La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 6 – La La The Love Doctor


In LA for an audition, La La and the ladies go out for some lunch and some much needed girl time. The conversation quickly turns to relationships and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching Dice admits to not having a Valentine. La asks if she’s upset since it’s the first time in six years that she hasn’t had a sweetheart on February 14th. Dice sadly replies: “nobody likes me.” Although we know that’s not true!

La tells her the best way to get over someone is just to start meeting and dating people. Dice agrees and admits she’s got to get her swag back. La La is suddenly inspired to set Dice up on a date! She is positive that she knows her cousin well enough to know her type and what she’s looking for, but Dice isn’t so sure. Brace yourselves, because it’s game on when the ladies get back to NYC!

In NYC, Lady Love Doctor La La diagnoses Dices relationship problems…Dr. La says the prescription is for her to find Dice a girl. La says she knows exactly what Dice likes, but Po disagrees and bets La La she can find a better girl for Dice than La La can. The bet is ON and so are the terms: If La La wins, she wants Po to do a 40-second streak in Times Square (Po thinks La La is just obsessed with her boobs and is hoping to create a situation in which she might see them…again) and if Po wins, she wants La La to hold two LIVE mice in her bare hands. Despite being terrified of mice, La La takes on Po’s challenge because she is confident she will find the best match for Dice.

La La decides the best approach is to throw a mixer for Dice at the Gansevoort, however things turn sour when a prospective date shows off her undies. NEXT!

Since the mixer was not fruitful, La La decides to sign Dice up on a online dating site. After the profile is set up, La La sifts through tons of prospective ladies and thinks she’s found just the right one for Dice. La La sends Dice off on a date with her chosen lady, but checking in with Dice the night of the dinner, she finds out it’s just going “alright.” La gets nervous that she’s going to lose the date challenge to Po so she decides to sabotage Po’s planned date. “It’s not even about Dice anymore, I just want to win…win, win win,” says La.

As part of her sabotage, La spots Po’s date on her way in to meet Dice. La calls her over and tells her lies: She tells her Dice likes aggressive women and loves a woman who drinks. But despite her best efforts, it doesn’t work – the date goes well!

Po also comes to spy on the date to make sure everything is running smoothly and sees La La lingering outside of the pool hall. Caught! In Po’s words, “La La doesn’t fight fair.”

Later that night, Dice arrives back from her date with Po’s chosen lady and declares a winner. Since Po’s date came with flowers and La La’s came with an empty stomach and an appetite, Po is declared the champion! And much to La La’s chagrin, Dice brings back a box containing actual mice.

La La freaks out and refuses to touch the mice. Since La La doesn’t hold up her end of the bet, Po doesn’t really feel like she won. In the end, “I’ll admit, I’m a failure,” says La. But since Dice actually enjoyed one of the dates, we declare her the winner!

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  1. mickey h says:

    Hello To the Cast
    I have to admit this episode was one of the best and I actually watched the entire thing. Funny cute,interesting memorable and it made me laugh . As a show that appeal to a diverse audience it was good to see what “Butches” really do go through when facing dating “Fems” in NYC after a long-term relationship. IT SUCKS and YES Black women do have MAJOR attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( as per your next episode)

  2. Like I said says:

    I like the first girl. She seemed fun

  3. Nippy says:

    I love your show it’s sooo funny and no drama, keep doing what you r doing making people laugh love ya’ll.

  4. Mary Branch says:

    Hey La La:
    Your cousin Dice is so cute, is she still single? Does she have a facebook or twitter page. I love your show, I just started watching but I think I enjoy it more than the kardashians.

  5. cheche says:

    Hello I’ve just watched LaLa’s fullcourt which I love. But, please do me a favor by not allowing any more ignorant black men who search for bs excuses as to why they don’t date or like black women. I’m in my 50′s who started swimming at the age of 3. At the age of 10 I attended a overnight camp where I was taught to sail,horseback ride,canoe,hike,survive in the woods,ect. I am not from a well to do background by no means but I love learning new and interesting things like lots of women of color. So please keep ignorant men like Quino of the show if you can. Its is so embarrising to have your own kind speak so desparging of women who could be his mother,sister or cousins/ There is nothing wrong dating different and interesting people but to disrespect people because you are not man or women enought to voice your interest is disgusting. Other then tonights episode I love the show and keep up the good work.

  6. lagazzele says:

    Well the first girl look very pretty, and why DICE complain about her date that order “Salmon and oyster” thats very light meal, its not that she order fry chicken , plus Dice body look alike she eat all LOT TOO” … LOL can be too pick alike Lala’s says.