this reunion, as for Renee you are a strong woman, keep your head up high, take care of yourself and your son.Karen very proud of you writing the book, I am ordering this book soon, love your way of being.Drita, keep on training because no matter how much you train, you will still get smacked in the face.Ramona, nice girl wish you could be a little more passive.Carla very Hapoy that your ex is out and spending quality time with your kids and yourself.Your kind of phony and you like to talk behind people’s back and it will come back to you.Still love the show but all you ladies need to grow up

  5. MaryAnne says:

    Fantastic! Joy did a wonderful job interviewing/refereeing the gals on her HLN show (R.I.P.) and will ACE this! Can’t wait. Cin Cin!

  6. JP says:

    Great choice. You need a ballsy lady like Joy to host this show

  7. Mari Salazar says:

    WHY would VH1 choose Joy Behar to hose the MW Reunion? Wendy Williams would’ve been a much better choice. Just stating an opinion and not losing any sleep over this decision because it’s not the end of the world, LOL.

  8. L Stanley says:

    Wow! Renee, Renee, Renee. Carla said what she said and then covered it up. Why do Carla do that? Say one thing and change it. I feel Karen is more loyal to Renee and Big Ang then anyone. I feel Dreita is jealous of Karen and can’t stop talking about her everytime her and Carla go out. Carla is messy, because she will go have drinks with Dreita and talk bad about Karen, but Karen and the girls invite her. She don’t want to go to talk about Dreita. She always have her input. I think Carla really doesn’t care for Renee and she’s being fake.

  9. Nicole says:

    Joy is an idiot! I can’t believe that they cast her to do the finale! I think that I would rather watch paint dry than watch anything with her in it. Her and Whoopie are the reason that the View sucks so bad too!

  10. Angie says:

    I loved this season better than last. Ive so addicted to it and if i miss a episode i feel like im like jonesing for a fix…anyways i think its awesome how down to earth rene has become and how rita is being a mother rather than a fighter and how i noticed that this season we had additional ppl like ramona & jr & big ang so is next episode gonna have new folks or the same mafia crew? Also for karen you inspired me to think more about writing a book that i have always wanted to do since i was 15yrs old and im now 32yrs. What was your motivation and focus to complete as i get started than i stop. I wish i could get one of your book ive been trying but no luck. I wish i could find one in a store, do you know when stores will have them out? Best of luck and please bring season 3 in fast i feel so lost not watching u all on sundays here in salem oregon.

  11. T in Texas says:

    NO ! Not her ! Can’t stand Joy !

  12. Anne Lykosh says:


    Everyone knows that a puppy doesn’t leave their mother till they are eight weeks old. How did you get a puppy at four weeks old? During those eight weeks a mother dog teaches her puppies sosical skills. You will have problems. What were your thinking.

    P{it Pull Avocate in Virginia Beach

  13. lisa scheck says:

    @anne lykosh-i thought the same thing about dritas puppys should b with its mom 8-12wks.anything 4 a vet tech n it REALLY bothered me.

  14. Lillie Munster says:

    Agree with Denisea 100%. Joy is an obnoxious cow!

  15. Chelle says:

    Well I WAS going to watch the reunion but now I will NOT! Joy Behar has to be the most obnoxious POS out there, oh wait there is Whoopi! Oh well good luck cause it won’t be on my tv.!!!

  16. Leanne says:

    Can’t stand Joy!! She needs to taste the real world. BAD CHOICE