She Said/She Said: Jennifer Calls Last Night’s Episode “Foolery” On Her Blog, While Evelyn Focuses On The Positive Moments


Each week on this season of Basketball Wives, we’ve been doing our best to keep up with the recaps and blog posts the cast of the show has been writing to give their side of what’s really going down. This week, Jennifer addresses the continued “BS” and “foolery” (her words) with the fighting, and Evelyn focuses on the positive aspects of the episode like her photo shoot and birthday party, only devoting one sentence to Jen. We also grabbed a soundbite from Tami‘s blog which is pretty great this week as well. Here we go:

Jennifer writes on her blog:

And the BS continues…I honestly could not stomach to watch last week’s episode. I had lived through the craziness and to relive it was just too much for me. But I would like to clarify a few things. First up, I never had an issue with “the assistant” up until that day. At one point, we were good friends. We went out together, went to dinner, stayed at each other’s houses and shared plenty of good times and laughs. There had been some incidents leading up to why I started pulling away from the friendship but I don’t feel the need to blast that information. However, the most important reason why I eased up on the friendship is because she started working for someone who refers to themselves as my “enemy.” To me being good friends would just cause the situation to be messy so I rather fall back. No love lost and I like I said, I didn’t have any issue with her until she put her hands on me.

Ok now let’s get to the foolery…AGAIN!!! I just find it so unfortunate someone I once called a friend has no respect for me and felt the need to violent me physically. So of course after you completely disrespect me by putting your hands on me, my mouth is going to get reckless. I am not happy for the things I said to her but I was caught off guard and left in a vulnerable state. The 2-bedroom apartment comment got taken way out of context. I live in a 2-bedroom apartment so why would I look down on her for that. My point was don’t act like I lived with you when you live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate. There would be no room for me and all my stuff that barely fits in my 2-bedroom apartment in NJ. The whole attack against me was pointless. Okay, we aren’t friends no need to fight about it let’s all be mature adults and move on. People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, it makes me sad but that is life.

I did what I felt was right by filing a police report and having my attorneys handling the situation. I am an entrepreneur and a mature adult. Who fights at this age?…At the end of the day, I find it all unfortunate that I am the constant topic when it comes to hate and no one can uplift one another. Fame has never been a weakness of mine but by watching this show I can’t say the same for all the ladies. I just hope everyone can recognize what is really important in this life because Basketball Wives will not always be the HOT thing…Then what???

Evelyn took to her blog to say this about the episode (and P.S. I think she looks amazing and too funny in that photo above — who else wishes they could pull off a catsuit?):

Having Tami show up at my ‘Inner Circle’ photo shoot was very refreshing because she has always been supportive of my business ventures. I’ve never felt jealousy or hate where Tami is concerned which is why I absolutely love her. Tami is a great entrepreneur herself and I’m really proud of her t-shirt line! check out her line at www.TamiRoman/ Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Inner Circle at

Sidebar…Jen is taking self-defense???? I thought she had whiplash?! Okay, never mind…back to the rest of my blog.

Wow! My birthday party was seriously one of the biggest surprises of my life! Yes, I was trying to figure out where Courtney was taking me and when that blindfold came off, I was in a state of shock! I can’t tell you how touching it was to know that all of my friends came to Miami to celebrate my special day.

Finally, Tami (whose us of the word “bitchassness” is the best thing we’ve read all day) gives her two cents as well:

…Everything about this incident is WRONG! In my opinion both parties played a part in this fiasco…

Jen from my standpoint, it’s wrong to act like you don’t know someone with whom you have history. It’s wrong to degrade someone you were friends with by calling them a bum bitch. It’s wrong to belittle someone because of their financial status. I really don’t take kindly to this because I’ve been up and down-you never know where you’re gonna end up, so that’s sensitive to me. I’m sure that a good part of our audience are hard workers who in fact live in small apartments in urban areas. I was really bothered by this because it goes beyond your “bougie” attitude and actually came across like you felt you were better than ALL of us.

…I do NOT condone what happened between Nia and Jen. Let me say that again in case you aren’t clear…I, Tami Roman, DO NOT condone what happened between Nia and Jen. I just think that Jen’s pride has been hurt, so she is lashing out in another way. As she stated through laughter, “She will do what the white people do”. However, since she already knows the lawsuit is a moot point, maybe it would be better served if they both do what “mature people” do (no race needed) and meet to have a dialogue about the incident…no cameras…no audience and hopefully put this behind them…

On the matter of suing…I did “threaten” Evelyn with a lawsuit about the shirts because I was upset and wanted her to stop production. However, it was just that…a threat. I didn’t actually go through with it, nor would I have…not over T-Shirts. I was just looking for a way to deal with the situation without putting my hands on her. When the THREAT didnt work, I chose to sit and have a discussion with her woman to woman. I mentioned in a previous blog, over time the saying took on a life of its own and wasn’t specific to me anymore. She made money and I got over it.

There’s much more on all of these blogs, so go to the women’s sites and read them in full to find out more about their feelings on the show and each other.

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