Got A Question For The Mob Wives? Submit It Here For A Chance To Have It Answered At The Reunion


Do you have a question that’s been simmering in your mind all season long for the cast of Mob Wives? Now is your chance to submit it to us and it juts might get asked on air during the Mob Wives reunion show! To submit a question for one of the ladies, leave a comment on this post, or Tweet us @VH1 with the hashtag #MobWivesReunion.

The Mob Wives reunion special, hosted by Joy Behar, airs in two parts on May 20 and 27.

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  1. Kristy Wood says:

    this is for Drita will you be doing a spin off show , that would be soo great

  2. Kim Puhrmann says:

    This is for Renee, if Junior were to admit what he did, and apologize for snitching on your father, would you be able to forgive him?

  3. Jana says:

    Will Anybody be getting a Spin Off show?

  4. Amanda says:

    will Renee ever speak to jr. about what happened and why he did what he did?

  5. APRIL says:


  6. Leslie Torres says:

    Would you ever consider doing a show with you and your girls? Your little one is adorable and so funny.

    Are you being treated different by family or your community because of what JR did?

    Will we be seeing more of what is happening with Carla and Joe?

  7. Sugamama says:

    Drita why don’t you and Karen (not including her sidekick Ramona) just meet at a boxing ring fight and get it overwith?

  8. So – Has Renee heard from JR ? does she really think he can hide when he’s been on a nationally viewed TV show???

  9. Sugamama says:

    Karen why do you think you have the right to be upset with Drita for marrying Lee when you disappeared for what 8 yrs and weren’t even dating him when you left? They are getting a divorce, let it go.

  10. Tara says:

    For Renee:
    do you want to see or talk to Junior to clear up why he did this to your family? How is AJ taking this?

  11. Dena says:

    For Renee: You went through a plastic surgery nightmare to get your new bod. You look great, but was it worth it? If you could go back and do it again, would you?

  12. Amanda says:

    This qestion is for Karen & Drita. Do the two of you ever think you will work out all of our problems with each other and become friends again?

  13. stacey nicely says:

    other then the money from doing this show how do you all pay for the nice homes and all the finer things in life you seem to enjoy? other then “big ang” i do not see anyone working, except for karen’s book, yet you eat out, have nice homes, cloths, cars, jewelry and seem to want for nothing so where does all the money come from..the mob????

  14. Hi my name is clare and my question is for Karen. Why when you first came back to new york was friends with drita and honestly had no problem with her when you first showed up and was very friendly with her. And out of nowhere you stirred up all this drama about Lee. When you first came back you didnt have a problem with it and was very friendly with her. And too be honest drita was very happy to see you and welcomed you home as a good friend and why did you feel the need to backstab her? To me you were the one being 100 percent fake.

  15. onna Romero says:

    Renee how did you not know that Jr was a skunk after all the cheating he did to you in the past and you let him back into your life did you really think that he will not be a rat and a skunk with you father i saw something coming when you started back complaining about him are you that stupid i blame you if you would not have let him come back in your life he would have never got back close to your father shame on you

  16. Leslie Russell says:

    Do any of these woman feel like they are bullies? They always come at each other so hard, with the exception of Carla.

  17. Thaddeus B. Williams Jr. says:

    Does Renee believe that Junior ever loved her?
    Does she still feel betrayed?
    Does she talk to her father or Junior about the situation (rating out her father)?

  18. Desirable says:

    Why can’t you just admit to Karen you were wrong and move on. Karen just want you to own up to the fact that friends don’t date the same guy. If you were not friends, why did you greet Karen the way you did at the beginning of Season 1. Yall look like yall were good friends. The show would be so more interesting with you two as friends.

  19. gerald downs says:

    When will Karen finally shut D’rita’s mouth and show her that its not cool to keep running her mouth and manipulating Carla.

  20. Lola40 says:

    Dear Mob wives…. after the Show , do you guys ever just sit down for lunch all of you and talk.. or do you really hate each other that much that makes me soo sad over it… your all so pretty ladies to be so damn harsh on each other… so in a short version.. are you guys really good friends hen the cameras on not ON!!!!!!

  21. tina ORONA says:


  22. Debbie Reynolds says:

    This is for karen,
    I’ve been repeatedly requesting some information regarding your book, I reside in The Island of GUAM, I’m not able to get your book by such small limited book stores we have on island….And may not be able to purchase due to bank account are very limited as well…LONG story SHORT I am out of luck at the moment…
    Apparently I haven’t got a respond, and all I was asking from
    was a simple answer, SO KAREN maybe you can HELP me….
    Thanks with kind regards,

  23. TARA WINROW says:

    having grown up in the life style or married into the life. what your take on homosexuality and have any of you ladies been approach by a female. And if so what was your response. anyways i love your show. @ renee, we saw from the show your reactions to everything going down, but how is your sister dealing with everything thats going on, with her being the producer and all.

  24. Karen will you and Drita ever be friends again? And Drita are you truly done with Lee,because I still feel you have alot of love for him or will you give him another chance?

  25. Linda says:

    Are you still in love with Jr after the betrayal?

  26. Brittany McShane says:

    Drita and Karen, Do you two believe you will ever trully be role models to your girls by burrying the hatchet, or keep living with this hate which in reality is over a man who is no good and in prison?

  27. Karimah says:

    Has Renee been able to speak to Jr since she found out he snitched on her Dad? If so, what did he say? How is her son handling everything? & How has the family been treating her?

  28. gussy says:

    I sure hope that idiot Ramona will not be on, she has no buisness there and I hate watching now because she keeps poping up!!

  29. Brandi says:

    This should stir things up. Who do you girls think is the most beautiful inside and out? You can only chose one.

  30. Rich says:

    This is for all of the ladies including Big Ang and Ramona

    Do any of the ladies have a favorite charity if so what are they ? Will any of the ladies be doing a spin off of the show ? Renee do you plan on writing a book anytime soon ? Karen do you think you and Drita would ever bury the hatchett and become friends again ? Does Ramona have to be up in everyone’s business all the time ? Renee do you think this season the show has made you come across as overly emotional or emotionally unstable ??

  31. Dylan Kirby says:

    Renee, I know you are hurt by what junior did but is there anyway in the future that you may take him back for the sake of your son?

  32. Brittney Allen says:

    For drita.
    Will u and Karen ever b friends again?

  33. Michele says:

    Now that Big Ang is trying to reconcile with her sanitation husband will we be seeing him on Mob Wives?

  34. Liz De Leon says:

    this is not a question its a comment for Ramona and Karen… I believe you all talk smack about Drita not b cuz you all hate her, obiously she is the star of the show, but you talk smack about her b cuz u are jealous of her being more popular then either one of you

  35. helen reyes says:

    where is big ang bar i want to go and meet her

  36. Britchesbb says:

    Do you think ramona hates drita so much out of jealously and she feels its competition?

  37. Michele from da Bronx says:

    Renee, with all the success that Karen is having with her book and knowing that your son AJ is in a similar position to Karen’s, if propositioned, would you approve AJ to write a book as well?

  38. Kelly Fittizzi says:

    My question is for Karen…As a parent, with a daughter, how is it that you do not have your child with you???? It just doesn’t make any sense at all, there is nothing in this world that would make me be separated from my daughter, is all this fame and drama worth missing out on raising your child??? If so, thats pretty pathetic!!!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Will there be a third season?

  40. Nora_MBP says:

    Drita & Big Ang your awesome!
    Karen, your daughter doen’t have anything to do with Lee, but don’t you think you can affect Dritas daughter’s by putting their dad & mom on your book?????

  41. lynn kangas says:

    This is for all the girls, 1st off let me say that I thought it was a great idea that Drita went for help with her anger. Our kids learn by watching us and she did the right thing so her girls don’t grow up thinking that behavior is the way to fix their problems. Now here is my REAL question…have Karen, Renee & Ramona thought they should do the same thing…get anger managment help?? Renee & Ramona seem to enjoy causing drama by talking smack and Renee is so messed up over events in her life that she is easily drawn in by them. Karla you are amazing because you remain calm no matter any crap from the other ladies. Your( kids see you (Ramona, Karen, Drita & Renee) flippin out, yelling cussing fighting and being backstabbing B****** don’t you think you should grow up and knock it off?

  42. Brittany McShane says:

    2nd Try**
    Drita and Karen, Will you ever become true role models for your girls and burry the hatchet, or have this anger forever over a man that isn’t worth anything and in prison?

  43. brenda says:

    drita would you and big ang do a show of your own….it would be great…i do wish all of you could be friends again…..if remona would quit trying to be karens boss, i think you 2 would have a chance… u all

  44. lauren says:

    I’m a huge fan of Drita,Carla, and Renee. My question is for Karen and Romana why do you ladies put so much effort into bringing Drita down? Ramona is not better than Drita and she doesn’t bring up Ramona. Ramona could it be your jealous? Karen why is it that your like Ramonas puppet?

  45. MONIQUE says:


  46. Lori says:

    I didn’t have a question but a brief comment…I love the show and all of you!! Karen..I’m looking forward to buying and reading the book!!

  47. PlathAddict says:

    Why have Karen and Ramona completely ignored the fact that Drita was the first person to welcome Karen back and not judge her for her father’s actions? Instead, they are constantly talking about how disloyal she was and we (the audience) simply haven’t seen it.

  48. Amanda says:

    Karen – If you love and miss your daughter so much, why would you pick your “career” over being with her in Arizona?

  49. ANGIE says:


  50. Cathy Savino says:

    Drita~Being a strong willed and determined woman that you are, what helps you to overcome & face any given problem or conflict that should arise?

  51. Courtney says:

    This is for Renee. Do you think that, for AJ’s sake, that you and Junior will be able to be civil unless otherwise?

  52. Kristan says:

    Renee-Do you think you will ever get the chance to make up with your father or is that part of your life pretty much done?

  53. Niki LoVe says:

    Do any of you watch the show and are embarrassed by your actions or things you say?

  54. Bobbie Rhodes says:

    I just wanna say I Love All The Girls, They Rock. I wanna know IF there is a small chance for Karen and Drita to be friends again? I hate that they are not talking. Good Jog on the book Karen.

  55. Connie Pugh says:

    for Renee, do you find it hard to trust people now after what JR has done? and I have to say I admire you for keeping yourself together like you have, you have courage and I admire you for that.

  56. Margaret smith says:

    Dreita I think ur the coolest on the show although I love all of u not crazy about Ramona she’s a trouble maker….do u think u and Karen will ever make up….and the 4 of u will all ever b on the same page again?????

  57. em4608 says:

    Carla- You always claim to be “drama free” and ” not involved” , yet while the episodes dealing with Jr’s betrayal – You had an awful lot to say about the topic , and not always positive.. Sorta back stabbing in the scense of implying that Rene knew…. is that really staying out of it and being drama free?

  58. Tamara says:

    WIll Karen and Drita ever be able to be friends and go back to old times?

  59. Darlene says:

    Drita: Do you think you and Karen could make up if Ramona wasn’t in the picture?
    Renee: Why do you jump to conclusions with what Karen tells you about Carla when all karen does is mix words around to make Carla look worse?

  60. Mikia says:

    This is for Karen, Drita and Ramona.
    After watching the episodes of the show, do you regret non only the violence amongst each other, but the bickering, gossping etc. as it relates to the example being set forth for your children…especially your daughters.

  61. Marie Callow says:

    This question is Drita (Team Drita all the way)

    Will you and Karen ever have a sit down, and just talk about what was going on, behind the cameras?


    Some are saying that your father “disowned” you becasue of this show, Is this true? Family First.

  62. Casey Puett says:

    If you valued your friendship with Drita so much then why didn’t you ask her if she was okay with being mentioned in your book before even doing so (at the time)?

  63. i love big ang, drita,carla,renee,but that ramona,karen just work my last nerve…why dont drita just get her to get in the ring…both ramona and karen…kick that ass drita….i love girls…

  64. Erica says:

    Drita, do you think you could make up with Karen with out reading any chapters of her book? Do you fee like you should find out what’s in the book to determine if you too can finaly move on?

  65. maria says:

    renee why are you so quick to “STOP” talking to someone before even finding out the true about whats “REALLY GOING ON”…..KAREN IS SUCH A GOSSIPER !! SMH :)

  66. Sherry Cornelius says:

    Karen, I am really impressed with how you have over come so much in your life. Will you be writing another book? Are you going to be doing a book tour in the south, I live in Georgia and have read the book and would love to meet you.

  67. Dena Leon says:

    All of you are beautifully talented & strong women. You all are so inspiring when it comes to strength & moving on in life when we are given lemons.
    Do you really find yourselves in conflict with one another when the cameras stop rolling as much as you do when the cameras are on for the show?

    God Bless you All
    Dena Leon – San Diego, CA.

  68. Jessica says:

    to Karen:
    do the producers egg you on, or do you like creating drama out of nowhere all by yourself?

  69. Antoinette Vigil says:

    I love all of you!!! Renee with all that has happened to you, what is next? Do you ever plan on confronting Jr?

  70. matthew olvera says:

    Hi first off i like to say iam a big fan of this show i love it all 5 of u lovely ladies are so beautiful. my question is to karen ( i know things between u and davied arent going so good. if u had to find a guy wht type of guy would u like?) p.s he had so right to judge u when he said that ur putting ur job before ur family cause ur doing this for ur family especially for ur daughter dont let his ugly words get to u. ur fan MATTHEW

  71. Lori Teibel says:

    Do the mobwives get to see the finished episode before it airs? Just curious, because they tweet during the show, and it seems like it is the first time they are seeing it with editing.

  72. Paul Vigil says:

    This is for Karen, why do you let Ramona instigate the problem with Drita? Ramona has nothing to do with it! We are Drita fans in my house!!!

  73. Karen Yaiser says:

    I think Ramona is evil She can’t wait to gossip & make trouble & I think she’s jealous of all the other woman!

  74. tracy vargas says:

    this question is for the women who have daughters..what would u do or say if your daughter or daughters was in love with or wanted to be with man whom r like the men u are invold with???/

  75. Laurie Downs says:

    This is for Renee: Do you think that Junior will ever try to contact AJ ? and what do you think AJ will react to that ?

  76. sophia espinoza says:

    Carla are you and Joe back together?

  77. joy lipkin says:

    How has Renee(and everyone else) been dealing with what Junior has done? How is AJ handling all of this?

  78. Michelle says:

    Karen, if your book is based on your life why is it so important to put Drita and her husband in the book. So what if Drita is Armanian and so what if she dated Lee after you did. Can you not move on past that and quit getting your ass beat?

  79. DJ FAGAN says:

    i have a question? has there ever been an invitation for victortia Gotti to join the show?

  80. Michelle says:

    Karen, you came off as a badass in the beginning of the show this season. Was that because you had Ramona on your side? And doesn’t that make you a bit of a punk?!!!

  81. Drita & Carla : yous (lol) both are good women, don’t know you but from what i see on t.v. you try hard to focus on you children and not so much the show. will you two be on the show next season? i hope so !! if not i won’t watch it anymore. Karen and her sidekick are trouble, just keep being you, and don’t worry we all can see what Karen and Ramona are all about, they are the ones who cause all the problem, they can’t shake there past, we see how hard you two try to stay in the future. keep up the good work ladies, oh yeah Drita you did kick Karen’s ass, even though it was a two on one ‘job’, no pun intended, lol

  82. Chante Clark says:

    I want you to know I pray for you daily. My heart bled for you. No one should suffer such betrayal. I just want to know if your doin better now?

    Love ya girl, stay strong

  83. Julie says:

    This is for Karen and Drita, I think you both should make up and move on. As for Romona, stay out of.

  84. Barbara says:

    This question is for Renee.

    Has Junior got in touch with you or AJ since he turned?

    This question is for Big Ang.

    Are you getting your own show and when will it begin filming?

  85. Michelle says:

    Drita is my fav and Renee I like and have so much sympathy for. This is to any of the ladies…do you think that since all you guys do is argue and fight that maybe it will be a good idea to not hang around each other and find new friends? I don’t see how many of you can call each other friends.

  86. Carolyn says:

    Hello… I have a few questions:

    Renee – Does Junior have any contact with AJ? Also just so you know – you have big fans who love you just as much as they love big ang! :)

    Karen: Last season we loved you, this season, I don’t even want to hear your voice….why do you let yourself get so mad at Drita without giving yourselves a chance to work it out like women? It feels like there’s a big jealousy factor on Karen’s part…. just sayin (as a viewer).

    When are you going to stop filming ramona? I feel like she’s mooching off your show and we don’t like her!

  87. Donnabella says:

    Why doesnt Carla confront Karen about telling renee Lies and starting trouble??!!( Its beyond obvious it was her who said it!!). Renees not mad at karen either for starting Crap????!!!!

  88. catherine says:

    this question is for drita,dont you have any remorse for your actions towards karen?were i come from in england chicks before dicks,never would i have my friends sloppy seconds its a big no no!!and the fake snake is carla…karen and rene are the only ones i would have in my cicle of trust!!

  89. debbie says:

    I would like to know where Renee bought those wine glasses on her window sill.

  90. Morgan Black says:

    This question is for Karen. First I have to say I was disgusted by your actions early on in the season opener towards Drita. You kept saying Lee was an ex, yet you still had all of this extra mess to say about Drita and Lee’s relationship. What was the point of you bringing it up and getting annoyed about it if you’re over it? You have no loyalty. If Drita was a friend you, as you claimed before, then you’re a disloyal person. If you dislike Drita so much, why do you keep badmouthing her? It makes you a bully.

  91. Abby Acevedo says:

    This is to all the women, what do your children think of their mom being on TV?

  92. Kelcie Libby says:

    Renne what went through your mind when you found out Junior flipped?

  93. Dahlia M says:

    Carla, U R the most relax in the group but I see that there is something not quite right: My question is Carla, who you consider to be YOUR friends and U theirs. Your loyalty to Dreita is commendable but it seems hard 4 U 2 B the same with everyone else, they by limiting your scope perhaps.

  94. Michael Paolino says:

    This Question is for everyone:

    When You have issues whether having an arguement or fighting how do you overcome the obstacles in order to regain your friendship back between eachother

  95. R.B. says:

    Listen, people love drama and you gals surely can dish it but Drita is one of your crew and you should appreciate her honesty, sincerity and know she has your back. Come on gals, make up already. My question is this: Will there be a serious sit down between Drita and Karen? Will they resolve their differences before season 3.
    With loyalty and respect,
    Once a Brooklyn gal always a Brooklyn gal.

    Author R.B. Rose

  96. Heidi Huth says:

    I would love to see Karen and Drita become friends again, although they have both said some hurtful things towards each other, everyone else has been able to make amends with their issues towards one another. It seems like Ramona is the one getting in the way of any sort of friendship they may be able to accomplish. Is she jealous of their former friendship and afraid she may lose what she has with Karen?

  97. Reese says:

    Karen, since you didn’t get the apology u wanted from Drita about Lee(her husband and kids father), was all of this drama and lost friendship really worth it.

  98. Shannon says:

    Question for Karen: I have read your book and enjoyed it. You emphasize how the lifestyle adversely affected you and your family, that people turned on you. Yet, you and Ramona make comments about how Drita is not from the lifestyle, which suggests that makes her lower status than you two. How do you reconcile these comments?

  99. Joni Jenkins says:

    Because you ladies have outed yourselves as “connected” or “In the life” won’t that make it more difficult to find your next partner or love interest? Or will you seek out a guy in the same life style as your past men, just because they “get it”. Love love love the show by the way! Team DRITA!!!!!!!!!!

  100. CARLA, you seem more ballsy this season…why is that?!

  101. Chris Voccio says:

    Where in Canarsie, Brooklyn was Carla raised and from what year to what year?

  102. Mary says:

    Renee I totally love you girl. I know you are stronger than you give yourself credit…so my question is Do you think to get through all you are and have been going through that maybe you just need to move away for awhile until you are better able to deal with it all?

    Karen, love you too girl…

  103. Marie says:

    I Love this show so much the question is for Drita do u think if u and karen have a sit down noone else around u guys would leave all the drama aside?

  104. Kelly Ulreich says:

    This question is for big Ang.I admire you for not getting sucked into the drama that goes on.Have you always been drama free or is this something you learned from life experiences?

  105. Maria says:

    Will u guys back for a thrid season?

  106. Christine says:

    What would you want your children to take out of your experience in the mob lifestyle?

  107. Lisa says:

    Carla was right in what she said. If it had a been anyone else Renee would be the first to gossip and would have plenty to say. It was a sad thing to see happen. Renee should learn from this there is only one judge for us all no matter what we do. As for Karen u are much braver with u cousin Romona. That was a very dirty fight you’s had with Drita. Who do you’s think you’s are because of your relatives. Karen u want to move on but at the same time u want to live the same old life.

  108. Pati From Florida says:

    To all the Mob Wives. Do you feel like being a cast member on the show has effected your life more in a negative way or a positive way an why?

  109. Kai Wilson says:

    Hey Rene, do you ever think you’ll be able to forgive Junior for what he has done to your family?

  110. Carla,
    Are you going to be getting back together with your (ex) husband? You guys get along so well and he obviously misses you!

  111. I have a question Carla why do you always say things you shouldn’t and then when you are asked if you said it you always say no.. when clearly all of us at home here you say these things on tv. You did in fact tell Karen that you thought Renee new what was going on w/Junior when she did not know what he was doing .. So Renee please look at the tapes and see what Carla and her big mouth had to say she thinks she is perfect and in fact she is most defiantly is not out of all you you are the one not to many people like your fake and a liar..

  112. sal pinto says:

    To any of the ladies who wish to answer honestly: Out of all of you, who do you feel has let fame and recognition change them from good to …say…not so good?

  113. Robin Risica Mendez says:

    How do your other family members feel about you being on the show and exposing them somewhat to the public?

  114. Kimberly Tate says:

    Hi, I gotta tell ya I’m Italian w/ small % of Indian. I’m proud of being Italian and was very upset to find out only a couple of yrs ago that my family had changed our Italian name to a crappy name!
    I have a question but first I would like to say I’ve watched you girls faithfully every Sunday night and i hear you say “this life” and I know and understand how difficult things can get. What do you girls do honestly when things get so bad (for instance a loved one goes to jail etc) what do you do to keep your mind off it?

    And in reality don’t you depend on each other when things get bad in families? Because to me…LOYALITY FIRST and I would never give up my family or do anything against my family. Which brings me to my next question… whats most important to each of you? example, love, trust, loyalty etc whats most important? and when can i hang out with ya? I’m a happy drunk! :) I’ve always taken up for my close friends, and especially my family. I dont let nobody mess wit my family!

    I love you girls! Your strong and will make it! luv ya!

  115. Marilu says:

    I love that show it’s hot the girl ant no joke hope to see more of it

  116. Norine Kelly says:

    Hello Ladies,

    Do you guys ever hang out with anyone else other then yourselves?? Like do you have any irish, german etc. friends?? LOL!!

  117. Heather Dolyak says:

    On the show it appears that you girls are constantly getting together and going out. In reality, how often are you able to do this?

  118. Matt Miller says:

    Drita, what was the most fun you’ve ever had with your daughters, Aleeya and Gizelle?

  119. First I would like to say that Mob Wives is the best reality TV Show on the air. My Question is Karen says the Drita has Carla brainwashed when in reality Ramona has Karen wrapped around her little finger, Ramona you should stay out of Karen’s personal business and let her deal with her own Beef with Drita now both women are showing real Immaturity when you both could have squashed this in season one now I don’t know the particulars of it all but If you really think about both of you woman are above and beyond all that. All you women should be enjoying the fruits of your success so take and run with it, much success now and in the future God Bless Peace Juan everino.

  120. Angela says:

    My question is, didn’t anyone think it was weird the night of the Halloween party, The guy came up to Junior and said he knew him….Kind of weird….Then he goes into protective custody two weeks later….I love Drita she keeps it real!!!!!In some sick way I like Karen too I think she has been through a lot in her life…Where is her kids though we hear one phone call from someone in Arizona then you drop the story line!!!!!!

  121. stephen w mccumber says:

    i seen drita at the lava club it was awesome ,1st is she coming back (i hope) and are the other ladies coming upstate to the lava dance club

  122. tori says:

    To Renee, Will you ever forgive Junior for turing in your father and/or get back with him?

  123. amy rollins says:

    Hello first I just want to say I Love the show and I have alot of resect for all of you with deal with the life style well my queastion is do you think drita and karen will ever become friends again because Renee can use all her Girls to help her though this?

  124. Chanin Pisciotta (pronounced Shannon) says:

    For Renee & Karen – Are the people who live the mob lifestyle turning their backs on Renee & AJ? Has AJ felt the same “shunning” that Karen received when her father cooperated?

  125. jeannie says:

    Renee I kind of think you knew what Junior was doing. Karen has been through this and could give you insite about it,I am not saying Karen knew but you did.

  126. Do you think that most of you lady’s could possibly be nicer to each other. You go back a long way to get caught up in all the little crap you argue about. You women are all so beautiful and I enjoy the show so much. Renee and Drita go back to being friends again, I liked the friendship before all the drama took place

  127. Andreanna says:

    Question for Drita. Don’t you think it’s annoying that Ramona is always instigating things that have nothing to do with her?

  128. Jonathan181 says:

    Karen, you Once said on top of the roof top, that drita ratted you out before the fight.
    How did drita ratted you? Out and why did you become her friend after you found out she ratted you out?

  129. theresa michaud says:

    i was just wondering when it was said drita said those things about rennes husband why didnt renee just ask her sister inlaw if it was true or not?

  130. Anna says:

    Im Anna from Newport news, Va

    My question is for Renee and Carla.
    How can you call yourselves Dritas friends when everytime Ramona and KAren talked bad about Drita you never defended her,or at least try to ask them to not talk about her? Honestly Ramona trashed Drita constantly and noone ever defended her.

    Question for Everyone
    Where does everyone stand to Drita, everyone seemed so against her and everyone made her out to look like a liar, so who really is friends with Drita, and is Drita a good friend? How do you feel about it Drita?

  131. Jiil Myers says:

    First .. I love the show and I hope there’s a third season.

    My question .. if you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be and why?

  132. Will Karen and Drita finally make-up?

  133. korie says:

    Do you guys think that there is anything you can learn from Big Ang? she is extremely entertaining with out any of the drama :)

  134. Ann says:

    I love you all. I hate to see Renee going through so much. I am loving that Ditra is really starting to find…re-find?…herself! Carla, I love watching you and Joe interact…and wish you both the very best! You guys have something worth fighting for! Ditra and Carla…live dangerously. Take your kids to the shelter, and adopt a dog who is house trained and family ready. You won’t regret bringing that kind of joy to your kids. I swear! Karen. I hope that whatever you are searching for, you find. Romona, you I’m still trying to figure out. You seem…unapproachable…but I see a good heart that is heavily guarded. Not that I blame you. Big Ang…what is there to say?!? You rock!!

  135. Marcia says:

    This is for all the girls – what would they wish for if they had one wish and for Drita what does the future hold for her ? Hoping for the best for all of them. Karen did the book really help her get past everything or does she think it made it worst especially for her daughter?

  136. Sharta Gooden says:

    This queston is for the everyone, what do you all see your self three years from now? Like things doing fashion or acting, what? and will you guys always continue to be friends?

  137. Michael Amico says:

    Carla, What would of happened if you went to Renee’s clebration party? Would help Drita fight Karen and Ramona or would you help break it up??

  138. Linda Neel says:

    The two part reunion with Joy Behar should be wonderful!. Hope there is no “drama” with the reunion. I am very anxious to see how Drita will handle a visit with her girls’ father, if it happens. She shows good judgement with them and her girls are adorable. Once the divorce has gone through, Drita, do you think you will ever have a friendship with Lee?

    Linda Neel

  139. Michael Amico says:

    Drita & Karen – Do you think you two will ever be friends? If so, Drita would you become firends with Ramona too?

  140. Catherine says:

    Karen – I cannot find your book anywhere in NYS. Help! Your Father & Renee’s Father remind me of my Grandfathers – they both came in thru Ellis Island & lived in Hell’s Kitchen in NYC.
    Loving your show to death.

  141. Bertha Rodriguez says:

    I have a question and a comment., my question is this why is Ramona on the show i don’t see the purpose of her being on the show? Mob Wives is my favorite show since season 1 just didn’t like the idea of Ramona being on the show.. Team Drita!!! all the way.. Love Reene and Carla :)

  142. Lisa Thomas says:

    Hi! I wrote Karen a few times to tell her how freakin’ great I thought her book was, and that I finished reading it in less than 24 hours. My question was….can I mail the book to you (somewhere) and ask you to sign it & mail it back? I’ll even provide postage. I’m a HUGE fan of Mob Wives and have been since day one.



  143. Wendy says:

    Carla, why every time something comes up with Renee do you play victim? You did the same thing when she had surgery and acted like YOU were the one that should be mad that no one told you how serious it was (in your words). And now you DID imply Renee knew something yet act like Renee had NO right to be upset.. Never mind that you did not call her or contact her in any way before making those remarks.

  144. Wendy says:

    Drita, why if you don’t care about Karen’s book do you get so upset. As to Lee, she was with him long before you. And for several years. She has every right to put him in HER book. Also, why did you back out of the fight? Were you afraid to get beat on camera?

  145. Janice Sharliene says:

    My question is to Renee:

    Why is it that you assume Carla is always being disloyal? You jump to conclusions and blow up before you meet up for an unnecessary confrontation.

  146. heather zaccharii says:

    What is your favorite childhood memory?

  147. Cory says:

    Carla, you and Joe look like you have a lot of chemistry. Will you guys be getting back together?

  148. Kerry Adams says:

    How do you ladies feel when you are watching the show and hear one of the other girls talking negatively about you?

  149. jeannette says:

    It seems none of the women did anything productive in their lives except fight have kids and have their men support them from criminal activities so this show is all they have now along with lame attempts of books and commercials till their 15 minutes are up. question what do they plan on doing? (not involving criminal activities) what positive change will they give to society and set example for their children?

  150. Mary says:

    Love all you gals to pieces. I am here in Los Angeles, and somehow, you make me get a little misty eyed about NYC. So, as an East Coast transplant to La La Land, have to ask, have any of you considered moving out here full time? After all, Jimmy Kimmel has a San Gennaro Festival here in Hollywood, so it is kinda, sorta, like, maybe, ALMOST Little Italy for a week in September. Think of it as an incentive. Also, BIG ANG, you have a HUGE fan club here, so the next time you come to Hollywood and do the Jimmy Kimmel Show or anything else TELL US FIRST HERE. We can show en masse. (Personally, never lived in S.I. Always lived in either Manhattan or Queens. But the next time I am back home, I will stop by the The Drunken Monkey for sure.)

  151. Amy Uliano says:

    Now that you have watched Mob Wives for the last two sessions – How do you feel about your friendships? Don’t you all feel that the out takes when each of you are talking without the group show the true loyalty and love for each other. Life if too short put the differences aside. Men come and go in our lives. Girlfriends are forever!

  152. Marie says:

    Why can’t Karen handle her own crap, she’s gotta have someone there like Ramona who says she’s a fighter and crap……. She’s gotten everything handed to her !

  153. Tony says:

    Karen, when will you set aside your difficulties with Drita? The fight happened a while back, just let it go and try to move on.

  154. Judy says:

    Karen do you cause so much trouble with Drita because SHE was good enough for Lee to marry and you weren’t? Also you come across as really jealous of the other ladies because you’re not as pretty as they are. No matter what goes on, they at least raise their kids.

  155. One question. Real simple. Romona will you marry me?

  156. NSTFP says:

    I would like to know what Big Ang’s sister’s husband does that they can afford to live in a 6 million dollar house.

  157. Pam says:

    I too would like to know why Ramona is even on the show! She is a manipulator and can’t be trusted! I also noticed that Junior was more concerned about Karen than he was about his own wife at her birthday party. What’s up with that? Did they have a thing at one time?

  158. Sue Schegan says:

    Karen, just finished ur book, and I liked it I give u props for being honest. Why do u twist everybody’s words around all u want to do is fight with people listen before u fly off the handle and people might start liking u!

  159. Kalicity says:

    To all the ladies, if given the chance, with all the changes you have been through and the life style you all have had, would either of you ever marry into the mob again?

  160. liz says:

    hi girls i i think your show rocks .it all so real keep up the good job

  161. wendy oxendine says:

    Karen why do you think Ramona needs to have your back with all the Drita situations? I will never understand why you think you beat her so bad when yall obviously jumped her and you got a cheap shot when Drita was being held. Why do you think you won the fight when it was a cheap shot?

  162. Christina Collins says:

    Can’t you all just get along???? Wouldn’t it be more fun?

  163. Our website is Under Construction.

    Our Question is We wonder if Victoria Gotti is watching the Show and what she thinks of it?

  164. kathleen stanley says:

    ramona are your for real did you really find it nessasary to lie about that poor man hitting you just cause you were to ashamed that drita rocked your ass your a coward

  165. Christine says:

    This is to sweet Renee, so glad that you have Karen, Big Ange and your best friend by your side when eveything went down. You are all remarkable women, Karen for your courage and strength in your wonderful accomplishment and Renee for your strength that you found when everything happend with Jr. and your family. My heart broke for you and I was crying right along with you and Karen. My question is where was Carla? Seems to me that if she is such a wonderful friend for many years she would have been there with everyone else. Do you ever see what has been said after the recording because I think if you did you would see who your real friends are and who is by your side. I just don’t understand it? If it was my best friend I would have been running there to be by her side. I admire you. I too have been there and I know what its like and that really hit home for me. You have a handsome son with a beautiful soul and its because of you Renee. Be strong and keep going with friends like Karen, Big Ang, Ramona and your best friend I know you will be fine for you are stronger than you think. Much love, Christine

  166. Bella Boeckmann says:

    My question is for Drita and Karen. Do you guys think you will ever friends? Why or why not?

  167. Minnie says:

    Drita. Do u think u took ur anger out on Karen that night on the bar top? U had just found out about ur soon to be x-husband cheating on u. One more thing. U remind me of my oldest daughter. Nobody can tell her anything cause she get mad. lol

    Renee. Ur in my prayer. Always hold ur head up.

    Karen Was it hard to right ur book?

    Carla R u and ur X getting back together?

    Love all u girls

  168. Torre Jackson says:

    Renee, how did all of the drama with Junior effect AJ?

  169. Rob says:

    Drita, all I want to say is that you have officially turned myself and some of my fellow gays straight! We love you, and you are GORGEOUS!

  170. Leah says:

    My question is to Renee, karen and ramona are always saying that Carla is like a puppet and Drita pulls her strings but it apears that the only person who is so easily manipulated on the show is you and that karen and especially ramona are the ones who does all the string pulling and only in the negative way?

  171. leah says:

    ramona you come across as being a troublemaker and constantly keeping fights going between your friends why is this? especially the Drita being an outsider because as far as we know you and karen have been gone 10yrs and Drita has been in Staten island which makes you and karen the outsiders now

  172. Eddie Moreno says:

    Drita, you said that you did not take the fight, because fighting was fighting to you no matter if it’s street fighting, or professional. I want to know if you were just scared to fight, because you did not do to well in the fight you had with the guy. I feel that it was your chance to prove to the world that you can fight, because you are the one always talking about what a good fighter you are, and how no one should ever mess with you. I know that you said that you want to do better for your girls and that’s good, but you shouldn’t of had such a big mouth, and maybe we as fans wouldn’t of expected more from you. Personally I feel that you punked out, atleast that’s what it looked like.

  173. Kelly says:

    Doesn’t anyone think its strange that at Ramonas party Jr. made a remark about getting outa there cause he thought a undercover cop was there ? Kinda funny how Romana and Karen are buddy buddy and now people are going down…maybe Jr. is not the only RAT

  174. Crystal B says:

    Renee do you think you an junior will ever be okkk or a happy family in the future or will you always be disappointed an feel betrayed by what he did to your father?

  175. Karen seems like a caring, bright, attractive young woman, she was willing to squash the beef between her & Drita. At Renee’s party however the fight took place. 1. Does Romona think Karen can’t handl her own business? 2. Was it necessary for Romona to get involve and take a couple of shots? I’m just sayin…Drita’s like 90 lbs. and Romona’s like 150 lbs. that was crazy, 2 against one, looked dirty to me. Anyways, I wish the best for the ladies, it isn’t an easy life, stay positive and God Bless All of You!

  176. KARENdon says:

    I know that everyone is hating Junior for ratting out Renee’s father but am I the only one who thinks if he doesn’t want to be arrested maybe he shouldn’t break the law in the first place. For Junior to have recorded him he has to have committed a crime – don’t do the crime if you’re not prepared to do the time. I have no sympathy for Renee’s father.

  177. Regina Robinson says:

    Drita has been my favorite in both seasons because she doesn’t take any mess from anybody.

    Renee cried toooooo much thoughout the second season and was putting too much focus on Junior who ultimately turned out to be a dirt bag!!!!

    Couldn’t stand Ramona or her fake ass cousin – the fat one!

  178. big ang i just want to know what kind of dog is that you have i want to get one but i dont know what it is oh and i love all you girls

  179. Cathy says:

    TO: Karen & Drita
    I want to know why can’t you both just try to drop the B.S. and move on everyone is at hard times and need each other. Will the battle between both of you end?

  180. christina martin says:

    This question is for Ramona and Karen. For you two to dislike drita so much and are always saying you dont care about her, why are you guys always talking about drita. Most of your scenes at the beginning of the season consisted of you two talking mess about drita. Drita did not have near as many season talking about you guys as you guys had when you were talking about her.

  181. Leah says:

    1. This question is for Renee. At what point will you stop being histrionic about a lifestyle that will never change? At this point you know the score – why give yourself a heart attack?

    2. This question is for a few of the ladies: Why is it okay to date, marry, or defend murderers, drug dealers, and robbers? Why do you never think of innocent people that are being robbed or extorted?

    3. For Ramona: why would you move your kids in with a street guy?

  182. Corey Hospedales says:

    Why u and Karen to still have hatred against each other? Why are you so damn good at kickin’ her ass all the time?

  183. Robert says:

    How do you women rationalize glamorizing the “Mafia” lifestyle; when the Mafia is responsible for many of the problems are country now faces … not to mention murder, prostitution, extortion, arson, corrupt politicians, etc..

  184. Elizabeth Reginal says:

    Carla, do you ever feel threatened or stuck every time Drita’s name pop up during a conversation with Karen and Ramona?

  185. The Lady named Johnie says:

    I like Drita, I think she is a good person and tries to think things through. Because of this I do not understand why Drita and Lee would have such a problem with Karen writing about the relationships that she had with both of them when they were younger?

  186. Joan says:

    Is Ang working as a bartender?

  187. My question is for Drita, “Is there any way you can see the betrayal of Karen by going after her cast-off man Lee and apologize to Karen?” Karen, I do understand your feeling of betrayal by Drita. I read your book and Lee was very much an insider to you and your family. Growing up in Queens, NY, my sister and my girlfriends all had the same rule. Never go after anyone’s man and never, ever go out with them after a breakup. They are history once the breakup happens and off-limits to the inner circle forever.

  188. Renee says:

    Hello! I have a question for Renee. Renee now that you know what Jr. has done do you think that you will ever beable to forgive him? Karen in your new book, did you ever think that you should leave Drita out? Karen do you think that you and Drita will ever make up? Just settle your differences and move on.

  189. T in Texas says:

    Drita ,
    What has you so mad that you always have to get physical with people ? It’s a serious question . As this has been a long time behavior of yours .

  190. sharlene says:


  191. lorraine says:

    Hello! I have a question for Renee. Renee now that you know what Jr. has RAT IT on your dad and mess up your life and son do you think that you will ever beable to forgive him? I have a question for Drita and Karen do u girls will ever be friends again and Karen you should have your cousin Ramona say out of your mix’s u and Drita need to fix’s your friendship u girls where all friend? I have a question for carla R do you think you and your ex husband we be together again…. I have a question for big Ang so i know u love to be with guys with alot’s of money so do you have more then one bar….. Im a big fan to mob wives i hope u all girls get a long…………

  192. Josie says:

    First of all, I love this show. I’m not Italian, but I wish I was. Regardless of the tough times you all manage to support each other. I’m Hispanic and my childhood was quite disfunctional, but I didn’t the nice lifestyle. My family is not close and I don’t have much emotional support so watching the show is an outlet because I can relate to Rene’s depression and Drita’s anger. My parents are deceased and i have a brother in prison. My other 2 older siblings are estranged. Thus, i got no family. I do have a good husband, but he cant play all the rools. By the way I could use Drita’s help on an issue, lol. Anyway will there be a season three? It’s crazy cause I love all the people and that’s rare. Big Ang is awesome. You all make me want to visit Staten Island. I think I’m an Italian trapped in a Latina’s body! I really hope there is a season three. One more thing I got Karen’s book and I liked it.

  193. classy drunk says:

    Karen, why do you continue to say Drita was never a friend when she was the one who was happy to hang out with you when you first returned to Staten Island versus the other ladies who wanted nothing to do with you.

    Karen, why do you continue to refer to some of the victims of your father’s crimes as haters?

  194. Missy Smith says:

    Why is Ramona on this show? She is a waste of oxygen and her parts are so forced. She is always looking for the camera and she is just gross!

  195. Judy says:

    Renee, I never hear you talk about your mother. What kind of a relationship do you have with her?

  196. tenaj says:

    why cant all of you women just have a sit down with yourselfs and figure a way to get along i think the only people that are real real is Big Ang and Renee why do you ladies have so much fights and what is a good way to put it to a end…

  197. Nani says:

    Hi Girls!!!!!
    My question is for Renee: How you think will be your relationship with your father from now on after what happened with Junior?

  198. Natasha M. says:

    Hi Girls!!
    My question is for Karen: We all know that you have been very busy writing your book and all but, I’m concerned about something…. Why aren’t you raising your girl??? Is your material life more important than raising a kid??? You didn’t have your father for long and you almost everyday say that you miss him and you preffered him to be by your side instead of jail. If you are a free woman, why would you make your kid pay what has done to you?? Don’t you think she needs you?? at least, all the other girls are raising there kids… including RAMONA!
    What are we missing about you?

  199. Qvcchick says:

    ?? Ramona why did u have 200k worth of jewlery in your boyfriends DUFFLEBAG in his apt, and not your home?? And where you always as close with Karen (like cousins) when she lived in Arizona ??

  200. Qvcchick says:

    What does BigAng’s sisters husband do for a living to have a $6million dollar home, I think her sisters name is Janine? Not sure. OMG it’s gorgeous!

  201. Jennifer Allen says:

    How did Carla and Karen and Romona never meet before now if they were all so close to Renee for so long?

  202. LaVonne says:

    For Drita: In every episode, you talk about fighting, beating someone up, sending someone to the ER. Do you think you are setting a good example for you girls, and would you want your girls to be like this in life?

  203. Colleen Chiocchi says:

    Carla, If you are such a “loyal” friend to Drita,why even be in the presence of Karen and Ramona? she wouldn’t hang with people that disrespect you!

  204. Cathy says:

    I want to know why Renee didn’t call out Karen lying about what Carla said. Had anyone else said that about Karen or Ramona and Renee found it not to be true – she would have ripped their head off!!! As soon as Karen or Ramona deny something, Renee automatically assumes Drita and/or Carla are in the wrong. If Renee wants to remain “neutral” she needs to start acting like it. Bottom line!

  205. Brandon Bennett says:

    Loved the show, Drita, Carla, Renee, and Big Ang luv you all, and are you guys thinking about making a Season 3?

  206. Jovan says:

    Drita why didnt you kick Karens ass like she needs….

  207. Tina Durand says:

    I am sorry for all of Renee’s pain that she has been in and what she went through, so public and nothing was “off limits”
    I want to know why it seems week to week Renee is mad at one of the girls. Why not just ask the girl in question instead of asking everyone else.

  208. Dena says:

    For Big Ang: What does your son think about your lifestyle? How he been around the mob life his whole life? Is his dad a wiseguy?

  209. Sonia Arroyo says:

    The question is for Karen & Ramona why are you always talking about Drita? You talk about her starting all this drama, when in reality it’s BOTH of u that are starting it! I mean if you are so down why wouldn’t you bring it to her instead of always talking about her behind her back or making Carla your middle man? I mean seriously get a grip if you were half the woman Drita is you wouldn’t need to dog her behind her back all the time! Are you lives that dull and boring that you are always in Drita’s?

    Question and comment toward Renee do you think you could ever forgive Junior for what he has done? If no, what if your son asks you to forgive his father would you do it for him? Also you are a very strong woman to go through all this and still you continue to hold your head hi. God bless you and you are in my prayers.

    Drita you are an awesome mom and you are doing an awesome job. I give you alot of credit for what you do.

    Carla you need to get back with your husband you see the dating scene is not where it’s at. You have a good man don’t let that go.

  210. jerrad rose says:

    does Renee wear a wig or is that her real hair

  211. Chae says:

    How often do you all ACTUALLY spend time together b/c it’s obvious you all aren’t friends.

  212. Katie Clarke says:

    Drita – It seems obvious that you love your kids more than anything and are a wonderful mother. However, you seem to go out a lot for drinks, who is watching them at this time?

  213. Christina says:

    Hey I love your show….Its soo awesome….Although drita can cool her you know what…..Karen and ramona are awesome. I am looking forward to reading karens book….karen should just kick dritas butt and be done with it. I dont drita is all that and then some anyways….Everyone else is awesome….I love the show…..Its all that and thensome….

  214. Kimberly says:

    For Renee: I absolutely LOVE you!!! And I would love to meet you. First off I completely understand that you have to be careful living in the lifestyle you live in but why the hell do you listen to everyone’s rumors. I watch the show a lot and it really makes me laugh to see someone say something and then someone goes back to who it was said about and completely flip it to start problems. I think that confronting people first would be the smarter thing because I feel as though since Ramona has come on the show, there are WAY too many problems. I mean I remember watching the original season and you guys were so close and now all of a sudden your friendships have dwindled. Your a great woman and you have enough stress in your life to deal with, to hell with the drama and rumors just let it slide off your shoulders and have fun with your life!!


  216. Joyce says:

    My question is for all of the girls.
    Do any of you have a job? It seems like not one works. I don’t know how you can live in such beautiful homes if no one works. This question excludes Big Ang, I know you work at a bar.

  217. Tess says:

    Karen: You had to leave Lee to move to Arizona with your family to go into the Witness Protection Program. You met David and had your daughter while Lee and Drita moved on. Do you feel Drita got what you wanted?

  218. Tess says:

    Ramnona: Its common knowledge Tommy was Leftys son, but most ppl don’t know he had a daughter also. Her name is never mentioned, but her husbands name is. Are you Tommy’s offspring, or Marco’s? Btw, the mobile site wishes you would mind your business where Drita and karen are concerned.

  219. Tess says:

    Rene: We all know you are a strong opinionated woman. It was hard to see you fall to pieces over hector, but it was fantastic to hear you cuss him out when you regained your strength. Knowing your sister’s husband offered to do extra time so Lana wouldn’t have to go to prison, compared to what hector pulled, is there added resentment? Love you 2 death and soo happy to see you strong again. The next time you hear any rumors about you or your family, PLEASE investigate. You can’t take words at face value anymore.

  220. Tess says:

    Carla: You and Drita got a raw deal. My question is as everyone would like to know- Are you and Joe back together? The mobile site is rooting for you! Stay the classy, drama free woman that you are.

  221. Tess says:

    Big Ang: Do you need a reservation to have a cocktail at the Drunken Monkey? I would love to meet you. I know, get in line! Just lettin you know the mobile site continuously let it be known You should have your own show. And they are wise to listen!

  222. Kaelee Mc. says:

    This is a question for Karen… You say you are extremely close and loyal to your family yet your daughter is growing up while you are on the other side of the country. You say your writing this book for her. You would rather make money off of your past then live in the present with your daughter?

  223. Marcia Lee says:

    Why does it take several of the mob wives to pick on Drita? Reckon they know she’ll open a can of whoop butt on them..

  224. Veronica Mojica says:

    Regarding Drita n Karen’s big fight, WERE the ladies friends when Drita n Lee got together ? OR were they “not even talking anymore” I love Drita, n I want her to clear her name with those who say she said one thing then another

  225. Laura Bailey says:

    Drita: You seem to have alot of strength not just physically but within, it shows in how your dealing with the cheating and your divorce. Where does your strength come from? Laura from Clearwater, Florida

  226. Lorna says:

    Is there any chance that Karen and Drita could sit down together (alone) and just talk things out – I think if they used to be good friends, then they probably have something they could build on.

  227. jay george says:

    You said you were over 200lbs , when you were pregnant. Please tell me how much you lost, how you did it and how long it took you. You are my favorite on the show & your girls are lucky to have such a strong & loving mother.

  228. Alyssa says:

    For Drita, Do u Think u ANd Karen Will become Friends again?

  229. Theresa Harper says:

    In all the brawls and cat fights, did yall REALLY get mad at each other or was all this for show ?

  230. Denise Z. says:

    This question is for Karen. Whatever happened with the family dog (pit bull)?

  231. Janine says:

    Hi, Karen are you still married? Are you going back to Arizona to be with your family? If not when will your family be moving in with you?.

  232. Cherry says:

    Karen you are stuck on Drita saying she wasn’t then was your friend. Have you ever considered the fact she stood by you when everyone else turned against you, defended you when you left, welcomed you with open arms when you came back and even went up against Renee for the way she was treating you? If a person is not your friend they aren’t sorry for fighting you and they don’t want to make up. Drita felt bad and wanted to make up. My question is hasn’t her actions spoken louder than words?

    Does Karen understand if she had not jumped up like she was going to attack Drita, when they were on the roof top, there may not have been a fight and if Ramona had not butted in there may not have been a fight? Can she understand now why Drita reacted as she did?

  233. Cherry says:

    Karen, did you condon your daughter being online talking bad about Drita?

  234. Maria Hollgarth says:

    I was hopin’ to figure out when Karen and Drita are gonna sit down one on one for their talk? I do mean one-on-one, that means no Ramona to put fire on the flames! She seems to get in the middle of every little thing that happens between the two. Granted she don’t like Drita but that is no reason to make sure that Drita and Karen don’t work their issues out as women and mothers

  235. Michael Amico says:

    Carla – The heart shaped necklace you always wear, who gave it to you and is it special to you? Always see you wearing it.

  236. judy martin says:

    just saying…karen an drita please start getting along.

  237. Wayne North says:

    I want to know will there be a season 3 and will Big Ang be in it?

  238. Adonna says:


    Does Junior’s betrayal of your father, finally put an end to your ‘love seesaw’ (back and forth)
    relationship with him once and for all, despite the fact that he is your son’s father and you probably
    will always have feeling for him?

  239. Ed Boyce says:

    this is for Karen
    ever since your book came out it seems like theres been an uproar about whats in it do you think people will ever separate your last name from who you are and the history your last name brings with it?
    I have your book and Im almost through with it and loving every page of it. It’s about the incidents that have happened in your life through your eyes, how you coped and dealt with who your father was and your journey to become who you are today. I love you and your book so keep it up girl me and my family support you in every step of the way.

  240. Natalie Alvarez says:

    Big Ang: You are my favorite person in Mob Wives. Just wanted to know where do you get your self confidence? :)

  241. Cari in Fishkill, NY says:

    To Renee:

    Hi Renee! You look fabulous! What have you been doing to create your new shape?

  242. Jane Harvey says:

    Big Ang looking at some your older pictures provided by VH1 I noticed that you were ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL why all of the plastic surgery? I mean I can still see some of the old you but it is totally out of porpotioned now..still love you my favorite on the show though

  243. Princess Diva Z says:

    Why is Ramona’s face and neck two different colors? she’s like tanned on her face and pale white on her name and chest….What is up with that? Why girl why???

  244. Jessica says:

    Can we vote off Karen and her squawking monkey Ramona? Those two are living in the past. I know they left SI but everyone has moved on except you idiots. Those two are always talking about their fathers or grandfather..Geez you have no identity of your own. Karen is mad bc Drita got w/ Lee nd didn’t tell her. Karen, you left to AZ nd got with someone else so why do you need to know what’s going on with your ex? You talk about him being chased from this ran from it too and your dad is in the same place that Lee is but Lee didn’t rat anybody out. Who do you think you and stupid Ramona are to say who is in the mob or not? Such narrow-minded idiots saying that Drita isn’t Italian and married Lee just to be in the mob?? You both have non-Italian kids so how loyal are you to Italian blood? Ugh! You two are obviously not educated and Daddy bought you everything but a brain.

  245. Jennifer Qaiesi says:

    i hope there are going to be more seasons with u guys instead of Chicago mob wives. even though im from chicago, u guys are the original ones. (excluding ramona) oh yea and drita! ur the shizzzzznittttt

  246. jessica medina says:

    Drita you said that Karen and Ramona “jumped you”, but you were the one that swung at both of them, did you really think that BOTH of them wouldn’t come after you?

  247. Kathie Chavez says:

    Renee: Have you spoken with your father since his arrest? and has Junior tried to contact you or your son?

  248. Tess says:

    ALL THE WIVES: Was this show initiated from Clare Longriggs book, “No Questions Asked – The Secret Lives of Women in the Mob”?

  249. katie larson says:

    a question for renee? how is aj handling all that is going on with his father and grandfather and that his father became a rat?
    a question for drita? do you think you will ever forgive lee and get back together with him for the sake of your children

  250. Nicole says:


    We have seen your divorce to Lee unfold over the coarse of the season. When the divorce becomes final, will you still continue to appear on the show?

  251. Verne says:

    Karen, do you think that you and David would ever get married?

  252. Sheila says:

    I want to know why Karen thinks she does nothing wrong and it’s all Drita and why does she let Ramona get invauled this has nothing to do with her i think Ramona a trouble maker

  253. Michele in Alabama says:

    For the ladies: I realize that drama is always going to be a part of all of our lives but usually when there is a common denominator of most things ugly and angry, we dismiss that person, Why don’t you women say “Enough is enough” and dismiss Ramona? I know she’s Karen’s friend but a truce has been called between she and Drita but Ramona doesn’t want any part of it. She’s angry at life and taking it out on Drita … it has nothing to do with Karen. If she loved Karen, she’d be happy for one less stressful issue in her life.

  254. Joslyn Luksetich says:

    The question is for Ramona. Ramona, why do you feel you have to cause drama between Drita and the other girls. After watching the show, it seems like you are the trouble maker. I also feel you try to act “hard” when the cameras are around. Just sayin

  255. Tricia says:

    How does Karen talk about moving on when she constantly seeks a apology from Drita about something that they clearly do not remember happening the same way, if you really want to move on, JUST MOVE ON/

  256. nancy says:

    my question is for karen: first off congrats on the book!!! two thumbs up! ok karen, you and drita spoke about what were you both were feeling. and drita was bothered about how she put her hands on you. why is it that you and drita came to a truce and moved on but yet ramona cant get passed it. a friend is a friend no matter what the decision they choose a true friend will support the decision and move on but always have their friends back. why cant ramona support you and move on instead of stirring up problems??? ramona your problem with drita is ya problem not karen’s. she had her sit down came to a truce to be at lease civil and you cant accept it!! renee keep being strong! love ya! drita your so damn hilarious and love how you are! karla i like how your mellow! karen i look up to you how things happen in life and you just keep your head up and did good in your life! go girl!! ramona grow the hell up!!!

  257. Teresa Curcio says:

    For Drita, do you still have a relationship with your parents, and would you consider giving Lee a second chance, because of your family beliefs and traditions..?

  258. P.S. says:

    This question is for Ramona, You like the other women have issues, but you seem determined to vent your disappointing life on Drita and Carla why are you so threatened by them and I don’t mean physically? You never want peace especially if it means sharing Karen, Why ?

  259. P.S. says:

    This is for Karen, stop letting Ramona get in your ear you’re to smart for that ! Stop listening to street gossip, again you’re to smart . Don’t you realize it’s Ramona’s mission to keep you and Drita apart ! She also placing you at odds with Carla because just maybe you might start remembering some of the good times all of you had before she {Ramona} came on the show. If you’re serious about moving forward, Ramona will always be special to you, but the woman wants to keep you in a street rat frame of mind. She’s part of the past that needs to remain just that !

  260. Stephanie says:

    Ramona, I think you need to worry about your own problems. Stay out of everyones business because like you say at the end of the day you are a mother just like all the other ladies. Drita needs to put her foot in your filthy mouth.

  261. Kay says:

    Guess it don’t matter who was yappin about Junior marryin Renee for her father? There was more truth there than anyone knew, huh?