Basketball Wives – Episode 10 – From Ho-Hum To All Hell In Thirty Seconds


At least Tami got a souvenir from the big fight?

“This is a hot-ass f—ing mess,” Tami says as the Jennifer-Evelyn-Nia fight plays out. After Nia slapped Jennifer and Evelyn leaped over the table, they both had to be restrained, but the fight didn’t end there. The women continued to scream at each other, but it got worse when Jennifer told Nia “I guess I can’t sue you ’cause you ain’t got nothing,” and that’s when Evelyn grabbed a centerpiece and trying as hard as she could to decapitate Jen with it.

“I don’t see anything else other than Jennifer being my target and me trying to rip her f—ing head off,” Ev says.

Jennifer walks out with Kesha, still stunned, and virtually silent. Evelyn, Nia, and the rest of the group are more emotional.

For Evelyn, none of this has to do with house keys or even a blog post, it’s about who Jennifer appears to have become, a person that thinks she’s better than everyone else, and it brings her to tears. “How is that okay? You’re not better than nobody,” Evelyn says. Which is true, no one is better than anyone else. But if I’m going to be a lawyer about this, why does Evelyn give herself “more authority” than Jen here, who died and made her sheriff?

“It went from like ho-hum Kumbaya to all hell in thirty seconds,” Shaunie says, but I don’t recall a moment when this was ever ho-hum Kumbaya. Tami blames Jen for what happened though, saying “Things would have gone differently if Jen had just kept it cute. Don’t ignite the flames,” as in, when someone threatens to slap you, don’t reply “I wish you would.” But after Jen’s comments about Nia having nothing and being a bum who lives in a two-bedroom apartment, Tami sounds like she’s soured on Jen too for the moment. “Now y’all see who the real Jennifer is,” Nia says.

“She asked to be smacked, so I smacked her,” Nia says, to a hilarious chorus of “YES, YOU DID”‘s from Shaunie and Tami.

Over at Team Jennifer, Kesha and Suzie try to comfort her because she’s still shaken, but the tone is too somber for anything they say to sink in, so Suzie sums it up, saying “This is depressing.” That it is.

Jennifer meets up with Kenya to tell her what happened and says that yes, she did get hit, but since she’s not a fighter and she’s never been in a fight in her life, she’s not about to get physical.

On top of that, she’s a “spokesmodel” (hello, Star Search) for Lucid, so even though she uses the word “spokemodel,” she has a point that she needs her face to endorse her business. “For me, I don’t fight with my hands. I do what the white people do, okay?” she tells Kenya, suggesting she fights with the law. (And as we know know, that’s exactly the route she’s taking.) When Evelyn and Tami find out Jen filed a police report, Tami calls it “The most ridiculous, bitch-ass thing anybody could ever do.” Where Tami’s from, “you take your ass-whoopin’ and you keep it moving.” Yes, but Tami, are the people where you come from spokesmodels?

Tami is not just a referee for these fights this season, she’s also cleaning up the crime scenes. After the fight is all said and done, she shows off the souvenir she took from the racetrack – Jennifer’s earring which flew off after she was hit.

Royce, who has been blissfully fight-free this season (I feel like we need one of those factory signs like “Royce has gone 125 days without an accident a fight!”), is getting filled in by Kesha on the racetrack incident, but they both worry that one of these days one of the bottles/centerpieces that Evelyn attempts to use as a weapon will actually connect with a person and land her in jail.

Kesha, like the rest of the world, is most concerned with what would happen to Evelyn if there was no Tami, no security guards around, no barrier between herself and the people she’s taking aim at like Jen or Kenya. “What’s it going to take for Evelyn to realize she could hurt somebody?” she asks. Maybe the best part of this conversation is the flashback to the completely confused, bewildered look on Kesha’s face as the fight is replayed.

“I think Kesha thinks I’m f—ing nuts,” Evelyn says when they get together. “But, b*tch, why do you care? I’m not being crazy with you, You’re actually on my side right now. So shh!” Kesha told Evelyn she was worried for her because of her recent outbursts and Evelyn acknowledges that yeah, if anything went down differently, she could be in jail right now, but she’s not really interested in discussing those hypotheticals. Luckily Suzie is there to bust up this conversation in order to give Evelyn her birthday gift, a vibrator that has thirteen speeds and offers four hours of pleasure. Suzie hopes it will be the stress-reliever Evelyn needs to clear her mind and stop the violence.

It should also be pointed out that Suzie, who always plays peacemaker as often as she can, seems to have finally learned that she should never, ever try to reunite Jen and Evelyn.

Suzie, Royce, and Kesha choose to clear their minds with skeeball and buffalo tenders when they go out to Dave And Busters for an afternoon of fun introductions to Dezmon. Royce’s man has been under wraps until now, but when everyone meets him, they love his. Suzie is smitten because he’s a tall glass of chocolate milk or something to that effect, Kesha loves him because he can do backflips. Suzie says she’s never seen Royce so at peace, and it’s true and truly adorable.

Jennifer and Kenya meet up to take a boxing class because Jennifer realized it’d probably be worth it to have a few self-defense moves in her back pocket in case someone else slaps her or throws a drink at her any time soon. Kenya’s just there to perfect her moves, because she says she has a very bad temper and “if I do fight someone, I can hurt them,” she says. “I definitely can.”

Last but not least, it’s Evelyn’s birthday! Unfortunately, Shaunie and Tami can’t attend, although they go to the mani-pedi portion, which is always the best part of any party, really. The entire party is basically full of surprises and Evelyn has no idea what to expect.

First, her friend Courtney takes her to a house that’s filled with Ev’s daughter and her best friends, who are all dressed fro their one woman Broadway revue.

Then a pole-dancing group comes out and shows off their moves, which has Noe in complete shock.

But it’s not as shocking as the moment that Suzie busts out her own secret moves. (Are we surprised by this special skill? When you think about it, isn’t a pole really just an oversized pepper mill?)

But the last gift is the biggest and best of all. Chad has given Evelyn a white Maserati, which she’s presented with in the driveway to her complete surprise. She freaks out.

Unlike Shaunie’s party, this one was drama-free, full of true friends, and it ended with a group hug.

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  1. mederma says:

    Tammi, you were telling Evelyn that where you come from people just take their (butt kicking) and keep it moving, well you forget that Jennifer didn’t come from the sewer that you and Evelyn apparently came from!!!

  2. TLC123 says:

    @KC, Shout up KCLOWN, you want some attention now, if you white, when did you start watching the show because clearly you don’t understand what Jennifer meant. A classy woman would take it court and hurt the pockets instead of somebody physical body for nothing. That’s how you get them. You talking about this white girl would have slaped the stupid right out of you and you would have gotten yo weak ass stomped. You know white girls can’t hang with a black girl even if they classy and bougee. So shet up.

  3. TLC123 says:

    @Mederma, Thank you. Tammi fake ass didn’t keep it moving when Evelyn said she was gonna start making money off that “NONFACTOR” slogan. She said she was gonna “SUE” evelyn as well. I use to like her now, she so fake..Good point Mederma..

  4. Jen Calldapolice says:

    Evelyn, you need to stop being fake. You talking right is right. You thank it is right that your friend got up and slapped Jen in the face, just because she said I wish you would? That is crazy. You just looking for a reason to fight.

  5. nicole f says:

    Evelyn,Jen is better than u at this point. You prove yourself with your ghetto fab.actions. Your a disappointment in many ways. This is a good reason why Chad constantly cheats on you. Embarrassing!

  6. p*m* says:

    So, proud of Jenn for remaining a lady and keeping her stance. Shaunie has sold her soul for ratings at the expense of making black women look like old cheap “bearcat” alley tricks. Evelyn is mad because Jenn has something going for herself and is strong enough to move on inspite of it all. I hope that next season Jenn takes the lead of Royce and just limits her time with those ladies. Over forty and still looking for a fight and jealous because you changed social circles. Really disappointed in Shaunie that she would let the producers allow someone’s assistant confront anyone…over some keys!!! I mean how much does it cost to get a lock changed? Heck, you can go to any hardware store and buy a lock/doorknob/deadbolt kit. Okay, and they follow up review of Tami and Evelyn after every fight is sooooo immature…ain’t they the oldest of the group and didn’t Tami try to fight Evelyn for sleeping with her ex? Wow!!!

    Definitely Team Lady Jenn

  7. CRYSTAL IVEY says:


  8. MissJen#1Fan says:

    I am dying for VH1 to kick nasty Evelyn off this show. Evelyn what example are you setting for your daughter? You look so fake tonight crying and then in less than 60sec you throw that tissue on the ground. You are so nasty and trashy. I want Jen to sue your ugly azz for threatening to kill her….yes Evelyn I want Jen to sue u and VH1 to drop you like what Jen did… I just sign the petition on to boycott your show that will aired in sept…. Evelyn you should change your name miss “BABOON boo boo”…..

  9. TMP says:

    After last season, I had decided not to watch the show due to the downward spiral the show appears to be on. I didn’t want to judge, and decided to watch again this season (it is for entertainment purposes, right?). I really feel bad for Jen, As mothers, we teach our daughters right from wrong and how to avoid abusive situations, Evelyn has become abusive, and she manipulates her “friends” to keep them at her level. I don’t blame Shaunie as I believe her hands are tied, but I blame every woman who allows themselves to be portrayed in such a negative light. Tami, you have taken steps to improve your life for you and your children. Do not allow this show to keep you stuck. Focus on you and your success, and keep it movin. Kesha, save yourself. You do not deserve to be in that type of environment, Jen, its ok to move forward when your “friends” no longer have your best interest at heart. You were cruel and judgemental in prior seasons. Hopefully, you’ve learned that its not worth it. Move on, hold your head up and do you. Susie, Evelyn and Nia deserve each other, the highlight of their lives is drama. Although it may bring ratings, their behaviors are a disgrace to all women. To have your life portrayed on TV is one thing, but to act like walking, talking animals is just sad. VH1, I expect more at some point, Please do something to turn this thing around. These are real people here.

  10. dew says:

    Evelyn you are a mess……….not classic……..your assistant is going to get you in a lot of trouble.

  11. msjay from the "D" says:

    Tami I am so disappointed in you, first of all you are too old for that dumb comment you made about Jen, Evelyn aka rachett needs a therapist for real Jen renting all the space in her head are you serious, ?? Jen go for it hit that fool where it really hurts in a court of law,……You just can’t go around and slap somebody just because you mad about some dumb stuff ,

  12. Dee says:

    I think Evelyn is as low class as it comes. “Get your life”, please move on. Focus on your cheating man and your closing store.

  13. Liz says:

    I am so disappointed in this episode. I don’t see any friendship, just a lot of backstabbing, and women slapping each other around. Other women (of different ethnicity) watch this show and put all of us in the same category, both African American and Hispanic women. Ms. Lozado is supposed to be getting married to a very popular football player. Is she going to “beat up” everyone that talks about her, is this someone he would want to represent him as his wife? Whether you care or not, America is watching. Also, what example is she setting for her beautiful daughter that she showed to all of us when she put her on camera? As I said before, this episode is very disappointing; episode 10 will be a bust for me. Stop celebrating BULLYING. Young girls are also watching.

  14. susan says:

    OMG! This was the absolute worse BBW, I have ever seen, but what is really funny is this teenaged mother, no education, living off her looks, think Chad gonna marry her Evelyn is WRITING A BOOK, that sh@@ is funny to me……The people who are down with you Evelyn cant read. Funny, Funny. Look how Evelyn acts, she acts like a 17 year old. Grow up….

  15. laughingAtTheStupiity says:

    KC sounds ridiculous…You must be from the bottom (PWT) b/c sweetheart, that is what “they” do. People with enough cash in their bank accounts file assault charges! Everything is not about fist to cuffs and mature, classy, respectful ppl know this. Try it next time and you might just feel elevated.

  16. keesa says:

    Any products by any of these non wives will be boycotted.

  17. wildcardmama54 says:

    @kc,jen got it right,its nothing stupid about what she said(the caucasian race will sue your ass… a heartbeat).if somebody slapped you in the face,you either will try and get down or you will sue they ass.(what she would do if you got out of pocket with her)if she chooses to sue,i think she is making the right choice.if i was jen,i wouldn’t stop at nia’s ignorant dumb,broke ass,i would go after shaunie,evelyn and vh1 too.@TLC123,you hit it right on the head,all of what you said was the truth.

  18. Sandra Smith says:

    Ok, I get it now. Deflection is the root of this show. Deflect on the fact that Evelyn is a pretty girl on the outside and is dying on the inside. She is so angry, jealous and bitter (at Jennifer) it is sad. Deflect on the fact that Tami became popular (who I adored) because she was geniune. Crazy but genuine. Now, she’s just the new Jenn… up Evelyn’s butt who told her that she was a non … factor while she was screwing her husband. Deflect on the fact that this friendship is not a real word. As Whodini once said, “with friend like that you don’t need enemies.” I DVR this show so that I can fwd during Evelyn’s bi-polar moments. One minute Evelyn is like a lion ready to hunt and kill her prey and the next minute she is crying like someone died. Who are these women! I am so happy Jennifer got out of the click, and Royce learned quickly that they were only true to themselves. Tami, I think you have lost your fan base. Those who once loved you are scratching their heads, not die hard Tami. Why didn’t someone stop Nia or push Jenn out of the way. Now, Nia scared and she’s trying to act hard. Thank God for TV, please don’t try that in the real streets you are going to get the xxx tapped! I pray young women are looking at this as an example of who and what not to be. Hope you all got the ratings you were looking for and at the end of the day you sleep well, for the scriptures say…. the love of money is the root of all evil. So I wonder, where are you rooted?

  19. m says:


  20. Leanie says:

    I am speechless.. Two words to describe this: tasteless and classless!!!

  21. Angela Warren says:

    I think Evelyn will regret that she let a man turn her to trash!!!!

  22. get'em girl says:

    kc sounds VERY ridiculuous, i am the same age as these women and i am NOT about to start fighting. Jennifer is doing the right thing. she should not have to go places with these twofaced women (shaunie and tammi) that clearly set her up to be contronted by evelyn’s because they didn’t want to get sued. It’s really a shame for shaunie to condone such behavior because her kids are growing up with privilage; what if someone decides that they have an “i think i’m better than you attitude” will it be ok for them to slap her daughter in the face? will she tell them to fight like a madcow or will she take it to court?!

  23. Jada Yarborough says:

    That was crazy I luv Evelyn and Tami and Kesha and ????????????????????????????????????Shaunie

  24. TRN Texas says:

    Evelyn is an animal. I lost respect when she and her assistant attacked Jennifer. If someone says something you don’t like, respond back by speaking….like most humans.

    This violent behavior represents black women poorly. Jennifer IS better than anyone who as to HIT SOMEONE to communicate.

    Shaunie, Tami…you two were my favorite until this episode. You blamed Jennifer for getting attacked by two crazed women. Do you think victims ask and deserved to be attacked?

    I feel sick after watching this.

  25. Nicole says:

    Jennifer is better than all of you. Evelyn your trash. Shawnie, I don’t know how u look at yourself in the mirror. Tammie your irrelevant and Mia your a BUM. Your children should be ashamed that your their mother’s.

  26. uc me says:

    Shaunie you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this type of behavior!!! These hood-rats have no business on TV. Even though I never like Jenn at least she’s not about all that ghetto fighting. That is so HOOD!!! Tammi I agree with everyone else, you are so damn fake, with your project wanna be ass!!


  28. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn, see how Chad talks to you not in private but on national tv. A man would never say that to me not anywhere. I’ll be whatever and tell him the wedding is over. You don’t need a guy like that and I said guy because he don’t deserve to be called a man.You can do better even if you do have me gone bye bye being a fan of yours.

  29. pad says:

    For Tammi to say Jenn should have taken the slap and kept it moving is ridiculous! Maybe that is how it’s done where she grew up but hitting is not the way to go. Basic social skills dictate that people should keep their hands to themselves unless they want to risk catchin’ a case.

  30. TRN Texas says:

    Evelyn is hurt because she is knowingly marrying a man who cheats. He is not in love… And he HAS to be embarrassed by her untrained animal behavior.

    She is jealous that Jen was able to move forward after her divorce. Jen has a lot going on..Evelyn does not.

    I think Shaunie shocked me the most. Okaying violence! Really? I guess anything for ratings…..

  31. PJ says:

    Remember when Tammie sued Evelyn? OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. cathryn says:

    What is wrong with Evelyn??

  33. Lorraine says:

    I’m tried of watching grow women acting like bullies. Shaunie I have lost all respect for you. Evelyn &Tami acting like animals. Selling T-shirts on your website, & Jennifer is supposed to be jealous of you Evelyn. Jen you are to classy to be around these women. Shaunie is not your friend at all .I wish Evelyn would have hit her with that bottle.

  34. Djoy says:

    As a civil litigator Jen has grounds to sue and has grounds to obtain a restraining order against Nia and Evelyn. These women are crazy and it is embarrassing that women in their 30′s act this way. It seems that something needs to be done to stop the fighting on national television. I am glad that Jen filed a police report. The fighting needs to stop!! I have seen people get seriously hurt over stupid things. Nia and Evelyn need to face the repercussions of their actions – and that does not mean that a fight must occur. WE ARE NOT BARBARIANS. Sometimes the consequences to our actions MUST be faced in the court of law.

  35. Pattycake says:

    Eve, I can’t tell you what U looked like jumping over the table… You are one dramatic girl. You all say that you are grown ass woman well you do not act like it, tossing wine bottles, plates, anything you can get your hands on, one of these times your going to toss something and really hurt someone and end up in jail. I’m glad Jen didn’t stoop to you and your assistances level, regardles of what she said. Some advice for you, go enroll in classes that teach girls how to be ladies, and take your assistant with you, and on your way home stop in to see your family practiitioner to get some medication, because you clearly need it.

  36. Shstarlight says:

    Thank you Kim, I will do that. That show will be nothing but hot mess.

  37. cathryn says:

    Evelyn need help, Shaunie get that girl some help because you are next on her list. Once you do not agree with her she is going to start a fight. Tammie agree with everything Evelyn want because she want to be Evelyn friend. I really don’t understand why but she is trying to keep peace so Evelyn will not attack her. Now Evelyn pretend she is so concern about Nia feelings. Evelyn is so mean, Chad are you sure you want to tie that knot? Royce is fine now but she get with the girls and turn crazy also. Royce stay away from them, Jen is getting back what she deserve a little because last season Evelyn could do no wrong she kissed up to Evelyn. Please get Evelyn some help she is not funny at all. It is very sad. I do not want to read her book she is jealous of Jen not because Jen is making it. Why can she say what ever she want about everybody but all the stupid women has to kiss her butt and agree with all she has to say or she will beat you up. Next time do not hold her let her get herself in trouble. She tried that with Royce and Royce was ready to fight back. So now Royce can not be in her circle. Evelyn is the one that need to be put out of the circle of haters.

  38. Monique says:

    Didn’t watch but saw previews. All I can say is GANGSTAS!!!!!!

  39. WiDnATL says:

    Evelyn is such a bad portrayal/image of woman and awful example for her daughter. She lacks social etiquette and decency that a woman her age should have. Not matter how good looking you may be, that type of behavior makes you unattractive. With that much evil in her spirit nothing she does will be successful. And Tammi maybe someone should smack some sense into her cause she’s laughing and joking with Evelyn (the woman who disrespected your marriage and disregarded you as a non-factor). Shaunie class the show get rid Evelyn.

  40. Pattycake says:

    Tamie, you really need to stop laughing at everything that happens, it’s not funny. You clearly new what would happen. Eveylyn keeps tossing bottles, glasses, plates…….someone could get seriously hurt. Where you come from you take a whooping and keep it moving, well that was years ago, you all are all grown woman or claim to be grown but fail to act like it. Promoting and selling yourself like that to be on a show and getting paid to act like animals is not a good look…….I hope you do not give that advice to your daughters…..that’s sad………there are other ways to entertain people rather than showing yourself like you are still ghetto girls.

  41. Shstarlight says:

    I applaude everyone except for KC.

  42. TM says:

    well, well I’m glad Jennifer will not be on this show because this all about Shaunie making these women look ignorant and childesh with all this fighting jumping on tables like a crazy animal I never liked Evelyn she talked about Royce in the past now she acting like since Jennifer said that about that her ignorant assistant like her that she is so emotional . I use like this show but they are getting ridiculous. One thing I can Real Housewives Of Atlanta have there arguments but they don’t act like a bunch crazy ignorant animals leaping across the table like they mother didn’t raise them withe any morals and they have there own daughters that i hope don’t grow up acting like tike that VH1 you can do better than this I hope so and your producers must be kin to Evelyn or Shaunie to want people to act like they are immature black women that will do anything for money……..

  43. Kaykay says:

    @TLC…I could not have expressed myself any better! You put it all in perspective…I hope that Shaunie understands that the viewers like the concept of the show, but it’s time for a different cast. Here’s the thing though…the show could actually be used as a platform for mental health issues. Evelyn definitely shows depressive symptoms…what people really don’t know is that some depressed people act out in anger’ and have low self esteem. That’s Evelyn and Tammi…we see Tammy getting help…let’s encourage Evelyn to do the same…

  44. Dodie says:

    I hope that miss Ev’s fans watched tonights show. You see how phony she and Tami are? they r both two-faced with double standards, (it’s OK if I do or say it, but not you). Tami was going to serve Ev with papers over the T-Shirt, but oh no, she would never use the legal system. They both showed just how phony they are tonight. Keep listening, they are slowly revealing their TRUE SELVES). God help them.

  45. Anonymous says:

    First of all, at Shaunie, you should be ashamed of yourself for standing around supporting Evelyn and not helping out out Jen when she got slapped. All you did was stand there with those wide nostrils of yours and sat there like you were waiting on a bus. You never put your own negative personal business on the line. All you show of yourself is good press. You are a definite non-factor to the show because you certainly are not entertaining in the least bit. Tammi I used to like you , until you became team Evelyn and stopped having a mind of your own. Remember you tried to Sue Evelyn, so please don’t judge Jennifer. I think Royce and Jennifer , who gets hated on the most are about the most sane on the show.

  46. Danielle says:

    Where do I start? I know at the top with Shaunie. I started out liking you but you’ve changed. You throw the rock and hide your hand; sit back and lack and spread your nostrils like you are shocked when stuff go down and you instigate a lot of drama. You failed Jennifer at the track. Even if nasty attitude Evelyn is your friend as a so called producer of the show you should have consoled jennifer. Nia wannabe famous self and Evelyn and Tami ignorant selves were wronged. Jennifer should sue you and them. Tami please stop. Just stop. Why you up in Evelyn’s behind? Didnt you try to sue Evelyn? Didn’t Evelyn talk about you and Royce’s? How can you side with Evelyn when everything she says is hypocritical? Tami, Evelyn, Shaunie, Nia all dummies. Black dummies. Jennifer showed yall up when she showed more class. Yall should take lessons from her, really. Notice how she didnt have to act ghetto by climbing across a table; she didnt have to yell at yall and cuss yall; and she remained classy. Go team Jennifer. Tami you use to be my favorite but I guess you need the money so you chose to kiss Evelyn’s but to remain revelant. So I guess that makes you a non-fac, oops, a factor now-

  47. Tgsoror08 says:

    Please get rid of Evelyn and Nia. They are bums for continuing to start fights and not properly address a situation with Jennifer. It is absolutely ridiculous that these two grown women are insistent on fighting and attacking Jennifer when she’s trying to move forward with her life. And why is Nia there?…to be an instigator? Jennifer is absolutely better than them.

  48. Tgsoror08 says:

    Evelyn, no one has to purchase your book because we all know who you are!!!

  49. AmarieW says:

    Hey make sure to sign this petition that basically lets VH1 know that because of the violence particularly on Ev’s part YOU WILL NOT be endorsing her any further by watching her and Chad’s show OR buying her book or make up line … ( ) Ok on to my opinion. Best part of the night for me was when Kesha told Evelyn and I quote, “Dont you think if somebody slaps you, you have the right to say whatever you want to them”, … Watching Evelyn scramble for an answer to that question was priceless. Its the question EVERYONE wanted to say even Tami but no one had the balls to say it except Kesha .. so kudos to her for keeping ish real. This episode I hated Tami, that is a first for me. Im used to hating Evelyn, being disgusted with Shaunie, and rolling my eyes at Tami … but this episode for me was a whole new level of emotion. Im sorry did Tami just say where she comes from people dont file police reports they instead take the a** beating. Ok lets dissect this for a moment. First Tami please stop assuming that we as a people are subject to the “Hoods Mentality”, and its “Rules”. Two … Where Jen comes from people have been taught how to communicate with their mouths NOT hands. And last but least … Anyone who is attacked has a right to fight back with our legal system. POINT PERIOD BLANK. Anyway … in Jen’s words (I Cant) with this show anymore. After this season its a wrap. I will watch the other one with Deydra and them but NOT anything that has Evelyns or Tami’s or even Shaunies face in it for that matter1

  50. Cynt says:

    Does Evelyn realize she has a daughter? I can’t believe she’s acting like that but then again I can. I’m not going to write much about this because its not worth it. I give this show 1 more season if that.

  51. Kikah says:

    I agree with all the comments posted thus far. This show has reached an all time low, even when I didnt think it could get any lower. The hardest thing to believe is that all of these women have children! I dont care how you try to justify and say the money outweighs the negative image, its just not worth it. This show portrays bullying and violence amongst other negative behaviors My Bible tells me a good name is better than rubies. They must remember that when this show is over, they will still be remembered as portrayed on this show. I think Jennifer handled the situation very well by filing a police report. Only animals fight in the street. As everyone has stated, a grown, mature woman doesnt stoop to the level of others. As someone suggested, Jen should take Royce’s lead and exclude herself from all of their get togethers. I also agree with Keesa, lets all boycott their different business ventures. By supporting their products, we support their negative behavior and put more money in the pockets.

  52. Sandy says:

    While I agree that these shows are for entertainment purposes, all of it is not fake. The producers create situations and these crazy loons react to them. The emotions are real! Evelyn has shown that she is a truly angry and disturbed individual. Tammi is an alcoholic instigator. Shaunie just sees dollar signs but yet preaches empowerment for women and girls. What baffles me is how Evelyn and Tammi bully the other women. They all tip toe and walk on egg shells around them for fear that they will go beserk and go off. I believe they intentionally cast weak females to go on the show and watch the lions attack the lamb. We saw how Meeka left last season. This season its Keisha and Kenya. Evelyn is fortunate the bottle she threw didnt seriously injure anyone or she could be facing serious charges. I am no longer a fan and no longer watching. To each his own but we all have to realize that by watching we give credence to foolishness like this. We perpetuate stereotypes and make celebrites out of mentally disturbed people who just want attention.

  53. brwn48 says:

    Eveyln is always barking, I normally don’t condone violence (But we don’t normally see wild dogs on tv, now do we?). Just one time I would like to see eveyone let her (the woof woof) go, not hold her back and Jenn knock the baJesus out of her! AND TAMMI TOO! Also, if this chick wanted her keys back, why not call and ask for them or send a text. Better yet change the lock. OH! Then we would not be commenting!! I forgot its about the ratings. It seems as though these girls ( If you can call them that) are saling thier souls for ratings, which turns into money!

  54. brwn48 says:

    I hope Ocho is a wise man, and signs a prenup, before he marries this chick. Any woman that wants twins BEFORE she gets that paper, and pretty much agress to an open marriage. IS NORMALLY SEARCHING FOR GOLD!. He had better take a look at his buddy TO ( and TO’s bank statement), and realize how old he is. And the NFL doesn’t last always! I’m jus saying!

  55. fatreal says:

    Jennifer beat them in court right move
    Evelyn, Tammie & Shunie I used to respect you all now i see you all as trash evelyn I will not be buying your book you need to trash it NOW because it will not be a best seller

  56. Brisith says:

    Evelyn defines CLASSLESS, TRASHY & DUMB! Isn’t she in her 30s, with a daughter and about to get married? But yet she acts like a highschool dummie! She has some serious issues. There is no way on this green earth that this chic is happy at home and holds so much anger inside of her…Chad obv isn’t doing something right…..BOOOM! I would be so embarrased if I was her daughter…GET YA LIFE BUMMY EVELYN!!! BAHHAHAAAAAAAA

  57. Michelle says:

    I guess the cast thought the show was going to help their ratings, but it looks like it is going to hurt the ratings. GROW UP money hungry girls, suppose to be ladies!!!!

  58. teresa says:

    Isnt is ironic that Suzie mentioned the fights that Jen has been in, but she didnot mention the FIGHTS that Evelyn had with almost everyone on this show.

  59. Melmac says:

    I believe Nia is trying to be a permanent on the show, but I do not think she should be given anymore camera time. She went about her relationship with Jennifer all the wrong way. Why did she not contact Jennifer personally or outside of the cameras and everyone else and talk with her to let her know how she felt. It was all for the cameras. If Jenn and Nia were as close as Nia continues to preach, then why not speak with her alone to “get your keys back”. Also, I believe Evelyn is really hurt over her and Jenn’s relationship coming to an end and that is why she is acting out so much towards Jenn. I use to be team Evelyn, but I am not team Jenn!

  60. Prissy65 says:

    Everyone has an opinion and for now it seems like public opinion says that Evelyn is a nutty to say the least. Evelyn’s jealousy is evident on so many levels. I agree that she had Nia “NO EDGES” Crooks come along so that “NO EDGES” can attack Jennifer. At one point I thought “Tami and Shaunie” were really trying to get “Jennifer and Evelyn” friendship back on track and stop all the drama. No they are truly trying to keep the “childish drama” going… Everyone is saying that Jennifer has changed, it’s called growth and it seems no one but Royce, Jennifer, and yes even Suzie wants to see the adult women get along. It is understandable why Keisha stays away from the fighting and other crap… Evelyn and Chad with a show is not one I will be watching. The representation of the “WOMEN CULTURE” is sad to say the least… Grown woman leaping across the table, is sad… Evelyn has not run up on the right woman that would clock her and let her know truly what time of day it is.

  61. jerseygirl23 says:

    Evelyn is a very unhappy individual. She goes from rage to crying all the time. she needs to get to the root of her problems. But as long as she has enablers who encourage this behavior becuase it’s making them money (ie Shaunie) she will continue to carry on like this. Not to long ago I remember when she was hanging out with Jen how she would also act the same way like she was better than anyone. And correct me if I’m wrong but did she not call Kenya a bum bit%^ as well ?/ And Tammi I’m so disappointed in you, how can you say things would have been different if Jen had acted different?? there is absolutely no excuse for violence against another person. And now we’ve all made Nia’s raggedy a&& relevant SMH !

  62. mela says:

    None, of these women are friends, there all back stabbers. It’s sad that evelyn is the way that she is. Full of hate and mean sprited, pushing 40 and still digging for gold. Every week the show gets worse. I hope this program gets cancelled, because there is nothing positive about this show. Evelyn needs to get her head checked because she is mental, please get your mother a house. The poor lady is still living in the projects in the Bronx, while you drive a brand new flashy car, so so sad.

  63. ms.nikki says:

    nya needs 2 sit her ass down…let me get this straight r they really mad cause jenn hasn’t been comin around…thats laughable…cause if jenn’s absence is botherin them that much that they want 2 fight her they really need 2 get they priority’s straight….if jenn havin new friends is hurtin them that deeply,then girl BOO get your life 2gether….lol…

  64. Mi says:

    Evelyn – why do you keep swearing on your daughter’s life (twice you said, I swear on my baby’s life I will catch a case)??? Do you not love your child?

    And cut it out with those crocodile tears!!! You are so disturbed! You are the same chick that made fun of Royce, Tami, Susie on their fashion and/or lack thereof. Previous season, Susie apologized to you so many times and still, you repeatedly bullied her. I perfectly understand why Jennifer wants nothing to do with you. You talking about how could you have stayed friends with Jen for so long – I think it’s the reverse. How could she had stayed friends with you for so long? You’re just angry and jealous.

    Tami – that scene with your mother made so angry, because I felt that something so sensitive should have been discussed in private with a therapist, not like this Tami. I ended up feeling sorry for your mom, not for you. Would you allow your sexual encounters be filmed for national tv?? (maybe you would, at this point I see no self-preservation, all about ratings) There are things that should remain private.

    This show is just garbage. To VH1 and Shaunie, I don’t think at this point folks really care about your reunion show. So you all boycott it all you want. Pay attention to the comments on this board, viewers are angry by what’s going on. We did not watch this show for this non sense. This is it for me, i’m done with this show!!

  65. Karen says:

    Tami and Shaunie are pieces of garbage and if Tami is insinuating when black people fight we should not call the cops she is an idiot….so we should “keep it moving over Trayvon Martin” …..really? Tami you are freaking worthless and need to be muzzled. Evelyn please try to find the feisty inner woman we have seen in seasons past…yes you can be feisty with out BREAKING the law…words are more deadly than any fist. if you truly feel Jen hurt you and yours, speak about it, but don’t go all black panthers on people and give all the rest of African American women a bad name. Watching this and Atlanta Housewives is the reason some form of profiling exists. All black women must be loud and attack you over BS. LaLa’s show doesnt have this crap and it is a good show. TONE IT DOWN. or end up in a jail cell with the other 85% of our people.

  66. Lizza says:

    Us the viewers also has power, Eve thinks she is a bad ass lest BOYCOTT her book.

  67. T meekie says:

    EVELYN you need to shut up you must be on something, you talked about Royce like she was nothing you talked about her hair clothes and everything else, tami you such a back stabers you no you wouldn’t keep it moving if somebody hit you wood do what ever. I hope jen sue all YALL and put them in jail, than let them be with women in jail people that like to fight, tami ain’t no friend either. And you no why kenya didn’t run when evelyn came because she new she could kick kick her but and tami to everybody ain’t scared of YALL.

  68. Akilah Ki says:

    Eve, Nia, Tammi, and Shaunie are ridiculous. How could you carry on that way when you have children? It’s past time for you all to grow up… I honestly feel sorry for all four of you. What are you teaching the new generation? My daughter 16 loved to watch the show until Eve started behaving like a teenager….She said momma BBW has gotten out of hand, “I’m so through with it”. Kick Eve off the show she’s an embarrassment period point blank….

  69. LoLi says:

    I totally disagree with what Tami said & I highly doubt Jennifer was making the commnet to act as if she is better than anyone. How many times have “Ev” called Royce a bum b()*(&(* & talked about the way she dress & the shoes she wears “BUSTED WHITE SHOES-FROM THE 1ST REUNION SHOW” So please stop with the s(*() that Ev doesn’t put people down becuase they may not have what she has…Tami & Shaunie act as if they have selective amnesia. It seems Tami 4got that “Ev” smashed her husband while they were still married ….and do you really believe she didn’t know yall were married? Pleassseee spare me da BS….or is it just so you can be down you chose to swallow it. Just remember when you look @ Ev you have slept with everyone that she has slept with once you slept with your husband after he smashed that skank!!!!!!!!! Deuces Ladies

  70. Roz says:


    Something is wrong with you if you think Cruella Deville is making a fool out of anyone besides herself.

    Oh…….. wait….. there’s one exception…. Nia!

  71. vicki says:


  72. Celeste Graves says:

    I am a huge fan. But i do think that we need to rewind back to your first season on the show. Yes what jennifer said was mean but we have to be reminded that she was slapped across the face. when you have been hit i think that you are entitled to say anything that comes up. i mean lets all think about it. Okay but when Tammi came on the first season Evelyn did judge.she did call you a bum, poor all of that stuff. she also called Royce all of these names referring to be a bum so i wanted to know if someone could please explain to me the difference. Evelyn has called people poor , bums, talked about nappy weaves, said ppl are not factors when they were the wifes. so for her to say that she is no better then the bum on the street has me really confused. I really think past seasons need to be reviewed during the renunion to refresh some memories.

  73. Bee says:

    I was always Team Tami but you seem to be contradicting yourself alot this season…and why is it ok for you and Evelyn to say things about people but when they defend themselves it’s a problem….I am shocked by how upset u r at Royce for her constructive criticism (its obvious that the 2 of u r no longer friends) but have suddenly swept all things under the rug that Evelyn said and did to u…U keep posting things on twitter about growing as a person and trying to be positive but then u condone certain behaviors from Nia and Evelyn as if ur getting paid to say those things (u support every single thing Evelyn says and does)…I think u r losing most of ur fan base because people are confused as to why there is all of a sudden a 360 degree turn with all things concerning Evelyn..yet it’s so hard for you to get over everything else that someone has said said to u…about u..or done to u…(Meeka, Royce, etc)
    and especially Keisha..I respect u as a person but I think u should stop picking sides in certain situations and try to see things from both point of views.

  74. Celeste Graves says:

    Keisha honestlly is the only real one. She told Evelyn the truth. When this show is over no one will care!!!!!! she hit the jackpot with a athlete. I really wish they would have a marathon of past shows. Evelyn is the ULTIMATE MANIPULATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i REALLY HOPE MY COMMENT IS READ ON THE RENUNION!!!!!!!!! ,……..Evelyn has put in everyones mind that what Jennifer is the worst and think she is better. OKAY GO BACK TO SEASON 2 when TAMMI came on the show. She talked about Tammi so bad called her all sorts of names even after Shaunie told her what TAMMI had been through So tammi i really feel that you should be reaching out to JEn because Evelyn is just trying to get ppl on her side that is all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has called people poor bums, pciked on royce her looks, clothes, hair. JEnnifer was the only person who gave people chances. She told Tammi She was not a factor when she “dated” Kenny. WHAT! rewind back to them at the table first meeting tammi talking about Kenny, Evelyn did not budge, but saw dollar signs with the tv show after Tammi was so upset about that OMG these women…Shaunie i really dont know who is your friend,, you may not say anything but you do start stuff. I mean it is your show so, more power to yu 4million views lol. IT is just so sad that women are now comprimising there diginity and character for 2min of fame. But when you get old, the expensive bags, shoes, and clothes are gone. when “Basketball wives” no longer matters, this is what you will be remembered as. I am so glad that i am in school and not chasing fame. Its obviously not worth it. Royce is truely my favorite character. she has not changed at all. Youll really need to get it together its sad.

  75. L Stanley says:

    This is not funny and it is not a joke. Tammi is messy and what comes around goes around. Look at Jen’s fashion. Do you think she need that earring? Tammi you may need it. LOL LOL! Tammi act like her and Shaunie try and make piece, but they like mess both of them. Misery loves company. Jen you won file a police report. What if someone slap one of their kids? That’s BULLYING!! Whe you clearly don’t fight and everyone no this.

  76. This show was a disgrace to women and clearly showed that Evelyn needs to be pulled off the show and placed into angermanagement before she can ever be allowed the privilege of being shown on national tv in the era of bullying. She wants to jump on everyone who looks at her side ways, admits on national tv that she will kill someone and continues to reap the benefits of a reality show! That is wrong! How the hell can she get any respect from women or the man she claims to be marrying after she found him on twitter and she acts like a psychopath! Most women who are planning their wedding are happy and focus on the real issues in life, she focuses on outdoing Jennifer with a make-up line that is so overrated, a shoe store she had to close and a T-shirt line she tried to almost got in a lawsuit with Tami over…this is not a happy woman and the sad part is she does not understand that she calls her own Karma to her own demise. God does not like ugly and she is getting everything she deserves. Her man clearly told her he is marrying her for her money and not her looks, after all, his career is almost over, and she is OK with his admission that he will not be able to stay faithful to her. This is not a woman who can demand any respect on national tv. She is a case study of insanity at its best and her beauty is diluted with her constant quest for a fight and ugly characteristics.

  77. D says:

    I find it very disturbing to see such beautiful woman of color disgrace themselves as the cast of Basketball Wives has done. The men that you were either married to; engaged to marry or dated should feel very blessed that you are no longer is their lives. You have demonstrated to the fulliest why most professional athelets ops for the opposite race. BRAVO LADIES. Chad I would sincerely think long and hard on marring Evelyn. She is a beautiful, jealous, unstable ghetto mentality woman, that need to be laying on some doctors couch instead of jumping on tables acting like an out of control monkey. Jennifer, please continue stay the way you are. One of you has to show the true and complete beauty of being a black woman. Unlike the Tami and Eve, who allows Shaunie to pimp them for a couple of bucks.

  78. Lanette says:

    Let’s boycott Evelyn’s book and show w/ Chad. Let’s show her and Vh1 that black or latino women acting a fool is not a good look. Tami is confused, she can sue Evelyn but Jen can’t sue for someone slapping her? Where she’s from they don’t do that. Really, well get educated Tami all women don’t act like animals. Evelyn keeps repeating how Jen talked about the 2 bedr apt. She was talking about NIA only not all ppl w/ 2 br apts. Evelyn thinks the viewers are stupid and don’t see that she’s trying to be manipulative. Also, NIa did that for Evelyn, no other reason. jen should have pulled back fro Nia when she started working for Evelyn. Nia is as biggest fool as Evelyn. Tami is a follower-she wasn’t strong after all she chose to follow the drama.

  79. wecare_foundation says:

    Ok i didn’t see last-night episode because of last week episode. I’m so over this show right now it not showing an example. Evelyn is and animal who is out of control i would never use her as a spoke person for my foundation. Jennifer did not start the whole thing it was Tami and Shaunie who started it the conservation point blank Tami need to take her bully ass some where.

  80. kaybee says:

    It seems that Evelyn can only get in someone face when all the girls are around in the hood Evelyn knows that this kind of behavior would not be tolerated because she would get a severe beat down. Ochocinco take your money and run this girl “ain’t about nothing”.

  81. sackedby55 says:

    Ok Evelyn May be the corniest most tackiest chick i have ever seen. All that drama getting mad for nothing she is maaaad corny. It’s a shame cause shes a decent looking woman but she’s trash for real. And Jen is better than all of em and i dont really like her either.

  82. Lady t says:

    Tami, you got a souviner??? Really….grow the hell up and get ur head outta Evelyn’s a–!!!! You should have told ur friend it’s a shame that every event Evelyn gotta make her self relevant. How many times is Jenn gonna show up and b threatened and hit before actions are taken!!! To say its Jenn fault?? Tami not about to let no one talk to her crazy on no day for no one. So why does she expect for Jenn to allow someone to talk ish and not say nothing??? Shaunie couldn’t even have a peaceful Bday Dinner w out Evelyn gettin started and no one told her she was wrong!!!! Tami, Shaunie, how dare you team up w an outsider who started Bs at your planned dinner!!! Ratchet ratchet Ratchet!!!!! As Nene says ” GET ON THE RIGHT TEAM”

  83. Choc says:

    Tami, you and Evelyn have to learn that it’s not okay to go around slapping people, throwing bottles, glasses, and jumping on tables. You both have daughters, what kind of role models are you. Also, Tami, why have you turned on Jen? She hasn’t done anything to you. Remember she came to see you when you had your lipo and brought you flowers? She’s a class act. It was Ev that always had her mouth on you and now you’re aligned yourself with her against Jen. You even told Shaunie that “Ev screws for handbags and now you’re all up under her. What’s up with that? You are over 40 Tami, I expect more maturity from you in picking your friends and how you carry yourself.

  84. kimberly says:

    “Has anyone seen music video trading cards? Google it, freakin crazy!”

  85. laykey09 says:


  86. boffin says:

    “Whoa, that is awesome! They play the song on the card! Johnny Cash sucka!”

  87. Vicky says:

    Shaunie Oneal should be ashamed of herself and her castmates. As the producer of the show you are accountable for everthing good or bad that happens on the show. You are responsible for the safety for all of the women on BBW. You should have never allowed Nia on the show. And after Jen was assaulted you should have never allowed the assault to be aired. You Shaunie are responsible for this mess. Many Americans are working hard to take a stand against bullying, and then you perpetuate bullying on BBW.

  88. tyler says:

    “I Googled it. Did you notice they were $35 a pack?”

  89. boffin says:

    “Yeah, but they are only releasing 1,000″

  90. Lyric says:

    WoW, I really use to be #Team Tammy. But after seeing you work your act this season, I’m cool on you. I remember you saying that regardless to what the veteran BBW’s go through that you all had each others back, and that’s how you chopped it up when beefin with Meeka. Jen is a veteran and you have history with her. Regardless to what Nia’s issues was with Jen, you was suppose to stay neutral or at the very least fall back since you got history with Jen and you dont know Nia. I find it real grimey that you got all this love for Evelyn when the bottom line is that she is real messy and you feeding into it by condoning her foulness. Is her friendship that serious for you that you would allow vh1 to make it appear that you played a role in setting Jen up. I find your play with words just that…playing with words. You aint the ish that I thought you were and I’m real disappointed. I’m curious about one thing, was it a freebie or how much did it actually cost for you to sell out? smdh

  91. MICHELE says:

    I think the whole thing with Evelyn and Jen goes deeper than what they are saying I also don’t agree with all the fighting these 30 & 40 something year old women are doing if you don’t like somebody you don’t mess with them point blank. Evelyn is stupid and if I was Jen I would never mess with her again and as for the assistant why is she even on the show??

  92. Karen says:

    I agree with Lizza…BOYCOTT Evelyn s book and ANYTHING that Trashy Tami does. This is not all just for the cameras…no this is really them. Look in the mirror Tami you are only a couple years off food stamps, when your man was paying for Evelyn’s services not his child support. You should shut up and sit down and be a better role model. I am PRETTY SURE if your daughter got smacked you wouldn’t tell her to take it and keep it moving. YOU would file a report…..two faced trash all of you.

  93. feberry says:

    I don’t see how anyone with morals, self-respect, respect for their children and family and compassion can side with EVILyn. For anyone to say that all her fits of rage and wanting to always resolve an issue with a fight are justified blows my mind….THAT IS NOT NORMAL ADULT BEHAVIOR. EVILyn is nothing more than an adult BULLY!!!!!! Shaunie and Tammi are no better for co-signing her mess…..three nasty pea’s in a pod!!!!!

  94. Nichole says:

    Tami get your head out of Evelyn’s ass girl. Jen & Kenya, before the finale of this show, let those self defense lessons work & drop kick Evelyn. That’s how she deserves to be remembered. LOL..

  95. beauty says:

    Tami is a scumbag that seeks drama and evelyn is low life hating scum bag you two will never prosper with ya behavior. they are the definition of ignorant, classless, insecure, troublemakers and bullies. there is no justification for your actions. even if Jen wasnt a good friend, which evelyn cannot give a legit reason as to what the problem is, all you have to do is keep it moving stop speaking to her. your making her relevant always bringing her up starting problems. she should sue you for hitting her with the clutch or attacking her by jumping across the table you punk. Tami and Evelyn deserves no respect your actions portrayed on this show should hinder you from ever succeeding. Keep sleeping with men for your income because you two do not know how to conduct yourself.

  96. CINDY says:


  97. Thisshowdisgraceswoman. says:

    I cant believe Shaunie thinks this dysfunctional show she is producing is a good thing, What kind exsample is she really setting for her young daughter?? I can tell Shaunie’s trying to keep it undercover, but she is just like these dysfunctional woman she is producting, She is undercover evil, and her true colors did show out on the past episode when they all took the trip to madrid which including Royce. I know shaq glad he’s away from her. This show is a disgrace to WOMAN period.

  98. titi says:

    LOOK AT TAMI’S LEGS IN THE PHOTO, THE SKIN IS FALLING, SHE AND SHAUNIE HAS AGED ALOT! JEN SHOULD LEAVE THE SHOW, B/C SHE IS JUST BORING AND TOO DAMN FAKE. I can’t even understand Jennifer when she speaks, b/c she is putting on/faking the way she speaks.

  99. Patsy says:

    I agree with you 100% Kikah. I was shocked to know that these women had children. I wonder if they realize that they are not only tarnishing their brand but their husbands name as well. If this shows drama is for entertainment purposes then it is tastless! I feel for Jennifer, she is the only one thus far being real to who she is – in every aspect.

  100. The Jones Family & Friends says:

    There are million of people across the country suffering financially, from unemployment, hunger, homelessness, poverty, and life-threatening illnesses. To see people wasting trillions of dollars to create and produce a show that is so violent, is insensitive and very sad. Evelyn and Tami are suffering psychologically. Their hearts are wounded, broken, beaten, and in pain. This would turn any human being life up side down. But, what is the most disturbing is that these wounded women are wasting millions of dollars beautifying themselves externally, while ignoring their wounded soul , spirit, and emotional state of mind. Instead, they turn to verbally abusing and physically violating the other female cast members on the show. VH1, Producers, and Shaunie, protect the other cast members, think about the other cast members. You should without a doubt consider their behavior entirely unacceptable, sicken, disrespectful, insulting, terrorizing, troublesome, outrageous, obnoxious, hazardous, harmful, and much more than any human being can bear. With that said, end the violence on the show. The viewers have already started a Petition to shutdown BBW and Chad & Evelyn’s new show. What is it going to take to get VH1, Producers, and Shaunie to wake up from their dream, and realize this show is a total nightmare? Instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new automobile, her wannabe husband, best friends and family should have escorted her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility. A brand new automobile will not erase away her misery, pain, wounded soul, evil spirit, broken heart, and criminal behavior. Tami & Evelyn loves Tami & Evelyn. These two beasts totally disregard their family, children, VH1, cast members, producers, Shaunie, and the viewers.

  101. Our Country says:

    @The Jones Family & Friends. I totally agree with everything you said.

    Tami & Evelyn if you want to fight, then join the military, make yourselves useful.
    Because right now , you are useless, and your behavior towards your cast mates just turn stomach’s across the globe.

    Men and women are placing their life on the line, leaving their spouse, children, and family to go to war to fight to protect our country. They are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    Fire Fighter, Teachers, Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Health Care
    Workers just to name a few are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    While the creators of these violent reality shows are sitting back , relaxing and enjoying their spouses, children, and family, making millions of dollars.

    Musicians waste millions of dollars on inappropriate music videos. The government officials are wasting millions of dollars on negative Campaign Ads.

    This is very depressing. Because zero pennies and zero dollars of this money is helping the hungry, homeless, sick, unemployed, and poverty-stricken families.

    Our country priorities are very out of order.

  102. Angelicia says:

    @Jones Family & Friends , I agree with your comments. _____________ To: The Producers, Shaunie, VH1, Chad, Evelyn’s family, Best Friends, and/or Whomever purchased the new car for Evelyn’s Birthday. _____________ These are not words of envy, nor words of hate. I am hoping my words will encourage someone to rescue Evelyn, before she is hurt, and to help prevent the other cast members from being hurt. The violence on the how is very serious and dangerous. # 1 – The new car will not fix her mental problem. # 2 – The new car will not bring her happiness. # 3 – The new car will not bring her a peace of mind. # 4 – The new car will not erase away her past history, and bad reputation with the sport teams across the world. # 5 The new car will not erase away her past relationship, personal, and business failures. # 6 – The new car will not give her a sound mind., self-respect, and it definitely did not do anything for her criminal image. ____________ as the @Jones Family & Friends stated, instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new car, Chad, her family, and friends should have checked her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility.

  103. Our Country says:

    @The Jones Family & Friends. I totally agree with everything you said.

    Tami & Evelyn if you want to fight, then join the military, make yourselves useful.
    Because right now , you are useless, and your behavior towards your cast mates just turn stomach’s across the globe.

    Men and women are placing their life on the line, leaving their spouse, children, and family to go to war to fight to protect our country. They are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    Fire Fighter, Teachers, Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Health Care
    Workers just to name a few are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    While the creators of these violent reality shows are sitting back , relaxing and enjoying their spouses, children, and family, making millions of dollars.
    Musicians waste millions of dollars on inappropriate music videos. The government officials are wasting millions of dollars on negative Campaign Ads.

    This is very depressing. Because zero pennies and zero dollars of this money is helping the hungry, homeless, sick, unemployed, and poverty-stricken families.

    Our country priorities are very out of order.

  104. Angelicia says:

    @Jones Family & Friends _____________ To: The Producers, Shaunie, VH1, Chad, Evelyn’s family, Best Friends, and/or Whomever purchased the new car for Evelyn’s Birthday. _____________ These are not words of envy, nor words of hate. I am hoping my words will encourage someone to rescue Evelyn, before she is hurt, and to help prevent the other cast members from being hurt. The violence on the how is very serious and dangerous. # 1 – The new car will not fix her mental problem. # 2 – The new car will not bring her happiness. # 3 – The new car will not bring her a peace of mind. # 4 – The new car will not erase away her past history, and bad reputation with the sport teams across the world. # 5 The new car will not erase away her past relationship, personal, and business failures. # 6 – The new car will not give her a sound mind., self-respect, and it definitely did not do anything for her criminal image. ____________ as the @Jones Family & Friends stated, instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new car, Chad, her family, and friends should have checked her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility.

  105. triniscene says:

    Iam so disgusted by the actions of tammi and evelyn what is wrong wit these women?… the words of kesha “that’s sad’:(

  106. jomo says:

    Jenn, Hang in there. Don’t worry about those girls talking about you.At the end of the day, They envy you. Just remenber, they talked about jesus…. Evelyn is truely evil, and trashy. She doesnt care anything about that assisstant. She used her, to start an altercation with you. don’t go anywhere she is. It seems to me, those girls keep setting you up for an abusive interaction with Eveyln. You owe no explanation, just walk away from them. Once you leave that negative group alone, room will open up for new friends that can actually contribute to your progression as a better and more succesfull person…..

  107. Cara says:

    Somebody tell me why in the hell anyone would have damn near butt naked girls at a birthday party not a bachelorette shower? They all look like “stank” hoes too. What is this a ghetto birthday party? Where was family–daughter, mother and sister? Where was Ocho? Where was “A” level friends? Who are these people groupies wanting to get on TV and those on the payroll paid to be there?

    Apparently Ev ain’t got it like she thinks she does.

  108. Ursela says:

    Poor Evelyn, you are so sad. It’s obvious. You’ve gotten meaner since engaged to Chad. Maybe it’s because you have your doubts that he will make you a good Husband. But your behavior is making you unlikable. Tami you’re miserable too. Stay in therapy because you still have a long way to go, to get to normal. Evelyn needs to go to therapy as well. What you 2 need to do is address the people who are making you so unhappy. Tami at least you started, by talking to your mother. Evelyn maybe you need to do what Tami did but with your Dad. You didn’t have a realtionship with him as a young girl & you’re upset about that, so it’s spilling over into your adulthood. Stop going from man to man looking for the love you missed from your Dad. That’s why you’re so angry. Jen, Kenya, Royce & Suzie didn’t do anything to you. But those are the people you chose to take your frustrations out on. Accept Royce tagged that ass right back. So you haven’t delt with her since. Maybe the other girls need to back you off like Royce did, so you can address the issues you’re having. Just saying…………….

  109. Deb says:

    Shaunie is the most “ratchet” of them all. She is not slick, since Jen made sure they all knew if they touched her they would be paying. Shaunie tried to backdoor her with crazy NiaNobody someone who didn’t have anything to lose. Since Jen sure doesn’t want that Walmart wig and dress ensemble which came in one package on an end-cap at the front of the store near the register. As for the others, for $7500 she gets this level of “bottom hoes” except Jen who is within her 25 million dollar neighborhood but didn’t have to pump out 4 kids to do it. Shaunie is hating on Jen too. Jen can walk off into the sunset and does’t have deal with 4 or 5 kids or their daddy.

    The black community is not letting top “ratchet Shaunie” off the hook. People now know why she is friends with “psychopath walking” Tammi who came on the show swinging and cursing. Who with good sense has friends like that? Tammi has so many personalities she is a show all by herself. The dog whisperer, the lecturer, ghetto girl, mrs.anger management, delusional role model and then miss diana ross swinging her “now that I can afford a better one” hair weave.

  110. joyce1 says:

    i will seriously not be watching this show anymore its super ghetto and its sad how these grown ass lil girls act

  111. misslovely says:


  112. Sisters says:

    Yes, I agree Jennifer has done her share of gossip, and instigating on the show.

    However, her behavior does not warrant harassment, threats, and physical attacks.

    Because every female cast member on the show has done her dirty deeds, including Shaunie, the creator of this nasty and violent show.

    Why it is that Tami & Evelyn have attacked every female on the show, verbally and physically, but not Shaunie?

    #1 because the professional instigator, and scalawag is Shaunie.

    #2 because Tami & Evelyn are Shaunie’s girls, as she would put it. It is evident by Shaunie’s responses to the brawls that she does not care about the safety of the other female cast members.

    #3 because Tami & Evelyn know that Shaunie can stop their paychecks, if they ever turn against her.

    But, what Shaunie is not smart enough to know, is it will be only a matter of time before
    these two evil criminals will turn against her too.

    As soon as Tami & Evelyn have made enough money, gain enough business contacts, gained enough business sense, and notoriety, they will turn on her with their blood-sucking behavior.

  113. Linda says:

    Nia — is a ghost that just jump out from nowhere.

    Nia is a wannabe version of misdemeanor elliott.

    She is just an unpaid delinquent, that needs to go back into hiding.

  114. Friends says:

    Evelyn’s Birthday Party was planned by her group of Lesbian friends. Evelyn and Suzie provide evidence that they have a sexual and romantic desire between females. This is the main reason Shaunie and Tami did not want to attend. It was very strange for both Shaunie, Chad, and Tami to not attend the Party. Great excuses Chad, Tami, and Shaunie, but we know the real truth.

  115. EnoughAlready says:

    Evelyn: You are what I call a “disguised coward” (a coward dressed as a bully). You go after people who to you appear to be weak, can’t defend themselves, and/or scared. When you know others fear you, that fear fuels and empowers you and you go in for the kill (so to speak). Royce was right when she said, “People who throw drinks can’t throw hands.” I will take it a step further. If you have to pick up something to throw or hit someone with, it’s because you really can’t fight. I noticed how you quickly became friends with Tami because you knew you didn’t stand a chance if you all got in a fist fight. Also, you knew she doesn’t fear you. You have two options in life – Change your ways or meet your match. For your sake, I hope you get the help you need to change. I have heard you say you don’t know how you stayed friends with Jennifer for ten years. You stayed friends with her because you knew she genuinely loved you and was loyal to you. How could you question why you were friends with her that long? Being mad or angry with someone does not justify you saying and doing whatever you want to them. Your actions say the friendship meant nothing to you. In my opinion you act like you think you are better than Jennifer. It’s not the other way around. I couldn’t believe you were making fun of her lips. None of us made ourselves. I thought that was cruel and heartless of you. You are a snake and anyone who befriends you and are around you long enough will eventually be bitten. All the “friend” has to do is make you mad or disagree with something you’re doing. Jennifer thought you were making a mistake and she told you that, which is what a REAL friend does. True friends say the hard things and even question your behavior when needed. She was going to continue to love and support you whether you married Chad or not. She may not have made the right choice voicing it publicly or saying something about it or about Chad in a blog and/or interview, but that is no reason for you to act a fool. That girl cried and apologized to you on national television. You seemed to forgive her, but got mad about something else. By the way, you are not fooling anyone. Everyone knows you instigated Nia’s confrontation with Jennifer. You know you had been speaking against Jennifer to Nia off camera. Jennifer was right and wise to not talk to Nia since she was your assistant. She knows you and what you are capable of. She also knows Nia’s loyalty is to you. All this stuff about Jennifer being wrong for “putting how someone live down” was just you trying to justify your actions and turn the viewers against Jennifer. That girl had just been slapped in her face for no reason at all. She was devastated and rightly so. Anybody in Jennifer’s position would have said the same stuff or more. When I saw you running across the table I thought to myself, “Someone needs to get that monkey a banana to tame it.” I’m not even trying to be funny or demeaning. You looked like an albino monkey in a dress. Remember this; Jennifer was there for you when your relationship with that basketball player you were staying with for all those years dissolved. It’s sad that she is in the middle of a divorce and instead of holding her hand through it, you’re acting a fool. You are going to look back at the shows one day and regret your behavior. Well, maybe not so much. That’s too much credit to give you. You’ll never know success until you change your ways. Making millions doesn’t make you successful. A fool without money will also be a fool with money; just a bigger one. Grow up Evelyn. Seriously, grow up. I read a quote many years ago that changed my life, and I want to share it with you. I don’t know who the author is, but the quote is this: “No God, No Peace; Know God, Know Peace!”

  116. EnoughAlready says:

    Jennifer: I have been angry with you since the show first began. You were always talking about someone, being an instigator, and happy to see people fighting. What you sow ALWAYS comes back to you. Meeka reached out to you and tried to get you onto the dating scene last season and you were talking about her behind her back. When Tami jumped on Meeka you were one of the main ones with so much to say. If you have truly changed your ways, that’s GREAT. Don’t do the same thing to Kenya. Don’t talk about or against her when you are around others who do. As a matter of fact, stop them. Tell them you don’t want your time with them to be about talking about someone else. When is someone on the show going to stand up and say, “Enough already? We can’t keep tearing each other down.” If you want negativity out of your life, get it all out. Be the example you want to see in others. I have always thought you carried yourself well. I could tell you were raised better than what you were portraying on the show. But I wasn’t surprise of your behavior because the Bible (1 Corinthians 15:33) says, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” Choose your friends wisely. You did not deserve being slapped by Nia, and I’m sorry that happened to you. Just know what happened was about her, not you. I didn’t like the comment you made saying you were going to do what white people do and press charges. That was an ignorant and bias comment. Pressing charges is what any intelligent person does who believes in the justice system and allows it to work for them. You have my vote to press charges against Nia whether she has money or not. Doing so will send a very clear message to her and the others. You were right to not reach out to Nia since you and Evelyn are at odds. You were also right not to try to hang with Shaunie and Tami. They too are clearly not your friends. They took Evelyn’s side before Nia ever hit you, and they are underhanded, sneaky, and deceitful liars for not admitting it. Their “group” is beginning to dwindle to nothing one by one. Finally, I’m glad you understand that who your friends are is your business.

  117. EnoughAlready says:

    Kenya: I can see that you were trying to reach out for friendship by asking them their opinions and for their support for what you’re doing with your music and videos. Did anyone ever tell you that you don’t mix business with friendship? In a few cases it’s okay to do so, but in this case it wasn’t. I am frustrated with you because you must clearly see, just as we the viewers see, that those people are not trying to help you. But you keep asking them for help. They are trying to dog you out. It’s always okay to ask for help. However, you must ask for help from people who care about you and what you are doing and also have a genuine desire to see you succeed. The day you showed them your video and everyone was dogging you and saying a bunch of negative and hurtful stuff, you should have asked every one of them to leave or you should have walked out. You should not have stood there and took them telling you that you’re trying to be someone else. It was cruel the way they did you. They were telling you that your problem is you don’t want to listen. If I were you, would have said, “You’re right I don’t want to listen to people who clearly don’t have my best interest at heart” and walked out. In one episode, you got mad with Kesha and started taking off your shoes that day to fight her. You were wrong to do that, and that was aggressive/bully behavior. When you need to be aggressive (non-violently) you’re not. Why didn’t you do that with Evelyn? Although you don’t like Kesha, don’t take it to the next level by getting violent. I know you can feel Tami’s attitude towards you. Why in the world would you continue to ask her for advice and her expertise? She has done nothing but talk about you and make fun of you and your art. Let her and her team go and get help from people who will not put your business in the street. By the way, I don’t buy the “Kenya is crazy” stuff. You are not crazy. You are making some very unwise decisions, but you are no worse than any of the rest of your cast mates.

  118. EnoughAlready says:

    Kesha: I don’t have a lot to say to you other than to say that telling Evelyn what Kenya said was wrong. You instigated that whole thing and then brought in an idiot to help you instigate it. You made a big mistake caring whether Evelyn and Tami believed you or thought you were a liar, and you will realize that real soon. You gave them both too much power. You may not have been laughing on the outside like Kenya did when Tami was going after you, but I know you had to be laughing on the inside because that’s what you wanted to see. Face it. That’s the reason you told Evelyn what Kenya said. Doing what you did makes you no better than Kenya. On camera you made a speech saying you normally don’t do that, but you thought Evelyn needed to know. You are a liar Kesha. You have done it before. It came out too easy. During your first appearance on the show Kenya asked you and Royce to be in her video. Basically she asked for you all’s support. You started right away talking about and trying to dog out Kenya; making comments about her dancing and what she was trying to do. Personally I think you wanted Royce to yourself so you got her to join in with you. Either you’re going to be a “bad girl” or someone who is for what’s right. Make your choice. Keep appearing on the show and your day is coming again; GURANTEED!

  119. EnoughAlready says:

    Nia: What you did to Jennifer was low. You had no business putting your hands on her. Your intentions were not good when you decided to confront Jennifer. Had they been, you would have done so privately or with just you, her and the cameras. You walked in the room with a nasty attitude. You know you have sided with Evelyn so why are you putting up this front? You went after Jennifer to underhandedly show Evelyn your loyalty to her. What you fail to realize is Jennifer knew all along who you were. What you did was dirty and believe me, it’s on the wheel.

  120. EnoughAlready says:

    Royce: I admire how you finally stood up to Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie last season. I definitely did not like some of the stuff you did during the earlier seasons, but I knew your cast mates didn’t respect you and were trying to dog you out while you all were on that trip. I think some time after you got home you decided to stand up for yourself. Good choice. They may not like you, but I promise you they respect you. I don’t know what your feelings are about respect, but I’ll take respect over friendship any day (in cases where there aren’t both). I must say Royce, I don’t like your attitude and negativity towards Kenya. You have sided with Kesha against Kenya. If you meant Kenya any good, why haven’t we seen you meet with her on camera to have a heart to heart about her video? You could really help Kenya, but have chosen to jump on the bandwagon against her. I don’t get you. I love how you have separated yourself from the “group,” and I loved the fact that you told Tami she was wrong for what she said to Kesha. What I don’t get is why you don’t see that you’re wrong for the way you are talking about Kenya and accusing her of trying to be like everybody. And then you want to portray on television that you’re trying to help her. It’s always degrading and demeaning to accuse someone of trying to be like other people. It says the person is unstable, crazy, and doesn’t have a mind of his or her own. Why mess up her image? Be honest; would you appreciate it if people were doing to you what you and the others are doing to Kenya? When you went to the church service with Tami, you sat there and in the meeting and called what Kenya was doing “a hot mess.” She was foolish for letting you in the meeting with the church staff. I can admit she seems a little strange. But “crazy” is a strong word. It must be painful to hear your peers referring to you as “crazy.” I thought that when you pulled away from the “group” that you were going to try to show the viewing audience (especially young people) how to be in relationship with other women and even differ with them without a lot of drama and still keep the show interesting and exciting. It appears to me that you have chosen to participate in the same mess but with different people. I see leadership qualities in you, but you haven’t fully embraced them. On a side note, why do you have to show yourself with your man while you’re in lingerie? A real man who loves his woman and wants to protect her doesn’t want the world to know what his woman looks like in lingerie. That should be for his eyes only. You can be beautiful and sexy with your close on.

  121. EnoughAlready says:

    Shaunie: Where do I start with you? I am so disappointed in you on so many levels. What in the world are you doing? Why are you allowing constant violence and confrontation? You and your producers need to expand your mind and think at a higher level. This is not how you want to make money. All money is not good money. You seem to be money hungry and would allow anything on the show as long as your palms are being greased (with money). You are an instigator. Evelyn and Tami carry on the way they do because of you. I can’t believe you are questioning why Jennifer has withdrawn from you and Tami. You are being deceptive questioning her actions. Whether Jennifer admits it or not, she sees you for who you are. She knows who has the power to stop the violence and confrontation on the show. If you were both Jennifer’s and Evelyn’s friend you would tell Evelyn she’s wrong just like you told Jennifer she was wrong last season for what she said during the interview that got Evelyn mad. I couldn’t believe last season how you got on camera saying it was a mistake taking Meeka on the trip because SHE gets Tami all worked up. Were you serious? How can you blame someone for another person’s actions? How could your heart take Meeka being violently hit the way she was last season and Jennifer this season? At first I thought you were going to tell Nia she was wrong to slap Jennifer the way she did. I thought you were livid. Why I thought that I don’t know. What was I thinking? You seem to not have enough guts to tell Evelyn (or Tami) when they are wrong or to stop it already. The first time someone was hit on the show you should have drawn the line in the sand then. I know you love your children and would protect them at any cost. Do you realize that victims of physical abuse on your show are someone’s children? Do you realize these people love their babies just like you love yours? What is wrong with you? Why are you allowing this? I think you like seeing people hurt and devastated. You are gorgeous on the outside but messed up on the inside to allow this. I respect Gloria and Royce for standing up to you the way they did. What do you tell yourself that justifies you allowing what you allow? I hope Jennifer sues everyone she can for what happened to her. I know you call yourself giving the viewers what they want, but have you seen the comments lately? People are getting tired of it. The show can be a hit without the physical and verbal violence. If you don’t believe it, watch “The Braxton’s Family Values.” I realize that show is about a family, sister specifically. But if they wanted to, they could act like fools fighting and carrying on. Families do it every day. There is no physical violence on that show and it is still really good and everyone is getting paid. I understand that you want to maintain the lifestyle you were accustomed to while married to Shaq. I get that. I believe you can do that without it being at the expense (pain, devastation, self-esteem, and dignity) of others. You’re smart enough to do it. Think about it.

  122. EnoughAlready says:

    Suzie: You are a trouble-making, instigating, two-faced, loud mouth coward. You need to get lost. You have kissed so much butt on that show until you are brown around the mouth. I can’t believe I ever felt sorry for you when Evelyn was dogging you. Betraying Meeka by telling Evelyn what she said regarding Tami was wrong last season. If you mean well, you should have told Meeka not to tell you anything about Tami she doesn’t want you to repeat. What you and a few others in the world fail to realize is that you can be loyal to someone without being a dog carrying a bone. If you really wanted to show loyalty, you should have stopped Meeka in mid-sentence from saying anything about Tami. You wanted to see a fight and you got what you wanted. How does it feel to not be respected by any of your cast mates? I’m sure you know no one respects you. Your cast mates use you like a mechanic uses a wrench. No one trusts you enough to call you friend. You jumped bad on camera last season while talking about Meeka and on the reunion show because you knew she wasn’t a fighter. Why haven’t you jumped bad like that with Evelyn or Tami? Oh my bad. I’m asking a question I already know the answer to. It’s because you are really a coward. You’ll do anything to keep Evelyn and Tami from being mad at you; even say one thing when your heart is saying something else. You disgust me. Poof Be Gone!

  123. EnoughAlready says:

    Tami: When you first started the show I looked in your eyes and saw pain. To me you were like a wounded cat that life had backed into a corner. A cat has a lot of love to give, but once it’s been wounded or backed into a corner, it goes into defense mode and would attack anyone who gets near it; even if it’s to help it. My heart went out to you. I couldn’t get mad at you no matter what you did because I knew you were hurting. By the way, this was before you ever told the stories about your ex-husband leaving and what you and your girls went through. When you went after Jennifer I thought it was a bit much, but I excused it. When you went after Evelyn I got concerned and felt you needed to quit the show and get help. When you went after Meeka, I begin to see you differently; because we as adults are responsible for our actions, and I couldn’t continue make excuses for that type of behavior. The way you attacked her was painful to watch. I couldn’t believe you caught her off guard and nearly cold-cocked that girl. She never saw it coming. How could she have defended herself? You went to the club that night to fight her. You had your hair in a ponytail and you had on capri pants. Like I said, you went prepared. However, she didn’t have a clue what was about to go down. At that point I begin to see you as a bully. When you look back at last season’s episodes, you should be able to clearly see that nothing Meeka said about you warranted her being attacked so viciously. You knew she was scared of you that night and that fueled the bully in you. I don’t care what your history is, it doesn’t give you the right to go after people the way you do. Besides, it’s against the law. I was so proud of Meeka for pressing charges. I’m glad you’re seeing a therapist this season. I wish you the best with that. What I would tell you is this – If you’re going to go to therapy, let it do you some good. Put everything you have into your recovery. You didn’t get to where you are overnight and you won’t change overnight. However, you can make better choices. You made a statement on the show that pressing charges when you get in a fight is wrong, and that where you come from a person take their whipping and keep it moving. First of all, Jennifer wasn’t in a fight. She was attacked. Secondly, I don’t know where you come from, but where I live if you put your hands on someone in a violent manner, the victim presses charges and you go to jail. It is never okay to put your hands on someone in a violent manner unless it is to defend yourself. Everyone is not a fighter and therefore cannot defend themselves against those who are. I can’t believe you have taken Evelyn’s side. I don’t blame Jennifer. I would separate myself from you and Shaunie too. She sees what’s really going on. How could you condone Nia slapping that girl? And what was that fake intervention you did? You could have stopped Nia from ever getting to Jennifer, but the truth is you never intended to stop her. I hope your children, grandchildren and future generations never have to deal with someone bullying them the way you bully and have bullied others. I also want to say to you that I think you are wrong for dogging Kenya the way you are. Why would anyone want to hire you and your team to help them after seeing how you have done nothing but make Kenya a laughing spectacle? You are so messy. By the way, my name is Tammy and I support you in getting the help you need. I’m definitely in your corner on that.

  124. Thelma says:

    @EnoughAlready — OMG! You are preaching the truth from all over the place. Keep it going. Love every bit of it.

    @Sisters – I agree with your comments too. The viewers are streaming today.

    @Linda – Your description of Nia is sooo real. I must add to that. Nia is a total unattractive, spacehead, copycat, and Evelyn’s unpaid follower.

  125. shelia says:

    Ghetto!!!! Can we say, you can take the girls out of the ghetto, but the ghetto stays in the girl!! I don’t blame Jen for not fighting, it was totally uncalled for and I would have you all in jail.

    Tami, you are fast becoming the “fakest” of them all, not long ago, you and Evelyn were at each others throat-now you’re besties!!??!! You want to fit in so bad, you have decided to become Evelyn’s flunky too…………..sad, sad.

    Royce is the only on the entire show who had stayed true, she didn’t change or waiver for anybody. The rest of you should try it.

    Shaunie, where are the WIVES and some positive images that you said you were going to display?

  126. Holly says:

    The real classy BBW’s would not approve of Shaunie & girls Tami & Evelyn life style. So they would never lower their standards to be on this violent show. Maybe she should have a heart to heart talk with Jackie Christie .

  127. djs says:

    Tami, Why do you pretend to like Jennifer when it is so obvious that you don’t, maybe you use to but now you are such a member of team Ev and Shaunie that eventually, you will even turn against your BFF Royce for simply being the one true ” REAL” woman on the show to say that you all that you are wrong for your words and actions, I like all of you ladies and want to see the best of all of you but can no longer sit here and watch or condone the double standards that you are are putting out for others to follow. The truth hurts, OWN IT!!!

  128. katbunny says:

    Tami, you are such a fake!
    Evelyn has talked about you like a dog and the only reason she’s friend with you now is because Jennifer is no longer kissing her butt! You and Evelyn look like thugs!
    Hey, do ya need some food stamps? It really takes a dumb woman to think just because she signed a prenup, that she can not get child support!

  129. Roxanne says:

    The link to the PETITION is belov. It has reached over 15, 000 signatures out of the 25,000 that is needed. STAR JONES is starting a campaign against BBW too.

  130. Anita says:

    Evelyn and Tammy are so ghetto. One day they will hit the wrong woman. What kind of man deals with babes like this.

  131. Clary says:

    Close your mouth when you are chewing. After so many years in the limelight you would think you would have developed some basic matters!
    Grown women that don’t have any etiquette.
    That’s what the show should be called.

  132. clary says:

    Tammy, Close your mouth when you are chewing. After so many years in the limelight you would think you would have developed some basic manners! Grown women that don’t have any etiquette. That’s what the show should be called.

  133. jinkie99 says:

    It amazes me how people are in such an uproar because Jennifer got slapped. Where was the outrage on any of the other episodes where someone was struck? Oh, its pure entertainment if its someone you dislike that’s getting thrashed verbally or physically. But let’s boycott and post twitter feeds about Tami and Evelyn being so-called “mean girls”. Give me a break. How many seasons has this been going on now? Why wasn’t Jennifer standing by others when they were getting harrassed? Why wasn’t she going on and on about being strong upstanding women for young girls to look up to when her and Evelyn were the two “mean girls”? Her downing Nia for living in a two bedroom walk up in Harlem – what message are you sending to young girls with that message, Jennifer? That its okay to look down on others if they don’t have the same things you have? How do you think that made people in Harlem feel? Isn’t that also a form of bullying? All the women on that show play their little games. If Jennifer is that disgusted by the actions of her castmates, why hasn’t she left the show? These women signed up for this show to get their names out there, by any means necessary. The first season, you can’t blame anyone for signing up. Each additional season has had increasing drama, yet the women are still there, with more clamoring to sign up. Jennifer is no victim. Give me a break. None of them are. If she always goes through her lawyers, why didn’t she have her lawyer go over the contract she signed that basically said no one is at fault if any injuries occur through physical altercations? If she has such an aversion to violence, why didn’t she try to get that clause removed from her contract? Because like I said, these women are trying to get their names out there by any means necessary. No, violence is never the answer. But why isn’t anyone putting petitions out to get more shows removed from television that contain violence, teen sex, curse words, etc? No, let’s leave that stuff on television and just make sure we remove a bunch a childish acting grown women. Fight for something real people. Things that actually affect others’ day to day lives.

  134. djs says:

    Tami, you, Ev and that lil raggamuffin Nia all need to reflect upon your actions. You know you are wrong. Nia confronting Jen about some keys at a social event when Jen had no idea Nia would even be there was a straight ghetto move. If you stop to think about the whole setup was hastily planned and stupid, grow up ladies. If you plan on being in the entainment business any length of time, clean up your act or you will be in the unemployment lines.

  135. Golden Boy says:

    Tami, you’re a mean person and you’re built like a football player. Evelyn looks like Skelator. Nia, you need to just beg Evelyn for a raise so you can change your locks, and have her throw in a few extra bucks for a new weave. The only smart one this show is Royce. Shaunie, you’re just a shameless pimp…shameless…

  136. jean says:

    It is so sad that we have a national anti bully campaign, and these old ass women want o fight on national tv. That’s why some kids act like they do, because look at these so called mother especially Evelyn, she need to sit down and act like a grown women not a 13 young old….

  137. Pam says:

    Just wanted to say that adding Kesha to the show was the best thing. She has brought class to the show. Royce & Jen are smart to stay away from Evelyn and all the drama she brings. Suzie will be Suzie. As for Tami & Evelyn I just have two words GETTO & NASTY

  138. Stupid Tami says:

    After tonight’s episode, 5/7/12, I am in agreement with Wendy Williams. All time low Tami, you are such a big bully! I am out.

  139. Katherine Payne says:

    Tammy do you realize that you bombard the space of others when you impose your perception upon them? Telling Keisha how to cough or how to address you correctly while your expressing yourself with incredible aggression. You come off crazy. You seem to not have control over adjusting the way you communicate with the variety of people that exist in this world. You steal the girls report and then become verbally aggressive with her when she reports the crime. Stop trying to force people to behave the way you think they should behave.
    Would you want someone imposing their mind set on your daughters?

  140. Pam says:

    Shaunie & Evelyn are no diffrent then Tami- they just sat their when Tami went off on Kesha. Anyone else would of said something- I am not surprise with Evelyn (she is trash) but was surprise with Shaunie.

    Kesha is on the wrong show – she has WAY TO MUCH class to be on that show.

    Tami & Evelyn need to create their own show called “GETTO BULLIES”

  141. Sandy says:

    It’s appear that you have no self control when drinking, so stop drinking. Take something from your anger managment sessions. Make your daughters proud. We all don’t come from “your world”…thank goodness. Free world and freedom of speech, even when it’s about YOU. Stop being a bully. Kesha stand your ground. I saw no one else getting in the water with the sharks…oh sharks on the boat.

  142. Sheritha says:

    Shaunie O’Neal planned all of this from the very start, you are trying to get back at your ex-husband still!!!!! Get over it!!! you don’t even notice your showing your true colors!!!! give him his name back, you don’t deserve to wear his name.
    Everyone think about it?
    Royce Reed-Cheerleader
    Kenya Bell-Entertainment
    Jennifer Williams-Model
    Kesha Nichols-Dancer
    You believe the type of woman you and your girls attack, came between your marriage

  143. An Observer says:


  144. Tami U R a Bully says:

    Tami, you just like to pick on girls who won’t fight you back! You said your 41 and you’ve been that way a long time! That statement alone spoke volumes as to your immaturity. Your 41!!! For the love of God, grow up and start acting like it and stop acting like a bully!!! I pray your daughters never get bullied because you most certainly aren’t the one to comfort them. You are a bully plain and simple.

  145. Renae says:

    Tammi and Evelyn are ADULT BULLIES, BULLIES, BULLIES and Shaunie is a PIMP, PIMP, PIMP. That’s it…plain and simple.

  146. Lorri jones says:

    Tami and Evelyn need to go to Jail every time they put their hands on someone who they know are passive but I bet neither of them will address another strong person they both say what they want but think no one else can I wish i was on there sometimes I just want to jump through the t.v.

  147. R. Parker says:

    Tammi needs to save her money because therapy is not working. I don’t know why these women keep trying to socialize with these evil demons. Tammi is so phony. Evelyn and Jen’s issues have nothing to do with her but she clearly has chosen Evelyn’s side. If I was Kesha I would swing back if she hit me even if I got my butt whooped. They always go after weak women who won’t fight back. Susie is a two faced ugly hag and she takes news back and forth. I remember when Evelyn was going after her and now that she is back in the twisted circle she starts a lot of drama. Maybe we need to boycott this show too because these 40+ year old women act like out of control teenagers. If that girl reported her purse missing next week, she did the right thing. I can’t stand bullies and that is what Tammi is. If she doesn’t like to be talked about she should take a look at this board and see what people think of her mean ass.

  148. Appalled says:

    It’s so affirming to read all of your comments. Now I know it’s not just me. From the beginning, I saw Evelyn as a bully who thought by acting (maybe not) crazy she could establish herself as the alpha dog. Then Tami came on and showed that she is ten times crazier (as in “padded cell” crazy). She and Evelyn became “friends” (whatever that means to these women) simply because Evelyn realized that nut bag Tami would truly hurt her. Haven’t y’all noticed how mellow she is with Tami? Not so bad now, are you Ev? Take all the bullies from all the different reality shows and put them together on a show and let’s see who’s left standing. That would be a SHOW as well as a reality check for all the bullies! As for Suzie, she practically got on her hands and knees and begged to get back into the so-called circle. That caused me to lose all respect for her. Pathetic! Now she continues to bait people into talking about others so she can earn brownie points by running back to tell what was said, with a little spice added. I’m surprised anyone would confide in her about anything. She’s a major instigator and then sits back innocently when it hits the fan. Royce was the first to earn my respect when she showed strength of character and walked away from these damaged people. Jennifer was under their spell for a long time. When they turned on her she saw the light. She should have never lowered herself by being friends with the likes of Evelyn. Stay away Jennifer! You’re too good for this! Of course Tami and Evelyn don’t think assaults should be reported or that assailants should be sued! That way, there are no consequences for their animalistic ways. The most effective form of “anger management”, Tami and Evelyn, is to have to answer for your actions in a civilized society. A little jail time and a few lawsuits will work wonders in managing your anger. Kesha’s refusal to be lured into a situation just so Tami can fill her sick need by beating her up does not make her weak in my eyes. It makes her a civilized, intelligent woman who has risen above the rules of the jungle that Tami lives by. A message for Kesha — follow the lead of Royce and Jennifer and stay away from these twisted children. You don’t need them in your life and you will hopefully NEVER fit in with them. Tami decided that she wanted to hit you when she first laid eyes on you. It would take a psychiatrist to explain why, but it has nothing to do with you. Evelyn pretends to be your friend and mentor in private but smugly enjoys the circus whenever Tami verbally assaults you. If you need friendship among this group, hook up with Royce and Jennifer and flush the rest of this poison out of your system. Jennifer — do the right thing! File assault charges, sue them! That will calm their impulses. Don’t lower yourself to their standards. Stay away from Kenya! She’s only with you because she didn’t make it into the “circle”, although she truly belongs with that group. After watching tonight’s show, this is the first time I just had to voice my opinion. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer! Great lesson in how not to act!

  149. Keeping it Real says:

    Saw your Maxim photos. Very slutty! You do have a beautiful body, even without all the Photoshop touch-ups. Too bad it’s an empty shell. What will you do in just a few short years when it starts to deteriorate, as they all do? It’s sad to picture what your life will be with no real substance when your 15 minutes are up.
    Soooo sad!