Mob Wives Episode 15 Sneak Peek: Lee’s Got A Surprise For Drita


This week on Mob Wives, Drita‘s about to receive some unexpected news from Lee concerning his prison sentence. Just one more example of how we never know what to expect when we hear Lee’s familiar voice on the other end of the line. And in other Drita drama, Karen‘s friend is definitely not in favor of a reunion between the two women. In the clip below, she tells Karen that “the only way that you have to deal with her, is hit her. No words…the minute she opens her words, crack her jaw.” Literally, fighting words. Mob Wives airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. Chris says:

    This is messed up if this is what Karen is planning on doing this. I hope Karen gets the hell beat out of her if she tries it. I’m so over her “gangster” ways. Her father was a rat and she slums the sewer with him!

  2. Tee says:

    Its so funny how everyone says Drita molds Carla’s mind but I really think Ramona and company mold Karen’s mind. I think if Ramona minded her damn business Karen and Drita have a chance at being civil at least. They may not be able to be close friends but they probably could be in the same room and say hello to each other without it getting outta hand. I love the show and I’m a Drita fan all the way. The one person on the show that I just can’t stand is Ramona, everytime shes on she makes me want to punch her in the face. Shes the type of girl that loves drama & causing trouble. Since shes been on the show I’ve seen a change in Karen she acts more like Ramona…just like when she told Renee that Carla said she knew Junior was a rat…Carla said he was acting funny & Renee probably felt like something was going on with him, not that Renee knew he was ratting & wearing a wire.

  3. lolilea3 says:

    Boy, Karen has soem lame, childish friends. Get over it, already.

  4. booshieone says:

    Who ever this chick is, she’s going to get Karen hurt with that advice…..SMH! She’s not a very good friend, cause Drita is going to wax that ass the moment Karen LOOKS like she wants the business!

  5. Danielle says:

    Drita has been through enough. Karen thinks she’s so gangster. Get over it. I’m glad to see all of your responses. I agree with every one. I hope she leaves Drita alone. Well, if she doesn’t she’s going to get her ass beat.

  6. Drita the only friend you have is Carla … she is true blue all the way !!!! Karen is lost in her own life she needs to go back to her life in AZ hell whats the problem ???? Lee don’t want Karen anymore history girl !!!! GO HOME KAREN you are TROUBLE and two face with everyone and take your cousin with you

  7. Meli says:

    This show is lame. Just a bunch of old hateful hags trying to get their 15 minutes of fame and $$$ for some more horrible plastic surgery. Don’t hate…just keeping it real :)

  8. Zulmi says:

    For Karen’s “friend” to be saying unsupportive words like these, really? How much of a “friend” are you even being? Serious SMH at this drama starter.

  9. Dallas says:

    Whoever this woman is really needs to keep her aged, ponytail ass out of business she has no reason being involved with. I have never even seen her as a part of the show, maybe she has been on there and had no relevance at all. Karen, u and your cousin need to be careful and tread lightly, so u dont end up hurt!

  10. iftijan says:

    if we speak a sympathtic word to can bring comfort which broken heart

  11. amorenomore says:

    Karen – you talk to your daughter in such a “mature & motherly” way, yet you behave like a school yard bully towards Drita. Your friend also is a bully – to suggest you just hit someone the minute they speak is crazy. Ramona is even worse & she needs therapy. How would you feel if someone did that to your daughter when she’s your age? More & more people are standing up & saying “NO MORE” to bullies like you three. Go join the boxing club if you have the need to vent like that. Nobody is going to visit your spa with a bully for an owner! Drita & Carla – kudos to you 2 for being the grown ups! And for standing up to the bullies. Renee – enough already. Trying to get Karen to have a grown up sit down with anyone is pointless. Just enjoy your friendships as they are & quit trying to force something that can’t happen.

  12. Tess says:

    ANOTHER STUPID COUSIN! RAMONAS SISTER MAYBE? Drita will pound karen! Let them stay at the status they’re on for Gods sake. karen will be lucky if Drita doesnt sue her for defamation/malicious intent or any other damages caused by karens book! karen needs to start looking for new ppl to take advice from…the two “cousins” are going to get karens butt whipped!

  13. Bojana says:



  14. yaya says:

    Karen get over yourself you say your lie is going in a different way. How when dog face Ramona is telling you what to do. Talk about crumb snatching she left her husband cause he was involved n the life but she takes her daughter to a jail to see a dude she f—-in that’s in the life. What sense does she make. She stupid that’s why her family diowned her good. I hope her kids dad steps in her kids will be in the life with the ppl she be with. If Karen was to act her age and stop trying to be gansta maybe drita wouldn’t have to kick her ass so much. Go driita go Carla go big ANG. REnee take care of your own business Karen and ra,Mona are haters. They will bring you down with them .you are a good person .good luck ladies and can’t wait to see drita kick Ramona and Karen butt again its the most fun I’ve had in years. . Its
    like being at the zoo and the
    lion is chasing the Wilderbeast haha.