Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 10: Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm…


Its time once again to welcome Royce Reed back to the blog so she can tell it like it is. For the past two seasons of Basketball Wives, Royce has recapped every episode, all the highs and lows, and given us her completely honest and unfiltered opinion. We’re thrilled to have her back for season four.


Last night’s show was a bit disturbing and I’m sure I might ruffle a few feathers but some things need to be said. I’m not going to go in any particular order I’m just going to speak on the issues as they come to mind.

It really confuses me as to why Jenn‘s “friends” keep coming up. In terms of Jenn’s bougie aura…it really hasn’t changed that much. She’s ALWAYS had an air about herself, but maybe it wasn’t recognized by Evelyn and Nia because she was their friend or because they didn’t care. Jenn speaking up and attempting to defend herself with words isn’t much different either, but I guess since she’s never defended herself against Evelyn, she now has “balls” and is considered fake. To see Evelyn crying about Jenn judging based on “things” is quite humorous to me. It’s quite hypocritical, as I was considered a bum, and lacked in style because I chose to spend my money on more practical things…like a house. I will say that I think both Jenn and Evelyn need to re-watch that scene and realize the same thing they are arguing about is the same thing that brought them together and against both Tami and myself….Material things and labels. I agree with changing and maturing, but don’t move forward without remembering where your original mindset came from. I’d believe Evelyn’s new outlook on life if she admitted she was wrong in the way she treated and talked about Tami and I prior to the statement being made about her “friend” Nia. I’m almost positive if Jenn and Evelyn were still cool, she wouldn’t find anything wrong with them making the same statement towards someone else not in their “circle”…Just sayin’…

Although Jenn and I aren’t friends, we are cordial and, yes, there are several things that come out of her mouth I don’t agree with. In reference to this situation I felt she handled it as best she could considering the people she was arguing with. In the end, I think Evelyn and Nia ended up looking crazy while Jenn at one point actually laughed at them…Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Number two: As far as Jenn deciding to press charges, I honestly don’t understand why they’re so shocked. Although it doesn’t concern me, we all know Jenn is NOT a fighter. Yes, she has sat and watched many drinks fly in her defense, but in the past year I think she has realized what it feels like to be bullied. When the shoe is on the other foot it doesn’t feel so good anymore. I will be the first to say if the glass Evelyn threw at me had actually HIT me, I would’ve dragged her ass THEN called the cops, pressed charges and sued for emotional distress. Tami…get mad at me again because I’m about to disagree with you…I don’t care where any of us came from, once you reach a certain age, it’s NOT okay to handle things with fists and weapons. In all actuality, it’s not ok to handle things physically at any age. Yes, I grew up in TANGELO PARK (Orlando people know about us) and I had to learn how to defend myself at an extremely young age, and only if needed. I don’t care if it took a year, month, week, hour, minute or 30 seconds to change your mindset on how wrong it is to physically accost someone. In life we accept the risk of being hurt in a sport, driving a car, or yes even in life situations, but accepting that risk doesn’t mean you relieve anyone of the consequence and repercussions. That situation I had with Evelyn was embarrassing, but I defended myself and I WASN’T actually hit. Jenn was BITCH SLAPPED…IN HER FACE! Pressing charges isn’t what “white people do” Jenn, it’s what smart, intelligent, business-minded, mature people who have something to lose do. If you don’t agree with that, I say you need to reevaluate your purpose in life.

On to the fun part of this episode! Dave and Busters was so much fun and I frequent this arcade monthly. I’m a little upset they didn’t show Dezmon and my chest bumps after he won a few games, but I’ll let that slide hahaha. This is what I love about Kesha and Suzie. Regardless of the drama going on in our lives and around us, it feels great knowing we can let our guards down, have fun and laugh without bickering. These are the girls I can jump in the pool, go sky-diving, or even a theme park with and no one is judging. Say what you want about Suzie’s mouth but she’s still a fun person to hang out with. It felt good seeing all of us together, smiling, and adding Dezmon and my friends to the mix made it that much sweeter. Yes, Dezmon and I are still together and working on us despite last week’s drama. Hate if you must, you don’t know the full story, nor do I owe anyone an explanation. Just know we’re happy, and that’s all that matters. I’m outtie!

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  1. kayma says:

    royce you always keep real everytime

  2. C.Hill says:

    Well Royce I agree with you this week. All the back and forth was a little to much for me. Though I do feel sorry for Jenn, bad karma has never been anyones friend. Tami is really showing us of how much of a follwer she is. Like didn’t you try to sue Ev for those t-shirts??? Girl bye.

  3. Herma says:

    Yes,I agree with the age thing…no one will excuse a person for violent behavior at this age,it doesn’t matter where you come from!

  4. meeka says:

    I don’t think the Baby Mamma or other women were hating on you I just think they were informing you that your boy toy is not being genuine with you. If you like STD’S more than you love yourself that your business. I still don’t know why you feel he’s ready to settle down with you. His chemistry with you on screen seem forced but if he loves you that all that counts. Gullible at 30 SMH

  5. @datruth4rmtx says:

    I am not mad! Do you boo! If Dez makes you happy then thats really all that matters, we ALL eff up the thing is to learn from it and grow. I’M ALL FOR LOVE!!…btw i’m not a hipocrite,cause I was going off lol, I just had a flashback when he lied to you lmao!!! I WENT OFF *inmyhead*

  6. Lisa Franchette Minnis says:

    Royce, you are like so many young people today, hard headed! I don’t know what some women be thinking. Don’t be so desperate that you can’t see what is right in front of your eyes. This man is not right! You are not right, for being involve in something that you were not involve in at first. He made a baby with another woman. You were not there, so stay out of it! You need to listen to your father. You are acting like you don’t have any respect for yourself or others. A man going to be a man! You need to carry yourself as a lady! What example are you setting for your son? This guy need to be a man and stop playing 2 women and lying to you that he is not talking to the babies mama, and you going for the bullsh@@. Girl grow up! Love yourself! Because if you still want to be with this man after he made a dam fool out of you on twitter, it is something missing out of your life and your brain!

  7. u are scared to really tell tami the truth says:

    until u can say to tami what u say to others u are a non mf’in factor LOL

  8. LaRissa Finney says:

    Damn you kept it real, I just discovered your FB page and I’m mad it took me this long to realize what a cool sista your are, I always admired the way “small fry” took up for herself (that’s my nickname for you…lol). Thanks for always keeping it real. BTW I always liked your style, you dress like a real woman and not like a superficial Barbie doll….j/s

  9. Kim says:

    Royce you are on point. I guess Tami really wanted to be Evelyn’s BFF from the beginning. Tami’s commentary was not funny and downright nasty last night. Especially the whole “I got your earring” wow. Not cute…

  10. Yvette says:

    What a positive way of looking at that foolish episode! Royce, life is about change, love,growth,respect and being happy and real! Friendships are about the same and
    should not be filled with such drama! Personally I think that Jen has grown and evolved and should continue to do without the drama of Basketball wives. You are about to embark on a new life and new endeavors as well and should do the same! Evelyn and Tami are two peas in a pod and deserve whatever comes their way! Enjoy your life and be happy!
    Continued Blessings!!!

  11. Cynthia says:

    Royce, you are the realest on the show!! and are 100% right!

  12. Getitgetitgetit says:

    Ooooohhh puuuleeeeze Royce !! You obviosly do care about their bizz or u wouldn’t be all up in it writing a blog, I mean come on ! Evelyn has done nothing but keep it real..Jenn is just plain freakin stupid and yes she needs to remember where she came from !!
    Anything you got to say is IRRELEVANT !! Haha

  13. Sonya says:

    The only blog that makes sense!! Finally

  14. beauty1983 says:

    Royce you are so right. I thought I was only one watching some episodes thinking that. At the end day its sad. For adult women to act like little girls. In the real world the cops are called and you go to jail. Hell, now kids can go to jail for fighting so what makes anyone special from going to jail and doing crimes because thats assault. So Please.

  15. Miss Thang says:

    I’m glad you and Dezmon are working it out….He better pop up that ring soon and leave his baby mama by the wayside where she belong. She’s wack!

  16. qweensess says:

    Royce u are very smart..i understand where ur coming from every week becuz i feel the exact same way u do.. keep being yourself real as they come and down to earth..keep ur head ur mama..much luv..

  17. BasketballFan says:

    I don’t know what’s going to happen after this season of BBW but, I want to thank you for keeping it one hunnit Royce. That’s what your fans love about you. The show is getting fake and we wanted REALITY not a bunch of brownosing co-signing bumper riding fake wanna bees.. From day one Tami was my girl. I could relate to her for being outspoken.. But now, she’s let Shaunie and Evelyn turn her in to one of them. Now she can’t be herself and tell them when they’re wronger than two left shoes, unless it’s off camera. When everything we’re commenting about is ON CAMERA! I don’t want to hear “THIS IS A REALITY SHOW” or IT’S THE EDITING” or “ALOT GOES ON BEHIND THE SCENES” because we’re NOT behind the scenes! If Tami Evelyn and Shaunie don’t want us FANS to see them check eachother when they’re wrong then they need to be CUT from BBW because WE wanted a REALITY SHOW, telling your friend they’re wrong no matter who’s around is reality! Anywho.. I have never cared for Jennifer, however, she didn’t deserve to be hit! And for Tami to co-sign with Evelyn just makes me regret ever being a fan of hers. Furthermore, for Tami to assert that Jennifer was wrong for talking about drop top no edges having Nia after Nia slapped her is FOUL on many levels. Royce, Tami was never your friend. Let her go and move on with Kesha.. I didn’t like Kesha at first because she seemed sneaky, but I liked that she stood her ground when talking with Evelyn and Suzie about the Jennifer slap. That was REAL and she is now off my ish list and on my fan list from now on. I hope all is well with you and Dez, y’all make a cute couple… Anywayz, as always I LOVED YOUR BLOG!! Stay UP, STAY You, and STAY BLESSED…

  18. Mrs. Fonseca says:

    This needs to be the final season of this mess. I guess the inner circle as childish as it is, is a circle of bullies that hang around together to look down on one another. I applaud Royce on getting out and staying out and still being happy! I hope Kenya does the same. Yes this show has brought notoriety to these women, some that really does not deserve it nor know how to be grateful for it, but it’s a bug stupid mess with bottles flying constantly and grown women laughing about someone getting hurt. Honestly I know the only reason that Evelyn started showing this “Nia Nobody” on the show is to try to make her famous and get a few dollars in her pocket, so okay we seen her she needs to kick rocks I guess this is Evelyns way of getting out of paying her to be her new flunky since Jenn grew up and moved on. I feel sorry for Jenn for never standing up for herself no fighting isn’t the answer but in all my years it has been proven that if you ever stand up and fight back the bully backs off. I didn’t know adults were bullies. Evelyn is such a simpleton can’t wait until her boat crashes and burns I am sure Ocho will find something better and more lady like probably before the wedding happens. That’s the kind of stuff that happens to evil people Royce I am glad you and Dezmon are back together.

  19. I LOVE ROYCE!!! says:

    I agree with the TOTAL post. I am so glad that you didn’t let Evelyn comments about being a Bum B….to….then to have Evelyn say that she DOES NOT judge people for what they have was the BIGGEST laugh I have heard in a long time. Girlie…Evelyn needs to go back to Season One to present….she is STILL talking about what people have and do not have..and judging people. HELLO Kitten Heels!

    Also, I feel the same regarding what Tami said, “where I am from, we fight and move on”…HONEY, there comes a time when you DO NOT hit people…controlling oneself is a side of maturity. I am not saying we should defend ourselves…but, dealing with people should not mean we hit. Why those three do not feel Jennifer should sue let’s you know their mindset, which is GHETTO GUTTER RATS!

  20. Ree says:

    I agree with the 2nd paragraph of your blog COMPLETELY! Nothing but the TRUTH!

  21. Mphs_901 says:

    Royce… it was Evelyn that called you a bum b!^c# when she was friends with Jennifer. But wasn’t it Jennifer who took you on a shopping/make-over spree to bring you up to their outer appearance? So in actuality Jennifer thought you were a bum b too.

  22. atr says:

    I totally agree with your blog.

  23. WhatFeFeSays... says:

    Team Royce all day!! Well said girlie!

  24. AmarieW says:

    Ok … Yep Royce you summed up everything I felt. I just want to add that I LOVE how Kesha kept it real with Evelyn when she asked her “Dont you have the right to say what ever you want after someone slaps you”, watching Evelyn stutter for a clear answer on that one was priceless lol. It was what Tami and Shaunie wanted to say but couldn’t find the balls. Evelyn crying was so fake to me. And yes I agree that Jenn used to be apart of the mean girl crew but life has taught her a lesson and now all of us as fans of the show can see her growth and appreciate it. My favorite part of the show was you and the girls just having plain old simple fun. Very refreshing. No wonder all the other girls are jealous. You are making this celebrity thing look so easy. :0

  25. Cortney says:

    I absolutely agree Royce. And I have to say reading Tami’s timeline and knowing she is a Christian but then looking at the show really confuses me about her. But I know we are all in the process of maturing and being wiser no matter what age we are, but its a pity when you go backwards than foward.

  26. derbycitydiva says:

    No, you do not owe anyone an explanation about why you are still with Dezmon. SMDH.
    If someone does not agree with taking a cheater back, they are hating? Please have several seats.

  27. karla says:

    you hit on a lot of points that i have observed myself this season…1st and foremost how jennifer is getting of a taste of being bullied herself. although she was never physical, emotional bullying leaves scars too. i don’t agree with the way jennifer is being treated and I am all for her in this situation and it seems that she has gotten more humble. evelyn is trying to turn everyone against jennifer, you know like when we were in elementary and stopped being friends with someone we wanted our other friends to hate them too. so immature. in every solo evelyn has she is talking about jennifer in a negative way. i can say that jennifer does not bring up evelyn. evelyn, stop it i say. if i was jealous of another woman I definitely would not be so obvious about it. and the crocodile tears. *sigh* anyway, we all remember how judgmental she was to anyone she felt was beneath her so again i say stop it evelyn. no one is buying the bull. except nia and look where that got her. let’s see if her “friend” will front her something on this civil suit. we all know jennifer is not a fighter and she has every right to handle it like “where she came from” and that is by calling the law. let’s see how many times evelyn goes after her now that she knows jennifer ain’t playing. she actually owes evelyn for hitting her in the head with her clutch. that’s on national tv too. can you say another assault. evelyn should be grateful to jennifer because she too could be getting sued. #thatisall

  28. specialk says:

    BRAVO Royce! You said everyhting that I was thinking. :)

  29. Valencia says:

    I LOVE IT..100%REAL

  30. V. says:

    Royce, I love reading your blogs. You bring out good points and Im really happy you’re not dealing with these “women” anymore, but instead your doing your thing:)

  31. sonia gols says:

    Tami is shadeee dis days sideing evelyn,,Royce u r always real and say the truth no matter u age u grow,,jenn took the right step by suing nia’s a..s.

  32. Shawnda says:

    I would like to say that I totally agree with you 100% on the points that you made. You were truthful and the points were valid. I’m really amazed at the people that don’t like you, but constantly come to see what you write about. As far as your relationship w/ Dezmon, you owe no one any answers because that is your personal life. Although he was wrong for not being honest in the beginning, his sons mother admitted that they have never messed around since she got pregnant.

  33. joanne sambrano says:

    all i have to say about jen she was just like tami and evelyn when they were all talking but now that theyre not bougie jen is slapping everyone with police reports, the lady that she hit up should of slapped her ass with a police report not only is jen bougie but a coward. she should just man up and talk to one of them individually. but notice whenever someone comes out the circle the first thing coming out of mouths is im done i dont need drama in my life blah blah blah same words out of everyone of u guys. soooo noone is different

  34. joanne sambrano says:

    Royce i think you and shaunie have remained the same throughout all seasons, but bougie jen needs to join a bougie reality show. but ive noticed you really dont come out on the show sooo maybe u should try to get ur own reality show. basketball wives show ask vanessa bryant to the show maybe u go on ur own merry way w ur man, jen needs to do her 4 lucifer lipgloss thing on her own show cmon 4 colors get the hell out of town with that stuff. And jen your who you are cuz of eric and shaunie if not you be nada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Fan says:

    Royce don’t believe the hype that Evelyn was talking about play crying about feeling bad for how she treated you in the past, she really isn’t thinking about Nia it is all about her. She is going to have to spend her own money from now on. Store closed, makeup online but she talked about Jen’s company and who would want to read her book. I bet when Ocho leaves she will sleep with her book publishers. Tami is so in love with Evelyn that I think you can forget about her friendship untill Evelyn get’s tired of her. Jen should sue Shaunie and Tami because the kept laughing egging Evelyn on and yet Shaunie says “Jen thinks I take sides but I don’t” Please she has made it clear that she is going to spend her time with Evelyn. Jen should move on with new associates who won’t jump over tables, slap them and I think they told Nia that nothing would happen because she seems worried now and I am sure when camera’s not rolling she ask Evelyn,Tami and Shaunie that I thought she would do anything. I hope Jen’s get the new car Evelyn has and a portion of the proceeds if any body buys her stuff. As far as new love I would say just take you time and always think with your head and not so much emotions.

  36. Adrian says:

    Well said Royce and keeping it all the way real

  37. watcher says:

    royce i understand were you coming from about nice clothes and nice hair when jennand evelyn were talking about you and how you was a bum were it hurt but remember you call evenly a hoe so what you think you are the same lol 3 guy so before you call the kettle black check your word you doing the same thing as evenly opening your legs and you wonder why your dad is tell you the truth ,he don,t want to see his daughter hurt in the long run from speading you legs ,i,no you grow and do whatever you want but you can,t talk about no one else being a hoe before you catch you okay honey .

  38. jerseygirl 23 says:

    Amen Royce!! you are 100% on target and on the money about everything you just said!! I could not agree with you more. Finally aa voice of reason since it seems everyone else is just to scared to say anything and Shaunie well this is good for ratings and her show but she’s really looking bad in the process just sayin. hope it was all worth it

  39. Taimaikio says:

    Love it you are so right, those girls need to get it together.

  40. bbwfan says:


    I can honestly say I see growth in most of the ladies. I’ll break it down by each cast member b/c that’s my job LMAO!!!!!!!!! j/k

    Since this is your blog I will begin w/ you. I definitely see the growth in you from the first season to the current season. I also say your hair look the best this season and make up. Good job and good luck w/ your acting. As far as your personal relationship you have to do what makes you happy. With bm and bd situations it get kind of difficult as you know. I will say you stated last week you went through his phone and saw the message. You also insinuated that the bm had one of her friends text her those messages and she put Dezmon name. As he admitted he did. I would just caution you not to speak up if you are unsure. Anything is possible. With that said. I thought the bm shouldn’t have put him or yall situation on blast like that. Also, I think you have to do what makes YOU happy. Everyone is going to have comments and opinions. However; everyone go through problems in their relationship unfortunately your issues played out in public where as everyone else get to go through their issues in private. Wish you and Dez the best and hope yall get over this and through this. But regardless of what do what’s best for you and that adorable baby boy of yours.

    Tami- wow! she defnitely changed. She haven’t busted no one a!@ this season at all. That’s good. She’s actually trying to deal w/ her Anger Management Issues.

    Evelyn- I also think Evelyn has changed. I think she is getting wiser about people and things around her. I do like her and has always liked her. I think you and Evelyn would get along. I think Evelyn actually gave you compliments. I believe if you both sat down and hashed out your differences. I do believe people say things in a heated argument or just to hurt people. I hope we (the viewers) will get to see the two of you sit down talk, apologize and be cordial.

    Suzie- she’s fun. I like Suzie. Always has. Although she run her mouth. I think she is truly a genuine friend to each and everyone of you ladies.

    Jenn- Where do I begin. I liked Jenn b/c she tried to keep it classy. However; I can see a change in her. You say she hasn’t changed however; you may know b/c you are there. But as a view she has changed. When her and Tami got in that exchange she didn’t pop off at that time. Anytime she was in a disagreement she never popped off. Now she’s popping off. Well she need to stop popping off if she don’t want to get popped. I truly do not think any of these women should be fighting etc. However; stop popping off if you know there is a chance that someone you popping off too may pop you then think wisely. I think Jenn look pathethic this season. She should have apologized to you a long time ago for the Eric situation however; now she wait until she don’t have friends to apologize and try to get friends. Now she want to apologize to you and try to be friends w/ Keyshia and “crazy ass” Kenya. She would have never been hanging out with new castmates like that. But I feel since she need people to film with her this is why she is w/ them. Jenn definitely need to take those self defense classes. Especially if she is going to continue to pop off.

    Keyshia- she seem nice. Not too much to say on her.

    Kenya- she is crazy. I do not like how she came into the situation then blasted Keyshia. I thought she would have been good friends with Keyshia since the two of them came into this situation. I didn’t like when Kenya said that you don’t know Keyshia well enough to make those statements. She don’t know how well you know Keyshia so she need to hush. Then when she made the comments her and Jenn have issues w/ Evelyn. Jenn issues w/ Evelyn are different than her issues w/ Evelyn. Kenya created her issues w/ Evelyn for popularity just like she created that BS with Keyshia.

    Shaunie- she like to play innocent LOL!!!!! She look like she’s tired of all the fighting.

  41. kaysz says:

    Royce….i agree with you on soo many levels i dont know why grown people have to go around fighting and for friendship too ..i dont get it !! Jen has a right to have new frenz whether she lies to pple that she has jus been chillin at home is her business.I ALSO agree that if someone touches me i am so calling the cops,im not a fighter either so i get Jen ..i thought you and Tami were good friends and it was cute unno why she is friends wit Evelyn because she seems to not be herself around her ..they need to grow up !! AS FOR YOU N DEZ m soo glad you guys are working things out …love is always worth a second chance …all that matters is your hapiness n if you know that what you share is real then there is nothin nobody can say..its your life !!!!

  42. Lynn says:

    I completely agree with everything you said here. As much as I love Tammi I do think that everyone of of them is too old to be leaping across tables and trying to fight someone. It is extremely sad when that is your first reaction to a problem, and even more so when you know that you have children that can be affected by those actions. I have to admit this is the first time I have read any of the blogs, and until now I was not a big Royce fan, but I really respect your voice.

  43. Tierra says:

    Well said love!!

  44. Ashley says:

    Royce..i so love you dearly! I know you probably don’t even read the comments left under the blog…but I just feel so compelled to give my opinion. First are so and totally right…you do not need to explain to anyone about whats going on in your and dezmons relationship. It is what it is. People make mistakes. And yes I can totally believe that he was trying just get on her good side. I’d do anything for my daughter even if that meant saying a few things to my enemy that I normally wouldn’t. Evelyn needs to grow up and Tami needs to remove her tongue from evelyns ass. This woman slept with her husband and now they’re bestfriends?! Ludicrous! Shaunie…shame on you! I used to really feel for shaunie o’neal considering what she went through with her husband and the fact that her bestfriends sister was the one cheating with him. Now I have lost all respect for her. She truly disgusts me. If she was really a woman she would have told evelyn that what she’s doing is NOT cool at all. Royce..keep doing you girl!

  45. piggy says:

    I agree, cause evelyn always had some messed up to say about how u dress, look, & act. She fake as hell & smbdy need to put their hands on her! & thats the reason why jen sent out the letters cause she knw that those other broads will set her ass up quick like they do everybdy else! Smdh!

  46. lmao at these messy females says:

    Evenlyn,Tami and Shaunie are all some messy females that really needs to grow up… And for the Nia girl she need to go kill herself trying to get some time on the camera with that hot mess ass wig she had on……..They know Jennifer is not a fighter thats why they keep messing with her….. Its really funny how Evenlyn got ball toward Jennifer and Kenya but was scared as hell of Tami……

  47. Geraldine Moore says:

    That was great! If lived in the city I would come to the show.

  48. Patrice says:

    This blog could not have put it any better. I’m happy for you and Dezmon working it out because some women would stand by a man for worse offenses ie crime, drug dealing, other stupidity that would get them nowhere. I digress… I’m happy Jen did what she had to do because as you said it, violence is not the answer and one day they will grow up and learn that mature adults don’t communicate that way.

  49. I wanted to say Royce, u did your thing&spoke the truth,thats keepin it”Real girl” i admire the fact u brought up a lot of good points and made statements on Evelyn on how she is wrong on all the things she’s done to Jen. I feel as grown ass women,we should be mature enuf to hold it down,but at the same time do wat we gotta do”handle ur business’,that’s my motto. I feel wat Jen is doin is a good thang,nobody deserves to be treated that way&that incl. z& either Royce. Good fortune to you and Dex&ur son,whatever me u Happy. Whatever hurts u,defintely makes u Stronger”

  50. Denise says:

    Royce I Love your spirit. You are so positive. You, Suzie & Kesha & yes Kenya is what makes this show cool to watch. When the witches do their evil part & just turn. Thank you Royce, Suzie, Kesha & Kenya for acting like intelligent women. Keep being who you are..

  51. everett4life says:

    Royce Im happy for you and Dez.,everyone hav problems, ppl need to stop acting like there so perfect….you and Dez continue to love each other despite what others say.

  52. MEKA says:


  53. womanncontrol says:

    Try to ignore babymama plz, sumbody need to hook her up ,cus she seem lonely. lol …I dont think a man can deal wit dat nasty attitude and foul mouth, she act like she’s in high school still. I wish u and dez the best.

  54. everett4life says:


  55. Lorren says:

    I agree with you a 100% and yes you are right that is not how you should handle yourself. You, Tami, Suzie and Jen are my favorites of the show. As far as you and your boo that is right you do you regardless of what other is saying you deserve to be happy and when you are with him you sure are you can see it all over your face take care.

  56. don says:

    What i like about u ROYCE is that you stay true to yourself and what u believe to be true,you are so right about what you said in your blog and i admire you for that, although Jen didn’t deserve to be slap and picked on by eve and her assistant its karma for Jen, its kinda like what happen to u in they past season for no reason its really true have a mind of your own. Say whats on it and care not about who dont like it if the wrong could so can the right.

    eve is pure DRAMA,not a good person at all and to all who think she may be friends with you on the show including nia watch by examples it will never last unless she is scared of u: thats the only way she may remain your friend..

  57. Tawana says:

    You hit it right on the head for me Royce. I haven’t forgot how Evelyn was always talking down about you and how you dressed. Now that the tables have turned and her and her “girl” are the ones being talked about it’s a problem. I think you’re very smart to keep your distance from Jenn and especially Evelyn.

  58. Sandy says:

    I agree with you 100% – there is more at stake here then just one’s ego – this entire show is about business…whether its getting into someone else business or using this show as a platform to start your own business – its business! and allowing a NON CAST MEMBER to step up on the scene for a moment to shine and disrespect someone by slapping them in the face is not cool at all! Evelyn leaping across the table making threats was crazy – and who wants to marry her?? I love the fact that royce, keisha and suzie add some balance to the drama by having “no drama” fun!! its a break from all the wanna be glamour thugs (i.e, evelyn).
    I love you Royce – because you are who you are and you don’t need the approval of anyone to be happy with who you are…i think Jennifer has learned a lot from you!

  59. Dorothy Julian says:

    Royce thank you for being real right from the start, your so inspiring.. You always Dare to be true… Just wish your the leader…. because you always dare to be true… What ever you do does reflect where you came from… that is a peaceful and respectable family… Janie is doing the right thing let her go a head and fight for her rights… Tamie your so boring and nagging your daughters are watching mind you…………… I RESPECT YOU ROYCE

  60. monique says:

    Well said Royce & I like Tami but didnt she serve Evelyn with papers when she mafr those T-shirt..So dnt start the flip flippin….I really don’t know why Evelyn & Jen are beefing…Yes Ebelyn nerd to stop b/c she did the d
    same to u.

  61. Audrey says:

    Royce I agree with everything you said, you put it together well. I don’t understand why evelyn and her assistant was so shocked to hear about the police report because didnt jennifer let it be known from the start that if anyone touched her she would sue?

  62. LeesaJay says:

    Royce you are soooo true about everything you said. Ev crying cause Jenn called that chic a bum….dont make no sence she’s mad cause Jenn used her line. As for the fight man Jenn is not the one, even to try to fight her makes no sence. Everyone knows she will not fight back and I agree shes not doing the wrong thing I would have called the police too. Then to make fun of Jenn cause of her “4″ colors of lipstick, really thats so childish. As I hope Jenn is watching all these eposides I hope she is looking back at her actions in previous seasons and feeling bad for the way she has treated others.Tami on the other hand seems to bash Jenn alot with Ev thats not right either if she says they are friends. Good luck with Dez!!

  63. Christina says:

    I really enjoyed seeing Royce, Kesha, Suzie and Dezmon at D&B’s. It looked like everyone had a fun time and it put a smile on my face. I’m also glad to hear that Royce and Dezmon are patching things up. As for Evelyn and Tami…I truly have nothing to say. All I can do is shake my head and say a prayer. Royce and Kesha…Remain sweet and true…and continue to show how fun and relaxing life can be when you stay away from the drama.

  64. Monica says:

    Royce u are the real deal on this show! U are so right about all of them. Im so mad at Tammy she should know frist hand. The way they treated her! And Evelyn is full of it!

  65. Gale says:

    Shaunie, you stated, “I will never say I agree with some of the behavior between my girlfriends on the show”.

    Well, Tami & Evelyn are just that “little girls” psychologically, because mature, intelligent, respectful adults would never conduct themselves in such a disgraceful manner, on National TV or not on National TV.

    Tami & Evelyn are setting very poor examples for the young girls, and they a total disgrace to millions of adult women across the globe.

    Shaunie, you should keep on to feeling good about yourself, rejoice, clap your hands, pat yourself on the back, and make millions of dollars, while the other female cast members on the show are beaten senseless.

  66. Scandalous says:

    It is true that Jennifer, has done some nasty deeds on the show, but she has not attempted to lower her standards to the level of violence.

    There are absolutely, positively, zero grounds for physical act of violence.

    Tami & Evelyn are scandalous, they are violators, they are foul, and they are down right sinful.

    Their behavior is not amusing; their violent behavior is nauseating, offensive, shameful, and sick.

  67. Faye says:

    Shaunie +++ has become a businessperson and moneymaker, by producing the most brutal Reality Show. A Reality Show can gain popularity and receive high rating without harassment, insulting verbal communication and bodily attacks. Shaunie is resting peacefully, while the other female cast mates are having wine glasses thrown at them, and slapped in the face.

  68. Chelly says:

    Love, love, love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team Royce all the way :)

  69. Angela says:

    I agree totally w/u on the Jen/Evelyn situation. Every intelligent person knows the only reason these bullies are even messing with Jen is because they know she wont hit them back. Thats probably y ev and shaunie refuse to film w/u. They know u would whoop they’r tail if they hit u w a drink, glass, bottle, fist, or hand. that punk ev wont bust a grape for real. that’s y she’s always picking up something to throw. she’s hoping someone is going to hold her punk tail back. I wish she would have fell when her childish behind went running across the table.

  70. Cola says:

    Amen Royce well said! Tami compromise which I’m surprised because she’s usually her own person. Eveylne looked stupid on last nights episode as she was trying to talk about the incident. It just seemed weird to watch Tami and Shainie support such violence. Then Tami and Evelyne made fun of the fight was sickening.
    again I ask Eveylne why is she wasting so much time on Jen when she has a fake wedding to plan.

  71. yvette says:

    and thats it in a nut shell.

  72. Earsula L says:

    That is very true Royce. Show them how to act like a lady.

  73. Linnie says:

    Last night was very upsetting! Royce, so happy that you have moved away from the nonsense! I’ve decided that I get no benefit whatsover from watching the show so PEACE OUT!!!

  74. bougie girl says:

    You are so right in regards to the hypocrisy shown on this show. Tami and Evelyn demonstrate extremely immature behaviors. I work in the schools and I will tell you that it is NOT OK to show resolution of conflicts with blows and weapons. The first thing the kids say is “you adults do it, why can’t we?” Tami and Evelyn, it doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s where you are today. You are grown women with beautiful daughters. How would you like it if it were one of your daughter’s who was slapped? Whether you ladies like it or not, you are public figures and are therefore role models to our young girls. Evelyn’s displays of violence have been absolutely atrocious! Tami and Shaunie’s act of “co-signing” Evelyn’s behaviors is disgraceful. Jennifer was once a party to all this mayhem and foolishness, however, now one of the the bullies is now being bullied. The table has turned and now she knows how it feels. She is absolutely doing the right thing by pressing charges and filing a lawsuit. I plan on boycotting Evelyn’s new show by the way…….no need to invite trash into my home.

  75. Animal lover43 says:

    Royce how many guys are you going to date? and how many times are you going to ask for a ring?

  76. The Black Garbo says:

    Even though you’re on TV we respect that your life is yours. Last night’s episode had me so wondering if Ev ever judged anyone. Thanks for clearing that up. To me, if you did something foul, then it is what it is, own up and move on. Not doing that makes one a hypocrite. So everything you said about Ev’s take on Jen trashing Nia, I agree. Wrong is wrong no matter who did it or caught it. My only disagreement is that you are never too old to fight back. Too old to be starting stuff and encouraging (Al Reynolds) yes, definitely. Still mad that they all attacked that girl on TV (Eric, Ev, Nia). So disrespectful.

  77. ROYCE YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Vicky B says:

    I agree Royce. Evelyn, Tami and Nia should be ashamed of themselves. I see Tami as an instigator. She helps to keep the mess going. Evelyn has issues, she has had problems with every woman on the show except with Shaunie. Nia’s approach/confrontation style was wrong, she was out of line, and in the real world anybody would have fired back at her similiar to the way Jen did. Yes Jen should have pressed charges. Good for you Jen.
    I know that all of you are under contract and this is a job of sorts, however, everyone should be able to work in an environment free from abuse.

  79. Brandi says:

    That girl just spoke the complete truth! I love it

  80. Sonji says:

    I’m so happy you put this out there and said it what you said. I don’t care how much you don’t like me don’t put your hands on me period because I will call the police. Evelyn be jumping around acting a damn fool and the nerve of her assistant to come and say the mess she did show she’s really jealous of Jen. Jen isn’t doing anything wrong at this moment that I can see. Shout everyday we all do something we shouldn’t be saying or doing. I like you Royce your a down to earth smart and educated young women and keep up the good and warm wishes.


  81. Sonji says:

    To Animal a women can date has many men she want and she’s right to ask for a ring if to just see where this relationship. Maybe she want more kids and wants to be married, leave her alone hell that’s her business she hasn’t ask for our help.

  82. Dont know why I watch this show. So stomach-churning says:

    never commented before, had to this time; because this post was so on point. thank you for being an independent thinker and acting with class. You’re are us – black hope – last hope on that show. please don’t embarass us like those other females – Shaunie in cluded. (I used to have respect for her. She definitely lost it.)

  83. Dont know why I watch this show? So disturbing and embarassing says:

    You are us – black females – last hope ***

  84. Omari says:

    I don’t really care for ur storyline on the show but you always speaking the truth on ur blog much respect!

  85. sweetkirah says:

    well said all i have to say

  86. cindy says:

    yes….cuhrazy….23 year old in the NFL and proved he isn’t trustworthy….run dummy run… You consider yourself so smart, and you are not thinking clearly….Listen to your cordial friend, Jen about marrying an athlete….Dezmond is no different.

  87. Thornton says:

    Evelyn, Is obsessed with Jennifer, and she truly misses their friendship. She even knew the kind of salad Jennifer was eating, really? Anyway Evelyn apologize to Jennifer, cause you need her in your life….

  88. GetTheGhettoTrashOff says:

    let the church say amen.
    P.S. … TIred of the ghetto trash women. get them off

  89. weezie says:

    Royce I’m so glad somebody on that show has some Sense. Thanks for being grown and thinks like a LADY,Evelyn is CRAZY who would want a Friend like that i sure wouldn’t .

  90. souluvly says:

    Royce you made a lot of legitimate points as far as grown women fighting however I think you may have misinterpreted Tami’s remarks. She never once said she condoned violence or the incident that took place with the ladies. As her friend you should communicate with her before passing out your judgmental commentary or better yet read her blog.

    As far as you and your boyfriend goes. Not all women who disagree with your relationship are haters most women simply see you going down a road they once been down so before you call someone a hater consider which road they may have walked down. Personally I don’t know why any woman would want to be in your shoes, perhaps those women should reevaluate their life as you stated above.

    To each it’s own. What works for you may not work for others. Wish you the best.

  91. Eve says:

    This blog is the truth. It will ruffle the feathers of those who are trying too hard to deny it. Evelyn did the same thing to Royce, looking down at her for not wearing the right clothes or having the right business. Now Evelyn believes Jenn is horrible for saying what she did to Nia about her apartment and she “would never” look down on people for what they don’t have? Yeah okay. Whether or not you like Jenn is irrelevant; nobody deserves to be ganged up on like that, period. I was disappointed in Tami for thinking what happened to Jenn was entertaining, same with Shaunie. They don’t seem like true friends to Jenn at all, they are the kind who will smile in your face while hiding the knife they plan to stab you with in the back. I enjoyed reading this blog and it represents how real ladies should think and act.

  92. Angel says:

    I just wanted to point out that Ev did not defend Jen like that when Tami went in on her about the food stamps a couple of seasons ago when they were cool…Ev is doing this for entertainment purposes. I can’t believe this girl is that damn crazy in real life

  93. Deni says:

    Royce! Thanks for being the voice of reason, honesty, and integrity. You, in actuality, are the only person that keep it 100. Evelyn only keeps it 50 – she has gone on to delete all negative comments on her blog. Someone who’s real takes the good with the bad and can admit they are wrong. In her quest to paint Jenn in a bad light, she has only made herself into a villain. Yes, Jenn is not a fighter and her only option to fight back was with words which I’m sure she didn’t mean. I would have done the same thing. Another thing that kills me is that Tami is expressing how Nia is so sorry for what happened — why is she expressing this to Tami and not Jenn. I don’t see her apologizing at all. Isn’t Tami the one who’s always saying if you have something to say, say directly to the person you have a problem with? And yet Nia is expressing remorse to Tami and not Jenn. These women are so hypocrital!

  94. Maria says:

    Royce’s blogs always seems to make sense vs the other “wives”

  95. Disappointed says:

    Royce always speaks the truth, that is why I love reading this blog. I like Tami, but in this season, she is turning into something else. Here we are telling kids to report being bullied and she is telling everyone that if you get smacked, and hit over the head and promised an ass whooping everytime the person sees you, you should just pretend that it didnt happen. HELL NO! What is happening to Jen is very sad and unfortunate, but now she can see what her “friend” Evelyn is really like, it sometimes takes that much for people to open the eyes and see the real person. I do hope that Royce and Tami can sort out the friendship and Tami can get away from the dark side. Oh Nia….why? Where did that come from? Over keys? If you care about someone, as much as she says she did about Jen and spent so much time with her, you should never, ever even consider publicly humiliating them or put your hands on them. Thats why we age and with age comes maturity to sit down, ask for the keys and/or find out if the friendship can be mended if that is what you want. And as for Royce and her bf, well do what feels right for you Royce…other people need to go and live their own lives.

  96. Jenee says:

    It is AMAZING that I said the same things you said, that Evelyn is nothing more than a HUGE hypocrite, because when she and Jen were ganging up on you and calling you a “bum”, it was cute and justified. Now that Jen is out from Dr. Evil’s thumb, she’s fake and “bourgie”. Evelyn may have a quick temper, but she is gonna run into that ONE person who has a quicker temper and is more violent and mean than even she is, and she’s gonna meet her match.

  97. ThiinkingK says:

    I appreciate your blog. I think you generally, seem to be one of the most up front without being confrontational women on this show.

    I am pretty much over Basketball wives, how many times can we watch Evelyn physically assault other people and have it passed off as normal, adult behavior. She’s classless bully. I am sure she would like to punch, slap, or kick me for saying that. However, the difference between me and the majority of the people she surrounds herself with is that I don’t have a problem calling the police and letting them handle their business, which happens to be keeping violent people from assaulting others.

    She fell out with her old side kick so now she has Nia to come along and be her new bully buddy, give me a break. I cannot believe she knows enough words to actually fill a book, since all we ever see her do on television is physically attack anyone that happens to disagree with what she has to say.

    Kesha has consistently refused to allow herself to become embroiled in brawls and I admire that. She is one of the few people on this show that can be admired. She actually knows how to behave even when she makes a mistake.

    No one is going to agree with everything ANY person says about them but if we all went around attempting to manhandle every person that disagrees with us, society would break down, worse than it has already, even faster.

    Evelyn is classless, and that has nothing to do with how many sexual partners she may or may not have had. That is none of my business. It is the fact that she feels that she has the right to bully and physically assault anyone who happens not to agree with her point of view. I have watched the episodes where she is having fits in public and I always feel sorry for the other people in the room. They didn’t come out to have their nights ruined by some brawling chick that has no idea how to behave in public.
    This show has turned into something worse than a ghetto train wreck. there are some funny and interesting things that happen here but for the most part, it has been overtaken by women, who may now have money, but show us that money cannot buy taste, self control, and descent behavior.
    I am black and I totally agree with you that pressing charges is not what “white people do”, I am a mother of daughters and I try to teach them the appropriate way to behave I don’t want them bullied either. When that happened, at my child’s school, I was going to press charges and I am black and the girls who hurt my daughter was black also. Pressing charges is the adult way to say, no you can’t put your hands on me, that is NOT appropriate behavior and it will not be accepted.
    Royce, it is good to see you do something positive. If I lived in that area, I would come to your show.

  98. Tos says:

    EXCELLENT Royce!!! I wished so many ppl could read and understand the nature of this entire thing. @souluvly – No, she did not misinterpret Tami. Tami stated that suing was not something they did where she came from. She stated that you take you a– kicking and keep it moving. Royce is saying that it is not ok to put your hands on anyone at any age, and SUING is a mature, business person’s role. Everything does not have to be settled with fists, and so far, that is the only way that Eve and Tami have shown to win, outside of using the B—– word a thousand times. Tami and Eve need to know that there are repercussions when you put your hands on ppl and although I do not like Jenn, they need to understand that.

  99. Darkbeauti says:

    I agree with your blog 150%, you’re so real, . Jen has always been like that on all the episodes, yes she used to side with Evelyn, but that has changed and I think she is growing and wants to take a different path. Honestly I liked Tami on past episode but this time, she is just not clicking, she has become a bully with Evelyn and Shaunie is not helping the situation either, they are all hyprocrites. I would press charges, is Nia a part of the show? Is she or was she in any way involved with a basketball player? Then she should get sued, Evelyn hyped her up to attack Jen, so she should face the consequences. Suzie needs to decide whose friend she is, you can’t try to be cool with everyone and carry news, youre frown don’t do that! Being a bully is not right and worse when its coming from grown women! Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie needs to really take a deep look at themselves, no one is perfect, but they act really disgusting for grown women! Keep it real Royce, you tell it as it is!

  100. K.K says:

    First i’d like to thank you Royce for being the only one to really speak the truth. I usually don’t post comments on websites, but as a fan of the show i really must say that the harassment being done to Jennifer is disturbing. What makes it look so disturbing is the fact that she seemed to be trying to avoid the drama and they all know she is not confrontational. So it made them look weak because they ganged up on someone who they know is not good at defending herself. And for someone ( Evelyn and Nia) to constantly make threats, harass, and actually smack her in the face is ridiculous. And it made them look like adult bullies. It seemed like they were acting out of hurt because Jennifer has seemed to move on so easily from their friendship but you can’t bully someone into seeing things your way. It really was hard to watch these people who once claimed to be good friends become such enemies.

  101. Annie says:

    Wow this is the 1st time dat im n2 her blog and i’m really enjoying it, especially the dancing part…..really love seeing and hearing my Trini roots.

  102. houston says:

    Evelyn is Tami’s fan favorite…she soooo wants to be her bestie its pathetic.

  103. Elanie says:


    # 1 Tami, Evelyn, and Nia should be ban from the show.

    # 2 The other female cast members, should not be placed in danger for the love of VH1, Producers, and Shaunie money making tactics.

    # 3 Hercules Tami, Evil Evelyn, Shade wearing/Crazy-lady Nia

    # 4 The dog pound and the zoo have plenty of empty cages and vacancies. Shaunie they have an open position for a Keeper.

  104. Sally says:

    Shaunie, why would you feel good about PIMPING CRIMINALS?

    Shaunie, How could you feel good about PIMPING GANG-BANGERS?

    Shaunie, how can you face your children, knowing you are PIMPING BULLIES?

    When you are well aware that there are anti-bullying laws in schools and communities.

    Tami & Evelyn, are not educated enough to know that they making your richer, with their unlawful behavior.

    Shaunie is kicking back, relaxing, laughing, pretending to be concerned. While Tami & Evelyn are physically assaulting, harrassing everybody else around them.

  105. Shaunie Girls says:

    Shaunie, you stated, “I will never say I agree with some of the behavior between my girlfriends on the show”.

    Well, Tami & Evelyn are just that “little girls” psychologically, because mature, intelligent, respectful adults would never conduct themselves in such a disgraceful manner, on National TV or not on National TV.

    Tami & Evelyn are setting very poor examples for the young girls, and they a total disgrace to millions of adult women across the globe.

    Shaunie, you should keep on to feeling good about yourself, rejoice, clap your hands, pat yourself on the back, and make millions of dollars, while the other female cast members on the show are beaten senseless.

  106. Isabelle says:

    First things first, I think some people are getting a little bit too hysterical. I do agree with Royce completely, the right thing to do is press charges. Here is where I disagree, not so much to do with what Royce has said but more to do with the responses regarding the episode and the over exaggerated role of Shaunie and to an extent Tamie. I have seen many comments claiming that Shaunie and Tami both condoned the actions of Nia and Evelyn. They did not. Tami was the first one to try and stop Nia, not really the actions of someone who wanted to see or partake in a violent altercation is it? Was I the only one who saw Shaunie trying to calm Evelyn down and her foot being injured in the process? Again, not someone who condones violence. From what was shown I did not hear once Shaunie and Tami agree with what Nia did, I heard them say Jennifer watched and sat there, which is fair enough because that did happen. I gathered that they were in agreement that the whole situation could have been avoided if Jennifer had moved which I completely agree with. Now as for Tami saying that she does not agree with Jenn pressing charges that is wholly her opinion and is entitled to it, it does not make her a bully for thinking so. Do I agree with her? No. But do I think she is bullying Jenn because of that opinion. No, because that is how she was brought up. People need to have a little perspective sometimes. Also calling some of the basketball wives names mainly Evelyn are just as bad as her as far as I am concerned. It is called cyber-bullying for a reason. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

  107. Mrs.K says:

    Thank you Royce– finally a grown woman mature enough to make it clear that fighting at any age, but especially at an adult age is not needed. Tammi might get mad at you Royce but that is on her. She goes along with whatever nonsense Evelyn dishes out, maybe because she is the culprit of nonsense so much of the time herself! And that Shaunie– disgusting. What Nia and evelyn did was wrong–period. She needed to be woman enough to say so!

  108. courtney says:

    royce has a different boo every season stay out the spotlight with your men and maybe you could keep one…your with this baby and he’s doing you anykind of way maybe you should take a break from dating and figure yourself out

  109. Debra says:

    Basketball Wives (SMDH) I have always been shocked and appalled by the behavior of Evelyn (who?). I was once a huge fan of Tami and Shauni’s but not any more. I come from NYC and Tami and Evelyn are not indicative of a real New Yorker. Throwing things at people Evelyn, nothing brave there. But honestly the behavior of Evelyn and Tami with the bullying and thug mentally is an embarrassment for all women. If these women are not ashamed of their behavior then they are absolutely IGNORANT. Their images and reputations are forever tarnished, they will never be taken seriously by anyone legit, and will always be whispered about and laughed at behind their backs. Notable people and venues will never include them on a guest list, they can be likened to a new age minstrel show and are too ignorant to know it. Shauni, shame on you for glamorizing this moronic and imbecilic behavior to the world. There are still those who will judge all women of color by the actions of these women. We are still facing enough obstacles in this country trying to be taken seriously as intelligent and capable individuals and now we have this behavior by women who are calling themselves classy and sophisticated. If the show continues on this path I will cease watching. Evelyn and Tami, I hope that you women have more substance to you then what you are exhibiting, Grow up and use some of this money that you are earning to buy yourselves some SELF-RESPECT if that is possible.

  110. Debra says:

    TEAM ROYCE, Royce, keep being you. I so love how you have carried yourself. The best to you and your love. Wishing you nothing but success in all your endeavors

  111. Denise says:

    Tami, Evelyn, and Nia — are totally out of their minds. They behave as if their brains have been fried from some type of substance abuse. Evil Evelyn is not ready to come completely out of the closet regarding her sexual preference (which she tried to do during her discussion with Chad about letting another woman into their bed, and she said what if I don‘t like her). Evelyn, may hate Jennifer now, because she fell in love with her during Jennifer’s divorce and their friendship. Evelyn, refuse to stop long enough to look over her life style and criminal behavior to avoid self-destruction. Tami & Evelyn are all about Tami & Evelyn. This is Tami & Evelyn’s show. Tami & Evelyn own this show and everybody around them, including Shaunie should fall to their knees when they walk in the room. Well, unfortunately the only person on the show that already come close to bowing down to Tami and Evelyn is Shaunie. Shaunie, is working Tami & Evelyn in the worst and nastiest way., while she continues to get richer.

  112. Valerie says:

    I love you Royce and your blog is always spot on. You are keeping it real. No one at any age should have to wonder if they are going to get hit when they are out in public. I don’t blame Jen one bit for filing a lawsuit. So happy to hear that you and Dezmond are back together. I have dealt with baby mama dram and just keep your head up. Let her be miserable by herself.

  113. gail uwakwe says:

    This is why ROYCE IS THE REALEST!!!!!! love her character :)

  114. BoycottBullies says:

    HAS ANYONE NOTICED THAT EVELYN’S BLOG IS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS NO NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT HER BEHAVIOR IN THE COMMENTS. I POSTED THE TRUTH ABOUT HER HYPOCRISY AND SHE OR ONE OF HER GOONS DELETED IT. AT LEAST THE OTHER GIRLS TAKE THEIR POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! I say boycott the bullies. I, for one, will not be tuning in anymore. I have a stepson who got beat almost everyday this school year. That is until his mother wrote the board of education AND called to local news. Jennifer should prosecute because she is letting the children know that if you are too scared to fight with fists, fight with authority. And bullies ONLY fight those who are afraid so there you go. The children need to know that they will be protected when they can’t or won’t protect themselves. We live in an age where there are children committing suicide or shooting up their schools and killing innocents because of being bullied. This is a very real situation. SHAUNIE, TAMI, AND EVELYN are wrong (did anyone else see them laughing and salsa-ing)? IJS. Tami and Shaunie say they are neutral, then why are they always laughing and sending Evelyn out? Keisha kept it real with Evelyn by stating that Jennifer had the right to say whatever she wanted about Nia after she slapped her in the face. However, the one with “more authority than you” (did anyone else hear Evelyn say this to Jennifer) went on the say that since Keisha is on her good side right now she should just shut up. It’s still true that the truth hurts! Regardless of who is our favorite “wife” (used very loosely as no one is married) most of us know bullying when we see it and are outraged on what is teaching the bullied and the bully. Phew…finally done!

  115. teresa says:

    Did I actually watch Tami and Evelyn dance, minicing the fight between Jennifer and Nia? Tell me, that two grown adult women DIDNOT reduce themselves to 12 year old mean girls. What was the purpose of that, who can fight better? I think Tami and Evelyn are bullys that never grew up. And TAMI, in the hood, you might “accept your ass whippin and move on”, but your not in the hood anymore, are you Mama? And this is for EVEYLN…

    Envy and jealousy are very close in meaning. Envy denotes a longing to possess something awarded to or achieved by another: to feel envy when a friend inherits a fortune. Jealousy, on the other hand, denotes a feeling of resentment that another has gained something that one more rightfully deserves.

    I think Evelyn feels envy over Jennifer’s advantages, success, possessions, etc.

  116. Shugs says:

    I use to love Evelyn but girlllllllllll u need to leave Jen alone, pick on someone who will fight back (Tami). You are grown very grown leave the girl alone, Suzy stop kissing butt have an opinion, Shaunie please oh please . Royce you are the boss love u blogs!

  117. Am I the only one that thinks Eve is not beautiful just average but she is very sexy says:

    The moment some one put there hand on me I would curse their mama their Grand mother even their dead Grand mother all bet are off, I am proud of you Jenn stay beautiful in & out.

  118. Jones Family & Friends says:

    There are million of people across the country suffering financially, from unemployment, hunger, homelessness, poverty, and life-threatening illnesses. To see people wasting trillions of dollars to create and produce a show that is so violent, is insensitive and very sad. Evelyn and Tami are suffering psychologically. Their hearts are wounded, broken, beaten, and in pain. This would turn any human being life up side down. But, what is the most disturbing is that these wounded women are wasting millions of dollars beautifying themselves externally, while ignoring their wounded soul , spirit, and emotional state of mind. Instead, they turn to verbally abusing and physically violating the other female cast members on the show. VH1, Producers, and Shaunie, protect the other cast members, think about the other cast members. You should without a doubt consider their behavior entirely unacceptable, sicken, disrespectful, insulting, terrorizing, troublesome, outrageous, obnoxious, hazardous, harmful, and much more than any human being can bear. With that said, end the violence on the show. The viewers have already started a Petition to shutdown BBW and Chad & Evelyn’s new show. What is it going to take to get VH1, Producers, and Shaunie to wake up from their dream, and realize this show is a total nightmare? Instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new automobile, her wannabe husband, best friends and family should have escorted her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility. A brand new automobile will not erase away her misery, pain, wounded soul, evil spirit, broken heart, and criminal behavior. Tami & Evelyn loves Tami & Evelyn. These two beasts totally disregard their family, children, VH1, cast members, producers, Shaunie, and the viewers.

  119. Lady Smith says:

    I have never really cared for the behavior of the women on this show but now I am appalled and find it reprehensible. Not only am I advocating people sign the petition to boycott the Evelyn spin-off show, I will also petition the advertisers in an effort to have them pull their spots. The behavior exhibited on this show not only feeds into the “angry black woman” stereotypes but also gives our children the worst example of how to resolve differences. I am shocked and appalled that the producers are upset that Jen filed charges/lawsuit against her attacker. Evelyn is a bully and her behavior should not be excused or condoned in even the slightest way. While Shaunie or Tami may not have actually been the attackers, their behavior after the attack condones bullying; not once did either of them say to Evelyn or Nia that they had done the wrong thing. And being upset that Jen filed charges – again condones the bad behavior. It’s one thing to watch ladies getting into cat-fights on these so-called reality shows but Evelyn and Nia’s actions on these last two episodes crosses a line and I think everyone needs to let VH1 know that we won’t stand for it.

  120. @LadySmith says:

    where is the petition to sign to boycott eve and ocho and to pull bbw? i totally agree with you. this is a bigger situation than ratings at vh1 or shaunie’s pockets. bullying is a reality and there is a young man in a wheelchair because of it. there are also adolescent and teen suicides because of it. and let’s not forget school shootings because of it. i don’t want my children having to see this crap and will help in any small way that i can to have it stopped.

    below is the website about the young man who is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life because of a bully. this child actually wrote to school authorities on his own and was ignored. now his family is being paid millions.

    was he supposed to just take his a@@ whipping and keep it moving too?

  121. Pku78 says:

    I agree with everything you said! I actually like Tami and Evelyn, but I did have to disagree with them. Jen has every right to press charges and should. I agree with you, if someone puts their hands on me, I will beat them down and then press charges. You have to defend yourself! Additionally, I don’t think the situation would have gotten so crazy if Nia had spoken to Jen like an adult. After Shaunie and Tami spoke their piece, Nia just came at Jen CRAZY! If someone comes at me like that, I’d snap back too! This is actually my first season watching, so I didn’t see the episode where Evelyn put you down, but if that’s true….c’mon Evelyn! I do think Jen is acting like she’s better then everyone, though. And I agree with multiple posters, that she should leave the show. It doesn’t appear that she has anything left in common with them. I do feel bad for the way she is being bullied. Evelyn & Tami you two are SO FUNNY and 2 of my favorite cast members, but please stop being bullies! You both have kids and you both are two beautiful to be behaving that way!
    I think Kesha is so sweet and classy!
    Royce, I was really saddened to hear about that drama last week! Especially after watching the previous week’s episode. My heart went out to you. I do think you deserve better….but I know the heart wants what the heart wants. Best of luck to you!

  122. K.M. says:

    First, Royce you are indeed my favorite cast member as you have never been apart of the WANNABES( High Yellow Heifers). I do feel bad for Jenn as she carries herself as a respectful women with class and sophistication which is often missing from other cast mates. I hope when Evelyn watches the show this spring she realizes how ignorant she looks as a mother and a future wife. It’s time for someone to speak with the producers of this show with regards to how trashy black women are being depicted. It’s not right and it’s certainly not ok for women to use such degrading profanity and discuss their sexual prowess on television. Please encourage your cast mates to be better role models for their children as Shaunnie apparently has become obsessed with money and completely sold out………..

  123. j&e says:

    Royce, i really like that you’re sooo real and honest, which is great cause i want to be real and honest with you! Ol boy Dezmon is bad news honey!!! Now i know there are shady ppl out there trying to ruin good relationships BUT he DID send those texts and the fact that he sent those messages because he was trying to get on her “good side” it just doesnt make sense. and like Judge Judy would say “if it doesn’t make sense, then its NOT true” getting on her good side would be bringing her food when he picks up her son, engaging in casual converstation, telling a joke, things like that. not text messages saying he wants to f*ck her! come on royce!!! dont be that girl!! i know how it is, cause you want to believe that you know your man but girrl, theres not logical reason for you to believe him. be careful

  124. Brittney Levy says:

    Thank Royce for putting it like it is………Thats why u have been and will always be my favorite basketball wife…..It amazes me how ppl can call theirselves grown but act like children, I am very disappointed in Tami’s behavior, I used to like her because she stood up for herself and what was right, but now it seems like she is just as bad as Evelyn. and you are right about Evelyn, she is a hypocrit, because she did call you a bum. The only reason y it matters now is because she is upset when Jen, she doesnt want anyone standing up to her. Shaunie is a disappointment as well, bcuz she is co-signing. Royce continue to do you and DON’T WORRY ABOUT THAT DRAMA, since you are no worried about them, they have to start fighting each other to get some spotlight

  125. Sandy says:

    As far as Tami saying she would not press charges..Last year she served Eve court papers about the “nonfactor B**tch” comment.! Come on now, how short is her memory???

  126. Fan says:

    my response to Isabelle is I don’t know how you didn’t see that Tami moved out of the way so that Nia could get to Jen. And Tami and Shaunie had drinks with Evelyn and Nia before Jen got there and all they were talking about what was going to happen. Shaunie was not trying to calm Evelyn down if so she would have fired her from the show when she threw that bottle at Kenya. Shaunie,Tami,Evelyn and Nia are upset that Jen has moved on but would still go for drinks and dinner with the ladies, but she is not going to kiss their butt.

  127. darlene says:

    Royce in the first season all you ladys was all doing and talking about others, every last one of you, when suzie was on the outs you was the one trying to get evelyn and suzie to talk. all you ladys need to grow up.

  128. titi says:

    Now I understand Shaquille O’neals statement about Shaunie, when he stated that the public really doesn’t know what shaunie is REALLY like. I know now….. Shaunie do u have any class, r u that hard up for money. This show should be banned/CANCELLED. Pure trash, this goes for Basketball Wives LA too!

  129. Ashley MAck says:

    I thought you all were great dancers. But you should try seperating the girls so it won’t look so crowded

  130. MiMi says:

    First the part what you said apart Jenn is COMPLETELY right! Jenn did handle it in a great way, and like Kesha said once you have been slapped, your obligated to say anything you want! But when Jenn said that she does what the white people do and take it to the courts, was def. taking it out of line, we all know what she was referring to, so idk why you are trying to make it something its not!
    Second as a dancer, before you put videos up or even start teaching young ladies how to dance, you MUST teach them technique, its extremely EMBARRASSING to post videos with the feet looking crazy, wobbling all over the place while holding a pose or doing turns, and most of all being confused or looking at other dancers to see what the next step it. Also these are YOUNG girls all the skin showing and ass-shakers are NOT dancers, its 2012 come on anybody can do that WITHOUT lessons. And you need an age group all the girls SHOULD NOT be dancing together, thats unprofessional. The costumes should go with the genre of music you are dancing to not whats cute. This whole thing looks a complete MESS, and a disgrace to people who are actually call themselves DANCERS! YOU SHOULD GET LESSONS YOURSELF BEFORE TEACHING ANYBODY ELSE !

    oh fyi nobody is hatin the fact that you got back with a man the embarrassed you in public! but your a hopeless romantic, you fall too quickly, and don’t learn for your mistakes, so theres no point of even going into details

  131. lexi says:

    i love royce! she the realist and i wouldn’t watch this show if she wasn’t here

  132. Lisa Ware says:

    wow, still u keep your cool and composure after all the crap Evelyn has done to u, she used to be my fav of the show not that i agreed with the crap she did to u or the others. You are really the only real one on the show. The others FAKE being friends for money and fame sick.
    Love watching your company dance. Hope they have a great concert.

  133. MM says:

    Oh yeah, and by the way Tami, maybe you should hand out with Keisha and maybe, just maybe you’ll learn about class.

  134. Shamel says:

    Royce, that was very well articulated. You and Kesha are the only two women on “Basketball Wives’ (which I’m adamant the name of the show should be changed) that I have any respect for. Keeping being you….and that is REAL!!! You’ve never sold yourself short for a lil’ fame. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting your mother (and we’ve also conversed on the phone a time or two) because she is my son’s guidance counselor . I must say, I see who you get it from. She is an awesome woman and a fiesty lil’ thing ;). Be blessed and best wishes to you and your new boo.

  135. thicks327 says:

    First off….Royce, I love your demeanor! You are such a lady :) Second, I feel that this situation with Nia and Jenn is just a way for Nia to have relevance on the show. I mean, is it that serious over a damn key? WTH…Change your locks! I really have a question for Evelyn…would you act the way you’ve been if Tami had done the things Jenn did? Nope! So stop playing with yourself!

  136. STACY MCDANIEL says:


  137. Our Country says:

    @The Jones Family & Friends. I totally agree with everything you said.

    Tami & Evelyn if you want to fight, then join the military, make yourselves useful.
    Because right now , you are useless, and your behavior towards your cast mates just turn stomach’s across the globe.

    Men and women are placing their life on the line, leaving their spouse, children, and family to go to war to fight to protect our country. They are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    Fire Fighter, Teachers, Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Health Care
    Workers just to name a few are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    While the creators of these violent reality shows are sitting back , relaxing and enjoying their spouses, children, and family, making millions of dollars.

    Musicians waste millions of dollars on inappropriate music videos. The government officials are wasting millions of dollars on negative Campaign Ads.

    This is very depressing. Because zero pennies and zero dollars of this money is helping the hungry, homeless, sick, unemployed, and poverty-stricken families.

    Our country priorities are very out of order.

  138. Angelicia says:

    @Jones Family & Friends & Our Country, OMG I agreeeee.
    To: The Producers, Shaunie, VH1, Chad, Evelyn’s family, Best Friends, and/or Whomever purchased the new car for Evelyn’s Birthday.
    These are not words of envy, nor words of hate. I am hoping my words will encourage someone to rescue Evelyn, before she is hurt, and to help prevent the other cast members from being hurt. The violence on the how is very serious and dangerous. # 1 – The new car will not fix her mental problem. # 2 – The new car will not bring her happiness. # 3 – The new car will not bring her a peace of mind. # 4 – The new car will not erase away her past history, and bad reputation with the sport teams across the world. # 5 The new car will not erase away her past relationship, personal, and business failures. # 6 – The new car will not give her a sound mind., self-respect, and it definitely did not do anything for her criminal image.
    as the @Jones Family & Friends stated, instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new car, Chad, her family, and friends should have checked her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility.

  139. BBW Rambles says:

    Tami stating that she had to laugh to keep from crying is BS. She was trying to stay neutral but the viewers aren’t fools and we know who she’s siding with. She said in her blog that she wants to see how Ev feels before making her next move. That proves she’s a follower. I want to see how the ladies ( Jen, Kiesha) and the animals (Tami ,Ev) act on the trip. Okay… About Jen’s “Do what the white people do” statement: I see it 2 ways. 1. It is a racial comment and it’s being classified as saying white people use the law to fight back and blacks use hands, weapons, etc. 2. It can be used as a Jab at Ev. Side note: I saw Ev basically to Jen on Twitter no matter what you do, you’ll never be a white girl. I know what it’s like for Jen. I was that girl who hung with trouble starters and when I was on the othersde and was bullied or provoked, I did nothing. Why? Those against me had nothing to lose. It’s good to handle yourself in that manner because it shows growth. Ev could never be a true friend to anyone and no one can be to her. Why? A true friend is supposed to tell you like it is. She sides with the “friend” knowing they’re wrong. She won’t tell them that their actions were out of line. She doesn’t understand that. She thinks if you disagree or have different views, you can’t be friends or you’re disloyal. The same goes for Tami. She doesn’t keep it real either. Shaunie is a mess. I’m sure she won’t invite Jen since Jen is on the outs. That’s the same thing she did to Royce when it came to Italy. That was wrong considering Royce did nothing to Shaunie and Shaunie listened to Ev. So what if she had a problem with some of the girls, she’s still a member of the cast. Suzie is all about being down with the it crowd but plays the side of whom she is around at the moment. Tami is wrong for dissing Jen on ALL levels. Tami was ready to get buck on Jen but yet Jen was who visited you in the hospital. Where was Ev? I understand the circumstance that prevented Shaunie and Tami from coming to Ev’s party but I’m sure Jen would have tried her best to get around her plans to make it. When Ev’s daughter graduated, Jen reached out though she couldn’t appear. All Shaunie and Ami can do was say happy bday and ave fun. No gift or a card (unless given late or wasn’t shown on camera. What friends they look like.

  140. Angelicia says:

    @Jones Family & Friends , I agree with your comments.

    _____________ To: The Producers, Shaunie, VH1, Chad, Evelyn’s family, Best Friends, and/or Whomever purchased the new car for Evelyn’s Birthday. _____________ These are not words of envy, nor words of hate. I am hoping my words will encourage someone to rescue Evelyn, before she is hurt, and to help prevent the other cast members from being hurt. The violence on the how is very serious and dangerous. # 1 – The new car will not fix her mental problem. # 2 – The new car will not bring her happiness. # 3 – The new car will not bring her a peace of mind. # 4 – The new car will not erase away her past history, and bad reputation with the sport teams across the world. # 5 The new car will not erase away her past relationship, personal, and business failures. # 6 – The new car will not give her a sound mind., self-respect, and it definitely did not do anything for her criminal image. ____________ as the @Jones Family & Friends stated, instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new car, Chad, her family, and friends should have checked her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility.

  141. tcs108 says:

    I love Royce….but we must have BBW or Evelyn cancelled immediately. Please sign the petition at then search under Evelyn’s name. Let’s ban together and shut this craziness down.
    I hope they have saved some paychecks, LOL

  142. SDW says:

    I have two teenage step daughters that watch this show and they look up to Evelyn and Tammie. I find this to be very sad but I understand that to them the beauty and the clothing sometimes will make young women want to be like those they see on TV. I especially find it sad because they come from a home where this sort of behavior seems normal. For them, women getting irate and acting like animals is normal. Recently they have started living with my husband and I and I see the damage that can be done when yelling, cursing and fighting is the norm in a household. I find myself using this show as a lesson to them when I talk about how mature adults behave. I site the ladies ages and ask my girls do you think this appropriate at that and age and do you think it is cute to behave in such an ugly way. I know we can’t control what our children see and or do on a 24/7 basis but if your girls do see this please use it as open discussion and explain to them how some of these actions can end in jail time or the loss of someone’s life if it goes to far. Help them understand that under no circumstances short of someone harming your children is it acceptable to hit or harm another individual whether they are a man or woman. These types of examples have the ability to mold a generation of angry, hostile and extremely violent individuals. I would hate for them to fall into that pattern of abuse and hatred.- Concerned Mother

  143. CLASSYLADY says:

    Royce thank you and Jennifer for being the Strong, Beautiful, Classy Ladies on the show. You both are very positive role models which our young women of color need to see how to move-on in a positive manner. GOD IS ALWAYS WITH YOU BOTH!!!
    Shaunie, Evelyn, Tami, Susie, and low-life Nia need to stay off the reunion show period! They really are poor excuses for human beings! You are all a discredit to all MOTHERS and WOMEN of color who fought to establish positive views of women of color to society. Nia is getting what she deserves and I hope the rest of you including VH1 gets banned, and ordered to pay Jennifer for the physical assults, threats, verbal abuse, and harassment she has been subjected to.

  144. sarah says:

    Boycott Evelyn Lozada ( )

    Chad Stinko and Evil-lyn Lozada get their new show boycotted,

    The reason why this petition to boycott Evelyn’s new show is more effective than boycotting Basketball Wives are:

    1. Not all the Basketball Wives cast pocketbooks should be punished for the actions of a few animals, Evelyn and Tami. A rotten apple spoils the bunch but it doesn’t have to necessarily

    2. VH1 mistakenly confuses controversy as good publicity. A lot of times controversy means sales but Evelyn and Chad are a boring strange couple so it’s unlikely it would have lasted past a few episodes. The petition is to ensure it never airs in the first place. Sign it and call their sponsors. Show the Execs the audience means business when we say, “No More Violence”

  145. Debbie says:

    I love you for your sense of maturity, your common sense and your reality. This show surely wasn’t intended to uplift or guide young minority women who watch it. Obviously not intended to gain respect from the young ladies who these women brought into the world. Its a sad, sad depiction of minority women. SMH at it all.

  146. Debbie says:

    Didn’t know there was a petition to eliminate Evelyn from show. She’s never been any wife, let alone a basketball wife and she is too ignorant and class-less to continue. Thanks for letting us know about the petition, and i’m signing now.

  147. hotlanta1 says:

    I think Nia’s behavior was sparked by Evelyn and she had no right to slap Jennifer. We have freedom of speech in this country not freedom to leave your seat and come around the table and slap someone because they said something you did not like or agree with. As for Shaunie, she wants to come across as neutral but seem to always talk about others behind the scenes and never tell the aggressors that they were totally wrong for starting fights (Tami), throwing wine bottles and having to be restrained after climbing onto the table and trying to throw anything she could get her hands on. (Evelyn). This show is very embarrassing to all women, not just black women, because it shows these women who are not able to talk things out but resort to physical and verbal abuse.

  148. Angel says:

    Royce, someone should give you a HUGE cookie. I agree totally on your entire post! As an Aries woman, yes we all are very different, the way Tami is handling it is not quite right to me. If she is “supposed” to be cool with Jenn, then acting things out behind her back is not ok. I’m 30 years old, & I am a member of a sorority, & we don’t get down like that. I can talk things out with any sister and friend. Sometimes you have to take a break & then approach the issue in a manner that does not cause you to look like a clown in the end. It’s not pretty. A woman should be able to speak her peace without all that drama, especially if it is amongst friends. We all fall out sometimes, but if you geniunely value that person, you will do what it takes to fix the issue/s. I think all the ladies should recognize that one person inparticular has fallen out with everybody at some point with the exception of Shaunie, bc she needs that show so she can pay for her daughter’s education. EVELYN, word to the wise, keep in mind that you have a child that looks up to you. Allow her to enjoy her college years without always having to answer to her friends or people that don’t know you or her based on your actions. THAT’S EMBARRASSING!!!

  149. Tisha says:

    Enjoyed reading this blog, and agree with the things that was said within it…it’s really a shame grown women feel the need to resolve issues with fighting someone. Fighting and bulling people you think won’t fight back doesn’t make you a big person, and it only shows how immature you are. I hope thing get better, and all the bickering and fighting stop..

  150. Derelyn says:

    Loved your post. Thanks Royce for saying what you think and feel. :)

  151. Basketball wives is quiet entertaining lol those are a bunch of unmarried women who I always see with a drink in thier hand acting damn fools. Mose are divorced and drunks. Well they are making thier money so thats it .

  152. connie says:

    Girl that’s what i like about you. Those women don’t understand REAL u are REAL The funny thing about Jen and Eve they were friends for 10 years how you not going to know your friend well it was not her friend it was just somebody to tell her business too, cause no one else really care not even Chad you heard him say he married for money anyway her money not love

  153. Mo-Betta says:

    Loved this post….you go girl I am happy for you pressing your way through inspite of the BS that’s going on around you :) So positive and full of life.

  154. person says:

    Royce congrats on everything you are doing. rome wasnt built in a day but bit by bit the world is seeing u create ur empire. uv come a long way and have matured ur no longer the girl feeling the need to do spilts and where barely anything shaking ur ass on tv i think u learned theres nothing too much wrong with that but when ur in the position u ladies are in with this television show perception is everything. im glad u addressed the points u did in ur blog not like we all dont see it too. its just good to know ur mind is right. Glad to know u n Dez worked things out n we are all routing for u two i hope he realizes what hes got in u and u two maintain working it out thru thick n thin. U have without even trying made urself look so much better than ALL the wack ass old ladies in this so called circle. n we the world r proud of u. keep it up boo boo. ;)

  155. Latasha Ellis says:

    Royce you are very beautiful and talent!!! Its great that you are dating but do you need to bring Every man to VH1? You love hard to quick!!! Hint:: Taking somebody to meet your parents is BIG,so make sure its 4 the long run first (:

  156. Dodie says:

    Reece, you spoke the TRUTH!!!!

  157. Taiasha says:

    Royce I agree with you 100%. The tables have now turned on Jen and she is experiencing what it feels like to be bullied. Unfortunatel,y she is not as strong as you are. After all she was a follower who used to enjoy Evelyn’s nasty behaviors. With this being said, what happened to her was wrong on all levels. I am gald that she is suing/ pressing charges. As for Tami, she should be ashamed of herself for teaming up with Evelyn. And last but not leas,t Shaunie she is the worst of them all for condoning such horrific behavior. I hope Evelyn’s show get cancelled being so nasty!

  158. taneisha says:

    Really, Evelyn and Nia and Tami,
    I can not blame Jen, I would stay away from you phschotic ladies to. Who wants to be around a bunch of two faced judgemental angry women. You Ladies are set a bad example for women of Color. I think Jen has the most class and the most intelligent one on the show. Royce has really changed and act respectable. Can’t you see everyone you guys come in contact do not want to be around Evelyn, Tami and now the lady with the lose screws name Nia. I don’t blame Jen I would press charfges and sue you ladies, and hurt you where it hurt the most your pocket book. You guys need to go take some anger management classes . Cause really look ridculous and are really setting a bad example for your children. I would be embarassed to say you were my mother jumping over tables and throwning stuff like you are in high school. Make the phone call you Ladies need some HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!

  159. TD says:

    Allowing this women Evelyn to promote violence is totally a disturbing bad message sent to young adolescent women. Who may feel after watching this show that it is okay to attack other people. Not only do we need to boycott her spin-off, we need to boycott her off of basketball wives who has allow this GETTO behavior to continue. This women is a bully, she CRAZY has anger management issues and needs serious, serious help.  This is not reality in the real world…Have we come to a point where we have lower our standers as a women to get 15 minutes of fame.

  160. Candy says:

    Don’t watch Evelyn Lozada’s show “EV And OCHO”


    I just signed the following petition addressed to: VH1 & Viacom.

    Don’t watch Evelyn Lozada’s show “EV And OCHO”

    Evelyn Lozada is a bully. The violence on “Basketball Wives” is horrible and disgraceful. Physical assaults, threats, verbal abuse, harassment and VH1 is rewarding this behavior by giving her a spinoff show. Don’t reward negative behavior. Sign the petition to not watch Evelyn Lozada’s spinoff .

    Contact Viacom to protest violence and bullying.

    Address: 1515 Broadway, New York, New York 10036, U.S.A.
    Telephone: (212) 258-6000
    Fax: (212) 258-6464

    Git Rid of the Crazy lady

  161. Tonnia says:

    Royce Reed : Report Card A+ A+ A+ A+ !!!!!!!

  162. girlking says:

    I’m so glad you spoke up. You would think that Shaunie would have said something to Evelyn but then again you called it after Season 1 or 2 that she is okay with the mess.

  163. TINA says:

    GIRL!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE NOT HANDING WITH THEM BROADS!!!!!!! seriously I am so happy for you. it seems you have found true love. i keep remember evelyn sayin to you in the season 3 reunion “you cant get the dudes i get boo boo” ha ha ha chad aint get a damn thing on Dezmon!!!!! and furthermore Dwight was fine. Antoine was Not!!!! ha ha ha ha i love your realness girl keep it up. I want to see you in the next Tyler Perry movie too. you keep being you Royce it’s absolutely beautiful!!!!

  164. ThummyT says:

    Royce – as always a beautifully posed post. Than you for being a mature young woman who is showing not just yourself, but also the world that there are better ways of handling conflict. You Go Girl!

  165. Leah says:

    I am glad to finally see that someone has given a real perspective on Episode 10. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous to watch episode after episode of Evelyn physically assaulting members of the show without so much as a repercussion or even a conversation where someone lets her know how wrong and childish her behavior is. I have always liked Evelyn but honestly in the last two seasons it seems as though she has become extremely angry and confrontational, I wonder if this is because there is more going on than is shown on the show with her life. She claims to be happy but someone who is truly happy will not keep approaching people in such an aggressive and confrontational manner. I also have always respected Tami as being honest despite what the reactions to her opinions might be but it really irritates me to see Tami and Shaunie consistently backing and I think in some cases even encouraging Evelyn’s horrible behavior. Tami considers herself to also be a friend of Jenn’s but I think this season she has shown that her loyalties lie with Evelyn even when she is outrightly wrong. Yes everyone likes a little drama in a show but I think it is coming to the point where its not funny but rather totally outrageous and uncalled for. Shaunie needs to start making some better decisions because at this point her show has lost all credibility and might as well be the Jerry Springer show or Maury.

  166. The dancers are wonderful I enjoyed the video.Hats off to you Royce! Royce and Dezmon have my blessings. The dancers are beautiful and talented..

  167. JSK says:

    Go Jennifer Williams, I am glad that she filed a police report against Nia, she also needs to file one against Evelyn. If you don’t want someone to file a police report please keep your hands to yourself. Grow up you guys are bullies.
    I would not judge anyone by their bank account but I do judge by your awful bullying. Disgusting.

  168. Karen says:

    I agree with you Royce 100%. And I will not watch the Evelyn and Chad comedy show. They’re both immature and using each other.

  169. Khloe says:

    The voice of reason has spoken and it is about time. When I saw Evelyn and her fake azz crying saying she wasn’t better than the bum on the street I was like “WTF? Bum was her favorite insult when Royce stood up to her”, so glad you pointed that out, Royce. Ironic that the worst ones on the show have teenage daughters that I assume are humiliated by their mothers’ actions. They are selling their dignity for 15 mins of proverbial fame and I hope they are saving that money. Nia was brought in to take the fall. A nobody who would act crazy and create some off air drama. Sad. Good Luck in all you do, Royce and stay real. It’s refreshing.

  170. Trish says:

    Royce I completely agree. Pressing charges is the right and the adult thing to do…No wonder these young kids have the “no snitchin” mentality.

    I guarantee if a man or woman just came up and smashed Tami or Evelyn in the face with a bottle…they too would be pressing charges. These ladies need a reality check in what an adult is supposed to do versus a stupid teenager’s actions.

  171. carmelbrnskin says:

    I just read that the producers are planning on suing Jennifer for supposedly ruining their brand! Are you serious!!! They have lost their minds! If they do this not only will I not watch next season, I will never watch this show ever again! I will also protest this action. The people that should be sued are Evelyn and Tami… not Jennifer. The producers allow these women to run around bullying the other women verbally, emotionally and physically without consequence. These women are committing assault and would be going to jail. I’m so happy that Jennifer has stepped up and filed her lawsuit. I hope that she will not allow these filthy producers to intimidate her in any way with this frivolous lawsuit they are threatening. It’s just another way of someone trying to bully or manipulate someone into doing what they want them to do. Shame on you producers!! You are just like or maybe even worse than the violent women you “pimp” on BBW. Your actions and moral values are sickening and deplorable!!!

  172. Elaine Daniel says:

    Royce you are not cute at all!!!!! Please never cry in public or on the tv show ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Zoe says:

    Royce, Royce, Royce. I hate to say it, because I understand trying to find your place in love, but your dad is right on this one. You need to move on from that young “thing”. His craziness is your warning, your red flag, stop sign or whatever you want to call trouble. You need to consider, what “real” man plays games especially concerning his children, which by the way should be the priority in his life. If he can play games involving his child, he will play more games with you. A real man would have just stated the facts and prepared to deal with the consequences. Another thing is that anytime you try to prove a point against someone(your dad) who has wisdom and life experience, you will eventually come out on the losing end. Its hard to see that right now, but you will as a parent understand that when your child grows up.

  174. Aubrey says:

    Great recap Royce!!! Everything that you said in this recap is exactly what I think and feel. You just put it in words way better than I could, LOLOL! Keep up the great recaps/blogs….I enjoy it very much! Evelyn is a major disappointment for all women.


  175. Roz says:


    Wow….., just WOW!
    But CHILD……. don’t you ever cry on TV again! LOL!!!!!!

    CHILD, I couldn’t figure out if you were crying because you were really hurt… or if you knew your Poppie was telling the GOD HEAVEN TRUTH! Maybe both…. yes?

  176. Dancer says:

    Hey Royce, when you got on your knees crying and begging please, I waited for you to finish before I said “end scene.”

    Girl, really? Talk about fake…

  177. Leshon says:

    Royce, you are indeed courageous. Watching this EVELYN on television saying that Jennifer showed her TRUE colors is award winning. Jennifer did not say anything wrong. She reacted after being upset. Its just like Evelyn saying ” her nasty looking lips, she only got four colors for her LUCID line,” Really EVELYN! So because you are upset with Jen, you talk bad about her and what she is doing but never said that while you guys were friends. It is the same thing STUPID! When you are upset you say what you say, but you don’t go around hitting on people like it is okay. If a child is slapped in the face by their parent and someone see it, it is considered abuse and that child is taken away, so your ASSISTANT or your guard dog needs to be taken away and put on a leash, IJS!

  178. Sonya says:

    Your comments about Evelyn’s hypocrisy was DA. And yes, Jenn should sue Evelyn, Tami and Shaunie too

  179. please tell me the breed of your dog in the episode with you and your Dad.

    I think you are fantastic. t

  180. NW Sister says:

    Royce I am so glad that you ‘left’ the group. I hope that Kesha does the same. I enjoy it when I watch the show and there is no fighting! Right now, Tami and Evelyn are just being horrible bullies and attacking any one they feel is weak. Keep positive and keep up the good work. It’s great to see an ethnic woman with a good head on her shoulders, a business, goals and fulfilling her dreams! I wish you and Kesha the best and you two are so much better than this show. I definitely hope you are just using it as a stepping stone to reach your dreams.

  181. Team Royce says:

    Just watch your back with Suzie. That’s all I’m saying. She may be fun but she’s also dangerous.

  182. Lena says:

    Ok Royce u r right in ur statement, Evelyn it would b nice if u can talk to Jenn one on one with no one around, believe it or not tht girl miss ur friendship & deep down i think u also do, life is to short to loose our friends or family, Pray on it & ask god to show u ur next move but stop listening to wht other ppl are saying about Jen u know Jen better thn anyone u guys been freinds for yrs, we all make mistakes in life we r only human, & u also r not perfect, so remember the good times u ladies had n forget the bad, I know she is sorry for wht was said or done tht hurt u. N the next thing u r a beautful woman with a soon to b a wife & a grown daughter, u have no business acting the way u do, I am not here to bash u but as women we need to carry ourself with class, it really goes a long way, somethings have a way of coming bak to hunt us, u r now in the lime lite, n entering the world of business, step forward with ur head held up high, so now take the world by storm with positive action, much love n god bless!!! happy mothers day!!!

  183. john says:

    I know this is a source of income for the cast of the women for Basketball Wives, but it is so degrading and sad to see black women portrayed this way in any light. I am not here to judgeb but it seems that the show has digressed into nothing more than “gangster women who have nothing more to do than tear each other down. It seems that the cast would be tired of being portrayed in that manner. It is just so sad and disturbing because I am sure young girls are being impacted by the negative sterotypical images being portayed. Royce, I do not know what say you have in the material shown, but I hope you will be the voice of reason and remove yourself from perhaps one of the top two negative shows for black women in history: Atlanta housewives and Basketball wives claiming the top spot for the Negative Image Award.

  184. Pam M. (The Valley) says:

    Thank you Royce. I told my friends that you were something special to that show. Yo are small in size, but big in statue. Thank you for speaking the truth. Tami and Evelyn remind me of some black females here in my hometown. They are so unhappy with their lives and themselves, that they bully decent people who are not as nasty as them. I’m glad my mother and daddy raised me with the sense to know how to treat other people!!