Basketball Wives Episode 11 Sneak Peek: She’s Pushing Me To The Edge


Jennifer should know by now that she shouldn’t be giving interviews to websites and magazines, because it will only ignite the fire that fuels Evelyn. On the next episode of Basketball Wives, we learn that Jennifer has been doing just that, and Ev, Nia, and Tami are in disbelief that she would discuss their business with the world. “When you talk too much, you stir the pot,” Evelyn says. “And then you cause problems and people want to f— you up.” And I don’t think I need to remind you that these women all have a group vacation coming up, so that’s going to be fun. Watch the sneak from next Monday’s episode, and tune in at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the show.

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  1. kaye says:

    Damn near 10000 petitions, so far…. Be about that life! This bish is done! BOOM!

  2. Autumn says:

    Ugh, so tired of Evelyn!!! I read someone say that Evelyn is jealous and envious of Jen. I think that about sums it up. Every episode I watch Jen’s name is coming out of Evelyn’s mouth. Move on!!! Why are you worrying about her?? If you can’t stand her and don’t want to be friends with her, why spend so much freaking energy on what she’s got going on. So what you’re not friends anymore. So what she’s distancing herself from you and the others on the show. Maybe because you, Tami, & Nia are catty broads. You say you’re mature, THEN ACT LIKE IT! She’s focusing on herself. Which is exactly what she needs to do. I think Evelyn is very envious of Jen. And if you can’t be around her, what does that say about you? No self control. 36 and still acting like a child.. Damn shame!

  3. Tori says:

    I use to watch this show to get my mind off of everyday life. However, when you understand the state of America and how Bullying is affecting people you have to tune into a another channel asap. Sure this show may be geared to a certain demo and median age, but understand that younger kids are watching this show. This show teaches viewers that 1) Bullying is Okay and 2) If you tell someone about it you are a lost cause and not keeping it real. WOW~ I have decided that I will no longer watch this show or any other show that has this type of cast. Support the movie Bully and visit to learn about how this reality is effecting the entire world. Also I have signed the petition!!! P.S. I am certain that 70% of BBW viewers are Women and 70% 18-24 Women. Let our Voice be Heard as Women and remove this type of television show from national broadcast.

  4. Marisa says:

    Jen can say whatever the heck she wants these tricks stay talking about her and she’s not running around trying to fight people and lets be real here for a second Evil with that sneak peek with your Faux-ance Nacho Dumbo your “relationship” is being exposed for the fraud it is when your dude openly trashes you for all to see and thats who you desperate to marry,so desperate that you fools still havent actually planned a wedding set for July LMAO. Also why do they waste time with these whose going whose not trip dialogue, we all know VH1 choses who goes just to stir the pot of stupidity and ratchetness.

  5. Hope says:

    I have a real problem with Elizabeth Black who is writing the recaps and the previews because she acts like Jennifer is the one causing problems. Have you read this blog and several others? Have you read the petition against the bullies on this show? Jennifer was assaulted by two thugs while Tami and Executive Producer Shaunie did nothing and she has every right to talk about it to whomever she chooses. It’s clear that the person who writes this blog is as ratchet as the birds on this show. Clearly there is a culture at VH1 that is fostering this type of behavior, so I’m off the send a letter to Viacom because the only way to hit them is in their purse.

  6. Tony says:

    Here we go again, Evelyn.

    This woman is sad. The anger on the inside of her just makes her look so ugly, she’s not at all beautiful. For a 40 something, supposedly fashionista she’s really over-rated. My question is: “Does she have an opportunity to she herself on these videos? Or does she just live life in her own selfish world with fits of anger that will only drive her into an early grave, an early long-term prison term or more stupidity which will drive her health in the ground?
    Royce: You need to just quit! Stop it! Stop the lies, stop the perpetrating, stop the ugly under-handed mess.
    Jen: You really don’t belong in a group with hot head Evelyn, Tammi and Royce. There’s something so special about you, my heart goes out to you because you’re around a few stupid acting, stupid thinking, petty women who are really just silly little middle school girls who love to fight. Get out of there Jen! You have more class than that.
    Shaunie: What’s up sweetness? Why are you hosting this mess? You have so much more class than to be around Evelyn, Tammi and Royce.

    Chad: Run bro! Run! Run like a bat out of hell away from Evelyn. If you don’t, bro…she will chop you up, eat your financial lunch, chew you up and spit you out, then step on the chew and the spit mixed in with the chew!!!! Bro, I’m trying to save you…you better tear your A _ _ if you know what’s good for you when it comes to Evelyn. She’s nasty, she’s conniving, two faced, hot-headed, not at all pretty on the inside, up today-down tomorrow,…bro she will screw you up. You better open up your eyes and get away from that chick to save your life BRO!!!!

  7. lilyMurph says:

    I don’t think it’s Shame on us for watching because I believe many of us watch NOT because it’s entertaining, because it’s not. We watch because is satisfying to see a confident person like Royce stand strong against a bully and not allow a bully to make them feel bad about their life and what they don’t have. Watching the bully Evelyn be ignored and unable to influence Royce is the reason why I continued to watch. And I kept watching in hopes Suzie would do the same. I just enjoyed watching someone completely NOT CARE about evelyns stupidity. If anyone should have their own spin-off show it’s Royce, if we need anything on tv right now it’s confident people showing how to IGNORE a bully and be happy with what you have.
    Evelyn doesn’t deserve to be a public figure, she is the type of unmerciful bully that wakes up with the goal to go out and make someone hate their life. She’s a source for spreading misery. She wanted Royce to hate her life; hate her appearance. Suzie to hate herself, and now she wants Jennifer to hate her life and fear walking down the streets. Eveyln’s just a miserably disturbing person that should not be presented in a “reality” show, VH1 should not be recording this woman’s sick reality. Exploiting this woman’s sickness for ratings and profits is shameful.It’s damaging to impressionable viewers and damaging to Evelyn’s poor family.

  8. Dodie says:

    The people who feel that Jen should be quiet about the events that have transpired are serioulsy ill. Last time I checked it was your constitutional right to speak your mind about whatever you choose, whenever. Ev,Tami,Shaunie,Nia certainly have much to say and keep this mess going and then turn around and think that Jen should keep quiet about it ? Who are you people? You all are big on speaking on how “REAL” you are, let someone try to stop you from speaking your mind and you will be ready to throw down. Ladies, (I use the term loosely), Get real, for real.

  9. lilr3dstar says:

    If the changed the show to title to BASKETBALL MOMS since more of the members are mothers than wives, this show would have ended long ago. No one likes to associate this kind of behavior with children or being maternal. We all need to remember how this is TV. What we aren’t seeing are the people on the sideline flaming the flames of these confrontations and planting seeds. Any normal human being would know by now not to put Ev and Jennifer together in a room or ever invite Nia when they never bothered to before. HOWEVER, I have to accept that I watch and I contributed as well. We can all get heated but if we keep watching, it’s like throwing money while they fight.

  10. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn you pushing yourself to the edge. Don’t blame someone for your craziness, blame yourself. Jen is not thinking about you or Nia(please get her a new wig and clothes), she minding her business. Jen don’t have time to think about you all day and night, she’s moved on with her life. Stop speaking her name and mind your business, don’t you and Tammie have business’s to run yourselves? Concentrate on yourself! Think about your families, and Evelyn instead of speaking Jen’s name, check on Chad the man you are suppose to marry. Chad not any good, people have known this for years. If you want to continue to be mean, angry, holding grudges and thinking that no one can talk about someone except for you, then continue to be those things, evil and unhappy.

  11. Karen says:

    They are on a reality show…HELLO press and talking about drama to stir up interest is part of her job. You two faced bullies do it…WHY IS NIA even talking?? .

  12. hmm says:

    In the scene where Evelyn and Chad are discussing their upcoming wedding..they address the issue of monogamy and point out that people on the blogs misunderstood what they were saying about his fidelity. If this show is filmed months in advance, how would they know what the blogs were saying a couple of weeks ago when that episode aired? The clips of them talking about the wedding were obviously shot recently and VH1 is being messy and attempting to bamboozle the viewers. And for the record, it doesn’t matter how many scenes you show trying to portray the gentle, thoughtful Evelyn, we see right through to the person underneath.

  13. Karen says:

    We need to boycott TAMI & Evelyn….Tami just did a new interview (hmmm like Jenn?) and blamed their bulling on the producers…(Shauni??) and claimed that was why they act so trashy, because the producers need them too…Really?? The first season wasn’t this bad, neither was the LA version. This is an example of 2 hood rats getting too much money and fame blowing them up…Jenn at least handles herself in a classy way, she may be a bit snotty, but she is not trashy and cruel. BOYCOTT them both!!! How do we start a petition to get them fired?!

  14. Preview thoughts Team Jenn says:

    Tami: Still playing both sides. How can she agree with what Nia is saying about Jen (“She’s dead to me”.) and think it will always be the same? No it won’t because you’re agreeing with the enermy when they’re wrong. Tami need to get it together.
    Royce: Do your thing girl.
    Suzie: SHUT UP! What did Kenya ever do to you? You’re letting the other girls get in your head. You better watch yourself. You get buck with the defenseless and when someone want to get at you for running that mouth, you want to be apologizing being a softee. Sit down because I know and you know that you don’t want it.
    Nia: Sit down. So what if Jen is talking about the slap. Of course people read about it when it happened so of course she’s going to get asked about it. The same way you, Tami and Ev are discussing it, so is Jen. Keep it movin’.
    I wonder how Shaunie will handle it.
    Ev: You need to quit it. This wedding isn’t happening and if it does, you’re going to be ending it quickly. You guys are supposed to marry in July and you are; disagreeing about furniture, you can’t you can’t agree about kids ad you say you can’t be w/ someone for 80 years and not be interested with someone else. That right there is why it shouldn’t be happening. What does Chad mean about see how it goes? Please. You are focsed on draw and you need to be focusing on your wedding. It’s only popped up a few times. Why do you need a separate show to focus on it? Simply because this is a front and for publicity and money. Why are you letting Jen rile you up when you’re supposed to be in the happiest point in you’re life? Jen is being asked about you in interviews so she’s going to talk? you Tami and Nia are, so why can’t she? other than that, Jen is not checking for you, boo. Keep it movin’. Chad Is dumb to want to have to deal with this rachetness for eternity. I don’t get it.
    Jen: keep it classy. I couldn’t be on here because I wouldve have hurt her If she steppe to me and get 1 in for you real talk.

  15. Pilates says:

    Please, PLease, PLEASE!!!! VH1, please remove Nia from filming! Her voice makes my skin crawl and she interjects herself wayyyy too much. Trust, it wont be long before she gets on Evelyn’s nerves. YUUUUck!! Booooo!!! Remove the mouskateer please!!

  16. BJ says:

    I don’t understand how Evelyn can be so mad at Jen when she, herself, looks down on everyone she meets as”not good enough to be in her group”. Be a real woman and stop hating on everyone. A lady with brains and beauty does not need to see fur fl yall the time to make herself look tough and…there’s that word…superior! Excuse me, but you seem very insecure, to have to ignite fires everywhere you go and threaten anyone who breathes your air. I remember you and Jen ganging up on Susie and Royce for being “tacky” and not dressing as well as themselves. You have it all…don’t blow it! Want to work on something else? Learn to talk and say hello to people without that nasal toned…so sweet, I am phoney fakery! Tammy and Evelyn making fun of someone fighting??? I can see why Jen is better off away from them!

  17. bJ says:

    The reason I watch this junk TV is because I must lead a sheltered life…cannot believe the people in this show actually behave and live the way they do.

  18. Boss Ladi says:


  19. Aaron T. says:

    you ladies really need to watch the show your on. People shouldn’t have to change for you to be alright! Maybe your pereception of them needs to change so you can accept them for who they are. I’m also ib agreement that Evelyn needs to be booted from the show. Her presence demoralizes the show completetly. As a MAN who likes the show, I expected to see some women that could send a message to the women of the world that there is life after being a basketball wife! It really sad to see catfight after catfight each week. maybe it’s time for me to move on…

  20. Dodie says:

    At this point in time, (actually any point in time), Jen has the right to speak out about any subject she chooses, yes, just like you Ev but your hate is so toxic that you can’t see beyond it. Ev, why do you feel that only you and Tami have the right to do or say anything you feel about anything or anyone without repercussions or backlash? SMH on that one. The truth is that you don’t have that power over any of us, so please stop saying that Jen has no right to have interviews and speak on your behavior, remember you’re the one who kept this nonsense going by always having Jen’s name in your mouth even when she was not in your scenes. What goes around always comes back to you, and in this case it is justified.

  21. Neicey says:

    We may as well watch the news. It’s so much violence in today’s news that people watch the shows to get some kind of relief from everyday grind. But with all of that fighting, it has become as violent as the news. Shaunie, why do you think, Evelyn & Tami acting a fool it’s entertaining? You are more anoying than them. Sitting there laughing at what they say. You’ve never even tried to bond with the other ladies. What kind of producer are you? What is is about Tami & Evelyn that has you so scared that you can’t tell them when they are wrong, or that they are taking things overboard? Becuase it’s not cute. Evelyn has managed to get no rating for her wedding if it takes place. Because, nobody likes her.So good luck on rating for that show.. IF IT TAKES PLACE. I stopped watching but see the previews, while waiting for La La’s show to come on. That’s the only reson I know what’s going on with the stupid BBW show. Evelyn is looking Ugly for the record. -

  22. Missy says:

    This was a show I was looking forward to enjoying and how in 4 seasons we are at this point where grown women are behaving worse than children. I will also be sending aletter to Viacom and signing the petition remove Evil Eve, and Tacky Tammi from this show. So many of you called it right. Bullies. I was never a huge fan of Jen, but with the way these women are acting, I jump to her side and I am especially ashamed at Shaunie for allowing this behavior. Good riddance to Basketball Trash.

  23. Stella Wright says:

    SMH These are suppose to be grown mature women acting worse than teenagers. I don’t understand what is going on this season. As Ms Oneal call her Ev need to run up on one of these NY chicks that will give her a beat down for a pair of Jeans…she couldn’t beat 90lb Royce Tami sucka punched her and she have nerve to throw bottles at Kenya (who we all know stabbed her ex) so Ev Ev you better be cool and snatch that toupee off Kia Nia what ever it’s name is and take her shopping for some edges and leave Jen,Royce, and Kenya alone and by the way Ev those 3 are some pretty BLACK women… better watch #85

  24. katbunny says:

    Did Evelyn finish high school?
    Why does Chad want to marry this woman?

  25. titi says:

    “You r like the last slice of pizza that nobody wants Evelyn”. FYI, he doesn’t really wants you. Evelyn get it together, Shaunie and Tami are playing you, they want u off the show. Oh, remember the excuses not to cum to ur birthday party, they r distancing themselves from u.

  26. It's just meeh says:

    Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn’s asssistant—-planned this beating up Jennifer, the video speaks loudly for itself. These ex-wives basketball insecure ladies deserved to be sued. Jennifer listen keep it classy and sued…Evelyn looks like a wild snake—-I feel sorry for Chad—-run as far as you can. You don’t want to be stuck with her violent acts. Listen and watch how evil these ladies. Shaq—good for you divorcing Shaunie—she is so evil.

  27. Passionette1 says:

    I am just livid that this type of bullying occurs on VH1… I use to love watching this show but I think the producers went over the top on this season.. Really, this is the worst piece of crap I ever watched since Jerry Springer Show. I will write in the boycott this show. IT SUCKS NOW!

  28. Rit says:

    The only thing I will say about Evelyn is I wish she 100% ignore Jennifer, who is vane and nobody’s friend. Why boycott her shows? You don’t like it?? Change the freakin channel!
    I don’t like Jennifer, she trashes her friends on interviews and blogs, and people forger Ev was a good friend to her when she was going thru the worse…as soon as Ev met Chad and got engaged, Jen changed, that iis not a friend
    Team EV!!

  29. stand for something says:

    people please sign the petitions. we need to send a message and let VH1 know that we aren’t stupid. people of color is strong, smart and not about beating everybody up that talk bad about us. In the real world this can cost you your future. Getting into fight that will end you up in jail with a record for life. In the real world most of us isn’t pimping ourselves to have a lavish lifestyle. please sign the petition so we can let them know that we stand for something and will not fall for anything.

  30. kathryn says:

    Evelyn control Tami and Shaunie, why do they listen to her? She is so evil fight the people that run from her. They need to run to her and she will stop being stupid. Who does she think she is, all I know is she need some help. She is a grown woman running around acting like a sick teenager. She is blaming everything on Jen but there is something else going on with her. Tami and Shaunie wanted Jen to kiss her butt, I am glad Jen stood up for herself. Last year she was kissing Evelyns butt. Glad she woke up. Royce stay away from those fools!! Don’t get close to Jen either because she does not like you. I am glad you made up but keep your distance because a snake will bite.

  31. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn go get GED and stop constantly saying Jen’s name! Go and do something positive and think about your wrongs. You always talking about people, you act like that you’re the only one to down somebody. If jenn doesn’t want to be your friend and keeping away from you,I don’t blame her because the mean stuff you are doing is elementary school. I remember people talking about each other and holding grudges back then, why? because thats what children do.You’re a grown woman getting up in age, its time to be mature and act like a lady.You need to pray and talk to God about being evil and mean to people, because in his eyes its wrong how you behave. God, is just shaking his head and saying ‘what have I created?

  32. Pamela says:

    To Rit, you missed the point, it’s not about Jen giving interviews, because they all give interviews. It’s about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PERIOD.

  33. Basketball is my lover……game

  34. Tan says:

    These are grown ass women. They should handle their problems better than this granted, but if you keep pushing someone to the point where it gets out of control then so be it. It’s just different with them because they are under the spot light and everyone has there eyes on them ready to judge. You can’t judge because if this sequence of events happened to you then you would have been fighting as well, so don’t be so quick to judge because watching the show we only get bits and pieces of the story not every thing. Calm down.

  35. RENITA says:

    Evenlyn need to be honest she seem like she very upset she doesn’t have Jennifer around to cosign her attitude, I feel she was more calm when Jen was her BFF… Evelyn’s brawl with Jennifer is played out its annoying at this point the whole time I’m watching my nose is turned up and face is frowned there is a better way to act and get the hell over it EVELYN Damn… gonna have an aneurysm in the head..

  36. Yvonne says:

    Wow… I have also signed the petition. If the show airs will not watch. If this show (Basketball Wives) continues in the direction that it’s going, will not watch next season. Will not support the violence. The slap on Jen was the icing on the cake. Not interested in Evelyn or anything she has going. Would not buy a book, who cares. I’ve seen enough without reading. Sad… An awful representative of women of color and women in general. The mother of Chad’s children should really be concerned. The positive images on the show are Royce, Keshia, Jennifer. I think Suzie is still trying to fit in some where. I’m not going to even mention Kenya…just don’t know- draws a blank. I know many would say, “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” That’s like asking someone to turn a blind eye to a person about to be murdered. It’s the image, the representation, and the impact that it has on our young females/ladies, also.

  37. faith norman says:

    Adults are allow to conversate about what they want, don’t understand why anyone would get mad about that. Do not see why everyone is so mad at one another, don’t violate people or fight if you don’t want to talk or hear about it…sound more like boxingwives instead of basketball wives!

  38. Check yourself says:

    Evelyn needs a straightjacket and padded walls!
    Check yourself, you have wrecked yourself!!

  39. Evelyn Tami Shaunee R Bullies says:

    Evelyn, you are not in control of anyone. You do not own nor control Jen, you are showing America you are out of control of yourself. You, Tami, Shaunee do NOT own or control Jen. You three are seriously whack!

  40. katbunny says:

    So, Jennifer should not do interviews because “It ignite the fire that fuels Evelyn”.

    Jennifer does not have to live her life tip-toeing around Evelyn !

  41. Dodie says:

    Katbunny, you said a mouthful.

  42. VP says:

    I can’t understand why Evelyn gets so upset over Jennifer meeting new people and having an opinion. She says tha Jen thinks she’s better than other people but for three seasons they were “Mean an Evil”. Evelyn didn’t even want to give Royce a chance at the beginning where as at least Jen was open. Evelyn didn’t even want to get to know Tami at first, not just because of Kenny but because her hair wasn’t “on point”. Now she’s talking about Jen? I will give her one compliment she did admitt she isn’t mature enough to handle being in the same space with Jen on the trip.

  43. Jayne' says:

    Obviously Jennifer was raised differently. She take pride in herself, and carries herself like a woman who commands respect. I remember Evelyn saying that Jenn wasn’t about this life and she is right. Evelyn doesn’t respect herself. If so, she would not have had sex with someone she had only communicated with on Tweeter the first time they met face to face. She takes no pride in the way she carries herself. She can’t be taken seriously by others because she presents herself as a joke. She talks about being loyal to her friends, but who are those friends? A REAL friend would tell you when you’re wrong, and throwing bottles, running across tables, hitting people in the head with handbags is WRONG! Makes me think you’re being used. #1 by a man who can have a chick on his arm who is only pretty on the outside, and is silly enough to allow him to screw any other woman he wants. #2 by a producer of a show who knows your crazy behavior will always attract viewers, even if it’s in hopes of tuning in just to see you get knocked in your veneers. #3 by someone who is trying to change their image as being the hot-heated violent one. Just let Evelyn do it, while you sit back, watch and laugh about it. These are your friends? Poor silly Nia, she was too stupid to realize she was let on the show to bring drama the others knew they’d be sued for. Now she’s the one being sued and for what. A few minutes of air time? This is season 4 and the first time I have seen you on the show. So what Jennifer isn’t street, she doesn’t have to be. When the other girls make comments about someone, it seems to be more acceptable because they are “just saying.” But when Jennifer says something, she “thinks she better than others?” She is entitled to her own opinion, just like the others.

  44. Shstarlight says:

    Evelyn, you said that Jen is pushing you to the edge, honey please you pushing yourself to the edge.. You can’t blame people for the way you behave, you doing this to yourself and Jen is not thinking about you, she has moved on and taking care of herself and her business(something that you are not sucessful at ) if she doesn’t want to be friends(which is a good thing) then so be it’ ,God blessed for you two to not be friends for a reason and I see why. You have evilness around you and now we know why. There are a lot of people who can actually feel the evil that is around, like me.

  45. Shstarlight says:

    Jen don’t go on that trip, in which I feel you will not, because it sounds like another setup and the way evelyn has been threating you and then say she want you to go. Yep sounds like another setup.

  46. laine says:

    Please stop watching the show. In interview Shaunie and Tami is bragging about how the show is through the roof and how this is who they are so what. Pimps will disgrace a woman for $$$. Drug dealer will sell poison to people for $$$. This is Shaunie character. Tami think her behavior is cute and the things she say in interview is bullying viewers by saying this is who I am so what. I don’t understand how grown women will think fighting all the times define their self worth. Something is seriously wrong with show. It is sad that grown women that are mothers will act and define them self as childish and always up to no good. Really Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn. Seek help from someone please this is not normal nor cute it is plain out stupid to think this is normal and sane.

  47. Imani says:

    Evelyn, Chad is the one sending you on the edge, not Jen. You are one weirdo. Thinking about a female friend consistantly like that. You should be on cloud 9 thinking about your future husband not an ex-friend that you claim you can’t stand. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmm. Soemthing is wrong with the Evelyn & Chad duo. ANd that’s why your ass is so angry. You say you like to keep it 100? Then keep it 100 & tell your friends Tami & Shaunie why you’re really angry, because it’s not Kenya & Jen, it’s really Chad. But you can’t assult him like you do them. SPeak of Kenya, I guess you heard how she pulled thet knife on her Ex. I bet you’ll deal with her just like you dealt with Royce, you won’t. With your fake ass. You’re really scary when it come to people who challenge you. You’re sorry…………..

  48. Keyana Tillie says:

    Tami is phony she is taking both sides and just instagating the fights. For nia to say that jen is dead to her is childess it was not that serious she is the one who started the fight. Nia is ghetto, ugly and jealous. Evelyn is a loose goose who is jealous of evelyn and seems to be really unhappy and wants to take her problems out on jen. Just like the blogs and chad said she is the last slice of pizza that nobody wants. She is cold,hard and nasty.

  49. Storm says:

    Who do you think you are? Who are you to tell anyone not to voice their opinion? The reason why Jennifer has your name in her name is because you are an animal. You do not know how to talk to someone who you have a disagreement with, all you know how to do is become the primal animal that you are. Oh, and btw Evilyn, if you are so tough, why do you delete the comments that are not favorable to you from your website?

    Jennifer has more class in her ass hairs than you have in your entire body, no wonder Ochostinko is cheating on your ugly ass….you two deserve each other. Low class and lower class, a match made in hell!

  50. Fan says:

    So what if Jen is giving interviews. Is Evelyn,Tami and Shaunie the only ones who can speak their minds. I am really getting sick of this mess. I hope Jen tells all of their business, except for Evelyn she has already told and have shown the type of person that she is. I can’t say it enough that Jeniffer Williams should sue Nia,Evelyn,Shaunie and stupid Tami. I really can’t wait untill somebody get Tami Roman. She has been walking around for 2 or 3 season thinking that no one can get her straight.

  51. PHATTYGIRL says:


  52. Step says:

    Everyone is jumping on Jen, and are being against her without a good reason why. Maybe just to be nasty or to bully someone so they pick Jen. Jen keep ur head up. Those woman are not as classy as you are, i hope you dont become like them and prove us black woman can in deed act a lil decent. And as for your crazy husband, he has whats coming for him, one mans trash is another mans treasure

  53. sherry says:

    are you serious? Jennifer is a grown woman and if she wants to do an interview, guess what? she can do it. Basketball wives is WHACKED and i pray that there is NO season 5 PLEASE!!!!

  54. Jayne' says:

    I read somewhere that Chad and Evelyn would each receive $300,000.00 for their show. I am hoping this show does not happen. I know televising weddings is the new black, but this violent, no class, bully does not deserve one red cent.

  55. Rocky says:

    First of all Evelyn was given too much rope on the show, which now she has hanged herself!! She is the biggest problem on the show!! While Evelyn runs her mouth she talks about Jen running hers, come on now! I wonder who will be on this trip I truly hope Jenn does a no show let them find someone else to bully ! Jen has been the same person since the very beginning, only thing changed was Evelyn cause she no longer had control on her! Good riddance! Finally Tami makes a statement that she has nothing to do with Eve and Nia problem with Jen, hopefully she keeps to her words. When the assistance said Jen had bad breath I was just totally done. Grow up and find a real job !

  56. Shstarlight says:

    Tammie please try not to push out and twist your mouth, it makes you look so ugly. Suzie please get someone to help you to stop talking with your tongue, it looks like you are chewing a big wad of gum. Always want to run your mouth and start hot mess.

  57. April says:

    Evelyn, Shaunie and Tammie are all instigators. They portray the jealous female type.
    Jennifer has moved on with her life and they are all jealous. Reality TV should never make you stoop to the lowest possible levels as you have demonstrated.
    Tammie, you should stop playing both sides and just be real. Evelyn you are so a disgraced.
    YOur man states that he wants an open marriage and you accept that..
    You are very dumb and stupid for allowing that to be said on national tv. Have a wonderful marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Tina says:

    My two cents: Tami you have changed so much, you do presume your untouchable, that you can say what you like and that is good cause it’s clear. But you have left your “Keeping it Real” to everyone except Shaunie and Evelyn, you can’t tell them when they are wrong? Hate to say this but can the real Tami please stand up.

  59. laverne says:

    Evelyn is a fake because the same things she is mad with Jen about is what she was saying about Tami and a few of the other ladies, so why is she so mad, I think she is Jealous of Jen and sheis mad about her life, because deep down she knows their will never be a wedding.
    she is a nasty and a ugly person, I use to like her and now I do not care for her, she needs to get her life together and leave Jen alone.
    Tami needs to think before she judge Jen.

  60. DRW says:

    I don’t know who died and left Tami the mother. NOBODY HAS THE RIGHT TO HIT ANOTHER PERSON AND THAT INCLUDES HER. Tami is killing me talking about where she comes from. Who gives a rats behind. I don’t remember her hitting evelyn when they were at it. So what, u just hit someone that’s not going to hit u back? I hope Meeka sued. I hope Jen sues that girl.We have to teach our children that to fight is just to protect themselves not to express anger. Suzie is just a nosey kiss butt with a speech lisp. Royce is the only one with good sense concentrating on her career.

  61. Suga says:

    Nia never should of put her hands on Jen ….Tami and Evillynn is starting mess to much…Now Tami is jumping all over Keshia in the next episode….Now what is going on …Tami seems that she didnt like Keshia from jump , with all the out spoken stupid comments Tami made against her….So now shes is bullying Keshia again…WOW….this hood chich need to get a clue.

  62. Ms. J says:

    What Jen did was right, I do not blame her Why get on television and act a dam fool? like you are an uneducated ding bat wanting to fight , in this day it is not like that as Tammie said where she come from you settle it yourself I guess so if you are use to that type of life, the majority of some of the basketball wives are really showing the public who they are . Nia popped up from no where and I feel that Evelyn had her to do what she did, Nia does not really seem that normal go back to the first night she was on the show, think about it she is only a follower, now she has her A#@ with charges slapped aganist her serves her right and Evelyn should be charged to, she went toward Jen in a threating manner and a vase in her hand to do harm, I would charge her with aggravated assault, anytime someone approch you ,or come towards you with something in their hand or hands to attempt to strike you that is aggravated assault weather contact was made or not, Television has come a long way but this show is really getting to be who can whip who’s A#$, I have never cared for Bullies and there area a few on this show, Tell us where did these people come from , they should know that their looks do not speak for them, and they dam sure cannot act, they could have pick a better cast to represent women this is a dam laugh.

  63. Laughplenty says:

    Star Jones Spearheads Petition Against Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada on ENTERTAINMENT SPOTLIGHT. I hope this show gets canceled. I can not believe the producers of the show have the nerve to blame Jennifer for ruining the Basketball Wives brand because she is defending herself against a pack of animals in heat! Jennifer is doing what any woman with class would do to protect herself. They should be suing Evelyn, Tammi! They are the reasons we viewers no longer want to watch the show! I hope they pull the plug on this show and Evelyn’s spin off!

  64. keepitreal2012 says:

    This show is about ratings so I pray that the ladies are just trying to secure their spots on VH1 and their paychecks. If this is true life, then we must all pray for Evelyn, Tammi, and Nia. If you slap someone then expect whatever is coming at you. Tammi don’t you remember threatening Evelyn with a lawsuit(which she gave in because she’s intimidated by you). If I recall correctly you tried to beat Evelyn’s ass a few times. Funny how we forgot. It was a much better look when you didn’t play both sides of the fence. Jennifer you have grown from a follower to being your own person and people don’t like that (i.e. Jennifer) Whatever may have been said about her in your blogs about OCHO she knows is true. She just didn’t want you to say it. She didn’t have a problem with you divorcing your husband and encouraging you to sleep with other men. I think that I am through after this season. It’s but so much negativity that I can take.

  65. Rosas says:

    Well this is how i see it, Evelyn is someone who doesnt really judge people no matter who they are, poor, rich, ect. Jen always assume that she’s better anyway because i’m Jen, Tami just Tami, she doesnt care about that poeple say or what people have she just being her way with respect. If you guys really pay attention to the show ya see what im talking about Jen dont give a them about anybody around her. I just want Jen to Change a litle bit because the only who s better is LORD no one else. Evelyn please i can feel that you have a good heart from inside, just slow down ok , start learning how to ignoring peoples. Peace Girls.

  66. Golden Boy says:

    ….psssssst…Evelyn….come here…whispers in Eves ear:::::Chad’s only marrying you for the sex…I mean, what else do you have to offer?…nothing…ok….I gotta go, just wanted to share that little information with you. Loser…..

  67. Golden Boy says:

    psssssst….Tami, come here…whispers in Tami’s ear: weren’t you suing Eve over some tee-shirts?…and now you’re her best friend in the whole wide world. And ummmmm why is your back so broad?…And where did VH1 dig you up from?…we haven’t heard or seen you in like 30 years. Anyway, I gotta go… oh here…it’s an EBT card…use it wisely…Loser

  68. Blueagate says:

    Evelyn,Tami are a bully..How can you hit a grown woman and on top of that telling her to keep her mouth?.They don’t treat their kids like that..They are rude so so rude.. They should all talk quarrel if need be and let it be like that. As the saying goes,”word is wind but blow is unkind”
    Jennifer is not a fighter we all see that. Tami,Evelyn are war-mongers they grow up rough and despite their up-bringing instead of moving on and better themselves,they want to throw it on others..As the saying goes,” Duppy knows who to frighten” AS for Evelyn, if a man can tell her that the only reason he is with her is because of the sex..That marriage won’t last,He is a sex addict, she cannot satisfied him alone so she will do anything for him to make the sex be alive.Evelyn wake up and take your head out of your A-S and start to be real..Material things consumed you all..This show needs to be cancelled you learn nothing from it..More than to hit anyone that says somthing about you,jump on table like a monkey to spring on someone.
    THIS SHOW NEED TO BE CANCELLED! Evelyn & Tami people will always talk,Get with it and moved on..If action is not taken you both won’t stop it..Tami you are a hyprocrite it is written all over you..NOT TO BE TRUSTED..

  69. Blueagate says:

    Jennifer up-bringing is different anyone can see that..Who can blame her for her upbringing..Her parents did a good job…Evelyn, Tami you can see their up-bringing are different..Why. pick on her up-bringing,it is not her fault that your up-bringing is no good..What you both should do is adapt good ways from people and eliminate the bad character from your lives to become decent.Instead you both walk in the way as you were brought up the ghetto mentality..My mother always say is not where you come from makes you.. Is the seed in you… I see bad seed in both of you…Jealousy,deception,not-trustworthy at all, coniving,back-stabbers etc..Evelyn,Tami need to get rid of the bad seed inside you both..Going around bullying the weaker link is not cool…I shouldn’t say they are weaker link..They don’t want to degrade themselves, they are trying to be civil and extend warm to the others…You Tami and Evelyn don’t come from nowhere, you both are ungrateful tyrant from HELL..Lucifer has trained you well,You both won’t succed God don’t like ugly….

  70. MC says:

    I am so sick of these birds. Nia no one cares about you. You are just a pawn in Evelyns’ game. (in Tamar voice) Get your life, get your life, it is running down the street. Catch up boo boo. Tami last season you were poppinf Evelyn in the mouth now you are running your mouth with Evelyn. Not a good luck Tami. What are you going to do when Ev jumps at Royce, where is your loyalty going to be there. Well we know Evelyn won’t jump at Royce again because cause will smack the life out of her.

  71. DVUS says:

    For one Jen thinks she above everybody with her stuck up ass…She wants someone to feel sorry for her slow ass but if she got what everyone was saying then she would understand why everyone is mad. That’s not class she has that’s her head stuck up her ass because when she was down and out and sleeping at someone elses house when Eric locked her out and froze her bank account she needed those ladies then but now their primal animals. NO she’s the animal and need to get a grip cause now the 2 on the show no one likes are best buds..SMH!! Evelyn has tried numerous times to explain to the air head the problem but she just don’t get it. Everything she gets now she deserves but instead of facing her problems she wants to file charges, don’t invite a slap if you can’t take someone stepping up to give you what you asked for. Jen get your head out of your ass, first a drink in the face and now a slap but yu still ain’t woke up yet. #onedayuwillgetit

  72. For really says:

    To me Evelynthinks she’s tough! What she need to do is to joined the wrestlers on wwf instead of BBW. Evelyn is a disggresed to women and public. She had a daughter going to college, in which she supposed to be a roll model for her grown daughter she still acting like a middle school girl. Evelyn this is not cool at all, you throwing chairs, bottle, heat Jen with your purse, acting wired, like a losse animal from the Cage. HaHa HaHa……. Shame on you Evelyn. You need some grown up to do. I use to love watching BBW, but not any more because of you and your body in crime Tami instigating behavior.

  73. Mrs. T says:

    first i wanna say day jenn can say what she wants. they (evelyn, shaunie, nia, and tami) set her up at the racetrack. if they wanted to confront her they shouldve did it in private. i think they r jealous cause jenn is coming into her own. she is tired of the drama. tami needs to concentrate on her kids. evelyn needs to concentrate on her fake sooon to be marriage. and nia is a non mf factor if u cask me. she isnt even a basketball wife, girlfriend or babymama. so y is she even on the show? eve talking bout she mature. lol. mature ppl or ladies dont throw bottles and plates and they damn sure dont jump across tables. this show is getting childish. i think eve has some deep anger issues that she has to deal with on her own. jenn is part of it but not all of it. now tami and eve are bff’s? lmmfao!!!!!! plse not only did she screw your husband she didnt even have the balls to tell u then called u a non mf factor and tried to profit from it. really!!!!!! who does dat. i just hope jenn realize dat aint none of these woman r her friends for real. if they were, they would wecome her change and congratulate her on being a independent woman.

  74. ericka says:

    Jen as mature woman and Evelyn need grow up and evelyn act alike childlish she not grow woman and she need stay out of othe people bussiness and eveyln love drama fight people and she need anger mangerment she need go jungle wild animal she always love drama fight people dont know how to be as mature talk solve plms eveyln hater she is not grow woman period and jen and royce are prefect solve no more drama and that was mature woman jen and royce both are not hater and both are cool woman eveyln got goooo jungle lady act alike immature woman she is hater stupid control people she is not boss and she is immature woman period and liar woman !….

  75. To Jennifer says:

    Hey Jen,
    You’ve changed for the better since you left the “circle”.
    Just tell Ev you can say anything you want, any time you want and any way you want. Isn’t that how it goes?

  76. Kate says:

    Jennifer, I am becoming a big fan of yours. The way Evelyn handles here business is the same way that I see my brothers gettho highschools friends from the hood. Shaunie and Tammie are just as bad. But, to their defense, I do feel couseling may hlep to let go of some anger issures. It is VERY plan to see they are reacting to inner/past issues that they have not dealt with. Keep your head up Jeannifer and stay classy. It is okay to move on from friends and it is obvious that Evelyn charished your relationship but is not use to being regected. It is okay, sometimes it is better to move on EXSPECIALLY if a frendship is keeping you down, talking negative and wanting to fight everybody. Wow, how sad that is so excepted today, though we leanred how to play fair in middle school, guess not. I understand more and more why some women remain single. Beauty is not alwasy brains…Good luck Mr. Cinco!

  77. C- LOVE says:

    Nia with her stupid A## deserves what ever she gets. what’s she trying to do secure her a spot on this so called reality tv joke? Monkey see monkey do> Tammi is a certified lunatic along with Evelyn the crazy lady. is money that important to make you all act like prehistoric animals?Who does that to one another? please grow up and try to redeem yourselves> Trust me the money is not worth it in the long run the money will be gone and your reputations will be tarnished for a very long time and ppl are not so forgiving especially about your violent behaviors.

  78. Marcia says:

    The more I watch the show the more I’m convinced that select women are instigaters and bullies
    Suzy-instigator ,, Shaunie- instigator ,, Evelyn and Tammy some coward a@%^# bullies

  79. cwells says:

    Evelyn are you the mafia? the constitution says we all have freedom of speech maybe latinos did’nt read that. who are you trying to control? if the pot is stirred ,why? should she be quiet so you can still keep harrassing her because you feel like it. really evelyn you are over reacting. jennifer has a right to talk just like you are talking with her name in your mouth every time you speak. my only thing to say is you will be sorry for acting the way you are now. jennifer never said she was done with you, but you are certainly pushing it. i can tell when jennifer says she is done it will be over. i have the same mannerism, keeping it 100 you however don’t know what that means . you don’t always date and fall seriously in love with the same type of man your friend does. if you only can see how silly you sound and act because someone is keeping it 100. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!! you won’t let others be who they are. she’s not trying to break you and chad up is she? think about it.