She Said/She Said: Jennifer Calls Last Night’s Episode “Foolery” On Her Blog, While Evelyn Focuses On The Positive Moments


Each week on this season of Basketball Wives, we’ve been doing our best to keep up with the recaps and blog posts the cast of the show has been writing to give their side of what’s really going down. This week, Jennifer addresses the continued “BS” and “foolery” (her words) with the fighting, and Evelyn focuses on the positive aspects of the episode like her photo shoot and birthday party, only devoting one sentence to Jen. We also grabbed a soundbite from Tami‘s blog which is pretty great this week as well. Here we go:

Jennifer writes on her blog:

And the BS continues…I honestly could not stomach to watch last week’s episode. I had lived through the craziness and to relive it was just too much for me. But I would like to clarify a few things. First up, I never had an issue with “the assistant” up until that day. At one point, we were good friends. We went out together, went to dinner, stayed at each other’s houses and shared plenty of good times and laughs. There had been some incidents leading up to why I started pulling away from the friendship but I don’t feel the need to blast that information. However, the most important reason why I eased up on the friendship is because she started working for someone who refers to themselves as my “enemy.” To me being good friends would just cause the situation to be messy so I rather fall back. No love lost and I like I said, I didn’t have any issue with her until she put her hands on me.

Ok now let’s get to the foolery…AGAIN!!! I just find it so unfortunate someone I once called a friend has no respect for me and felt the need to violent me physically. So of course after you completely disrespect me by putting your hands on me, my mouth is going to get reckless. I am not happy for the things I said to her but I was caught off guard and left in a vulnerable state. The 2-bedroom apartment comment got taken way out of context. I live in a 2-bedroom apartment so why would I look down on her for that. My point was don’t act like I lived with you when you live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate. There would be no room for me and all my stuff that barely fits in my 2-bedroom apartment in NJ. The whole attack against me was pointless. Okay, we aren’t friends no need to fight about it let’s all be mature adults and move on. People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, it makes me sad but that is life.

I did what I felt was right by filing a police report and having my attorneys handling the situation. I am an entrepreneur and a mature adult. Who fights at this age?…At the end of the day, I find it all unfortunate that I am the constant topic when it comes to hate and no one can uplift one another. Fame has never been a weakness of mine but by watching this show I can’t say the same for all the ladies. I just hope everyone can recognize what is really important in this life because Basketball Wives will not always be the HOT thing…Then what???

Evelyn took to her blog to say this about the episode (and P.S. I think she looks amazing and too funny in that photo above — who else wishes they could pull off a catsuit?):

Having Tami show up at my ‘Inner Circle’ photo shoot was very refreshing because she has always been supportive of my business ventures. I’ve never felt jealousy or hate where Tami is concerned which is why I absolutely love her. Tami is a great entrepreneur herself and I’m really proud of her t-shirt line! check out her line at www.TamiRoman/ Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Inner Circle at

Sidebar…Jen is taking self-defense???? I thought she had whiplash?! Okay, never mind…back to the rest of my blog.

Wow! My birthday party was seriously one of the biggest surprises of my life! Yes, I was trying to figure out where Courtney was taking me and when that blindfold came off, I was in a state of shock! I can’t tell you how touching it was to know that all of my friends came to Miami to celebrate my special day.

Finally, Tami (whose us of the word “bitchassness” is the best thing we’ve read all day) gives her two cents as well:

…Everything about this incident is WRONG! In my opinion both parties played a part in this fiasco…

Jen from my standpoint, it’s wrong to act like you don’t know someone with whom you have history. It’s wrong to degrade someone you were friends with by calling them a bum bitch. It’s wrong to belittle someone because of their financial status. I really don’t take kindly to this because I’ve been up and down-you never know where you’re gonna end up, so that’s sensitive to me. I’m sure that a good part of our audience are hard workers who in fact live in small apartments in urban areas. I was really bothered by this because it goes beyond your “bougie” attitude and actually came across like you felt you were better than ALL of us.

…I do NOT condone what happened between Nia and Jen. Let me say that again in case you aren’t clear…I, Tami Roman, DO NOT condone what happened between Nia and Jen. I just think that Jen’s pride has been hurt, so she is lashing out in another way. As she stated through laughter, “She will do what the white people do”. However, since she already knows the lawsuit is a moot point, maybe it would be better served if they both do what “mature people” do (no race needed) and meet to have a dialogue about the incident…no cameras…no audience and hopefully put this behind them…

On the matter of suing…I did “threaten” Evelyn with a lawsuit about the shirts because I was upset and wanted her to stop production. However, it was just that…a threat. I didn’t actually go through with it, nor would I have…not over T-Shirts. I was just looking for a way to deal with the situation without putting my hands on her. When the THREAT didnt work, I chose to sit and have a discussion with her woman to woman. I mentioned in a previous blog, over time the saying took on a life of its own and wasn’t specific to me anymore. She made money and I got over it.

There’s much more on all of these blogs, so go to the women’s sites and read them in full to find out more about their feelings on the show and each other.

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  1. Omg says:

    Ok, now Tami and Evelyn are best friends. I guess so, they act just alike. How soon we forget. Evelyn, you need a fan club to make you feel adequate. Don’t you feel silly? Question:What do you call a well dressed hoodrat with money? Answer: A hood-rat named Evelyn. I can’t even finish this comment cause it’s no point! Girl bye!

  2. Yuyu says:

    jen, are u a man?

  3. Ro-Ro says:

    OK…At first I was such a huge fan of the show Basketball Wives. Now I just think this show is getting more ridiculous by the minute. I feel disgusted that I watch it. I hate the fact that the ones who are presumed to be strong (or bigger personalities) tend to pick on the new comers (or considered non-confrontational). If you are going to come at somebody at least make it a challenge. Evelyn going after Jennifer and Kenya, and Tammy going in on Kesha is just pathetic. These woman obviously dont want to get into any sort of altercation. If anythng you Tammy and Evelyn are weak. Remember the saying pick on somebody your own size? they should try that. Furthermore, Why is there soooo much aggression, arguing, and ‘he said she said?’ Why can’t you women get along a little better. It is sooo embarrasing!!!! I know plenty of women and we all manage not to fight all the time. You can disagree without being so direpectful. Cant you guys ‘keep it real’ AND be positive????
    As it stands for myself and several other females I know, we are no longer going to be tuning in to these types of buffoonery shows anymore and I will be petitioning for others not to watch as well. Either you woman learn to deal with each other in a more positve way or this show will need not be aired anymore.

  4. hollywood!!!1 says:

    LMAO… Tami and Evelyn are both crazy and seem to have selective memory

  5. Badonna Marrero says:

    Evelyn you have a daughter, don’t disrepect yourself in this way, you need to lead by example, would you want her to act like you are acting. Jen was your friend, You are acting like a NYC Hood Rat. Jen is showing so much more class than you. And, yo boy Chad, has got to know if he makes you mad you just might throw a plate or bottler at his head. And another thing just keep this mind. What goes around comes back to bit you in yo ass.

  6. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn, it is still not any excuse that you or your followers can say about Nia slapping Jen. The situation is still not right. You don’t hit someone because of words they said. Words are words.

  7. tashaun cassell says:

    some of the women of basketball wive need to grow up if you’re not friends anymore then leave it at that if you were truly good friends then the love and respect that you once had is still there it may be over shadowed by the hurt and the betrayal that you feel your friend has cause you but what you do is move on and let that be a lessen to you you don’t fight constantly or throw shots every time you’re around that person cause what it looks like is you’re hurt that the friendship has ended and you cant deal with it so ypu just lash out

  8. LadyA says:

    Well I think that Evelyn and Nia are immature. Who fights a person because they have new friends anyway? Why so much jealously about what Jen does? Seems a lot of you don’t like her trying to be mature and leave all the bull behind, I mean why would you be close to someone who constantly lashes out at you in a negative way? Leave the Grown Woman alone it makes for a bad show. Evelyn is soooo immature!!!! Everyone wanted to bully Jen at the race track how immature. Like seriously, you guys are saying why Jen why you don’t hang a lot with us there is no one else to beat up right now come on let us bully you Jen pleaseeeeeeeee!!

  9. AJ says:

    All of this is crazy to me…Tami and Evelyn once was about to cut each others throats now they are the best buds in the whole wide world…and as for Evelyn I know Nia is your girl and you were hurt by Jen’s comments but didn’t u belittle Royce about the same thing Im’ just saying

  10. Phillygurl says:

    I think they all should consider that although it is a TV Show, they still have real lives to live and reputations to uphold. Like Jen basically said, Basketball Wives won’t be forever.

  11. Sabrina says:

    My comment goes out to all, first of all Evelyn, you say you do not like how Jennifer down graded the next, lets not contradict yourself, you did the same with Royce and talked about Kenya’s shoes or whatsoever. Tami, You did try your best to sue Evelyn about the tee-shirt situation, even though you did not go through with it, everyone is not like you, sooooo best believe the next will go through with their words. Jen, just move on with your life because you really not on these women level, your friend now is Ne-Ne, class belongs with class, not degrading anyone but yeah bougie belongs with bouginess (lol) . That’s all i have to say. Again, Ladies, because you defend for whatever you did, said or whatever, go back to the previous shows and watch your actions before saying you “can’t believe” or “I know she didn’ts….”

  12. SMH says:

    Come on Ev…..stop being a bully…it’s not a good look even for the fans…let your inside match the outside…. No I’m not a tv star…but real Real women don’t show their ass unless there is a damn good reason…..#whatsyourreason.

  13. Kels says:

    These ladies need to tone it down. You don’t need to attack everything someone says about you. No matter where you go people will talk, good or bad. I think Tami is changing a bit but Evelyn needs to cool down.

  14. Savannah says:

    As far as I’m concern, Evelyn had no business in the argument. I think her crazy assistant was doing a pretty good job on her own. Can Evelyn go into a classroom and talk to young children about bullying, a topic that is so relevant in today’s society. VH1 please take note. You can’t be mad at Jennifer. She may have fought back with words but words can never physically harm someone and further more, all the confrontation are started by the bullies. Ladies, it’s not a good look. And Chad should think about it also. Don’t screw up because she will come after you every time!!!

  15. Mrs b says:

    In my Opinion Evelyn needs to realize that jennifer is not a fighter so why keep messing with her she didnt say anything rude or mean only until nia said something so u shouldnt keep messing with her you said yall friends no more ok drop it leave it alone obviously jen did..Nia was wrong to slap her in her face anyways if she couldnt see why she didnt wanna be friends no more den she is so damn slow so yeah nia did deserve that law suit because jennifer never put her hands on her or nothing all she said was whatever so just drop damn u to be old fighting people who doesnt wanna fight u back

  16. Karen says:

    Tami and Evelyn are jealous of Jen. She has the drive and motivation to move on in life and maturely cut out the negativity and drama! When she dips…who is Ms Ev gonna fight next Tami or Shaunie? What trash

  17. kristin says:

    I have to say I used to absolutely love evelyn on the show….she was def my favorite. Now every single episode all they show her doing is giving that stupid nasty look..THE EXACT SAME I am soo fabulous and I am so bored with what anyone besides myself is saying. Other then that all she knows how to do is listen to no one…scream over EVERYONE and attempt to attack people which always looks lame anyway. Its just ridiculous…my 11 year old cousin acts more mature then her. Grow up honey…having stare downs, throwing drinks and screaming is something someone going through the terrible two’s with their kids should have to deal with, not an alleged grown ass adult. This is just my opinion but its ruining the show…I am not saying Evelyn doesnt have a right to be mad, angry or hate whoever but if in every single episode she is literally just going to stare with her head to the side with that dumb look on her face why bother having her there at all..just use a cardboard cut out. It would be cheaper and at least we wouldnt have to listen to her scream anymore.

  18. ooooh spreadable . i have a good dish and pics on you and your trick flunky naya. i also have a dish on stupid blank ocho cinco a.k.a. chad johnson, and the prenup. spreadable you are classless, and jealous of jenn. you know it and so does everyone else. i think tammi, and shaunie are no kind of friends to jenn letting spreadable act like a rea looser that she is. i would never be around spreadable blank, she is just scandoulous with no good rep. she is shameless. and so are the rest of you. except royce, and jenn. as far as punk susie, spreadable blank, tammi, and shaunie. can kick rocks. check out dish and pics about basketball wives for april 12th, 2012.. its all about classless spreadable blank and her dumb fiancee! youtube@mssharat123. check it out people. im tired of vh1 exploiting decent black woman, by letting trash like spreadabl blank even have a voice!. word!.

  19. starsha says:

    EVELYN EVELYN EVELYN, i can not stand you, you are the one that thinks your better than everyone else, and you talk mess about everyone except tammi, and shaunie, because you know that tammi will whip that a$$. i am team jennifer all the way, eve, you think your grown and classy try the opposite, i wish i was near you cuz i would whip your a$$ for jennifer picking on that girl cuz she cant fight, and you think you got more pull just because vh1 giving you a shot, i know i for one will not be watching a hoe and a bigger hoe get married wouldnt waste my time

  20. Nikki says:

    I have a real problem with last nights episode. The hypocrisy was at another level yesterday. I find it really ironic that Evelyn was so emotional about Jen calling Nia a “Bum B” and talking about the things that she has when if my memory serves me right didn’t Evelyn say and do the very same thing to Royce a few seasons back. Me being in the age range of these women are appalled that they feel that putting your hands on someone is the only way to solve your issues…IT IS NOT. And Jen did the right thing. I would have filed a police report too right after I slapped the taste out that chick mouth for slapping me cause while i don’t condone violence I do believe in defending myself. Evelyn needs to keep your mind of “stinging someone’s A$$” every time she sees them before she ends up catching a case.


  22. timetolive says:

    Why is it that Evelyn is always trying to fight someone. She obviously has some issues in her life that she needs to address. If you do not like Jen anymore why does it matter what she does and who she does it with. Mia is one stupid individual. You made yourself look so stupid and now just might be going to jail. Was trying to impress Evelyn worth this? I think that Shauniei is sick of all of this but she wants her show to continue. Tami needs to go and sit down, she was the target last time but now she is so much. I can remember when they talked about her clothes and Shaunie even went as far as to buy her some clothes since she showed up in that jean dress and they all mainly Evelyn made fun of her. How soon we forget. Everyone needs to keep it moving and let it go.

  23. Hope says:

    I notice that the person who posts this blog for VH1 is always shading Jennifer and praising Tami and Evelyn. I advise the producers of this show and the bigwigs at VH1 t to take a gander at the comments on this blog and others around the internet to see who the viewers are siding with. As usual Jenn kept it classy and it doesn’t matter how little Evelyn says because her behavior speaks for itself. And Tami, Tami, Tami, exposed herself to be a weak ninny who is so up Evelyn’s butt that she can no longer see or smell anything else.

  24. Teresa says:

    Jennifer, you should have handled the situation just as you did! You know that Evelyn is being a hypocrite because you and she had many discussions about how others weren’t at your “level”. You know, firsthand, that she looks down on people who don’t have money because I am sure that as much as you guys put people down on the air you had private convos where you also spoke negatively about other’s money, dress, hair, etc. Evelyn, you’re not a good enough actress to make anyone believe that you didn’t have a hand in every second of your “surprise”! And all of that fake anguish over the comments made about that that IDIOT Nia made you look like a straight fool! Jumping on that table really proved how crude and disgusting you are. Were you raised in a barn? Tami, you were a fan favorite, but now since you have replaced Jennifer as Evelyn’s “yes girl” that’s starting to change. That idiot wannabe Nia is 100% responsible for that ignorance. I’m not a Jennifer fan but she can “act” however she wants. If we walked up and SLAPPED everyone who is condescending or thinks they’re superior we would spend our entire life slapping folks. You, Shaunie, and Evelyn do NOTHING except talk about these ladies as though they have to get approval from the three of you. That’s totally ridiculous! THEN, on top of that, you and Shaunie boost that classless tramp Evelyn’s ego when you laugh and joke about these ignorant situations. It’s not funny! There is a big problem in this country with BULLYING; you 3, as parents, should NOT want to behave as such; ESPECIALLY when so many young people watch these shows. All of these convos, that always lead to some type of altercation, are setup for just that. REAL ADULT WOMEN do NOT behave like that. Any of you who say that you do are lying to support your idiotic behavior. I’m not watching anymore. No respect for this TRASH! Shaunie pimped you idiots, with the exception of Royce, just like she wanted. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!! BUT, I know that you’re not because the bottom line is the almighty dollar even if it’s at the expense of your character! SMH

  25. Mi says:

    Tami – “sit and have a discussion woman to woman”…you’re a big joke!! A little too late on that. Who are you to advise anyone at this point? We watched how you attacked Kesha because of a conversation she had with Evelyn – all the girl was expressing how hurt she was because you were making fun of her race. Then you turned around and totally disrespected her. Then Evelyn sat there and watched as you did it! I din’t see Evelyn saying, oh no Tami, you don’t speak to another human being like that, it’s wrong. Please, it does not matter what excuses you and Evelyn post on your blogs. We the viewers see what you all are really about. If you read all the comments about you and Evelyn – viewers has lost respect for both of you.

    Jennifer – I am proud on how you are handling yourself.

  26. Mary says:


  27. karin says:

    I honestly think that evelyn is mad, because she know longer has the control. i think evelyn was right to sue anybody that put their hands on her, you go girl. i respect shaunie but i think she edges things on instead of trying to make things better. she is supose to be setting a example it is her show. any woman that get on tv just to fight and use all kinds of vulgar language is preety sad. make it so bad they have children that will see this oneday. I AM A JEN AND ROYCE FAN

  28. Chloe says:

    Well,let me start by saying Evelyn say that she doesnt look down on people but I recall her telling Chad before that,this isn’t like you dating Tasha from Liberty City what’s the difference between Harlem or wherever she’s from. As to Jen being slap I just think that this dog face chick Nia needs to change her locks and get over it it’s petty if you ask me. Jen Eric once told you that you don’t know Eve like he know her,Evelyn always talking bout you aint about this life they need a real hood chick on the show to wear her out she really is getting on my nerves but I like her…..

  29. nettaboo says:

    first of all Tammie and Evelyn are so phony trying to say what Jennifer said about the Nia living in a two bedroom apt. is so wrong when someone slaps you all bets are of you are in the heat of the moment you dont know what may fly out of your mouth they are just trying to down play the that the girl is wrong on every level by slapping her and Evelyn and her fake tears so emotional why dont she focus on her mom with all the money she make why has she not bought her mom a nice home because when they showed her visiting her mom’s home my mouth dropped open that’s where her priority should be instead of jumping on tables and acting a fool she look so classy in her photo shoot but is so trashy when she open her mouth. The only one who spoke up last nite was keisha basically saying if she keeps throwing things she is going to end up in jail but Evelyn didn’t want to hear that.

  30. KSH says:

    Tami is totaling blaming Jen for somebody ELSE slapping her in the face – Jen talked about her apartment AFTER the heathen slapped her in the face – I will talk about your dead momma or grandmama if you slap me in the face. You slap me and what am I supposed to say “you got a nice house and love your maxi dress” – Stop Tami. You are trying to hard to make this be Jen’s fault. Hoodratism is an epidemic.

  31. R. Parker says:

    Jennifer is better than those evil demons. She conducts herself like a lady and to be real she is too classy for the likes of them. She can hang out with whomever she chooses. I have associates who I was close to while in high school but we have grown apart — it is not personal but it is what it is. She had all the right in the world to press charges and sue that attack dog. Tammi is so phony and it is none of her business. She should stay out of it. I also don’t believe Kenya is somebody to mess with and I hope she does kick Evelyn’s butt.

  32. Jade says:

    Jen you should def take Nia to court and file for Eve’s threats! They deserve what is coming to them; you can’t act out and think there is no consequences! They have to be taught how little children are, with proper punishment, not physical!
    As for Tami! What are you talking about, you are NOTHING to real, you always laughing about Jen whenever something happens to her, you are a fake friend and a hater! Haters love to see another person be humiliated, attacked, and down! That is what Tami is a hater and a fake! Nia should have been a lady and sat with Jen about the keys and friendship away from camera and an audience, so shouldn’t have Tami and Shaunie! But you all knew what you were doing, acting all innocent, but the viewers see right though it!
    At the end of the day you all might have money and some camera time, but are you happy in your life? Because BBW is not forever and $ comes and goes. Hope you guys can change and leave a positive impression then the ones you leaving now!
    Jenn, after a physical attack any words you say is game! Eve is crying over what you said but she judge Royce for the same thing; such a fake!

  33. really1 says:

    Jen has more class in her little finger than Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn put together. She always act like a lady.

  34. Really? says:

    Tami, why would Jen sit down with Nia without cameras knowing that she was already attacked once? The adult thing to do is already being done.. the lawsuit is not a moot point, but hopefully it’s a signal to everyone else that grown women need to act like grown women. On top of that Tami is doing the same thing she’s mad at Royce for doing- commenting on something without knowing everything. I’m willing to bet that she did not sit down and talk to Jen about this, because Jen probably would have told her the same thing she stated above. And it’s not okay for Jen to call someone a bum, but her best friend Evelyn called her “friend” Royce a bum repeatedly? Okay. I would comment on Evelyn, but she’s permanently established herself as a bird and really deserves no further comment. She stays with Jens name in her mouth- she really needs to just take several seats and stop talking. I didn’t even watch the show last night and I’m glad… I’ve met four year olds that have more sense.

  35. shelly says:

    i just want to say I will not be watching evelyn & chads new show, sorry chad! evelyn is so unhappy with herself it shows and she’s taking it out on Jen,”JEN DOES NOT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND” dont you get it now leave her alone and focus on your shoe store that nobody shops at.Evelyn you have lost so many fans due to your child like actions and foul mouth and jump off behavior,what will it take for you to understand your the problem.Tami shame on you for not keeping it real and telling (hood rat) I mean evelyn, that what her assitant did was wrong and she looked crazy jumping on the table like a monkey over words, and just for the record saying someone lives in a 2 bedroom apt was nice compared to what you and evelyn have said about others, I live in a 2 bedroom apt and i was not at all upset,Tami you should consider growing up also because your a mom and you look childish also,with all of that being said ,VH1 you may want to pull Shaunie to the side and inform her that this show has took a turn for the worst and has lost fans and viewers, I wont be watching any more episodes and it sucks that once i turn the channel i forget to go back and watch LA LA’s show, who is a real basketball wife and a classy one at that, so shes losing ratings also and its a shame because her show is good.

  36. Denise says:

    Tami and Evelyn are ghettos bunnies in Christian Louboutin shoes. (that’s if Tami can afford it) They both have daughters and should be ashame of how they behave. I don’t think any women who has any respect for yourself, women be caught dead wearing one of TamiT-Shirts. Some people will be anything to make money. What kills me is she has the nerve to justify it in the blog

  37. kayma says:

    i love tami to death but she seems a little phony to me now now her evelyn are the best of friends everybody on that damn show is fake beside jen and royce

  38. ness says:

    Evelyn has a daughter a year younger than me and I would be embarrassed if my mum acted like that! CHAD is seeing her behavior and still wants to marry her?… he either knows shes ACTING UP for the camera’s or he just as CRAZY as she is! its a shame really i used to like her.
    as for “THE ASSISTANT” she just wanted to be on TV cos she OVER-reacted.

  39. ANGIE says:


  40. specialk says:

    LOL….spreadable!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so funny! Someone made the mistake of saying VH1 was exploiting DECENT Black Women – ummm…let me correct that. These women are not Decent in anyway. Maybe Keisha and Royce, but they’ve all managed to get mixed in the drama. Ev and Tammie and now Hood Rat #3 Nya, Niya, whatever her name is.. are all an embarrassment. Tammie made the comment that she faked the whole lawsuit – she made the threat but would never go through with it. How dumb do you sound. What was the point – EV laughed in your face, so then you decided once your bluff was called, to sit down with a chic that could care less. Jenn – get their asses. People will never learn unless they have to answer for their actions. You can’t just slap people because your feel like it – we’re adults, so I thought. It would be different if we were in the street, you roll up on me and we scrap it up, but you’re at a horse race, presidential suit – in full on cocktail hour attire. Pay Jenn for acting like dumbasses. You’re goona go off because of the two bedroom statement. Wow – problems run deeper than we thought. What goes around COMES BACK AROUND! Chad and Ev are made for one another – two dumbasses. You see what happened to TO – checks have stopped coming in. ;) Any who – to all the women who are hard workers and classy ladies – this show gives me great talking points for my mentoring group. We laugh at these women – we just call them sloppy trash. I want my girls to know – this is NOT the way to handle conflict and certainly not becoming of a lady who respects herself.

  41. G.P.ladiez says:

    Royce is real. Tami is mad cause she old and alone and if not she will be. Susie is just having a good time. Jen is just trying to find herself. Evelyn is pretty but her anger make her look old sometimes. Kiesha is kool she just want everybody to get along. Nia just look like a hot mess where did she come from with that big dress,wig and shades like she was hiding out, Evelyn you need to kick yourself in the butt for letting your assistant come on national tv looking like that and then you had the nerve to get mad cause Jen called her a bum. Evelyn you put a big battery in Nia back and brung her on the show to confront Jen cause Jen already sent y’all the memo if anybody hit her she suing.

  42. tcs108 says:

    NOTICE———-Please log on to Facebook to sign a petition to boycott Ev and Chad show. She should not be able to earn another dime for her bullying antics and bad behavior.
    Just like any other job and/or career, there should be consquences for fighting(lost of job,fine, or lawsuit)

  43. igetpaidformyopinion says:

    VH1 stay out of the lawsuit and stop “bullying” Jen to drop it, okay. The clause of accepting risks on the show does not include accepting getting slapped and NIA should be forced to suffer any legal ramifications from her actions. Evelyn, stop being a copy cat. Anyone who loves makeup knows that your color palettes are not original…there are literally a million different color palettes out, so your late. There are the coastal scents color palettes, ELF, shimmer palettes, palettes while you are laughing at Jen’s FOUR lip glosses with original packaging, how about you be original and stop being a face for an already established makeup company. And to add, only a fool would buy a $30 wife beater with some wack phrase on it, where would you wear that trash? You definitely cant wear it to work or school. Get out of here…the only 1 not lame is Jen and that is why she has the “celebrity” friends to prove it.

  44. TheafromtheBeya says:

    Shut up Tami! Please change your name to Tampon because you are all up in Ev’s vajayjay this year. Dogging out Jen for not having a sit down with Nia yet you didn’t extend the same courtesy to Meeka when she filed a lawsuit against you but I guess in your new enlightened state you forgot all about your hood antics overseas. So Jen was wrong for calling Nia the same thing that your bestie Evelyn called Royce just a few seasons ago?? Same thing she called you and your busted weave?? I’m so over these ladies and their pack mentality. Jen wasn’t out of line, put your hands on me and the gloves are off. She attacked Nia verbally after being attacked physically and I’m sorry boo boo, they are not on the same level. Nia swung first so anything after that was fair game. If Jen had talked about that Citi Trends outfit and that beauty supply store wig, she would’ve been well within her right. Evelyn was wrong but she knew that she could play you birds agianst Jen by playing the I’s was po act. Girrrrrrl, stop.

  45. Concerned Fan says:

    She did not have to go on National TV to ask you for her keys. She just wanted to show off and be seen, just like someone else. That is totally of control and ignorant. You mean to tell me, she could not have sent word or call you! BS! Watch your back! All they do is kick up mud and drama!

  46. teachergirl156 says:

    Never in life would I give Nia or Evelyn the time of day again. Nia is all up in a situation that had absolutely nothing to do with her. Why talk to either of them about what happened. In the Bible it states: “When aruging with fools, don’t answer their foolish arguments, or you will become as foolish as they are.” Prov. 26:4 Those heiffers are going in on Jen about the exact same crap that I’ve seen them do to others. Tammy, quit being so fake, so unattractive. All ya’ll need to get a hobby. This is the very reason I don’t do a bunch of women. Messy, messy, messy, and then some. I’m just sayin’!!!

  47. Renee says:

    I took a liking to all of the women since the show aired… However, Evelyn has been very EXTRA with over reacting as this CRAZY/VICTIM/CRYBABY and then she sheds her crocodile tears??? And the award goes too…Anywhoo Tami and Shawnie know they were DEAD WRONG for letting Nia smack Jen. They play both sides really well… Both women should know and understand that people change after a divorce. If they were her real friends they should have pull her aside and talked to her instead of ambushing her. Don’t get me wrong Jen was a FOOL to sit there and let it happen… I don’t condone the violence at all and its truly sad to see GROWN ADULT WOMEN act out of CHARACTER. Evelyn did the same thing to Tami when she came of the show talking about her hair nails and the way she dressed that Tami went out and changed her appearance. I don’t see what the difference is when Jen reacted to Nia and made comments about her finances and her way of life… I think Jen reacted out of anger and her words where used to hurt Nia mentally instead of physically… Nia could have handled the situation more better than she did she came off very aggressive which added fuel to the FIRE!!! It’s funny how women/girls turn against each. At the end of the day Nia was Evleyn’s friend first so her LOYALTY remainded with her not to mention your being paid by Evelyn so to be relavant Nia started feeling a certain way about Jen instead of being a PEACE MAKER Jennifer became Nia’s enemy as well.

  48. VICKI says:


  49. a says:

    The best one yet, Tami, she is so down to earth and keeps it real with all… if she got a problem with you, then she’s going to tell you, like a woman, face to face… and she doesn’t like drama, she seems to want peace but will handle a situation if need be…yo go girl!!

    … jenn, she is ladylike, she’s not into the cat fights, and hell, I don’t blame her..why fight with someone when they do have enough character to talk without yelling, like they want to run over you or something…. I would sue their asses too!!!! People do grow and sometimes friendships are for a season not a life time and it doesn’t mean your better it just means your time is up, Evelyn.

  50. Mi says:

    Replying to Angie – is this you Evelyn? Evelyn is well rounded?! If you watched the show since season 1, you would not be making these comments. Give me a break!! LMAO!!!

  51. Kym says:

    I am so so surprised that any of these women think that that is the way to act whether it is on TV or in the street. You all are over 30 and you are acting like you are 16, 17, and 21 yrs old. High School should stay in high school – act your age. If this is what giving you fame and fortune – i would rethink it because where can you go from here? If I was a producer or TV Agent I would not want any of you on any of my shows. Well let’s say not all – I would never book EVELYN for anything – she acts like a hood rat all day long. I mean for a pretty woman you show the world that you have not respect for yourself or anyone around you. What does your daughter say? I know she is as embrassed for you as I feel for her. You look ridiculous jumping on tables or people for that matter – a lot of the stuff you get mad about is not even that serious. You need to really look at yourself.
    Jen – girl keep your head up, you are doing the right thing. Evelyn was never a friend to you in the first place. To get made at a blog – SERIOUSLY!!!
    Tami – I must say that I loved you on the Real World and I liked you on here until this phony act with Evelyn. I understand being civil and getting along but to fake the funk like you love her and all that – come on be real.
    Shawnie – how can you allow these women you call your friends act like that on YOUR SHOW? I mean really – oh I forgot – you are no better. You like the mess that goes on and that says a lot about you. I am just shocked at all of you.
    Susie – she needs prayer – she begged to be back in the circle and now she is just making a fool of herself – SUSIE THEY ARE NOT ALL THAT TO BE BEGGING- get a life.

  52. I find it amazing how adult women who are also mothers and (ex-)wives, find it attractive to make their claim of fame to be nothing but some unclassy fighting and bickering. Every time they get together it is as if they are picking a fight. Rather than accepting the fact that they may not all be friends and may not all get along, Evelyn takes a shot at everyone who says something against her, even when it is the hard truth, yet she constantly talks like a dog about everyone else by calling them names every time she gets a chance. I also find it unfortunate that her two friends Tami and Shaunie never take her aside and tell her she is wrong for jumping over tables, grabbing wine bottles and throwing them at people. I don’t care what she says, there was absolutely nothing on this show that should make her that angry so as far as I am concerned she needs to get off the show and go into anger management. She thinks Chad loves her but he is just taking advantage of the opportunity and he makes that clear when he tells her he married her for the money and not her looks, at which she brushes him off with “whatever” (in the clip for the next episode). To want to accept someone like that for a life partner and expose your child to when he has no respect for you and you have no respect for yourself is scary. No woman should be so desparate that she picks her man off twitter and acts like she is all that when she makes continues to embarass herself like Evelyn continues to do on the show. When you start jumping over tables, who cares what make-up line you tried to put out? Look at what happened to the shoe store? God doesn’t like ugly…

  53. latonya laster says:

    if it wasn,t 4 basketball wive jen u will not be were u r today so u need to be thankful for who an what got u were u r today in this life time

  54. aska says:

    Jen u R Amazing, teach nia a lesson eve is so jealous of you shes got green eyed monster marked all over her face ewe !!!!!!!!!!!

  55. One more thing … with all the bullying that goes on in this country and all the violence women continue to campaign against, what example is this show for our young women? There is absolutely nothing to learn from this show, except the fact that angermanagement needs to be a requirement when a reality show figure shows their true colors and acts like a mentally disturbed character. Jumping over tables, grabbing wine bottles, grabbing glass objects to throw at your company is insane and a disgrace to women. Like someone else mentioned, I am not sure how this kind of behavior can promote viewers to continue watching this show. Can you all focus on some constructive activities? What else is going on in these crazy peoples’ lives other than constantly setting each other up for a fight? Trying to outdo Jennifer out of pure jealousy does not make you a successful entrepreneur and marrying someone just because you are desperate to have company does not make you a role model for future wives. This show truly disappoints me, I thought the camera men were there to shoot daily lives, not to become security guards for out of control unclassy females!

  56. Re says:

    I used to like Evelyn but she has begun to act like the gutter rat trash she is. Her trash assistant is even worse. If i were Jen I would sue them too. Nothing hurts somebody more than putting a dent in their bank account.

  57. Really!! says:

    Evenlyn is a hood rat for life. She has no respect for herself. Why would you marry a man who says he likes women and you know for a fact he is cheating and can cheat if he lets you know. So Kenya was right about you. Tami you getting better cause the spot light is not on you, but please act like a role model for Evelyn cause she is trying so hard to be like you. No one on the show is married to a ball player so why is there still a show Shaunie. Ohh I know you need money. Cause any respectable woman would not promote violence. I see why Shaq left you. Suzie needs to keep her mouth close because she the only one I see not doing anything with her life but telling people what other people say. I see nothing wrong with what Jen is doing stop hating haters. She needs to do like Royce is doing do your own thing and don’t come to to many events with the hood rat. There is no need for a reunion show. Shaunie its time to end the show or maybe wait. Lets see Christy from love and hip hop meet up with Evelyn. For Nia get a life girl. you got you little fame now sit down somewhere. It makes me want to pop you in the face.

  58. Debra says:

    Evelyn and her little assistant were wrong. The only reason that girl is on there now is because Evelyn doesn’t have Jennifer. Where was her friend/assistant all of the other seasons? Okay exactly. I don’t blame Jennifer I would have pressed charges too. Evelyn is going to mess around and hit the wrong person. They go to all of these nice places and She always have to start fighting with people throwing stuff hopping over tables that’s very classy. Shaunie should be embarrassed to take them anywhere especially Evelyn. Evelyn used to talk about Tammi like she was a dog. Tammy you should look back at how they talked about you your first season on the show. Evelyn and Jennifer have in the past said some really bad things about people including dumb Susie she is just like a child in school with no friends or who wants to and is willing to do anything to be in what is that Evelyn calls it the “inner circle”. She is just so glad that they let her back in.

  59. Lisa Franchette Minnis says:

    I always like Tami from day one when most of my friends did not understand her. I love the fact that Tami is real to me. I hope Tami, you do not fall for Evelyn’s bull. I think you and the other’s took what Jen said out of contents. I did not think she meant it the way it came out. If Nia need her keys and Jen will not give them to her, hell have the locks change. She should not had been there. I understand when Jen say she is not a fighter. I think Evelyn takes that Jen not being a fighter and run with it. Evelyn need her ass whoop. She is a bully! If Jen don’t want to be friends or hang with the girls I don’t blame her. Every time she come around Evelyn convince someone to hit her. She did right hit that “B” in the pocket. Jen could and should be able to say what she wants to say rather someone like it or not without fear of one of you all hitting her. She should have file a police report on Evelyn saying, “She will beat her every time she see her.” Most of you all need more to do! You to much into one another’s business. I did not like Jen at first! I like her now and have much respect for her. Evelyn, knew what Jen meant when she was speaking about the two bedroom apartment. Evelyn wanted to fake those tears to get you all to take her side when her and Nia are wrong! Jen need to hire me and I show Evelyn something. Let her come across the table on me, and throw a bottle at me. VH1 will have another reality show call, ” Lisa whoop A@@!”

  60. mia says:

    Last night’s episode made me so furious I can’t even think straight. I am hating Evelyn and Tami more and more as each week goes by. They knew what was gonna happen by bringing Niya to the races (she didn’t belong there). Ev, you can’t get a rise out of Jen so you’re looking for any possible way to get under her skin and Niya was it. Shauni, you used to be such a lady, what happened to you??? Ev and Tamis friendship seems so insincere although they DO have 3 things in common- no class, their both bullies, and they both shared bodily fluids with Tamis ex husband around the same time. I can’t believe Tami said that where she comes from, you take a beating and keep it moving. Where does she come from that 40 year old women fight with their hands like their in high school especially over she said she said crap. I get why Jen disassociated herself with Niya since she is Evs assistant so I say…SUE SUE SUE like the white folks do. Jen has more class in her little finger than Ev any day. I won’t be buying any of Evs crap anyhow so I’m sure I’ll be seeing her book and makeup in the dollar store before you know it.

  61. Sylvia says:

    I applaud Jennifer for keeping it as classy as she possibly could under the circumstances. My my Evelyn … funny how we forget. Not long ago you were laughing at Royce’s clothes and Tammy’s foodstamp situation along with Jennifer. Now, aren’t you brand new. Those tears you shed were jealous tears girly! It seems that you are jealous of Jennifer. If not, why are you so ANGRY at her when she used to be your BFF to the point that you want to seriously hurt her? If you’re so happy with your stance in life right now, you shouldn’t be the leader of all of the pettiness. It definitely seems like something else is underlying your anger towards Jen. Go spend time with your man or take a ride in your new car and chill out because you are looking so bad this season.

  62. SweetC says:

    Tami, please shut the hell up!!!! Evelyn and now Nila have both attacked Jen, provoked Jen and have tried to bully Jen, so anything Jen said to either one of those birds they FULLY deserved. She clearly did not think she was BETTER than either one of them or she would not have been friends with them all these years and CLOSE friends as they all attest to. Tami and Shaunie have both egged this mess on from the beginning and siding with Evelyn on any level shows that they both are just as ignorant as Evelyn is. Tami I would not take one ounce of advice from you because you have all kinds of issues in your own life and don’t have a healthy relationship with anyone, (her crazy behind was in theraphy this season because she is a violent nut job!!!). So news flash, if some grown ass woman with a history of anger and mental problems is going to attack me physically and then get their assistant to do the same I am damn going to curse them out and not worry about their feelings!!!! Then I am going to press charges and sue Shaunie who cares about none of these chicks just her ratings!!! Why should Jen have to worry about being attacked on that show??? Evelyn is disgusting and I do not see why the hell Chad would wife that. He should be embarrassed to call her wife or even a role model to his young children.

  63. Karen says:

    To Jen… keep doing you as you stated you are backing up from Nia because she is now working for someone who says you are her enemy. I agree.. you don’t have to accept bad treatment. I like your style and as a Black female who resides in a 3 story condo in Middlesex County, New Jersey (which I own) I would do the same thing… Sue them and file every police report available to you. Evelyn and Nia need to keep their ghetto acting behavior to themselves… it really is embarrassing. Good Luck with that Chad! LOL (that is a real LADY you got there!)

  64. Mo says:


  65. LOLAGETZ says:

    Tami…… Truth be told the only reason why you kiss Evelyn A$$ is becuses she is a threat to you, the man you married and love had children with also had eyes for this woman (Evelyn) Deep down inside you truly hate her and you cant wait for her to get what is coming to her. The pain, jealousy and anger you have for her has crippled you and in some cosmic way you have become a puppet. Most people becomes mental slaves to the one who has violated them. Eve… One word to discribe you BXHOODRAT lol no offense to the BX folks but this is deff one of your bad eggs. Oh and you doing all this stunting and tu mama estas en el PROJECTS, que te pasa???? also, I peep the buttshots. Jen is evident that Eve had that whole Nia slapping you situation set up, what Eve don’t realize she has a daughter and the sins of the father falls on the son ( GET IT) either way Eve got it coming to her. Jen keep doing what you do. Shaunie, I think your the most retarded one of all and Eve is just winging it with you, wont be long before she has your show.

  66. Sweetc says:

    Someone said it right, I do think that Evelyn is jealous of Jennifer. There is no other reason why she all of a sudden has all this animosty. Even when she revealed in the beginning of the season why she does not like Jennifer it was so totally stupid, immature, dumb and really sad on Evelyns behalf. Shaunie is really the biggest disappointment because she really does not care about any of these women. All she cares about is what is going to give this show good ratings. She goes along with situations where she KNOWS Evelyn is going to act the damn fool. At least take these bums to TGI Fridays or Olive Garden, not these classy restaurants where the patrons are looking at the all ethnic cast like they are savages!!! How she can even side with Evelyn and this disgusting not to mention embarrassing behavior is not about friendship but about money. That speaks volumns about Shaunie!!!! Jennifer keep your head up because Karma is a mother……..

  67. NotConcerned says:

    Tami, please stop writing blogs because you come across even more ignorant and absurd than you do on TV. You really have issues that simple therapy can’t fix. YOU ARE CONDONING what happened to Jen because you keep bringing it back to it being her fault. And please..please stop trying to say what a “mature” person would do because the only maturity you have is age-wise, definitely not in your behavior. You and you “BFF/ex husband’s mistress” Evelyn are like wild animals, and her fugly imp Nia is too. You sit there and snicker and sneer over Jen witht he woman who called you and your kids non M’Fing factors while she banged your husband? Grow a self esteem!! And oh, you are not Jen’s or anyone’s friend. You judge people all damn day but then want to talk about what’s sensitive to you? A gust a wind makes you wanna fight, so STFU Tami.

  68. betheley1 says:

    Tami you are pretending to be what you are not, and that is even worse than being your true loud, trashy and aggressive self. I do not want to criticize you but you need to get some advice as it pertains to your wardrobe. Your clothes do not flatter your body type, instead they make you look like a square size 14, 16 with a big, high stomach and two fat legs that are kind of knocked at the knee. You should also take a look at your naturally combative manly style of walking. With some improvements you can be a bit JEN like, I mean feminine.

  69. ART says:

    Evelyn should not let Jen get to her. Evelyn has her new book, a great career, and a wedding to plan. She is at the hieght of her life and should be enjoying it. Jen was wrong though….she won’t even call Nia by her name. She continues to call her “the asisitant” as if she’s not a person. It is sad that Jen is like this but at the same time hitting her is dead wrong. People only try to hit when the realize they can’t control you. Jen is wrong but trying to change her is a waste of time and hitting her is not going to get your point across.

  70. Sylvia Reyes says:

    Tami!! You are one to state:”maybe it would be better served if they both do what “mature people” do. WTF?!!! No you did not state that! You and Develyn aren’t mature at all! No one owes either of you nothing!! Jennifer has tried to talk to Develyn like a mature person but Develyn is the child and a bully!! And it seems that you always had to put in your two cents like always!

  71. Kemah Gant says:

    I think Evelyn and Jenn need to talk without everyone else around and express how they feel. Y’all been frienmds for 10 years for a reason. And for the record, your assistant needs a new hair style

  72. Lizza says:

    Tami hood-rat Roman is the fakes Bi%% on the show Tami is doing the same thing she’s was mad at Royce for doing, commenting on something without knowing everything PLUS she did try to bring evil Eve to Court. Boycotte whatever there selling Books….

  73. Dr. Phil says:

    In response to viewer Lyric; are you kidding me??? Jen’s comment had nothing to do with you and your fabulously ghetto mother Spami. Go to school, get an education, seek some therapy, and for goodness sakes, have Spami, I mean Tami hire a tutor and stylist for you and your trashy Mother. This is an adult conversation, and children should be “seen” and not “heard”.

    P.S. I have an available appointment for you and your family for counseling.

  74. MoMo says:

    Its all just stupid. Can you blame Jenn for not wanting to be bothered with thise two clowns(nia and evelyn)? I mean seriously why would any mature, grown, self, respecting, adult wanna be associated with middle school trash?
    Tami, its funny how youre trying to be the “grown up”. In reality youre nothing but a miserable bully and Evelyn is only your friend because shes afraid of you. Knock it off. And Shaunie is just as messy as the rest of yall. I wonder what royce is fake crying about next episode?

  75. chrystal says:

    thought it was not cool the comment jenn made about doing like the white folks do…not cool we white folks dont sue people like that..that comment made me dislike jenn even more then i already did… thats those rich folks….also i do think jenn has become stuck up. how can u make a comment to some about not gonna sue them because they dont have anything really..thats whats wrong with this country all anyone cares about is money and not other peoples feelings..

  76. Fan says:

    Jen I don’t blame you for suing Nia. But you should include Tami,Shaunie and Evelyn. Shaunie and Tami laughed and talked about you all season to Evelyn and kept that pit bull going. As for Nia Evelyn used her because she thought that since that fool wasn’t under contract that if she attacked you and they get rid of her then Evelyn could stay. Well if Evelyn and Tami comes back next season and I don’t see someone setting them straight then I refuse to watch this show. Shaunie is a backstabbin person and Tami should just shut the hell up. She has nerve to give her orders not to sue and if you don’t she is mad. I am so sick of hearing Tami is real how is a women who attacks people all the time real unless you are in Wild Kingdom. Keep your head up get these stupid ladies salaries for the season and then go your separate way. Nia think and lool before you jump and leap dumb ass.

  77. Fan says:

    Evelyn are you serious. I guess you are so happy that you have Shaunie,Tami and Nia kissing your butt so much that you think you have arrived. You reap what you sow and you know you took offense because this might apply to you. When do you give the orders to tell what a person can say when they are mad. Well you told you it was cool to throw bottles and jump off of tables and this is something that the queen of England would do. You and Tami are getting on my nerves so bad that I don’t approve of beating women but I wish someone would get you and Tami and turn you every which way but loose. O did I say loose are you going to jump threw the computer to attack me, and for Nia “I wish you would” . You ladies should be ashamed of yourselfs. Let Nia move in with you and Chad so maybe both of you can jump off tables onto his sorry pen–. I hope Jen sues you until I get tired. As for Nia I would not care if someone talked about my 2 bedroom apartment It is mine’s free and clear. You are just stupid enough to let your boss talk you into doing something you will regret. Think next time if something is really a good idea

  78. Nettie says:

    Jen – Do yourself a favor and leave Shaunie, Tami & Evelyn behind. You don’t need them – classless broads!

    Theafromthebeya: You read my mind with the beauty supply store wig Nia was wearing LOL!!

  79. Sweetjoy says:

    TheafromtheBeya said it best!!! i 100% agree

  80. YesSir says:

    It was PLANNED Jen! Shaunie and Tami are scared of Evelyn and they are taking her side and trying to make you look like you are wrong for filing charges. It’s the law – you don’t have to fight NOBODY and NOBODY has the right to put their hands on you – keep your phone on you and dial 911 everytime the B’s touch you1 Evelyn only go after those that she think she can beat – I’m waiting for the day for her to go after someone her own size and weight. Tami is wrong! Nia is Wrong1 Shaunie is wrong! Jen you are right! They are in their little ClICK and they can’t speak the truth to Evelyn because they’r’e scared of her reaction. EVELYN rules Bask. Wives!!!! Put some real women on there that would check her azzz back! Try that mess in the street Evelyn!! jeN – call 911 every single time! Evelyn talked about everyone right along with you for the first 3 seasons ….but of course that B is never wrong – she got an excuse for EVVERYTHING! ANd her sidekicks – “oh you right massa”1 (hahahahaha1) Drop her azz Chad!!!!!!!

  81. Leynani1 says:

    leynani1 APRIL 24, 2012 AT 12:57 AM
    VH1 & Shaunie you have made this season one of the most Discusting, embarrassing , discrasraseful, and exploitive show than all other seasons. Shaunie you are executive producer and you can not control or tame your heathans. You are a terrible representation of a leader. Have someone give you some guidance or mentoring because you have definitely lost track of what you thought was a good example of what a successful women should be. If I wanted to see old hags fighting every second I would flip the channel to see the wrestling match and see the real women who actual are trained proffesional ‘s to entertain me. This show has reached an all time low to reach a shock value. With that being said it is never good to showcase the Severe Systamatic Bullying that is going on here. Where in the end the Bully is assaulting and egging other people on to assault as well. Terrible Representation Especially knowing that a Few of the Cast members have Daughters that can see this filth.

  82. dee says:


  83. Abby says:

    I am disappointed in Basketball Wives this season. But it seems money is more important than anything else. I think Eve is high maintenance and seems to be struggling financially. Therefore, I believe she is extremely jealous of Jen’s financial independence. I think Eve needs Chad’s money in order to keep the life she is accustomed to and is willing to do and put up with anything to get it.

    If Chad marries Eve, I think she (Eve) will divorce him a year or so after for a substantial financial settlement. He and Eve have no chemistry. They seem like oil and water. Who talks about topping this year’s birthday gift with next year’s gift when your man has surprised you with a big beautiful, fancy car (it seems to be all about what Chad can give her). Also, she gave her Fiancé permission to cheat on her while he is on the road just as long and he uses a condom and comes home to her (what ever happened to self respect?).

    Last season, Jen made us all aware (including Eve) that she didn’t tell Eve or anybody else everything she got going on in her life. Eve was surprised to learn that Jen was on a business venture of her own (LUCID). Unfortunately, the shock showed on Eve’s face, even though she pretended to be supportive. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider any of the ladies a role model. Contrarily, these women have sold themselves and their self respect, for the all mighty dollar and impersonating themselves as basket ball wives. These ladies need to take a lesson from LaLa. The ladies on Basketball Wives don’t seem to care about the poor example they are setting for the young African American ladies that watch the show (Shaunie). This is so sad because this show don‘t have to stoop so low in order to stay popular. With friends like these ladies, who needs enemies?

  84. charles carter,II says:

    jennifer of basketball wives shows alot of class by being mature and adultlike. Who gets on t.v. wanting to fight? that is so immature of those women to show out like that on t.v or not on t.v. . they are definately not teenagers no more and how does that look for evelyn to try and fight every week when she supposed to marrying a celebrity soon. they need to chill and be ladies.

  85. karrine says:

    Shaunie and Evelyn,
    What an utter disgrace you are to all minority women. This season is the epitome of trash! Your behavior is that of rabid animals. Evelyn, since the show began you have continually insulted people for what they DO NOT have, how dare you try to insult the viewers intelligence by acting like an advocate for the poor. You got everything you have in life by lying on your back, you should be ashamed. Shaunie, it makes me sick to my stomach that you sit by during every single fight with that stupid look on your face. You created this monster and whether or not you want to believe it, you are accountable for the message this show sends to young girls. You had an amazing platform to do something incredible and possibly change some stereotypes about women, but sadly you sold out for money and took the easy way out.

  86. Kandy Kane says:

    I have a hard time believing these big mouth ladies don’t remember all of the negative comments they’ve made toward some of the other laides on BBW’s. And now they act as if Jennifer is the worse person on earth because she made some comments. We listened to Evelyn bad mouth Tami, Royce, Kenya, Meeka and others during the season. And now she has this holier than thou attitude, STOP IT! Evelyn has said way worse things than Jen that I’ve heard and the same can be said for Tami. Now that Tami is following in behind Evelyn it seem Evelyn can do no wrong.Enough is enough! You ladies are way too old for this foolery. And now Shaunie suggest another trip be taken. Let bet ALL the ladies will end up going so that more drama will take place and Shaunie will look and act like she did not see that coming.

  87. Animal lover43 says:

    Evelyn you are to old to be jumping over a table like a wild animal. You always think you are better than everybody when your not. Tami how can you be friends with Evelyn when she slept with your ex-husband Kenny Anderson, she talked about how your hair looked BUSTED! and how TACKY ! you dressed. Let’s not forget ,Jen was there after you had your operation. Where was Evelyn and Shaunie? Jennifer you do not have to apologize for nothing, you are better than Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn and Nia.

  88. Danielle says:

    Tami just shut up! You sound so stupid! and did’t you have a health condition that put you in the hospital? Make sure it was not because you sooooooooooooooooooo messy! You just as fake as Evelyn and Shaunie. Yall the worst 3 on the show. I can’t believe you actually got your butt on here talking bout Jen and her lawsuit. Not to mention that you are the reason Meeka is not on the show and suing your ignorant butt. Question: have you sat down with Meeka to make amends like you’re telling Jen and Nia to do? Didn’t think so. You use to be a favorite but you disgust me. Get out of Evelyn’s butt- she gone turn on you next. Ev and Jen were friends for 10 years and you see how Ev is treating Jen. You been friends with Ev for what a season or 2 and you think she’s gone be your friend forever? Right. Shaunie, you are probably the most stupid ignorant one. How you gone allow them to do Jen like that for the sake of getting high ratings? Anyway, why is this show on TV? Where the wives at Vh1- ditch the bums Ev, Tami and Shaunie and keep team Jen- Royce, Suzie, Kesha, even Kenya, The other 3 Tami, Ev, Shaunie make me sick and want to throw up- I wanna vomit thinking about how lowdown yall are being!

  89. tiny007 says:


    I don’t think u really need to explain yourself, those females kept., picking with u. Tammi even said they all got a letter in the mail prior to the physical violence against you, so why would they push the issue and hit, if you don’t press charges they’ll take you for a joke. I glad you’re moving forward. Also if they don’t come to the reunion show who cares, because everyone likes Jennifer, Royce, Suzie, Keisha and Kenya better anyway. Because Evelyn and Tammi look so stupid trying to act like best friends, who everyone can tell they’re phony.. Evelyn I don’t now why you go so mad at Jennifer’s comment in Season 1 or Season 2 didn’t you call Royce a bum and said she doesn’t even get her car updated. You are making yourself look so bad and jealous of your ex friend, you really need to quit. I can’t really believe you jumped over the table like that., wow embarrasing…..

  90. Kimberly says:

    Why is it that Tami has a nerve to talk about Jen, but she didn’t make 1 comment on Nia’s behavior? Wasn’t Nia wrong for slapping her? Wasn’t Eve wrong for bullying her? The only reason why Tami doesn’t support the suing s because Meeka sued her and needs the back up. If anything, Tami and Shaunie is all up Eve’s ass. How pathetic! Jen is the mature one of all of them. She doesn’t even mention anyone unless someone tell her about therm. Jen, please continue to be smart and stay away from these hoes!

  91. net says:

    Great clasy lady Jenn. You nailed it, put trash in jail and keep on stepping. These women are not your friends and they never were and never will be. Jenn u are not BOUGIE, U are a class act. I love u for your class and style and morals, principles. Education goes along way and I am proud of u for letting the public know how to handle violence. Let the LEGAL SYSTEM HANDLE YOUR VIOLENT PHONY FRIENDS. Put Evelyn in JAIL for threating to KILL U. She is not your friend and neve has been. Peace and love classy lady.

  92. JboogyJ says:

    Hell Jen I just hate Johnny Cochran is not here to represent you. Sue the namebrand socks off them B****es

  93. Gale says:

    Shaunie, you stated, “I will never say I agree with some of the behavior between my girlfriends on the show”.

    Well, Tami & Evelyn are just that “little girls” psychologically, because mature, intelligent, respectful adults would never conduct themselves in such a disgraceful manner, on National TV or not on National TV.

    Tami & Evelyn are setting very poor examples for the young girls, and they a total disgrace to millions of adult women across the globe.

    Shaunie, you should keep on to feeling good about yourself, rejoice, clap your hands, pat yourself on the back, and make millions of dollars, while the other female cast members on the show are beaten senseless.

  94. Sally says:

    Shaunie, why would you feel good about PIMPING CRIMINALS?

    Shaunie, How could you feel good about PIMPING GANG-BANGERS?

    Shaunie, how can you face your children, knowing you are PIMPING BULLIES?

    When you are well aware that there are anti-bullying laws in schools and communities.

    Tami & Evelyn, are not educated enough to know that they making your richer, with their unlawful behavior.

    Shaunie is kicking back, relaxing, laughing, pretending to be concerned. While Tami & Evelyn are physically assaulting, harrassing everybody else around them.


  95. Scandalous says:

    It is true that Jennifer, has done some nasty deeds on the show, but she has not attempted to lower her standards to violence.

    There are absolutely, positively, zero grounds for physical act of violence.

    Tami & Evelyn are scandalous, they are violators, they are foul, and they are down right sinful.

    Their behavior is not amusing; their violent behavior is nauseating, offensive, shameful, and sick.

  96. disgusted says:

    I am disgusted by grown women with children fighting like high school kids. Why is Evelyn’s assistant involved in any event or conversation that the groups have. This show makes each woman look straight hood and immature. This is what TV has come to I use to be on board but I am going to shut this show down. I hope Jennifer removes herself from the group completely I am so happy that Royce is not involved. And Chauney, this is what you are promoting as your new look you have young impressionable children, I use to think you were a peacemaker but now you and Tammi are Evelyn’s cheering squad. I am so happy that Jennifer served you papers because it seems like you are setting her up.

  97. MYA says:

    Chad stupid ass is going to marry that crazy heiffer… she’s going to pop 1 or 2 babies out..divorced within 2 years…and be set for 18 plus years..She is trying to get her meal ticket…This show is not going to be around much longer!!

  98. Sofia says:

    I too am very disappointed how this season has featured so much violence! I think I might have to stop watching this show. I would file a police report too. Shaunie seems to look for this cat fight or bringing them in to fight. I believe Evelyn is so unhappy with her life that this is how she deals with people. She is quick to say how her friend was belittled does she not realize she is doing the same. Evelyn you too are bougie…. $1,000.00 pair of shoes what realistic woman would buy that??? Why would Shaunie allow Nia to be around and confront anybody? Tami you are just as fake as the rest of them! How are you to judge someone like Kenya when you are just as crazy. Suzie speak your mind telling Keisha to keep her mouth closed??? I am not African American but these women need to get your lives together seeing this show makes me realize that I am so much better off. I am so disappointed in all the women on this show because whether you believe it or not you too are bougie!

  99. irritated says:

    Eve, why is it you didn’t address the drama from last night episode? Could it be you know you and Nia looked like straight up animals attacking Jen over a key and some comments she made after being slapped in the face??!! What goes around comes around and you are going to fall flat on your face. You probably think you are on top now because you are marrying an unfaithful man and you are about “THIS LIFE”, whatever the heck that mean. I try not to wish ill on people, so I am going to do something that you clearly aren’t use to and that is PRAY for you. GOD does not BLESS MESS and you my friend are a complete MESS. I think you need to find a relationship with GOD as soon as you can, because you have sold your SOUL to the devil for a little attention. Nothing is ok about what you and your followers are doing to Jen. She will get the last laugh, remember that.

    Tami, you are worst than Eve..I can’t believe you are placing blame on Jen for the situation that happen on last nights episode or any episode for that matter. She slept with your HUSBAND you IDIOT and then talked about you like a DOG and now you are acting like a DOG by licking the crack of Eve’s butt!!! You need GOD in your life as well because yall are heading for total destruction. I just pray that what you all put those ladies through don’t come back around and affect your kids. I am officially done with the BBW (Bad Girls Edition)!!! I know that I am one person and this doesn’t affect your ratings, but to continue to support this foolishness goes against everything I stand for, so at the end of the day I am very happy and that is all that count. I think if you all were truly happy with yourselves, you wouldn’t feel the need to Bully people..

  100. Danielle says:

    oh tami please you know jen suein her is the right thing to do. you know if nia would have done that to you. you would have beat her ass. and jen can”t fight so what she spose to sit there and take it. no

  101. Yvette says:

    Okay, now this episode was beyond childish. First off they are all too old to be behaving like a bunch of adolecent girls. To be a mother , and have a daughter, Evelyn should be the MOST embarrassed. Who sets the example on how a young lady behaves. She is coming across like she envious of Jenn. Nia, Neas, Na Na whatever the assistants name is just needed her 15 minutes of fame and she got it at another persons exspense. It is still unclear to me why she was mad at her. Whether Jenn lived with her or not, if she thinks she is better or not, if she has new friends or not, if she is uppity or not, that gives you no right to put your hands on her. I would sue her for everything she has including the furniture in the 2 room walk up. She did the right thing by pressing charges and filing a civil suit. Good for you, let the justice system handle that for you. Nai appears to be easily manipulated, led astray, and convinced by Evelyn to do her dirty work by setting it off. Everlyn, Evelyn, Evelyn, girl you need to STOP STOP STOP!!! You look like a fool you really do, I dont see how you can watch the episodes and not feel like the biggest idiot to ever breath. I am not rich by any means but I will bet my left arm this marriage will either not take place or wont last 3 years. Who wants to be married to a “galley” cat ( ghetto and alley) I wonder what her daughter thinks when she watches the show, or hear the comments her class mates make. Think of the effect your actions have on the people associated with you. And she talking about having more kids, somebody please get a petition started to get her ass spayed to prevent her from having any more kids, she is T-TOTALLY unfit.

  102. Renee says:

    Since when did Tami and Evelyn become such good friends? She SLEPT with your husband dummy. I have NEVER liked Evelyn but she does not pretend to be anything but the nasty tramp she is. Tami and Shaunie? I can’t stand you both. Shaunie and Tami are sneaky wenches. You two are so far up Evelyn butt you laugh off all the hurful things she does. Stop PRETENDING you guys did not get together to destroy Jen on national tv. I will not buy any merchandise from Evelyn. She is a disgrace to her daughter and herself. I’m totally embarrassed that you guys (Evelyn, Shaunie, and Tami) are not showing our younger sisters how to be ladies. You are mothers for godsakes. Jen doesnt have kids and is more of a role model than you’ll ever be. Shame on you

  103. TRUBLUE says:

    Everytime I turn on BBW…Evelyn,Tami and Shaunie is always saying something about Jennifer. It is getting a bit tired and ridiculous. Tami is a big disappointment, because she’s sooo phony and fake, there’s nothing real about her. As far as I’m concerned, the bum Nia started with Jen over nothing. Evelyn is the most wickest one out the bunch, and very jealous of Jennifer. Shaunie is the weakest link, and she stands for everything Evelyn does. By reading the blogs,comments and post… Evelyn,Tami and Shaunie is starting to look like ignorant women, with no class. I don’t care how much money you may have…money can’t clean your image.

  104. Vicky B says:

    Evelyn you are wrong. Throwing bottles, plates, jumping across tables, picking up vases is just plain foolish. I would never buy your book,, simply based on your low-class, low-living behavior, yes low-living lifestyle. What classy woman, allows her cheating fiance’ to make her diminsh herself on National TV for the sake of maintaining a relationship? Because of last nights show, I am done with the BBW.

    Jen did not deserve what you all served her this season….

  105. michelle brown says:

    Jen, I really thank you for taking the high road. We all should grow with each day that we live, and sometimes with growth it is important to leave some people behind. Sometimes, people come in our life for a season. If they are not contributing positive things than its time to examine that situation. Jen should press charges, bc nobody has the right to go around hitting on people contrary to Tami and Evelyn beliefs. If Im not mistaken Evelyn talked trash about your clothes and other things when you first came on the set. Shaunie, should be a shame of herself for co-signing half of this crap. This show promotes nothing but negativity, and displays how low people will go for money……..Evelyn has tried to be a bully this entire show, but the truth of the matter is YOU just have not ran up on the right person.

  106. Kat says:

    Tami girl PLEASE, you sound CRAZY but I am not shocked! Evil Ev…….KARMA is a beast sweetie, LOOSELY speaking! lol Shaunie all I can do is SMH at you because I can not believe you have turned on Jenn to and then try to play it off. Ya’ll saw it coming and you liked it….SAD! Nia boo boo…….sit down some where and get Evil Ev & Chad to give you a raise because you clearly need one! Watching this show is like watching boxing and I hate boxing……to brutal. Oh Evil Ev, you really can’t fight sweetie, you just talk a good game. I know a few females like you. Come to New Orleans Ev with that mouth and see how you go back to MIA! lol Jenn I can’t let you off the hook OK but you finally see because the tables have turned on you so maybe you can now be a little more cordial and humble towards people now. I knew you did not mean what you said about Nia like they are trying to make it out to be but you was that girls last season. HUMBLE is the key.

  107. Natasha says:

    Tami sounds confusing, any violence against a woman black or white is WRONG..

  108. letitbeme says:

    I think evelyn need to take her publisist back where she came from and the rest of the bully’s need to recognize that you don’t put your hands on anyone because enough is enough. If I were Jen out side of suing I would throw every thig thats not nailed down at evelyn. I seriously believe she is going to be sorry for taking that over nothing blog to the level it’s gone. She is not excepting that Jen has a voice and is standing up to her. Now she’s got Nia ghetto ass up her butt if you feel so offended why don’t you help give back by paying for your homies to get an extra room.

  109. michele says:

    OMG!! Does Evelyn REALLY have a daughter? Is this how she wants herself portrayed to the public? Does a man in the public eye REALLY want to marry this superficial, low class, ignorant, superficial, full-of-herself mutant? She’s a disgrace and an embarassment, not only to her family, but to her race!! She just continues the persona of her race as ignorant people who can only speak with their fists!! And, Shaunie, you have such grace, dignity, and class – HOW CAN YOU LET SOMEONE LIKE HER PORTRAY A FRIEND OF YOURS? Does she think the public is stupid, saying she’s upset because of what Jennifer said? I mean, come on, she can’t keep her hands to herself in any siuation. SHE REALLY SICKENS ME!! HOORAY FOR JENNIFER FOR FINALLY DOING SOMETHING and filing suit!! To say that ‘where you come from’ people take their beatings and move on – thought the whole purpose is for people to RISE ABOVE their humble beginnings and change their lives for the positive? GO, JENNIFER!! GET SOME CLASS, EVELYN, AND START KEEPING YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!! But I guess if you continue to have no consequences, you will keep jumping over tables, throwing bottles, having to be forcibly held back, and people just nod compliance because they are afraid of being the next brunt of your low class reaction to NOT BEING LIKED!!

  110. Lisa says:

    Although I’ve decided long ago to stop watching the show, I’m so happy to learn Jennifer has decided to sue. I’m disgusted more with Shaunie than anyone else. I see what Royce was talking about now. She pretends to be sweet and innocent, but she baits the violence on her show for ratings. Many women of color are SICK of her making us look like animals with no respect for ourselves, and amping up violence with inarticulate women does not help our cause in this country. They already look at us as immature, uneducated idiots. They are slowly taking our rights away in the government, slowly taking away our power in business, slowly knocking us for trying to raise children because they see this and believe this is the real representation of black and latino women. And don’t give me ish on ratings. There’s plenty of ways to get ratings on minority shows without hitting someone in the head. Braxton Family Values did very well on their small network. I didn’t see the Braxtons punching eachother out. What about Welcome to Sweetie Pies on Own? Small network. Big ratings. No violence. This network can do better but they refuse to. Atlanta Housewives may argue, but I don’t see them fighting and throwing bottles at eachother. And some of them are married! At least some stayed true to the theme.

    How are you gonna stop bullies in the classroom when you reward bullies on your show for acting like idiots? And now we want to punish Jennifer by fake boycotting a reunion. Go ahead. Boycott it Evelyn and Tami. Shaunie, you too. Hopefully it will make the show’s demise quicker and swift and your 5 minutes of disgusting fame will end. This is nothing more than a modern day Mammie show. Cut up fo’ massa for a check. It’s 2012. Eve is wearing the biggest mammy kerchief. Tami’s next in line. No more of this foolery. I signed the petition. If this show doesn’t clean up, it WILL be off the air in a year. Please believe it’s power in the masses VH1.

  111. ladyj400 says:

    bully-evelyn you need god in yr life, i feel sorry for your soul, mr. chad you should not marry a person like that, she not good looking at all, talking about jen lips ,look at that big block head she have mr. chad you can get an real lady ,she just out to get what she can,real talk she evil, her soul is with the devil. shaunie you can stop this madness you have kids,lil girls,but i guest you do not want evelyn on your ass,you too tami, you three need ask god to change your ways, cause it very ugly,nia you need to stay off tv you wrong in i hope u get what coming to you. evelyn you was acting just like jen too do not hate. THEY NEED TO TAKE THE DAM SHOW OFF THE AIR DON’T WANT TO SEE 40 OR CLOSE TO 40 OLD HAGS ACTING IGNORANT.

  112. RED says:


  113. Daryele M says:

    i think evelyn is corny and fake!!!!!! nobody would ever slap my best friend NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! you so hype wit jennifer, but when tami beat you up you didnt do nothing!!!!!!!!!!! now you wanna act tough cause you pickn on weak jennifer….HONEY YOUR RAGGEDY ANG GHETTO TRASH. shaunie and tami, so ashamed of you…shaunie i think your weak and tami you were my favorite until you turned and went to the dark side…

  114. poetry says:

    “I’m sure that a good part of our audience are hard workers who in fact live in small apartments in urban areas.” Listen Tami, it is just like I suspected —you people underestimated the viewers. Don’t nobody care about what Jen said. You women get that bent over what somebody (says)?? So immature until it is unbelievable. If I thought Jen was fake and no longer my friend…I would just ignore her, get my locks changed, but I WOULD NOT SLAP HER. Yall real silly today. No. the fans don’t agree with none of yall. Too silly for real. Jen was not wrong…all she did was sit down and sip her wine…and here come Nia with that junk….no Tami…Nia should have chosen a better time to talk to Jen…but she came out full force to start something….how was that jump off argument Jen’s fault?

  115. mary matthews says:

    Jen you did the right thing by suing. Let those idiots continue to make fools of themselves. Evelyn needed a reason to act a fool, therefore, she pretended to be outraged about the comments you made. Evelyn ghetto tactics are going to backfire. People are getting sick of the “mean girl” act of Evelyn and Tami. It’s old and stupid and sterotypical.

  116. crissy says:

    i thought last season they was going to start showing more of the positve side of the women they look like stupid black women.evelyn seems like ghetto trash the way she talks,telling jen she is not about this life or something stupid like that she should go back to school and act like the grown women she says she is.and anyone who hits another person should have charges brought against them that is what people do in the real world and since everyone on the show is so real i do not know why it will surprise anyone one the show that she pressed charges.keep up the good work of showing what idiots look like

  117. krh says:

    Evelyn is obviously jealous of Jennifer. She really needs to do something with herself she acts a mess.

  118. Angela says:

    I’m a working class woman and was not offended AT ALL by the comment Jen made in regard to Nia. Everyone throws low blows in the heat of an altercation. Everyone living has had friends come and go in and out of their lives. If i dont want to be friends with u anymore that is my choice. It does not by any means give u the right to put ur hands on me. You tami may have been able to sit and talk with evelyn in regard to the t-shirt incident, only because Evelyn was willing to talk to you. Evelyn is NOT affording Jen the same respect. she went to meet w Jen w an aggressive attitude and was not willing to agree to disagree. Tami and Ev are coming across as bullies! U know dang well Jen is not going to physically fight u back, so y keep coming at her like that. That’s a sign of a bully and a punk! U both have the tendency to pick on ppl who appear to be weak and who clearly will not fight u back. last thing…most ppl at the age u are would file a suit against someone who caused them bodily harm. its just a fact. I always say i’m too grown to fight!

  119. TANIA says:


  120. Tatiana Lima says:

    In my opinion, Jen is trying to act like she’s the bigger and better person by not using physical violence and with the same token she verbally bashes others. That too is immature. The mature thing to do is to try and understand why others feel the way they do about you and reassure them that you want their friendship and respect their feelings. I’m all about standing up for what you believe in and sticking up for yourself but there are civil ways to doing this. I think it’s great Jen is focusing on her carrear but she should support her “friends” with theirs as well and the show is all part of their carrear building. Evelyn is a wild card. She’s full of emotion and it’s obvious that she’s hurt by Jen distancing herself from her. Evelyn is a strong woman who seems to have experienced some struggles in life which has caused her to be so protective of her own feelings and emotions. This is why I “think” she reacts in violence- it’s kinda like she’s saying how dare you hurt me this way, I cared for you and you played me.. I would love to see the girls make up. It’s so obvious that they both are hurt because their friendship has spiraled out of control and neither one knows how to repair it. Kinda sad, if you think about it. My life is a roller coaster, I would be so lucky to have the opportunities these woman have on the show and etc.. Focus on the positive because there is so much of that for all these women. Just my words… Tatiana

  121. V says:

    I am truly disgusted by what I saw on tv this evening. Evelyn is disgusting talking about how upset she was by what someone said but finds it somehow appropriate to try and physically assault someone. The last couple of episodes have include violence in some form, VH1 is irresponsible by its lack of commenting on this situation, promoting scenes of violence in its preview clips of the show. We live in a society where individuals are protected from acts of violence. Evelyn’s repeated and escalating violence on this show is unacceptable compounded by the lack of remorse is deplorable. The issues between these women is dwarfed by these violent behaviors. What example are you setting for your children? What message is VH1 promoting to society by not condemning these acts?

  122. Ms. Flores says:

    Evelyn and Nia grow up! You are not in high school. Jumping on a table like a wild animal, throwing bottles, and your daughter watching you acting a fool. What is wrong with you? You make our race look so bad and than you talk about being in the inner circle (girl please) start acting like a woman. You need a reality check. You may not care about what I have to write on this post, but you truly need to get your stuff together. Life is to short to be harrassing someone like Jen who was your friend and you know is not going to fight back. Jen is a real woman and I sympathize with her and hope that she does not leave the show because of Evelyn and Nia acting like high school little girls. Tammy you need to stop instigating these problems you all need to act like CIVIL WOMEN! Think really, really good about what you all are doing and just imagine if Jen were to pass away is this how you really want to end things. Life is short and you all are being ridiculous. You may think you can get away with what you are doing, but their is a higher power and he sure as heck is not looking at you with a smile on his face. Karma will come back to haunt you. You all sound like a bunch of haters because after Jen went through her divorce she made something of herself. Maybe if Jen didn’t become so successful maybe you would still be her friend right Evelyn, but because she rose to the top with her new business adventure you have to continuously rephrase everything she saids as if she is always putting everyone down. You all need to seriously grow up! Maybe Jen should leave the show because she is one of the women in the show acting like a woman. I rather be a part of the outer circle where you are free to do and say what you want than trapped in the inner circle walking on egg shells watching what you say and do.

  123. Ahouston says:

    African Americans are continuously viewed as agressive people. In retrospect, this show confirms this view almost every episode. As a race of people, are we going to continue to confirm this stereotype for the sake of good television?

    In addition, I love to see my people on television. However, the majority of television shows are not displaying our people in a positive manner.

  124. Pamm says:

    At first I was angry when Wendy Williams said she would not be watching Basketball Wives because the fighting was a disgrace to women and even worse to African American women. I felt it was wrong of her to let her viewers know she was not supporting her own people. But now I understand why she feels this way after seeing the way Jennifer was assaulted on the show recently. Shaunie should be ashamed of herself for allowing this behavior on her show. She has young daughters and her show is a terrible example for them and all people, young & old. It appears her only concern is money. So sad because if she doesn’t make changes to the show soon, it might eventually backfire on her.
    Maybe viewers should start a letter writing campaign to rally for changes on the show/ What do you think?
    I support Jennifer and agree with her decision to file charges against the person who assaulted her.

  125. jflem says:

    First, i need to know where to sign the petition. So much for the bullying, “cussing”, lying and professing to be classy, (I really don’t think Tami or Evelyn can spell CLASSY.) Shaunie probably can spell classy but is so dumded down, she has forgot the meaning. I see now why Shaq sought greener pastures. Chad, you better take note, I can see Evelyn getting preggos and stripping you of your manhood quick and in a hurry. I think Eve and Tami are afraid of each other so they prey on people they are sure they can bully. Shaunie girl, you better watch your back because those two self righeous idiots you hang with will eventually turn on you. I am so dissappointed in our black people in that we will do anything for that 15 min., no matter how foolish. We must keep our young ones prayed up and hope they can see past the ignorance.

  126. READ THIS says:

    An open sincere note to Evelyn:
    Evelyn, i was always a fan of yours. I’m not sure where things went awry, but being a young woman who really valued your “realness”, i’ve been really turned off by the events of this season. From my perspective, it seems like you really do love Jen and the unfortunate demise of your friendship with her really affected you. It seems like you turned your hate into anger. But like i’ve learned, “gasping onto anger only burns yourself”. Being in the public eye with your relationship with someone whose in the game, can be tough. I understand that having a friend to understand and be there for you during those times is what you need. But you have to understand that, not everything Jen says is an insult to your relationship. You know how Chad is, but it seems that hearing the truth from a good friend isn’t what you want. You admitted yourself that WHEN he cheats, you want to know about it. That is acknowledging that you know how he is. Is it wrong for a friend to realize that? I’ve always want the best for my friends, whether or not the truth hurts. That’s a rare friendship to be blessed with. Yes, love is blind, but i hope one day you’ll be your old self again and realize your self worth and the people whose been there. i’m still rooting for you and hope its not too late.

  127. Dodie says:

    Ev, you and Tami laughing dancing and dissing the violence that was perpetrated against Jen, showed the ignorant mentality that you share. That you both felt it was justified and funny is pathetic. Also, you and she were dissing Jens cosmetics line. Why? You ain’t jealous are yuh? Remember, she launched hers first. Jealousy does not become you. I am glad that you two finally revealed yourselves for what you truly are….. Phony!!!!

  128. Rocky says:

    Im glad you got away from the bs Jen! Evelyn is really just jealous of you ! If you look back over the tapes she ( and others) didnt know about your lip gloss business, you been growing for a long time now-go girl !! Evelyn is just going down hill and let her go on !! If you were her friend she should hve been able to talk to you from jump. And as for Chad everybody know what he is about. I still wonder about the girl he picked on his reality show, then all of a sudden he was dating Eveyln ????? MMMmmmm!

  129. LESAI says:


  130. Maria says:

    Evelyn is all bark and no bite! All she does is run her foul mouth and throw things at people. If you really hard core you’d know how to throw punches and not bottles! Drita from mob wives would kick your ass in a heart beat. But no, Evelyn only preys on the weak and is such a hypocrite! If you cant take the punches then dont throw any! She really is jealous that Jen is mature enough to get away from the drama coz even in the blog, Evelyn still has to mention Jen! And Tammi, if Nia was really a mature person, she wouldve talked to Jen one on one, off camera, and without Evelyn about the keys instead of attacking her like that! Thats what a friend would do! And Nia wanna talk about being a friend!? I think Tammi condones it cause she’s a bully herself! I totally agree with Jen that not all people you met will be in your life forever. You deal with it and move on!

  131. Shstarlight says:

    What the hell does this show have to do with basketball wives, because I see it has nothing at all to do with being a basketball wife!

  132. Shstarlight says:

    This show needs a whole new cast Shaunie, with real basketball wives who are classy and mature and who will reflect positivity for all ladies and young ladies. Shaunie you had real basketball wives leave the show!

  133. SL says:

    Ev- I know you’re mad Chad wants to sleep with other women & have you wait for his black A$! at the alter, but don’t take it out on Jen. And, you used to be with Jen acting better then people.
    Jen- Stop talking S%#! like you want it knowing you can’t fight! Learn some karate or something. And, the things you’re “actually” suing NIA for are ridiculous!
    Kiesha- Stop running and hiding everytime some S%#! jump off. You knew what you signed up for.
    Shaunie- Stop being fake! If it wasn’t for ratings you wouldn’t have invited Jen to your B-day. You would have tossed her to the side like ya’ll did Suzie when Ev was mad at her!

  134. Jenee says:

    Jen saying “I wish you would” was NOT meant to be taken literally; I must’ve been the ONLY one who saw it as saying, “I dare you.” Whether she said it or not, Nia had NO right to get out of her chair and smack this woman. Jen might be phony, bourgie, or whatever else people think about her–and for the record, I’m not a Jen fan–BUT grown folks know the difference between right and wrong. Lashing out at someone physically because you can’t stand to be in the same place with them is wrong and immature–not to mention, grade-school behavior.

  135. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn, no how many ways you try to make excuses for you and Nia’s behavior on episode 10 it was still wrong for Nia to go and slap Jen. It was wrong for you (Evelyn) to sit there and not tell your assistant to not slap her, because she can get herself in deep trouble. It was wrong for you (Evelyn) to jump off the table like animal in the zoo and try to hit Jen yourself. Give yourself a good image for not only the viewers but for your family.Let your daughter see you looking classy and practicing sef control like a lady. Pray on whatever is going on negatively in your life and stop taking it out on other people. Violence is not the answer to a situation, it just makes the situation escalate into a war. Don’t marry a man who looks down on and tells you on national tv that he is a cheater and will continue after he marries you. You can take care of yourself. You don’t want a guy like that (yes, I said guy because does not deserve to be called a man), around your daughter either. You have downed alot of people too Evelyn, you are not innocent. Get your mental health straighten out and be a lady, for not just the viewers but for your family.

  136. natalie says:

    Tammy You said you need to know how evelyn feels so you can know your next move? your such a get with. since when does eve and jens problems have anything to do with you. i guess thats the loyalty you have for someone who slepted with your ex husband. your so press to be in the circle you look like a wet puppy behind eve.. lol

  137. Truth Serum says:

    @ Bloggers- I read some of these for entertainment purposes, but I’ve come to realize that these are people’s actual lives on display. No matter how glamorous their lives may look with the money, clothes, parties, men, etc., most of them are broken with a lot of issues. We have become like Internet therapists because they do read these blogs. With that being said I have a topic to address. I love God, truly I do, and everybody has their personal opinion about these situations, but none of these ladies has ever shown any type of spirituality at least not to me. When I read the comments that encompass scriptures and advice on moral fiber, it kind of makes me laugh because if money is the root of all evil, none of these ladies care to read a scripture, they’re just tryna get paid. It’s very apparent that if they had any type of spiritual background, we would have seen some evidence of it at some point. I think their behavior is very sad, but hey, what would reality tv be without drama. Even the Mary’s have soft drama on their show. Let’s keep it real, even the churchiest Christians like to see people act a fool. Ijs

  138. Sherri507 says:

    I ABSOLUTELY agree with Jennifer 100%. She had EVERY right to say what she wanted to say after being slapped in the face in front of everybody and not to mention television. Everyone knows darn well that if they would have gotten slapped they would have done WORSE, especially Tammi or Evelyn. These “women” and I’ll use that term very lightly walk around wearing some of the finest clothing & jewelry and driving the best cars speak about business but then act like idiots on camera. Ladies ask yourselves does fame mean this much to you? They should really take a look at how they act and behave on television. I applaud Royce for staying out of the silly cat fights, she made a great choice with that. Tammi, Evelyn, Shawnie, this unknown chick “assistant” are not women at all. They were put in to this situation and not mature enough to handle it. They are trying to turn Jennifers’ words around making it sound like she attack this chick when they are forgetting WHY she said what she said and how she said it. What was there left to do? Like I stated earlier, Evelyn or Tammi would have done worse believe that and Evelyn isn’t a REAL fighter because all she does is throws things and loud talks. She was sitting right in front of that girl Kenya and had ALL the time in the world to knock her out but she took time to take off earrings, take off her shoes & take a drink before doing something….FOR REAL? She’s a joke. This would have been a great opportunity for them to show the world some positive females handling their businesses but instead they sold their souls for a few seasons of fame. They don’t act like they have children watching at home….lead by example ladies.

  139. Sherri507 says:

    Another thing Shawnie & Tammi set Jennifer up…..cold-blooded. They met with Jen accepted her invitation to the screening, went to the screening and NEVER said a word about the letter but waited until they met up with Evelyn and her pit-bull before saying anything. If I was Jen I would cut off all ties with them and move on to get her own show. (Men for Jen) helping her find TRUE love. VH1 cancel this show and cut this money or better yet everybody might pull back from watching making the rating go down then maybe they will be canceled.

  140. Shstarlight says:

    Shaunie, you need a whole new cast who are real mature women and have self control and who are real wives to basketball players. Your show has no real basketball wives. The real basketball wives that you did have on the show left and a law suit. You need mature positive women who shows how to be a lady in public and personal, and you won’t have to hide your face from the embarrassment that is shown on your show now. You can have a classy lady show and still have good ratings and also to help mentor the young ladies of tommorrow and adult women. We need positive guidance from this show, you can create alot of positive guidance. You can even have basketball wives who are divorced from the basketball player like for example, Kobe Bryants ex wife and show postively what are the bad sides of being a basketball wife. Shaunie don’t allow your show to go bye bye, just make good, wise, and positive changes.

  141. JuceeJ 702 says:

    Personally, I think the whole show is not worth watching anymore. If Jen is boougie now she was boougie then and no one had an issue with it then. I dont blame Jen for putting a lawsuit on Nia, but unlike me I would have done the same thing after wopping that ass. Due to the fact it was self defense she hit first. Tami, I thought you were real, now you’re here defending Evelyn who has been rightously BULLYING people since the show started. The only thing is she cannot bully you, so ya’ll friends. If Jen could fight she wouldn’t be bullying Jen. All women don’t fight. They were not brought up in that type of environment. So what, if Jen is boougie you either like her or you dont. Evelyn is wrong and just like she dont like Jen, people are seeing her for what she is. She’s trying to change her image due to her reality show spinoff and that’s all it is. Me, I will not watch her show nor read her book and I will continue to turn when I see her without the other BBW on the show. Tami, you are one of the truly real people on the show, don’t get caught up in this messy as you can fiasco about Jen thinking she better than other people. You cannot change a person. You can either choose to deal with the person or not. But change them you cannot. It continues to look and sound like everyone on the show want the viewers to see Evenlyn’s position, so you, Nia and Shaunie has taken up where she left off. Jen is going through a divorce and you and Shaunie know your world can be turned upside down just by that alone. Evenlyn is a bully, she’s messy and need to realize she’s wrong as two-left shoes. This deviation that you, Nia (who does need to be sued), and Shaunie is doing will not work for me. I, like Jen do not care to solve issues by fighting, but I, unlike Jen, will wop a b@!’s ass with my hands, not by throwing things or jumping off tables. How unclassy is that? Just because a person have a nice look about them dont mean they’re beautiful.

  142. nikkoll-e says:

    Tami love you. I think it wasn’t about keys it was about Evelyn to slap someone because there not giving you the raise you want out of them come on now. Jen did right hit that chic with a lawsuit you put your hands on me thats what it is.(I’m going to get mine in before the boys in blue pull up but you hit me first that whatit will be). Jen got slapped what was she suppose to do not say anything that was a HOT mess and it wasn’t lady like at all to me you all can be caddy and is anyone a true friend all I see is bunch of ass kissers and if someones not getting that attention all hell will break lose. Evelyn needs to grow up and see Jen don’t like the man she choose and live with it. Move on if she not your friend why is her name in your mouth. GROW UP!!!

  143. nomsa says:

    I think these ladies are behaving unclassy and doing a disservice for Black woman. Tami and the other ladies should remember that Evelyn has and enemy each show so that is her personality. Tami was on the receiving end of Evelyn’s craziness. If I was Ocho I would not marry a woman like that.

  144. Sisters (Elanie, Dale, Stacey) says:

    # 1 Tami, Evelyn, and Nia should be ban from the show. # 2 The other female cast members, should not be placed in danger for the love of VH1, Producers, and Shaunie money making tactics. # 3 Hercules Tami, Evil Evelyn, Shade wearing/Crazy-lady Nia # 4 The dog pound and the zoo have plenty of empty cages and vacancies. Shaunie they have an open position for a Keeper.

  145. Sally says:

    Shaunie, why would you feel good about PIMPING CRIMINALS?

    Shaunie, How could you feel good about PIMPING GANG-BANGERS?

    Shaunie, how can you face your children, knowing you are PIMPING BULLIES?

    When you are well aware that there are anti-bullying laws in schools and communities.

    Tami & Evelyn, are not educated enough to know that they making your richer, with their unlawful behavior.

    Shaunie is kicking back, relaxing, laughing, pretending to be concerned. While Tami & Evelyn are physically assaulting, harrassing everybody else around them.

  146. Shaunie Girls says:

    Shaunie, you stated, “I will never say I agree with some of the behavior between my girlfriends on the show”.

    Well, Tami & Evelyn are just that “little girls” psychologically, because mature, intelligent, respectful adults would never conduct themselves in such a disgraceful manner, on National TV or not on National TV.

    Tami & Evelyn are setting very poor examples for the young girls, and they a total disgrace to millions of adult women across the globe.

    Shaunie, you should keep on to feeling good about yourself, rejoice, clap your hands, pat yourself on the back, and make millions of dollars, while the other female cast members on the show are beaten senseless.

  147. Robert says:

    Basketball Wives should be taken off the air at once. I think it is time for viewers to read a book than watching grown women acting like idiots on national television.

  148. Sonya Hcome to Mem says:

    Evelyn girl I love the Mazarati Chad got you for ur birthday….come to Memphis Tennessee and take me for a ride….lol

  149. Sonya H says:

    Hi Jen im a little confused on why your friendship with Evelyn has gotten so bad. you to were best friends and so very tight no one could come between you two. Will the two of you ever get back to that friendship you once had. I hate to see u the two of you at odds with each other. I hope the two of you can truly make amends.

  150. Denise says:

    Tami, Evelyn, and Nia — are totally out of their minds. They behave as if their brains have been fried from some type of substance abuse. Evil Evelyn is not ready to come completely out of the closet regarding her sexual preference (which she tried to do during her discussion with Chad about letting another woman into their bed, and she said what if I don‘t like her). Evelyn, may hate Jennifer now, because she fell in love with her during Jennifer’s divorce and their friendship. Evelyn, refuse to stop long enough to look over her life style and criminal behavior to avoid self-destruction. Tami & Evelyn are all about Tami & Evelyn. This is Tami & Evelyn’s show. Tami & Evelyn own this show and everybody around them, including Shaunie should fall to their knees when they walk in the room. Well, unfortunately the only person on the show that already come close to bowing down to Tami and Evelyn is Shaunie. Shaunie, is working Tami & Evelyn in the worst and nastiest way., while she continues to get richer.

  151. JRob says:

    I have been watching Basketball Wives since it started. In the beginning, the series was enjoyable. As the series progressed — the “cliche” was against Royce, but Royce held her own (no one is going to bully Royce). The there was Susie, the loose-mouth ex-baller girlfriend, intiminated by Evelyn. Tami then came into the picture with all that ghetto drama — fighting at the drop of a hat (remember Meeka AND Evelyn). Tami had a mild heart attach and she has been acting like more of a “lady” ever since. Jennifer Williams is good for the show because she has a different lifestyle — none of that bullying and fighting!! EVELYN is the problem — how can you ALLOW such a BULLY to dominate the program!! I guess it’s all about the ratings! SHAUNE is one of the Executive Producers — either she doesn’t CARE about sterotypes about WOMEN OF COLOR or just wants to make MONEY off these ladies or she has no AUTHORITY or input in the show. On another note — how can TAMI and EVELYN be so friendly this season when Tami knows that Evelyn slept with her ex-husband? (Ratings, huh??)

    This show and the LA Wives with Jackie Christie should be revamped and PHYSICAL FIGHTING should be stopped or they should be taken off the air!!

    Another show that should be revamped is LOVE and HIP HOP with Chrissy and Jim Jones!! STOP ALL THIS FIGHTING!! Ev and Ocho’ s new show SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED!!

    ALL WOMEN OF COLOR are NOT bullies!! Why are we being portrayed like this on television????!!!!!!

  152. Tina O. says:

    Emm, Evelyn why are you having Nia-the-assistant delete the REAL comments on your latest blog. I see you all left the “Evelyn you are beautiful” comments only. You fool NO ONE. Lol!

  153. Patricia says:

    This episode was very disturbing. As a matter of fact the episodes this entire season has been disturbing. Evelyn started in on Jenn last season because Jenn voiced her concerns regarding Ochocinco. Now every time she is with someone she doesn’t like she’s resorting to physical, more like tantrum violence. It’s crazy how they can all talk about what someone has or doesn’t have but be offended when the shoe is on the other foot. Jenn did not start this altercation talking down to anyone, she only said those things AFTER she was slapped. Evelyn must be on something because every time after she blows up she’s crying afterward, then makes jokes with Tami the next day. This just ridiculous!!

  154. Jones Family & Friends says:

    There are million of people across the country suffering financially, from unemployment, hunger, homelessness, poverty, and life-threatening illnesses. To see people wasting trillions of dollars to create and produce a show that is so violent, is insensitive and very sad.

    Evelyn and Tami are suffering psychologically. Their hearts are wounded, broken, beaten, and in pain. This would turn any human being life up side down. But, what is the most disturbing is that these wounded women are wasting millions of dollars beautifying themselves externally, while ignoring their wounded soul , spirit, and emotional state of mind. Instead, they turn to verbally abusing and physically violating the other female cast members on the show.

    VH1, Producers, and Shaunie, protect the other cast members, think about the other cast members. You should without a doubt consider their behavior entirely unacceptable, sicken, disrespectful, insulting, terrorizing, troublesome, outrageous, obnoxious, hazardous, harmful, and much more than any human being can bear.

    With that said, end the violence on the show. The viewers have already started a Petition to shutdown BBW and Chad & Evelyn’s new show.

    What is it going to take to get VH1, Producers, and Shaunie to wake up from their dream, and realize this show is a total nightmare?

    Instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new automobile, her wannabe husband, best friends and family should have escorted her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility. A brand new automobile will not erase away her misery, pain, wounded soul, evil spirit, broken heart, and criminal behavior.

    Tami & Evelyn loves Tami & Evelyn. These two beasts totally disregard their family, children, VH1, cast members, producers, Shaunie, and the viewers.

  155. cindy l s says:

    I love ev’s style she’s not faking the funk to make that junk. Go ev and another thing every body is talking about jenn is so innocent and she didn’t deserve how ev did her. wasn’t nobody saying nothing to jenn when she double crossed royce in the beginning for ev. RIGHT?? Well ms jenn I feel like when the shoes on the other feet u can run back to dat same female dat was a nobody on the reunion show. RIGHT?? jenn yur no better than the rest ov those so called animals b/cuz yur fake, fony, and very weak for that police move. And talking about suing sumbody. Sumbody need to be suing u for that comment u made about ev’s fiance’, RIGHT.. Ocho why don’t u bring jenn’s but to court for defomation ov yur character when she was on the radio show talking bad about u and lying on yur character. Let her see how being a weak coward feel’s like to be in court for sum weak junk…!!!! GO EV and no im not a person to take sides btu jenn is most definitely wrong for dat, try to be bold but when it’s time to swing she’s running. If yur about that life be about that life when it’s time to swing,other wise SHUT UP AND BE SORRY!!! #BE ABOUT THAT LIFE AND FIGHT OR SHUT UP..

  156. Mary says:

    Chad didn’t buy that car–he didn’t even come to the party. The producers bought that car to make it seem like Chad is so in love with Evelyn to get the viewers hyped for the “Chad & Evelyn” Show. Like they’re “Beyonce and Jay-Z”–NOT! They both will get 300K each for the show and Chad can keep on womanizing. Just keep BOYCOTTING EVERYTHING associated with the “EVELYN” brand! Her 15 mins is just about UP!

  157. jeanette says:

    you are trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Evelyn just can’t get over the fact that Jen has moved on . So y can’t she???? Evelyn keeps Jen in her mouth and on her mind i don’t understand get over it ALREADY!!!! Tami is ur new side kick rite along with that ulgy azz assistant NIA. Evelyn u stay talkin about the comment Jen made last week y do u feel the need 2 keep repeating urself?? I find u 2 be 1 stupid wanna b fool. U really need 2 get a grip shouldn’t u b worring about Chad an who he with cause it surely ain’t u. he’s no dummy he knows a looser wen he see’s it yes u!!!

  159. S.DAVIS says:


  160. Nicky says:

    I have never really been a fan of Jennifer, However I am super Shocked of the way Specific ladies are acting and I have no need to spell you out. Clearly Jennifer stated she had no problem with the assistant and that should have stopped right there and any other questions should have been addressed in a private setting. When you are angry and being attacked your going to say what first comes to mind even if you sound stupid…. check out the clip!!!! you will see that. EVIL-lyne you are tooooo old to behave as though you have no sense … you laughing about a bruise on your leg that you got by being a fool… Ocho should tell you off for acting like a complete Idiot. I know he does not appreciate the childish acts from you and i hope he Checks you on it…… BE BETTER!!!! I WILL BE COMENTING LATER…. LEAVE THAT WOMAN ALONE BEFORE YOU GET YOUR BEHINDS IN SOMETHING THATS HARD AS HECK TO GET OUT. CLEARLY THIS WOMAN IS TIRED OF BEING YOUR FOCAL POINT…. GET OFF IT AND TAMI PLEASE LET THOSE CHICKS KNOW THEIR WRONG…. I HAVE ALWAYS ADMIRED YOU BEING OUTSPOKEN PLEASE DON’T STOP IT.

  161. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn when will you wake up and see how you have no self control and acting like an animal in the zoo jumping on furniture and throwing things at people? When will you wake up and see that the guy(because he doesn’t deserve to be called a man)you’re suppose to marry doesn’t really love you, cheating on you now and as he said to you on national tv that he’s not with you because of your looks and you will have to pay the note on the car that he gave you on your birthday? When will you wake up and come to reality that you don’t want this guy around your daughter, he might try to hit on her girl?! When will you wake up and think how you talked about people yourself, talking about their clothes etc.? When will you wake up and realize that you are not paying your assistant Nia(also act like an animal, following in your footsteps) enough, wearing that ugly dress and a horrible looking wig(you can tell its a wig too)and give her a raise and take her shopping for clothes and some nice wigs? Why is she on the show anyway, she’s not a cast member and got her acting a fool like yourself, and now she in trouble for physically attacking Jen? Hell, I would sue her ass and yours , Shaunie, Tammie, and VH1,for physically and verbally harming me. Whoo! I would have knocked your old lady looking tell right back to your chair on the other side.Thats not the right thing to do though in God’s eyes.When will you also wake up and think what does your daughter and family think about the way you ‘ve been behaving and the no good guy you’re going to marry? I would rather be by myself than have a guy talk to me ugly, not just in private but also on tv. Point in all Evelyn, WAKE UP,WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!

  162. UGLY NIA says:

    OMG NIA, needs like a skin transplant on her face… She is UGLY and has very bad skin… Whenever they zoom on her face I can see her bad skin face… Girl if you going to come on tv and put it out like you are somebody, at least you should get your face together… OMG GIRL YOU IS UGLY AND YOU NEED TO GO TO A DERMATALOGIST AND HOPEFULLY THEY CAN FIX IT!!! OOPS FORGOT YOU AIN”T GOT NO MONEY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA MAYBE LOOSE EVIL WILL PAY FOR IT, IF SHE REALLY IS A GOOD FRIEND????? hehehehehehe…… NIA YOU IS UGLY!!!!!!

  163. No Authority says:

    Shaune, ain’t got no authority on the show to decide who is in or out!! Cause she wanted Royce OUT, but ROYCE is still IN!

  164. Our Country says:

    @The Jones Family & Friends. I totally agree with everything you said.

    Tami & Evelyn if you want to fight, then join the military, make yourselves useful.
    Because right now , you are useless, and your behavior towards your cast mates just turn stomach’s across the globe.

    Men and women are placing their life on the line, leaving their spouse, children, and family to go to war to fight to protect our country. They are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    Fire Fighter, Teachers, Police Officers, Military Personnel, and Health Care
    Workers just to name a few are barely earning a decent salary to take care of themselves and their families.

    While the creators of these violent reality shows are sitting back , relaxing and enjoying their spouses, children, and family, making millions of dollars.

    Musicians waste millions of dollars on inappropriate music videos. The government officials are wasting millions of dollars on negative Campaign Ads.

    This is very depressing. Because zero pennies and zero dollars of this money is helping the hungry, homeless, sick, unemployed, and poverty-stricken families.

    Our country priorities are very out of order.

  165. Angelicia says:

    @Mary & @Jones Family & Friends

    To: The Producers, Shaunie, VH1, Chad, Evelyn’s family, Best Friends, and/or Whomever purchased the new car for her Evelyn’s Birthday.

    These are not words of envy, nor words of hate. I am hoping my words will encourage someone to rescue Evelyn, before she is hurt, and to help prevent the other cast members from being hurt. The violence on the how is very serious and dangerous.

    # 1 – The new car will not fix her mental problem.
    # 2 – The new car will not bring her happiness.
    # 3 – The new car will not bring her a peace of mind.
    # 4 – The new car will not erase away her past history, and bad reputation with the sport teams across the world.
    # 5 The new car will not erase away her past relationship, personal, and business failures.
    # 6 – The new car will not give her a sound mind., self-respect, and it definitely did not do anything for her criminal image.
    as the @Jones Family & Friends stated, instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new car, Chad, her family, and friends should have checked her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility.

  166. Angelicia says:

    @Jones Family & Friends _____________ To: The Producers, Shaunie, VH1, Chad, Evelyn’s family, Best Friends, and/or Whomever purchased the new car for Evelyn’s Birthday. _____________ These are not words of envy, nor words of hate. I am hoping my words will encourage someone to rescue Evelyn, before she is hurt, and to help prevent the other cast members from being hurt. The violence on the how is very serious and dangerous. # 1 – The new car will not fix her mental problem. # 2 – The new car will not bring her happiness. # 3 – The new car will not bring her a peace of mind. # 4 – The new car will not erase away her past history, and bad reputation with the sport teams across the world. # 5 The new car will not erase away her past relationship, personal, and business failures. # 6 – The new car will not give her a sound mind., self-respect, and it definitely did not do anything for her criminal image. ____________ as the @Jones Family & Friends stated, instead of giving Evelyn, a Birthday Party and a new car, Chad, her family, and friends should have checked her into a drug, alcohol, and psychological health facility.

  167. dallday says:

    The only cure for a bully is a well whipped behind. Bullies generally pick on whom they think they can get away with it. I hope the public boycotts Ev and Ocho and not reward that woman for acting a fool.

  168. pamela says:

    Evelyn is a bulley, her behavior has ruined the show. I as a woman of color, donot want to be represented in this manner. The show needs to mandate Evelyn to a residential anger management program. When she is done with that, she needs to find Jesus. she needs to keep Jenn’s name out of her mouth, and thoughts, and focus on rehabilitating herself. Remember ding dong, Eveylnn, everything is on tape, if you continue, they can have you involuntarrily committed

  169. Sandy washington says:

    Evelyn needs to be locked in a cave because she clearly does not know how to act. Women like her should not be out in public with the rest of society. She does not know how to be a friend, she is promiscuous and nasty, she curses like a drunk bum from the street, there is nothing nice about her. This animal brings down the quality of life and is an embarrassment to every single women walking on this planet. I don’t know why shanuie allows this crazy old clown to be on the show, she needs to be fired. In the real world when your working and you behave like this you get fired. SHANUNIE PLEASE FIRE THIS ANIMAL, PLEASE. This show has become contraversial and it’s time for the foolishness to stop. Shanunie has five kids and she sits back and allows this circus act continue and does nothing to stop it, total disgrace.

  170. Kareemah Abdul Rahiem says:

    I think Evelyn & Tami is full of Sugar honey Ice Tea. You can take a girl out the gjetto, but can’t take the Ghetto out the girl. Shaunie is just banking off all y’all and laughing to the bank. If it wsn’t for their former or current mates they wouldn’t have a story t tell. Everybody got a story to tell. I just think you Tami, Evelyn, & background singer Shaunie are ridicilous with their behavior great exsample for your children.

  171. Kelly Jenkins says:

    Tammy, you really have no brains what so ever. You need to get a dictionary and look up the word friend. You are not a friend. Your as transparent and fake as they come and it’s so obvious. Your laughing and gigling with a women who had relations with your husband, how do you do that? Evelyn talked about you from the first minute she looked at you, from your hair, your nails, your clothes and your befriending her. Your ladies have some very serious problems. The only smart and intelligent, women on the show is royce. Royce is ambitious, she works hard and she stays away from fake people who do nothing with there lives except start drama and fight. I think this show is ridiculous and it’s a shame that this is how grown women conduct themselves.

  172. shebarose says:


  173. Fulliloved says:

    Jennifer handled herself very well considering getting punch on Nat’l TV which gives her a pass to say anything she freaking feels. Evelyn is a bully, boost Nia to come on the show to cause more drama. How much does it really cost to have your locks change in NYC? Nia and Evelyn is cursed based on decisions they have made in life, and every dog has his day? Jennifer has clearly moved on and this will be another lesson in life she will learn from, so what don’t kill you will make you stronger….

  174. Shay says:

    Evelyn Lozada is an uneducated goal-digging spiteful girl (I dare not call her a woman) with no class. She is a disgrace to all women! She condones violence and hatred and, fits the stereotypical depiction of an angry black woman. She disgusts me, and I wish she would just go away. Vh1 is ridiculous for glorifying this monster.

  175. Run Chad Run says:

    Evelyn is a psychopath–she is an alcoholic, a gold digger, a gang banger, bad mother and horrible human being. Think long term Chad and then check out Deon Sanders in the news–that’s you if you proceed with this farce of marriage.

  176. Felicia says:

    Please stop supporting Evelyn’s drama. I can’t believe that Shawnee and Tami support Evelyn…you know that sh is wrong. She i very hateful and judgemental. Ths is really makng ou women look like bum b’s. Jennifer, thank God that you have class and continue to act like a lady. Tami, what happened to ou being honest…stop entertaining Evelyn. Nia…go home!
    Evelyn is so jealous of Jenn!!!

  177. Angie says:

    This show is a hot ass mess. I definitely will not buy any of Evelyn’s tacky ass makeup. Got her looking like the neighborhood prostitute. Be the professional groupie you were meant to be!!! As for Chad, I will pray for you brother. Maybe if you pay her enough money, she can do your whole team.She probably will anyway. Give it time.

  178. Leo says:

    Jen you are more of a women then tami and evelyn put together. Never let them and other’s like them ever bring you to their level. They both are a disgrace to women and to their kids. I always root for you Jen and your way of being a real women !!

  179. Prsmith says:

    This show is a disgrace. In this current political and social climate, we are trying to get people to respect black women and their accomplishments. We have an intelligent black president and his wife the same, and people STILL ridicule them. This show makes it that much harder for us to fight the ignorance and bigotry that already prevails. I feel ashamed to see these women sign over their souls for money. Please Chang e the course of this show. It is a complete and utter DISGRACE TO BLACK WOMEN EVERYWHERE. I’ll be signing the petition to get this off the air, if they don’t change.

  180. EnoughAlready says:

    Evelyn: You are what I call a “disguised coward” (a coward dressed as a bully). You go after people who to you appear to be weak, can’t defend themselves, and/or scared. When you know others fear you, that fear fuels and empowers you and you go in for the kill (so to speak). Royce was right when she said, “People who throw drinks can’t throw hands.” I will take it a step further. If you have to pick up something to throw or hit someone with, it’s because you really can’t fight. I noticed how you quickly became friends with Tami because you knew you didn’t stand a chance if you all got in a fist fight. Also, you knew she doesn’t fear you. You have two options in life – Change your ways or meet your match. For your sake, I hope you get the help you need to change. I have heard you say you don’t know how you stayed friends with Jennifer for ten years. You stayed friends with her because you knew she genuinely loved you and was loyal to you. How could you question why you were friends with her that long? Being mad or angry with someone does not justify you saying and doing whatever you want to them. Your actions say the friendship meant nothing to you. In my opinion you act like you think you are better than Jennifer. It’s not the other way around. I couldn’t believe you were making fun of her lips. None of us made ourselves. I thought that was cruel and heartless of you. You are a snake and anyone who befriends you and are around you long enough will eventually be bitten. All the “friend” has to do is make you mad or disagree with something you’re doing. Jennifer thought you were making a mistake and she told you that, which is what a REAL friend does. True friends say the hard things and even question your behavior when needed. She was going to continue to love and support you whether you married Chad or not. She may not have made the right choice voicing it publicly or saying something about it or about Chad in a blog and/or interview, but that is no reason for you to act a fool. That girl cried and apologized to you on national television. You seemed to forgive her, but got mad about something else. By the way, you are not fooling anyone. Everyone knows you instigated Nia’s confrontation with Jennifer. You know you had been speaking against Jennifer to Nia off camera. Jennifer was right and wise to not talk to Nia since she was your assistant. She knows you and what you are capable of. She also knows Nia’s loyalty is to you. All this stuff about Jennifer being wrong for “putting how someone live down” was just you trying to justify your actions and turn the viewers against Jennifer. That girl had just been slapped in her face for no reason at all. She was devastated and rightly so. Anybody in Jennifer’s position would have said the same stuff or more. When I saw you running across the table I thought to myself, “Someone needs to get that monkey a banana to tame it.” I’m not even trying to be funny or demeaning. You looked like an albino monkey in a dress. Remember this; Jennifer was there for you when your relationship with that basketball player you were staying with for all those years dissolved. It’s sad that she is in the middle of a divorce and instead of holding her hand through it, you’re acting a fool. You are going to look back at the shows one day and regret your behavior. Well, maybe not so much. That’s too much credit to give you. You’ll never know success until you change your ways. Making millions doesn’t make you successful. A fool without money will also be a fool with money; just a bigger one. Grow up Evelyn. Seriously, grow up. I read a quote many years ago that changed my life, and I want to share it with you. I don’t know who the author is, but the quote is this: “No God, No Peace; Know God, Know Peace!”

    Jennifer: I have been angry with you since the show first began. You were always talking about someone, being an instigator, and happy to see people fighting. What you sow ALWAYS comes back to you. Meeka reached out to you and tried to get you onto the dating scene last season and you were talking about her behind her back. When Tami jumped on Meeka you were one of the main ones with so much to say. If you have truly changed your ways, that’s GREAT. Don’t do the same thing to Kenya. Don’t talk about or against her when you are around others who do. As a matter of fact, stop them. Tell them you don’t want your time with them to be about talking about someone else. When is someone on the show going to stand up and say, “Enough already? We can’t keep tearing each other down.” If you want negativity out of your life, get it all out. Be the example you want to see in others. I have always thought you carried yourself well. I could tell you were raised better than what you were portraying on the show. But I wasn’t surprise of your behavior because the Bible (1 Corinthians 15:33) says, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” Choose your friends wisely. You did not deserve being slapped by Nia, and I’m sorry that happened to you. Just know what happened was about her, not you. I didn’t like the comment you made saying you were going to do what white people do and press charges. That was an ignorant and bias comment. Pressing charges is what any intelligent person does who believes in the justice system and allows it to work for them. You have my vote to press charges against Nia whether she has money or not. Doing so will send a very clear message to her and the others. You were right to not reach out to Nia since you and Evelyn are at odds. You were also right not to try to hang with Shaunie and Tami. They too are clearly not your friends. They took Evelyn’s side before Nia ever hit you, and they are underhanded, sneaky, and deceitful liars for not admitting it. Their “group” is beginning to dwindle to nothing one by one. Finally, I’m glad you understand that who your friends are is your business.

    Kenya: I can see that you were trying to reach out for friendship by asking them their opinions and for their support for what you’re doing with your music and videos. Did anyone ever tell you that you don’t mix business with friendship? In a few cases it’s okay to do so, but in this case it wasn’t. I am frustrated with you because you must clearly see, just as we the viewers see, that those people are not trying to help you. But you keep asking them for help. They are trying to dog you out. It’s always okay to ask for help. However, you must ask for help from people who care about you and what you are doing and also have a genuine desire to see you succeed. The day you showed them your video and everyone was dogging you and saying a bunch of negative and hurtful stuff, you should have asked every one of them to leave or you should have walked out. You should not have stood there and took them telling you that you’re trying to be someone else. It was cruel the way they did you. They were telling you that your problem is you don’t want to listen. If I were you, would have said, “You’re right I don’t want to listen to people who clearly don’t have my best interest at heart” and walked out. In one episode, you got mad with Kesha and started taking off your shoes that day to fight her. You were wrong to do that, and that was aggressive/bully behavior. When you need to be aggressive (non-violently) you’re not. Why didn’t you do that with Evelyn? Although you don’t like Kesha, don’t take it to the next level by getting violent. I know you can feel Tami’s attitude towards you. Why in the world would you continue to ask her for advice and her expertise? She has done nothing but talk about you and make fun of you and your art. Let her and her team go and get help from people who will not put your business in the street. By the way, I don’t buy the “Kenya is crazy” stuff. You are not crazy. You are making some very unwise decisions, but you are no worse than any of the rest of your cast mates.

    Kesha: I don’t have a lot to say to you other than to say that telling Evelyn what Kenya said was wrong. You instigated that whole thing and then brought in an idiot to help you instigate it. You made a big mistake caring whether Evelyn and Tami believed you or thought you were a liar, and you will realize that real soon. You gave them both too much power. You may not have been laughing on the outside like Kenya did when Tami was going after you, but I know you had to be laughing on the inside because that’s what you wanted to see. Face it. That’s the reason you told Evelyn what Kenya said. Doing what you did makes you no better than Kenya. On camera you made a speech saying you normally don’t do that, but you thought Evelyn needed to know. You are a liar Kesha. You have done it before. It came out too easy. During your first appearance on the show Kenya asked you and Royce to be in her video. Basically she asked for you all’s support. You started right away talking about and trying to dog out Kenya; making comments about her dancing and what she was trying to do. Personally I think you wanted Royce to yourself so you got her to join in with you. Either you’re going to be a “bad girl” or someone who is for what’s right. Make your choice. Keep appearing on the show and your day is coming again; GURANTEED!

    Nia: What you did to Jennifer was low. You had no business putting your hands on her. Your intentions were not good when you decided to confront Jennifer. Had they been, you would have done so privately or with just you, her and the cameras. You walked in the room with a nasty attitude. You know you have sided with Evelyn so why are you putting up this front? You went after Jennifer to underhandedly show Evelyn your loyalty to her. What you fail to realize is Jennifer knew all along who you were. What you did was dirty and believe me, it’s on the wheel.

    Royce: I admire how you finally stood up to Evelyn, Jennifer, and Shaunie last season. I definitely did not like some of the stuff you did during the earlier seasons, but I knew your cast mates didn’t respect you and were trying to dog you out while you all were on that trip. I think some time after you got home you decided to stand up for yourself. Good choice. They may not like you, but I promise you they respect you. I don’t know what your feelings are about respect, but I’ll take respect over friendship any day (in cases where there aren’t both). I must say Royce, I don’t like your attitude and negativity towards Kenya. You have sided with Kesha against Kenya. If you meant Kenya any good, why haven’t we seen you meet with her on camera to have a heart to heart about her video? You could really help Kenya, but have chosen to jump on the bandwagon against her. I don’t get you. I love how you have separated yourself from the “group,” and I loved the fact that you told Tami she was wrong for what she said to Kesha. What I don’t get is why you don’t see that you’re wrong for the way you are talking about Kenya and accusing her of trying to be like everybody. And then you want to portray on television that you’re trying to help her. It’s always degrading and demeaning to accuse someone of trying to be like other people. It says the person is unstable, crazy, and doesn’t have a mind of his or her own. Why mess up her image? Be honest; would you appreciate it if people were doing to you what you and the others are doing to Kenya? When you went to the church service with Tami, you sat there and in the meeting and called what Kenya was doing “a hot mess.” She was foolish for letting you in the meeting with the church staff. I can admit she seems a little strange. But “crazy” is a strong word. It must be painful to hear your peers referring to you as “crazy.” I thought that when you pulled away from the “group” that you were going to try to show the viewing audience (especially young people) how to be in relationship with other women and even differ with them without a lot of drama and still keep the show interesting and exciting. It appears to me that you have chosen to participate in the same mess but with different people. I see leadership qualities in you, but you haven’t fully embraced them. On a side note, why do you have to show yourself with your man while you’re in lingerie? A real man who loves his woman and wants to protect her doesn’t want the world to know what his woman looks like in lingerie. That should be for his eyes only. You can be beautiful and sexy with your close on.

    Shaunie: Where do I start with you? I am so disappointed in you on so many levels. What in the world are you doing? Why are you allowing constant violence and confrontation? You and your producers need to expand your mind and think at a higher level. This is not how you want to make money. All money is not good money. You seem to be money hungry and would allow anything on the show as long as your palms are being greased (with money). You are an instigator. Evelyn and Tami carry on the way they do because of you. I can’t believe you are questioning why Jennifer has withdrawn from you and Tami. You are being deceptive questioning her actions. Whether Jennifer admits it or not, she sees you for who you are. She knows who has the power to stop the violence and confrontation on the show. If you were both Jennifer’s and Evelyn’s friend you would tell Evelyn she’s wrong just like you told Jennifer she was wrong last season for what she said during the interview that got Evelyn mad. I couldn’t believe last season how you got on camera saying it was a mistake taking Meeka on the trip because SHE gets Tami all worked up. Were you serious? How can you blame someone for another person’s actions? How could your heart take Meeka being violently hit the way she was last season and Jennifer this season? At first I thought you were going to tell Nia she was wrong to slap Jennifer the way she did. I thought you were livid. Why I thought that I don’t know. What was I thinking? You seem to not have enough guts to tell Evelyn (or Tami) when they are wrong or to stop it already. The first time someone was hit on the show you should have drawn the line in the sand then. I know you love your children and would protect them at any cost. Do you realize that victims of physical abuse on your show are someone’s children? Do you realize these people love their babies just like you love yours? What is wrong with you? Why are you allowing this? I think you like seeing people hurt and devastated. You are gorgeous on the outside but messed up on the inside to allow this. I respect Gloria and Royce for standing up to you the way they did. What do you tell yourself that justifies you allowing what you allow? I hope Jennifer sues everyone she can for what happened to her. I know you call yourself giving the viewers what they want, but have you seen the comments lately? People are getting tired of it. The show can be a hit without the physical and verbal violence. If you don’t believe it, watch “The Braxton’s Family Values.” I realize that show is about a family, sister specifically. But if they wanted to, they could act like fools fighting and carrying on. Families do it every day. There is no physical violence on that show and it is still really good and everyone is getting paid. I understand that you want to maintain the lifestyle you were accustomed to while married to Shaq. I get that. I believe you can do that without it being at the expense (pain, devastation, self-esteem, and dignity) of others. You’re smart enough to do it. Think about it.

    Suzie: You are a trouble-making, instigating, two-faced, loud mouth coward. You need to get lost. You have kissed so much butt on that show until you are brown around the mouth. I can’t believe I ever felt sorry for you when Evelyn was dogging you. Betraying Meeka by telling Evelyn what she said regarding Tami was wrong last season. If you mean well, you should have told Meeka not to tell you anything about Tami she doesn’t want you to repeat. What you and a few others in the world fail to realize is that you can be loyal to someone without being a dog carrying a bone. If you really wanted to show loyalty, you should have stopped Meeka in mid-sentence from saying anything about Tami. You wanted to see a fight and you got what you wanted. How does it feel to not be respected by any of your cast mates? I’m sure you know no one respects you. Your cast mates use you like a mechanic uses a wrench. No one trusts you enough to call you friend. You jumped bad on camera last season while talking about Meeka and on the reunion show because you knew she wasn’t a fighter. Why haven’t you jumped bad like that with Evelyn or Tami? Oh my bad. I’m asking a question I already know the answer to. It’s because you are really a coward. You’ll do anything to keep Evelyn and Tami from being mad at you; even say one thing when your heart is saying something else. You disgust me. Poof Be Gone!

    Tami: When you first started the show I looked in your eyes and saw pain. To me you were like a wounded cat that life had backed into a corner. A cat has a lot of love to give, but once it’s been wounded or backed into a corner, it goes into defense mode and would attack anyone who gets near it; even if it’s to help it. My heart went out to you. I couldn’t get mad at you no matter what you did because I knew you were hurting. By the way, this was before you ever told the stories about your ex-husband leaving and what you and your girls went through. When you went after Jennifer I thought it was a bit much, but I excused it. When you went after Evelyn I got concerned and felt you needed to quit the show and get help. When you went after Meeka, I begin to see you differently; because we as adults are responsible for our actions, and I couldn’t continue make excuses for that type of behavior. The way you attacked her was painful to watch. I couldn’t believe you caught her off guard and nearly cold-cocked that girl. She never saw it coming. How could she have defended herself? You went to the club that night to fight her. You had your hair in a ponytail and you had on capri pants. Like I said, you went prepared. However, she didn’t have a clue what was about to go down. At that point I begin to see you as a bully. When you look back at last season’s episodes, you should be able to clearly see that nothing Meeka said about you warranted her being attacked so viciously. You knew she was scared of you that night and that fueled the bully in you. I don’t care what your history is, it doesn’t give you the right to go after people the way you do. Besides, it’s against the law. I was so proud of Meeka for pressing charges. I’m glad you’re seeing a therapist this season. I wish you the best with that. What I would tell you is this – If you’re going to go to therapy, let it do you some good. Put everything you have into your recovery. You didn’t get to where you are overnight and you won’t change overnight. However, you can make better choices. You made a statement on the show that pressing charges when you get in a fight is wrong, and that where you come from a person take their whipping and keep it moving. First of all, Jennifer wasn’t in a fight. She was attacked. Secondly, I don’t know where you come from, but where I live if you put your hands on someone in a violent manner, the victim presses charges and you go to jail. It is never okay to put your hands on someone in a violent manner unless it is to defend yourself. Everyone is not a fighter and therefore cannot defend themselves against those who are. I can’t believe you have taken Evelyn’s side. I don’t blame Jennifer. I would separate myself from you and Shaunie too. She sees what’s really going on. How could you condone Nia slapping that girl? And what was that fake intervention you did? You could have stopped Nia from ever getting to Jennifer, but the truth is you never intended to stop her. I hope your children, grandchildren and future generations never have to deal with someone bullying them the way you bully and have bullied others. I also want to say to you that I think you are wrong for dogging Kenya the way you are. Why would anyone want to hire you and your team to help them after seeing how you have done nothing but make Kenya a laughing spectacle? You are so messy. By the way, my name is Tammy and I support you in getting the help you need. I’m definitely in your corner on that.

  181. Linda D says:

    Ms Evil-Leen Lozada needs to be informed that one cannot purchase class nor beauty from a boutique. Ugly is as ugly does.

  182. Anonymous says:

    Evelyn shut up and Tammi shut up… She did try to talk to the “asssitant” her like a mature adullt and look where it got her. Jennifer, you are right, do like the white man and fight your battles in court. You were right with your statement you should be able to go to an event with the other women and be cordial and discuss things maturely. You try to do that – its the others that think violence is the answer. And Shaunie… you ought to be ashamed — you know Evelyn and the “assistant” (don’t remember her name because she is a non-factor) were wrong and instead of calling them on it you stand there and let the nonsense go on. AND my other issue with you is I feel you tried to set Jennifer up because weren’t you and Tami at a private movie screening and drinks afterwards with her before the slapping incident? Well any issues you had with her you could have addressed then instead of waiting until you knew all of you would be together and it would give the “assistant” the chance to act a fool. Jennifer needs to sue you too Shaunie for putting her in the enviroment to be harassed. And Suzie – get a backbone – you don’t have to be Evelyn’s friend that bad… right is right and wrong is wrong and Evelyn, “assistant”, Shaunie, Tami, Suzie… YALL ARE DEAD WRONG… and then want to get mad at the woman for using her head instead of her hands and fighting you through the legal system… as my niece says… that is WACK AS CRACK

  183. CHRISTOL says:

    Ok now that Tammi has a teeshirt hustle going lets boycott her!! perfect now we can hit her where it hurts, her pockets she is a bully also. Let the boycott begin!

  184. marty says:

    VH1 has blocked my posts now for days! Why is that? Every producer THERE including ski slope nose Shaunie CONDONES violence, so when someone says they should reap what they sow, why is the comment blocked? Yes, I certainly DO want to see BULLIES like Tami and Evelyn and mealey mouth Shaunie GET theirs! This CRAP has gone on LONG ENOUGH and is getting more ridiculous by the HOUR! And when big BUTCH Tami talks out the side of her neck and says she does NOT condone violence, then laughs about someone getting smacked in the face, not to mention how she mushed Meeka when she wasn’t looking, and this is REAL? Don’t make me laugh! Yes, I want the three of them to roll up on the right people, someone their OWN SIZE, who will not stand for their CRAP! But that’s not going to happen because all three of them are sniveling IDIOTS and PUNK A$$ BUMS!

  185. katbunny says:

    I’m glad Jennifer filed legal charges!
    Jennifer seem to be more educated and has much more class than Evelyn.
    I really can not figure out why Chad is marrying Evelyn, unless it’s just for the media attention!

  186. katbunny says:

    Tami, how dumb can you be?
    Evelyn has talked crap about you, said you had no style. To be Evelyn’s friend, you have to kiss her butt. I’m so glad Jennifer knows the real Evelyn!

  187. child support says:

    Evelyn girl I love the Mazarati Chad
    Chad is a media nut! He and Evelyn really deserves each other, however I do not think that he really loves Evelyn. And, instead of buying a Mazarati for Evelyn, he needs to pay his child support. And Evelyn, if you and Chad have so much money, why don’t you give some to your mother. Why is Evelyn’s mother still living in the project ????

  188. katbunny says:

    Evelyn is jealous of Jennifer! She always have been.
    See if Evelyn was a real friend to Jennifer, she could not act this way!

  189. RUSerious? says:

    Enough, you where so eloquent and detailed in your description of each and every one of them! What a sad day when we have shows that portray Black women in such a negative light!!! I often say to myself what do their children think when they see their mothers jumping on tables, drunk, using profanity like they’re sailors…? What do their mothers think and say to their friends? This show needs to go but since it probably won’t, I will. I’ve seen enough!

  190. Shstarlight says:

    Shaunie do you allow your children to watch your show because its horrible for them.Tammi stop doing your face and mouth like that. Nia, Evelyn, and Tammie, please shut up!! Don’t you all have better things to do? Tammi, I don’t understand how after the way Evelyn treated you when you first started the show, you can be near her. Evelyn is really trying to suck up you, giving you her makeup products for free. Tammie wake up too, please.

  191. Jayne' says:

    I heard chad mention they already had a basketball team when Evelyn asked if he’d be upset if she didn’t want to have another child. So I checked to see if there was any mention of his 4 children anywhere and I did see 2 beautiful little girls. Why isn’t he concerned with what type of example or role model their future step mother will be? If I was their mother, I would not want my girls to be anywhere around Evelyn.

  192. Shstarlight says:

    @Jayne, that is so true! Evelyn, you better sit down somewhere too before you have a heart attack like Tammie.

  193. Rsa says:

    I think what Jennifer said was pretty adult and just real. If we aren’t going to be friends then ok it’s not something to fight about.

    As far as Evelyn goes she is just a straight out hypocrit about everything, she gets on Jen about being fake and other things, about her saying things offensive about her assistant, but she sits on the show all day saying offensive comments about everybody.

    Tami is just awesome and stands by her word, I really like that she said that she still stands by that no matter waht happens she still is friends with Jen.

    As far as the comment about Shaunie exploiting these women??? These women all agreed to share their live on here for the people’s entertainment. They know what they are gettting themselves into, and this how they represent themselves.

  194. Lisa-Lisa says:

    I hope VH-1 will kill this show. It is rediculous. It’s a shame that the OWN Network (that provides quality programming for everyone) is failing, while mindless shows of women bullying and fighting are thriving. I guess Shaunie is going all the way to the bank with this sad excuse for a reality show. For Shaunie to side with Evelyn and keep the show going in this horrible direction, she must be a serious thug. I wonder want she teaches all of those children of hers?

    “The people” got together and brought the show The Game back. I don’t watch The Game, but I hope everyone can get together again and get BBW, and every spinoff from it, removed, canned, killed.

    When this show is finally laid to rest, I hope Jennifer will continue to prosper.

  195. Shstarlight says:

    Tammie will you please stop doing your mouth like that. Like when you be talking to evelyn, pushing your mouth out and then twist it up. Its so annoying.

  196. dallday says:

    Boo-hoo-hoo when did “you’re not about this life” big shot Evelyn get such compassion for the broke people. Why is this Nia person all of a sudden your assistant? People we have got to demand better programming sign the petition to boycott Ev and Ocho. Ev told Jen she had more authority what the heck did that mean.

    Vh1 out to be ashamed for producing this crap.

  197. dallday says:

    Vh1 ought to be ashamed for producing this crap. Bullying is ugly no matter what.

  198. Kelley says:

    I was really disturbed by the last show, the violence is just awful. You could clearly see that Tami and Shaunie wanted Jennifer to get hit they think it’s funny. I am so sick and tired of shows showing black women as violent animals. I also think Evelyn is absolutely sick and needs mental health counseling. I applaud Jennifer for not fighting and showing some class on the show. All these woman need to be spending time with their kids and setting a better example. I agree with Star Jones that the show should be boycotted and women of color should definitely speak out about how we are being portrayed by this terrible and trashy show.

  199. Tanza says:


  200. TANZA says:


  201. TANZA says:

    TEAM JENNIFER ALL THE WAY. The last show was trashy, come on grown women can’t show up in one place and act civilized. Yes Jen my have said some things but she did’nt have to be smacked. Evelyn has gotten real trashy, come one boo, you pretty to be acting like that. You about to get married, just act civilized. Im proud Tammy aint been as trashy but this show is starting to give black women a bad name. I dont think that fighting solves anything especially when you are a grown woman. Young girls do look at the show, what postivity is coming from this show to show young girls Not a damn thing.

  202. Tia says:

    Does chad even know Evelyn hangs around bull daggers? This dance routine was nauseating.

  203. Adelina Sankitts says:

    These women act like high schoolers. Who fights at this age. Evelyn just think she big n bad but she will meet her match one day.

  204. Lancie - Open Marriage says:

    @Tia — OMG, i do not think Chad really care about Evelyn and her sex life, because he is too busy doing his own thing.

    Chad totally disrespect her on National TV. He openly belittle her on National TV every chance he gets. I admire him for being up front and honest with her about his cheating. But, I do not agree with is Chad wanting to have an open marriage.

    I am just waiting to see if this so call open marriage /wedding will actually happen.

  205. Dimples says:

    Hey Jen,
    You did the right thing. U should have sued Shaunie too. She set you up. (Ev & Shaunie) call Nia to the show to fight u and act like they didnt know what was happening. I can see through them. Tami, Shaunie, Ev are messy, Shaunie is an intigator and plays innocent.
    Please do not go to Hawaii they will set u up and jump you. Tami & Shaunie is not your friend she, they could have stop the fight, they both let Nia get pass them to get to u. Tami could have stood up and push nia the other way. I notice tami did not make an effort to stop Nia. Tami likes to see fights with her ghetto self. Jen they are all jealous of you since u have other friends who are in the industry. Royce & Jenn u guys need to get off the show and dont look back.
    The producers can’t sue you. The public stands beside u Jenn, and the public saw how vicious Nia & Ev was.They just mad because you have sense and got your attorneys in on the mess they do to you .We the public can boycott VH1 and not watch the show anymore. And lets see how they rating will go. All the way down. This show is a HOT MESS no one over 40 wants to view a show that degrades black woman and fighting every week. I dont like this season at all!! Its too much drama, evil-doing, fighting for no reason. Jenn I’m proud of you. I hope Meeka sued Tami for socking her last week. Tami dont care for u anymore-i see that u like mess. How can u take up for Ev after she humilated u last year and made $money off T-shirts degrading your name & slept with yopur husband, Tami is a dumb lady to be best of friends with Ev after Ev call her a Non*****factor and talked about how she dressed and look. Then took a cheapshot last week and said Kenya trying to wear her hair like yours which is a mess? ha-ha The whole show need to come off the air. I hope Meeka sue Shaunie too. Shaunie taking up for Ev & Nia, did not condone the fight she went right along and act like what they did to Jenn was ok. No one likes u anymore shaunie, U suppose to be an executive producer and u always chooses side-Ev.
    You always act like what Ev do is ok. Its not OK. I hope Jenn take u for all u got. Jenn they’re not your friends so do what u gootta do-Sue all of ‘em. Team Jenn all the way. Stay classy Jen

  206. Dodie says:

    This whole messy media blitz was started by Ev and her cronies to get Jen off of the show. Why? She would no longer kiss anyone’s behind to fit in, and realized that her actions in the past were not her best, its called evolving. YES, this was a setup, why would Jen bring keys to a social event when she did’nt even know that Nia would be there? Any intelligent person can see what it was from the beginning. It was confirmed when I read that the producers mentioned that Jen was already on thin ice. Why again, because Ms. Lozada felt that Jennifer was stealing some of her “shine” and wants her off the show, like Ev said after the fiasco at the track , ” SHE HAS MORE AUTHORITY”.

  207. Andi says:


    Love ya to death! I think your awsome! However, last weeks episode was crazy. I understand that you have a temper (as do I!) But please keep in mind that you are a lady first. If you were to come across the wrong person, you may not be so lucky. Not only may that other person fight you back, they will also have the oppertunity to bring charges of assault on you. I get that you were angry, but please be careful about how you approach situations. Youre way to hot to be in jail! These problems are temporary, an assault record is permanent.

    Love you! Keep doing what you do (except for fighting!)

  208. Nanner says:

    I really like Jen, she’s the only one with class. Evelyn and Tami reminds me of the school bullies who had their little clicks and picked on the weakest. I hope Jrn all the best she needs to get off the bully show and find some other friends with some class. I tell my grand daughter to stay away from people like Tami & Evelyn.

  209. TinaTorez says:

    I wish you ladies would show more positivity on the show! At times you all look foolish, you make all of our mothers right, if you don’t have something nice to say-HUSH! Treat friends like family, make up like family, and show your children how you want them to behave in similar situations. Karma-what goes around, comes around, hopefully not to your children. Your children one day may act the very same way as the person you want to whoop! We make mistakes, forgive, move on, and become better from it. I see that all the ladies have good things going on for them, for the ladies who swear their not involved in the drama, sometimes just watching the drama happen means your involved. Read up on what bullying is and learn all who stand around are part of the problem too. If a friend lets someone whoop me and doesn’t want to get involved knowing I am not a fighter or don’t want to fight, I don’t need them around me. Shame, everyone needs to self reflect.

  210. Men u guys should grow up especially Evelyn u to old acting a cow on tv u have a daughter and her friends, looking up to you, u are there making money for a fellow chic. U are already on tv and too much drama is not necessary. Jennifer u are too classy pls never fight in public again.

  211. Tye says:

    If i were Jenn: i dont care of folks dont like what im about to day … but .. when im arguing with someone im coming hard.. i dont care where they live … or who they live with .. im gone say stuff to hurt them .. and i aint gone feel sorry for it .. and dont care of other people think im wrong .. H.E.L.L.OOOOOO… THAT’S WHAT ARGUMENTS ARE ABOUT .. LOL

  212. Kandi says:

    Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn and Nia might as well be on the BAD GIRL CLUB!!!!!!!!!! This show make me sick to my stomach. You are not teenagers!!!! Oh……by the way…..Susie is a SNAKE AND Evelyn, your mariage to Chad will not last long honey!!!!!! Please believe me!!!!! Love you Jen!!!

  213. Anonymous says:

    Evelyn needs to chill because she’s is not at all bad Kenya was sitting right infront of her if she was so mighty she had more than opportunity to hit her she had no reason to get up and go round the table to start throwing bottles that’s all Evelyn does is throw things and her BFF Tami remarks was if she got hit I would have been a problem for Evelyn. Secondly Tami is gonna say Jen shouldn’t have filed anything when she was physically attack but yet she filed her lawsuit on evelyn over tshirts really stop being a hypocrite and how are u friends with someone that slept with your husband. Why is everyone mad at Jen because she has new friends so u mean to tell me friends can’t be supportive of friends anymore and Nia if u say u and Jen were so tight and u felt the need to still be her friend u could have picked up ur phone as well and call her to see what was going on and your making a big deal over keys u ever heard of a locksmith change your locks ur just being petty how you approched Jennifer could have been handled way differently but everyone wants to be hype and pick on Jen because they feel like she won’t defend herself. Shauni is full of it so is Tami when you have friends you don’t pick side stay mutual everyone smiles in Jennifer face and when things go down the talk behind her back Tami spoke about her lip gloss Evelyn talks about how she looks as she did with Tami. And FYI Ev Jen is more about the life than you ur man don’t play basketball and you ain’t no wife!!!!

  214. Tanya says:

    I believe Jenn made statements referring to Nia’s 2BR apartment out of anger, hurt, revenge, frustration. Evelyn and Nia ganged up on Jenn verbally but no one sided with her; it appeared to be Jenn against the room. Evelyn really appears to be immature, lacking self-control, and her anger about Jenn belittling Nia was funny because she looked so fake; didn’t she call Royce a “bum” in a previous episode? Tami used to be my favorite “character” but lost that in the episode where Kenya showed her video to Tami, her ugly cousin, Royce, and a few other people, and she belittled and totally disrespected Kenya..saying Kenya needed to apologize or retract something she said….who in the hell does Tami think she is?!. And Nia is hated already, why is she so angry? because someone don’t want to be her friend anymore? or is she trying to gain a permanent spot on the show? and who cares? The reality is that she is just an assistant and probably not that good at it since she has such a ghetto personality and mentality; she need to fall back and go pick up Evelyn’s dry cleaning. Furthermore, she is not that nice to look at; she’s ugly and does nothing for the show except lower the ratings. Realistically, seriously, what assistant behaves that way? and who cares about the damn assistant? I hope you all can get it together, otherwise, you will lose your “real” mature women audience. A few of my girlfriends feel the same way. Good luck ladies in whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

  215. Tanya says:

    @ DIMPLES — YES! YES! YES! YES! ABSOLUTELY! YES! Shaunie is the biggest trouble-maker acting innocent! Evelyn is just down-right ghetto and she think people must always cater to her–she’s dillusional. Tami is dumb and ghetto, acting like she’s the “keep it real” queen. I bet she would never talk to Shaunie the way she talk to Kenya and Keisha. She’s fake and just trying to stay in with the “in crowd”. Please heffas, Jenn is the one who keeps it real because she is who she is and have not changed since the show aired. They are not her friends, and I believe also, they’re JEALOUS of Jenn because she has much more than Basketball Wives going on in her life. HATERS!!!!

  216. MissMonalisa2 says:

    Jennifer, I am proud of you for walking away from the mess in the conference room. I, too, would sue if I’d get attacked. The whole thing was a set up, shame on Shauni!!! You are all acting like bullies that pick on the weak. Tami and Evelyn are the meanest, most foul-mouthed females on the show. You have kids, even though they are grown, they must be ashamed and embarrassed of you!!!

  217. Kelly says:

    I really like you, you were actually my fav. So pretty and loyal to your friend Jen. the way you stepped in front of her and Tami after the whole food stamp incident I was like that is a true friend. You had yuor girls back! BUT! Now you are hurt and instead of taking Jen to the side and discussing this you cut her down at every turn. I know it hurts when a friend does something that in yuor eyes is disloyal, but it does not warrant everything you have done to her. Let it go, leave Jen alone and please don’t bring other people on the show to harass her. I know you said you are not that kind of woman who thinks about what kind of exampe are you setting for your 18-19 year old daughter ( who seems to be a lovely girl) I know you said you dont handle things like that but it also doesnt mean you need to carry this on as long as you have. It is really getting old and it is sickening to watch. I turn whe you or Tammi come on. Sorry but I cant take the cruelty of you and watching Tami co sign is even worse.

  218. sasha63 says:

    Heard Shaunie and Vh1 is consulting its lawyers because Jen is talking about vh1 in a negative light (I personally have only heard her talk about Nia and Evelyn, not the show) and according to their contract they can’t do that. LOL Just a ploy to counter attack Jen’s lawsuit. What about Tami?, she talks about how Vh1 edit things out to make her look bad and put things in that will increase the ratings all the time. Vh1 is doing a good job of making themselves look bad. They need to add a No physical contact claus to their contracts, even the Bad Girls get kicked off their show for physically attacking members of the group.

  219. Evelyn Is Stupid says:

    Evelyn is trying to be like Tami this season. She saw how popular Tami got when she hit Meeka last season and she trying to do the same with Jen. I don’t like Evelyn and she will never have real friends if she can’t forgive and forget. Friends make mistakes all the time but real people talk though their problems. Who would want a friend like Evelyn who will hit you every time theirs a problem. Tami forgave Evelyn after she talked trash about her during Tami’s first season. Evelyn fake ass spent a lot of time talking trash about Tami and Tami forgave her. Evelyn is going to crash and burn one day. Evelyn is not a real friend she is all about the money. The only reason she is with Chad is for his money. The only reason she was with the last basketball player was for his money. The only reason she acts like a big ass fool is for the money so what is Evelyn about. She all about the money. Grow the hell up Evelyn.

  220. djoy says:


    I think you are beautiful…however your behavior is unbecoming….there was no reason for you to jump on the table in an attempt to hit Jennifer…I am sadden that your friendship with Jen had to end this way…..I like you a lot and will not say anything bad about you…but girl please try to act like a lady…you have way too much going for you to loose it over some BS… of luck with your marriage and I cant wait to see your spin off with your future hubby….all the best….

  221. TOOMUCH says:

    I am going to boycott the Chad and Ev show because Evelyn is sickning. Chad talks to her any kind of way and she accepts that. Evelyn has really been a bully to Jennifer and its time for VH1 to revamp their show. Loose Evelyn and Tammie and find new wives. Evelyn you are too old to be so childish. If Jen was that bad, then why didn’t you do the right thing and talk to her like a woman. Please find new wives

  222. Tiredof Evelyn202 says:

    To see Tami, out of all people, sit with Nia and Evelyn and ridicule Jennifer was very hard to
    watch. Tami should be able to sympathize, since when she first arrived back in Season 2 the girls ridiculed and put her down as well. Evelyn betrayed Tami and smiled in her face for months, then telling her she slept with her ex-husband while she was still married to him and that Tami was a NFFactor!!! Seems as if Tami experienced the betrayal herself, she would have empathy and come to the aid or at least defend Jennifer when these malicious conversations are taking place, instead of participating in the drama. “So Fake”!!!! Tami not long ago you were being called a Food Stamp Chick, NFFactor, Crazy, Told you could not dress, and that you need to do something better with your hair. The seen with Royce and her father was so sad. Royce’s dad has such an impact on her, that she literally unfolded and turned into a 10-year old school girl again. Unfortunately, nothing her father was telling her was wrong. He told her not to move too fast, not to alllow her son to see too many men, it could become confusing to him, and asked her why does she feel she always has to have someone or be in a relationship. I think her dad is right and means well, some of that old school thinking and values is always needed. However, I think he needs to allow Royce to learn this on her own (make her own mistakes) and not shut her out because of the choices she makes. Studies have shown, women who do not have thier fathers in thier lives, tend to cling to men, date alot of men, and even allow men to abuse them. They look for love in all the wrong places (ask Evelyn). I am also seeing Royce’s point as well. If you date someone for 6months to a Year and things do not work out, it is best to move on, dust yourself off and try again. (Just don’t retry too fast, you could replay the same mistakes) I just hate with the recent news about Dezmon allegedly cheating, came out because this is proving true to Dad’s concerns (who has Royce’s best interest at heart) and the haters who were waiting for this to happen ( who do not have her best interest at heart, and are waiting to say I told you so). I am more than ready for someone to set Evelyn straight. I cannot believe Shaunie is allowing this to go on. Tami and Shaunie continue to say they do not have anything to do with the situation that is going on between Eve and Jen, but continuously have hating comments to say about Jen everytime Evelyn does the same. Jen, I am so glad you set the standards, because if you would not have, then this abuse would have continued. Good Job Jen!!! Congrats for taking a stand. I bet this chick (Nia) will think twice about putting her hands on someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. Leslie says:

    Tami – is just a hood – who does she thinks she is???? and Evelyn – the same way. They act like they are better than everyone – they just act like fools and want to be fighting like little punks, with dirty mouths. They don’t want people talking about them behind their backs – and that’s all they do. I can’t even believe what I’m watching half the time, but, like a car wreak – you have to watch cause you can’t believe what you just saw. And, rumors are that Evelyn and Chad are getting a show of there own…….that’s why she is acting like that………………..

  224. Val says:

    This show needs a major revamping. What is the point of this show as it is? Grown women demonstrating behavior that most would not even accept from their children. The women on this show need to think more deeply about their example. Most of you even have children. I don’t see role models here for younger women. Thank God for shows like Scandal and Suits, where women of color have productive lives. In case you don’t know Scandal is based on the life of a smart, articulate African American woman. Maybe you should watch that show and figure out how to conduct yourself around other people.

  225. Appalled says:

    It’s so affirming to read all of your comments. Now I know it’s not just me. From the beginning, I saw Evelyn as a bully who thought by acting (maybe not) crazy she could establish herself as the alpha dog. Then Tami came on and showed that she is ten times crazier (as in “padded cell” crazy). She and Evelyn became “friends” (whatever that means to these women) simply because Evelyn realized that nut bag Tami would truly hurt her. Haven’t y’all noticed how mellow she is with Tami? Not so bad now, are you Ev? Take all the bullies from all the different reality shows and put them together on a show and let’s see who’s left standing. That would be a SHOW as well as a reality check for all the bullies! As for Suzie, she practically got on her hands and knees and begged to get back into the so-called circle. That caused me to lose all respect for her. Pathetic! Now she continues to bait people into talking about others so she can earn brownie points by running back to tell what was said, with a little spice added. I’m surprised anyone would confide in her about anything. She’s a major instigator and then sits back innocently when it hits the fan. Royce was the first to earn my respect when she showed strength of character and walked away from these damaged people. Jennifer was under their spell for a long time. When they turned on her she saw the light. She should have never lowered herself by being friends with the likes of Evelyn. Stay away Jennifer! You’re too good for this! Of course Tami and Evelyn don’t think assaults should be reported or that assailants should be sued! That way, there are no consequences for their animalistic ways. The most effective form of “anger management”, Tami and Evelyn, is to have to answer for your actions in a civilized society. A little jail time and a few lawsuits will work wonders in managing your anger. Kesha’s refusal to be lured into a situation just so Tami can fill her sick need by beating her up does not make her weak in my eyes. It makes her a civilized, intelligent woman who has risen above the rules of the jungle that Tami lives by. A message for Kesha — follow the lead of Royce and Jennifer and stay away from these twisted children. You don’t need them in your life and you will hopefully NEVER fit in with them. Tami decided that she wanted to hit you when she first laid eyes on you. It would take a psychiatrist to explain why, but it has nothing to do with you. Evelyn pretends to be your friend and mentor in private but smugly enjoys the circus whenever Tami verbally assaults you. If you need friendship among this group, hook up with Royce and Jennifer and flush the rest of this poison out of your system. Jennifer — do the right thing! File assault charges, sue them! That will calm their impulses. Don’t lower yourself to their standards. Stay away from Kenya! She’s only with you because she didn’t make it into the “circle”, although she truly belongs with that group. After watching tonight’s show, this is the first time I just had to voice my opinion. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer! Great lesson in how not to act!

  226. 919mommy says:

    I’m team Jennifer all the way….your were the only one when the show started who wasa an actual BBW. Keep it moving Jenny do u!

  227. Velma says:

    Freedom of speech is a first amendment right. We all have the right to say, do, think and act as we please as long as it does not violate someone else’s rights. Putting your hands on someone is a violation of their rights. It can get you sued, thrown in jail and killed. Talking about someone behind their backs is not illegal. You might not like it, but thats tuff. Grow up. Neither is expressing an opinion on a blog. Neither is picking and choosing who you want to be or not be friends with. People get divorced, why can’t someone decide not to be friends. What Nia was saying, “You don’t want to be my friend, so I will slap you in the face.” I can’t help but wonder if Tami and Evelyn brought up their children this way. However, I seriously doubt it because if they had they would have lost custody of them. If they could use self control with their own children, then they could use self control with someone else’s ADULT child. I’m just saying. I hope all these grown women can see themselves as they really are. That includes Shaunie.

  228. Lee says:

    I’m flipping through the pages of a dictionary. Looking for the definition of the word ‘hypocrite’. What’s this, a picture of Tami next to the word. Why am I not surprised. Tami, you are the queen of justifying every idyotic, mean and negative thing that you do. Who died and left you in charge? By the way, when you are physically assaulted, you’re suppose to involve the law. Tami, maybe this would have saved you from experiencing so much pain years ago. Jennifer, I have a new found respect for you. It was painful watching you play the “side kick” to Evelyn’s “Queenbee” in past seasons. But now that you are standing up to the meaness and facing it down with such dignity and grace I can put you in the Royce column. That’s where people with self-respect reside. Evelyn, I appauld your attempt at writing a somewhat positive blog response. Don’t revert back to putting evil out into the universe. It’s such a waste of life energy.

  229. Kate says:

    Go TEAM JENNIFER (Ms. Classy), ROYCE (a lady in progess staying true to herself) and Kesha (keeping old values and inner-beauty alive)… All the way – thanks for letting us see characters like this on TV

  230. Tc says:

    I saw the episode where Tami was bullying Keisha in Tahiti. First of all I am a mother of four and I asked my 15 year old daughter how she would feel if I acted like Tami did throughout all the episodes on the show and she told me she would be embarrassed to have me as a mother. She said she sees kids bullied in school and to see an adult to it to another adult is very disturbing. Adults in her eyes are the examples and the people you run to for help but to her Tami and Evelyn are the bullies that she sees everyday in high school. I am 45 years old and have been married 22 years and my children are 22, 20, 18, and 15 so I have a little experience in raising children and my advice to Tami and Evelyn is put your children first and remember what u do doesn

  231. Tc says:

    Doesn’t just affect u but it affects your children and family as well. I can’t even imagine how Keisha felt while u Tami berated her like that in front of everybody but if anyone should apologize should be you. U got mad because you said she was talking behind your back but each one of you do it every episode. Grow up and stop making black people look bad. I used to be a fan but I vow that I will never ever watch any more shows after tonight. Shaunie I liked u but you are just like the rest of them. Evelyn u hate Jeniffer for whatever reason but you r BFF with tami who slept with Chad (explain that). Suzi u r the biggest loser and gossip because u told tami what Keisha said. Don’t u remember u were in keisha’s shoes before. I hope all of u get a clue and live better lives. Jen and Keisha I wish u the best in life!

  232. AcTlIkeAlady says:

    The men that you divorced are sitting back laughing as they watch this show. In their minds they are saying “hmmmm now the WORLD sees why I couldn’t stay married to that _______. Now the world sees why I went out and cheated” You women are poor excuses for ladies. The only ones who show and ounce of class are Keisha and Jenn. #THATSIT

  233. DENISE says:


  234. B. says:

    This girl Tia, Are you serious??? Bull Dagger?? What era are you from? I guess you don’t believe in equal rights!! Get a life !! Oh yea, I’m a lesbian!!