Did Emily Bustamante Just Confirm That She Quit Love And Hip Hop?


It sounds like it. Love And Hip Hop star Emily Bustamante just tweeted a few minutes ago “There will be a 3rd Season of #loveandhiphop NY but I will not be a cast member. The show was a great experience.. Thank you Mona and Stefan.” A few moments later she hinted that she might have bigger things to come, writing “But…. You won’t miss me for long ;) hmmm.. #Vh1

Click below to see Emily’s tweet, and let us know how you feel about this alleged departure. If the news is legit, will you miss her?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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  1. Rochelle says:

    I really hope she in season three i would be disappointed if not , i pray everything works out between her and fab she deserves it ….

  2. Kellie says:

    Who cares! I couldn’t stand her! I think she is a follower with no back bone. I am glad Chrissy is gone to!! Why don’t they start a show called fight club for all these trailer trash females. Then Evelyn and Chrissy can beat each other up all day!!

  3. miss emily bring it on back baby, you know i just dig you and your crew,you keep my funk alive! do not dissapear, please honey i wil begg of you please please please,keep your soft spoken love on the screen,

  4. Hip hop says:

    See what she really thinks about love of hip hop smh Emily B check out http://www.streetleaguemovement.com a must see

  5. Cuppie says:

    miss emily come back , you know i just enjoy you ,you keep the show alive! do not dissapear, please honey i wil begg of you please please please,keep your soft spoken love on the screen,

  6. shauntay says:

    wow thats horrible she was my favorite bye Emily

  7. who cares says:

    They already said season 3 will be in ATL I don’t think any of the NY cast members will be too involved.

  8. kiev says:

    The one they need to leave out is Kimbella and the Manager. Can not even remember her name. All she did was instigate and provoke to get more camera time and then act like she did not know what she did wrong. Crissy too old to act the way she does but I would not have accepted her apology either that does not mean you get violent. The show did not take the nasty turn until Jim’s former manager came on and I do not think it is because Crissy was jealous of her. Even Mona told her regardless of their personal relationship she crossed the line. She was jealous crissy did not have to work. Kimbella has had enough t.v. time she is so phony she can go back to doin the do for dollars and hope juelz continues to make enough money to support the kids or that she gets knocked up by a more successful/ current artist so we don’t have to watch a spinoff of her struggling single hip hop moms….Erica Mena..pointless. Olivia..who? what…you forget how pretty her voice is because she has such forgettable personality. I hope they do move to Atlanta

  9. EL says:


  10. EL says:


  11. stasi says:

    THANK GOD….she was so WACK with her crybaby ass…..the only reason she wants FAB is for his money ! nothing else ! lol do you really think she would chase after him like that if he wasnt a famous rapper? come on. acting like shes incomplete without a man what a sorry excuse for a woman. glad she’s off the show.

  12. Boooo!!! I love Emily and her stylish ways. Definitely will miss her on the next season. Wonder what she means by not missing her for too long. Whatever it is I’m excited and can’t wait!!!

  13. shay kil says:

    aww I will miss you so much

  14. Pamela says:

    It would be fun to see the dynamics of the show without the other characters Chrissy & Jim & Mama Jones. Emily leaving the show is a bit sad and we wanna know what is going on with her relationship with Fab. How have things changed? What’s up with the tweet of Fab’s pic and buzz carried with it.

  15. Butterrose1 says:

    Awwwwwwwwww Emily you will be missed. I really liked you on the show.

  16. TLC123 says:

    I’m glad, she’s weak anyway. Glad Chrissy gone to with her bullying old dusty ass. These VH1 shows involving Black women are making them look so ignorant and they themselves show it to. Fighting all the dam time. If I wanted to see a fight, I would turn it to boxing. And Rochelle, if she goes back to Fab, she’s not only stupid, she is as top of the stupid list as it gets. Sick and tired of this, I’m going to start back looking a La La boring ass show and just fall asleep as usual..Ugghhhhh!!!