Corri McFadden On The Season Finale Of House Of Consignment: Firings And Hirings


Each week during the season on House of Consignment, we’ll be talking to eDrop Off owner and woman whose wardrobe we covet, Corri McFadden, about her take on every episode. This week marked the final episode of the first season, and the drama was kicked into high gear when Corri ended up firing her right-hand woman, Nicole. Read our final installment of interview series with Corri below, where she discusses the hurt she felt after learning Nicole was talking about her behind her back, and what it was like cleaning her own closet out for this episode.

Let’s talk about your own closet clean out. You’ve said you rotate your closet a lot, right?

I sell my own stuff all the time. There will be days where I’m getting dressed and something just isn’t working, so I’ll bring it to the office and list it then and there, but when I transition my closet and really get in there and overhaul every few months, because I’m constantly consuming, I’ll bring in like thirty to fifty pieces.

Can we discuss your Juicy Couture jumpsuit?

It only had a “J” zipper on it! It wasn’t one of the velour track suits! I wore it on a boat! Listen, Juicy Couture is a great collection. The velour tracksuits have seen their day unless you’re under sixteen, but the “Jenny From The Block” days are gone.

What happens when a trend ends, where do old track suits or old Uggs , for example, go to die?

They go to someone else’s closet! The thing with trends is that there’s always someone who loves it who doesn’t care if it’s in trend or not. Girls still love Uggs, or maybe you still wear them to walk your dog, they find a new home, and someone always wants them. Maybe you couldn’t afford the trend when it was in style, and now that it fits their budget they can afford them.

Things with Nicole really came to light in this episode and you ended up firing her, can you talk about what happened with her?

She was talking bad about me the first day of filming, I know that now. So it was just very hurtful to see that she was saying little things throughout the season. [By firing her] I was just able to resolve the story arc she created for herself. When I terminated her, I looked her in the eye and said “I know something is wrong, please tell me what’s going on,” and she was like “Nothing, I love my job!” And I wanted her to be honest but she just wouldn’t tell me anything. She was just never honest, and the last episode shows that. I think this comes out of nowhere and it goes really fast, though, where one day she’s helping me clean out my closet and things are fine, and then the next, the sh*t hits the fan.

Do you think she was being negative because she wanted to make good reality TV?

The thing is, if you’re going to be a reality TV villain, be a villain, go all the way. In one episode you can’t say “I came up with the brand ambassador program” and in another say “I don’t know why she wants to do this brand ambassador program.” Which is it? If you’re going to be a villain, ride it hard, otherwise you just come off as whiny and unappreciative. I don’t know where her level of entitlement came from. To see someone you were invested in talk bad about you, it’s just hurtful.

It does seem like she makes small comments throughout the season, but it isn’t until the last episode or two that she seems really unhappy.

Yeah, it was more than just comments, she had been saying things throughout and she spread a lot of hate.

Finally, the eTernships came to an end and you chose Daniel, is he still on board at eDrop-Off?

Right now he’s actually in charge of our spring window displays, which are on his Facebook page, it’s a pretty extensive project. I enjoy him he’s a great guy, he’s really fun.

He had a few scenes though where he was not psyched about some of the tasks he was given, even watching that back, have you ever taken him to task?

Oh, I’ve given it to him. He was working on the windows the other day and he was like “Go ahead, yell at me!” so I was like, “Seriously, Daniel? Why did you have to say all that stuff?” But it’s just his personality, he is sarcastic…but he was genuinely sorry. I think he learned a lot about himself, and I think he has a level of awareness now. Really the only people that saw him making comments under his breath or while he was stuffing bags were the cameras, so it wasn’t out in the open. But after that friction he had with Nicole, he shaped up immediately, he was like a different person. And I appreciate anyone that can take the criticism and digest that and apply it to your life.

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