Talking Couples Therapy Episode 6 With Dr. Jenn Berman: Reuniting With The Past


Dr. Jenn Berman has been counseling people and offering advice to people in need for some twenty years now, but on VH1′s Couples Therapy, this marks her first time working with a group of ten celebrities whose relationships are in desperate need of repair. We’ll be checking in with Dr. Jenn each week to chat about the progress of her patients on the show, and what she really thinks of their behavior. This week on the show, DMX faced his mother for the first time in years for an emotional reunion, and Angelina and Chris struggled to co-exist with Chris’ manager, Nicole.

When DMX’s mom walked in, I was actually really surprised that their session went so smoothly, I thought it might be more volatile.

I think it went well because we all worked really hard to get everyone in the right state of mind beforehand to have that happen. And I really emphasized with him, we’re not here to debate what happened, we’re not here to discuss “did she beat you that way or hit you this way,” we’re here to connect and to see if there’s anything to salvage. Because this is a man who clearly needed the comfort of his mom. Just like any parent, X’s mom had her own limitations, and for him to see what her limitations are and to potentially get some nurturing from her was really healing for him, and to know she loved him was really important to him.

Were you surprised by Nicole’s behavior when she arrived at the house? She came, but then she wouldn’t be in the same room as Angelina, then she threatened to leave…

I thought it was very revealing about her feelings toward Chris.

Do you wish you could have gotten through to her a little bit more?

I wish I could have gotten her to sit down and have a session with us. In retrospect, I suspect she may have regrets. I can’t speak for her, but she missed an opportunity to sit down with a trained professional to talk about a conflict with two significant people in her life.

I know you had said that you thought Angelina might be a little paranoid, and it turns out she wasn’t at all, her suspicions were all validated with Nicole’s arrival. Did you expect it to play out that way?

I thought maybe Nicole had a crush on Chris or maybe there was some flirtation, but it was really clear when Nicole arrived that she had very strong feelings toward him and they had a significant history together.

The engagement ring exercise was another instance of Vienna making something about her. It’s hard to watch her react to certain situations like this one and see how it affects Kasey too. It definitely makes you feel for Kasey. Were you surprised by how the engagement ring store affected her?

I didn’t expect the engagement ring store to be such a trigger for her, I was really glad that when she was triggered that she talked to Dr. Mike and was forthcoming with the information because it was really important information, that she still had those feelings for someone else. That’s crucial. You can’t do couples therapy when someone still has such strong feelings for someone else. It’s counter to the process.

Can you reveal anything about how this ex factors in to their treatment or what we can expect in their story?

I will tell you, this plays out in a very very interesting fashion. There is more to be revealed and you won’t believe what happens.

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  1. Karen PsyD says:

    Praying with a client is not something that an ethical psychologist does. If the client wants to pray for support, that is fine, but psychologists do not do that in session. Additionally, hugging clients is not ethical behavior either.

  2. Paula says:

    Chris’ manager Nicole knew there was a 99.9% chance that Angelina was gonna whup that ass – that’s why she didn’t wanna be in the same room with her. She knew better than to mess with her…..

  3. TRACY WILSON says:

    This show is an incredible gift. The story of DMX and his family has so touched my heart and can see that little boy crying out from all the abuse and neglect he suffered from. Instead of seeing the bad boy that the media continues to shine on DMX, I was able to see the Real man behnd the pain and strong facade. Bravo!!!!

  4. Tray says:

    OMG I have ever cried so much from watching tv before as i did watching DMX reunite with his mother, life will be so awesome for him from this day forward ,,, Facing dealing and resolving issues that one have has got to be the best feeling ever , I am so proud of you DMX and I pray that god watches over you and your family , Keep resolving your issues until there all gone and you will be overwhelm-ly Happy. and to Mrs DMX You get the wife for Life award thank you for hanging in there I can not imaging all you endured but one thing is for sure god had your back!!!! your awesome girl beatiful and awesome !!!! And to the doctor your and angel sent from god,.. period!!!! Live, Love & laugh to you all ,,….
    Ps. Dmx when this is all said , done and resolved I will be looking for a triple platnum Plus album from you ! :-)

  5. Lizza says:

    I have always like DMX now, I really love him even more because finally I can see the real man, I can’t wait for his new album, best of luck DMX

  6. Beth Maples-Bays says:

    Why did you find it necessary to *pray*???before DMX was reunited with his Mom? It was a real turn-off for this viewer.

  7. Mic says:

    HATS OFF TO DMX!!!!!
    He stands as an example not only for himself but for the many people out there who also have unresolved issues from childhood but particularly all those “hard core musicians” (and others) who act as though they are so tough but don’t have the courage to address the pain of their inner child. They often push that pain down with drugs, money, women/sex, alcohol, and fame – usually because it is easier then addressing the pain. Congratulations DMX!, to not only have had the courage and strength to acknowledge your pain but to take steps to work on it. Opening yourself in such a way will make you a better father, husband, friend, rapper/storyteller, son and man. I hope you continue your journey. I am very impressed with you!!!!!
    Thank you!

  8. Stolen Property says:

    DMX, Please brother go back to the juvenile courts where you were institutionalized and look at your record. I do not believe your mother had no choice but to give you to the authorities. You want the truth look at your juvenile records. This will help you to see your mom for who she really is. I am a fan of yours and understand your plight. You and the travon martins of the world go thru hell here at the hands of these oppressors…which often includes our family members. I hope you get yourself together. I enjoy your artistry. Please stop punishing yourself for being born. You are an artist, an entertainer please make that work for you and help your children succeed in life…save for them. Use your celebrity to help others with their stuggles…Please. lol

  9. Angie Miller says:

    DR. Berman, EPISODE 6 – Why did’nt you make Nicole tell Chris how strong her feelings were for him!!!??? That’s what rehabilitaion for human beings is all about. Angelina earned the right to be in the room and Chris needed to Face the reality of his actions and enabling so that Rachel could move on& be happy and Angelina & Chris can have a great life together. You knew what was right for the both of them and you have a gift for guiding people so I dont understand why that wasn’t put into the show? My suggestion is that VH1 show more in depth emotional individual progress of the people on the show. Maybe dedicating each episode toward 2 different coulples each time. Love the show and thnk its a great positive Raeality show that people could really gain new direction from.

  10. Idalis says:

    WOW – a reality show that gives something back! Watching Dr. Berman walk these couples through the kinds of issues that sabotage all relationships is so powerful. Bravo to DMX! Its been hard hearing about his missteps because everyone knows and acknowledges how special he is — to witness and share in the breakthrough that could allow him to soar was so inspiring. His willingness to forgive his mom so easily confirms how spiritually rooted he truly is and God’s gift to him is Tashera – she is the epitome of love and strength! I pray for much love and happiness for them from this day forward – God bless them all!